How to write an Abstract for a Dissertation

Here are top tips on How to write an abstract for a dissertation :

Before discussing how to write an abstract, it is very much essential to know about the difference between abstract and the executive summary. Maximum students have confusion between two things; they think that these are the same, but it has to remember that they both have a different purpose. General is the overview of the entire paper, and executive summary means where the main vital points are sum up. Every dissertation contains the ideal part. This part must have some eye-catching capability because reader firstly read out the abstract of any dissertation then decide about whether it is exciting or not. Therefore a writer has to remember that it must be attractive and informative. However, it contains some critical parameters which are must be remembered by the writer while writing any types of abstract. The research question, objectives, purpose, findings, method, discussion and the conclusion all are represented in the abstract part. Therefore it is seen that if any reader read the abstract of any dissertation, then the reader can understand the parameters which contain the particular dissertation.

There exists some function of any abstract. A writer has to maintain this function. Otherwise, it is not acceptable to the reader and effort of the writer will be smashed. The first function is abstract must explain the title of any dissertation. An explanation must be interesting enough to the reader because if a reader is not getting any types of interest about the topic, then they do not go through the whole paper. Quality always maintains by the writer; the best quality writing must give particular importance to the dissertation. The second function is it save the time of the people who have not enough time to read out the whole paper. Therefore it saves the time of the managers and the scientists who are not read out the whole research paper. The abstract also gives scope to understand the topic of the dissertation easily. Therefore it is seen this one section has multiple functions. It introduces the whole topic. Therefore, it is said that the abstract is the representative of any types of the dissertation.

Abstract has a definite place, time and length and it is essential to know before writing any abstract. An abstract must be five per cent of any dissertation length. Therefore the word count of any abstract is judged as per the word count of any dissertation. The whole abstract must contains only one whole page. The length of an abstract is restricted for the quick view of the readers. Generally abstract has a particular place where it is written. It is must be placed after the title page but before the table of contents of any dissertation. The grammar of every part of the dissertation is also different. Therefore it is also remembered. Abstract always write in present tense or present perfect tense. The writer of any abstract must add some acronyms in the abstract part. Therefore it is seen that if any writer maintains and follow up those criteria, then the quality of the abstract must be world class and interesting. The resource is not included in this section because this is the writer’s own opinion and it contains about the research process and the results.

The abstract is written for any types of research paper and report. As it is the overview of the complete dissertation, it is why sometimes the abstract is said as a synopsis. The abstract provides us with the commentary from the starting of the dissertation to the end of the dissertation. The abstract it must be written in impersonal ways. Sometimes an abstract contains the hypothesis if it is mentioned in the dissertation.

There exist some ways which lead students to write an excellent quality abstract. It is considered to be the quick view of the whole dissertation which might help in order to understand the entire dissertation over a short period. First of all, students had to go through the entire dissertation and highlighted the critical information and the keywords. Literature review, methodology, finding and analysis chapter is the most important chapter for writing the abstract of any dissertation. Sometimes introduction and the conclusion is also going through by some sincere students. After that, the critical information and the keywords are compiled together to make a single paragraph. Extra word and unnecessary words have to be deleted. Therefore after discussing the abstract, it is concluded that the abstract generally represents the whole dissertation. The dissertation is judged after reading an abstract of it. Abstract represents the methods, research results and also the overview of another chapter. Sometimes students have to deal with more than two or three dissertations or research paper. Then they have faced various confusions about all research papers. This type of confusion has occurred when the students want to make any empirical studies. Empirical studies contain many research papers and journals. Then students only read the abstract of the paper and make an idea over the particular topic. Therefore it is said that the abstract has multiple function and beneficial effects. Nowadays peoples are, and they believe to save their time not to do any types of hard working. Students are also included in this list. So that they only read out the abstract and judged about a particular research paper or journal. In this way they select their require journals or research paper.

Abstract discuss the topic of the dissertation. However, it does not reflect shadow on the depth of the topic. Therefore it is recommended that sometimes abstract not be enough about to know the topic. That is why readers always must read the whole topic before judging any research paper. Abstract has only helpful for the people who want to give their reviews and the scientist who find out the best paper among much research paper. Therefore it is said that abstract is not the judged topic. Especially students who are willing to represent good work and earn good knowledge have to go through the whole research paper. Abstract help a student to know about any topic, but the depth knowledge is not earned by reading only the abstract section.

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How to write Abstract for Dissertation

How to write an Abstract for a Dissertation Here are top tips on How to write an abstract for a dissertation : Before discussing how to write an abstract, it is... Read more →

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How to Write a Dissertation Abstract Guide

How to write a dissertation abstract is a question many students get when it comes to writing dissertations. The most challenging part about abstract writing is that it does not revolve around two or three sections of a relevant dissertation, but represents it all. An abstract can be compared to a detailed book introduction and requires thorough work and patience while writing.

Important Abstract Sections That Must Be Included 

The purpose is in informing your target audience about what objectives, literature, methodology, analytical aspects, and conclusions will be met. While your abstract may differ depending on the university course and methodology chosen, these elements are still essential: 

Research Problem And Objectives. It should have an introduction where basic information is provided with a brief explanation regarding why certain research problems have been chosen. It is not necessary to get into details because it would be sufficient to create a thesis statement or make an assumption. It's recommended to focus on a single problem. If this part is ignored, such an abstract example may become too broad. 

Summarize The Background And Focus. Ask yourself a question: why is this research necessary and what will it help to accomplish? It should provide a clear reason for the project. It is enough to state why a proposed proposal differs from similar research projects and how it can fill a void by offering new methodology and research methods. Students must summarize information that has been mentioned in your literature review section by summing things up. Explain project objectives and explore related material that supports the dissertation's main thesis. 

Methodology. This is where one explains methodology specifics. Tell whether you use qualitative or quantitative research methods. Some dissertation abstracts may include both methods, which is quite frequent for Data Science subjects. Discuss the type of samples and procedures that will be implemented to receive required data. 

Key Results of Arguments. It means that one should discuss the list of arguments and objectives that may be achieved as a result of research. This part also represents the conclusion of a dissertation proposal. An abstract is supposed to act as a summary of your planned work. Include only that information that also appears in your dissertation. 

Conclusion. This section should be truly short, about 2-3 sentences. It sums up your main idea in different words, just like thesis restatement. 

What Is The Purpose Of An Abstract? 

Not every student today knows how to write a good abstract because people often misinterpret the main purpose. It contains a hook sentence that explains why some research problems are important. It is approached in a clear systematic manner that is well-structured. The dissertation abstract has a clear purpose: to provide a short summary of the entire piece in about 250-300 words in total. It should make it clear that what follows is worth reading and exploring. Discuss your research and findings by shaping text just like bullet points. There should be no extra sentences that sound out of place because it is a mini-version of your dissertation. 

How Long is a Dissertation Abstract? 

Dissertation abstract length usually ranges between 150 and 300 words, yet it can be longer in certain cases or when some dissertation lengths is over 60,000 words. It is typical for humanitarian sciences or Law disciplines where additional legislation is implemented. Remember that a traditional dissertation is usually divided into five chapters, which is why the introduction and conclusion paragraphs are eliminated for our dissertation abstract. It leaves us three paragraphs that provide an explanation regarding how long should an abstract be. All research objectives should be cleverly incorporated in a short form. If more than one idea is discussed in the following dissertation, choose the most important one and state it in a simpler way. 

Abstract Example

The majority of dissertation abstracts revolves around the research problem and objectives, methods, key results, arguments, and a brief conclusion. Wishing to provide you with a dissertation abstract example, we recommend reading the following: 

Belgian scouting organizations face a solid necessity of additional funding. While the majority of them like Chiro and KSA are funded by volunteers and student organizations, it is vital to seek additional resources like fundraising initiatives. This study aims to determine how social media advertising and external funding options can be targeted to increase the situation. It also investigates current Covid-19 restrictions and the challenges of coming back to normal summertime functioning. In this context, external assistance is defined as a method to let sample groups brainstorm various challenges both individually and as a group. 

To test the hypothesis of this problem, both online and private surveys have been implemented to distribute information and questions across several Belgian provinces. The groups of respondents have been divided into two categories (parents and organizers). The question asked was to respond regarding the methods and range of possible fundraising options. Obtained responses have been organized based on the t-test method and medium profitability approach. The results showed little effect than it was assumed: respondents mostly decided against sponsored funding since that would introduce additional liabilities and no freedom to distribute funds on a per-need basis. 

These findings suggest that while it is beneficial to apply external funding to Belgian youth organizations, parents and staff are not yet ready to seek this kind of help yet. On this basis, it is necessary to provide deeper research and see what financial challenges are usually faced by the youth groups and why a fundraising campaign is not always an efficient option.  

An example above shows the problem's introduction, makes a research proposal, explains the methodology, discusses how samples or surveys have been collected. Next, this dissertation abstract sample analyzes what objectives were anticipated by showing how they differed. The conclusion explains general objectives that have been achieved with conclusions involved. 

When to Write An Abstract?

It is often ignored by modern students that try learning how to write an abstract for a dissertation, yet it should be written as the last part of any research. Do so only after some research has been completed. Even though some objectives may still be vague, an abstract summarizes the thesis with the main arguments of a given research. Compose ideas as a general overview of your dissertation by allowing your academic committee to understand what makes it important or what problem has been reviewed. 

Aims of an Abstract

All sample dissertation abstracts that one might encounter online should include a list of aims that state relevant research purposes clearly. Aims involve practical or theoretical issues that relevant research addresses. Offer brief information regarding social or academic importance of a chosen topic. However, keep this information short because your purpose must identify the problem. Do not refer to the future as you compose this section because your research work is supposed to be complete. If some engineering lab works are included, discuss the outcome since details are already included in the upcoming dissertation. Since this section is known as “aims”, discussing outcomes would be sufficient. 


Take another look at our sample dissertation abstract where the methodology has been discussed by offering two social groups with relevant surveys. This approach represents a good mixture of both qualitative and quantitative research methods because there are two groups involved that focus on specific answers where text content prevails. If additional data has been provided, explain your research methods in several sentences. Describe parts of your survey by explaining why it has been efficient. Do not mention obstacles or scientific challenges in this part because it will be done later than your work focuses on this section precisely. Regarding chosen methods, provide your readers with quick information regarding what scientific method has been used by explaining how it has been (or has not been) helpful. Methodology shows how well students understand various scientific approaches that help determine academic objectives. 

Research Results 

Regarding research results, these should be mentioned briefly by stating what has been achieved and how exactly. Think about the most important outcomes that can be included, then consider your work's length. This section’s length will always depend on your research type and subject. It is vital to include those elements that help your readers evaluate whether your thesis has been met. If you cannot cope with this aspect, consider checking the best dissertation service and address every challenge that you may have. Regardless if these are grammar challenges or the inability to identify main research outcomes, turning to professionals who know how to write an abstract will save time and nerves. 

Conclusion Section

Conclusion part talks about what has been achieved by relevant dissertation. One must provide a clear outcome of some central matter that has been approached by your research. Conclusions are mostly written in the present simple tense by helping your audience see that some additional points must be made. What it means is that if there are crucial limitations that have not been implemented or additional data that may add certain bias, it should be discussed briefly. Writing dissertation abstracts, one will learn that it adds to research credibility and helps avoid partial attitudes. If you aim to solve certain problems, provide recommendations for your readers or suggestions for additional academic research work. 

What is a Dissertation Abstract Keywords Section 

If you have searched online databases before, you might have seen keywords that made it possible to seek related research examples. This usually relates to papers that will be published or those that have already been in print. These are placed at the end of your abstract if necessary. While it is not obligatory, consult an academic advisor first. Abstract keywords reference all these important research elements that may help potential readers see why your paper relates to certain topics or academic problems. Remember that not every example of an abstract has the same formatting requirements for keywords because of relevant rules. If you are unsure, consider checking dissertations proofreader services to eliminate possible mistakes and meet the highest academic standards. 

Tips For Writing An Abstract 

Composing an abstract is always challenging, which is why following these three tips are essential: 

Check Various Abstracts Online. It helps to look up various topics that are related. Check journal article abstracts, explore scientific databases, and see what information is offered and how exactly. 

Consider Reverse Outlining. It’s also known as reverse engineering where you go backward from research outcomes to your introductory parts. Check each chapter and write down all important data that can be helpful.

Keep Only Important Information Included. No external references must be implemented because only vital data fits here. 

Dissertation abstract writing is never easy as time issues will always be there. Writing a dissertation abstract, remember that all parts of your initial research must be finished. If you still have work in progress, do not let it bring you down because it is always possible to explore writing services . Focus on abstract composition and let your concerns be handled by specialists 24/7. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Abstracts

When should i write my abstract.

It takes place when writing your dissertation proposal. It is necessary when students come up with a good dissertation idea and discuss their thoughts with an academic advisor or an assigned committee. There are some cases when a dissertation proposal abstract is not necessary, especially when parts of your project have already been accepted by the academic community. 

Can you cite sources in an abstract?

No, it’s recommended to avoid any sources. A successful dissertation abstract must be based upon your original research, not someone else's work. It must be clear enough without referencing any external sources. Include only those research aspects that are related. 

Where does the abstract go in a thesis or dissertation?

Regardless of dissertation or thesis, an abstract page must be placed on a separate page. It is usually placed after the paper's title page and academic acknowledgments. Place it before your table of contents unless specified otherwise.

Posted by Chris M., August 04, 2021

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How To Write An Abstract For A Dissertation Example

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How to Write a Dissertation Abstract

Info: 979 words (4 pages) Dissertation Writing Guide Published: 20th Jan 2022 in Dissertation Writing Guide

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Illustration of a dissertation abstract

What is an abstract?

Abstracts are often used where a paper is entered into a journal database. The keywords that you choose for your abstract assist your paper to be identified using electronic information retrieval systems. Titles and abstracts are filed electronically, and key words are put in electronic storage. When people search for information, they enter key words related to the subject, and the database will pull up the titles of articles, papers, and reports containing those keywords.

An abstract concisely describes the content and scope of the piece of writing and reviews the contents in abbreviated form. The abstract is designed to give a ‘snapshot’ of your work. Like the synopsis that you will find on the back cover of a novel, it is a summary of the work designed to entice people to read the rest of the book. Some types of dissertation will call this the executive summary instead.

Please do bear in mind that different disciplines, and individual universities, will have their own specific conventions which you must follow. This guidance should only be used in conjunction with that of your specific course programme!

Writing your abstract

An abstract should contain a brief summary of each chapter of your work in the order of presentation. For an empirical dissertation, it would follow this:

For a literature-based dissertation, the parts between introduction and conclusion would summarise your thematic chapters instead.

The abstract should be the last part of the dissertation that you write (even though it is the very first thing you will see in a completed dissertation). Its usual length is between 200 and 350 words, and it should be written in the past tense since you write it once the piece of research is complete.

An abstract is either descriptive or informative: it does not require you to provide a detailed critique as you would in the main body of your writing. Its only role is to make the reader understand the gist of your project and entice them to read on by explaining why it matters.

Descriptive dissertation abstracts

These tell readers what information the dissertation contains, and include the purpose, methods, and scope of the report, article, or paper. This will not provide results, conclusions, or recommendations, and is usually shorter than an informative abstract – usually under 100 words. Its purpose is to merely introduce the subject to the reader, who must then read the dissertation to find out your results, conclusions, or recommendations.

Informative dissertation abstracts

These communicate specific information from the dissertation, including the purpose, methods, and scope of the report, article, or paper. They provide the dissertation results, conclusions, and recommendations. They are short but not as short as a descriptive abstract – usually, anything from a paragraph to a page or two, depending upon the length of the overall work. In any case, informative abstracts make up 10% or less of the word count of the overall piece. The informative abstract allows your reader to decide whether they want to read the dissertation.

There is a lot of information to cram in to an abstract and not a lot of words to play with. To get a feel for abstract writing, we recommend you focus on answering the following questions with only one short sentence:

Once you have answered these questions in a concise way, you have a starting point for your abstract!

It’s a good idea to make sure ‘key words’ which are highly relevant to your research are presented in your abstract too. This might be within the text itself, or you might list these separately at the end of the abstract; it all depends on what your university prefers.

Long story short: if your abstract describes your research, your main conclusions, and the value of the study, you’ve ticked all the key boxes.

Checklist for writing a dissertation abstract

For guidance on writing other dissertation chapters see our how-to guide on Writing a Dissertation .

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Helpful dissertation abstract writing Tips

How to write an abstract for a dissertation? This process may seem daunting to many students because it involves their hard work and time to provide readers with excellent results. This guide can help you to simplify the work on a dissertation abstract. Read effective tips to get important tips to help you earn better grades after submitting your dissertation abstract structure. In a case when you cannot create a good document, contact our top essay writing service to provide you with fast and qualified help.

What is your abstract?

Before you start your research or study on writing a dissertation abstract, it helps to know the right definition of this academic assignment . What is it? It’s your summary of a future dissertation, which shouldn’t be longer than only 1-2 pages. It explains your research purpose to present its context and make other people want to read more.

Basic requirements

What are the requirements for a dissertation abstract? They’re likely to vary from one subject to another, any dissertation abstract should be concise, clear, written in your simple language to answer important research questions. Find good examples for writing a dissertation abstract online. Write it only after you have completed writing a dissertation. Your dissertation abstract should give all the needed information to readers to let them decide if they want to read your full paper. Include keywords to achieve this goal. Any typical dissertation abstract should be about 200 words, its length varies based on the demands of your university, its purpose, discipline (account or other subjects).

Important functions

What functions does your abstract have? This paper has three top goals:

Further explaining your dissertation title is the basic function served by your abstract to let readers better define whether it’s interesting enough for them to keep reading. Further explaining your dissertation title is the basic function served by your abstract to let readers better define whether it’s interesting enough for them to keep reading. Needless to say that your well-written text attracts more people.

This paper is your brief version for people who don’t have enough time to read the whole project for any reason. Many scientists read only it without discovering full studies. Its function is to be your overview of what readers should expect to make it easier for them to understand your materials. Your well-written paper guarantees that all difficult dissertation materials are better or easier understood. That’s why it’s important to create successful content for the abstract.

Place, length, time

It shouldn't be more than 5% of your dissertation. Make sure it's not longer than one page to make it possible for readers to review it fast. Where to place it? Your dissertation abstract should be written before your table of contents and after a preface. Please make sure you created it in the present perfect or present tense.

Acronyms, source referencing

Remember that people should be able to read and understand your abstract without reviewing your entire dissertation. You have to introduce acronyms when you use them. And what about references? When you use any literature source in standard dissertations, you have to include references. But don’t use them in your dissertation abstract. Here you need to write mainly about your research and any important findings.

Abstract dissertation structure

What to include in the dissertations abstracts? Use any good example of a dissertation abstract outline to structure it correctly or ensure its proper flow. State the problem of your study and its importance. Let readers understand why they should care about it by giving them your clear picture of gaps in your research.

What is your procedure, methodology , approach? Include your statement of methods, cover results or findings, mention your conclusions or research implications. You need to answer a question about what it means for others.

Four Key elements

These elements define your abstract dissertation structure:

Helpful writing strategies

Remember that your dissertation abstract isn’t an introduction to begin your following academic paper. The abstract summarizes the whole dissertation text. That’s why copying any introductory paragraph isn't good writing practice. We suggest creating an abstract only when you finish other sections. Avoid using extracts from your dissertation as a fast way to make your abstract because it should be a separate piece of writing.

How to start

Write your dissertation at the start. Although your abstract always goes in the beginning, its function is to summarize your full paper or offer a brief overview of everything you put in the study. It doesn’t introduce any topic as a thesis does. Your thesis and dissertation abstract are completely different things because your thesis introduces major ideas or arguments, while abstract reviews your entire paper with its results and methods.

Understand all writing requirements

This project has specific rules or guidelines, refer to their special rubric to identify important aspects to keep in mind and understand writing requirements.

Consider your audience

This paper is written to help others find your research or easily decide of it’s relevant to their interests. It helps all readers get at your major argument fast, keep their needs in mind when writing this paper. Will other academics read it? Consider your future audience before creating an abstract.

Determine its correct type

Although all dissertation abstracts accomplish one goal, they have two different types: informative or descriptive. We suggest using informative types for longer or more technical research and choose descriptive options for shorter papers.

Descriptive abstracts are usually 100-200 words long. Students use them to explain their research methods, goals, and purpose without explaining any results because they will be discussed in a separate section.

Informative abstracts are condensed versions of your paper to give a short overview of your research and its results. Their basic requirements for this document are similar. Remember that the main difference is that your informative type is longer and it must include research results.

Of course, writing a dissertation and an abstract isn’t an easy task. If you face any difficulties or problems, order this type of academic paper in our essay writing service. Choose a team of competitive and qualified professionals who will complete any complex assignment for you (an essay, dissertation, etc.) with ease and confidence. Contact us right now to get a successful paper to graduate without stress.

Dissertation Abstract Samples

Review these useful samples to create a strong abstract for your dissertation and graduate the university successfully:

George Roy, 2016 "Killing the Innocent: Illegal Abortion Should be Banned" Abstract: "The subject of abortion is very popular to discuss in different studies. Illegal abortion is a huge part of it, and in many countries, such operations are allowed without difficulties. I argue that these medical manipulations should be banned. Of course, sometimes a woman's health condition doesn't allow her to carry a healthy child, and a doctor could even recommend abortion. This could also happen if they discovered the fetus has some abnormalities, so without making an abortion, a woman would have a baby with mental or/and physical injuries. There is a big chance that such babies will not be able to live for long. But some religious views are totally against abortion and they suppose only God could give and take lives. It destroys a healthy nation and brings a lot of problems. The dissertation contains studies with a comparative analysis of statistics from countries where illegal abortion is banned and allowed."
Jessica Mayton, 2018 "Black Lives Matter: Problems of People with Other Skin Color in History" Abstract: "Black Lives Matter is a massive social movement in America. It proclaims that black lives matter, all people are equal and free, and people with black skin shouldn't be violated. The problem of people's inequality because of their skin color has existed in our history for a long time. Our society demonstrates black on black violence, for example, gang banging. How then can we prove that black lives matter? Is it only about when a white person commits something illegal on a black person? We should answer “no” to these questions. We shouldn't let our emotions bring any violence. It's obvious we need to respect our own culture and also other cultures and people around us. I state we should let stereotypes go, and accept other cultures and people like something great that deserves respect. Black people came into this world as all other people. We all are equal, and we all are great no matter how many flaws we may have. Black lives matter not only because in the Declaration all men are proclaimed to be equal. The dissertation contains some essay examples from history when someone tried to break the rights of black people without any punishment."


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