Thesis Preparation & Submission

The final examination of a candidate for a Research Masters or PhD degree is based on the explanation of the candidate’s research in a thesis describing the context, nature, methodology and outcomes of the research, prepared in accordance with international norms.

  • You will prepare your thesis under the direction of the Principal Supervisor and with the support of your Research Studies Panel. Please liaise with both on your thesis
  • The  Thesis Submission Guidelines outlines the process for preparation, submission, processing and examination of graduate research degree theses. The  Theses in Graduate Research Programmes Policy  identifies the responsibilities of each party within the University with respect to the preparation, submission, processing, examination, and dissemination of graduate research degree theses.
See  Thesis Submission Dates

Submission of Thesis for Examination

You may submit your thesis in 2 ways:

1.  via the UCD eThesis System : please see here  for further information.  Through the system, you will be able to submit your thesis electronically, verify authorship and programme compliance, and track progress through all stages of the examination process.

2. via hard copy: ( note:subject to restrictions due to COVID-19: please see  FAQ  for further info ) 

You submit to the Student Desk in the Tierney Building as many soft bound copies of the thesis as there are members on your Examination Committee. There are usually three people on the Examination Committee i.e. internal examiner, extern examiner and the Chair of the Examination Committee. The members of your examination committee are listed on the "UView - Student Enquiry" Screen on your UCD student SIS Web account under the heading "Other Advisors". The theses must be accompanied by a completed Research Degree Examination Form signed by both you and your Principal Supervisor (download  Research Degree Examination Form  /access  here  in our Documents & Files).

Submission of Final Thesis

Following the viva voce examination for PhD students and once you have the approval of the internal examiner that you have met the requirements of the Examination Committee you follow these steps:

Further Resources

Documents & files.

View or download the most useful policies, regulations and forms for graduate research students

Key Dates 2020/21

Phd lifecycle.

View the lifecycle of the PhD programme at UCD, from application to conferring

Viva Voce Examination

View guidance and procedures relating to the viva voce oral examination

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UC Davis Graduate Studies

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Academic Dates and Deadlines

Date and deadline categories, general academic dates, filing and graduation deadlines, holidays and academic breaks, application  deadlines, thesis/dissertation filing deadlines for students not on filing fee status.

Students completing a thesis or dissertation have two filing deadline options each quarter.  Students who file by the 7th week of the quarter are included on the current quarter degree list.  Students who file after the 7th week deadline but by the last day of the quarter are included on the following quarter degree list but do not need a student status in the following quarter.

Use the table below to help you decide when to file your thesis or dissertation.  Review the Filing Your Thesis or Dissertation webpage for information about the filing process, formatting, and paperwork. 

The dissertation, required filing paperwork, and signed title page must be submitted to Graduate Studies by 11:59 PM on the deadline, but you may complete any required thesis/dissertation formatting corrections and/or paperwork updates after the deadline if needed.

Master's Plan II & MFA Report Deadlines for students not on Filing Fee status

To be included on the current quarter degree list, Master's Plan II or MFA students must complete their final requirement(s) by the last day of the quarter.  Graduate programs must submit signed Master's Plan II Reports or MFA Reports within five business days of the end of the quarter.  Students who would like to receive a Graduate Studies degree conferral letter verifying completion, must also submit the Exit Information Form to their Graduate Coordinator for signature and forwarding to Graduate Studies SAA's.  

Filing Deadlines for students on Filing Fee status

Students on Filing Fee are expected to be very close to finishing at the beginning of the Filing Fee quarter. Students who file by the 7th week of the quarter are included on the current quarter degree list.  Students who file after the 7th week deadline have until the last day of instruction to file their thesis, dissertation, or project report. Students completing a Master's Plan II by exam have until the last day of the quarter to file their Final Report. 

University Holidays & Academic Breaks

Thesis Submission Extensions

Covid-19 related thesis extensions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UCD has been offering students who are due to submit their thesis the option to request a one-time, one trimester no-fee thesis extension. For additional information for students seeking extensions between September 2021 and January 2022, please see the information below.

Additional information, for graduate resesarch students, can also be found at  COVID-19 FAQ for Graduate Research Students or in the research student hub on the Graduate Studies website .

Eligibility & Applications

There are several scenarios under which students may wish to apply for extensions and/or funding. Please see advice below for graduate research students, originally planning to submit in September 2021. 

If you meet the above criteria you may be eligible for HEA funding.

If you wish to make an application you should complete the following steps:

All applications will require you to describe the circumstances requiring funding in sufficent detail for the panel to evaluate your application:

We encourage you, where possible, to submit your thesis by the 7th of May 2021 deadline, if that is the date you are due to submit.

Where you are unable to meet the submission deadline due to COVID-19 associated disruptions, you will be supported with a single trimester extension to complete your thesis for submission by 7th January 2021.  This extension is a no-fee cost extension to support graduate research students delayed due to COVID-19 without the financial burden of fees. Please note that this support is only available to students who have not already received a one-trimester no-cost fee extension due to COVID-19 related circumstances. 

If you require this extension:

Please be assured, where an additional trimester is required, which exceeds the registration period permitted under the Academic Regulations 7.9,  7.10 or 9.10, this extension of one trimester to the registration period will be approved due to the exceptional circumstances due to COVID-19.

All applications will require you to describe the circumstances requiring an extension:

At present, as is normal practice, any requests for an extension can be made on an individual basis to your School on this application form, whether you are a full-time or part-time student:  Thesis extension form (extenuating circumstances).  In keeping with normal governance, the request will then be submitted by the School to the relevant governing board for approval.

It is important to keep a record of your change of circumstances, especially any documentation to evidence how extenuating circumstances have impeded your progress, such as no access to a laboratory, recruitment and data collection from participants paused, essential archival material normally accessed in a library. These requests should be accompanied by a letter from your Principal Supervisor confirming the impact upon your research and the ability to complete within the timeframe sought. 

During current lockdown measures and if your circumstances are medical, a letter from a supervisor or appropriate senior academic may still be sufficient if it provides the detail mentioned above.

If your query is related to funded extensions for research disrupted by Covid-19, please click on the relevant link below:

Funded extensions for research disrupted by Covid-19


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Further Resources

Documents & files.

Access a repository of the most relevant forms & policies for graduate research students

Final Examination

Information on final examination & thesis submission procedures for research degrees at UCD

Research Student Handbook 2020/21

A useful summary of guidance and policies on research degree programmes at UCD

UCD Key Dates 2020/21

View UCD Registry term dates for the 2020/21 academic year

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Schools & Colleges

School of Education & Human Development

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School of Education and Human Development

Planning to graduate in spring 2023, apply through your ucdaccess portal by february 1., master's thesis.

If you have received approval from faculty to complete a master's thesis in lieu of COMPS or a culminating experience, please follow the steps below:

Additional Information for submitting your final thesis

All approved theses must be submitted electronically in PDF format through the  ProQuest website . You will receive an automatic email confirming your thesis submission. Within 2 weeks, SEHD will verify that your thesis meets publication standards and you will be notified that your submission will be published.  In the event that corrections need to be made, you will receive an email with additional information for resubmission. Once corrections have been resolved and your resubmission has been approved, you will be notified that your submission will be published.  During the submission process, you will have the opportunity to choose traditional publishing, Open Access publishing, and/or copyright. Please visit the  ProQuest Resources & Guidelines page for additional information on these options.

Additional information on the master's thesis is available in the  Student Policy Handbook .

Master's Thesis Deadlines

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