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Master Thesis in Banking and Finance

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UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE MASTERTHESIS FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT MSc BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Master Thesis 'Impact of Working Capital Management on the Profitability of Public Listed Firms in The Netherlands During the Financial Crisis'

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Olawale Horlahwahley

This research work carry out a comparative analysis on working capital management of brewery companies in Nigeria. The study aimed to examine the cost of working capital and the effect on firm performance and to take a critical view of the adopted liquidity measures of the Nigeria firm and attempt to see how it has been achieved. Secondary data were employed in this study from journals, textbooks and annual reports of the selected companies. How-ever, ratio analysis was used to analyze the data collected which is the best statistical techniques for working capital man-agement. The result of the test analyzed indicates Guinness Nigeria possessed huge amounts of current assets than Consolidated breweries. It was also deduced that inventories and debtors were very high in case of the Guinness Nigeria whereas current liabilities where still on the moderate level except in 2013 which recorded a higher current liabilities than the current asset. Cash balances were comparatively high in both cases. On the behalf of Receivable Management for the companies, it can be concluded that, undoubtedly, the Guinness Nigeria was much more efficient in the management of cash as compared to the Consolidated breweries which was laming in this regard and was way behind it. On the behalf of study of payables management it was observed and concluded that the consolidated breweries was better off than Guinness Nigeria as re-gard liquidity and payment to creditors as their credit periods were much shorter than the Guinness Nigeria, nevertheless the Guinness Nigeria derived benefits from the massive credit periods. The major recommendation of this study is that working capital management should be the concern of all the manufacturing sectors firms and need to be given due importance. The collection and payment policies of the firms in manufacturing sectors, in general, need to be thoroughly reviewed. It is generally argued that firms need to accelerate their cash collections and slowdown their payments. This can only be possible with some professional advice and supervision. The findings indicate that firm managers/executives can enhance performance of the firms by reducing the number of days in inventories, Cash Conversion Cycle and Net Trade Cycle to a reasonable minimum.

Ponsian P R O T Ntui , Gwatako Tago

The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of working capital management on company profitability. The study aims at examining the statistical significance between company’s working capital management and profitability. In light of this objective the study adopts quantitative approaches to test a series of research hypotheses. A sample of three (3) manufacturing companies listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) is used for a period of ten years (2002-2012) with the total of 30 observations. Data is analyzed on quantitative basis using Pearson’s correlation and Regression analysis (Ordinary Least Square). The key findings from the study are; Firstly, there exists a positive relationship between cash conversion cycle and profitability of the firm. This means that as the cash conversion cycle increases it will lead to an increase in profitability of the firm, and managers can create a positive value for the shareholders by increasing the cash conversion cycle to a reasonable level; Secondly, there is a negative relationship between liquidity and profitability showing that as liquidity decreases, the profitability also increases; Thirdly, there exists a highly significant negative relationship between average collection period and profitability indicating that a decrease in the number of days a firm receives payment from sales affects the profitability of the firm positively; Fourthly, there is a highly significant positive relationship between average payment period and profitability. This implies that the longer a firm takes to pay its creditors, the more profitable it is.; and Fifthly, there exists a highly significant negative relationship between inventory turnover in days and profitability hinting that firms which maintain sufficiently low inventory levels reduce the cost of storing the inventory which results to higher profitability.

Ahsan Akbar

Thanh Hải Nguyễn

Habib Ahmad

A research conduct on topic "IMPACT OF WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT ON PROFITABILITY OF THE FOOD AND PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS SECTOR IN PAKISTAN" From above stated purpose, succeeding exact research questions were framed to investigate: 1: “What factors affect a performance of firm’s working capital management?” 2: “How efficiently a firm converting its working capital into ready money?” 3: “How company value enhances through efficient working capital management?” Scope of Study: The scope of study considers the selected Food and Personal care products companies listed in Karachi Stock Exchange of Pakistan. Four companies are selected for the study purpose as random sampling. The selected companies are: 1) Unilever Pakistan Ltd. 2) Nestle Pakistan Ltd. 3) Mitchell’s Foods Farm Pakistan. 4) National Foods Pakistan Ltd. The scope of this study includes the relationship b/w independent variables & dependent variable. Independent Variables are: 1) Average collection Receivable Period. 2) Average Inventory Conversion Period. 3) Average Payment Period. 4) Cash Conversion Cycle. While dependent variable is 1) Return on Asset

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