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  1. AN AUTOETHNOGRAPHY A Dissertation by CARL HENRY ...

    What makes a good story scholarly? This question is perhaps the key central issue in determining if a personal narrative is credible, dependable, and


    I offer gratitude to Dr. Sharla Snider whose vision and example inspired me to ... At this point, the autoethnographic dissertation veers away from a five-

  3. My Dance with Cancer: An Autoethnographic Exploration of the

    suggestions to dance with cancer became my dissertation. Dr. Rambo was my first ... For example a woman with breast cancer can also have a BBP,.

  4. An Autoethnography:A Mathematics Teacher's Journey of Identity

    This qualitative dissertation uses autoethnography as the methodology. ... attended and pedagogical examples which I had observed made it

  5. Towards Integration: An Autoethnography on the Development of

    This thesis is an autoethnography that explores my own experience of identity ... Ellis (2004) wrote that “good autoethnographic writing is

  6. a narrative and autoethnographic analysis of the teaching and

    Undoubtedly, a particular curriculum, for example, may be one instrument used ... exercise in reflection as I began to prepare for my dissertation process

  7. A Consultant Self-Exploration: An Autoethnography Addressing

    Dissertation Director: John Weidman, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Higher and ... Table 4 Example of Engineering's Transversal, and Functional

  8. An Autoethnography of Trauma in the Graduate Student Experience

    This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by the Theses ... For example, these graduate students may experience job loss,.

  9. dissertation: an autoethnographic journey to the self

    Autoethnography, as a research methodology, seeks to describe and understand the self and others in common social, cultural lived

  10. writing with photographs, re-constructing self: an arts-based

    This dissertation is an arts-based, autoethnographic study, ... autoethnography by providing an example of how identity can be critically studied in the