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social media reputation thesis

Show More Social Media and Brand Reputation Student’s Name: Course Name: Course Number: Instructor’s Name: Date of Submission: Wednesday, November 05, 2014 Introduction Corporate reputation is a valuable asset to any company in the business world. This paper is an argumentative essay on how the social media may build or destroy a brand. Social media with the increased internet connectivity infrastructure worldwide has proved to be a very powerful tool. It companies us this resource intelligently companies are likely to grow their market share rapidly proportionally to the brands. On the other hand the social media if not well managed it can as well ruin the company’s reputation. This can be through improper use of the platforms available …show more content… For instant, knowing what are the opportunities that the social media has created for brand reputation and what might be the threats of the social media on brand reputation. This will bring about a conclusion on that are the major effects and give few recommendations on how to handle the issues of concern of a firm’s reputation (Ettenson & Knowles, …show more content… Other opportunities in social media on brand reputation are evident the advantage being that social media effectiveness can be measure unlike data from call centers. The social media has a great influence on consumer behaviour and this is in line with brand reputation of firms. This makes them responsible for every content posted in the digital space just like the traditional platforms. The content is massive 70% considered as spam messages this requires sophisticated approaches in order to properly analyse the same content and acquire useful data. The overall data obtained from social media platforms is usual large than the collective data obtained from other traditional platforms. In general using social media analysis id simply good for business hence brand reputation. To tap this great opportunities firms should invest in the right technologies and instead of using the firm’s stand-alone platforms they should integrate their information systems with social media technologies. Adoption of new holistic social media strategies gives firms opportunities for new technologies thus changing processes, analytics, metrics and organisational structures, governance models and new skills. All those components are necessary for new social media strategies to work. Since there

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Importance of social media for a business.

And most probably your competing business partner is in the news all over, for their kingly presence on Social Media. So in order to be in the race, you definitely got to buckle up your Social Media Marketing skills and glorify your business. Above were the basic reasons to show the need of Social Media Marketing for a business. There are many more. And in these times of shares and followers, your business has to be actively online for better marketing and better outcomes.…

What Is Social Media?

Social net-work sites continue to be used by people all around the world for more than to just surf the web or scroll through pictures. It constantly breaks geographic barriers allowing for collaboration op-portunities and a person to person interaction among customers, employees and suppliers. Using social media platforms, businesses are able to contact the public to inform them of their product and services, while in turn attracting new candidates. Social media is powerful in the way that it can instantaneously transfer information to expand business ventures. In order for companies to gain the full benefits of social media, they must understand that sharing information is not enough, but must also build and maintain bonds among clients, customers and everyone they come across (Golden, 2011, p. 5).…

Five Star's Social Media Analysis

After realizing what consumers expect from the product Global Tech must strive to answer that demand. Location is another important aspect of marketing and using social media is a way for Global Tech to be visible to the consumer Traditional marketing and advertising operations involving cost and price concerns, consumer approval, campaigns, and mass-market advertising are important to Global Tech’s marketing strategy. The objective of traditional marketing is to make your product or service known by potential customers. Social media serves as a more effective tool to help marketing achieve this goal. While social media is a better more efficient way, it is just a tool in the marketing arsenal (Sannino, 2011).…

The Importance Of Internet And Social Media On Brand Management

Brand management is arguably the most essential aspect of marketing. It traditionally aims at building relationships or connections with potential consumers in order to create a positive brand image and attract and retain customers. All companies have different brand management strategies and attempt at attracting and retaining customers through various means. The institutionalization of the internet and social media has drastically altered the landscape of brand management and advertising in general. One may say that branding and advertising became omnipresent due to the institutionalization of internet and social media.…

The Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media On Business

Social media’s growth in society has changed the way people interact, collaborate and create opportunities for themselves and businesses. The growth of the platform has created more opportunities for business to create stronger competitive advantage in the market of digial advertising and promotions (Koohang, Nord, & Paliszkiewicz, 2014). This Literature review will focus on three key topics that are; the positive and negative impact of social media on business and the competitive advantages and opportunities the platform creates for businesses. From the information gained from the literature review we could conclude that mojority of the research conducted on social media is based on the positive factors and only minority of the reasearch…

Social Media Key Elements: R. Effing And T. Spil

Klang and Nolin (2011) “stressed the importance of concrete and measurable goals as part of social media plans”. • Resources: Valuable resources, as economical and professional expertise, should be assigned to be successful in social media. Dutta (2010, p. 130) insists that: “the success of your social media strategy will depend on your resources and the quality and authenticity of your message”. Burkhalter, Wood, & Tryce, (2014) have taken into account the employees value: “Some employees should receive training and education to obtain the required skills to work with social media channels” Furthermore, “to fully reach the professional potential of social media as a professional user it is important to use the paid advertising…

Importance And Scope Of Social Media

The social media ad network has become very part of human life than ever before in recent times. The complex structures that emerge from social webs relationships can now be studied with computer programs and graphical maps that leverage the science of social network analysis to capture the shape and key locations within a landscape of ties and links. Thus the far range development and influence of social media is incompatible now. Social media helps to keep up-to-date, to share newly acquired knowledge very effectively within the society and to advance the quality of our particular field and create a sense of responsibility. The quickness of social media generates more creativity and awareness in the society.…

The Principles Of Public Relations In Social Media

Public relations has a lot to do with this because without PR, social media would destroy companies with bad rumors and reputations would be ruined. Public relations and social media is all about trust and communication building furthermore, it’s about sharing information between two or more businesses. With more than a billion people using the internet public relations is the perfect strategy to get a brand across. Most often than not, Public relations is response for maintaining an image, protecting a sale, or improving upon…

Social Media Phenomenon Analysis

Introduction Social media is an interesting phenomenon because it involves different communication methods carried out on different platforms through different devices, apart from the traditional seller-customer relationship concept there is a customer based approach. In particular the relationship between businesses, customers and the two is different, organizations can reach customers much easily and send their message faster and cheaper. From an organizational perspective, social media provides an opportunity to communicate with customers through a platform that is privatized to businesses; advertising and promotions to customers through social media offers the advantage of reaching businesses directly in an environment where they can feel…

Benefits Of Emoticons In Business Communication

This modified way of communicating with people shows the users’ feelings and emotions that are not apparent with just text alone. When reviewing the affordances of some social media outlets, people must learn how to adapt with the limitations of characters in mind to get their message across effectively. Ultimately, the use of emoticons on social media is a good indicator of social status. Individuals who often use emoticons tend to be more popular or influential (Tchokny, 2014). Learning how to be more influential online is a great strategy for individuals as well businesses.…

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The Impact Of Twitter As A Social Medium On Reputation Management For Organizations

Social media 's impact on global business.

The paper will began by an overview of the social media sector accompanied by its impact on human behaviour. I will then talk a bit about the modern marketing strategies which companies are using through social media. Later on I will describe the Statistics that Show Social Media is the Future of Customer Service. Finally the essay will conclude with my opinion about the impact of social media on today’s business world and human life.

GBA 490 Written Case 1

The third issue for Trader Joe’s is their lack of social media presence. Trader Joe’s from their beginning has used a customer newsletter and occasional radio ads in order to promote their brand, and these advertising methods have not changed with the introduction and prevalence of social media. Many brands nowadays are seeking to gain a competitive advantage over the

Social Media Annotated Bibliography

Barker, M.S., Barker, D.I., Bormann, N.F., & Neher, K.E. (2013). Social media marketing: A strategic

The Nonmarket Environment of McDonald’s

McDonald’s can use the power of social media to interact with its consumers to understand their grievances. Perhaps the negative publicity that the company has received is due to lack of proper interaction with the customers (Selcke, 2012). Through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the company can enlighten the public on the quantity of calories that is present in every food item. Millions of McDonald’s customers can be reached via Facebook and Twitter. The company should use its Facebook pages to apologize for any bad decisions, set the record straight, and even seek advice from its consumers to enhance positive publicity (Selcke, 2012).

Analytics of Wegmans’ Social Media Influence and Use of Twitter

Social media has become an essential channel for corporations to build a two-way relationship with their customers. However, having a social media account cannot solve everything. To make the best use of social media in keeping a positive relationship with their customers, corporations ought to seek and maintain influence among their followers in social media, and participate in communications with them.

Whole Foods Social Media Analysis

It is interesting how social media today is influencing the marketing role of many companies and how it’s playing a big role in their success. The more the company advertises on social media, the

Social Media In Health And Social Care

Social media can seem to many as a necessity and the countless internet based tools enhanced the sharing of information making it possible to post a reaction anywhere, anytime and even on anything impact the brand or the image of the organization. This made organizations focus more on social media content proactively and while handling the social media channels governance is important and special care needs to be taken to safeguard an organization reputation.

Social Media: Social networks like all the online matter such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are so important that relevant companies should not defer their efforts to create the public image and enhance their both market and products’ effectiveness”

Social Medi Papa John's Pizza Crisis

Things that get posted on social media can spread extremely fast. Within a couple days or even a couple hours a post can go viral. When a post goes viral millions and millions of people can see it and the content it contains. This can have a severe negative impact on local, national, or even global businesses. “One example is the Papa John’s Pizza Crisis in 2012 that started with a single message on Twitter from a Korean-American customer in New York, who was furious to find a note ‘lady chinky eyes’ written on her receipt by a cashier” (Kim, et. all 1). With this post going viral and being seen by many the people on twitter will immediately relate it to the business. Therefore the business gets a bad reputation for a single individual’s bad

The Impact Of Social Media On Business Essay

The purpose of this report is to show that even though some state that Social Media has fallen short of their expectations, it is actually good for business, given that it enhances the visibility of their brand and helps businesses stay connected to potential customers.

The Relationship Between Social Media and Public Relations

Social media provide benefit and good effort to PR practitioner, journalist and organization in many circumstances, the researcher want to investigate the negative outcome from the social media, and how the social media impact the organization to damage rather than build a relationship with their publics.

Social Media 's Impact On Business Essay

In the business environment or the workplace, social media continues to impact on business performance as well as organizational capabilities. On the other hand, it is

Social Media Essay

Social media is capable of connecting a brand with its consumers and discover how they are being perceived, it also has the power to change perceptions and identify the key people within the business network. The unique feature of social media is that it can provide corporations and businesses solutions developed through operating with consumers and stakeholders. Basically, social media serves as a visible connection to one’s corporation and its stakeholders, consumers, suppliers, etc, who each have a defined role within the system to filter and regulate information. As mentioned earlier, the influence of social media is spreading in a proliferative pace that has resulted to an essential transformation in society, technology and business customs.

Essay on Twitter Strength of Weak Ties

Drawing on academic literature and the attributes discussed above, I believe that Twitter has the potential to greatly influence two key functions of global organisations – Marketing and Finance.

The Effects of Social Media on Traditional Marketing and Advertising

Social media is not new. Facebook has been around since 2004, YouTube since 2005, and Twitter in 2006. What is new is how social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are affecting the way businesses market their products and services. Never before in our history have consumers been able to communicate so effortlessly with each other and with the businesses they frequent. Never before have businesses been able to interact and react to customer feedback so quickly and efficiently. However, just because businesses have the ability to use social media for their marketing and advertising efforts, does not necessarily mean they should. This paper intends to

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