Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

Our guide provides a ranking of the top online Ph.D. in education degrees to help prospective students choose the best fit for their career goals.

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Updated September 6, 2022

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Are you ready to find your fit?

An online Ph.D. in education may suit students who enjoy classroom teaching or prefer the field's administrative aspects. Educators help students develop their potential and learning style through cooperative learning, teamwork, projects, and individual work. Educational administrators provide direction and day-to-day management of educational institutions, including preschools and colleges. A doctoral education degree meets qualifications for both roles.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, postsecondary education administrators and postsecondary teachers both earn higher than average salaries. The BLS projects 8% and 12% respective growth for these jobs during 2020-2030.

Ph.D. in Education Frequently Asked Questions

Is a ph.d. in education worth it.

Yes, though it depends on students' career trajectories and preferences. Mid-career education professionals wanting to advance their salary may consider pursuing a Ph.D. in education.

What can you do with a Ph.D. in education?

An online Ph.D. in education satisfies the educational requirements for high-paying senior educational leadership positions. Graduates pursue careers as educational administrators, superintendents, and researchers. They can also work as college professors.

How long does it take to get a Ph.D. in education?

Ph.D. students pursuing an education degree full time spend about three years to earn a degree. The program involves two years of classes as well as research and a dissertation. However, program length can vary by school and students' enrollment status.

What is the difference between a Ph.D. and a doctorate?

"Doctorate" refers to an umbrella term for a degree or rank. A Ph.D. falls under the doctorate category.

Featured Online Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

Why Get a Degree in Education?

Students can apply education theory and put it into practice with a Ph.D. in education. Learning these practices gives students credibility, upward mobility, and the technical expertise needed to specialize in the field.

A Ph.D. in education offers students the potential for high earnings. The highest-paid postsecondary education administrators earn almost $200,000 annually. However, salary depends on career choice and the type of educational institution where graduates choose to work.

Ph.D. students who opt for an online education degree can benefit from lower costs, classroom flexibility, and access to faculty. Students and faculty communicate through email, instant messaging, and video chat.

How Much Does an Education Degree Cost?

Online education degrees often cost less than on-campus programs. However, an online Ph.D. in education varies in cost. Tuition, books, online registration, and other fees might cost several thousands of dollars per year.

Tuition makes up the largest percentage of the cost of getting an online education degree. Learners should compare costs among online schools before committing to one institution. Online degree -seekers save on transportation expenses, school supplies, and housing.

Prospective students may want to research other opportunities to reduce debt. Many schools support doctoral students through tuition waivers and stipends.

How Much Do Education Graduates Make?

According to the BLS, postsecondary education administrators earn annual median salaries of $97,500. Postsecondary teachers earn a median salary of $80,560 annually.

An online Ph.D. in education, a terminal degree, offers the highest level of education in the field. However, learners may need to tap into continuing education and certifications to advance their careers and salary.

Specific specializations within a Ph.D. program may offer more lucrative opportunities. A Ph.D. in education with a specialization in education policy can lead to a role as a public policy analyst. Specializations include counseling education, curriculum studies, and educational linguistics.

Courses in Education

Learners typically complete about two years of coursework. They also complete research projects, exams, and a dissertation. Some programs may require an individualized research practicum, research assistantship, or a faculty research project.

Degree-seekers gain research and analytical skills. They can align their studies with their research interests and professional goals through specializations. Options include curriculum and instruction , educational psychology, and leadership.

Not all programs offer every course. The three listed below represent a sample curriculum.

Higher Education History and Philosophy

Leadership and organizational theory, advanced educational psychology, certifications and licensure for education.

The following certifications and licensures enable students to become education leaders. Each credential features various requirements, including licensure exams. Students should learn their state's specific requirements.

Scholarships for Education

Students pursuing a Ph.D. in education qualify for various scholarships from companies and professional organizations. Learners can also apply for institutional grants and scholarships.

Online Ph.D. in Education 2022

#1 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

Ball State University

Ball State University offers in-person doctorate programs on its campus in Muncie, Indiana, as well as online programs. Working professionals take advantage of the flexible program to earn their degree around their other commitments.

Pursuing a doctorate requires a large time commitment. students take required classes, pass exams, and write a research-based dissertation.

Ball State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a regional accrediting body.

Ball State University Numbers:

Average Price After Financial Aid: $13,533

Percentage of Learners Awarded Financial Aid: 91%

Percentage of Students Awarded Loans: 56%

Student Admission Rate: 77%

Transfer Credits Toward Degree: No

#2 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

East Tennessee State University

Located in Johnson City, Tennessee, East Tennessee State University enrolls students as a public institution. The school offers an online doctorate in . The doctoral program builds on the student's prior knowledge to strengthen advanced skills.

An online doctorate can help students pursue an advanced degree while maintaining a full-time job. Students considering the program can reach out to a faculty advisor to learn about any in-person requirements.

The terminal degree in childhood education prepares graduates for leadership roles in their field. Doctoral students typically complete their degree within five years. Graduates work in academic, research, or practice careers after completing the program.

East Tennessee State University Numbers:

In-state Graduate Tuition: $8,640

Out-of-state Graduate Tuition: $23,760

Admission Rate: 86%

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 15-to-1

#3 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

Hampton University

An online doctoral degree from Hampton University helps professionals advance their careers and pursue new opportunities. Employers value the graduate-level education and training of the doctor of philosophy in counselor education and supervision.

Students may receive credit for hands-on learning opportunities, such as internships. The institution's website provides details about how to earn credit for graduate-level experiential learning. To prepare for careers, degree-seekers can participate in networking events through student organizations.

The school holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, a regional accrediting body.

Hampton University Facts:

Students Awarded Financial Aid: 96%

Students Receiving Loans: 66%

Acceptance Rate: 36%

Awards Transfer Credits: No

#4 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

Indiana State University

Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, Indiana State University offers on-campus and online programs as a public institution. The doctor of philosophy in educational administration trains graduates for advanced careers through a flexible learning format. The doctoral program builds on the student's prior knowledge to strengthen advanced skills.

A doctorate requires intensive studies. The online learning format helps graduate students balance school with other responsibilities. Doctoral students often arrange to complete in-person activities in their local areas.

As the terminal degree in , a doctorate represents the highest level of education in the field. Doctoral students generally spend 3-6 years earning their degree. After earning a doctorate, graduates work in academia, research, and practice.

Indiana State University Facts:

Total Online Doctoral Programs: 4

In-state Graduate Tuition: $7,542

Out-of-state Graduate Tuition: $14,814

Admission Rate: 90%

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 18-to-1

#5 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

Liberty University

Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University offers on-campus and online programs as a private institution. The school offers online doctoral programs in many academic and professional subjects, including a Ph.D. in education. Prospective applicants can contact the program for more information about admission requirements and start dates.

While a doctorate requires intensive study, the online format helps students balance their degree with other responsibilities. Students considering the program can reach out to a faculty advisor to learn about any in-person requirements.

A doctoral degree, the highest level of education builds expert-level knowledge. Most doctoral programs require 4-6 years of study, though the length varies depending on the program and the student's enrollment option. The degree leads to opportunities in academia, research, and practice.

Liberty University Numbers:

Total Online Doctoral Programs: 9

Graduate Tuition: $7,980

Average Cost per Credit: 750

Admission Rate: 51%

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 17-to-1

#6 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

Regent University

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Regent University offers on-campus and online programs as a private institution. Regent provides a flexible route to a doctorate in education. Prospective applicants can learn more about start dates, doctoral tracks, and admission requirements by contacting the program.

The online learning format helps doctoral students complete an advanced degree while working full time. Doctoral students often arrange to complete in-person activities in their local areas.

Doctoral students typically spend 4-6 years in school.

Regent University Facts:

Total Online Doctoral Programs: 12

Graduate Tuition: $15,552

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 29-to-1

#7 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

Texas Tech University

Ph.D. in curriculum studies and teacher education students receive valuable knowledge and training for their careers.

Texas Tech University may award credit for internships and service-learning experiences. Students can explore the school’s website to learn how to earn credit for internships and graduate-level hands-on learning opportunities. Degree-seekers can join student organizations to network with other students and access professional development opportunities.

Texas Tech University has received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Texas Tech University at a Glance:

Grad Tuition Rate: $5,958 in-state; $13,428 out-of-state

Number of Online Master's Programs: 14

Online Doctorate Programs Offered: 1

#8 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

Union Institute & University

A private institution, Union Institute & University welcomes degree-seekers to its main campus in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school offers an online doctorate in interdisciplinary studies. Prospective applicants should contact the program to learn more about the admission requirements.

An online doctorate can help students pursue an advanced degree while maintaining a full-time job. The school offers academic advising, library access, and career counseling for distance-learning doctoral students.

A doctoral degree, the highest level of education in interdisciplinary studies, builds expert-level knowledge. Doctoral students generally earn their degree in 3-6 years. Graduates pursue careers in academia, research, or practice.

Union Institute & University At a Glance:

Graduate Tuition: $14,652

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 8-to-1

#9 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus is a public college based in Denver, Colorado. The online Ph.D. in education and human development prepares doctoral students for advanced roles in their field. Prospective applicants should contact the program to learn more about the admission requirements.

Designed for full-time professionals, the program makes it easier to balance school with work. Online doctoral students can visit campus to meet with fellow students or to walk at graduation.

The terminal degree in education and human development, a doctorate prepares graduates for leadership roles in their field. Most doctoral students complete their degree within five years. The program prepares learners for careers in academia, research, and practice.

University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus At a Glance:

Total Online Doctoral Programs: 6

In-state Graduate Tuition: $6,786

Out-of-state Graduate Tuition: $22,590

Admission Rate: 67%

#10 Online Ph.D. In Education 2022

University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado is a leader in e-learning. A doctoral degree from this school gives professionals the highest credential possible in their field.

Students first complete 1-3 years of coursework followed by dissertation research and exams. With a doctorate, graduates can pursue many different careers, including research and academic careers.

The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

University of Northern Colorado at a Glance:

Online Master's Programs Offered: 15

Number of Online Doctorate Programs: 3

Grad Tuition: $10,867 in-state; $19,620 out-of-state

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How to Survive Your PhD

llm phd integrated course

About this course

You need to be smart to begin a PhD - but you need to be resilient to finish one. Between one-quarter and one-third of all research students never finish their degree. The PhD is an emotional journey as much as it is an intellectual one.

What kinds of emotions does the research degree process provoke? What strategies can help students deal with the emotional highs and lows? How can academic advisors, family and friends help research students cope with these stresses - and celebrate the successes?

This course is primarily designed for masters, PhD, and research students and the academics who are tasked with helping them, but you may also be a family member or friend of a PhD student who is seeking to better understand what your loved one is going through.

By directly addressing the emotional issues, and by helping us see the connections between emotional resilience and success, this course aims to help us all create a more supportive academic environment, where students can do their best research work.

At a glance

What you'll learn

Week one: Setting the scene Prior research on research student success and failure shows that there are a range of common factors at play. We examine these factors and start to look at the causes.   Week Two: A quick history of the doctorate To better understand how and research degree study can be so difficult we will take a brief tour back to the late middle ages and the birth of the university - as a place and an idea.   Week Three: Confidence We take a look at confidence, in particular why some students have very little. We’ll explore the imposter syndrome and how we might counter it and then have a look at the risks of over confidence.   Week Four: Frustration This week we look at frustration. Research can be very frustrating, but writing is perhaps the site of most of the frustration that students feel. We explore the nature of this frustration and how supervisors can make it better - or worse.   Week Five: Loneliness Loneliness and isolation seems to be a common problem for research students - but how does it happen? We look at the difference between social isolation and intellectual isolation. We tackle the difficult problem of how much help a supervisor should really give a student.   Week Six: Fear Research students are high achievers who often have an intense fear of failure. We look at two fears in particular - fear of writing and fear of speaking in public.   Week Seven: Curiosity Good researchers are curious creatures! Curiosity is crucial to research, but what happens when curiosity gets out of control? This week we focus on the literature review as a site where curiosity can get out of control.   Week Eight: Confusion Confusion is an inevitable part of the research degree process - but do research students get confused about the same sorts of  things?   Week Nine: Boredom A research degree usually involves a big project that takes place over an extended period of time. It’s inevitable that some students will get bored. But boredom is much more interesting than you might think!   Week Ten: Love Do researchers always love their work? What about love for your supervisor - is that appropriate? If you truly love your discipline, how should you behave as a researcher? This week we look at Love - and it’s complicated.

About the instructors

Interested in this course for your business or team.

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llm phd integrated course

Popular Searches

LLM PhD Integrated Course, Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Subjects, Scope & Career Growth

Download Guide

What is LLM Ph.D.?

LLM Ph.D is an integrated dual degree course. It combines postgraduate level LLM and doctoral Phd programme. LLM PhD dual degree can be pursued by students that come from different academic backgrounds. It is one of the best ways to develop the right amount of knowledge in the field of law. As people are being aware of their legal rights and responsibilities, the demand for the law courses has increased among students. There are numerous specialisations offered in law courses such as international business law, patent law, civil law , human rights law, corporate law and labour law . You need to keep reading the article to know more about the integrated LLM Ph.D programme.

The LLM course can be completed in one year, and from then onwards, you can start your Ph.D . Now, the essential degree is complete. Let us move to a Ph D. after LLM. A lot of people consider LLM to be the degree which you need to do if you are looking to teach a student in college or if you want to pursue Ph.D.

What is LLM PhD full form?

LLM PhD stands for Master of Legislative Law- Doctor of Philosophy. The Ph.D. topic depends on what subjects you have chosen in your LLM. The Ph.D. in legal studies helps students understand the advanced legal system of the country and the different policies that come into play to make juridical decisions. A candidate who is applying for an LLM course must be keen to study law and the various niches which the law offers. For a person to pursue LLM Ph.D dual degree, one needs to have a good observational trait to look for even the smallest details. Also, they should be good at interpersonal skills and should be comfortable in running the debate. As we have said, the topic of Ph.D depends on the courses you have chosen in your LLM. Given below are some of the widely accepted types of LLM courses which can help you initiate your Ph.D.

LLM PhD Highlights

Llm phd fee structure.

The fee structure of LLM PhD integrated course is planned by the management authority of the academic institution. It may vary from college to college. We have provided details of the LLM PhD fee structure of RNB Global University.

Why choose LLM Ph.D

The LLM PhD integrated course is suitable for all professionals. Whether you are a lawyer or a non-lawyer, it doesn’t matter. LLM PhD dual degree is well recognized internationally and will stand the test of the time. The masters of law are not only for lawyers who fight their cases in the courtroom. People in industrial business, academia, marketing, international diplomacy, and administration are some of the different opportunities in which you can kickstart your career with this master’s degree.

LLM Ph.D. Eligibility

Every institute has its own eligibility criteria for the LLM PhD integrated course. we have provided you with the basic eligibility which every law school demands from the students to pursue LLM course along with Ph.D

First, a student must have done bachelor's in law or have some kind of degree in law, which could be either LLB/BA , LLB/BBA , from the recognised university or college.

Some colleges may have a higher minimum percentage when it comes to the admission process in LLM. But for most law schools, a minimum of 50-55 per cent in previous bachelors is required.

When it comes to the age limit, there is no specified age to take LLM courses in various colleges in the country. You only need to complete your graduation to pursue LLM.

LLM Ph.D Admission Process

Suppose you are interested in doing your LLM course along with a Ph.D. You need to make sure that you apply for all the top law schools that are present in the country. Also, when you are pursuing LLM, you need to take a specialisation in it.

Candidates who want to get admission to the LLM course first need to appear for the national entrance exams. To get admission to top law-schools that the nation has to offer.

Once you have filled the application form for the LLM course entrance test, you need to appear in the exam and score good marks. After the result is out, colleges will have they're cut off for the respective entrance exams, and you can apply for those colleges whose cut-off you have cleared.

After applying to college, you need to visit the campus for the final interview round, where the administration will ask you a general question and test your verbal skills.

Now, if you are selected in the college, you will start your LLM course and during those 12 months, you can choose the topic for your Ph.D. and submit a draft to the college.

Also, if you are interested in combining LLM courses along with a Ph.D., the whole admission process is the same. But, candidates also need to provide the working experience certificate, which needs to be off at least three to five years.

LLM Ph.D Top Entrance Exams

LLM Ph.D. dual degree is a four year programme. It was earlier offered by NALSAR, Hyderabad only. Now, other law colleges also started offering this programme. One can get admission in NALSAR, Hyderabad with the qualifying CLAT score including fulfillment of minimum requirement of eligibility criteria.

Top Entrance Exams of LLM Ph.D

CLAT: CLAT is the most popular national level law entrance examination. It is conducted to provide admissions in the 22 National Law Universities. It’s score is considered to provide admissions in other law colleges across India.

AILET : AILET is the abbreviated name of All India Law Entrance Examination. It is a national level law entrance examination.It is conducted by NLU Delhi to provide admissions in BA LLB, LLM and PhD programmes. The examination is conducted in offline mode.

LSAT India : LSAT India is the abbreviation of Law School Admission Test for India. It is conducted by LSAC also known as Law School Admission Council. It is a national level law entrance examination conducted in online mode. The duration of the examination is 2 hours 20 minutes.

LLM PhD Cut Off

A cut off is the minimum required scores that determine the eligibility of candidates to offer enrollment in the academic programmes. It is affected by three major factors: number of candidates participating in the examination, number of available seats and difficulty level of examination.

Popular Law Colleges in India

We have provided below a list of top law colleges in India. Candidates wishing to enroll in a law programme or pursue a career in the field of legal studies may check out these colleges.

Top LLM Colleges by Location

We have provided below a list of top law colleges offering LLM course by location. Candidates wishing to enroll in the programme may check top LLM colleges in their cities. The admission process, eligibility and fee structure of each LLM college may vary.

Browse LLM College by Location

LLM Ph.D Syllabus

There are several different subjects and specializations, which you can choose when you are pursuing LLM course as we have already mentioned the specialisation subjects, which you can pursue during your 12 month time period in LLM. Depending on your specialisation, the syllabus will be different for each course. Given below are the syllabus for some of the top courses, which are highly recommended in LLM course along with their syllabus for your better understanding.

Syllabus for LLM Ph.D Semesters 1 and 2

Syllabus for LLM Ph.D Semesters 3 and 4

Syllabus for LLM Ph.D Elective Papers

Top Law Colleges Accepting CLAT Score

Llm ph.d. specialisations.

LLM PhD dual degree course allows students to learn new different core subjects, which can help in building a good law career. Given below are some of the law specialisations which you should be looking for when you apply for the LLM PhD integrated course.

Business Law

The course helps students understand the business's daily work and how a person deals with people and commercial firms that need governing. You can go for business law in both your undergraduate and postgraduate degree. Many people think of business law and corporate law to be the same, but these two are a bit different if you dig a little deep. The main focus of corporate law is to study how the organisations have been formed and how they run and manage them under all legal rules.

Criminal Law

If you want to learn how a criminal thinks and has a keen interest in solving complex cases, this is the right option. Criminal law is the study of criminal offenses. It regulates the apprehension, charging, and trials of the individuals who are suspected criminals. Criminal law study is one of the studies in the law that gives you the ability to give something back to the community. It ensures the security of the group and its survival.

Human Rights

Just from the name, you can see it is one of the law courses which deals with the learning of the rights which are bestowed by the people of the country from their government. The study of human rights will give you knowledge of theoretical and practical understanding of international human rights and its political context. You get to take part in the regular debates that take place in the colleges to connect yourself with the practice of human rights and learn about what are the new changes in human rights.

Taxation Law

If you have already completed your bachelor's in commerce field or have got the certificate of CA., then taxation law is the perfect course for you to get your LLM courses specialisation in. It increases your knowledge of the tax assessment structure of the government. Once you complete this degree, you can be hired for MNCs to create a taxation plan, tax consultant advisors.

What after LLM Ph.D

There are a number of opportunities open up for you once you complete your LLM Ph.D. Here is the list of career options which you can choose that can easily provide both the social respect and respectable annual salary.

Careers Opportunities After LLM Ph.D

LLM courses will bring both respect and money in your life. This is a fact. There are a lot of public areas where the government needs an LLM course candidate to help them out. The salary might not be as good as a software developer in the top five MNCs in the world. But the perks you get with your job will cover it up. Given below, we have named some career options which you can choose after completing your LLM with integrated Ph.D.

Advocate: - You can have a great career both in India and abroad when it comes to becoming an advocate. You will be able to showcase your knowledge of Indian law. To succeed in this line, you need to have an astute for human behaviour and psychology.

Lawyer : A lawyer is a professional who practices law. He or she provided advice to clients on legal matters. He or she may advocate and represent clients in the courts. A lawyer interprets the legal terms to clients and interprets laws, ruling and regulations to individuals and businesses. He or she conducts case studies and prepares legal documents.

Legal consultant: - A legal consultant or legal advisor helps the company sign a legal contract with the new companies or with the new client. It requires you to have legitimate research, drafting, and research related to your company's projects.

Judge : - one of the highly reputed jobs in India can be taken up if you have completed your LLM coursePh.D. surely you need to give an exam for that, but this course will help you prepare for it, and during the interview stage the postgraduate degree with Ph.D. is going to help you pass the process with flying colours.

LLM PhD Salary

We have provided below the salary details based on the law career job profiles. The salary offered to LLM PhD graduates may vary depending on their job profile and area of law specialisation and the structure of the employing organisation.

LLM PhD Recruiters

Talwar Thakore Associates

Societe Generale

Dave & Girish

PH Parekh & Co.

J Sagar and Associates

LLM PhD Employing Areas

An LLM PhD is a higher level of qualification in the field of legal studies. Successful LLM PhD graduates can become law professors and start teaching in the law colleges and universities. They can either start working with NGOs, media houses, NPOs, legal firms or in court of law.

Top Private LLM PhD Colleges

LLM PhD programme is a newly adopted programme. It has been designed to deal with the unavailability of law faculty in the colleges as per TOI article. NALSAR, Hyderabad has been the first and only university to offer this course. Now, a private university RML Global University has also started offering this course.

Top Government LLM PhD Colleges

NALSAR, University of Law, Hyderabad launched this programme to deal with the crisis of faculty in law colleges and absence of research in the field of legal studies.

Browse LLM College by States

There are numerous LLM colleges in India . Candidates seeking admission in LLM course may check top colleges offering the same in various states from the table provided below. Successful completion of LLB is a mandatory requirement to enroll in the LLM course.

Browse LLM Colleges by States

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - LLM PhD Integrated Course, Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Subjects, Scope & Career Growth

Question: is llm course different from the llm ph.d..

Yes. You will need three or more years to complete LLM Ph.D. In this programme, a student needs to choose a topic for the research and come up with the solution and thesis along with the published paper at the end of the final year to complete the programme. LLM course is a postgraduate degree in law. 

Question: Do all LLM course have a one year time period?

There are certain exceptions that can go beyond one year of the time period but mostly LLM course full-time programmes take one year to complete. Some schools do offer part-time and distance learning to their students so that LLM course can be done in two to three years depending on the law school. 

Question: What is the minimum requirement for applying for the seat of LLM course Ph.D. in top colleges?

You need to have work experience in this field and your bachelors have to be related to legal studies in one way or the other. 

Question: Will LLM course Ph.D. help me in my career as a lawyer?

Yes, when you enroll in LLM course you have to choose a specialisation for your postgraduate. During this decision making, you can choose for criminal law, family law as your specialisation. These will help you learn the core concepts of Indian law which will be beneficial for you in the long term when you need to represent your client in court. 

Question: As a B.Tech graduate, can I pursue an LLM coursePh.D.?

To get admission in  LLM , you need to have a bachelors in the same field, which is a legal study. You can get admission in LLM course postgraduate courses in some colleges. Still, top law schools require you to have previous experience in the field or a graduate degree.

Top Ranked Law Colleges

Browse by location.

List of LLM Ph.D Colleges in India

llm phd integrated course

Top LLM Ph.D Colleges in India

llm phd integrated course

List of Law Colleges

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Auro University

Integrated LLM+PhD

llm phd integrated course

Integrated LLM-PhD

In furtherance of its objective to create an environment for high quality Legal Research, Center for Post Graduate Legal Studies, School of Law, AURO University, offers Integrated LLM-PhD Degree Program.

Duration –  4 Years [1 year for LLM and 3 years for PhD]. However, in exceptional cases, the University may give extension to a student to submit its doctoral thesis.

Eligibility –  Any student who have successfully completed 5 year integrated law degree program or 3 years Law degree from an approved Institution or University.

Admission Procedure

Latest News:

Toll free: 1800-313-0075

Campus Virtual Tour

Toll Free 1800-313-0075

Admission Open 2023

Register Under CUET

RNBGU Award Logo

The RNB Global University has been established by act no 20 of 2015 passed by the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha and notified by state of Rajasthan on 27/04/2015. The degrees which will be awarded by RNB Global University would be recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC).

llm phd integrated course

RNB Global University teaches not only what to think, but even how in order to overcome challenges & lead others. RNBGU brings together highly experienced & qualified Faculties and talented students from throughout the county at one place for an exceptional ...

llm phd integrated course

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llm phd integrated course

RNB Global University accepts admission applications to a wide variety of Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs. RNBGU welcomes applications from all over the world & offer a venue to benefit from studying with us.

llm phd integrated course

We believe that a clean, green and a pollution free environment provides a pristine backdrop for an effective learning experience. We have therefore left no stone unturned in the development of a green ecosystem to provide enrichment to the mind, heart and soul of ...

llm phd integrated course

Integrated LLM Ph.D Dual Degree - 2022-23

Program Code :

Eligibility :

Graduation from any Recognised University in LLB/5 Year Integrated Law with atleast 50% (45% for SC/ST category) in aggregate.

Criteria for Preparation of Merit List

Please click here for our step by step procedure for admission.

Fee Structure

Semester Fee

Tuition Fee

Examination fee, semester total fees, scholarship.

Payable Fees After Scholarships Per Semester

*For Scholarship details & applicability check our Scholarships section click here

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An integrated LLM-PhD degree

An integrated LLM-PhD degree

What do you want to do?

Find out about the research we do in law.

llm phd integrated course

Find a supervisor

llm phd integrated course

Mode of study

4 years full-time

llm phd integrated course

International   £18,410

UK   £4,596

llm phd integrated course

Entry requirements

Research profile.

Over the years, Brunel Law School has established itself as a major player in the UK law research landscape and is ranked as one of the top law schools in the UK for research. 

The impact of our diversity within the Brunel Law School is evident in the breadth of our research activity which can be divided into public and private law. Our research activity embraces doctrinal, theoretical, critical, contextual and comparative approaches to the study of law. It reaches from the local to the global, addressing important challenges in domestic law as well as universal legal, economic, and social issues. We investigate in depth how best to create and maintain just societies that fairly balance both personal freedom and authority, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals and society. 

Find out about the exciting research we do in this area. Browse profiles of our experts, discover the research groups and their inspirational research activities you too could be part of. We’ve also made available extensive reading materials published by our academics and PhD students.  

Learn more about research in this area.

The  Brunel Integrated PhD combines PhD research with a programme of structured research, professional and subject training. The programme typically takes 4 years (compared to 3 years for a non-integrated PhD programme). On successful completion, you will be awarded a PhD with an Integrated Postgraduate Diploma in Research in your chosen subject specialisation.

You will benefit from this integrated PhD programme immensely if you want to:  

You can explore our campus and facilities for yourself by taking our virtual tour .

Our researchers create knowledge and advance understanding, and equip versatile doctoral researchers with the confidence to apply what they have learnt for the benefit of society. Find out more about working with the Supervisory Team .

You are welcome to approach your potential supervisor directly to discuss your research interests. Search for expert supervisors for your chosen field of research.

While we welcome applications from student with a clear direction for their research, we are providing you with some ideas for your chosen field of research:

Research journey

The programme involves demonstrating through original research or other advanced scholarship the creation and interpretation of new knowledge, a systematic acquisition and understanding of a substantial body of knowledge at the forefront of an academic discipline or professional practice, the ability to conceptualise, design and implement a project for the general of new knowledge, applications or understanding at the forefront of the discipline.

The programme of taught modules runs in parallel to your research work during the first three years of study, with the fourth year providing time for you to focus on writing up your PhD thesis. The taught modules cover research and professional skills as well as providing discipline-specific content.

The Brunel Integrated PhD aims to support an individual’s development as a research professional. It aims to produce researchers who are well prepared to embark on careers as academics or professional researchers. As well as the skills to conduct and disseminate high-quality academic research, researchers will develop a range of broader (‘transferable’) skills to help ensure that their work has an impact in the wider world.

Find out more here. 

This course can be studied 4 years full-time, starting in January. Or this course can be studied 4 years full-time, starting in October.

Find out about what progress might look like at each stage of study here:  Research degree progress structure.

Research support

Excellent research support and training

The Graduate School provides a range of personal, professional and career development opportunities. This includes workshops, online training, coaching and events, to enable you to enhance your professional profile, refine your skills, and plan your next career steps as part of the Researcher Development Programme . The researcher development programme (RDP) offers workshops and seminars in a range of areas including progression, research management, research dissemination, and careers and personal development. You will also be offered a number of online, self-study courses on BBL, including Research Integrity, Research Skills Toolkit, Research Methods in Literature Review and Principles of Research Methods.

Library services

Brunel's Library is open 24 hours a day, has 400,000 books and 250,000 ebooks, and an annual budget of almost £2m. Subject information Specialists train students in the latest technology, digital literacy, and digital dissemination of scholarly outputs. As well as the physical resources available in the Library, we also provide access to a wealth of electronic resources. These include databases, journals and e-books. Access to these resources has been bought by the Library through subscription and is limited to current staff and students.

Dedicated research support staff provide guidance and training on open access, research data management, copyright and other research integrity issues.

Find out more: Brunel Library

Careers and your future

You will receive tailored careers support during your PhD and for up to three years after you complete your research at Brunel. We encourage you to actively engage in career planning and managing your personal development right from the start of your research, even (or perhaps especially) if you don't yet have a career path in mind. Our careers provision includes online information and advice, one-to-one consultations and a range of events and workshops. The Professional Development Centre runs a varied programme of careers events throughout the academic year. These include industry insight sessions, recruitment fairs, employer pop-ups and skills workshops.

In addition, where available, you may be able to undertake some paid work as we recognise that teaching and learning support duties represent an important professional and career development opportunity.

Find out more.

UK entry requirements

The general University entrance requirement for registration for a research degree is normally a First or Upper Second Class Honours degree (1st or 2:1).

An interview will be required as part of the admissions process and will be conducted by at least two academic staff members remotely via MS Teams, Zoom, or face to face.

Applicants will be required to submit a personal statement and a research statement. Please contact your proposed supervisor, where possible, to receive feedback and guidance on your research statement before submitting it. Learn how to prepare a research statement here .

Please note that Law requires students to submit a 3000 words research statement as part of the application for a PhD programme. For information on completing your research statement please see our video guide here .

EU and International entry requirements

If you require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK, you must prove knowledge of the English language so that we can issue you a Certificate of Acceptance for Study (CAS). To do this, you will need an IELTS for UKVI or Trinity SELT test pass gained from a test centre approved by  UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and on the Secure English Language Testing (SELT) list . This must have been taken and passed within two years from the date the CAS is made.

English language requirements

· IELTS: 7.0 (min 6.0 in all areas)

· Pearson: 64 (min 59 in all subscores)

· BrunELT: 68% (min 58% in all areas)

· TOEFL: 98 (min 20 in all subscores)

You can find out more about the qualifications we accept on our  English Language Requirements  page.

Should you wish to take a pre-sessional English course to improve your English prior to starting your degree course, you must sit the test at an approved SELT provider for the same reason. We offer our own BrunELT English test and have pre-sessional English language courses for students who do not meet requirements or who wish to improve their English. You can find out more information on English courses and test options through our  Brunel Language Centre .

Please check our Admissions  pages for more information on other factors we use to assess applicants. This information is for guidance only and each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Entry requirements are subject to review, and may change.

Fees and funding

2022/23 entry, international.

£18,410 full-time

£9,205 part-time

£4,596 full-time

Fees quoted are per year and are subject to an annual increase.

Fees for EU applicants – For entry in 2023/24 academic year, eligible EU applicants will have the same tuition fees as UK students to continue our support during this transition period. These fees will be applied for the duration of the course.  

Some courses incur  additional course related costs . You can also check our  on-campus accommodation costs  for more information on living expenses.

Brunel offers a number of funding options to research students that help cover the cost of their tuition fees, contribute to living expenses or both. Recently the UK Government made available the Doctoral Student Loans of up to £25,000 for UK and EU students and there is some funding available through the Research Councils. Many of our international students benefit from funding provided by their governments or employers. Brunel alumni enjoy tuition fee discounts of 15%.

Related courses

Doctor of Philosophy Integrated (Law)

Course summary, course information.

Law, Research

Course Code

4 years full-time or part-time equivalent

Admission, Key dates, and Fees

A range of admission options are available for students of all ages and academic backgrounds. The procedures governing admission are defined in UOW's Admissions Procedures , and the UOW College Admissions Policy .

For any specific advice or questions regarding an application, please contact the Future Students Team .


The maximum amount of external credit that can be awarded at the postgraduate level is 50% of the credit point value of the UOW course. For further information contact UOW Future Students , or telephone 1300 367 869 (within Australia) or +61 2 4221 3218 (if overseas).

Most postgraduate research degrees are covered by the Federal Government's Research Training Program (RTP) . If you receive an offer with an RTP place, you do not need to pay the cost of tuition while you are studying as long as you are within your time limits for course completion.

* Session fees are for one session for the year shown. Total course tuition fees shown are indicative, and are based on normal course length and progression. These fees are subject to change from year to year. However, if you receive an offer to study at UOW, your fees will be fully confirmed at the time of your offer.


Tuition fees are reviewed annually: fees payable are dependent on the year of commencement and are subject to increase during the period of study. Overseas Health Cover: Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) must be purchased for the proposed duration of the student visa. For information regarding the OSHC fees applicable, please refer to the international fees website.

* Session fees are for one session for the year shown. Total course tuition fees shown are indicative, and are based on normal course length and progression. These fees are subject to change from year to year. The fees outlined in your Letter of Offer of Admission to the University are correct at the point of offer, but are indicative and subject to change without notice. The indicative total course tuition fee is an estimate, based on normal course length and progression and current course fees.

Admission Profile

This table shows the breakdown of the applicant background of the student group at UOW for this course. It provides data on students that commenced undergraduate study and continued study beyond the census date at UOW in 2022.

Applicant background

This table relates to all students selected on the basis of ATAR alone or ATAR in combination with adjustment factors. For more information on adjustment factors commonly available to applicants, see ‘ATAR-based admission’ .

ATAR profile of ATAR-based offers in 2022

More Information

For more information about UOW admission pathways, see UOW Admission Information.

Course Structure

(Current year structure - subject to change)

Why choose this course

The UOW School of Law is one of Australia's leaders in postgraduate legal research, with strengths in: Criminal law Comparative law in the Asia-Pacific Human rights law International economic and business law Intersectional research into law and society Ocean resources and security Social justice With one of the lowest ratios of students to staff of any Australian law school, it includes qualified staff from Australian and overseas universities, and from the legal profession, whose expertise covers a wide range of specialist areas of law. Graduates of our Doctoral and Masters programs are engaged in influential positions in courts, government agencies, private firms and universities throughout Australia, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.  


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Job Updates

llm phd integrated course


Jindal Global Law School Launches Indias First & Only Online LLM In Corporate & Financial Law In Partnership With Ed-Tech Major Upgrad [Read Brochure]

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The Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) announces the launch of India's First and Only Online LLM (Master of Laws) Degree in Corporate & Financial Law in partnership with upGrad. It has ...

Admission Notification: NALSAR’s Integrated LL.M., Ph.D. Programme [2018-19]

Admission Notification: NALSAR’s Integrated LL.M., Ph.D. Programme [2018-19]

NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, is offering an integrated LL.M., Ph.D. Programme from the academic year 2017–2018.Eligibility: A., LL.B. / LL.B. / B.L. Degree or equivalent degree from a...

Call For Applications: TERI SAS’ One-Year LLM

Call For Applications: TERI SAS’ One-Year LLM

Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice introduces LL.M /M.A in Criminal Laws

Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice introduces LL.M /M.A in Criminal Laws

Azim Premji University introducing One year LL.M. in Law and Development

Azim Premji University introducing One year LL.M. in Law and Development

National Eligibility Test for Assistant Professors and junior Research Fellowship to be held on June 28th

National Eligibility Test for Assistant Professors and junior Research Fellowship to be held on June 28th

Luthra And Luthra Advises Upwards Fintech On Its Acquisition By Lendingkart For INR 100 Crores

llm phd integrated course

NUSRL, Ranchi - Admission to LLM-PhD, JSD and PhD Courses

National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi invites Applications from interested students for following Programs:

Important Dates:

Application Process:

Integrated JSD Program: This is a Three-Year Integrated Program in which the Students shall be awarded the Doctor of Juridical Sciences on the successful completion of the Program.

Eligibility: Bachelor of Law (LLB) from a recognized University with a minimum of 55% in aggregate or an equivalent grade point in the qualifying examination.

LLM-PhD Program: This is a Four-Year Integrated Program in which the Students shall be awarded an LLM at the completion of Two-Year and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on the successful completion of the Program.

PhD Program: It is two-year (Four Semesters) Research Program which is completely residential. The Students shall be awarded the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on the successful completion of the Program.

Eligibility: LLM or Post Graduation in the concerned discipline or subject, from an Indian or foreign University, having at least 55% in aggregate or equivalent grade in the qualifying examination.

Important Information for the Applicants:

Contact: National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi Polytechnic Campus, BIT Mesra, Ranchi - 835215 (Jharkhand) Phone: 0651- 2275250, 2275168, 6570860 Fax: 0651-2275028 E-mail: [email protected], [email protected] Website:

Download Application Form

Law College Events and News

llm phd integrated course

Integrated LLM + Ph.D. at RNB Global University , Bikaner

Airtel | Angel Broking | Ayur | Bank of Baroda | Birla SunLife | Dainik Bhaskar | Epic Research | Fortis Hospital | Hettich India Pvt. Ltd.

Entry Requirements

Want to Know more about RNB Global University Scholarship details?

Other Courses offered by RNB Global University

Integrated B.A. + LL.B (hons.) in agriculture, in computer science and engineering, in cse with specialization in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Photos & Videos

RNBGU Campus View

Contact Details

RNB Global City, Ganganagar Road Bikaner ( Rajasthan)

Go to website...

[email protected]

(For general enquiry)

[email protected]

(For admission related enquiry)

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llm phd integrated course

Osgoode’s PhD in law is a full-time advanced degree requiring research-intensive study and in principally aimed at students pursuing an academic career. It is designed to be completed in three to four years.


An LLM is generally a precondition of admission to the PhD. Students without an LLM should apply initially to the Research LLM; after their first year of study they can apply to advance to the PhD.

Degree Requirements

Graduate seminar i: legal research (gs law 6610).


Note: PhD students are required to complete Graduate Seminar I and are strongly encouraged to also complete Graduate Seminar II.

The Graduate Seminar is the core course for the Graduate Program in Law. Designed to complement other courses, the seminar provides a venue for developing critical assessments of the law and facilitating students’ progress on their own research, papers and dissertation proposals. The seminar also creates an intellectual community and introduces students to Osgoode research resources.

Graduate Seminar II: Advanced Legal Research Methodologies (GS LAW 6611)

This seminar offers a review of quantitative and qualitative methods employed in legal research. Specific sessions focus on interviewing, ethnographic methods, surveys and other quantitative methods, data collection and analysis, archival and document collection and analysis. The seminar is designed for PhD students and is completed in the winter term.

Study Groups

Students participating in study groups read and discuss a number of articles with their groups each week. The groups are not structured as courses but as venues for reflection and discourse. For doctoral students, study groups are equivalent to the comprehensive examinations required by other graduate programs.

First-year PhD students must take one study group for credit. In the second and third year of the program, only full-time PhD students are required to take a (non-credit) study group. Students can choose among five options, depending on their research interests and course availability:

Elective Courses

PhD students can fulfil their elective course requirement through:

Research Outline, Ethical Review and University Guidelines

In the second term of their first year, each student must submit to the Program office a brief outline of their proposed research that has been reviewed and approved by the members of their supervisory committee. The work must be original, containing a new argument supported by research carried out by the student.

A declaration of the ethical issues around the underlying research must be made early in the student’s first year. Projects involving interactions of any kind (for example, through interviews, questionnaires, consultations or observations) require an ethics review.

Dissertations must be prepared in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies thesis and dissertation guidelines .

Extended Dissertation Proposal

PhD students must submit an extended dissertation proposal (50 –70 pages) by the end of their sixth term. Students must defend their proposal in an oral exam before an examining committee (which must be done by the end seventh term).

The dissertation is a piece of original research that reflects a substantial contribution to existing legal literature. Expected to be between 300-350 pages, it should have the usual scholarly apparatus, footnotes and a bibliography prepared in accordance with the McGill Guide to Legal Citations. The dissertation should be of sufficiently high quality to warrant publication by an academic publisher or through a comparable venue.

With the permission of their supervisor and in consultation with the Graduate Program Director, PhD candidates may submit a Portfolio Dissertation in lieu of a conventional thesis. The Portfolio Dissertation must be composed of three to five articles (depending on the length and ambition of the articles) developed during the candidate’s graduate studies, published or accepted for publication, and combined with an introduction and conclusion.

Final Oral Examination

Students must succeed in an oral defence of their dissertation before an examination committee.

Time to Completion

PhD students are expected to complete all requirements within 18 terms (six years).

Residency Requirement

Osgoode’s PhD in Law is offered on the Keele Campus of York University and includes a residency requirement. For at least four terms (sixteen months), students must be physically based in the Toronto area and able to visit campus on a daily basis to participate in classes, attend seminars, meet with the supervisor and study at the library.

More Detail:

Faculty research advisors, related topics:, funding and fees, intellectual life, meet our current doctoral students.

Yale Law School

The Ph.D. in Law Degree

The Ph.D. in Law degree program is designed to prepare J.D. graduates for careers as legal scholars and teachers through a doctoral program aimed at the production of a substantial body of academic research and writing under the close supervision of a three-member faculty dissertation committee. Unlike programs designed for students who wish to learn about law from the disciplinary perspectives of the social sciences or the humanities, the Ph.D. in Law is directed at students who wish to pursue advanced studies in law from the perspective of the law. This program offers emerging scholars an opportunity to contribute to the development of law as an academic field, and it provides an alternate pathway into law teaching alongside existing routes such as fellowships, advanced degrees in cognate fields, legal practice, and clerkships.

Because our entering Ph.D. students will have already completed their J.D. degrees, the anticipated course of study toward the Ph.D. in Law degree is three academic years and two summers in residence. In their first two semesters, Ph.D. students will enroll in courses designed to help them acquire the background and research skills needed to complete a dissertation in their field of interest and to prepare them for qualifying examinations that test the depth and breadth of the literacies and skills they have acquired. During their second year, students will prepare a dissertation prospectus and begin work on a dissertation. The dissertation may take the form of either three law review articles or a book-length manuscript and will make up a portfolio of writing that will be essential for success in the job market. Ph.D. students will also gain experience in the classroom, and receive the full support of Yale Law School’s Law Teaching Program , which has had remarkable success in placing graduates in tenure-track positions at leading law schools.

Ph.D. students receive a full-tuition waiver, a health award for health insurance coverage, and a stipend to cover their year-round living expenses, as well as support for participation in national and international conferences.

Applications for admission to the Ph.D. in Law program are available starting on August 15. The deadline for submission of all materials is December 15. Applicants to the Ph.D. in Law program must complete a J.D. degree at a U.S. law school before they matriculate and begin the Ph.D. program. Any questions about the program may be directed to Gordon Silverstein, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, at [email protected] .

Watch Gordon Silverstein, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, describe the Ph.D. program at Yale Law School.

Student Profile Videos

llm phd integrated course

Amanda Shanor

A student perspective on the PhD in Law program and graduate programs. 

llm phd integrated course

Molly Brady

A student perspective on property law, the PhD degree, and the job market process.

Thomas Kadri

Thomas Kadri

A student perspective on the Ph.D. in Law program and his research on tort liability.

Graduate Student Life

2020 and 2021 Graduate Programs alumni before their in-person ceremony in May 2022

“ 1L year is really hard.…You’re just grinding all the time. And when you come out the other end, you realize that you’ve got skills to make changes in the world. And that feeling is so cool.”

Rebecca Wexler

Class of 2016


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