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Hardware And Software

Technology is based on different components working together to solve an issue. Computer system is an example of such technology that allows input, use the information input and output what the user expects. Computer system is made of software and hardware. The purpose of this paper is to identify the relationship between hardware and software.

Software is in the word used to group numerous computer programs, documentation, and procedures that are tasked with ensuring a computer system operates effectively. The software systems that are used in computer systems are grouped into three classes, which are application software, programming software, and system software. Software allows a system to operate in a specific sequence and allows change of a system based on the software that is available. The software is created in a manner that is user-friendly and forms the interface in which the computer system can operate effectively.

Hardware is a physical component that connects to a computer and can be physically touched. Some examples of hardware include video card, printer, computer display monitor, and hard drive. The important of hardware is giving the software a platform to run on. The software cannot operate with hardware since it is the base it can run. The software and hardware interacts with each other with the purpose of fulfilling a given task. Without these two components, a computer system cannot operate effectively.

The hardware is the platform that is required to execute and store the software. It also enables the software to run. The software, on the other hand, collects instructions from the user and the software interacts with the hardware to fulfill a given instruction. Software does not perform general tasks, but each software performs a given task based on the attached hardware: physical components. Some of the types of hardware include control, process, storage, and output and input while software include application software, programming software, and system software. For example, the document processor is an example of a software while a printer makes the information on a hard copy e.g. on paper.

The hardware operates as the delivery mechanisms for the specific software. The hardware is difficult to change because of the purpose that it performs while a software is frequently changed because of the function that it plays. The software allows modification, creation and deletion of information, and these functions continuously change. On the other hand, a software specifically completes a task based on input from the user. A hardware can operate without a software in minor instances such as powering on or responding to any input. The software cannot function without hardware since the hardware forms the platform that allows the software to run.

The failure when it comes to hardware is random. The hardware failure is dependent on the extent of use. The older the hardware becomes, the frequency of failure also increases. Conversely, failure in software is systematic and does not have and increase in failure whatever the extent it has been used. The wearing of software is because of bugs and other programming complications. Therefore, the failure rate between these two systems is different, and it impairs the general operation of a computer system.

In conclusion, hardware and software are required to make a computer system to operate effectively. Hardware is the physical components while the software forms the interface between the hardware and software.

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The control environment is what sets the tone for an organization and is the foundation for all other components of internal control. It provides discipline and structure and reflects the ethical values, integrity and competencies of the organization. The control environment is very important to effective internal control over financial reporting to an audit client like WorldCom, because good designs can prevent and detect frauds and errors. But because WorldCom had such a poor control environment, the company would require more testing for an audit. This shows that the board did not exercise oversight responsibilities over financial reporting or internal controls.

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Information systems changed forever the way accounting tasks are processed. The days of green paper pads are gone, and instead businesses have a centralized place where all accounting transactions are entered and saved. No more looking for paper

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Accounting Information Systems The Crossroads of Accounting and IT by Donna Kay, Ali Ovlia Instructor’s Solutions Manual

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essay about software and hardware

Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software Anything you can touch on the computer is hardware. It is capable of accepting and storing computer data, executing a systematic sequence of operations on computer data, or producing control outputs. Such devices can perform substantial interpretation, computation, communication, control, or other logical functions. Why does John brown need hardware? John Brown needs hardware because without it the computer will not function properly. Mouse, keyboard and monitor are the most important hard without it there is no computer. Software General name given to all the programs that can be run on computer hardware. Games, word processors, databases, virus checker and Microsoft windows are all software. Programs that run on a computer. Operating systems There are two types of operating system: operating systems and network operating systems. An operating system is a program. A computer is useless without an operating system. The main purpose of the operating system is to allow the application software to interact with the computer hardware. An operating system is the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all the other programs in a computer. The operating system is usually stored on the computer’s hard disk drive. Part it will also be in ROM. Applications software- A group of applications programs that is designed to perform specific tasks such as database management, spreadsheet, word processing, attendance, accounting, grade reporting, scheduling, and others. It is Software that is capable of doing a specific job. When you buy application software, you need to make sure of the following: * that it will work the hardware that you are using * that it will work with the operating system that you are using. Why does John brown need Software? You cannot do anything on the computer without the software, John brown need to be able to run program CPU (Central Processing Unit) The CPU is the brains of the computer. Sometimes referred to simply as

In this essay, the author

Information System Hardware and Software

Information technology involves a wide range of operations where computer software as well as hardware is utilized. A number of new devices have been produced lately and are available in computer shops’ displays. A visit to one of the computer shops provided a good opportunity during which some of these latest information technology software and software were observed among them being a recorder used in radio astronomy. This recorder is normally used in the recording process of data collected by telescopes which is later transformed into a comprehensible form.


Current developments in the area of information technology have necessitated the production of more efficient software as well as hardware systems. A number of latest systems of information technology were observed at a local computer store where they were displayed for sale. Among the current products displayed in that computer store was a band recording system which is based on disk usage. The recording system is basically designed to increase the efficiency of radio telescopes used in Australia. (Stair, Reynolds, 2003).

Hardware System

This latest product consists of input, output as well as storage systems which necessitates its operation. Storage systems included disk drives which were of the “Apple XRaid” type. This particular type of disk drive is cost effective and has the ability to record data amounting to one hundred megabytes per second. Input systems observed in the recorder include an interface board and interface converter which are constituent parts of radio telescopes. They were combined to form an Nforce Chipset used in data capturing process which is later converted to a form that can be understood by the computer. A high technology computer also forms part of this recording system and it comprises of additional input devices like keyboard and mouse. Output devices contained in the recording system include a monitor and a radio telescope. The computer particularly known as Power Edge contained more storage systems including a virtual memory of three gigabytes and a hard drive whose memory amounted to thirty six gigabytes. (Stair, Reynolds, 2003).

Systems and Application Software

Systems software was also observed which included a VSIB card that was used in the actual data recording and it had modifications enabling more information to be incorporated in already recorded data particularly timestamp data. Timestamp contains data that gives the format of date, month and year during which a particular operation takes place which in this case is recording operations. Additional information enables the acquisition of very precise recordings where even the first as well as last second of recording operation is shown. Another systems’ software observed in the recording system was a Linux which made VSIB card accessible while at the same time it provided an additional virtual memory section which was not available to other parts of that entire system. The Linux also ensured that virtual memory was always available in order to support timely and efficient recording processes. Other than systems software, application software was also observed as a constituent part the recording system which included a very complex writing program known as BasebandDSP. This program has the capability of supporting a variety of file formats used during data entry and interpretation. (Stair, Reynolds, 2006).

Business Use of BasebandDSP

The main business use of this application software is to enable efficient radio astronomy operations mainly performed in Australia. Radio astronomers make use of radio telescopes in which recorders are incorporated to carry out recording processes. BasebandDSP which is the application program that supports writing of all file formats has a very essential role in radio astronomy. It enables the ones performing the practice to do it efficiently due to the high level of flexibility provided. In order to make BasebandDSP more efficient, it was provided with an additional file format which would enable processing of all types of recoded data that would be written during recording. (Stair, Reynolds, 2003).

It is clear that information technology is undergoing considerable developments as depicted by latest software and hardware displayed in the local computer store. The store contained high technology input, output as well as storage devices which increased the efficiency of recorders used in radio astronomy operations. The recorder is comprised of an Nforce computer which is equally efficient due its large memory allowance. Systems as well as application software that necessitate efficient operation of the recording system were also observed in the store. All these make up the improved systems of recording which is used by Australians when carrying out radio astronomy (Harp, 2002).

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"Information System Hardware and Software." StudyCorgi , 2 May 2022, studycorgi.com/information-system-hardware-and-software/.

1. StudyCorgi . "Information System Hardware and Software." May 2, 2022. https://studycorgi.com/information-system-hardware-and-software/.


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Essay on Hardware and Software

essay about software and hardware


Different electronic and mechanical components used in a computer are prepared by companies. When these physical components are set properly, they function all together following the standardized instructions. These physical and electronic parts of the computer which can be seen are collectively called hardware.

In addition, some coded information or programmes are fed into the hardware of computer. This enables the computer to carryout different functions. Software is like current which flows inside the wire but invisible to anybody. But its effects can be realized. Block diagram of a computer is shown Hardware.

There are different parts in the hardware of a computer: input unit, central processing device, and output unit.

(a) Input Devices:

Data and instructions are fed in a computer by using the input devices. Some common input devices are given in.

(b) Central Processing Unit (CPU):

It is the main unit of the computer. It is responsible for data processing. Since 1980s the arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) and control unit (collectively called a central processing unit or CPU have typically been located on a single integrated circuit called a microprocessor. The functioning of such a computer is in principle quite straightforward.

Instructions, like data, are represented within the computer as binary code, a base two system of counting. For example, the code for one kind of copy operation in the Intel X86 line of microprocessors is 10110000.

The particular instruction set that a specific computer supports is known as that computer’s machine language. It makes much easier to run existing software on a new machine by using an already-popular machine language.

Consequently, in markets where commercial software availability is important, suppliers have converged on one or a very small number of distinct machine languages.

(i) Memory:

It a device that accept data which holds and deliver them when required. This type of memory is also called as ‘primary storage section’ (PSS). Typically, on each clock cycle, the computer fetches instructions and data from its memory.

The instructions are executed, the results are stored, and the next instruction is fetched. This procedure repeats until a halt instruction is encountered.

A computer stores a piece of information in a location or cell called ‘byte’. Any location has an address for reference. Memory addressing is the addressing cell (or location) in memory by using number. For example, if a memory has ‘n’ cells, it will have addresses 0 to n-1. The size of all cells in a memory is equal.

There are different types of memories as given below:

1. Random Access Memory (RAM):

It stores data and programme temporarily. It contains the data of operating system, (basic) software and the other application programmes. Moreover data gets lost at the time of power failure. Also, when new data are fed, the previous data get erased i.e. it provides volatile storage of data.

2. Read Only Memory (ROM):

At the time of manufacturing this device, information’s are burnt in the ROM chip. Therefore, this burnt data cannot be changed over-written. Hence, it provides a non-volatile storage of data i.e. at the time of power failure, data are not erased.

Such programmes which are always needed for running the computer are burnt into ROM. ROM always contain the ‘bootstrap loader’. Therefore, it loads operating system into the memory and starts the computer when switched on.

3. Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM):

Though the data of ROM cannot be changed, yet in special cases programming can be done by using special writing circuits. Then it is called PROM.

4. Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM):

In PROM data cannot be changed. But EPROM are constructed in such a way that the data can be altered by passing through a strong ultra violet rays.

5. Cache Memory (Buffers):

It is a very high speed memory which stores temporarily some programmes taking from main memory. It is faster but expensive.

(ii) Control Unit:

As the term denotes, control unit controls all the interconnected operations.

It selects, interprets and directs the executed programmes. Thus, it maintains the order and ordination of the whole system. This unit does not process the data but acts as central nervous system of the computer.

However, it controls the flow of data from the main storage as well within the storage according to the programmes fed in computer. It executes the instructions of the programme one by one till completion of processing. It directs the sections to execute the work successfully.

(iii) Arithmetic and Logica Unit (ALU):

The ALU is the heart of the computer. It is capable of performing two classes of basic operations: (i) arithmetic operations e.g. adding or subtracting two numbers together [the set of arithmetic operations may be very limited; indeed, some designs do not directly support multiplication and division operations (instead, users support multiplication and division through programes that perform multiple additions, subtractions, and other digit manipulations), and (ii) the second comparison operations which given two numbers, determining if they are equal, or if not equal then which is larger for example, if A>B, then print A],

(iv) Microprocessor:

It is a special chip made for functioning of control unit and ALU. Also it acts as central processing unit of the computer. The companies that make microprocessor are : Intel, Zilog, Motorola, etc. Each microprocessor is marked with a unique number and name of the manufacturers as given below:

Intel 8085 (8 bit) Motorola 68020 (8 bit)

Intel 80286 (16 bit) Motorola 68030 (16 bit)

Intel 80336 (32 bit) Motorola 68040 (32 bit)

(v) Numeric Co-processor:

Basically, CPU performs arithmetic and logical operations as well as entertains the request for data and controls the traffic. Numeric co-processor is a chip basically designed for carrying out the numeric calculations. It works parallel to microprocessor, it present in a computer.

(c) Secondary Storage Media:

As described earlier that memory provides volatile storage of data i.e. data are lost or erased with power failure or other reasons. To get rid off such problems, the secondary storage media are also available with computers, for example floppy disk, compact disk (CD), hard disk drives, etc.

Most commonly used floppies are 5.25 inch floppies.Hard disk can store more information than a floppy disk. Basically it is a multiple disk packsystem. The whole disk is packed an fixed in the computer. The hard disks are generally of 40 MB, 80 MB, 100 MB, 120 MB or upto 1GB.

(d) Output Unit:

After processing the data, finally computer provides the results. The users read the results by using output devices, for example monitor and printer.

(i) Monitor:

A monitor is called visual display unit. It acts like television on the screen of which images can be seen. Hence, the image made up of small pixels can be visualised on the screen of a monitor. There are different types of monitors available in market which are made by different companies.

(ii) Printer:

The images appearing on the screen of a monitor can be printed on paper. There are different types of printers of different colours and characteristics such as dotmatrix printer, line printer, ink jet printer, laser jet printer, etc. These printers are made by different companies.

2. Software’s:

It is an alternative term for computer programmes. It is a more inclusive phrase and includes all the ancillary material accompanying the programmes needed to do useful tasks.

For instance, a video game includes not only the programme itself, but also data representing the pictures, sounds, and other material needed to create the virtual environment of the game. A computer application is a piece of computer software provided to many computer users, often in a retail environment.

Going from the extremely simple capabilities of a single machine language instruction to the myriad capabilities of application programmes means that many computer programmes are extremely large and complex. A typical example is Windows XP, created from roughly 40 million lines of computer code in the C++ programming language.

There are many projects of even bigger scope which are built by large teams of programmers. The management of this enormous complexity is key to making such projects possible.

Programming languages and programming practices enable the task to be divided into smaller and smaller subtasks until they come within the capabilities of a single programmer in a reasonable period.

Nevertheless, the process of developing software remains slow, unpredictable, and error-prone; the discipline of software engineering has attempted, with some success, to make the process quicker and more productive and improve the quality of the end product.

A problem or a model is computational if it is formalized in such way that can be transformed to the form of a computer programme.

Computationality is the serious research problem of humanistic, social and psychological sciences, for example, modern systemic, cognitive and socio- cognitive approaches develop different attempts to the computational specification of their soft knowledge.

Types of Software:

The term “software” was first used by John W. Tukey in 1957. Software is the programmes that enable a computer to perform a specific task, as opposed to the physical components of the system (hardware).

This includes application software (such as a word processor, which enables a user to perform a task), and system software (such as an operating system, which enables other software to run properly, by interfacing with hardware and with other software).

Computer software can be classified into three categories: system software, programming software and application software.

(a) System Software:

A collection of programmes (instructions) designed to operate, control and extend the ability to process the computer itself is called software. Basically the manufacturers prepare these programmes and supply to the users. The users execute these programmes whenever required. There are different categories of system software as given below:

(i) Operating System:

All the resources and operations of a computer are managed by the operating system automatically. It also controls the functioning of hardware.

(ii) Firmware:

Firmware is the programmes which are written in the ROM of the computer. These are executed whenever needed by the users.

(iii) Languages/Compilers:

Computer understands the language of only machines i.e. 0 and 1. This is called binary number system or binary digits. The special programmes written are translated by the compilers from high level language instructions in the machine language instruction. Following are some of the languages:

(a) BASIC (Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)

(b) COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language)

(c) FORTRAN (Formula Translator)

(iv) Utilities:

The facilities for sorting and merging of files are provided by utilities. Sorting is a process to re-arrange the contents of a file according to some particular order. Combining of two files into one file is called merging. Sorting/merging utilities are valuable for processing of business data.

(v) Programme Productivity Tools:

There are several powerful tools which do not need the programming knowledge. Some of the important tools are:

i. Data Base Management Software (DBase)

ii. Data Communication Software (D-Link)

iii. Desk Top Publishing Software (Page maker, CorelDraw)

iv. Graphic Software (Paint, brush, PM4)

v. Spread Sheet software (Lotus)

vi. Word Processing Software (Word Star)

(b) Programming Software:

It provides tools to assist a programmer in writing computer programmes and software using different programming languages in a more convenient way. The tools include text editors, compilers, interpreters, linkers, debuggers, and so on.

An integrated development environment (IDE) merges those tools into a software bundle, and a programmer may not need to type multiple commands for compiling, interpreter, debugging, tracing, and etc., because the IDE usually has an advanced graphical user interface, or GUI.

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essay about software and hardware

The Concept of Computer Hardware and Software Essay

Computer hardware, computer software, seworld it system.

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These are the physical components of a computer system. They include the input and output devices such as the mouse keyboard or the monitor. They can also be the storage devices such as Hard disk or RAM. The physical devices can still be the components that are responsible for the execution of the programs in a computer such as a microprocessor.

These are set of instructions that a computer uses to execute a given task. They can be classified as:

An efficient information system is very vital to any business firm. This is because it ensures effective communication of all the organization’s departments. This will in return boost the performance in the organization for quality and quantity production and marketing of the firm’s products or services. (Ronald J. 1998). This is not the case with SewWorld because we can see that communication in this organization is very poor. There is no good coordination for the various departments present and also among their branches. This is why we have cases, where some branches are overstocked with a certain product while others do not have even a single one. The reporting system is also very poor and unreliable. Therefore the company needs to establish a local area network that will enable the various departments and branches to coordinate well. It will also help to centralize the managerial to reduce the number of managers supervising each department. This is because with a good LAN all the departments can feed their data online to a central system for easy analyses and helps also genera rate reliable reports as data is collected from all the departments. (Ronald J. 1998). There is also a need for the company to build a wide area network that will link its branches in all the states. This will enhance communication among the branches and help them to work in harmony for high performance. This network will also enable SewWorld to market and sell its product through the Internet, a way that will boost its performance very much. (Web.). The other thing that should be looked at in SewWorld is the installation of security systems in the network established. This will guarantee that unauthorized users, which can alter some data in the organization, that can turn to be very detrimental later, will not access its network. If these factors are put into consideration in SewWorld Company, its performance will rise up due to the enhanced communication as a result of the established LAN and WAN networks. (Ronald J. 1998).

Ronald J. Tooci (1998) Microcomputer Network Prentice-Hall Publishing Press NewYork.

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IvyPanda. (2021, September 21). The Concept of Computer Hardware and Software. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-concept-of-computer-hardware-and-software/

IvyPanda. (2021, September 21). The Concept of Computer Hardware and Software. Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-concept-of-computer-hardware-and-software/

"The Concept of Computer Hardware and Software." IvyPanda , 21 Sept. 2021, ivypanda.com/essays/the-concept-of-computer-hardware-and-software/.

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IvyPanda . "The Concept of Computer Hardware and Software." September 21, 2021. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-concept-of-computer-hardware-and-software/.

IvyPanda . 2021. "The Concept of Computer Hardware and Software." September 21, 2021. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-concept-of-computer-hardware-and-software/.

IvyPanda . (2021) 'The Concept of Computer Hardware and Software'. 21 September.

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Examining The Importance of Hardware and Software

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Hardware and Software Uses on a Computer Essay

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Writing an essay on Hardware and Software Uses on a Computer Essay? Follow these below tips which will help you in completing your paper.

 essay writing tips for Hardware and Software Uses on a Computer Essay

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Writing an essay on Hardware and Software Uses on a Computer? Follow these below tips which will help you in completing your paper.

 essay writing tips for hardware and software uses on a computer essay

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essay about software and hardware

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essay about software and hardware


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