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Important Information

The Student Thesis portal will be used to submit thesis using the CC login and password.

Students in the PhD, MTech, MDes, MS (By Research) and Dual Degree Programs can submit their thesis here.

Thesis Guide


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1.1 Purpose

This document, referred herein under as thesis guide, gives the general and specific requirements regarding thesis preparation including guidelines for the arrangement of contents. In the matter of style, structure and presentation of the thesis, students may refer to additional manuals or reference guides ( some of which are listed below) and to the published literature in their respective fields of study.

1.2 Manuals or Reference Guides

(i) Michaelson, H.B. "How to write and Publish Engineering Papers and Reports", ISI Press, Philadelphia, 1984.

(ii) Turner, R.P. "Technical Report Writing", Rineheart Press, San Francisco, 1971.

(iii) Turk, C. and Kirkman, J."Effective Writing" E&F,N.Spon, London, 1982.

(iv) Compbell, W.G. and Ballon, S.V. "Form and Style, Thesis Reports and Term Papers", Houghton Mifflin Co.,Boston, 1974.

(v) "Publication Manual" of the American Psychological Association Washington, 1983.

1.3 Thesis Submission

1.3.1 For purposes of thesis examination the number of thesis copies to be submitted to the Chairman, SPGC is not less than (a) the number of examiners (including thesis supervisors) for an M.Tech. degree student, and (b) five plus the number of thesis supervisors for a Ph.D. degree student.

1.3.2 In addition to various existing requirments for thesis submission, such as submission of list of examiners, additional copies of synopsis/abstract, and payment of thesis examination fees (for Ph.D. only), students and their thesis supervisors should ensure that the specifications and guidlines have been adhered to. At the time of thesis submission every student should submit a signed checklist in the following format, to the Chairman, SPGC: Statement of Thesis Preparation


2.1 Preparation of Manuscript and Copies

2.1.1 The thesis may be typewritten using a black ribbon on white bond paper of size 250 mm x 215mm in standard type face (pica or elite).

2.1.2 In case the text of the thesis is prepared using a computer, dot matrix printing of (near) letter quality is acceptable if the following minimum specifications are satisfied:

(a) minimum matrix size-6.5 mm 2

(b) minimum number of dots matrix- 18 x 18

2.1.3 The thesis may be typed on a master stencil and mimeograph copies (cyclostyling) made from the same.

2.1.4 All copies of thesis pages, whether photocopies, mimeograph copies, original typescript, or printed pages must be clear, adequately dark and even, with uniformly sized and spaced characters, lines and margins on every page of good quality bond paper.

2.1.5 Thesis should be free from typographical errors, overwritings, strike-overs, interlination or crossed letters or words. Corrections should not be made in ink or with opaquing fluid. If a neat eraser or correction can not be made, the page should be retyped. Use of tape for patching or covering is not acceptable.

2.2 Size and Margins

2.2.1 The normal thesis size prescribed is 250 mm x 215 mm.

2.2.2 The top, bottom and right size margins should be 25 mm, and the left size margin should be 35 mm for both textual and non-textual (e.g. figures, tables) pages.

2.2.3 Typing should not extend beyond the bottom margin except for completing a footnote, last line of a chapter/subdivision or figure/table caption.

2.2.4 A sub-head at the bottom of the page should have at least two full lines of type below it. If the sub-head is too short to allow this, the sub-head should begin on the next page.

2.2.5 All tables and figures should conform to the same requirments as text. If they are large they may be reduced to the standard size (provided the reduced area is not less than 50% of the original) and/or folded not more than once flush with the thesis margin (if page size does not exceed 250 x 360 mm).

2.2.6 Students may choose to submit thesis copies either in the normaal size or in a reduced size of 175 mm x 150 mm to facilitate storage and mailing. If submitted in reduced size it should be ensured that all textual and illustrative material is distinct and legible, in particular such figures and tables that were already reduced when copies were made.

2.2.7 If the original typescript/print is photocopied on good quality white bond paper, phototyping may be done on both sides of paper provided the copying is neat and without scars/smudges.

2.3 Page Numbering

2.3.1 Beginning with the first page of the text of the thesis (chapter 1), all pages should be numbered consistently in Arabic numerals throughout the thesis, including appendices.

2.3.2 Page indications before Chapter 1 should be done in lower case Roman numerals. The title page is considered to be page i, but the number is not typed.

2.3.3 All pages numbers should be replaced without punctuation in the upper right hand corner 12 mm from the top edge and with the last digit even with the right hand margin.

2.4 Multi-volume Thesis

A thesis may be in two or more volumes if its bulk necessitates it. The volume separations come at the end (s) of major division (s) The preminary pages prior to Chapter 1 are contained only in Volume I except for the title page.

2.5 Line Spacing

The general text of the manuscript is double spaced while long tables, quotations, footnotes, multiline capyions and bibliographic entries (references) are single spaced.

2.6 Tables, Figures and Equations

2.6.1 All tables (tabulated data) and figures (charts, graphs, maps, photographs, diagrams etc.) should be prepared whereever possible on the same paper used to type the text and conform to the specifications mentioned earlier. They should be inserted as close to the textual reference as possible.

2.6.2 Tables, figures and equations should be numbered sequentially either throughout the thesis or chapterwise using Arabic numerals. They are referred to in the body of the text using the capitalized full word and number, thus Table 17, Figure 24, Equation 33, 0r Table 5.3, Figure 3.11, Equation 4.16, etc.

2.6.3 Computer printout sheets may be used for tables, provided they may conform to the size requirements mentioned in Art. 2.2.5

2.6.4 If tables and figures are of size half a page or less, they may appear on the same page as text but separated above and below by triple line spacing.

2.6.5 Figures should be drawn in India ink, copies of which are included in the thesis.

2.6.6 Photographs should be securely mounted on good bond paper using good quality photo mounting cement, dry mounting tissue, etc.. Do not use photo mounting corners, tape or staples.

2.7 Binding

The student should submit the copies of the thesis in a fully bound form (softcover) for Ph. D and a partially bound form (coiled wire binding, clamping or filing) for M. Tech. degrees. After the acceptance of the thesis, it is the student's responsibility to get the thesis properly bound for depositing the copies in the Central Library and the department concerned. The front cover of the bound copy should be the same as the Title page of the Thesis. The front cover should have printing on the side to include : Author's Name, Abbreviated Thesis Title (Optional), Degree, Department and year.


3.1 Sequence of Contents

The following sequence for the thesis organisation should be followed :

All the Headings, Certificates, Abstracts, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Chapter Headings, etc. are centred without punctuation at the top of the page 25 mm down the top edge. The subsequent typing begins four spaces below the heading.

3.2 Preliminaries

3.2.1 Synopsis/Abstract An M. Tech. thesis should contain an abstract not exceeding 300 words (about one page), and a Ph. D. thesis should contain an abstract/synopsis not exceeding 1000 words (about four pages) in double-spaced typing. Ph. D. students shall also separately submit 6 (six) copies of the synopsis/abstract for mailing to examiners to seek their approval for examinership. In addition to the above, every student (M. Tech. or Ph. D.) should submit 2 (two) copies of short abstract not exceeding 250 words in length (one page) for abstracting of thesis by the Central Library. Asynopsis/abstract shall be typed printed in double line spacing with the heading "SYNOPSIS"/"ABSTRACT" typed in UPPERCASE letters followed underneath by certain preliminary information and the textual matter in the format given at the end of the thesis guide. Synopsis/abstract should be self-complete and contain no citations for which the thesis has to be referred.

3.2.2 Table of Contents

(i) All material following the table of contents is listed in it. No preceding material is listed. The titles of chapters, sections, first and second order subdivisions, etc. must be listed in the table of contents.

(ii) Tables, figures, nomenclature, if used in the thesis, are listed under separate headings.

3.3 The text of the Thesis

3.3.1 Introduction

Introduction may be the first chapter or the first major division of the first chapter. In either case, it should contain a brief statement of the problem investigated. It should outline the scope, aim, general character of the research and the reasons for the student's interest in the problem.

3.3.2 The body of the Thesis

This is the substance of the dissertation inclusive of all divisions, subdivisions, tables, figures, etc.

3.3.3 Summary and Conclusions

If required, these are given as the last major division (chapter) of the text. A further and final sub-division entitled "Recommendations for Further Work" may follow.

3.3.4 Reference Material

The list of references should appear a a consolidated list with references listed either alphabetically or sequentially as they appear in the text of the thesis. If pertinent works have been consulted but not specifically cited they should be listed as a Bibliography or General references. These lists are double spaced between entries but single spaced within each entry.

3.3.5 Appendix or Appendices Supplementary illustrative material, original data and quotations too lengthy for inclusion in the text or not immediately essential to an understanding of the subject, can be presented in Appendix or Appendices (as Appendix A, Appendix B, etc.) Each appendix with its title should be listed separately in the table of contents. Likewise, tables and figures contained in the Appendices are to be included in the lists of tables and figures, respectively.


This thesis guide gives only the basic requirements for thesis preparation. Over and above the aforementioned points, a thesis should be easy and pleasant to read both in its appearance and presentation. Several aspects of thesis preparation, particularly style of writing and presentation, have not been discussed in much detail in this document. The student should glean appropriate ideas from standard literature of his/her area of research, and adopt a uniform style and format throughout the thesis, such as in the structural divisions/subdivisions of the thesis, in the mode of citing references and foot-noting in the text, in using dimensions, units and notations, and in preparing tables and figures etc.


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