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Financial management and profitability of small and medium enterprises

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2001, Theses

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Dr Kayode Ayankoya

thesis financial management pdf

Jörg Freiling

Yuichi Yoda

Saleh jahur

Global Disclosure of Economics and Business, Volume 2, No 1 (2013) ISSN 2305-9168

Md. Mizanur Rahman

This is a pragmatic study conducted to explore the quality higher education and students‟ perception towards the private universities in Bangladesh. This study examines the relationship between the quality higher education and students‟ perception using a structured questionnaire. A total number of 500 senior undergraduate and graduate level students from ten selected private universities in Bangladesh were taken as sample for conducting the study. The finding of this study discloses that the quality higher education is a dynamic factor that ensures the students‟ perception. It also shows that quality higher education can create positive students‟ perception towards the private universities in Bangladesh. Reliability, Responsiveness, Competence, Tangibility, Courtesy, Goodwill & Image, Empathy, Security and Costs are the dimensions of quality higher education. To quantify the variables a five point “Likert- type” scale has been used in this paper. The researcher conducted various analyses such as Multiple Regression Analysis, Descriptive Analysis, and ANOVA and identified a numerous key findings as to the students‟ perception towards the quality higher education.

Kerathum Juma

Duy Khanh Nguyen

Molecular Plant-microbe Interactions

Agus Gunawan

Olawale Horlahwahley

This research work carry out a comparative analysis on working capital management of brewery companies in Nigeria. The study aimed to examine the cost of working capital and the effect on firm performance and to take a critical view of the adopted liquidity measures of the Nigeria firm and attempt to see how it has been achieved. Secondary data were employed in this study from journals, textbooks and annual reports of the selected companies. However, ratio analysis was used to analyze the data collected which is the best statistical techniques for working capital management. The result of the test analyzed indicates Guinness Nigeria possessed huge amounts of current assets than Consolidated breweries. It was also deduced that inventories and debtors were very high in case of the Guinness Nigeria whereas current liabilities where still on the moderate level except in 2013 which recorded a higher current liabilities than the current asset. Cash balances were comparatively high in both cases. On the behalf of Receivable Management for the companies, it can be concluded that, undoubtedly, the Guinness Nigeria was much more efficient in the management of cash as compared to the Consolidated breweries which was laming in this regard and was way behind it. On the behalf of study of payables management it was observed and concluded that the consolidated breweries was better off than Guinness Nigeria as regard liquidity and payment to creditors as their credit periods were much shorter than the Guinness Nigeria, nevertheless the Guinness Nigeria derived benefits from the massive credit periods. The major recommendation of this study is that working capital management should be the concern of all the manufacturing sectors firms and need to be given due importance. The collection and payment policies of the firms in manufacturing sectors, in general, need to be thoroughly reviewed. It is generally argued that firms need to accelerate their cash collections and slowdown their payments. This can only be possible with some professional advice and supervision. The findings indicate that firm managers/executives can enhance performance of the firms by reducing the number of days in inventories, Cash Conversion Cycle and Net Trade Cycle to a reasonable minimum.

Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing David Publishing

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David Marques-ibanez

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

Michael Troilo

lusi suwandari

BAR - Brazilian Administration Review

Lucas Barros*


Hande Karadağ

Dr. Jonathan Mulwa, MKIM

Prof. Oyedokun E M M A N U E L Godwin

Ayesh Malinda

Gwoto Haman

Unathi Henama

Degmada dharkeynley

Түвшинжаргал Батмөнх

Efthalia Tabouratzi , Christos Lemonakis (CPA), (CMA), (CRCO)

Journal of Accounting and Finance

Prof. Godwin E . Oyedokun

INES Ruhengeli

Phocas Niyibizi

International Review of Applied Economics

Dimitrios Asteriou


Abolaji D Anifowose


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1. Creating New Attention in Management Control

Author : Erik Bjurström ; Jan Lindvall ; Cecilia Lindholm ; Hanno Roberts ; Uppsala universitet ; [] Keywords : Business studies ; Attention ; Attention-directing ; Attention-based view of the firm ; Framing ; Sensemaking ; Practice ; Practice theory ; Knowledge Management ; Management Control ; Management Accounting ; Performance Measurement ; Performance Management ; Non-financial ; Human Resources ; Intangible Assets ; Employee Health ; Företagsekonomi ; Business Studies ; företagsekonomi ;

Abstract : The need to focus and economize on scarce attention is increasingly being acknowledged within management accounting and control literature. The aim of this study is to investigate how practitioners go about creating new concepts and measurements to induce attention towards new issues and as-pects of strategic importance for the organization. READ MORE

2. Industrial Management Models with Emphasis on Construction Waste

Author : Jan Stenis ; Byggproduktion ; [] Keywords : TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; Commercial and industrial economics ; ekonomisk politik ; ekonomiska system ; ekonomisk teori ; Management of enterprises ; Industriell ekonomi ; Technological sciences ; management ; Företagsledning ; Building construction ; Teknik ; Byggnadsteknik ; Ekologi ; Ecology ; sustainable development ; Polluter-Pays Principle ; contribution margin analysis ; cost benefit analysis ; construction waste ; Economic models ; integrated industrial waste management ; kontroll av utsläpp ; Miljöteknik ; Environmental technology ; pollution control ; Economics ; Environmental Law ; Morallära ; Moral science ; Miljömedicin ; Environmental health ; Miljörätt ; economic theory ; econometrics ; economic systems ; Nationalekonomi ; ekonometri ; economic policy ;

Abstract : Increased attention is nowadays devoted to waste management. The objective of this work is to analyse how commonly known business economic models and methods, as well as the Polluter-Pays Principle, can be applied to waste management in general and to waste fractionation in particular, so as to facilitate environmental optimisation of industrial and construction waste fractionation. READ MORE

3. Bank risk management : How do bank employees deal with risk at the strategic and operational levels?

Author : Alexander Rad ; Peter Öhman ; Darush Yazdanfar ; Anna-Karin Stockenstrand ; Mittuniversitetet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Banks ; Bank employees ; Bank lending ; Risk management ; the Basel Accords ; Global financial crisis ; Banker ; Bankanställda ; Basel-standarden ; den globala finanskrisen ; Kreditgivning ; Riskhantering ;

Abstract : .... READ MORE

4. Solid waste management based on cost-benefit analysis using the WAMED model

Author : Viacheslav Mutavchi ; Jan Stenis ; William Hogland ; Torleif Bramryd ; Linnéuniversitetet ; [] Keywords : ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Economic models ; economic incentives ; solid waste management SWM schemes ; baling economics ; municipal solid waste MSW management ; ecological– economic efficiency ECO-EE ; cost-benefit analysis CBA ; full cost accounting FCA analysis ; the WAMED model ; the COSTBUSTER model ; the EUROPE model. ; Environmental technology ; Miljöteknik ; Business administration ; Företagsekonomi ;

Abstract : Efficient waste management enables the protection of human health, reducing environmental pollution, saving of natural resources, and achieving sustainable and profitable management of energy. In many countries, the general guidelines for waste management are set by national or local waste management plans. READ MORE

5. Project management ontology : the organizational learning perspective

Author : Heli Aramo-Immonen ; Kaj U. Koskinen ; Jari Palomäki ; Finland Tampere Tampere University of Technology ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Mega-project ; project learning ; organizational learning ; systems thinking ; activity theory ; management ontology ;

Abstract : In a recent interview with the Financial Times, the chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, Mr. Jeroen van der Veer, said he “keeps faith in ‘elephant’ projects” referring to the Russian gas mega-project that Shell had fallen eight months behind schedule with and had cost overruns twice the original estimate. Mr. READ MORE

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