Top 125 Creative Graphic Design Thesis Ideas For Students

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Are you searching for the best graphic design thesis ideas? Here, in this blog post, we have shared some interesting graphic design thesis ideas for academic writing. Continue reading this blog post and get creative topics and ideas for writing your Graphic Design Thesis.

Graphic design is one of the evolving fields of art that focuses on creating visual and textual content to deliver messages. Particularly, in recent times, graphic design is extensively used by businesses to connect with customers. You can use your graphic designing knowledge to creatively design posters, business cards, logos, brochures, and websites for business.

Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

If you want to shine as a top graphic designer, creativity and design skills are needed the most. But additionally, if you have completed a research paper topics or thesis on graphic design, then your chance to withstand in the designing field will increase. The only way to showcase your designing skills to the outside world is by completing an excellent graphic design thesis. With your excellent graphic design thesis, you can also seek job opportunities in the top designing companies.

How to Craft a Graphic Design Thesis?

Preparing a graphic design thesis is a challenging activity. For completing a graphic design project, you must have a good topic. In general, graphic designing is a broad subject that contains tons of creative thesis topic ideas to show your potential.

According to your grade in school or graduate level in college or university, first, identify an ideal graphic design research topic of your choice. The topic you select should provide space for you to complete your research paper within the deadline, and it should also give you the scope to apply the visual design principles and portray your creativity and design skills.

When writing your graphic design thesis paper on the topic you have selected, make sure to include the following sections

It is your graphic design research paper that will help others to evaluate your knowledge of design. Also, you can get top grades for your graphic design project only if you choose an attractive thesis topics on graphic design and write a well-structured, attractive thesis. So, when writing your graphic design thesis, be creative and display the content in an appealing way to grab the attention of your target audience.

Graphic Design Thesis Topic Ideas

Attractive Graphic Design Thesis Topic Ideas

In a graphic design thesis, the topic plays a significant role. But, usually, choosing the right topic for research is always a tedious step in the research paper writing process. As graphic design is a wide subject with plenty of research topics, choosing the best graphic design thesis topic from them might consume more time and effort. Hence, to help you in finding the right topic for your graphic designing research paper, here we have separately grouped and listed the best graphic design thesis topic ideas for you to consider.

Go through the complete list of research topic ideas and pick a creative topic that matches your interest and the instructor’s writing guidelines.

Excellent Graphic Design Thesis Topics

Outstanding Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

Great Thesis Topics for Graphic Design

Powerful Graphic Design Research Topics

Innovative Graphic Design Thesis Topics

Interesting Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

The Bottom Line

From the list of top creative graphic design thesis ideas suggested in this blog post, you can go with any topic of your choice. If you find it tough to complete the thesis or if you encounter any graphic design issues in the middle of your project, then immediately reach out to us for instant graphic design assignment help and Paper Writing Service. We have professional writers to complete the research paper as per your project plan before the deadline. Just avail of our low-cost, reliable service and receive a high-quality, original graphic design thesis that will help you score top grades.

thesis of graphic design

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Graphic Design Masters Theses

RISD’s graduate program in Graphic Design prepares students for professional practice by emphasizing the roles of social context, media and aesthetics in the production of visible language systems. As a reflection of the discipline itself, the program encourages a nimble and intelligent response to constant change and burgeoning technology, while building a strong foundation of formal, aesthetic and analytical knowledge.

Individual thesis investigation is central to the final year of MFA study and culminates in the comprehensive presentation of work representing an original voice for visual and verbal expression of design thinking. The thesis should be equal parts exploration, explanation, provocation and contribution. Guest critics participate throughout the year and in the year-end thesis review, which offers a forum for critical dialogue focused on each student’s contribution to the field of graphic design. All MFA candidates also submit a written thesis and as a group participate in the RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition , a large-scale public show held annually.

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License .

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Ports of entry , Forough Abadian

Capture, control, circulate : can we queer regulatory power in Graphic Design? , Adie Fein

Alien Encyclopedia , Zengqi Guo

Re-order the order of thing , Yingxi Sabrina Ji

Openness , Qiwen Ju

! , Nick Larson

Connect: translating complexity through visual simplification , Ilhee Park

Other realms , Louis Rakovich

Slow ruptures; slow formations , Asta Thrastardottir

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Open articulations , Matthew Bejtlich

Paperwork , Romik Bose Mitra

Community, harana & karaoke: towards a theatrical design , Ryan Diaz

Personal positioning system , Laura Diez de Baldeon

Parentheses asterisk ellipses , Everett Epstein

Refiguring relations , Daphne Hsu

CTRL SHIFT , Kit Son Lee

Jettisoning the frame: strategies for designing at the threshold , Will Mianecki

Future as medium , Georgie Nolan

Elsewhere: impressions of sense & nonsense , Madeline Woods

The relativity of value , Lai Xu

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

My millennial Asian fetishized American fantasy , Seyong Ahn

Temporal collisions , Lizzie Baur

Strata : lessons in latency , Mukul Chakravarthi

Re: Ornament , Aleks Dawson

A very large array , Hilary duPont

Oh wait, is this a loop? , Carl-Gustaf Ewerbring

Counter formation , Fabian Fohrer

Binge [Fantasy reality] , Elena Foraker

How to do things with things , Emily Guez

Skew-morphic dream , Yoonsu Kim

Ancient hyper present , Sophie Loloi

EthnoGraphemes , Vaishnavi Mahendran

U+16E99 , Bobby Joe Smith III

Something to see here , Weixi Zeng

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Record : from signal to atmosphere, and the spaces between silence and noise , Amy Auman

Plenty : wanting, choosing,, overwhelming unloading , Christopher Cote

Among : a series of enactments , Joel F. Kern

Let's meet over there / Eury Kim. , Eury Kim

Lateral movements : in multifaceted time and space , Jieun Kim

Making common , Elaine Lopez

Standards, rules, setting , Robert McConnell

Abjad orientations , Mohammed Nassem

Softweave , Annaka Olsen

Groundwork , Marcus Peabody

Body of work , Oliva de Salve Villedieu

Cosmosis , Angela Torchio

Re-creation : a package design for daily life , Wei-Hao Wang

Interface philosophy , June Yoon

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

This is public work , Nick Adam

Haunt : casual surrealism , Cara Buzzell

Placefulness , Ellen Christensen

Anachropomorphism! , Carson Evans

Lingua Franca , Tatiana Gomez Gaggero

Field guide : collected studies of a symbiont , Jennifer Livermore

Tiny Diasporas , Angela Lorenzo

Reading rooms , Jinhwa Oh

Space, Junk , Brandon Olsen

Hyperlink : connecting space, time, language, and technology , Marie Otsuka

Constellations , Maria Rull Bescós

Squishy Play , Lauren Traugott-Campbell

Monument for feeling : Notes from the Archivist , Melissa Weiss

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Otra vez : hierarchy as designer , Jordyn Alvidrez

Double takes : secular magic & empathic vision , Lake Buckley

Playgrounds , Cem Eskinazi

Content-aware : investigating tools, character & user behavior , Llewellyn Hensley

When it won't fit : a book about containers, procedures, and transformations , Bo-Won Keum

Space as a practiced place , Elizabeth Leeper

Frame-work , Drew Litowitz

Scripting allographs , June Shin

Our measured world : a poetic translation , Minryung Son

Identity production , Boyang Xia

Design syncopations , Mary Yang

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Hyphen nation: a reconciliation , Lynn Amhaz

Rapid response , James Chae

Continuum of significance , Diane Lee

Live edges: all possible adjacencies , Rebecca Leffell Koren

Practice makes practice , Gabriel Melcher

Dimensional flatland: Beamer, drone, flash drive , Scarlett Xin Meng

Traversing languagescapes , Desmond Pang

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Multiple influences: from witnessing language to performing it , Viviane Jalil

Speculative politics -fictionalized spectacle , Prin Limphongpand

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Speculative archives : an index , Sameer Farooq

Learning to live in thick interface , Jonathan Hanahan

Not not real : exercises in styling , Sophie Mascatello

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

Forming process : design through layered visual systems and multiple collection methods : a thesis , Jen Magathan

Films from 1999 1999

Oral History Interview with Malcom Grear, June 30, 1999 , Malcom Grear, David Strout, RISD Archives, and Frank Muhly

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thesis of graphic design

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110 Fantastic Graphic Design Thesis Ideas To Succeed

graphic design thesis ideas

Graphic Design is an art where professionals plan and practice creating visual and textual content to deliver messages. In today’s world, it’s the most innovative and most effective way for businesses to connect with their consumers.

Graphic design has many forms, from a simple business logo to a complex page layout on a website. The magazine covers, posters, logos, business cards, websites, and mobile apps are only a few examples of what graphic design businesses can deliver as their concept to their clients and audience. A good graphic designer should know how to attract people by displaying innovative and appealing content. Hence, it’s crucial to master the ways to express ideas creatively.

Why Is Graphic Design Thesis Important for Students?

Creating an excellent thesis using some unique and intricate graphic design research topics is essential to have a successful career in this field. Also, it’s crucial to do graphic design research to wow potential employers for good prospects. The thesis paper is the gist of what you have learned for your bachelor’s degree in university life; therefore, it’s vital to showcase creative thinking and impressive skills. There are tons of thesis ideas for graphic design that allow the students to be creative and show their full potential. To help you ace your graphic design research paper, we will be discussing every step of creating the thesis in detail.

Creating A Winning Thesis Proposal for Graphic Design

For the best graphic designing thesis project, students should have strong writing skills and complete knowledge of visual design principles. Moreover, students should know the advanced application of the skills they have learned. Furthermore, choosing the topic according to your grade in school, college or university is essential. Senior students can choose a thesis topic from the several graphic design senior thesis topics available online. Sometimes people attend workshops to learn the art of creating an impressive graphic design research paper. We have simplified the thesis writing process for students who are not keen to participate in workshops. People who have some knowledge may also benefit from the blog as it provides simple tips that you can follow to get started. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing and writing you graphic design dissertation:

Graphic Design Thesis Topics

According to your interest, there are many topics you can look for on the internet for your graphic design thesis topic. We have researched to compile the 110 most interesting graphic design research paper topics; you are sure to find the best one for your thesis. From environment enthusiast to an art school student, our diverse topics will help you find the best topic for your thesis.

Best Graphic Design Thesis Topics

Top Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

Excellent Thesis Ideas for Graphic Design

Interesting Graphic Design Research Topics

Graphic Design Senior Thesis Topics

Is Your Graphic Design Thesis Due Soon?

When you start your thesis, you may encounter various graphic design issues, but keep your eyes on the master’s degree and keep working hard. You can also hire low-cost native writers for your project plan by googling “Do my research for graphic design thesis.” These professionals will provide complete research for your thesis topic, as well as high-quality content, and will also proofread your thesis when you are done. Moreover, writing professionals offer reliable services, so you don’t have to worry that your thesis idea will get stolen or hacked.

case study research

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100+ Innovative Graphic Design Thesis Ideas For Students

Table of Contents

Do you have to prepare a graphic design thesis? Are you seeking some innovative graphic design thesis ideas for your assignment? Don’t worry! In this blog post, we have presented a list of unique graphic design thesis topic ideas for academic writing. Also, we have explained how to write a great graphic design thesis that will help you score an A+ grade. To get creative ideas for preparing your Graphic Design Research paper, keep on reading this blog post.

Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

What is a Graphic Design?

Graphic design is an evolving field of art that deals with the creation of visual and textual content. It is a creative process that uses technology along with art to communicate messages or ideas. Especially, in recent years, businesses are widely using graphic design to connect with their customers. With the help of graphic designing tools and techniques, the designers creatively design business cards, logos, posters, websites, and brochures for various businesses.

Do you wish to begin your professional life as a graphic designer? So, if you want to be a top graphic designer, you need to have extraordinary design, technical, and creative skills. If you complete a thesis on one of a kind graphic design research topic, in addition to having all of these skills, you can gain many additional advantages and stand out in the field. By submitting a graphic design thesis, you can show the world what you know about design. Additionally, you can look for employment opportunities at the best design firms with your original graphic design project or research paper.

How to Write a Graphic Design Thesis?

A graphic design thesis can be difficult to write. To begin, you must have an excellent topic for your graphic design thesis. There are a lot of creative graphic design research topics available because graphic design is such a broad field of study. But out of them all, you should look for and choose a topic for your thesis that is convenient for you based on your grade in school or graduate level in college.

Graphic Design Thesis Topic Selection Tips

Consider the following when selecting a topic for your graphic design thesis:

Graphic Design Thesis Writing Steps

Perform in-depth research on your chosen topic and gather additional ideas and evidence for discussion after selecting an ideal topic. Follow the below-mentioned steps for writing a graphic design thesis once you have enough information for it.

Be creative and highlight your content in a way that engages your target audience when writing your graphic design thesis. Last but not least, after completing your thesis, proofread and correct any errors.

Remember to choose an appealing graphic design topic and write a well-structured, comprehensive thesis if you want to get good grades for your graphic design project.

List of Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

For writing a graphic design thesis, the topic is highly important. In case, you are not sure what topic to choose for your research project, feel free to access the list of 100+ innovative graphic design thesis topic ideas suggested below and select a topic that is ideal for your graphic design assignment.

Graphic Design Thesis Idea1

Best Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

Top Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

Excellent Thesis Topics for Graphic Design

Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

Interesting Graphic Design Research Topics

More Interesting Graphic Design Research Topics

Creative Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

Unique Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

Final Words

Out of the different graphic design thesis ideas we have shared above, select any topic of your choice and prepare an outstanding thesis. If you don’t know what topic to choose and are unaware of how to write an impressive graphic design thesis, then reach out to us for assignment help . In our team, we have professional thesis writers who are strong in graphic design to assist you.

To make use of our low-cost, reliable online academic paper writing service, just share your requirements with us. As per your project plan, we will prepare and deliver your thesis on time at a reasonable price.

Need graphic design assignment writing help? Searching for the best thesis help service online? Call us now and get a top-quality, 100% plagiarism-free graphic design thesis that will help you boost your academic scores.

thesis of graphic design

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Rhode island school of design, index to graphic design graduate theses: subject.

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Adult learning


Aesthetics (Philosophy)

African Americans - race identity

African Americans - representation

AIDS (Disease) - prevention

Application software

Appropriation (Art)


Art - reproduction

Art and race

Art and science

Art and society

Arts and society

Art - exhibition techniques

Artistic collaboration

Artists' books

Auditory perception

Augmented reality

Autobiographical memory

Black lives matter movement

Book design

Botswana - social life and customs

Boundaries (Philosophy)

Calligraphy, Arabic

Children's plays

Chinese calligraphy

City planning


Colonies - Africa

Color in design

Communication and culture

Communication in...

Communication in design

Computer algorithms

Computer graphics

Computer programming

Computer software

Concept mapping

Concrete poetry

Contrast (Philosophy)

Context (Linguistics)

Corporate image - design


Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)

Creative process

Critical thinking

Cuban American artists



Decoration and ornament

Design - history

Design - methodology

Design - philosophy

Design - psychological aspects

Design - social aspects

Design - study and teaching

Design and technology

Desktop publishing

Dialectic in art

Digital media

Discourse analysis


Environmental ethics

Ethnographic films

Exhibitions - design

Fashion merchandising

Feminist theory

Filipinos - social life and customs

Fishing in art

Form (Aesthetics)

Gender identity

Gestault psychology

Gifts (Philosophy)

Global positioning system


Graphic arts - design

Graphic arts - history

Graphic arts - philosophy

Graphic arts - political aspects

Graphic arts - psychological aspects

Graphic arts - research

Graphic arts - social aspects

Graphic arts - study and teaching

Graphic arts - technique

Graphic design (Typography)

Graphical user interfaces

Grids (Typographic design)

Group identity

Handmade paper

Haunted houses

Hispanic Americans

Human body (Philosophy)

Human-computer interaction

Human information processing

Image (Philosophy)

Image processing

Imaginary places in mass media

Implication (Logic)

Indigenous peoples

Information behavior

Information commons

Information resources

Information technology

Information visualization


Installations (Art)

Interactive multimedia

Interpersonal relations

Jesus Christ

John Street (Providence, RI)

Knowledge management

Language and culture

Language and languages

Layout (Printing)


Literary form

Logos (Philosophy)

Logos (Symbols)

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie

Mass media and language

Mathematics in art

Meaning (Psychology)


Museum techniques

Music and language

Narration (Rhetoric)

Nature (Aesthetics)

Nature - effect of human beings on

Olympics - posters

Oral interpretation of fiction

Performance - philosophy

Performance art

Personal narratives

Photograph albums



Place (Philosophy)

Play (Philosophy)

Popular culture


Power (Philosophy)

Printing - layout

Printing - Turkey

Product counterfeiting

Public spaces

Puerto Ricans - ethnic identity

Reality television programs

(The) Red Shoes

Repetition (Aesthetics)

Representation (Philosophy)

Rimbaud, Arthur

Self (Philosophy)

Senses and sensation

Shared virtual environments

Signs and signboards

Signs and symbols


Social integration

Social interaction

Social marginality

Social media


Space perception



Surveillance detection

Sustainable design


System design

Technology - aesthetics

Technology - moral and ethical aspects

Technology and civilization

Teletext systems

Time and art

Time management

Time measurements

Toy and movable books


Type and type-founding

United Arab Emirates

Universal design

Urban ecology

User interfaces

Video rental services

Videotex systems

Virtual reality

Visual communication

Visual literacy

Visual perception

Visual sociology


Web sites - design

Web typography

White Mountains (NH and ME)

Wit and humor

Women in technology

Work in art

Work - philosophy

Written communication


Graphic Design: Master's Thesis Projects

Master's Thesis Projects

The Academy of Art Library offers current students the opportunity to view previous students' master's thesis projects for research and review. The library retains thesis projects for 10 years. Thesis projects competed prior to 2012 are stored in physical format and are available for viewing upon request. Thesis projects completed after Spring 2012 through the present are only available online. To browse previous students' thesis projects, click the Master's Thesis Projects link and select the link for your major. Physical and online thesis projects are listed separately. Physical master's thesis projects can be viewed in the Library. Contact the Library  if you have any questions.

Academy of Art University's Midpoint and Final Review Showcase

thesis of graphic design

Nagai, Kazumasa. Traditional and New Techniques .  c. 1980. Unknown.  Academy of Art University Collection,  LUNA .  Academy of Art University.

Selected Graphic Design Online Master's Thesis Projects

Selected Graphic Design Master's Thesis Projects in the Library

Portfolio and Thesis Resources

thesis of graphic design


  1. Thesis graphic design

    thesis of graphic design

  2. Bachelor Thesis by Josef Heigl, via Behance

    thesis of graphic design

  3. Pratt Thesis on Behance

    thesis of graphic design

  4. Graphic Design Thesis Ideas Type

    thesis of graphic design

  5. Graphic Design at UMass Lowell

    thesis of graphic design

  6. Bachelor Thesis by Isabella Thaller, via Behance

    thesis of graphic design


  1. Artist Statement


  3. THESIS Graphic Design 2021 SPU



  6. What are the subjects of graphic designing?


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    Outstanding Graphic Design Thesis Ideas · Design and culture expectations · Theme design for restaurants · How has the internet shaped animation

  2. Graphic Design Masters Theses

    ... to the field of graphic design. All MFA candidates also submit a written thesis and as a group participate in the RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition

  3. Thesis Projects

    Thesis Projects School of Visual Communication Design | M.A. and M.F.A. graduates develop innovative future practices, broaden scholarly research in visual

  4. 110 Diverse Graphic Design Thesis Ideas And Topics

    Top Graphic Design Thesis Ideas · A Case Study On Renowned Graphic Designers Of The Time · Influence Of Tv On Graphic Design · Role Of Computers In The Evolution

  5. Graphic Design Thesis Projects

    visual identity. logo. urban green. indoor landscaping. rebranding. poi. living wall. green. wust el balad. identity. bachelor project. west el balad.

  6. 100+ Innovative Graphic Design Thesis Ideas For Students

    Graphic Design Thesis Writing Steps · Create a catchy opening. · Develop a strong statement of the problem. · Include objectives and goals. · Give a

  7. Index to Graphic Design Graduate Theses: Subject

    Find Graphic Design graduate theses by subject, thesis year, student name, interviews, across or by department.

  8. What is a good thesis topic for graphic design?

    A thesis topic for graphic design could be anything from exploring the relationship between graphic design and advertising, to studying the history of

  9. Graphic Design: Master's Thesis Projects

    Selected Graphic Design Online Master's Thesis Projects · Viz issues / An Huang · DataRev: data revolution for good / Maria Bahous · INSITU [online

  10. MASTER'S THESIS The character of empty spaces

    When working with graphic design and typography the empty space between the graphic elements is vital when obtaining balance in the form. Certain