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Thesis Examples

Here are some of our best senior theses from the past few years. Hard copies of all senior theses from the last four or five years are available for reading in our department offices in Flanner Hall. Extra copies may be checked out with Katie Schlotfeldt; originals must remain in our office area.

  • The Haight & the Hierarchy: Church, City, and Culture in San Francisco, 1967-2008 (2016) -- Sarah Morris
  • Where Have All the Manly Journalists Gone? Gender and Masculinity in Prestige Television Representations of Journalists (2016) -- Jack Rooney
  • Attica! Representations of the 1971 Prison Riot in Local and National Journalism (2016) -- Gretel Kauffman
  • Literary Environmentalism in the Desert Southwest (2015) -- Caroline Schuitema
  • Classrooms of Democracy: Libraries and Museums as Sites of Citizenship (2014) -- Aubrey Butts
  • Identity, Activism and Queer Representation in the Age of AIDS, 1985-1995 (2013) -- Colin O'Niel
  • Creating and Contesting the Cult of Girlhood: Magazines, Zines, and the Girls Who Read Them (2013) -- Olivia Lee
  • A Blank Generation: Richard Hell and American Punk Rock (2012) -- Ross Finney
  • Cul-de-Sac Culture Within City Limits: Exploring Urban/Suburban Borders in Chicago (2012) -- Maisie O'Malley 
  • Bitch. Contemporary Feminism in American Consumer Culture  (2011) -- Catherine Scallen
  • From Slum Clearance and Public Housing High Rises to the Olympic Village: The History of Housing in Bronzeville and the Chicago 2016 Bid  (2010) -- Denise Baron 

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Senior thesis examples.

Graduating seniors in Biological Sciences have the option of submitting a senior thesis for consideration for Honors and Research Prizes .  Below are some examples of particularly outstanding theses from recent years (pdf):

Sledd Thesis

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Honors Program

Thesis examples.

  • Thesis Supervisor
  • Online Submission Instructions
  • Online Approval Instructions
  • Thesis Extensions
  • Publishing in Open Commons

At this point in your college career you are probably most used to projects that can be completed in the span of one semester. Your thesis project will likely span multiple semesters and may be larger than any project you’ve taken on in the past. For those reasons alone, it’s important to look at examples.

Examples can also help you:

  • Learn about potential topics
  • Think creatively and reflectively about your interests and how you will contribute to your field
  • Determine scope and scale of an Honors thesis (as opposed to a Master’s thesis or Doctoral dissertation)
  • Identify potential thesis supervisors
  • Understand methods that may be beneficial in completing your thesis

There are two ways to search:

  • UConn’s Open Commons contains many recent Honors theses.
  • by author’s last name
  • by author’s major
  • by thesis supervisor
  • by the thesis supervisor’s department

If a thesis is available in Open Commons, the title will be hyperlinked within the above PDF files.  Hard copy theses from and 2019 are currently stored in the Honors Program office but are moving soon to the Archives.  Theses from 2018 and older are in the University Archives located at the Dodd Research Center. If you wish to see an older thesis, you must make arrangements through Betsy Pittman at the University Archives Office.

Thesis from 2020 and newer are not available for viewing. They would only be available if the author posted it to Open Commons and it was linked in the PDF’s above.

Note: Questions about the PDFs may be directed to the Honors Program Office .

Scholar Commons


Senior Theses

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Around the Table: A Comparative Study on the Commensality of American and Italian Culture and Its Implications on Wellbeing , Joy Bernal

That’s MY Deity: An Examination of Online Lokean Cultures through Log-Linear Modeling , Mary Bernstein

Immunohistochemical Investigation of WWP1 Expression During Embryonic Heart Development and Its Implications for Cardiac Aging , Savannah L. Bowers

Atomic Utopia: Nuclear Power at the Oconee Power Station in Seneca, South Carolina , Dalton Bridges

Unlikely Heroes: Self-Reflexivity, Comedy, and Reflective Nostalgia in Post-Unification German Film , Lindsay Carney

Bad Blood: Octavia E. Butler Takes a Bite out of Gender and Racial Stereotypes in Fledgling , Abigail Cole

Our Social Packaging: How Labels in Society Affect our Perceptions of Ourselves and What This Implicates for the Overdiagnosis and Self-diagnosis Crisis in Mental Health Conditions , Alexandra X. Cortez

Accessibility of Medical School to Students with Physical Disabilities , Shelby A. Cowan

Making Music Social: Creating a Spotify-Based Social Media Platform , Dalton J. Craven

The Impact of Candidate Sex on Electoral Success in Nonpartisan State Supreme Court Elections , Emma Dickson

Using Podcasts to Bring National Estuarine Research Reserves into the Classroom for Grades 6-12 , Kaitlyn M. Dirr

The Ethical Challenges of Newborn Screening Programs in the United States , Devin Donovan

Free Money: The Feasibility of Implementing a Universal Basic Income in the United States , Chase H. Dorn

Robert Burns’ Poetic Style Through his Poetry, Songs, and Correspondence , Abigail Druckenmiller

Why Word Problems are Hard for High School Math Students: Problem Formulation and Disciplinary Literacy , Emily Charlotte Elliott

The Americans Progress Forgot? An Interdisciplinary Study of the Role of Media in Opiate Politics , Rachael M. Erickson

Toxic Positivity and Perceptions of Mental Health , Madeline E. Feltner

A Comparative Investigation of Tonal Memory Improvements with Electronic and Vocal Pitch Stimulus Training , Grayson M. Fletcher

Girls Just Want to be Safe: An Analysis of Drugged Drinking and Prevention Amongst Students at the University of South Carolina , C. Gray Forsberg

An Exploration of the Social and Economic Factors that Influence the Mental Health of LGBTQ College Students , Alexandria MH Fossum

Noodz: A Strategic Communication Plan for a Startup Restaurant Targeting the College Market , Payton M. Fronapfel

Analyzing the Impact of Salary Discrepancies Between Professional Sports Organizations , Benjamin R. Garner

Mapping Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in South Carolina Surface Waters: Are there Hotspots? , Thomas C. Geiger

Fixing the System: A Comparative Review of the United Kingdom, Germany, and United States’ Healthcare Systems and Lessons Learned for Potential Improvements in the United States , Jessica Goddard

The Future of Bail Reform in the United States , Mary Gorham

Local Translation and Focal Adhesions are Dysregulated in Down Syndrome , Ashlyn Gotberg, Nikita Kirkise M.S., and Kristy Welshhans Ph.D.

Hard Seltzers in Europe: A Sparkling Opportunity? An Analysis of the Market Potential for Hard Seltzers in Europe , Amanda R. Harper

Temperature Effects on Yield of Ideal Wheat Cultivars , Jeffrey Jiang

Humanity's Fate: An Analysis of Speculative Human Evolution in Literary Fiction , Celeste T. Johnson

Consumers and Eco-labels: A Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Various Sustainability Certification Models on Consumer Opinions , William F. Joseph

Role of Nucleus Accumbens Dopamine Receptor Signaling in the Suppression of Punished Reward Seeking , Grace M. Joyner and Anna Caroline Toburen

Balancing Conservation and Enjoyment: A Case Study of Sustainable Tourism in Yellowstone National Park , Rachel E. Killen

Psychosocial Outcomes of African American Traumatic Race-Based Stress , Zenith Lamb

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pediatric Emergency Department Visits for Asthma: A Scoping Review , Peyton Law and Robin Dawson

Comparative Medicaid Policy Analysis Related to Maternal and Infant Birth Outcomes in South Carolina , Cassidy L. Lena

The Economics of Mass Incarceration: How Imprisonment Due to Drug Offenses Impacts the Economy of Texas , Leah N. Letterhos

Understanding Gentrification Outside of the Global Neoliberal Perspective in Hong Kong , Ivy Lu

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccination Rate among the Latino Population in South Carolina , Brynn E. Lynagh

Moral Injury to Inform Analysis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder , Amanda Julia Manea

Parenting During a Pandemic: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Early Childhood Development , Jessica A. Manes

Heroes or Villains: Modern Rappers and their Effect on Young Adult Males , Jared J. McCabe

Understanding Pressures College Women Feel to Have Sex , Hannah L. McCrone

Racial Differences in Hormonal Contraception Use and Accessibility Among University of South Carolina-Columbia Undergraduate Women , Ian L. Mencken

The Benefits and Implementation of Open Science Practices in Exercise Science Research , Brendan Moore

The Virtual Classroom: What can be Learned from the COVID-19 Lockdown , James L. Nations

The Associations of Built Environments on College Students' Physical Activity Levels , Catherine M. Neel

Accuracy of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Vancomycin and the Pharmacist Role: A Retrospective Case-series , Kateryna Parkhomenko

An Exploration of Manipulating Serotonin to Foster a Successful Life , Grace Rose Paskalides

A Comparison of the Ways in Which the United States and European Nations Treat Chronic Kidney Disease , Robert W. Pokora III

Language Services for Populations with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and the Necessity for Proper Medical Interpretation with a Focus in South Carolina , Elizabeth Pung

The Fate of the Language is the Fate of the People: A Cultural Analysis of Language Education Policy in Central Asia , Bethany A. Reeve

A Cost-Effective Analysis of Modern Football Helmets at the High School Level , Gregory W. Shaffer

An Analysis of Juvenile Gun Violence Mitigation in Columbia, South Carolina , Amelia Shook

The Effect of the Degree of Authoritative Parenting on Adolescents' Adjustment to College , Elizabeth Smith

Modeling the Probability of a Successful Stolen Base Attempt in Major League Baseball , Cade Stanley

The Intersectionality of Race and Rurality in Polysubstance Use during Pregnancy in the United States: A Study of National Survey on Drug Use and Health , Sophia Tavakol

Humor in Western European Instrumental Music: How Humor Works, Its Usage Over Time, and Accessible Teaching Strategies , Hunter K. Thompson

A New Atticus is Afoot: The Portrayal of Lawyers in Popular Culture , Anna Thrush

miRNA-489 Induces Immunogenic Cell Death in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells , Ryan P. Titus

Sustainability in South Carolina: A Case Study Analysis of Publicly-traded South Carolina Companies Using Sustainability Reports and ESG Scores , Gwyneth K. Waddington

Structure of Extremal Unit Distance Graphs , Kaylee Weatherspoon

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Xbox in Japan? Understanding the Distinctions of the Japanese Video Game Market to Increase Microsoft's Competitive Advantage , Sekani Adebimpe

The White Man's Crime: White-Collar Crime, Gender, Race, and Age , Ashton N. Albert

The Role of American Domestic Medicine in the Nineteenth Century: Implications for Modern Populations with Low Access to Health Care , Savannah Allen

In My Skin, Her Skin: An Artistic Exploration of the Intersection of Queer Femininity and Body Image , Stephanie Allen

The Good Soldier: A Look into the Stigma and Stereotypes of the US Military , Riley Margaret Bachmann

The Crossroads Between National Parks and Mental Well-Being Among College Students , Emily P. Baniewicz

Functional Analysis of STN1 Winged-Helix (wH) Domains , Anna Bazell

Music and Mental Health: Increasing Awareness and Promoting Wellness , Catherine Sarah Black

Nation Branding: The Case for Marketing Strategy in International Relations , Brooke Boan

Enlightened Evangelicalism and the American Revolutionary War: A Comparison of John Witherspoon and John Zubly , Henry Bolin Jr.

Destruction is a Must-See: Coastal Heritage Site Erosion and Public Perception of Climate Change , Haley Borowy

From Shaq to Serena Williams: An Analysis of Celebrity SPACs , John Boyar

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, How Should We Read: Applying Principles of Literacy Development to Shared Book-Reading Experiences , Kalika Melody Burnett Bridwell

How to Survive College as an ACoA: The Effectiveness of University Resources on Helping ACoAs Socially and Psychologically Succeed During Their Academic Career , Kelly Buchan

Simplified Ranking Model for the College Football Playoff Through Weighted Ranking , Edward Buckhouse

Interactive SC Historical Map Application by CapiStonsker , Joseph Cammarata, James Davis, Matt Duggan, Lauren Hodges, and Ian Urton

Impact of the Resident Mentor Role on Student Worker Mental Health , Lauren Cartwright

Drawn In: An Exploration of the Graphic Narrative , Celia Casciani

Determinants of HIV Treatment Disparities in the Latino Population of South Carolina , Elizabeth G. Caulk

From an Ambivert's Perspective: The Relationships Between Personality Types, Attachment Styles, and Behavioral Tendencies of Introverts and Extroverts , Andrew Chang

“The worst part about my pregnancy was stuff that didn’t have to do with my pregnancy”: Medicaid Beneficiaries’ Pregnancy Intentions & Experiences in South Carolina , Andrew Michael Chen

COVID-19 and the College Student Experience , Benjamin Cochran

Historical and Future Role of Wilmar Palm Oil in Deforestation of Indonesian Borneo , Sam Coroniti III

The Problem with Dissociative Identity Disorder in the Media: Misrepresentation, or Inadequate Diagnostic Criteria? , Rebecca Cortez

Assessing Satisfaction with Bi-Weekly Produce Deliveries as a Means to Reduce Food Insecurity on College Campuses , Sophie Crosby

ESG Investing: From Fad to Force , Erin Cullen

Monuments of Folly: The Persistence of he Lost Cause at the University of South Carolina , Sean Dedmon

Progression of Peripheral Arterial Disease , Shuvangee Dhar

The Role of Mediator Kinases CDK8/19 in the Acquired Resistance to CDK4/6 Targeting Drugs in Breast Cancer , Kaitlyn Digsby

The Cornbread Country: Cornbread and the Development of Southern Identity , Ashton Doar

The Impact of Strength Training on Mental Health In Nursing Students During and Following the COVID-19 Pandemic , Emma Epperly

Monopolies, Monopsonies, and Everything In-Between: The Gradual Unwinding of Nearly a Century of Antitrust Activity , Chase Faulkner

Fashion Changes: How Advertisers in East Asia used the Image of the Modern Girl to promote Cosumerism , Madelyn Foster

COVID-19 & Mental Health: The Impact on the Future of Younger Generations , Greyson A. Fox Tran

Is Teacher Pay Adequate: Teachers' Opinions on Their Expectations, Requirements, and Pay in Columbia, SC , Presley Garrard

The Effect of Provider-Patient Racial Concordance on Student Health Services , Sophia B. Gilliam

Wastewater Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 on American University Campuses: A Comparison of Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic , Emily Gosnell

“One Brick Will Do the Trick:” A Structural Analysis of the May 1970 Student Uprising at the University of South Carolina , Ian Grenier

Examination of Energy Needs in Male and Female Physically Active Individuals , Savanna Griffin

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Senior Theses

Senior thesis research grants  , oral history track for senior thesis, why write a senior thesis.

This is the culmination of your undergraduate history education. You’ll draw on all the skills of research, analysis, and argumentation that you’ve acquired as a history major. It’s a chance for you to dig deeply into one area of history and to emerge as an expert on that topic. The finished product will be a more thorough and polished piece of writing than is possible in just one semester, and it will hopefully be an accomplishment on which you will look back proudly for years to come.

For more questions (and answers!) about the senior thesis, see our Senior Thesis FAQ page .

Examples of Current and Past Senior Theses

What Is a Senior Thesis?

 Daniel Ingold/Cultura/Getty Images

  • Writing Research Papers
  • Writing Essays
  • English Grammar
  • M.Ed., Education Administration, University of Georgia
  • B.A., History, Armstrong State University

A senior thesis is a large, independent research project that students take on during their senior year of high school or college to fulfill their graduation requirement. It is the culminating work of their studies at a particular institution, and it represents their ability to conduct research and write effectively. For some students, a senior thesis is a requirement for graduating with honors.

Students typically work closely with an advisor and choose a question or topic to explore before carrying out an extensive research plan.

Style Manuals and the Paper's Organization

The structure of your research paper will depend, in part, on the style manual that is required by your instructor. Different disciplines, such as history, science, or education, have different rules to abide by when it comes to research paper construction, organization, and modes of citation. The styles for different types of assignment include:

Modern Language Association (MLA): The disciplines that tend to prefer the MLA style guide include literature, arts, and the humanities, such as linguistics, religion, and philosophy. To follow this style, you will use parenthetical citations to indicate your sources and a works cited page to show the list of books and articles you consulted.

American Psychological Association (APA): The APA style manual tends to be used in psychology, education, and some of the social sciences. This type of report may require the following:

  • Introduction

Chicago style: "The Chicago Manual of Style" is used in most college-level history courses as well as professional publications that contain scholarly articles. Chicago style may call for endnotes or footnotes corresponding to a bibliography page at the back or the author-date style of in-text citation, which uses parenthetical citations and a references page at the end.

Turabian style: Turabian is a student version of Chicago style. It requires some of the same formatting techniques as Chicago, but it includes special rules for writing college-level papers, such as book reports. A Turabian research paper may call for endnotes or footnotes and a bibliography.

Science style: Science instructors may require students to use a format that is similar to the structure used in publishing papers in scientific journals. The elements you would include in this sort of paper include:

  • List of materials and methods used
  • Results of your methods and experiments
  • Acknowledgments

American Medical Association (AMA): The AMA style book might be required for students in medical or premedical degree programs in college. Parts of an AMA research paper might include:

  • Proper headings and lists
  • Tables and figures
  • In-text citations
  • Reference list

Choose Your Topic Carefully

Starting off with a bad, difficult, or narrow topic likely won't lead to a positive result. Don't choose a question or statement that's so broad that it's overwhelming and could comprise a lifetime of research or a topic that's so narrow you'll struggle to compose 10 pages. Consider a topic that has a lot of recent research so you won't struggle to put your hands on current or adequate sources.

Select a topic that interests you. Putting in long hours on a subject that bores you will be arduous—and ripe for procrastination. If a professor recommends an area of interest, make sure it excites you.

Also, consider expanding a paper you've already written; you'll hit the ground running because you've already done some research and know the topic. Last, consult with your advisor before finalizing your topic. You don't want to put in a lot of hours on a subject that is rejected by your instructor.

Organize Your Time

Plan to spend half of your time researching and the other half writing. Often, students spend too much time researching and then find themselves in a crunch, madly writing in the final hours. Give yourself goals to reach along certain "signposts," such as the number of hours you want to have invested each week or by a certain date or how much you want to have completed in those same timeframes.

Organize Your Research

Compose your works cited or bibliography entries as you work on your paper. This is especially important if your style manual requires you to use access dates for any online sources that you review or requires page numbers be included in the citations. You don't want to end up at the very end of the project and not know what day you looked at a particular website or have to search through a hard-copy book looking for a quote that you included in the paper. Save PDFs of online sites, too, as you wouldn't want to need to look back at something and not be able to get online or find that the article has been removed since you read it.

Choose an Advisor You Trust

This may be your first opportunity to work with direct supervision. Choose an advisor who's familiar with the field, and ideally select someone you like and whose classes you've already taken. That way you'll have a rapport from the start. 

Consult Your Instructor

Remember that your instructor is the final authority on the details and requirements of your paper. Read through all instructions, and have a conversation with your instructor at the start of the project to determine his or her preferences and requirements. Have a cheat sheet or checklist of this information; don't expect yourself to remember all year every question you asked or instruction you were given. 

  • What Is a Bibliography?
  • Turabian Style Guide With Examples
  • What Is a Citation?
  • Formatting Papers in Chicago Style
  • Bibliography: Definition and Examples
  • Definition of Appendix in a Book or Written Work
  • Tips for Typing an Academic Paper on a Computer
  • What Are Endnotes, Why Are They Needed, and How Are They Used?
  • How to Organize Research Notes
  • MLA Style Parenthetical Citations
  • Formatting APA Headings and Subheadings
  • Definition and Examples of Analysis in Composition
  • How to Write a Research Paper That Earns an A
  • Tips for Writing an Art History Paper
  • What's the Preferred Way to Write the Abbreviation for United States?
  • Margin (Composition Format) Definition

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Samples of Research Project Proposals

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Senior Thesis Projects

Senior theses are independent research projects that students complete in close collaboration with a faculty mentor.  Students who complete a senior thesis project select their own research topic, meaning that they have the opportunity to find answers to the research questions they find most compelling.

Who can complete a senior thesis?

Any student in the department may elect to complete a senior thesis project, provided that they have a Psychology faculty mentor who agrees to supervise their work.  Students with GPAs that are 3.0 and above may be invited to apply to complete a Dietrich Senior Honors Thesis in the second semester of their junior year ( Learn more about the Dietrich Honors Thesi s ). 

Students who do not meet this GPA requirement can still complete a departmental thesis.

What does a senior thesis project entail?

Senior thesis projects vary depending on the student’s research interests, but they always involve the direct application of the skills that students learn in their Research Methods courses.  To complete their project, students typically:

  • Conduct a literature search in which they review and synthesize previously published research on their chosen topic
  • Generate a hypothesis
  • Collect and design experimental stimuli
  • Collect data (often including recruiting and testing participants)
  • Analyze data
  • Write an APA-style research paper describing their hypotheses, methods, and findings

Many students who complete a senior thesis also present their work at Meeting of the Minds , a university-wide research symposium held each May on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus.

How long does a senior thesis take to complete?

Students typically spend one academic year (two separate semesters) planning, conducting, analyzing, and writing up the results of their research projects.  Students typically apply in the spring semester of their junior year and begin work on their projects in the fall semester of their senior year.

What kinds of projects do students complete?

Students often work on thesis projects that complement the research that their faculty advisor is currently conducting.  Learn more about faculty research .

Below are some of the senior thesis projects of recent graduates.

  • Community Standards
  • Faculty Resources
  • Apply to UVU

Thesis/Project Examples

Senior thesis/project.

The Integrated Studies degree is a writing-intensive major that requires the completion of a senior thesis. This should be a challenging, rewarding process that allows you to explore an academic field of study that intersects with your two emphases. For example, if a student has Spanish and Communication emphases, they might write a thesis addressing how to market to the growing Latino population in the United States.

Above all, make your research and writing as enjoyable a process as possible!

Many of the capstone projects of our students are stored and saved within the offices of the Integrated Studies Department. If you would like to look through them, or are looking for a specific combination of emphases, we have created a   senior thesis index   to help you find them.

View Senior Thesis Index

Templates, Guides, & Resources

During your Capstone I course your primary objective will be to create an approved proposal for your thesis or project. Part of this process includes formulating a thesis committee by finding faculty mentors from each of your discipline areas. These mentors will need to sign off on your thesis proposal.

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Example of a Thesis/Project Proposal
  • Capstone Proposal Template
  • Capstone Faculty Mentor Agreement
  • Guides for students who are working on a business plan: Fulton Library and U.S. Small Business Administration

Capstone II

Capstone II takes place as an independent study course with your Integrated Studies faculty mentor in collaboration with your thesis mentors from your disciplines. Once you have completed your thesis draft you’ll defend the thesis before a your faculty mentor committee.

  • Example of a Capstone Thesis/Project Title Page
  • Capstone Thesis/Project Approval Page
  • Submit to the UVU Digital Archive

Senior Thesis/Project Examples

You can find more examples of recent senior theses in UVU's digital archive.

Utah Valley University

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UVM ScholarWorks

Home > ETDS > UGETD > uvmhcoltheses

UVM Honors College Senior Theses

Students who fulfill all the requirements of the Honors College, including successfully completing a senior thesis or project, earn the special distinction of graduating as an Honors College Scholar. This distinction is noted on student transcripts and the designation of Honors College Scholar is conferred at UVM's commencement ceremony.

The following is a collection of theses submitted by Honors College Scholars.

Theses from 2023 2023

Assessment of Differences in Performance of Two Lake Trout Stocking Strategies in Lake Champlain Using Lipid Analysis , Jack B. Baker, Matthew Futia, and J. Ellen Marsden , Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Science Communication and Social Media: Audience Reactions to Mpox on YouTube , Zoë Bui Barton , English

Spatial and Working Memory in Mice post Traumatic Brain Injury , Sarah Baumann , Biology

Why are Young Adults Using E-cigarettes? A Survey of Vermont Undergraduate Students , Max Gunnar Behrens , Psychological Science

The Entanglement Entropy and Quantum Sticking of a Cold Atom , Alice Dennett Blake , Physics

Risk Analysis of Clostridiodides Difficile Infections in a Hospital Setting and the Impact of Prior Choice on Predictive Capability , Trevor D. Blanchard , Statistics

Green Tinted Glasses: Fashion Consumption Practices as Pro-Environmental Behaviors , Sadie Bloch , Community Development and Applied Economics

The Effects of Mutations in a Highly Conserved Site on the Alpha-4 Helix of KIF18A , Olivia Anne Budington , Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Jazz as an Imperfect Metaphor for Democracy: The Asian American Woman's Experience , Irene Choi , Music

Effects of In-Stream Process-Based Restoration on the Geomorphology of a New England Headwater Stream , Evan S. Choquette , Environmental Sciences

Paid Parental Leave and Gender-Just Degrowth , Eleanor Churchill , Environmental Studies and Economics

REV1 inhibition elicits differential response to cancer therapy , Andrew J. Crompton and Nimrat Chatterjee Ph.D. , Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics in Restored Wetlands in Vermont and the Implications for Phosphorus Cycling , Tenju S. Cuddihy , Environmental Science

Do Wealth and Market Access Explain Inconsistent Relationships Between Crop Diversity and Dietary Diversity? Evidence from 10 Sub-Saharan African Countries , Isabel J. Curtin, Daniel Tobin, and Travis Reynolds , Community Development Applied Economics

The Effect of EGFR Overexpression on Neural Phenotype in an In-Vivo Model , Emily E. Dean , Neurological Sciences

Farmer adoption of water practices across four counties in California , Hannah Dekker and Meredith Niles , Nutrition and Food Sciences

Acute Stress before Instrumental Conditioning Promotes Habit Expression in Female Rats , Russell J. Dougherty , Department of Psychological Science

Molecular Mechanisms of Microtubule-Based Transport in a Genetic Model System , Bellana Driscoll , Biochemistry

The Importance of Outcrossing of Highbush Blueberry Cultivars Blueray and Bluecrop , Mariel Rae Dunn , Biology

Exploring Human Safe Compounds for Treatment in Type 1 Diabetes , Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tom Jetton , Larner College of Medicine

Unraveling Drivers of Streamflow Drought in the Western U.S. using Time Series Clustering , Noah Robert Fritzhand , Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Changes in AUTS2 Expression and Histone Dopaminylation Levels in High Ethanol Consumption Models , Elise Furr , Psychological Science

The Psychophysical Response to Music in Canines , Maxwell J. Gailey , Music

Assessing the Community Partnerships Present at The University of Vermont’s Horticulture Research and Education Center , Claire A. Golder , Environmental Studies

Understanding the Drivers of Urban Heat; Case Study in Burlington, Vermont , Alexandra E. Greer , Environmental Engineering

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  6. Thesis Examples

    At this point in your college career you are probably most used to projects that can be completed in the span of one semester. Your thesis project will like

  7. Senior Theses

    Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023. PDF · Around the Table: A Comparative Study on the Commensality of American and Italian Culture and Its Implications on

  8. Senior Theses

    Examples of Current and Past Senior Theses. Site Footer. Copyright © 2023 Barnard College | Columbia University. Barnard College's website uses cookies and

  9. What Is a Senior Thesis?

    A senior thesis is a large, independent research project that students take on during their senior year of high school or college to fulfill

  10. Senior Thesis Examples

    Read more about Senior Thesis Examples from the Honors College at West Liberty University. Call 1.866.WESTLIB today!

  11. Senior Theses

    Senior theses are independent research projects that students complete in close collaboration with a faculty mentor. Students who complete a senior thesis

  12. How to Write a Senior Thesis

    writing a senior thesis. This particular task is also the first major difference between writing a senior thesis and writing a typical term paper. In the

  13. Senior Thesis

    Above all, make your research and writing as enjoyable a process as possible! Many of the capstone projects of our students are stored and saved within the

  14. UVM Honors College Senior Theses

    thesis or project, earn the special distinction of graduating as an Honors