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Where Can I Get Help Writing My Thesis Online?

writing thesis using latex

You’ve spent years preparing for your master’s degree or PhD. You’ve read, studied and spent hours of time and energy writing papers. Now you’ve arrived at the culmination of all this effort: writing your thesis. There are plenty of compelling stories about the time and energy that students have spent drafting their dissertations and theses.

The good news is that you’re not alone. While you certainly don’t want to hire someone to write your thesis for you, which goes against most institution policies and puts your academic integrity at risk, you can get plenty of help with certain aspects of your thesis online. Whether you’re looking for a little guidance or extensive assistance, various services can make writing or editing your thesis go smoothly.

Dissertation Editor

One of the greatest challenges of writing your thesis can be juggling your family or job responsibilities with your studies. The time that writing takes can add another layer of obligation to your already-packed schedule. Dissertation Editor is a company whose founder is a PhD-educated writer and professor, and it promises to help you complete your thesis or dissertation on time and in compliance with your university’s rules and regulations.

writing thesis using latex

Dissertation Editor’s primary function is to guide you along in the writing process and provide a helping hand in understanding everything you need to take care of. It places you with a writer who specializes in your area of study, and this individual can help you organize and analyze your research while making sure that your thesis fits your writing style and personality. This company also specializes in helping with any statistical analysis that you use in your thesis.

Thesis Helpers

If you’re concerned about using a service to help you write your thesis because you think it’ll be obvious that you hired help, don’t worry. Thesis Helpers puts its team of experienced writers to work for you to help you craft a thesis that finishes your degree on a high note. No matter what level of help you need, from narrowing down a topic to advanced editing and proofreading, they’re available to help.

writing thesis using latex

The writers have advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, and one of the best things about Thesis Helpers is that it gives you ultimate say in the final product of your thesis. This company can help you with revisions and additional research, and you can rest assured that your thesis will meet anti-plagiarism standards.

Best Dissertation

Sometimes when you’re writing a thesis or dissertation, you can get stuck on one section or chapter. You may not need assistance writing the whole thing, but getting some help with the exact portion you’re struggling with can come in handy. That’s one of the strengths of using Best Dissertation . You don’t have to rely on it for help with your entire thesis if it’s not what you need.

writing thesis using latex

Like most of the top thesis-assistance services, Best Dissertation employs writers with advanced degrees who specialize in various fields of study. What truly sets this company apart is the live support that it offers any time of the day or night. It claims to take the stress and strain out of writing your dissertation or thesis.

While some companies place a premium on helping you get your thesis written, others emphasize the editing and proofreading process. If you don’t need help with writing but need a hand with proofreading and editing, Scribbr is a good option for you. Its editors can help you get a grasp on the grammar and tone that are appropriate for academic writing.

writing thesis using latex

Scribbr doesn’t just provide boilerplate feedback that you can find anywhere. It offers personalized feedback aimed at helping you become a better writer in the long run. You can even see examples of how its editors work by looking at the company’s website.

My Assignment Help

Writing a thesis has its own challenges that other academic writing simply doesn’t, which is why the team at My Assignment Help offers its particular brand of expertise. If you need assistance with a dissertation or thesis at the PhD or master’s level, its writers have the level of education and experience to help you write an expertly crafted and edited thesis.

writing thesis using latex

My Assignment Help prides itself on hiring subject matter experts, meaning you can pair up with a helper who already has an advanced degree in your field. They understand the nuances of academic writing that are specific to your area of study, and they can provide advice on everything from making your abstract more unique to crafting a thought-provoking conclusion.


writing thesis using latex

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How to get started writing your thesis in LaTeX

Writing a thesis or dissertation in LaTeX can be challenging, but the end result is well worth it—nothing looks as good as a LaTeX-produced PDF, and for large documents it's a lot easier than fighting with formatting and cross-referencing in MS Word. Here we provide a guide to getting started on writing your thesis in LaTeX, using a standard template which is pre-loaded into Overleaf.

We have a large number of thesis templates in our online library , and you can upload your own if your university provides a set of LaTeX template files.

We'll assume you've used LaTeX before and so are familiar with the standard commands (see our other tutorial videos if not), and focus on how to work with a large project split over multiple files.

  • Documentation Home
  • Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes

Overleaf guides

  • Creating a document in Overleaf
  • Uploading a project
  • Copying a project
  • Creating a project from a template
  • Using the Overleaf project menu
  • Including images in Overleaf
  • Exporting your work from Overleaf
  • Working offline in Overleaf
  • Using Track Changes in Overleaf
  • Using bibliographies in Overleaf
  • Sharing your work with others
  • Using the History feature
  • Debugging Compilation timeout errors
  • How-to guides
  • Guide to Overleaf’s premium features

LaTeX Basics

  • Creating your first LaTeX document
  • Choosing a LaTeX Compiler
  • Paragraphs and new lines
  • Bold, italics and underlining


  • Mathematical expressions
  • Subscripts and superscripts
  • Brackets and Parentheses
  • Fractions and Binomials
  • Aligning equations
  • Spacing in math mode
  • Integrals, sums and limits
  • Display style in math mode
  • List of Greek letters and math symbols
  • Mathematical fonts
  • Using the Symbol Palette in Overleaf

Figures and tables

  • Inserting Images
  • Positioning Images and Tables
  • Lists of Tables and Figures
  • Drawing Diagrams Directly in LaTeX
  • TikZ package

References and Citations

  • Bibliography management with bibtex
  • Bibliography management with natbib
  • Bibliography management with biblatex
  • Bibtex bibliography styles
  • Natbib bibliography styles
  • Natbib citation styles
  • Biblatex bibliography styles
  • Biblatex citation styles
  • Multilingual typesetting on Overleaf using polyglossia and fontspec
  • Multilingual typesetting on Overleaf using babel and fontspec
  • International language support
  • Quotations and quotation marks

Document structure

  • Sections and chapters
  • Table of contents
  • Cross referencing sections, equations and floats
  • Nomenclatures
  • Management in a large project
  • Multi-file LaTeX projects
  • Lengths in L a T e X
  • Headers and footers
  • Page numbering
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Line breaks and blank spaces
  • Text alignment
  • Page size and margins
  • Single sided and double sided documents
  • Multiple columns
  • Code listing
  • Code Highlighting with minted
  • Using colours in LaTeX
  • Margin notes
  • Font sizes, families, and styles
  • Font typefaces
  • Supporting modern fonts with X Ǝ L a T e X


  • Environments

Field specific

  • Theorems and proofs
  • Chemistry formulae
  • Feynman diagrams
  • Molecular orbital diagrams
  • Chess notation
  • Knitting patterns
  • CircuiTikz package
  • Pgfplots package
  • Typesetting exams in LaTeX
  • Attribute Value Matrices

Class files

  • Understanding packages and class files
  • List of packages and class files
  • Writing your own package
  • Writing your own class

Advanced TeX/LaTeX

  • In-depth technical articles on TeX/LaTeX

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Guide to Writing Your Thesis in LaTeX

Step 1: install latex and a latex aware editor.

LaTeX is not a word processor, it is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting. It is most often used for medium-to-large technical or scientific documents, but it can be used for almost any form of publishing. LaTeX encourages authors not to worry too much about the appearance of their documents but to concentrate on getting the content right.

Because LaTeX source files are just ordinary text files, any text editor can be used to edit them, but it is important to have a LaTeX aware editor. A LaTeX aware editor can do things like syntax highlighting, spell checking, and automatic formatting. It can also run LaTeX on the source files, update the bibliography, then update the document in a viewer all at the click of a button.

Below are links to what you need to get started on various operating systems. Check out the LaTeX Project website for more information.

Your system distribution or vendor has probably provided a LaTeX system. If not, check your usual software source for the texlive package, or otherwise install texlive directly. All of the Linux systems in the ELE Department already have a complete LaTeX system installed.

Two good editors for Linux are Texmaker and TeXstudio .

MacTeX is a full LaTeX system for MacOS which includes an editor.

The editors Texmaker and TeXstudio can also be used.

Microsoft Windows

proTeXt is a full LaTeX system for Windows, which includes MikTeX and an editor. You can also install MikTeX directly with the editor of your choice.

There are numerous good editors for Windows, some of which are TeXnicCenter , Texmaker and TeXstudio .

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7 LaTeX Tips for Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation

7 LaTeX Tips for Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation

4-minute read

  • 30th January 2022

LaTeX (pronounced lay-tech) is a system for document preparation widely used in mathematics, science, engineering, and linguistics. It allows you to create beautifully presented academic work and is especially useful when you need to include formulas, footnotes, bibliographies, or tables of contents.

LaTeX provides ready-made commands for formatting so that users can focus mainly on the content of their academic writing.

In this post, we’ll share our top tips for creating complex LaTeX documents professionally:

  • Choose a LaTeX editor
  • Decide on a template
  • Follow a tutorial
  • Break up your main file into smaller ones
  • Use % to insert comments
  • Learn to understand error logs
  • Have a professional proofread your LaTeX document

Read on to learn how to best use these tips.

1. Install a LaTeX Editor, or Access Online

As LaTeX files are plain text, they can be created in any text editor (like Notepad), but it’s easier to manage long documents if you use specialized LaTeX editing programs like TeXmaker, TeXworks, or Overleaf .

To make the code easier to read, these tools show the text in different colors. They also have features like auto-complete commands and a PDF viewer so you can see what your final document will look like.

2. Select a Suitable Template

With LaTeX, you don’t have to worry about layout. Simply pick a template for the type of document you’re writing (e.g., a resume or a thesis).

If your university doesn’t provide you with one, you can look online for free templates. Most LaTeX editors come with standard templates.

3. Start With a Tutorial

If you’ve never used LaTeX before, you should start with a tutorial to familiarize yourself with the basic commands and learn how to import packages to get more features.

A short tutorial will teach you enough to write a simple LaTeX document. Once you get more advanced, though, you might need more commands. You can probably find everything you need with a quick Google search.

4. Split Your Document Into Multiple Files

Your thesis or dissertation is probably the longest document you’ve had to write in your academic career so far. With LaTeX, you can split your main file into smaller chunks.

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For a thesis, this would normally mean creating a separate .tex file for each chapter. With the commands \input or \include, you can insert these files into your main file.

5. Use the “%” Command to Insert Comments

If you’re a programmer, LaTeX probably comes naturally to you. But for others, it’s tough to look at multiple pages of code at once. This is where “%” comes in handy.

Any text you type after the % symbol won’t appear in the final document. So, you can use “%” to remind yourself what a particular section of code does, or as a way to find your way around:

{\ small text} % small font size

You can also use “%” to “switch off” some of your text lines. This is handy if you want to debug your document, as you can easily switch them back on if needed.

6. Find Out What Error Logs Mean

It’s helpful to learn the meaning of standard error logs so you can easily fix simple errors. An error log looks like this:

[filename]:[line number where error occurs]:[description of error].[incorrect content]

If you can’t easily identify the error, you can contact experienced LaTeX users by joining an online community like TeX—LaTeX Stack Exchange .

7. Expert LaTeX Proofreading

Although most LaTeX editing programs include a basic spell checker, you still need to have your work proofread by a LaTeX expert. Our team at Proofed is experienced in handling .tex files, so your LaTeX documents are in good hands with us.

You can even put our service to the test by sending us 500 words for free proofreading .

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