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100 best marketing research topics for all.

marketing research topics

Because of the many aspects of marketing, choosing marketing topics to write about may put one in a dicey situation. This article provides some hot topics in marketing that will help you select an area of focus and select relevant topics from that niche. From marketing research topics for college students to social issues in marketing, we have got you covered! So sit down and relax as we take you through the list of marketing research topics our professional writers prepared just for you!

Marketing Thesis Topics

Are you in need of well-thought-out marketing thesis topics and marketing dissertation topics? Then you’re in the right place! This list of marketing paper topics presented will give you a distinct thesis/dissertation.

Current Marketing Issues

There are numerous marketing issues around the world today. These global marketing issues threaten the survival of many businesses and the economy at large. Here is a list of current marketing issues!

Marketing Research Topics

Getting marketing topics for research has been made considerably more comfortable with this list of marketing research paper topics. Ready to explore the marketing research topics we have, let’s delve right in!

Digital Marketing Blog Topics

Digital marketing remains a very important aspect of marketing in the world today. Here are some very juicy digital marketing topics you can write a great blog on!

Marketing Essay Topics

Content Marketing Topics

Strategic Marketing Problems

There are many marketing problems in companies and businesses that threaten to cripple the advancement of the industry. Here is a list of some marketing problems you may be willing to proffer solutions to.

Marketing Blog Topics

Controversial Marketing Topics

Sport Marketing Research Topics

Sports marketing continues to remain a significant source of revenue. Hence, research in this area will continue to stay relevant. Here are some sport marketing topics you could consider working on.

Marketing Presentation Topics

International Marketing Topics

Marketing connects the global world, and this is why it is essential to marketing development. Here are some international marketing topics to consider!

Marketing Plan Topics

Ethical Issues In Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Topics

Congratulations! We hope you have been able to guide you in choosing your desired topic in marketing successfully. Alo, you can check out our business topics . We wish you the best in your research!

Analytical Report Topics

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research topics in marketing for bba

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Non-Trivial Marketing Research Paper Topics for Your Next Essay

Updated 10 Nov 2022

Marketing is a very broad field. Today, it even encompasses the field of digital marketing and all of its sub-branches such as content and social media one. You can easily find yourself in a tough spot, unable to choose marketing research paper topics to write your paper about and that's when important to remember about the precise work our research paper writing service can provide.

Research papers deal with specific fields of marketing, strategies, case studies, and unique situations. As a student, you can leverage your research paper assignment to showcase your ability to think independently, find and use relevant sources of information, and analyze data.

Choosing the right marketing research topics can help you succeed in all these tasks. Below, you will find a list of over 100 powerful topics carefully selected by our professional team.

How to Choose a Relevant Topic for Your Research

Before you start combing through our list, you should learn how to choose the right topic on Marketing. Below are some useful tips for you to consider:

List of Marketing Research Paper Topics

If you are looking for some general, non-specific research topic, the following 50 topic ideas can prove valuable to you.

Essay Examples Relevant to Marketing Research

Digital Marketing Topics for Research Papers

If you have to write a research paper on digital marketing, the following ideas will help guide you in the right direction.

Essay Examples Relevant to Digital Marketing

Content Marketing Topic Ideas

Thirty years ago Bill Gates said, “Content is king”. It still is. If this sounds interesting to research, here are some topics you can use for your inspiration.

Essay Examples Relevant to Content Marketing

Strategic Marketing Problems

If you have a mindset of a strategist, the following paper topics that address strategic problems will be interesting to you.

Essay Examples Relevant to Strategic Marketing

Social Media Marketing Research Paper Topics

With billions of people using social media platforms daily, social media provides excellent marketing opportunities. Here are some topic ideas dedicated to social media.

Save your time with free essay samples on Social Media Marketing

Consumer behavior research topics.

If you’re interested in consumer behavior and the purchasing decision-making process, you’ll find the following topics interesting.

Essay Examples Relevant to Consumer Behavior

Choosing the right topic for your research is not always as easy as it may seem. These 100 marketing research topics are here to make the entire process easier for you. Don’t forget to acknowledge your research paper requirements when you are choosing the topic. Picking a well-researched topic that you are personally interested in is the best thing to do. If it is impossible to complete your assignment before the deadline, EduBirdie’s professional writers are here to help you out.

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Thanks for your feedback, related blog posts, 100 psychology research topics and guidelines how to use them.

Due to its focus on human behavior and mind from various perspectives, psychology is an incredibly interesting field which can bring immense satisf...

50 Relevant Entrepreneurship Research Paper Topics

Generally speaking, working on research on entrepreneurship might be pretty engaging. Every stage of completing a paper on a topic from this catego...

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research topics in marketing for bba

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Original Business Research Topics for Academic Success

Updated Aug 2021 ​Business research papers are vital for aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs pursuing a business degree. They can help you better understand basic economic principles, various markets, financial management, operational logistics, worldwide events and their effects on the global economy, and more.

However, writing a business research paper can be a cumbersome process, as there’s a whole universe of business fields and topics. There are so many different business operations in various areas, such as finance, communications, administration, and IT, that picking a single topic may seem challenging.

business research paper topics

Leave your worries behind, because here you’ll find an extensive list of top business research topics for your next writing assignment. They’re sure to inspire you to develop a unique and exciting topic, but you can also use many of them as your main headline. Some of them may seem a bit general, but you can narrow them down further.

What Are Some Good Business Research Topics?

When it comes to business, every topic is important. There’s not a single subject or topic that doesn’t carry great significance for proper business management.

Still, certain topics may be more interesting to read and learn about, which is one of the essential factors for getting a high grade. You want to wow your professor and showcase your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

So, what can you write about? It comes down to your expertise, interests, and preferences, but here are some ideas that present the most opportunities for business research.

Anything pertaining to the global economy is always a hot business research topic. It allows you to include international research and address many different organizations, from startups, small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises and conglomerates.

Other exciting topics are political science research topics , including international relations, public policy, comparative politics, public administration, government research, and much more.

Social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, sustainable development, resources management, and technology and innovation management are other notable topics you could use for your business research paper. They’re some of the hottest and most in-demand areas of business research these days.

How to Find Business Research Topics?

Finding a good business research topic takes time and effort since there are so many areas to choose from. Following these tips will expedite the process and help you make the right choice:

Interesting Business Topics for Research Paper

We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting ideas you could cover in your research paper. Before choosing a topic, read your assignment to make sure you properly understand the requirements, then select from our examples a topic that is directly related to your studies.

Business Research Topics for College Students

For college students faced with business research papers to write, these are our best ideas for topics.

Business Research Topics for MBA Students

As a successful MBA student, you need to impress your professors with your knowledge. Choose a topic from below, and you will accomplish this easily.

Economics Research Topics

research topics in marketing for bba

For undergraduates in any economic field, writing college papers is difficult. To help out students like you who want to buy research paper online , we worked on this list of ideas good for a proper research assignment.

International Economics Paper Topics

When it comes to international economics, you can write about almost anything. For a compelling research paper, you can refer to one of the following trends.

Econometrics Research Topics for Undergraduates

Econometrics involves math, measurements, and statistics, but that does not mean it has to be boring. These topics below use econometrics to refer to important real-life issues.

Business Management and Administration Research Topics

research topics in marketing for bba

Are management or administration your business specialties? If you are going to write a paper to cover these areas of research, you can take your inspiration from our list of topics.

Strategic Management Topics for Research

To find a focused, narrow topic for your paper on strategic management, look at our well-researched examples.

Project Management Research Topics

Project management relies on human psychology, productivity rules, and other interesting aspects. You can surely find a passionate topic to delve deeper into our list of ideas.

Finance Research Topics

This is our list of finance research topics for excellent papers on financial concepts.

Marketing Research Topics

For marketing students looking to learn how to analyze a market, we prepared a list of ideas for writing engaging college papers.

International Business Topics

Create an original research paper on an international business starting from one of these excellent topics.

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

Business ethics is a challenging but rewarding study field to cover in your research paper because it allows you to ask some important questions about morality and responsibility.

Business Law Topics for Research Paper

To find topics that can motivate and inspire you, we put together a list of the most interesting research directions in business law today.

Managerial Economics Topics for Paper

Learn all the intricacies of managerial economics by exploring this list of intriguing topics of research.

Organizational Behavior Topics For Research Paper

Who can write a research paper for me ? If your subject is organizational behavior, check our list to find a topic, and professional service can help you write the paper.

Business Communication Topics

Business communication is one of the most important processes handling sharing information, whether it has to do with employees, customers, or other people outside a company. That’s why business communication ideas are some of the most interesting to tackle.

Argumentative Business Topics

When writing an argumentative business research paper, you have an opportunity to address a topic from a unique standpoint and present your own opinion on the matter. You need to make a strong argument and present hard evidence to support your claims.

That’s one of the most exciting ways to write a research paper, especially when it’s about something you’re passionate about (as it should be). Here are some of the best argumentative business topics to choose from.

We hope that our list of business research topics has helped you find inspiration for your paper so that you can get down to business right away. If you need any research, writing, editing, or formatting assistance, we’re available 24/7 for all your needs.

Here at StudyClerk, we have a brilliant team of qualified and experienced writers who can help you write a well-researched, organized, unique, and compelling paper. You have the freedom to choose a writer and request unlimited revisions to ensure you get superior content. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Contact us today to place your order and get an original, 100% plagiarism-free business research paper!

Order your paper now!

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research topics in marketing for bba

How to Build Your Business Identity on a Tight Budget


71+ Research Paper Topics & Ideas for Marketing Students  

research topics in marketing for bba

As a marketing student, you probably have access to a plethora of resources such as your college library and of course, the internet, to come up with great research paper topics.

However, the thought of writing your research paper can be daunting, especially if you’re still brainstorming and don’t know what to write about.

Just like any other piece of writing, start by keeping your audience in mind. Then, make a list of research paper topics that are more relevant to your interests, or a new under-developed field (for example; augmented reality, or people sentiments towards Artificial Intelligence), or a unique research topic that intrigues your audience.

But if you’re still struggling to pin down one out of the many research paper topics for your program, we’ll suggest a number of them for you to either choose from; or for you to take inspiration from and come up with your own.

Table of Contents

How to Choose the Best Research Paper Topics

Before we dive into the details, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the basics. For starters, pick up a pen and paper and brainstorm different topics that you’d like to write about.

While personal interest is definitely important, we also suggest you opt for a topic that will intrigue your readers.  Here are a couple of factors you ought to keep in mind while selecting a topic:

Keeping your personal interest in mind

You probably won’t be able to write a stellar research paper if you’re not interested in the topic. Sit down with your peers and advisors to discuss possible ideas. It will be easier for you to discuss different themes once you’ve written down all your ideas in one place. If you’ve decided on a specific keyword for instance “consumer behaviour”, you can look for similar research papers on the internet.

A research paper isn’t a descriptive essay which you can drag aimlessly. Your research paper needs to be based on factual data and that’s only possible if you’ve conducted thorough research. While jotting down points for your first draft, ensure your statements are supported with references or examples citing credible academicals and research work.

Don’t leave it till the last day

A lot of students tend to undermine the writing process and leave for the last few days. Bear in mind that you can’t possibly write your entire research paper overnight. In order to succeed, you’ll have to devote sufficient amount of time to research.

Also, be prepared to schedule meetings with your advisor on a regular basis as you’re bound to require help along the way. At this point, make sure you only rely on credible sources that will support your dissertation.

Examples & List of Research Paper Topics

If you’re still unable to decide a topic of your interest, here is a list of 70 unique marketing research topics that you can use as marketing project topics for your MBA, or any other marketing course:

More Categories of Research Topics

Still in need of some inspiration? Here are a few research paper areas that you can explore:

Hopefully, these marketing thesis topics will help you come up with a few topics of your own. If you’re still confused about which area, you’d like to work with, we suggest you consult your advisor for some additional help. Good luck!

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Explanation of Group Polarization with Real Life Examples

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Difference between Marketing and Advertising

Difference between Marketing and Advertising: What’s confusing?

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Business Research Topics For Students

business research topics

When pursuing business programs in colleges and universities, students are required to write papers on business research topics. The major challenge for most students is choosing topics for their papers. A vast majority of them are stuck in this step because they fear choosing a topic that is not interesting or too broad and end up with poor grades.

Nevertheless, many inspirations in the contemporary can guide you when choosing business topics for a research paper. Whether you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or preparing for your Ph.D. defense, there are many topics that you can write about. You just need to choose a topic that you will be interested in researching and writing a paper about.

How to Find Business Research Topics

Best business research paper topics, examples of business-related research topics, business management research topics, business law topics for research paper, international business research paper, business administration topics, argumentative business topics, business communication topics for presentation, business persuasive and informative speech topics, business debate topics, qualitative research titles about business for your dissertation, mba research paper topics, entrepreneurial research topics, business intelligence topics, the most asked business research paper questions, where to get help with business research topics.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a topic for a research paper about business. They include the following:

If you have complete freedom to choose your topic, start with a little research. For instance, you can read news websites, analyze successful companies and corporations, or track problems that other people write about. If you still don’t find a topic after doing this, consider the examples of business research topics provided here.

Your choice of the best topic for your business paper should depend on the field you are interested in. Additionally, your topic should be engaging and related to your study program. It should also enable you to conduct extensive research and come up with facts to back up your argument. What’s more, the best business topics for research papers grab the readers’ attention.

This explains why many students get nervous or struggle when required to choose topics for their business papers. Nevertheless, students cover many topics and subjects during their studies. What you learn in class can, therefore, be your inspiration when choosing topics for business research papers. But, if you find it hard to come up with a topic for your research paper, the internet has many samples that you can consider.

Though there are many sample topics to consider when writing a business research paper, your choice should depend on your study level, the field of interest, and assignment requirements. Here are different categories of business research topics for college students and their examples.

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

Business ethics is a study field that gives students the freedom to choose from different topics. For instance, a student can choose a topic in this field around duties, morality, integrity, and business behavior. The increasing business ethics issues widen the range of the topics students can choose from in this category. What’s more, business ethics cover ethical conflicts between individuals and groups of employers, employees, customers, and the surrounding. Here are examples of topics for research papers in this category.

The fact that people engage in different businesses creates a chance to research common topics like workplace honesty and general topics like environmental protection.

When writing a business management research paper, it’s important to come up with a researchable and interesting question. This can be a challenging task because there are many facets and resources in the business management field. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to find a focused, narrow question that forms the topic of a research paper. Here are examples of topics for business management research papers.

Business management research paper topics should not be too narrow or too broad. Nevertheless, there are many topics on enterprise, trade, commerce, and other subjects that you can explore because they all require extensive research.

A business law topic is not easy to find. That’s because your topic should attract the attention of your reader and relate to the broad field of business law. As such, you should narrow down your topic to something more focused. Here are examples of topics for business law papers.

Though there are many business law research topics , it’s important to choose a topic that you are personally interested in to make writing your paper an interesting task.

International topics allow students to explore global business subjects. These topics can be more complex though lucrative. It’s not surprising that this category comprises mostly of business research topics for MBA students. Here are examples of international topics for research papers.

International topics for research papers should be current. They can’t be too general or too narrow. If your topic is too general or too narrow, you will be writing a paper that won’t delve deep or say much. This won’t earn you the grade you desire.

Topics on business administration give students a chance to explore something innovative. However, choosing a topic in this category can frustrating because there are many options available. Here are examples of business administration topics.

When writing a business administration research paper, it’s important to choose an effective topic that you can research and present properly. It’s also important to consider the field you are interested in and the goal of writing your paper. An ideal business administration topic is one that you are interested to learn more about.

Argumentative business papers use the existing, published materials and literature. So, when choosing business research proposal topics in this category, students should explore the existing information first. This will enable them to use the existing data when presenting their understanding of the topics argumentatively. The major challenge is to choose a topic that relates to your field of business study. Here are examples of argumentative business topics.

Before you decide to write a paper on an argumentative business topic, it’s important to establish your position. Make sure that you have evidence or you can find facts to support your position. Your idea should be put on a pedestal when making your argument.

Business communication is solely the act of sharing and distributing information between people within and outdoors a corporation and how the staff and management communicate to assist out organizational problems. The best researchable business communication topics for presentation include:

You would have to note that these are two different things; informative speeches support educating and training. In persuasive speeches, you’re imploring that they participate in something or buy something. Some business persuasive and informative speech topics include:

Debate may be a valuable way of communicating and also persuading people. Interesting business debate topics for you include:

Qualitative business research has to do with the creative and investigative analysis of intangible and inexact data. Here are some qualitative research titles about business for your dissertation.

MBA is a prestigious postgraduate qualification outlining key business practices and is valued by top employers. Great MBA research paper topics include:

This develops methods and tools for founders, which are given to start-up companies. To go in-depth, here are some entrepreneurial research topics:

Business intelligence ensures business owners and employees are at the top of their game at all times. Business intelligence topics worthy of consideration include:

A great business research paper requires a relevant subject and one that may distinguish it from other papers. Frequently asked business research paper questions include:

Topics for business papers fall into different categories. The choice of your topic should reflect your subject area or study field. But, above all, your topic should capture the readers’ attention from the moment they come across it. It should also be straightforward, original, and specific. That means you should understand your study field well to select a good topic. Therefore, conduct some research before you choose a topic for your business thesis or research paper. Besides, providing good topics for you, we can also help you with your business research paper topics.

Are you stuck with writing your thesis? Just enter promo “ mythesis ” – that’s all you need to get a 20% discount for any business writing assignment you might possibly have!

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Blog / What are project topics in business administration?

What are project topics in business administration.

research topics in marketing for bba

What are project topics in business administration?  The field of Business Administration is vast. The changes in the market and constant advancement in processes and technology have easily captured the attention of researchers around the world. If you are pursuing a degree in business administration and want relevant and credible business administration research topics or business administration dissertation topics.

In addition, we can help you in preparing your undergrad and master’s dissertations. Also, contact us for:

Best Business administration Research Topics for your dissertation or research papers

Here is a well-crafted list of dissertation topics on business administration for your help. Pick business administration research topics of your choice from the below list and start writing your dissertation.

The above list of Business administration research topics is created by our expert writer for business administration students. If you are still looking for research topics in business administration get our custom topic consultancy service by filling out the form below.

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Dissertation Topic Brief

You will get the topics first as per the given requirements, and then the brief which includes:

Note: After submiting your order please must check your email [inbox/spam] folders for order confirmation and login details.If email goes in spam please mark not as spam to avoid any communication gap between us.

By placing an order with us, you can get;

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Marketing Research BBA 4th Sem All Units Notes

Uploaded by, document information, description:, original title, available formats, share this document, share or embed document, sharing options.

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research topics in marketing for bba


Tags: marketing project topics for bba

Marketing project topics and materials pdf free download (2023).

Marketing Project Topics and Materials PDF Free Download [2020]

Marketing Project Topics PDF With Case Study (HND,BSC,MSC)

Marketing Project Topics PDF With Case Study (HND,BSC,MSC), Applied Science Project Topics

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Marketing Research Notes, PDF, Syllabus I MBA, BBA, BCOM 2023

Download Marketing Research Notes , PDF, Books, Syllabus for MBA, BBA, BCOM 2023. We provide a complete marketing research pdf. Marketing Research study material includes marketing research notes, book, courses, case study, syllabus, question paper, MCQ, questions and answers and available in marketing research pdf form.

Marketing Research subject is included in MBA so students are able to download marketing research notes for MBA, BBA, BCOM 2nd year and marketing research notes for MBA, BBA, BCOM 4th semester.

Table of Content

Marketing Research Notes can be downloaded in marketing research pdf from the below article.

Marketing Research Syllabus

A detailed marketing research syllabus as prescribed by various Universities and colleges in India are as under. You can download the syllabus in marketing research pdf form.

Introduction to marketing Research – marketing research as a tool of Management – relevance of marketing research in the Indian Context.

Basic concepts – Scientific method – Types of Research – basic method of collection data – Secondary Data – The Marketing research process – planning the research project.

The data collection forms – attitude measurement.

Introduction to sampling – applications of sampling methods of marketing problems.

UNIT V Data collection and the field force – tabulation of collected data – analysis techniques – research report presentations.

Marketing Research Notes PDF

Marketing research notes.

Market research is defined as the process of evaluating the feasibility of a new product or service, through research conducted directly with potential consumers. This method allows organizations or businesses to discover their target market, collect and document opinions and make informed decisions.

research topics in marketing for bba

Marketing Research Questions and Answers

If you have already studied the marketing research notes, then it’s time to move ahead and go through previous year marketing research question papers.

Marketing Research Question Paper

If you have already studied the marketing research notes, then it’s time to move ahead and go through previous year marketing research question paper.

It will help you to understand the question paper pattern and type of marketing research question and answer asked in MBA 2nd year marketing research exam. You can download the syllabus in marketing research pdf form.

Marketing Research Books

Below is the list of marketing research books recommended by the top university in India.

In the above article, a student can download marketing research notes for MBA, BBA, BCOM 2nd year and marketing research notes for MBA, BBA, BCOM 4th semester. Marketing Research study material includes marketing research notes, marketing research books, marketing research syllabus, marketing research question paper, marketing research case study, marketing research questions and answers, marketing research courses in marketing research pdf form.

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Did we miss something in MBA Study Material or You want something More? Come on! Tell us what you think about our post on Marketing Research Notes | PDF, Book, Syllabus | MBA 2023 in the comments section and Share this post with your friends.


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research topics in marketing for bba


Writing & creativity.

research topics in marketing for bba


Best Ever 111+ Research Topics for Marketing By Experts

Research Topics for Marketing

Are you struggling to find a well-thought marketing research topic for your thesis? Finding a research topic for marketing can give hard times. Marketing students spend a lot of time doing assignments. But they also have the opportunity to utilize their time and discover their true interests. Marketing has a wide range of aspects.

Therefore it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect topic for your thesis. In such a time, this article is your savior. In this article, we brought you some research topics that are interesting and equally unique. We have tried to cover every niche in this blog which is research topics for marketing. From marketing research topics to social issues.

Below is the List of All Interesting Research Topics for Marketing for Your Thesis

Table of Contents

List of Popular Marketing Research Topics

Content Marketing Topic Ideas

Strategic Marketing Topic Ideas

Marketing Research Topics in Distribution In 2023

Digital Marketing Blog Topics In 2023

List of Best Research Topics for Marketing for You in 2023

If you are still in need of some inspiration regarding marketing research topics, then here are a few marketing research topics that you can explore:

Hopefully, this list of the best marketing research topics will help. If you’re still confused about which area you’d like to work in, below are some more topics related to the Pandemic. 

3 Pandemic Related Research Topics for Marketing (COVID-19)

Below are the top 3 pandemics related marketing research topics:

What Should a Marketing Thesis Structure Look Like?

After you find the perfect marketing research topic, you may struggle with how you should outline it on paper. Therefore, we brought you this ideal outline for your thesis that you can use or change here and there to make it more like you. 

INTRO: Foundation of the thesis


Stating the purpose.

Stating the thesis.

MAIN BODY: Argument 1: Precise explanation.   

Support evidence. 

Argument 2: Precise explanation.   


Argument 3: Precise explanation.   


Restate the argument. and summarize everything 

Slightly conclude everything.

Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Best Research Topics for Marketing

Firstly, you’ll have to be familiar with the basics before we even deep dive into the details. If you want to start, pick up a pen and paper and then write about different topics that you’d like to write about. 

Here are some of the factors that you want to keep in mind while selecting research topics for marketing:

Try To Keeping Your Personal Interest In Mind

You won’t be able to write a research paper if you are not interested in the topic. Sit down and relax. Try to think about topics in which you’re interested.

It will be a lot easier for you to discuss different themes once you’ve written down all your ideas in one place. 

Don’t Leave It In The Middle

More than 50% of the students start the writing process, but they are not able to complete it and leave it in the middle. Just keep in mind that you’re not able to write an entire research paper overnight.

In order to succeed, you’ll have to give a sufficient amount of time to research.

If you want some help, get some advice from your advisor daily.

A research paper is not something into which you can drag something aimlessly. On the other hand, your research paper needs to be based on actual data, which is only possible if you conduct thorough research. 

While writing a note for your research, make sure your statements are supported with references or examples. Above all three tips that you have to keep in mind while selecting research topics for marketing.

All of these are unique research topics for marketing students. And they are perfect for college students to write their marketing thesis because the internet has plenty of information on each one of them. Make sure to read enough about the selected topic before starting to write. And also make an outline of the thesis at the start, so that you have a reason to get going with the thesis.

Once finished, make sure to ask for feedback from your instructor. And cross-check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and any sort of mistake. if you need an assignment of marketing , then contact our marketing assignment writer .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. how to select the best research topic for a marketing thesis.

Whatever topic you decide to go with. Just make sure that you’re interested in it. Because being interested in what you write makes the whole process go a lot smoother and easy. Sit back and think of the possible ideas that excite you and you can write about them. And write down a bunch of ideas before you select the main one. Because it is good to select from a long list rather than just going with the first topic that came into your mind. This might take time. But that is what this article is for, above 45 different topics on different aspects of marketing are given. You can go through it, we’re sure there will be one that might interest you.

Q2. How to make your marketing thesis sound more realistic?

A marketing thesis is totally different from one that is an essay. So you can not aimlessly ramble on it. You need to add facts to it to support your main argument. And also make sure that your facts are very well supported by examples and references. That can only be done when you have thoroughly searched through the subject. The Internet has an abundance of information on the topics discussed above. Make sure to acknowledge enough information before starting the thesis.

Q3. What are the different types of Research Papers?

Here we listed the top 7 different types of research papers:

1. Report Paper 2. Survey Research Paper 3. Cause and Effect Research Paper 4. Experimental Research Paper 5. Analytical Research Paper 6. Argumentative Research Paper 7. Problem-Solution Research Paper

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10 Best Digital Marketing Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners / Students [2023]

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Meet Sriram, an SEO executive and blog content marketing whiz. He has a knack for crafting compelling content that not only engages readers but also boosts website traffic and conversions.…

Table of Contents

In this article, you will learn about the 10 best digital marketing project ideas & topics for beginners.

Read more to know each in detail.

Digital Marketing Project Ideas

Digital marketing is all about delivering advertising over an electronic medium such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. As you start working on digital marketing project ideas, you will not only be able to test your strengths and weaknesses, but you will also gain exposure that can be immensely helpful to boost your career. In this tutorial, you will find 10 best digital marketing project ideas for beginners to get hands-on experience in digital marketing.

While study materials will give you all the knowledge you need to know about digital marketing, you can never really master digital marketing unless you invest your time in real-life practical experiments – projects on digital marketing .

Feeling social media is fun? Know how to make a career out of social media? Learn more

If you want to get into digital marketing, certifications can kickstart your career. Read more on how can digital marketing certifications can help your career. 

research topics in marketing for bba

Digital marketing is the most rewarding career opportunity today. There are several courses by reputed institutes, and most of them will require you to complete a project on digital marketing. Below are some ideas for the same. 

The following article will contain some of the best digital marketing projects for students pdf , as well as some digital marketing topics for BBA pdf. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Project Ideas for Beginners

This list of  digital marketing project ideas for students is suited for beginners, and those just starting out with Digital Marketing in general. These digital marketing project ideas will get you going with all the practicalities you need to succeed in your career as a digital marketing professional.

Further, if you’re looking for  Digital Marketing Project Ideas to land on a good job , this list should get you going. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into some  digital marketing project ideas that will strengthen your base and allow you to climb up the ladder.

1) Customer Satisfaction for a Digital Marketing Agency

One of the best ideas to start experimenting your hands on digital marketing projects for students is Customer Satisfaction for a Digital Marketing Agency. Online marketing agencies might use different digital marketing strategies to drive sales. Customers usually are more satisfied when they get instant gratification for their money spent. Digital marketing is so vast that some strategies work best in the long term, so best in the short term, some works best with specific industries, etc. Doing a customer satisfaction survey for a digital marketing agency helps you understand the most accepted strategies in digital marketing.

Learn more: Digital Marketing Tutorial: A Step-by-Step Guide To Become an Expert

2) Return on Investment for Various Digital Marketing Strategies

As part of this project idea, you can contact different companies and understand the budget they spend on digital marketing and analyse the return that they are expecting. Few metrics you can collect are Future Value, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return. Adding this as your digital marketing projects  can help your resume look much more interesting than others.

3) Google Search Engine Marketing Case Study Analysis

Search engine marketing is the use of search engine optimization (SEO) technique to rank the client’s website first on google search for the target keyword. This drives organic search traffic into the client’s site, some of which will ultimately convert to a sale. You can run a campaign to analyze different SEO strategies and compare them with other digital marketing strategies. 

4) Analysis of New Product Launch Using Google Double Click

DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) is an integrated advertising platform allowing businesses to create and manage digital marketing campaigns across multiple online media channels. Thus Google DoubleClick gives a holistic platform, especially for new product launches to create the initial hype across the entire internet.

Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

5) social media strategies for online shopping cart.

So, why not use your skills to develop an impressive digital marketing project based on social media?

Today’s advanced digital marketing strategies revolve around remarketing and retargeting. Remarketing is a way to connect with the users who previously interacted with your website. Consider a situation in which a user came to your website, added his favourite products to cart but didn’t checkout.

Remarketing allows you to retarget him with the ads of products that he has in his cart. Targeted remarketing gives the user a very tempting second thought making the chances of conversion much higher. Google Ads Remarketing and Facebook pixel are the best known remarketing platform which you can use as case studies for your project.

6) Analytical Comparison of Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing

There are lots of differences between conventional marketing strategies and digital marketing and the returns that you make. Few items you can analyse are total marketing expense, ability to measure ROI, ability to receive feedback, conversion ratio, interaction with the audience.

Digital Marketing Free courses to Learn

7) facebook analytics for targeted marketing.

Facebook Analytics was rolled out in May 2018, and not many businesses have started using it yet. It helps advertisers understand the entire journey of a targeted user across all facebook channels like desktop, mobile app, messenger facebook lite etc. Analytics is a powerful addition to Facebook Ads Manager that helps to analyse Ad viewers at a complete granular level.

8) Customer Preferences on Coupon Code Based Promotional Activities

Coupon code is a sophisticated digital marketing tool helping to drive sales, improve customer loyalty and build the brand. Coupons usage data has become vital information for various AI-based e-commerce algorithms to predict customer behaviour.

Thus coupons offer a 360-degree marketing strategy. As part of the project, you can collect data from different companies on how and when they supply coupons, the ROI when it comes to discounted prices, how they use the coupons data etc. 

9) Report on Tools to Analyze Digital Marketing Competitors

The easiest way to design your marketing strategy is to analyze your competitors, emulate them and outperform them. There are different tools for different digital marketing platforms to analyze the respective competition. For example, SpyFu, SimilarWeb, SEMrush are for SEO competitor analysis and InfiniGraph, SroutSocial, Phlanx are for social media platforms. 

In-demand Digital Marketing Skills

10) analysis of visual keyword tools for search engine marketing.

Countless keyword analysis tools in the market are capable of connecting to search engine APIs, get all the data related to organic searches, perform analysis and present the best combination to users. There is a rising demand for keyword research tools that present the data in a way that’s pleasant to the viewer’s eye, i.e., giving importance to the visual representation of the data.

For example, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords can be shown linked to the original keyword forming tree-like branches. Some of the popular tools are Keyword Eye, Thesaurus, Google Wonder Wheel, Google Trends, Microsoft adCenter Labs Keyword Research etc. For the project, you can make an initial list of tools, sign up for all these tools and use them to analyse their presentation styles, User experiences, data accuracy etc. 

Also read: Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Digital Marketing Topics For BBA

There are plenty of digital marketing topics for BBA pdf that are available online. The list below contains some of the trendiest digital marketing project topics for students pursuing BBA. 

The first one to make it to the list of the top digital marketing project topics includes an analysis of social media campaigns. Campaigns are one of the most followed techniques by every brand owner. It can be either paid or organic. Depending on the results, brand owners then make their future decisions that ultimately determine the profit or loss of a business. 

The second trendy topic to make it to the list of digital marketing projects is SEO studies of websites. SEO is by far one of the most important elements for a business, to make a website more visible and boost traffic and lead. Therefore, conducting an in-depth SEO study on any website of your choice can actually add that extra value to your resume. You can also prepare SEO reports accordingly, based on the websites that you have analyzed. 

This is yet another interesting topic that can be added to the digital marketing topics list . SEM, also known as Search Engine Marketing is especially beneficial for driving traffic to websites and is a key metric for most businesses. However, before working on these kinds of topics, you need to have a detailed understanding of Google AdWords and only then can you work on the different SEM strategies for the paid advertising of brands on search engines. 

Here is another interesting topic to make it to the digital marketing topics list. There has been a constant demand for tools that can generate business-relevant keywords. You can pick out any website of your choice and then work accordingly. It will not only enhance your basic knowledge of keywords, but also help you to understand the importance of the same in increasing the visibility of a brand or website, and also in increasing sales. 

Blogging can be a great way, especially if you are new to the SEO world. You can create your own blog domain on different platforms like WordPress and Medium. It will definitely be one of the best ways to ensure a hands-on experience in trying to market your blog organically so that when you later move to better clients, you will feel not only confident but also have extensive knowledge. You can perform a basic keyword search, and you will get to know what are the other keywords being searched with regard to the topic you have chosen. 

If you are still not satisfied with this list, you can also refer to other digital marketing projects for students pdf or digital marketing project topics for BBA pdf, that are available online. 

research topics in marketing for bba

Popular Digital Marketing Blogs

Final thoughts and conclusion.

Here is a comprehensive list of digital marketing project ideas . Some of these will require you to contact other businesses and collect data from them while some of these can be completed by yourself. You can also use these as a starting point to tailor them and develop your own project topics or ideas. Pick the best one that suits you and have fun exploring it. If you wish to excel in digital marketing, you must gather hands-on experience with such digital marketing projects. 

Only by working with digital marketing projects you can get to know practically how search engines work, how can we utilize the tools available in the market, how to make use of various strategies in everyday work. With the help of the project ideas we provided, build your very own digital marketing projects.

Finding the right digital marketing certification is one of the important factors that can decide your placement and salary package. Check out MICA’s PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication Program and achieve MICA alumni status. 

Are there projects for MBA Marketing Students?

Yes, you can use a lot of these projects mentioned for your MBA assignment, they are relevant from that point of view.

How easy it is to implement these projects?

These projects are very basic, someone with a good knowledge of Digital Marketing can easily manage to pick and finish any of these projects

Can I do this projects on Digital Marketing Internship?

Yes, as mentioned, these project ideas are basically for Students or Beginners. There is a high possibility that you get to work on any of these project ideas during your internship.

What are the important digital marketing projects for beginners?

Digital marketing is the most in-demand skill in today’s world. For beginners in digital marketing, projects in domains like social media, search engines, analytics, campaign launch, paid advertising, customer satisfaction study, keywords research methodology, content writing and various digital marketing tools will help you to learn various aspects of digital marketing. The selection of projects should be based on your area of interest that will help you to strengthen your knowledge base and succeed.

What are the three basic elements of digital marketing?

For any business, digital marketing has three primary purposes, lead generation, leap capturing, and lead nurturing. In the lead generation segment, activities like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing techniques are used. For lead capturing, means like websites, landing pages, forms are used. And, at last, for lead nurturing, using various marketing technologies, nurturing campaigns, and personalisation of content techniques are used.

What are the best research topics in digital marketing in 2022?

The digital marketing space is evolving and requires learning and adapting to the evolving changes to be competitive in the market. Some of the trending digital marketing research topics in 2021 include Artificial Intelligence, conversational marketing, voice search optimization, video marketing, influencer marketing, social commerce, micro-moments, social media stories, browser push notification, augmented reality and immersive technologies, predictive analytics, SERP position zero, etc. With a fast-evolving digital marketing space, the learning and the unlearning process is quite rapid for which you are required to be curious and flexible.

research topics in marketing for bba

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research topics in marketing for bba

The Classroom | Empowering Students in Their College Journey

Research Topics for a Master's Degree in Business Administration

Business Research Topics and Ideas

Business Research Topics and Ideas

The procedure of completing a master’s degree in business administration usually involves two or three years of study. The degree requirements typically include completion of the assigned coursework and submission of a research project at the end of the last year. It is important to choose a research topic that examines business administration techniques and issues related to your field of specialization. There are a few fields from which to choose when starting an MBA, including marketing, finance and human resources.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or digital marketing is an excellent research topic for those who are majoring in a marketing field. It's also referred to as e-marketing, and deals with the promotion and advertising of products or services over the Internet. A research project on this topic can encompass detailed research on modern uses of Internet marketing, e-marketing as a business, advantages and limitations of digital marketing, security concerns and its effects on different industries.

Cash Management

Cash management strategy deals with the control of cash collections and how companies oversee and invest this cash. This topic for research is perfectly suitable for students studying finance as an MBA major. You can outline your research topic around basics of cash management, cash managers, positive and negative cash flow, managing cash shortages, developing a cash management strategy for companies and why it's important.

Succession Planning and Management

Succession planning and management falls under the human resources MBA segment. Succession planning and management in companies deals with making provisions for the replacement and planned advancement of people with leadership qualities. The research project on succession planning and management can revolve around the basics upon which companies base succession strategies, or the requirements, practices and importance of succession planning.

Inventory Control Management

Inventory control management process is concerned with reducing the total cost of inventory by managing and detecting materials. You can write your research topic on inventory control management focusing on inventory control strategy developments, techniques of inventory control, main factors involved in the inventory control decision-making process and its implementation in companies. This research topic falls in the category of finance management studies as part of an MBA degree program.

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MBA Research Paper Topics

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Does an MBA Require a Thesis?

Does an MBA Require a Thesis?

Product Ideas for a Marketing Class

Product Ideas for a Marketing Class

Masters in Economics Vs. MBA

Masters in Economics Vs. MBA

High School Business Projects

High School Business Projects

How to Become an Actuary

How to Become an Actuary

Dr. Muhammad Haq has been writing for over 10 years on medicine and health issues in the "British Medical Journal" and on various websites. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in medicine and obtained membership in the Royal College of Physicians in the U.K. Dr. Haq has been teaching in the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital since.

List of Marketing Dissertation Topics for MBA

We know it is very important to select an appropriate and best title for your dissertation in Marketing. Dissertation is also termed as Project, Thesis, Internship etc in various countries. Select a best title for your MBA thesis will make your work half done. Hence here we have provided you the List of Marketing Dissertation Topics for MBA, BBA and other management course students. This Marketing research topics will give a clear idea in selecting a masters thesis marketing topic. Here you can find sample of Marketing Thesis topics for MBA students. You can find topics related to Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing, Branding, customer relations, satisfaction and many more.

List of marketing dissertation topics:

Following is the list of marketing dissertation topics which can be also be termed as marketing research topics, marketing project topics, marketing thesis topics etc.

1. “The Influence of Advertising on consumer Buying Behaviour”

2. “The Influence of Advertising on children and its impact on buying Behaviour”

3. “The Mobile Phone Industry – Delivering Value to the Student Segment of the Market – An Indian scenario”

4. “Standardization versus adaptation issues in International Marketing with special reference to FMCG ”

5. “Effecting branding practices and brand recognition”

6. “Effecting branding practices and its impact on brand recognition”

7. “Effectiveness of Marketing Communication Tools on Consumer Decision in selecting specific Credit Cards”

8. “Impact of Brand Loyalty on Customer Satisfaction”

9. “Brand Loyalty – as a tool for Customer satisfaction”

10. “The Impact of Social Media on youth towards Customer buying Decisions”

11. “Advertising as Meaningful Signs on today’s youth segment”

12. “Market analysis a best tool to design marketing strategies for new business organisation”

13. “Strategic Market Analysis of Banking companies and Marketing Activities”

14. “Impact of Marketing Communications Activities practiced by mobile companies on the Behaviour of Loyal Consumer Base”

15. “Are Marketing Methods Becoming Too Intrusive? Does to creates Privacy Issues in India”

16. “Factors Affecting Competition & Success of Smart phones in Smart Phone Industry of India”

17. “Brand Identity And Its Impact On Consumer Behaviour for top textile brands”

18. “Examination Into Youth Brand Loyalty: The ready-made Textile Industry”

19. “A Marketing Plan For A Business Operation In rental car service company”

20. “An Investigation on How Protect A Brand and sustain loyal customers in this competitive network service providers”

21. “An In-Depth study on Role Advertising Agencies- An Indian Perspective”

22. “An Investigation Into The Concept of Relationship Marketing as an effective tool for customer satisfaction”

23. “The role of Relationship Marketing in improving Brand Loyalty”

24. “An In Depth Analysis Into: Consumer Behaviour the first thing to be understood by Indian brands ”

25. “Consumer Loyalty: A study on retail market”

26. “The Effects of Advertising and Its Impact on the Consumption of soft drinks by Young People of India”

27. “Brand Extension strategies- A study on Success story of famous brands”

28. “The Growth of Internet Affects Consumer Behaviour- An Indian approach”

29. “The Extent Of Strategic Ethical Marketing And The Impact Upon The Consumer”

30. “A Study on Consumer perception And Behaviors Towards Traditional Food”

31. “The Perception of Female customers towards Traditional Male Products”

32. “A comparative study of Male and female buying behavior in retail malls.”

33. “A Comprehensive Investigation Of Supermarket Differentiation”

34. “Loyalty schemes Modern tools used for sustaining loyal customers”

35. “Does Celebrity Endorsement Influence Consumers Purchasing decisions An Intensive study”

36. “Customer perception towards post paid and prepaid plans of various service providers”

37. “To What Extent Do Cartoon Characters Influence Children And What Implications Does This have on the buying decision of parents?”

38. “The Impact of offers and discounts on Online Clothes Shopping”

39. “The Effects of Internet Marketing In The Indian Hotel Industry”

40. ” The impact of various online ticket booking sites in Indian hotel Industry”

41. “The aviation industry of India is benefiting/losing profits through various ticket booking sites A comprehensive study”

42. “Customers perception towards websites and Apps for booking of tickets/hotels/restaurants/services etc.”

43. ” Automobile Companies Use CRM To Improve Customer Loyalty – A comprehensive study”

44. “A study of Brand Management as a tool for sustaining market presence by various giant marketers in ______________ industry”

45. “A study on Critical Success Factors of Customer Relationships Management”

46. “A study on the role of Online Shopping in decline of Retail Sales”

47. “The Impact of TQM in Indian Service Industry special reference with hotel industry”

48. “Impact of CRM In Company’s Performance with special reference to service industry”

49. “A study on Online Shopping Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction with special reference to electronic goods”

50. “Does Size influence Customer expectations A study on customers expectation from large and small hotels in _____________ city”

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research topics in marketing for bba

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Business Administration Dissertation Topics


Business Management Dissertation Topics

research topics in marketing for bba


Business administration is a field of study that administers all aspects of supervising a business or an enterprise. It involves the operational management of a particular business for marketing or finance. Also, business administration is among the most professional fields, which plays a pivotal role in the growth of any business. Research in business administration provides an in-depth analysis of how the administration works for business development. Thus, students must look for new and meaningful business administration dissertation topics for quality dissertations.

To have a clear understanding, you must visit the complete dissertation examples listed below;

For the ease of business administration students looking for up-to-date research topics in business administration, veteran writers at Premier Dissertations have prepared an extensive list of the new 43+ MBA dissertation topics and examples for 2023 .

If you would like to choose any topic from the given list, simply drop us a  WhatsApp Message  or an  Email , and we will be readily available for your assistance.

You may also like to review the following ;

Get a Dissertation Proposal – Get Going!

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List of MBA Dissertation Topics (Most Recent Examples)

Business administration dissertation topics and examples, dissertation topics for mba, dissertation topics in business administration, list of business dissertation topics 2023.

Also Review: 50+ New Business Management Dissertation Topics

How Does Our Dissertation Services Work?

A step-by-step process;

1 - Select a Dissertation Topic 2 - Draft Dissertation Proposal 3 - Draft 1st-half Dissertation (Ch 1 to 3) 4 - Draft Final Dissertation (full paper is completed)

How does it work?

The Importance of Finding a Good Business  Administration and MBA  Dissertation Topic

Students that have decided to pursue a degree in business administration will be equipped with skills and knowledge relevant to governance, financial services, and human resources management to name a few.

However, the dissertation phase of their studies is the prerequisite for attaining a degree and honorary titles.

Therefore it is very important to get a good title for your business administration dissertation, whether it is an MBA dissertation topic for Masters or an MBA dissertation topic for undergraduate students.

This is both an exciting and stressful part of student life.

As an MBA student or a doctor of business administration, you should be able to portray your unique position in a relevant research field.

This includes using cutting-edge scientific research techniques to explore issues that have plagued markets or raising meaningful questions about the efficiency of organisations.

Business administration differs greatly from others fields of study but it does incorporate a broad spectrum of its principles. Therefore our writers have carefully drafted topics which include;

As a student looking to write a business administration dissertation, you should be able to bring practical and academic knowledge together in pursuit of an imperative and relevant issue.

Therefore, the primary building block of your success relies on creating a near-perfect dissertation topic in the field of business administration.

If you are looking for thesis topics for a master's in business administration or research proposal topics in business administration, you will need to carefully review the options you have before proceeding with your dissertation.

Most students start confused about what exactly to write when it comes to creating a topic.

Therefore our expert writers have composed a list of dissertation topics for the MBA that can guide you when trying to develop your own. The list further includes research interests;

You are invited to review and use the listed MBA dissertation topics examples and use them as your MBA dissertation proposal topics.

You may also like to reviw;

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- Safe and Confidential Process - Free custom topics to choose from - Any deadline - Unlimited free amendments - Free anti-plagiarism report - Money-back guarantee


Get Expert Advise Before Finalising Your MBA Dissertation Topic

The business administration degree has become imperative for students looking for careers in engaging and highly competitive markets.

There is also the possible option of choosing a career in business administration that focuses on a specific niche or subject.

Therefore, it is important to review dissertation topics for MBA students that are tailored for this, such as MBA marketing dissertation topics, MBA dissertation topics in HRM, and various other business dissertation topics examples.

Business administration is still as relevant as it was in the initial markets post-WWII. Today, business administration plays a major role in ensuring the relevancy and health of organisations, particularly during times of economic volatility such as COVID-19.

Therefore, we have tried our best to share sample business administration topics that cover the volatility of such uncertain times.

We hope all the above topics for the MBA dissertation will help in getting your MBA dissertation topic title approved!

If you still have questions, simply drop us an email, and our writers will assist you right away!

If you need help with your administration dissertation module, you may find the following links helpful;

For more Business Administration Dissertation Topics or MBA Dissertation Topics, please keep visiting our website as we keep updating our existing list of topics. Good luck!

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The 70 Best Business Topic Ideas for Presentations and Research Papers for College Students in 2023

Find your perfect business degree. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

research topic presentation ideas

Education is not just about listening to instructors expound on theories and learning from their lectures. A good part of life for college students also revolves around doing presentations and writing research papers; therefore, you will need to acquire an excellent research topic about business.

A research paper is a good measure of a student’s understanding of the topic. It allows them to apply what they learned by tackling certain subjects relevant to their course. By developing their ability to communicate through oral and writing exercises, research papers shape the accuracy and integrity of your thoughts. Let us help you find the right research topic about business!


Why Choose the Right Business Topic Ideas?

research topic about business

A great business research paper requires a topic that is relevant and one that will distinguish it from other papers. While business is prevalent in society and the global stage in general, it is still not that easy to frame a topic that will be fresh and applicable to today’s world.

After all, thousands of research have already been done when it comes to business. It can be a real challenge to find something that has not been studied yet or add anything new and valuable to those that already existed. But it is indeed possible to look into the present situations and developments and identify new angles from existing research to make it applicable in the modern age.

Choosing the right business topic ideas will give you an easier time when you need to do research and start writing it. A good topic considers your field of interest and your subject, leading you to a research paper that will not only help you acquire the best grades but also expand and test your knowledge and research skills. And because writing a research paper should factor in social impact, it requires extensive and consistent study as opposed to sporadic and casual reading.

Tips for Picking the Best Business Topic Ideas

Research topic about business

When starting a research paper or class presentation, the most challenging part is always getting started. It is ideal for students to develop the skill of producing a good research topic. These tips might help.


Brainstorm for ideas on your field of study. You can do this by asking the right questions, such as “ What problems do businesses face these days?” You can also get inspiration from the news regarding business, finance, and economics.

Prepare a list of keywords and concepts to choose from. Use this to form a more focused research topic as well.


Read up on the chosen keyword or concept. When you’ve decided, start to learn more about it by reading the background information for a good overview.


Give the topic a greater focus but be careful not to make it too broad or too narrow. To be sure, keep the subject limited in the areas of geography, culture, time frame, or discipline.

Business Topic Ideas for the Different Fields of Business

Business administration.

research topic about business administration

When it comes to business administration programs, students are required to think of research topics that resolve a particular subject in an area of specialization. The issues are not expected to be broad or new; instead, they must be able to get the message across regarding the areas covered by the degree program. It can be ideas on business management, leadership skills, communication methodologies, business policies, trade, and commerce, or financial management.

Here are some of the relevant and exciting topics for business administration:

Business Management

research topic about business management

As one of the most significant tasks for many businesses and organizations, business management focuses on planning and organizing. Like the Business Administration programs, Business Management includes marketing, accounting, economics, and finance on its core subjects. Professors often give research assignments to business students to measure their analytical skills and understanding about supervising a business or managing people.

We’ve gathered some of the most interesting research topics for Business Management courses:

Business Ethics

research topic about business ethics

There is a connection between ethics and global business. Two of the essential foundations of global commerce are business ethics and corporate responsibility. Studying Business Ethics is vital for many Business majors. This is where they learn how businesses should treat their employees and other organizations in global and local contexts.

Today, the business environment has changed drastically, owing mostly to government policies and political stability. To keep up with the current dynamics, ethical principles and moral-ethical problems must be advanced.

Courses related to business ethics must carefully choose topics that address common issues and improve businesses in terms of ethical practices. Some of the ideas students can explore for Business Ethics research and presentation include:

Small Business

research topic about small business

The evolution of small businesses in the digital era is an interesting study for many Business major students. It is true that big companies and organizations can shell out massive amounts for advertising and brand enhancement, but they can still lose out to small businesses, especially in niches like flower shops, coffee houses, and bakeries.

That is only one aspect of small businesses. There are many more areas that students can explore to understand the issues and ideas that surround small companies and their ability to compete with their giant counterparts. Take a look at some of these research topics:

Global Business

research topic about global business

The age of globalization has dawned, and businesses must adapt to the changes and repercussions it brings. Globalization has a way of influencing the trends in the market and how companies should approach consumers. It can also determine the emerging marketing methods that can contribute to the success of an organization.

Students who study global business aim to understand how companies around the world are connected. When they look at the industry from an international perspective, they will be able to navigate the impact of boundaries and cultures on the operation and management of global companies. Developing a global mindset is essential.

Keep these ideas in mind when exploring topics for their research paper:

Business Communication

business communications

It is common for information to be shared between the company and its employees or the company and its customers. Effective communication within or outside of the business is vital for a company to function. Business communication is a continuous process that can be done in many ways and various channels.

When a business has good communication with its internal and external affairs, it can run smoothly. It is vital in transmitting information that can impact the industry and its success. For business communication students, finding a topic that can best suit their research papers is not that hard when they understand its importance and how it can affect the running of a business.

Here is a list of topic ideas that can help business communication students:

Business Law

business law

Also known as mercantile law or commercial law, business law governs the dealings between people and commercial matters. It can be divided into two areas. One is the regulation of commercial entities with a basis on laws of partnership, company, and bankruptcy. The other is the regulation of commercial transactions through the laws of contract. Students who are in the field of business law must know how to stop problems before they can hurt the organization or bring about legal repercussions.

Searching for topics in this field can be daunting but doable. To inspire students, we have listed down some ideas that can help them with their research and presentation:

When the most viable picks for research topics have been provided, it is time to choose the most suitable one for a specific area of specialization and field of interest. A careful study of the issue at hand and selecting a topic that encompasses the academic course or specialization will do the trick.

Business Research Topics 5

While you are at it, it is vital to find the balance between a relevant and original topic and an interesting one. Remember, a presentation and research paper do not have to be uninteresting to be effective. Your selected research topic about business is important, so choose wisely. Pick something that you are interested in, and the rest will follow.


Rowan Jones Chief Editor

Presentation over the Business Area - Research Paper Example

Presentation over the Business Area

Extract of sample "Presentation over the Business Area"

About 30 respondents were chosen at random in the area and were asked to fill up a structured questionnaire which was designed by the researcher.The questionnaire had about 20 questions and was a good mix of nominal, ordinal, interval and ration level measurement questions. Additionally, the questionnaire also had one open-ended question for participants to express their views freely. The close-ended questions included a few demographic questions that had multiple options to make it easy for the respondents to make their best choices.

The data obtained from such a survey were quantified and made appropriate for the use of analysis using the SPSS tool and to facilitate analysis on Microsoft Excel.The research also made use of secondary data to supplement and provide strength to the results obtained through the primary research. The data of sales for a sports shoe store and a sports equipment store in the area were obtained from the stores and also through local newspaper for the past five years. Such information was used to analyse the sales trend and thereby estimate the feasibility of establishing a store here.

The researcher also was careful to ascertain the validity and reliability of the report prepared and made sure that the errors were reduced to the minimum through appropriate measures.Once the data was obtained, the researcher used various statistical tools like Mean Median, Chi-Square tests, ANOVA, histograms and such tools for getting various results and interpretations to answer the key research questions. The results obtained were analysed and interpreted to answer the key research question of the feasibility of the sportswear store and the kind of designs that should be kept in store to cater to local demand conditions.

From the analysis, the results concluded that opening of a JD store was a feasible idea where people showed keen interest in buying sportswear and the local conditions would fetch high demand from Football and Tennis lovers and also keen interest was shown for regular workout sportswear needs. Also, the store would fetch high demand from the young population, who were mostly students and needed sportswear on a monthly or quarterly basis. The store shall have to keep a check on prices of garments as a maximum number of people was planned shoppers with limited budgets.

CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF Presentation over the Business Area

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research topics in marketing for bba

Tag: marketing project topics for bba students


CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The small scale industries (SSIs) form the bedrock of the economic growth in every nation. No country achieves a viable economic growth and development without the…


ABSTRACT This topic sales promotion: a tool for achieving customer brand loyalty in the table water industry was conducted to investigate the extent of relationship between effective sales promotion and customer satisfaction in the table…


ABSTRACT Relevance of marketing information system in the achievement organizational objective is focus of the research study Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) Owerri a case study, special interest is cede on the view of management and…


ABSTRACT This project is designed to give an insight on the influence of sales promotion on consumers   loyalty with reference to makeguns table wate, water, okigu imo state. Based on the above purpose, some literatures…


ABSTRACT The research work was on a study of how is introduce a new product in the market. The main  objective was to determine whether the strategies used to introduce cristolys cough expectorant in Enugu…

MARKETING STRATEGY FOR AIRLINES MARKETING Project Topics – Complete Project Material

ABSTRACT The misconception have prompted the researcher to focus his attention on the issue with particular reference to marist poultry as a case study. Therefore this work have developed to tactically look into practices with…


ABSTRACT This study examines marketing research as a Instrument for increased profitability in service company taking Ogechikammer Company Ebonyi State as a case study. Marketing research can be seen as the application of the scientific…


ABSTRACT Consumer satisfaction is the economic justification for the existence of any business. Hence for any business to exist, survive and grow, the same plan must be strategic. So, this research work was carried out…


ABSTRACT This main aim of business is to seek, attract and retain customers who will use the company various products to meet their needs or solve their problems. Successful service organization must therefore understand how…


ABSTRACT The concept of Guerrilla marketing subsumes a set of different innovative and creative approach to marketing in today’s marketplace warfare. It aims principally at gaining large effect with a small budget through surprise and…

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Best Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2022

Digital marketing for MBA has become pivotal. Especially for those majoring in marketing and IT. Educational institutions and online institutes have been curating the best digital marketing courses in recent years.

Since firms have had to adapt, it is only natural for the curriculum to keep up with global trends. Digital marketing has also become a much-favored topic for MBA students. Here’s why.

Why Is Digital Marketing a Popular Topic for MBA?

Digital Darwinism is forcing businesses to reconsider digital marketing as the most viable option. The fast-paced field has shifting dynamics, which compels firms to adapt faster than their capabilities. From social media marketing to cool SEO tactics, the digital marketing industry has taken over the traditional marketing industry by storm.

The need for digital marketing catapulted in 2020. With the coronavirus shutting down the economy, several industries resorted to online businesses. This catalyzed the evolution that was a long time coming. The lockdown forced people into isolation, and they resorted to the internet for escape, and the advertising industry lapped up the profits.

There are 1.5 billion active users of social media globally, which allows digital marketing to get to a larger base. Consider this: a small thrift shop in your locality wasn’t getting enough leads. They decided to model the dresses themselves and resorted to free, valuable content on TikTok. They launch their brand globally without having to pay anything.

This is the best-case scenario in terms of organic growth. But this is also the reality of several small businesses in remote corners of the world, forcing even Instagram to launch its video feature: reels.

The choice of digital marketing for MBA project topics is obvious. Since digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a vast range of services, it presents a lot of possibilities for research. The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the importance of digital marketing topics for MBAs.

Top Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2022

Here’s a list of the Best Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2022:

Influencer Endorsement in Digital Marketing

How does influencer marketing affect customer acquisition? One of the best digital marketing topics for MBA projects in 2022 is influencer endorsement. You could research the brands that benefit most from this strategy and present a comparative analysis of celebrity endorsements versus influencer endorsements.


How Do SEO Tools Affect Client Satisfaction?

SEO can make or break a website which is why search engine optimization is a priority in digital marketing. But does spending more on SEO tools guarantee client satisfaction? A key concern in judging the parameters of digital marketing is the search engine optimization of websites. You can collect data from two companies: one that focuses more on SEO and the other not so much.

Lead Generation in a Digital Landscape

Cold calling may not be a thing of the past, but it is still archaic. Lead generation through funnels and targeted ads are the new norm. An interesting topic based on digital marketing for MBA projects is how it has affected lead generation for a business. Does it differ for B2B and B2C companies?

Pre-pandemic Digital Marketing vs. Post-pandemic Digital Marketing: A Case Study

Trace the changes in digital marketing before 2020 and after 2020. Perform a SWOT analysis of companies that adhere to both and analyze the changes in lead generation. For this, you can head to local shops or restaurants to get relevant and accurate statistics. It’s obvious that the impact of digital marketing on small businesse s is increasing. So, you can analyze the details and it can be a great MBA project topic.

Digital Marketing for B2B Companies

B2B companies need the help of other businesses to propel their profits. How does digital marketing affect these companies? You can do a case study of a B2B company, for instance, from the automobile industry. How is it different from B2C companies? This would be a good point to discuss the differences that digital marketing brings to B2B and B2C companies.

The Impact of Social Media on Customer Preferences

Social media is a vast marketing gimmick, but to what extent can it change the preferences of the consumer? Trace the changes amongst your friends, and chart out their trajectories as customers. Also, find out what people without social media are accustomed to and how much their interests are their own.

How Has Digital Marketing Affected the Publishing Industry?

The publishing industry has been in a dilemma since the reading of physical books declined in the digital revolution. How are they using social media like Instagram and digital marketing for their purposes? How is it affecting the opinions of readers? Which digital marketing skills are in demand in the publishing industry? Give a detailed analysis.


Comparative Analysis of Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools are all the rage now. These tools perform analytics without manual input. One of the best digital marketing topics for an MBA includes the accuracy of various programs. Work on competitors for SEO tools and underline what features each has, and then compare it to the demand of the market. If you don’t know which tools to choose or how to use them, you can get help from the digital marketing courses for beginners

Digital Marketing and Business in the Lockdown: A Case Study

Find proofs and file a report on business in the lockdown. How has a business with digital marketing campaigns fared in the pandemic? How has a business with zero or mediocre digital marketing campaigns fared in the pandemic? You can collect either primary or secondary data for this. Assess the damage done by the pandemic and the part that digital marketing could salvage. It will be best if you can create this case study for the industries that benefit most from digital marketing .

Research on Local Businesses: A Case Study

Local businesses were hit the hardest by the pandemic. To gauge the effect of digital marketing, you can interview the local grocer or dressmakers and compare how digital marketing has affected essential and non-essential businesses. You could outline the changes that digital marketing has made to the reach of both and the scope of digital marketing for small business owners after the pandemic.


The Rise of Digital Marketing After COVID-19 Outbreak

As economic activities have slowed, COVID-19 has led to an acceleration in e-commerce and digital transformation.

When lockdowns became normal, companies and customers progressively used “digital technology” to supply and purchase more goods and products online, boosting their worldwide retail share from 14% in 2019 to approximately 17% in 2020.

The new COVID-19 and e-Commerce study – a Worldwide Review, by UNCTAD and eTrade for all partners – highlights these and other results, commenting on the tremendous shifts in the global and regional industry until 2020. You can research these examples by finding and interviewing the companies.

Return On Investment in Digital Marketing

You can find a list of organizations in this project concept, discover their budget for digital marketing and analyze the return they expect. The future value, net present value, and internal return rate are a few metrics that you can collect. This might help your project look much more interesting than others by including your digital marketing efforts.

Customer Experience and Digital Marketing

In today’s multivocal world, customer experience became the key concept when it comes to company strategy. People not only search for cost-effective and high-performance products, but they also look for a good experience. It would be smart to find companies that follow this strategy and speak to their CX managers. The effect of Google Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the use of the SEO approach to rank the customer’s first website on Google search for the phrase. This leads bio-search traffic to the website of the customer, some of which eventually becomes a sale. You can speak to Digital Marketing Managers about the effects of campaigns to assess and compare different SEO tactics.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The increase in digital marketing automation is currently one of the most widely discussed topics in the usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence). A great analysis of how the digital marketing sector can be changed by artificial intelligence, the benefits, and the cons. Will man-made intelligence lead to employment losses? If so, what should all digital marketers do to remain in the industry of internet marketing? Speaking to specialists in that field and writing their opinions along with data would help.

The Rise of Mobile Apps Using Digital Marketing

Many experts have identified the introduction of app development into marketing plans as one of the most significant elements in current marketing efforts. It works on several levels. It provides initial consumer access, simplifies the purchase process, shares special deals and coupons, and even provides a source of client data for mining. It’s the greatest strategy to boost your business growth by investing in basic costs. Explore examples that use the power of mobile apps.

The Effect of Google on Online Shopping

68% of online buyers are looking for a product on Google before buying You first need to understand the journey of the buyer before you can optimize your website for a better buying experience.

Even if no two visitors are the same, these recent statistics reveal that internet buyers have a pattern. And 68% of people go to Google for information while shopping for a particular product.

In this situation, the customers should be looking for your products—Shopping Google. It is worth researching this subject and doing a case study.

Digital Transformation Case Studies


Digital Marketing Institute offers you many digital transformation case studies for free. Click here and find out more.

This is an extensive list of digital marketing topics for an MBA. Some of these require you to call other companies and collect data while some can be done by yourself. You can also use them to adapt and develop your project subjects or concepts. Choose the ideal one for you and enjoy exploring it. You need practical experience with such digital marketing tasks if you want excellence in digital marketing.

You can only learn in practical ways how search engines work, how we can use the tools available on the market, and how to apply various methods in our daily work by working with digital marketing initiatives.

Digital Marketing for MBA projects acts as a precursor for any digital marketing campaign that you run in the future. It determines your ability to perform market research when necessary and deal with digital Darwinism.

Remember that the digital marketing field is dynamic. The changing patterns require being alert to market trends and demands and tapping into the extensive reach provided by this service.

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16 Mar 2021

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Table of Contents

Bba in marketing overview, bba in marketing course highlights, why choose bba in marketing, bba in marketing course types, bba in marketing specializations, bba in marketing entrance exams, bba in marketing eligibility criteria, how to get admission to bba in marketing, popular bba in marketing colleges in india, study bba in marketing abroad, bba in marketing abroad top colleges, top bba in marketing colleges by state, top bba in marketing colleges by city, what is bba in marketing course fees, bba in marketing syllabus, course curriculum for bba in marketing, bba in marketing career options and job prospects, what is the salary of a bba in marketing graduate, skills that make you the best bba in marketing graduate, faqs about bba marketing.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing or BBA in Marketing is an undergraduate honours degree that students can pursue after completing their 10+2. The course duration of BBA Marketing in India is generally three years for a full-time degree, but sometimes it may get extended to four years. As a management course, it encompasses both traditional and new marketing approaches and enables students to address real-life issues in the industry. Students will get to learn about market analysis, product management, creating marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, promotion, market research, branding, and collecting customer feedback. It is available in full-time and part-time course formats. Dedicated research may lead to certain online courses as well.

BBA in Marketing does not require students to appear for entrance exams, yet certain college entrance exams, like IPMAT, NPAT, DUCET, and XAT, are quite popular for admission to respective colleges. Marketing is one of the most important factors for every business in the market. Moreover, the practical approach of the programme allows students to understand the importance of marketing. Hence, students can benefit professionally from the course in any field.

Banaras Hindu University; Delhi University; Aligarh University; Indian Institute of Management, Indore; and Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak are the best Indian colleges to study BBA in Marketing. Their course fee shall range from INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,20,000. However, students can expect that certain colleges might charge up to INR 15,00,000 for the BBA Marketing programme.

Check out the major highlights of the BBA In Marketing program:

BBA in Marketing as a course can only be beneficial for students if they know how to reap the opportunities presented by the course. Here are some of the arguments in favor of the said course, which students can use to pursue the same and eventually earn profits:

One of the most prognosticated BBA programmes after 12th grade is the one in Marketing. BBA in Marketing course is offered to prospective students in two modes of learning i.e, full-time and online/distance schooling. However, a part-time BBA in Marketing course is not available. Discussed below are the details about BBA in Marketing course types.

Full-Time BBA in Marketing Courses

Full-time three-year students must attend in-person classes, complete regular assignments, and take semester-by-semester offline exams on campus. They must also present projects and perform practicals as part of the course programme. Students who enrol in a full-time study gain practical experience in the subject as well as in-depth learning through actively engaging with their instructors and other students.

Distance/Online BBA in Marketing Courses

Distance/online BBA in Marketing courses also last two to four years and can be pursued from anywhere. This course is designed for students who are working professionals and who cannot attend full-time courses. Colleges like D Y Patil Vidyapeeth, Jain Online, Symbiosis Center of Distance Learning, NMIMS university, etc provide this course online.

There are many specializations available in BBA in Marketing that are mentioned below. All these specializations have different goals.

Given that BBA in Marketing is an undergraduate degree program, there are no necessary entrance exam scores required. Hence, students do not need to use or attempt any entrance exams for admission to BBA in Marketing courses. That said, there are several Indian universities and colleges that prefer conducting their own entrance exams to maintain selectiveness among their enrolled students. 

Sometimes these exams may be compulsory to attend for admission to the applied colleges. At other times, students only need to appear for the college entrance exams if their 10+2 CGPAs fall short of the merit-based requirements of the applied colleges.

Here are the entrance exams which students might have to attempt to get admission to BBA in Marketing courses:

The minimum eligibility criteria for admission in the three-year undergraduate program in marketing will depend upon the institution or college at which the candidate is applying for admission. There are many colleges available in the country that offer admission to the BBA in Marketing program and each of the colleges has its own set of rules which must be fulfilled by the candidates in order to get admission. 

In general, students can expect the following to be the eligibility criteria for admission to BBA in Marketing courses:

To get admission to BBA in Marketing courses in India, students can follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Shortlist the colleges and programs that students wish to apply for.

Step 2 : Students need to explore the eligibility criteria of the institutions they have applied to and prepare their application documents accordingly.

Step 3 : In case the institution requires them to appear for certain entrance exams, they need to attempt the same.

Step 4 : After receiving the exam scores, students need to compile their relevant documents and fill out the application form for BBA in Marketing. Submit the application along with documents and exam scores.

Step 5 : If direct confirmation is not received, then they must wait for the admission lists to be declared.

Step 6 : On confirmation of admission, students can get their enrollment number from their respective institutions. They might have to make a prompt payment of the first year’s or semester’s fee, as the case may be.

Students who are interested in the BBA in Marketing course have a variety of top management institutes in India to choose from. However, a candidate must weigh the pros and cons of the programme specialisation they are considering opting for. The following are the top BBA in Marketing colleges in India:

The need for marketers is booming as technology is developing swiftly. This is so that a firm cannot succeed without the genuine efforts of a marketer, hence, an innovative marketer has become an inevitable necessity. Modern organisations are aware that they cannot expand their businesses and sell their services without the involvement of marketers.

Studying BBA in Marketing abroad familiarises students with both conventional and cutting-edge marketing concepts, which they can apply to become experts. Business Economics, Types of Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Promotional Mobile Marketing, Marketing and Research Related to Business, Email Marketing, International Marketing, Accounts, etc. are a few of the topics that will be covered in the course.

Marketing is one of the best sectors in the world where individuals may experiment with their ideas, in contrast to other professions where they would not get the chance to show off their individuality. Students who enrol in BBA in Marketing courses abroad will have the chance to develop their managerial abilities related to various cultures and their people. Additionally, pursuing BBA in Marketing abroad can prove to be the finest option for someone looking for a profession that combines lucrativeness and innovativeness.

Depending upon the type of course and university a student prefers, studying BBA in Marketing abroad can usually take three or four years to complete. The course typically includes a variety of practical classes, depending on the course curriculum. There will also be a combination of personal study time and group lectures, seminars, and tutorials. The table below shows the BBA in Marketing abroad top colleges along with their respective countries:

Management students have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting the best b-school or institute that suits their professional needs, interests, and future employment prospects. The following is a discussion of some state-wise top BBA in Marketing colleges in India.

The following are the five top BBA in Marketing colleges in Rajasthan:

The following are the four top BBA in Marketing colleges in Karnataka:


The following are the four top BBA in Marketing colleges in Maharashtra:

The following are the three top BBA in Marketing colleges in Gujarat:

Other States

The following are some popular BBA in Marketing colleges in different Indian states:

In India, BBA in Marketing courses are offered by various prestigious institutes. Some of the top businesses or companies in this industry also offer internships as part of the course curriculum to incorporate students with practical on-field experience. The following is a discussion of some city-wise top BBA in Marketing colleges in the country.

Multiple factors do affect the BBA in Marketing course fees like the type of institute (whether government or private), internship opportunities, infrastructure, other facilities, etc. However, a student may expect to spend a minimum of INR 50,000 to INR 3 lakh annually. Although government institutes are quite pocket-friendly, private or public colleges are expensive. The following table summarises a list of management institutes along with their average annual BBA in Marketing course fee charged:

The syllabus for BBA in Marketing program will vary from college to college, but the course aims and subjects shall remain the same. While pedagogy is the decision of the college, the overall course curriculum is standardized for holistic education. Hence, the subject distribution over the syllabus may be different, but the study matter remains consistent. Nevertheless, candidates should check the official website in order to know the complete syllabus. Here is a general guide to BBA in Marketing syllabus design, as commonly followed by Indian colleges: 

As discussed, BBA in Marketing course is stretched over three years i.e., six semesters. The course curriculum for BBA in Marketing includes elective, core, and lab subjects, internships, and compulsory marketing projects. On the other hand, teaching methodologies consist of detailed study materials, labs, new techniques, tools, and technologies. These types of teaching methods are effective for engraining theoretical knowledge and developing soft skills to understand business problems and find resourceful and feasible solutions. Furthermore, students can choose their specialisation or elective subjects based on their interests. The following pointers make the BBA in Marketing course curriculum:



As we all know that marketing is an important department in every company and organization. There is always an opening for good and skilled marketing managers and executives at all companies. Candidates who are looking for a career in marketing may apply to any organization after checking for the vacancy. There is a large scope for candidates who have completed their BBA in marketing degree. 

Some of the major areas in which the candidates may apply for a job are listed below:

Students must check out the job profiles available in a company or industry before applying. Some of the job profiles suitable for BBA in Marketing graduates are:

Some highly valued companies where the candidates may apply are:

In India, fresh graduates with a BBA in marketing degree can expect to get a decent salary. They can anticipate becoming a junior manager or a mid-level marketing manager, depending on their training and experience. Students may typically expect to make between INR 5 lakhs to INR 7 lakhs per year. The pay may rise more with experience. For BBA in Marketing graduates, many international corporations in India offer attractive packages. The table below gives an idea of the salary range, job profile and job description of a BBA in Marketing graduate:

Prospective Employers

The following is a list of prospective employers offering decent packages to BBA in Marketing course graduates:

A variety of exciting job prospects are offered by the BBA in Marketing course. To be successful in their career, students need to incorporate basic skills along with some knowledge about Digital Marketing like SEO and social media marketing. The following list includes some typical skills that are crucial in the field of BBA in Marketing, both for studying and for finding employment:

What is the BBA in Marketing course suitability?

The BBA in Marketing course is suitable for students who are confident in their skills and stay up-to-date with merchandising and advertising techniques. Students in this field must always be updated with current affairs and come up with innovative and advantageous marketing ideas. They should be able to motivate others, lead by example, exhibit leadership traits, and work well in a team. A bonus for this job is having strong computer skills, especially with programmes like PowerPoint and Excel.

What are the core subjects for BBA in Marketing?

The core subjects for BBA in Marketing are Business Communication; Business Ethics, Values and Governance; Business Regulatory Framework; Coast and Management Accounting; Computer-Aided Management; Distribution Management & Logistics; E-Commerce Fundamentals; Fundamentals of Information Technology; International Business; Managerial Economics; Marketing Research; Principles of Management; Production and Materials Management; Research Methodology; Retail Marketing; Services Marketing.

What are the best reference books for BBA in Marketing course?

BBA in Marketing reference books helps students gain in-depth knowledge about the field. The following are a few best reference books for BBA in Marketing course:

Business Communication by author M Balasubramanian

Business Environment Text and Cases by author F Cherunilam

Modern Business Organisation by author S A Sherlekar

Business Organisation and Management by authors Jallo and Tata McGraw Hill 

Principles of Management by author J K Mitra

Which teaching methodologies and techniques are used in BBA in Marketing courses?

Various creative teaching methodologies and techniques are used in BBA in Marketing courses. The course also includes field visits so that students understand the practical importance of marketing and its profitable uses. The following are some teaching methodologies and techniques used in the course:

Direct instruction

Industrial visits, etc.

What BBA in Marketing course is all about?

BBA in Marketing course is all about a branch of study that deals with myriad concepts of business management. In the management sector, students will master the fundamentals of marketing theory. Different forms of marketing management are studied as part of the BBA Marketing programme. Students who earn a BBA in marketing can use their expertise in a variety of industries, such as financial institutions, insurance companies, etc. Further, a variety of electives given by the college are available to students interested in marketing management.

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Dear Student,

The best BBA specialisation for you will depend on your goals and interest area. Both BBA in Marketing and BBA in Real Estate Management great choices but target very different industries and areas. Here is an article that helps you choose a BBA specialisation .

BBA General is also a good choice if you are undecided on the type of industry you wish to join. It also gives you a wider scope at the UG level. Take a look at this article on BBA General vs BBA Hons for more details. 

We would suggest that you spend some time in research and first decide which type of industry you wish to go for after completing your BBA course. The best course is just the course that is able to help you achieve your goals.

Here is a list of BBA colleges in India  for your reference. If you'd like to get admissions-assistance from our counsellors to top BBA colleges, fill the Common Application Form (CAF) or call our helpline number 18005729877.

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    Here are some international marketing topics to consider! The effect of globalization on consumer behavior How do international brands compare to local brands? Do international brands always have advantages over a local brand? Creating brand awareness by utilizing global event marketing How to market products on an international level

  2. 100+ Amazing Marketing Research Paper Topics Ideas

    Marketing and Company Reputation: The Best Strategies to Use Is Corporate Social Responsibility a Marketing Strategy The Best Social Media Strategies to Drive Customer Engagement Analysis of Social Media Marketing Impact on Customer Behavior The Relationship Between Influencer Marketing and Lifestyle Branding

  3. 100+ Greatest Business Research Topics for Students

    Social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, sustainable development, resources management, and technology and innovation management are other notable topics you could use for your business research paper. They're some of the hottest and most in-demand areas of business research these days.

  4. 71+ Research Paper Topics & Ideas for Marketing Students

    71+ Research Paper Topics & Ideas for Marketing Students THE LATEST 18+ Risks and Disadvantages of Technology How to Build Your Business Identity on a Tight Budget Best Green Tea Brands in the world in 2020: What makes them the best? Global Milk brands in 2020 - What makes them successful? What is a Triple Net Lease?

  5. 150+ Brilliant Business Research Topics For Students

    Nevertheless, it's still possible to find a focused, narrow question that forms the topic of a research paper. Here are examples of topics for business management research papers. Conflict Management in a Work Team. The Role of Women in Business Management. Issues that Affect Management of Business Startups.

  6. 57 best Business administration research topics ideas

    Pick business administration research topics of your choice from the below list and start writing your dissertation. To enhance the business strategies to achieve international presence and competence - a case analysis. To study the risk and benefits of an International Joint Venture - a case analysis.

  7. What are some research topics for BBA students?

    Topics for BBA students Some of Research Topics 1.A study on the perceptual relationship between overtime & output of sectors. 2. Accounting concepts and Information used indecision making by managers in banking organizations. 3. Age and Gender discrimination in the recruitment of entry level accountants 5.

  8. Marketing Research BBA 4th Sem All Units Notes

    Research can be classified into two broad categories: (i) basic research, and (ii) applied research. Applied researchrefers to scientific study and researchthat seeks to solve practical problems. Applied researchis used to find solutions to everyday problems, cure illness, and develop innovative technologies.

  9. marketing project topics for bba

    Marketing project topics and research materials PDF and DOC free download file for final year students from 2022 to 2023 school session, who are acquiring a degree in any level of education in Nigeria. All project topics in marketing, listed on this page are easy and recent works from 2020 to 2021.

  10. Marketing Undergraduate Project Topics, Research Works and Materials


  11. Marketing Research Notes, PDF, Syllabus I MBA, BBA, BCOM 2023

    Market research is defined as the process of evaluating the feasibility of a new product or service, through research conducted directly with potential consumers. This method allows organizations or businesses to discover their target market, collect and document opinions and make informed decisions. You can download the file in 51 seconds.

  12. Best Ever 111+ Research Topics for Marketing By Experts

    Marketing Research Topics in Distribution In 2023 Evaluating the effectiveness of online distribution channels for small businesses. Understanding the impact of delivery speed and convenience on consumer buying decisions. Analyzing the role of social media in driving online sales for distributors.

  13. 10 Best Digital Marketing Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners

    There are plenty of digital marketing topics for BBA pdf that are available online. ... Some of the trending digital marketing research topics in 2021 include Artificial Intelligence, conversational marketing, voice search optimization, video marketing, influencer marketing, social commerce, micro-moments, social media stories, browser push ...

  14. Research Topics for a Master's Degree in Business Administration

    The procedure of completing a master's degree in business administration usually involves two or three years of study. The degree requirements typically include completion of the assigned coursework and submission of a research project at the end of the last year. ... Internet marketing or digital marketing is an excellent research topic for ...

  15. BBA Marketing Syllabus, Subjects, Semester Wise, Year ...

    BBA Marketing syllabus deals in basic terms the different ways of marketing at the UG level. BBA Marketing Syllabus is a 3 year course spread over 6 semesters. BBA Marketing Subjects include Principles & Practice of Management, Organisational Behaviour, Business Communication, Business Environment, Financial Accounting, Business Mathematics ...

  16. List of Marketing Dissertation Topics for MBA

    List of marketing dissertation topics: Following is the list of marketing dissertation topics which can be also be termed as marketing research topics, marketing project topics, marketing thesis topics etc. 1. "The Influence of Advertising on consumer Buying Behaviour" 2. "The Influence of Advertising on children and its impact on buying Behaviour"

  17. PDF Topics for BBA students

    12. Research on the effect on non-monetary factors on employee retention in the banking sector of Nepal. 13. To study the perception of employees about performance appraisal effectiveness and its impact on the employee motivation 14. The effect of supervisory behavior on sales force satisfaction & turnover intention in pharmaceutical companies 15.

  18. Business Administration and MBA Dissertation Topics

    Research Aim: This dissertation on marketing for business administration focuses on the rapidly evolving marketing practices in B2B and B2C scenarios. Social media and digital platforms, including Search Engines, are changing the way advertising works; thus, understanding and forecasting the future of digital marketing is essential to business ...

  19. The 70 Best Business Topic Ideas for Presentations and Research Papers

    Here is a list of topic ideas that can help business communication students: The different ways men and women communicate in the business environment. The effects of good business communication in business development and growth. Communication and its relation to marketing effectiveness.

  20. Presentation over the Business Area

    Literature review was one of the main methods that helped to improve knowledge and skills in the area....The researcher then concluds that all the steps and techniques discussed can be effectively applied to business writing helping to organize and business research process.... This essay describes the main points, that are needed to develop good presentation, such as structure and clear ...

  21. marketing project topics for bba students

    marketing project topics for bba students; Tag: marketing project topics for bba students ...

  22. Best Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2022

    The choice of digital marketing for MBA project topics is obvious. Since digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a vast range of services, it presents a lot of possibilities for research. The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the importance of digital marketing topics for MBAs. Top Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project ...

  23. BBA In Marketing: Course Details, Admission, Fees, Eligibility

    Banaras Hindu University; Delhi University; Aligarh University; Indian Institute of Management, Indore; and Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak are the best Indian colleges to study BBA in Marketing. Their course fee shall range from INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,20,000. However, students can expect that certain colleges might charge up to INR 15,00 ...

  24. How to Do Long-Tail Keyword Research & Content Planning Using ChatGPT

    First, determine your topic of interest. When you input the query on ChatGPT, you can also include other modifiers such as the niche or market you're interested in. I used the query: "List several ...