Master's Degree Thesis in Financial Economics

  • 30 credits cr.
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The aim of the master’s dissertation is to further advance the skills and knowledge you have developed during the taught courses on the MSc programme by applying relevant theoretical perspectives and social science methods.

The dissertation will deal with a scholarly problem, draw on scholarly literature from academic journals and research monographs, and be based on rigorous social science methods.

The dissertation consists of a 15,000 words long essay written in pairs of two, and in the English (UK) language. You will be assigned a supervisor at the beginning of term based on your early draft dissertation proposal. To improve your learning – and to provide you with relevant input when you are most likely to need it – methods training is integrated throughout the research and writing process.

On completion of the dissertation you are expected to be able to:

  • identify, define, and investigate a scholarly problem in management or marketing and demonstrate how this problem is related to previous research
  • critically analyse relevant theory
  • apply relevant theory and rigorous social science method to investigate a scholarly problem
  • explain and justify your choice of theory and method and critically analyse your findings
  • reflect critically about the social and ethical implications of your dissertation

Course structure

The course consists of the following activities:

As a rule the thesis is written in a group of two. If specific and valid reasons exist, the supervisor decides whether an exception should be made to allow the thesis to be written individually.

Teaching format

The course consists of seminars, individual supervision, and a significant portion of self-study. Your learning and performance is assessed continuously, throughout the different teaching and learning activities. The course workload comprises of 800 hours, equivalent to 30 ECTS (i.e. 40 hours per week equivalent to 1.5 ECTS). The language of instruction is English. Please note that all teaching and learning activities - such as lectures, seminars, assignments and assessment tasks – are conducted in English.

Student learning and performance on this course is mainly assessed through the final version of the master’s thesis. A lesser part is based on student peer reviews. The assessment tasks are weighted in relation to their importance to the overall course assessment. The results from the assessment tasks are added up to a final course score that is translated into a final grade.

Assessment task The course contains the following weighted assessment tasks: 1. Two peer review assignments in the form of written reports and oral presentations. 2. The master’s thesis. After completion of the course, students will receive grades on a scale related to the intended learning outcomes of the course. Passing grades are A, B, C, D and E. Failing grades are Fx and F. A grade Fx can be completed for a grade E.

Course literature

Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

See reading list in the current syllabus.

Course reports

Course coordinator: [email protected] Head of course: Daniel Buncic

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master thesis financial economics

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master thesis financial economics

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master thesis financial economics

21 Financial Economics Dissertation Topics To Consider For Research

By Adam Jan 27, 2018 in Economics , Financial Economics | No Comments

Financial economics dissertation topics relate mainly to capital issues- either through its provision or through use. Hence, all constituents of capital in economic terms are the subject of financial economics research paper topics, through the application of decision theory within the context of the investment environment. Here you will find a compilation of financial economics […]

financial economics dissertation topics

Financial economics dissertation topics relate mainly to capital issues- either through its provision or through use. Hence, all constituents of capital in economic terms are the subject of financial economics research paper topics, through the application of decision theory within the context of the investment environment.

Here you will find a compilation of financial economics thesis topics to generate relevant topics for you to choose and start your paper-writing process.

A list of financial economics dissertation topics:

The following is a list of some financial economics topics for research that can help you get started on a challenging yet oddly fulfilling journey in your quest to become a true academic.

Deciphering a long-term pattern for earnings management through return seasonality- review of literature.

The soundness of the employee stock option- an investigative analysis of impact on firm turnover.

The impact of corporate governance on stakeholders' firm valuation- comparative review between developed and developing countries.

A systematic review of price characteristics in different types of options trading.

Knowledge gap between theoretical and practical implications for credit rationing, in the context of firm cash holdings.

The role of Government Linked Investment Companies in developing countries- review of literature.

A reading on the price methodologies acquirers apply to value target firms.

How do natural disasters affect investor sentiments? A comparative analysis between developed and emerging economies.

An analysis of the influence of investor reactions on the development of markets in emerging economies.

Deciphering the interest rate phenomena- a look at the different types of interest rates and their impact on the developed economy.

The academic contribution of financial economics- is theory developed from practice or vice-versa?

The impact of financial knowledge in provision methods for retirement among people with different backgrounds- evidence from the UK.

A study of the critical characteristics of the Zero Lower Bound Constraint and their theoretical impact.

The housing market in the US- lessons learnt from the past?

How receptive are family firms to change? Evidence from the UK.

The allocation of capital in public institutions- economic or political decisions? A transnational perspective.

An analysis of the growth goals of companies through their investment policies- evidence from the UK.

Allocation of resources- an analysis of the rationale behind decision making for recipients of organizational resources in the UK.

How has social media contributed to accountability in democratic, semi-democratic and non-democratic economies? A comparative review.

Agricultural produce and stocks futures- exploration of type and length of relationship in a developed country- the UK.

Agricultural produce and stocks futures- exploration of type and length of relationship in a developing country- Sri Lanka.

There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing , send us an email at [email protected] .

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Blog / 39 Financial Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas

39 financial economics dissertation topics ideas.

master thesis financial economics

Table of Contents

Best Financial Economics Dissertation Topics Examples

Financial economics is a branch of economics that analyzes the use and distribution of resources in markets. Financial decisions should always take into account future events, whether they relate to individual stocks, portfolios, or the market as a whole. Financial economics dissertation topics focus on capital issues in terms of economic domains. Financial economics research paper topics have become very popular these days.

Check out our other related posts for environmental economics , health economics , experimental economics , business economics , agricultural economics , development economics , and managerial economics .

Best Selected Financial Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas

Financial economics thesis topics have been enlisted below:

Economics helps you think strategically and make decisions in order to optimize the result. People studying economics and finance are especially in demand because they are better prepared to work in the banking and financial sector, such as accounting firms.

Above are the best financial economics dissertation topics. If you are still looking for some unique dissertation topics in financial economics fill out the form below and get customized dissertation topics mini proposals on your specific requirements.

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Project Topics

Financial Economics Thesis Topics

Related Pages

Master's Thesis Financial Economics (MBE)

1. Master's Thesis Coordinator

2. Concept and development

The Master’s Thesis can use a theoretical or an empirical research approach and focuses on a research question in the research area of financial economics. By writing a master’s thesis the student gets the opportunity to engage in self-study. 

Students demonstrate that they are able to formulate a research question and develop an adequate research design. To this end, the student obtains information on an independent basis and assesses it on its relevance for answering the research question at hand. The student ‘s research is considered personal, objective and methodical, and demonstrates that he/she can explain and frame the problem as well as the results in a scientifically correct language. 

Therefore we expect an independently developed and rigorous scientific analysis based on prior literature as well as personal insights and critical thinking and not merely a descriptive study. The analysis should be based on relevant theories and methods available in prior literature. Based on the student’s personal insights and critical reflections, these theories and methods are adapted and expanded upon in light of the research question at hand.

Students orally defend their findings in a poster session in the presence of the promotor, daily supervisor and an independent third reader. During the defense, time is provided for a thorough discussion.

3. Selecting the topic and conducting the research

The Master’s Thesis is written ​​in groups of two students. Students are responsible for forming their own group and writing a research proposal. This procedure is further explained during an information session that will be held in the beginning of the academic year, and is described in the guidelines ( Toledo ).  All students should have an approved subject by the end of October.

4. Form of the Master's thesis

The master’s thesis consists of three components:

5. Evaluation

The Master’s Thesis will be evaluated using assessment criteria that can be found in the  Master’s Thesis regulations  (§9 and §10).

The evaluation committee consists of the promotor, the daily supervisor and an independent third reader. In case the promotor acts as daily supervisor, a second independent reader will be part of the evaluation committee. The final result will be determined based on  the following  criteria.

6. Other specific information

Information concerning the formal requirements and interim deadlines will be communicated via  Toledo  (D0O34a Master's Thesis Financial Economics).

Financial Economics Institute

Student Theses

master thesis financial economics

Thesis topics by CMC students who have completed the CMC Financial Economics Sequence as well as those in the dual degree BA/MA program.

2019-2020 Senior Theses

William Buckstaf f, FES, Viral Businesses and Initial IPO Returns, Professor Richard C.K. Burdekin

Dylan Byrd , BA/MA, It’s All Downhill from Here: Evidence supporting downward sloping demand curves for stocks near the Russell 1000/2000 cut-off, Professor Murat Binay  

Connor Gaskin , FES, How Announcements of the Qualified Mortgage Patch Expiration Have Impacted the United States Housing Market, Professor Eric Hughson  

Justin Hull , FES, Strategies for the Modern Investor: Evaluating Stock Recommendations from CNBC’s Fast Money, Professor Eric Hughson   

Nicholas Johnson , BA/MA, Does Complexity Pay? A Study on the Effectiveness of Various Forms of Regression at Fundamental Analysis, Professor Lisa Meulbroek

Konnor Kwok , FES, “ Heat Seeking” The Truth: An Analysis of the “Heat Seeker” Trading Algorithm, Professor Murat Binay

Connor Lehner , FES, Do Divested Assets Outperform Full-Scale Acquisitions in the Short-Run?, Professor George Batta  

Austin Long , BA/MA, Property-type diversification effects on equity REIT firm value, Professor Eric Hughson

Phoebe Madsen , BA/MA, The Leverage Effect In Mergers And Acquisitions: How the Level and Type of Leverage Affects M&A Success, Professor Lisa Meulbroek

Charles Mangum , FES, “It’s Gonna be Yuge”: The Impact of Chinese Imports on United States Manufacturing Firm Valuations, Professor William Lincoln  

Nicholas Pibl , FES, Measuring a Successful Marriage: The Impact of Target Company ESG scores on the Merger Arbitrage Spread, Professor Murat Binay

James Alex Plunk , BA/MA, The Information in Levering Up: An Analysis of Market Reactions to Leverage Changes in Biotech, Professor Eric Hughson

Spring 2020

Jacob Bain , BAMA, Investigating the Relationship Between Interest Rates and Lodging Reit Returns: Analyzing the Variability After the Global Financial Crisis, Prof. Eric Hughson

Tyler Chen, BAMA, A Re-Examination of the Interest Rate Sensitivity of Business Development Company (BDC) Stock Returns, Prof. Janet Smith

Christian Curcio , FES, Analyzing the Minute by Minute Price Reactions to the SP500 future Index Following President Donald Trump’s Tweets, Prof. Eric Hughson

Samuel Garvin , BAMA, The Effect of Signaling Activity by Commodity Producing Companies on Future Operating Performance and Future Commodity Returns, Prof. George Batta  

Yiping (Sarah) Lu , BAMA, Predicting Recovery Rates using Machine Learning Algorithms: the Relative Usefulness of Alternative Methods, Prof. George Batta

Alexander McKenna , FES, Explaining Stock Returns Surrounding Novel Drug Approvals Using Drug and Firm Characteristics, Prof. Darren Filson   

Lude Rong , FES, Financial Market Reactions to Violation Disclosures from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Prof. Mary Evans  

Tanisha Sheth , FES, A Choice Model for Correspondent Banking Relationships, Prof. Angela Vossmeyer

Colton Smith , BAMA, A Further Investigation into the Prevalence of the Winner’s Curse Using Post-Great-Recession Data, Prof. Benjamin Gillen

Samuel Willett , FES, Investor Reactions to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, Prof. Mary Evans

Jingcheng “Eric” Zhu , FES, Robust Backtesting Analysis Evaluating Different Moments Estimation Strategies with Subset Optimization in Large US Equity Universe, Prof. Benjamin Gillen    

2018-2019 Senior Theses

Patricio Aguilar , FES, The Nature of Latin American Markets in the Presence of Credit Events, Prof. Fan Yu

Hannah Berg , FES, Liquidity Risk and Mutual Fund Manager’s Stock Choice, Prof. Eric Hughson

Mackenzie Bradford , BA/MA, To Rely or Not to Rely? A Study of how Analyst Earnings Forecast Error Changes Leading up to Recessions, Prof. Matthew Magilke and Prof. Manfred Keil

Nicholas DeGallier, BA/MA, Venture Capital Investment Duration: Asia, Europe, and North America, Prof. Murat Binay    

Yutao (James) Jiang , BA/MA, Leveraged Buyouts: The Predictive Power of Target Firm Characteristics, Prof. George Batta  

James Keneally , FES , Modeling Returns on Carbon Emission Allowances: An Application to RGGI, Prof. Mary Evans and Prof. Mark Huber

Jack Lori , FES, The Growth of Socially Responsible Investing in U.S. Equity Markets and Abnormal Sin Stock Returns, Prof. Daren Filson

Logan Miller , FES, California, the Land of Opportunity Zones: Using the Real Estate Market to Evaluate a New Tax Program, Prof. Matthew Magilke

Charles Novogradac , BA/MA, An Evaluation of a Simple Merger Arbitrage Strategy in Middle-Market Mergers and Acquisitions, Prof. Darren Filson  

Mark Sui , BA/MA, Do There Exist Industry-Specific Predictors of Deal Failure in Technology M&A?, Prof. Murat Binay  

Krystal Sung , FES, Are Women Executives Hurting Firm Performance? An Examination of Gender Diversity on Firm Risk, Performance, and Executive Compensation, Prof. Heather Antecol

Shujie (John) Xia , BA/MA, IPO Underpricing: The Role of Expected Future Business Conditions, Prof. Eric Hughson  

Spring 2019  

Jared Barclay , BA/MA , Golden Years: Gold Mining Equity Returns After Introduction of the All-In Sustaining Cost Metric, Prof. Matthew Magilke

Chloe Cho , BA/MA, Does managerial risk-taking incentives for R&D investments translate to future earnings? Prof. George Batta

Mackenzie Cooney , FES, YIELD – CURVE MOMENTUM, Prof. Eric Hughson

Matthew Daruty , FES, The Fall of the 10-K Report: Measuring the Impact of Accounting Ratios on Financial Performance, Prof. Matthew Magilke

John Everett , FES, Passive Investing’s Implications for Actively Managed Funds, Prof. Eric Hughson

Roma Forest , BA/MA, Value of Corporate Political Ties in Southeast Asia, Prof. Eric Hughson

Jennifer Mace , FES, Are CDS Auctions the Tail Wagging the Dog? An Empirical Study of Corporate Bond Return Volatility at the Time of Default, Prof. Fan Yu

Alexander Malmlund , FES, The Financial Incentives to Adopting Corporate Social Responsibly and Socially Responsible Investing Practices, Prof. Matthew Magilke  

Nikolas Papageorgiou , FES, M&A Performance: Market’s Initial Reaction as an Unbiased Indicator or Post-acquisition Performance, Prof. Murat Binay    

Lan Phan , FES, Voluntary Disclosure of Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators during Earnings Releases, Prof. George Batta

John Savard , FES, Abnormal Returns around Lock-Up Expiration Date and the Explanatory Power of Insider Trading for Technology Firms, Prof. Yong Kim

Joseph Scheuer, FES, Growing Earnings Response Coefficients: Are analysts getting smarter, or are investors getting lazy? Prof. Eric Hughson

Patrick Thomas , FES, Financing Method and Abnormal Returns in Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, Prof. Murat Binay

Sylvan Zhang , FES, The Predictive Power of the VIX Futures Prices on Future Realized Volatility, Prof. Fan Yu

2017-2018 Senior Theses

Crystal anderson , fes, the effect of the mandatory adoption of ifrs on transparency for investors , professor george batta, emily bassett , fes, the effect of chinese capital control liberalizations on shanghai stock market integration , professor richard burdekin, abhishek biyani , fes, an event study to understand the varied response of demonetization on the indian stock exchange , professor cameron shelton, bhavika booragadda , fes, ipo underpricing and insider wealth maximization in internet firms , professor lisa meulbroek, cara brinster , fes, the mortgage interest deduction and implications of its limitation in tax reform , professor matthew magilke, jack brown , fes, the effects of the correspondent banking network on the real economy , professor angela vossmeyer, victor bunce , ba/ma, does growth drive valuation an analysis of percent revenue growth as a multiples-based valuation method in public mergers and acquisitions , professor george batta, amberish chitre , ba/ma, the effect of the change in call loan rates and volatility on stock returns in 1929: an empirical study into a determinant of the great depression , professor eric hughson, tim de silva , fes, are volatility expectations in different countries interdependent a data-driven solution to structural var identification for implied equity volatility indices , professor fan yu, kendall greenberg , ba/ma, you can run but you can’t hide: the advance of shareholder activism , professor murat binay, alexander huesing , fes, crude oil volatility during the shale revolution , professor eric hughson, kanishk kapur , fes, is the accruals anomaly more persistent in firms with weak internal controls , professor george batta, ammar karmali , fes, analyzing large shocks to the dows jones industrial average using historical industry-specific leverage ratios , professor eric hughson, bryan lynch , fes, the effect of gender diversity on liquidity risk and bank performance , professor yaron raviv, clara madsen , fes, the effects of u.s and uk quantitative easing on the u.s and uk commercial real estate markets , professor richard burdekin, joe malgesini , fes, a smart beta approach to fama-french and profitability , professor eric hughson, arya nakhjavani , fes, geo-political risk-augmented capital asset pricing model and the effect on long-term stock market returns , professor eric hughson, geno quaid , ba/ma, event study of amazon entering new markets and the effects on incumbent firm stock prices , professor eric hughson, lauren rosenberger , fes, the impact of regulation on industry abnormal returns following the 1933 bank holiday , professor eric hughson, benjamin sacks , fes, model specification for cmbs loan default: a retrospective look at cmbs performance through the great recession , professor eric hughson, latisha shah , ba/ma, institutional ownership in relation to the mandatory audit firm rotation rule and its effect on audit quality , professor andrew finley, aarushi tibrewala , ba/ma, risk and returns: the impact of political risk on financial returns in emerging and developed markets , professor murat binay, shruti topudurti , ba/ma, determinants of flows between active and passive equity investments , professor darren filson, daniel walker , fes, returns to buying winners and selling losers: a look at cryptocurrencies , professor fan yu, peter welch, fes, model specification for bank failure: a retrospective look at banks in missouri during the great depression , professor angela vossmeyer, zihan (cathy) ye, fes, success factors of first time fund in venture capital , professor darren filson, 2016-2017 senior theses, nathan (gator) adams , fes, is silence the answer , professor george batta, tanvi bhargava , fes, financial performance of football teams: effects of win maximization, performance and transfer spending on stock prices , professor richard burdekin, jack gerstenberger , fes, the impact of macroeconomic changes on restaurant segment stock returns , professor darren filson, jinlin (dennis) gu , fes, housing prices in jingjinji, huninghang and pearl river delta , professor richard burdekin, matthieu hafemeister , fes, understanding the impact and implications of labor leverage on cash holdings , professor joshua rosett, griffin lazarus , fes, stock returns and industrial production: a sectoral analysis , professor marc weidenmier, jizi lu , fes, effects of the gender of the real estate agents on house prices , professor yaron raviv, tania salomon , fes, the risk-return characteristics and diversification benefits of fine wine investment , professor manfred keil, janet smith, chuyi (wendy) sheng , fes, the impact of the shadow banking industry on the effectiveness of monetary policies in china , professor richard burdekin, yunyi (joanna) wang ,   does wall street love the federal reserve , professor eric hughson, chengwu (harris) xuan , fes, does the use of financial derivatives affect distance-to default: evidence from u.s. holding companies , professor george batta, 2015-2016 senior theses, najeer ahmed , fes, addressing the post-keynesian critique: exchange rate determination with an extended mundell-fleming model , professor sven arndt, justin beck, fes, nafta’s impact on mexico, the u.s., and canada’s economies: a look at stock returns , professor sven arndt, ricardo fernholz, ahmed eltamami , fes, the effect of increased regulation on option use within the information technology industry , professor lisa meulbroek, james ingram , fes, the effects of the 1933 bank holiday and the emergency banking act of 1933 on the systematic risks of various industries , professor eric hughson, eduardo ramirez , fes, does size and industry affect ceo performance the effect of ceo succession announcements on firm value , professor darren filson, sharan seth , fes, the effects of managerial turnover on share prices of publicly traded english football teams , professor darren filson, andrew sova , fes, the effect of negative special items on future income in different sectors , professor eric hughson, zhengyang xu , fes, contagion and competitive intra-industry effects of default announcements – evidence from chinese bond market , professor fan yu, xinying yow , fes, measuring the effectiveness of china’s capital flow management and progress on capital account liberalization , professor sven arndt, emily zhang , fes, san francisco’s housing price surge: strained market fundamentals or exaggerated expectations , professor richard burdekin, shiyu zhang , fes, relationship between real estate market and stock market in china , professor fan yu.


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