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The Bartlett is committed to investigating and engaging with all aspects of the built environment.

ucl architecture thesis

Our faculty offers opportunities to pursue original and significant research, providing support and supervision from the faculty’s own internationally respected body of specialists, and from UCL’s wider community of leading academics.

Please see the list below for some of the current thesis titles from across our departments.

Tal Bar Digital architecture and difference: a theory of ethical transpositions towards non-representational embodiments in digital architecture Principal supervisor: Professor Peg Rawes

Jaime Bartolome Yllera Architectures of joy. A theoretical and practical guide to the production of positive feelings in buildings Principal supervisor: Professor Marcos Cruz

Tom Bolton Wrong side of the tracks? The development of London's railway terminus neighbourhoods Principal supervisor: Professor Laura Vaughan

Irene Kelly Peace-process infrastructure: Constructing landscapes in-between Irelands Principal supervisor: Professor Barbara Penner

Claudio Gion Leoni Gottfried Semper and the problem of reification Principal supervisor: Professor Murray Fraser

Oliver Palmer Scripted performances: designing performative architectures through digital and absurd machines Principal supervisor: Professor Stephen Gage

Sophie Read In, out and again: reading and drawing John Soane’s lectures at the Royal Institution (RI) in 1817 and 1820 Principal supervisor: Professor Jane Rendell

Ozayr Saloojee In the midst of our mutually baffling cultures: the making of Muslim space and identity in 19th Century Cape Town Principal supervisor: Dr Ian Birksted

Rosemary Bridget Spankie Drawing out the interior Principal supervisor: Professor Philip Steadman

Huda Tayob Opaque architectures: spatial practices of African migrant markets in Cape Town (1990 - present) Principal supervisor: Professor Iain Borden

Alex Murray Returns on public capital investment - procurement, whole life cost and value in English schools and hospitals from 1997-2012 Principal supervisor: Mr Graham Ive

Daniel Vermeer Collective learning in strategic Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurement systems for social infrastructure Principal supervisor: Professor Andrew Edkins

George Bennett Comparisons of the next generation of domestic heating solutions to identify the most appropriate solutions for real world conditions Principal supervisor: Professor Tadeusz Oreszczyn

Lucy Campbell Using communication technologies to deliver public health agendas in National Health Service food and drink automated vending Principal supervisor: Professor Michael Pitt

Jonathan Chambers Developing a rapid, scalable method of thermal characterisation for UK dwellings using smart meter data Principal supervisor: Professor Tadeusz Oreszczyn

Mina Dragouni Sustainable heritage tourism: towards a community-led approach Principal supervisor: Dr Kalliopi Fouseki

Andreas Economou Oil price shocks: Disentangling the supply determinant and investigating the dynamic effects of oil shocks to changes in the real price of oil Principal supervisor: Dr Paolo Agnolucci

Pamela Jane Fennell The impacts of project scale, scope and risk allocation on financial returns for clients and contractors in Energy Performance Contracts - a stochastic modelling analysis Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ruyssevelt  

Florian Flachenecker Competitiveness and climate change mitigation – empirical evidence on the effects of material use and material productivity on competitiveness and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe Principal supervisor: Professor Raimund Bleischwitz

Riham Mohammed Gaber Ahmed The effects of temperature and ventilation rates on cognitive performance of female students in Saudi Arabia Principal supervisor: Professor Dejan Mumovic

Louise Guibrunet The contribution of the informal economy to urban sustainability - case study of waste management in Tepito, Mexico City Principal supervisor: Dr Vanesa Castan-Broto

Thuy Duong Khuu Reconciling biodiversity conservation with sustainable fisheries: a case study of Marine Protected Area governance in Vietnam Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Maria Kikira Assessing the environmental conditions in the zone adjoining the facade: a monitoring study in office buildings Principal supervisor: Professor Philip Steadman

Dong Hyun Kim Light, emotion and interaction: Exploring human affect in lighting Principal supervisor: Dr Kevin Mansfield

Melissa Lott The nexus between energy systems and public health Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Victor-Alexandru Nechifor-Vostinaru Modelling freshwater resources use and the economic impacts of water scarcity. A global-level CGE analysis framework Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Moira Nicolson Using behavioural science to increase consumer adoption of time-of-use electricity tariffs: evidence from survey and field experiments Principal supervisor: Dr Gesche Huebner

Emily Nix Housing health and energy use in low-income settings: employing building science to evaluate housing improvements in Delhi, India Principal supervisor: Professor Michael Davies

Darshini Ravindranath Confronting land degradation and climate risks: examining dryland degradation through the lens of vulnerability in Jodhpur, India Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Jun Rentschler The economics and political economy of fossil fuel subsidy reforms Principal supervisor: Professor Raimund Bleischwitz

Bernard Tembo Strategic investment decisions in Zambia's mining sector under a constrained energy system Principal supervisor: Professor Neil Strachan

Stijn Van Ewijk Sustainable use of materials in the global paper system Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

Xuebing Wang The impact to Chinese aviation industry by including it into mitigation schemes Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ekins

King Lam Chung Searching for an urban sustainability fix in China: A case study of the Pearl River Delta Greenway Project Principal supervisor: Professor Fulong Wu

Marco Dean Assessing the applicability of participatory multi-criteria analysis (MCA) methodologies to the appraisal of mega transport infrastructure Principal supervisor: Professor Harry Dimitriou

Daniel Fitzpatrick Governance of mutual housing in London Principal supervisor: Dr Nikolaos Karadimitriou

Ji Hyun Kim Multiple enactments of public space: an actor-network theory analysis on stabilisation and multiplicity of user activity Principal supervisor: Dr Tse-Hui 

Foteini Valeonti USEUM: Making art accessible with crowdsourcing and gamification Principal supervisor: Professor Andy Hudson-Smith

Camila Cociña Varas Housing as urbanism: the role of housing policies in reducing urban inequalities. A study of post 2006 housing programmes in Puente Alto, Chile Principal supervisor: Mr Jorge Fiori

Deena Khalil Drinking in informality: state-making, urban governance and water infrastructure in informal Cairo 1952-2016 Principal supervisor: Dr Liza Griffin

Bianca Nardella Interrogating international policy narratives of urban conservation and sustainable development: learning from Tunis Principal supervisor: Dr Colin Marx

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Bartlett PhD Research Projects 2022

Articles from bartlett phd research projects 2022.

ucl architecture thesis

Liminal: The Curious Case of the Modern Emirati Hotel

Pages 14-15

ucl architecture thesis

An Architect in the Footsteps of Ethnographer Carl Lumholtz

Pages 16-17

ucl architecture thesis

Locating Spatial Practice Within the Post-Post City

Pages 18-19

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Barlett School of Architecture

The Bartlett School of Architecture presents 12 student projects from its annual summer show

A digital garden celebrating queer icons and a new domestic space drawing from aesthetics of the drag community are included in Dezeen's latest school show by The Bartlett School of Architecture .

Also included is a project that explores the use of clay in contemporary construction methods and a sexual health centre for the queer community in London's Hackney Wick.

Institution: UCL School: The Bartlett School of Architecture Course: Architecture MArch (RIBA/ARB Part two), Architecture BSc (RIBA/ARB Part one) and Architecture MSci (ARB Part one and Part two), Engineering and Architectural Design MEng.

School statement:

" The Bartlett School of Architecture is one of the best places in the world to study architecture. The institution teaches an expansive programme of architecture degrees at both undergraduate and graduate level.

"The school's annual summer show shares the creative, radical and thoughtful work of its students with a global audience. Online as in person, the diversity of projects and resonance of thematic concerns exhibited allows audiences to explore what is meant by 'architecture' and what it could be."

Barlett School of Architecture

The Earthen Land Registry by Daniel Pope

"The project explores the use of clay in contemporary construction methods. Through augmenting extrusion techniques and adopting processes of additive manufacturing technology, the proposal heightens the sensuous relationship between the body and building materials.

"The project includes a house typology and a retrofit strategy for London's current brick housing stock, supported by a new fabrication facility and a public monument in the heart of the city."

Student: Daniel Pope Course: Architecture MArch, PG16 Tutors: Matthew Butcher and Ana Monrabal-Cook Email: daniel.pope.14[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

Not Set in Stone by Elissavet Manou

"This project is a multi-generational settlement on the windy Greek island of Tinos, exploring the concept of a palindromic construction process. The design features a dual marble architecture: one is a positive, additive construction related to the intimate and humdrum everyday life through the creation of a notional settlement; the other is a negative, subtractive carving-out of a rock temple in the quarry that reflects the sublime essence of Tinos.

"Exploring ideas of longevity, handcraft, technological advancements and the Tinian vernacular, the scheme creates a tension between every day and the extraordinary."

Student: Elissavet Manou Course: Architecture MArch, PG24 Tutors: Penelope Haralambidou, Michael Tite Email: elissavet.manou.14[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

Rituals of Resistance: Narratives of Critical Inhabitation by Arinjoy Sen

"The project addresses the contested inhabitation of fragile ecosystems in the Sundarbans, situated on the borderlands of Bangladesh and India. It proposes a self-sustained productive settlement that fosters a construction of spatial identity while elevating the significance of indigenous land stewardship.

"The settlement seeks to increase the ritual narrative practices of marginalised and hybridised identities, as a means to resist erasure, through the apparatus of a travelling theatre."

Student: Arinjoy Sen Course: Architecture MArch, PG12 Tutors: Elizabeth Dow and Jonathan Hill Email: arinjoy.sen.19[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

Lipstick on a Pig by Andrew Riddell

"The project proposes an architecture of a bespoke and new queer domestic whilst parodying its heteronormative counterpart. The project draws on the aesthetic, social and domestic attitudes of the drag community.

"The dwelling creates a world for three characters living both individually and collectively. The architecture is reflective of their individual aesthetics while also providing a model of living that manifests in a structure that reflects existing drag families or chosen queer families.

"These chosen families customarily create specific social structures of found relationships outside of institutional and biological definitions that warrant equal validity."

Student: Andrew Riddell Course: Architecture MArch, PG16 Tutors: Matthew Butcher and Ana Monrabal-Cook Email: andrew.riddell.13[at]ucl.ac.uk

The River, Restoration and its Rituals by Annabelle Tan

"Sited along the River Wensum in Norfolk, the project is a roving restoration scheme that visits rural villages to restore the vulnerable chalk river while engaging and empowering the local community to sustain an intimate relationship with the environment through rituals and beliefs.

"The building is simultaneously a restorative and ritualistic machine, marrying ecological values with the process of restoration."

Student: Annabelle Tan Course: Architecture MArch, PG11 Tutors: Laura Allen and Mark Smout Email: a.lin.16[at]ucl.ac.uk

A Garden for Lost Queer Icons by Eoin Shaw

A Garden for Lost Queer Icons by Eoin Shaw

"Sited in Dungeness, this project looks at what could happen to the decommissioned power station and its surrounding landscape. Looking at Prospect Cottage, the home and garden of the queer filmmaker Derek Jarman, AI is used to transform the power station into a celebration of Jarman's life and work.

"The project is a physical and digital garden landscape consisting of a series of platforms and routes that celebrate four queer icons. Here the digital space is virtually projected, looking at the premise of how a queer architecture uses and adapts the site."

Student: Eoin Shaw Course: Architecture BSc, UG21 Tutors: Abigail Ashton, Tom Holberton and Jasmin Sohi Email: eoin.shaw.19[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

Second Chance by Christian Coackley

"The project speculates on the revival of the revolutionary ideals embodied by John F. Kennedy (JFK), 35th president of the United States. JFK is associated with the space race, technological power, the Cold War, unification and integration, idealism, false hope, failure, and his death, leaving his legacy in mystic and allegorical ruin.

"This project takes the ruins of a failed lunar colony base as the foundations for a newly constructed Earth Embassy on the Moon. An outpost at an urban scale, where the nations of Earth can send diplomats and scientists to engage in a united effort towards undoing the scars of the anthropogenic. It serves as a reminder to this generation and the next that Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to Earth."

Student: Christian Coackley Course: Architecture BSc, UG7 Tutors: Pascal Bronner and Thomas Hillier Email: christian.coackley.18[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

Soft Immersion: Hotel in the Aesthetic by Ruoxi Jia

"This is a design for a hotel complex located on Kensington High Street, London. It draws on the aesthetic movement in Britain, which sought softened everyday experiences in contrast to industrial hardness.

"Through investigating artists' formal softening approaches, including hard-lined curves and blurred boundaries, the hotel intends to cure urban melancholy with recreation, bathing and landscape fusions with the site.

"The curing concept integrates with a theory of perceptual lag and deception, in which visitors could retreat and enter a series of dreamy spatial experiences, which challenge their perceptual consensus."

Student: Ruoxi Jia Course: Architecture BSc, UG13 Tutors: Tamsin Hanke and Colin Herperger Email: ruoxi.jia.18[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

Building a Bathhouse at Scale 1:1 by Ioana Drogeanu

"This is a design for a bathhouse in Bucharest. The project is concerned with the scale at which people think, design and interact with architecture, prompted by the spatial limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"It researches the ways in which designing a building at scale 1:1, using VR in conjunction with body-augmented tools, can create a new architecture.

"The project asks: how can bodily restrictions determine how a building develops? Does the use of the body as a tool in the design process determine the organicity of the architecture and the fluidity of the spaces inside? Can something that is designed in virtual reality become part of the architecture of reality?"

Student: Ioana Drogeanu Course: Architecture BSc, UG21 Tutors: Abigail Ashton, Tom Holberton, Jasmin Sohi Email: ioana.drogeanu.18[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

The Fish Hut by Maisy Liu

"The project, located in the rural district of Shunyi in Beijing, China, responds to a lack of entertainment and gathering spaces in a primarily residential neighbourhood.

"Situated along an existing bridge and dam, the building is animated by the journey and movement of fish between each platform and provides a tranquil gathering space on the river for fisherman and locals to prepare, cook, smoke, and eat fish."

Student: Maisy Liu Course: Architecture BSc, Year 1 Tutors: Max Dewdney and Frosso Pimenides Email: maisy.liu.20[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

Water Squatters: Informal Self-build Settlements by Kaia Wells

"Living on a boat is a more affordable way of life in London. Moorings are, however, increasingly hard to find due to increased demand, their frequent removal and neglected infrastructure. This project is inspired by conversations with Surge Cooperative, who create community-led moorings.

"The project uses squatter's rights to bypass permission to occupy space. Water Squatters occupy land by straddling it and harvest rainwater and solar energy to stay off-grid.

"The architecture is responsive to the user's changing environmental and spatial needs, using moving mechanisms and ad-hoc self-build systems created from waste material. It facilitates decision-making for the people by the people."

Student: Kaia Wells Course : Engineering & Architectural Design MEng, Unit 3 Tutors: Deborah Lobato, Hadin Charbel, Michael Woodrow, Daniel Shinzu Godoy Email: kaia.wells.17[at]ucl.ac.uk

Barlett School of Architecture

A Sexual Health Centre for the Queer Community in Hackney Wick by Xan Goetzee-Barral

"Hackney Wick's history as a complex 'edgeland' and site of gathering began with industrial manufacture and is now present in the form of a queer community. This project is a new sexual health centre for the queer community.

"The centre promotes sexual health by providing spaces to socialise and interact within a protective walled landscape that also engages with the wider community."

Student: Xan Goetzee-Barral Course : Architecture MSci, Year one Tutors: Thomas Parker Email: xan.goetzee-barral.11[at]ucl.ac.uk

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Bartlett Design Research Folios

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New York Tech B.Arch Thesis & The Bartlett/UCL

New York Tech B.Arch. Thesis & The Bartlett/UCL

March 5, 2020 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM 16 W. 61st St., 11th Floor Auditorium New York, NY

The Bartlett School of Architecture University College London UCL

School of Architecture & Design New York Instititue of Technology

This event brings thesis students and faculty members from New York Tech's B.Arch. program together with Philippe Morel and Paul Poinet and their students from the graduate architectural design program in the BPro graduate school at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL) for an informal review of work and research.

New York Tech’s B.Arch thesis students will present their work in progress; Bartlett/UCL graduate students will present their research on interactive robotic fabrication; and New York Tech faculty will introduce their two new Master of Science post-professional programs, tentatively scheduled for launch in September 2020.* A discussion will follow. All students in the School of Architecture and Design are welcome to attend this event.

* Pending approval by New York State Education Department (NYSED)

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The Bartlett Research Conversations

ucl architecture thesis

Home [Un]Making, Tehran, 1925-2018

Azedah A. Zaferani

Supervisors: Barbara Penner and Nina Vollenbroker

Azadeh’s dissertation explores domesticity through the lens of household objects, arguing that there is a dialectical relationship between the way we possess, use and present objects at home and the way we organize and plan cities. Her thesis presents change of governments and their ideological regulations, but also considers how these are adapted within actual homes. These adaptations are examined in the Iranian context through the experiences of three distinct figures, each representing a separate generation, that has been impacted by these changes in the period between 1925 and 2018.

Azadeh’s thesis unfolds in two distinct parts: Home Making and Home [Un]Making. Part I studies the process of homemaking from the fall of Qajar dynasty and the inauguration of Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1925 to the revolution of 1979 in Tehran. While this part studies the process by which domesticity finds new definitions due to arrival of modernism, Part II, explores the ideologically driven changes made by the post-revolutionary government. Azadeh does this by analyzing the effect of Islamic Marxism, war and international embargo on domesticity and domestic objects and their relationship to ownership, production lines, trade and consumption in Tehran.

About The Bartlett Research Conversations

The Bartlett School of Architecture’s Research Conversations seminars comprise work-in-progress and upgrade presentations by students undertaking the MPhil/PhD Architectural Design and MPhil/PhD Architectural and Urban History and Theory. All current UCL staff and students are welcome to attend.

Held regularly throughout the academic year, the seminars are attended by the programme directors, Professor Jonathan Hill and Professor Ben Campkin, PhD Coordinators, Dr. Nina Vollenbröker and Dr Sophie Read, and other PhD supervisors.

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