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1. Envisioning entrepreneurship : Using photographs to elicit students’ preconceptions of entrepreneurship

Author : Katarina Ellborg ; William B. Gartner ; Tomas Karlsson ; Gry Alsos ; Linnéuniversitetet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Entrepreneurship didaktik ; Entrepreneurship education ; Studentcentred education ; Phenomenographic didaktik ; Visuality ; Ledarskap ; entreprenörskap och organisation ; Ledarskap ; entreprenörskap och organisation ;

Abstract : Nowadays, entrepreneurship is taught on a ‘university-wide’ basis, implying that thesubject is introduced to multiple students from a diversity of backgrounds. At thesame time, a student-centred movement has been noted in the field, focusing ontailored education based on students’ preconceptions of entrepreneurship. READ MORE

2. Essays on University Efficiency Analysis and Entrepreneurship among University Graduates

Author : Zara Daghbashyan ; Björn Hårsman ; Peter McGregor ; KTH ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; universities ; efficiency ; entrepreneurship ; education ; graduates ; arts education ;

Abstract : The thesis consists of five papers: three deal with the efficiency of higher education institutions (HEI) and two with entrepreneurship among university graduates. The efficiency of HEIs is analyzed at three different levels: units of one university, universities of one country and universities of a group of European countries. READ MORE

3. Student Entrepreneurs : The Influence of University, Entrepreneurship Education and Research

Author : Eva Berggren ; Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand ; Håkan Ylinenpää ; Högskolan i Halmstad ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; TEKNIK OCH TEKNOLOGIER ; ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ; Student entrepreneurs ; entrepreneurship education ; student start-ups ; university spin-offs ; academic entrepreneurship ; Business studies ; Företagsekonomi ;

Abstract : This licentiate thesis deals with the questions if and how entrepreneurship education and access to research at university stimulate student start-ups. The phenomenon of student entrepreneurs is approached in three empirical studies. READ MORE

4. Students in Academic Entrepreneurship : Entrepreneurship Education and Key Actors Facilitating Student Start-ups in the University Context

Author : Eva Berggren ; Jeaneth Johansson ; Diamanto Politis ; Einar Rasmussen ; Högskolan i Halmstad ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; Student entrepreneurs ; academic entrepreneurship ; university spin-offs ; student start-up ; entrepreneurship education ;

Abstract : The ongoing discussion about academic research not being sufficiently commercialized has overlooked the individual actors in the university context, not least students as potential entrepreneurs. The purpose of this thesis is to enhance our understanding of student entrepreneurs by exploring how entrepreneurship education and key actors in the university context facilitate the formation of student start-ups. READ MORE

5. Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies - An Action-Based Approach and Classification in Education

Author : Martin Lackéus ; Chalmers University of Technology ; [] Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; value creation ; learning ; venture creation ; education ; enterprise education ; entrepreneurial competencies ; Entrepreneurship education ; emotional events ; longitudinal case study ;

Abstract : A question within entrepreneurial education that never seems to go out of fashion is “Can entrepreneurship be taught?”. To address this question, this thesis adopts the view that becoming entrepreneurial requires direct experience, and explores how learning-by-doing can be put to use in entrepreneurial education through action-based approaches. READ MORE

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Entrepreneurship Education: A Study of Culture, Mindsets and Teaching Practices in Nigeria

Olumoroti G Balogun , University of Pennsylvania

Unemployment across the African continent is rising at alarming rates and is significantly higher than the world’s average. Job creation and quality education at scale have therefore been at the top of the national agenda for most African economies. Entrepreneurship is a significant global activity that helps transform economies and inspire public policy. Over the past few years, entrepreneurship education has witnessed phenomenal growth, and many universities around the world now offer a diversified portfolio of entrepreneurship programs, including undergraduate, graduate and executive education certificates. In Africa, some countries (for example, Nigeria) have made entrepreneurship education a compulsory component of higher education curriculum through policy recommendations and enforcement. For policy initiatives to succeed, universities need to accelerate the infrastructural and instructional capacities around entrepreneurship development through enhanced pedagogy, adoption of innovative experiential learning tools, and increased quality of education and research. Entrepreneurship educators therefore should play a central role in driving to these objectives. This mixed methods study explored the perceptions of 25 Entrepreneurship Educators regarding their teaching practices and its relationship to student entrepreneurial abilities (defined here as skills and intentions). The primary method of data collection were in-depth interviews, supported with quantitative data using both the Core Score Skills Assessment and the Entrepreneurial Intentions Questionnaire. Qualitative data was analyzed using an inductive thematic analysis process and four key findings emerged from this study. a) Ethnic entrepreneurial practices and sociocultural norms contribute significantly to the efficacy of Entrepreneurship Educators. b) Teaching entrepreneurship is a mindset that requires whole self-learning, nurturing relationships and embracing progressive experiential learning approaches within the local context. c) No significant relationships were discovered between the Educators Teaching Practices and other key variables like Entrepreneurial Skills and Intentions. In addition, a student’s Entrepreneurial Skills developed has no significant impact on their Intentions. d) Strong positively significant relationships exists between Experiential Teaching Effectiveness and the students Entrepreneurial Intentions. This study contributes to existing literature by shedding light on the importance of sociocultural norms in designing entrepreneurial learning experiences and the critical role the mindset and /or emotional intelligence of Entrepreneurship Educators plays in enabling entrepreneurial intentions.

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Balogun, Olumoroti G, "Entrepreneurship Education: A Study of Culture, Mindsets and Teaching Practices in Nigeria" (2020). Dissertations available from ProQuest . AAI28023087.

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