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Can’t get a job in fashion? You might be making one (or all) of these 7 mistakes

3 absolutely necessary steps to become a freelance fashion writer

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write a review of a fashion show

What A Fashion School Won’t Teach You (To Land A Job In Fashion)

How To Write A Fashion Runway Review

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How To Write A Fashion Runway Review

Fashion weeks always catch the attention of fashion enthusiasts and critics. For those who are unable to attend a fashion show, we rely on runway reviews to discover the latest collections of the designers we love. And maybe reading them has given you the idea to write fashion show reviews yourself as an aspiring writer? 

I’m pretty sure you have read a fashion show review before, so you might be familiar with how they are written. But in case you have no idea what information to include in your review and how to structure it, in this article, Glam Observer explains to you how to write a fashion runway review step by step. 

Provide context

Let’s start with the most important fact: fashion show reviews are never just a mere description of all the looks you see on the runway. They also don’t begin by going straight to the looks. So it’s not about following the chronological order from the 1st look to the last one. Look 1 was this sweater, look 2 was this skirt… and so on. 

Reviews always start from an angle and provide context . It’s about building a story people can relate to, a narrative about how these looks come to life. Why? Because while collections are products of the imagination and creativity of the designer, they don’t happen without any reason. Designers usually have a motive to design a collection in a specific way by selecting the garments, the accessories, the makeup…and everything that surrounds it (the set, the music…) that will convey the idea of the collection. 

As a fashion runway reporter, it is your job to go beyond describing the clothes. You need to talk about the designer’s inspiration and the message they are trying to convey. Ask yourself questions like: what is the designer trying to say? Who is this collection speaking to? What is this collection saying about the world? 

Choose your angle , aka what has been important to you in the show. Keep in mind that a fashion review is generally short, approximately 1 page long, so you won’t be able to cover everything you want to say. Hence you have to choose your angle and what elements to focus on. For example: 

The inspiration for the new collection (can be found in the show notes).

A good recent example is Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2024 runway show which was staged on a small private island called Isola Bella in Italy. The creative director Nicolas Ghesquière said to the press that his reason was because he “always wanted to show in Italy, Italian culture is fascinating and it’s a dream to show here in such an iconic place, very sophisticated, and a little secret.” Also, Dior’s Cruise show took place in Mexico because Christian Dior had a close connection to the country, and Carolina Herrera’s Resort was staged in Brazil because of her Latin American roots. 

What was different compared to previous shows?

Did some major events, the political and economic situation (pandemic, war) have an impact on the set? (we all remember the Balenciaga FW 2022 show that paid homage to the people fleeing war.) Were there any changes in creative directors? 

The history of the brand.

It is impossible to know what the show is about without doing some preliminary research about the brand if you are not familiar with it or simply because you don’t know all the history by heart and want to refresh your memory. You need to be able to cross-cut important dates, moments, and pieces in the history of fashion and the specific brand to provide context and enrich your review. This is important because a collection is usually a mix of the brand’s seasonal codes – a new silhouette, style, etc., and permanent codes that are part of the house’s heritage. 

What the designer is known for.

A critical part of developing a keen eye for a designer’s work is in understanding what they did in the past and where they are going. Some designers will have trademark elements – cuts, silhouettes, shapes…that are unique to their brand and what it stands for. For example – a recognizable pattern, like Gucci’s Supreme GG canvas, Louis Vuitton’s Damier monogram, and Burberry’s Check pattern. Or a signature piece, like Saint Laurent’s Smoking and the Chanel tweed jacket. But then they will reinterpet them according to their own artistic vision. As a fashion writer, you should be knowledgeable about the designer you are watching, and be able to note what fashion traits they are experimenting with season after season. 


It is common to see in a collection references to other designers and former creative directors. Fashion critics and buyers also compare a collection to a designer’s past work to determine whether it offers something creative and refreshing while staying true to the brand’s aesthetic. So put looks into perspective, comparing them to the past collections and other designers. 

Describe the looks

Although, as we said, a review shouldn’t be a description of all the looks in chronological order, you can still mention them. After all, you are writing your fashion review about that specific collection, so feel free to comment about it. What were the standout pieces? What details did you notice in the garments? How were the looks accessorized? 

Pay attention that clothing isn’t all that shapes the look. The hair, nail and makeup worn by models is also something to notice. Designers collaborate with stylists — sometimes for months — to put together beauty looks that complement their collections. In addition, any accessories that you see, like shoes, handbags and jewelry are equally important details of a total look.

Look for common traits . Some seasons, it seems as though designers all draw their collections from the same inspiration pool. When a color, print, theme, or cut keeps popping up collection after collection, there’s a good chance it will turn into a trend. 

To sum up, these are the main elements you should focus on when watching a fashion show so you don’t miss anything.

  • The main theme
  • The key pieces 
  • The opening look
  • Main colors and fabrics
  • Silhouettes
  • Embellishments
  • Hair & makeup
  • Shoes and accessories

Describe the set

In the past, a runway used to be a way to show the new collection to buyers, editors, and the press. Nowadays, it goes beyond a simple presentation of clothes. Brands stage real spectacles, and the location plays an important part in it. It’s a powerful marketing tool to drive as much attention as possible to the brand and stand out from competitors. The more extravagant – the better. 

The location of the runway often has a special meaning to the creative designer and helps to convey the mood of the collection even better. For example, Chanel Cruise 2024 took place in Los Angeles because the collection was built around the theme of Hollywood, and creative director Virginie Viard was inspired by the sports style that is so popular in LA when she visited the city. Valentino’s Fall 2022 Couture show in Rome near the brand’s headquarters was a way to remember where it all started. Another example is when Karl Lagerfeld staged his Chanel Couture Fall 2016 collection inside the French luxury house’s atelier. 

Describe the atmosphere and the mood of the show

If you are lucky to attend a physical fashion show live, describing the energy and unique details of a runway show is your gold ticket to a captivating fashion review. Being one of the relatively few people invited behind the closed doors of Fashion Week makes gives you access to information that someone watching it online – or watching it at all – doesn’t have. This includes things like knowing which VIPs and celebrities were in the front row, what drama happened backstage, and what insiders had to say about the collection right after the runway.

If you cannot attend a fashion show, this won’t probably be the angle of your review, however, you can still find out some information like which celebrities attended it from other publications, if you wish to write about that.

When writing a runway review, some critics write about the inspiration and message behind the collection. Others prefer to focus on the collection itself, as well as the set and the mood if it was spectacular. Possibilities are endless, so choose what angle works best for you.

How to structure your runway review

Editors don’t write whatever comes to their minds from scratch; they follow a specific structure. Similar to an enthralling movie or a good book, a runway review should have a beginning, middle, and end. 

Looks within a collection typically share similar traits, such as color palette, texture, or silhouette, yet they usually evolve as the runway show progresses. Therefore, a solid collection is cohesive in its overall look but builds in drama, from more understated or casual pieces early on to ones with an extra “wow” factor for the finale. Sometimes, a creative backdrop or soundtrack helps set the mood, too. 

Finally, the structure of your fashion report depends on the angle you chose and the number of elements you want to cover. Once you define them, you can set the order in which you will organize your information. 

Write a review asap

Contrary to some other fashion articles which you have more time to write, when it comes to a runway review, timing is key. The deadlines are tight because basically, you don’t want to publish it 3 days later; it will be old news. Your review should be ready asap after the show ends. Editors usually publish them within a few hours to deliver fresh news to their readers. 

That’s why it’s better to do your research before a fashion show (research the brand, interview PR managers or designers, etc.) so you build a foundation for your article, and then add the last details when you actually see the looks and the location.

What can help you to write a runway review?

Take notes as you watch the show, and take screenshots or real photos to remember your first impressions. Of course, you can rewatch the show later, but the best idea doesn’t come twice. The first impression is strong and authentic, so that’s why it’s important to take notes. Plus, if there are 50 looks, you’ll probably see 200 details that you might miss if you don’t write them down immediately. You’ll not describe each of the 50 looks, but the most important details from your point of view. 

Using quotes from the designer is a great way to complement your report. You can find them on show notes, the media, or by going backstage to talk to the designer, or talking with him over a Zoom call (this is for more experienced writers but still you should know you have this option for the future). 

Learn about fashion  

Knowing as much as possible about fashion helps a lot to support your runway review with raw data. Therefore, I recommend learning about fashion history and staying updated on the latest news and trends that will help you spot details in the show easier and connect them to the meaning of the collection. 

Become familiar with the fashion vocabulary 

Another thing that can make it easier to write a fashion review is to become familiar with the fashion vocabulary. Do fashion terms like Trompe l’oeil, Passé, Savoir-faire, Dégradé, Whimsical, Austère, Ethereal…ring a bell? If not, you should learn them (we explain popular fashion terms and definitions in our daily newsletter 365 days of fashion ) as using industry terms makes a review look more professional. 

Follow other fashion reporters for inspiration 

Every writer is different and has a unique voice and writing style. So it doesn’t mean you have to copy someone. However, you should read as many reviews as you can, especially if you have never written a runway report before because you are at the beginning of your writing career. You can follow Nicole Phelps from Vogue, Alison S.Cohn from Harper’s Bazaar, and Miles Socha from WWD, among others.

How to see a fashion show?

Unless you are an editor, a buyer, or an influencer (or work as a volunteer backstage ), you won’t probably be able to attend a fashion show physically. So if you are reading this article as an aspiring fashion writer, my answer is you should watch the live streaming on the brand’s website, or partner platforms like Instagram, and Youtube. Plus, you can see the photos of the catwalk online once other critics publish their reviews. 

So yeah, this is great news because you don’t actually need to attend a fashion show (even if we fashionistas all dream of doing that one day). With your research skills and attention to detail when watching the show and the photos online, you can write a great runway review!

How to get your runway review published?

Do your research about the brand you want to cover the show about.

Watch the show online or in person and note down all the necessary information.

Write your review.

Pitch it to the magazines. 

If you are at the beginning of your career in fashion, instead of pitching notorious magazines that have their own fashion critics already traveling the world to attend fashion shows, consider pitching niche magazines or websites. Then, of course, nothing prevents you from sending it to Vogue. Just make sure to broaden your opportunities.

That’s it! That’s how you write a runway review. It doesn’t look that hard once you know exactly what to write about, does it? 😉 

But if you are still feeling nervous about the idea and need guidance on how to write articles and get them published when you don’t have any experience, we invite you to enroll in the Fashion Writer Accelerator online course.

How to work at Fashion Week as a Volunteer

How many fashion weeks are there? A Breakdown of Fashion Weeks Worldwide

Very nice. We are in fashion industry, a renowned caps and hats manufacturer.

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getting a fashion job | job application mistakes

write a review of a fashion show

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write a review of a fashion show

StyleQuotes Blog

Fashion week how to guide: writing a runway review.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  is upon us and the number of fashion websites and blogs present in New York City has officially burst the stratosphere.  Knowing what to look for in a runway show can be quite different than what most bloggers normally write about, so we’ve bring you our handy  how-to guide to reporting on a fashion show.   Click through for the 5 main things to look for when assessing a runway show, then have fun hitting the Tents!


Inspiration:   As an editor, it is your job to go beyond describing the clothes. You need to talk about a designer’s inspiration and the message that they are trying to convey. Ask yourself questions like:  what is the designer trying to say? Who is this collection speaking to?  and  What is this collection saying about the world?   (Helpful hint: the designer’s inspirational story and background is typically provided in the program or you can get a quote from their PR representative).

Design Skill and Evolution:  A critical part of developing an eye for a designer’s potential is in  understanding where the designer has been and where they are going with their work.   Certain designers will have trademark cuts, silhouettes, shapes, and trademarks  that are unique to their brand.  Like a logo, these say things about what the brand stands for.  As a fashion writer, you should be knowledgeable about the designer you are watching, and be able to note what fashion traits a designer is experimenting with season after season.

Trends and Statement Looks:  Trends are what the majority of fashion reporting focuses on.  That is because trend reports tell readers what to buy, what the strongest statements are of every designer’s collection, and what the next season of fashion will bring. Fashion trends show up in the form of  silhouettes, colors, hemlines, accessories, and fabrics.  It takes viewing several collections before you will notice developing trends, which is why it is important to see as many shows as possible.  Designers also often like to create one bold, strong statement that represents their vision for the season.  These looks aren’t usually for sale, but are many times seen on magazine covers and high end editorials.

Retail Impact:   When it comes to the business of retail, function and fashion are equally important clothing traits.   Creativity, color, and design must be balanced with wearability and functionality .  For designers, this is a difficult mixture to master. For editors, having an eye for designers who accomplish this can make or break your level of authority in the editorial world.  How to determine whether garments hit the right equation?   Watch how garments wear and move on the runway, check out a model’s comfort level, and then (when you can) view the construction of pieces up close at market appointments afterwards.   You can also fine tune your eye by talking to buyers and understanding what they are looking for when they are checking out a brand. Atmosphere:   Describing the energy and unique details of an event or runway show is fashion reporter gold.  Being one of the relative few people invited behind the closed doors of Fashion Week make you privy to information no one else has.  This includes things like:  knowing which VIPs and celebrities were in the front row, what drama happened backstage, and what insiders had to say about the collection right after it leaves the runway.

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write a review of a fashion show

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How to Write a Fashion Review

Posted on October 23, 2020

write a review of a fashion show

Do you have an opinion on a specific attire thing or a style pattern and need to share it? It is possible that you choose to distribute your review on a private blog or start a design master’s vocation, there are a lot of subtleties you should consider before entering the universe of fashion content-makers. Since design has become the best approach to communicate our independence and to fit in, recommending clothing is a capable undertaking and requires a particular master toolbox of abilities. Things being what they are, how to compose a really helpful and effective review on fashion related points? If you need a specific example, try addressing EssayWritingService to get a sample. Luckily, there are likewise some basic proposals to assist you with composing like a professional regardless of whether you are a design industry newcomer. We’ve analyzed a large number of those and laid out the best hints we’ve discovered.

1- Become Familiar with the Fashion Language

Nothing supplements a style evaluate more than utilizing terms like “a-line” and “bodice” rather than “flares a bit” and “top.” Picking up a design word reference, or utilizing the online design word reference on WWD will naturally add information to your review.

Does it seem too difficult? Then, just seek help in the essay writing service . Professionals will write everything for you!

2- Come up with a Catching Title

Compose your opening with an appealing expression by attempting to interface the gathering to mainstream society or a venture the star has taken a shot at in the event that they are a big name. “Molly Ringwald wasn’t so beautiful in pink,” is a good case of a title for a design article.

3- Focus on a Niche Fashion Week Category

Imagine that you secured all the fundamentals during design week, expounding on who descended the runway, was going on behind the stage, the huge shows, and so forth, then after style week, you can revisit everything and break out your posts into fascinating niches . For instance, you can do a post on the best totes from design week or the ones that are patterns to watch and buy into, rehashing similar thought with different things, for example, gems, hosiery, lipstick shade, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

4- Follow the Plan

The structure of the review is equivalent to some other articles. It has a title, lead, body, and finishing. The title has to be unbiased in nature, names the object of the review, and for the most part, no uncommon heading procedures are utilized. Lead brings you into perusing and says what the article will be about.

Answer the Question – “For what reason would you say you are writing a fashion review?”

In any case, presently it merits clarifying why you out of nowhere chose to compose a fashion review and what caused this craving. From that point onward, you can bring an outing into history, dive into the examination of subtleties, highlights, nuances, and subtleties.

5- Define your Primary Task of Writing

Your task might be to assess the material in the light of another show. For this situation, you need examples from the two sources.

Now and then the task requires an audit of the content in the light of the investigation of a specific issue. For instance, it is significant for a human science teacher to characterize the demeanor towards sexual orientation fairness in a show. For this situation, you have to see the presentation of the assortment and make explanations on the issue under examination so the review contains data about how the functions of the genders are depicted in the show.

The task may include composing a customized review of the assortment or show, albeit such a task is not common. The teacher simply needs you to watch or visit the show and portray your own impressions of it. For this situation, you have to zero in on your own conclusion about the assortment and show.

6- Choose the Platform to Write your Content

Usually sites which sell different sorts of apparel and are the best spot to begin. These online sites convey a tremendous scope of attire going from formal office wear to sleep time nightgown, etc. Individuals incline toward these attire selling sites for the nature of the items they promote. You can join as an offshoot with any of these online sites and start composing review for the showed garments and dresses. Be that as it may, before you join, check the change pace of the sites. You will need the possibilities to purchase an ever increasing number of devices from these online stores subsequent to perusing your survey which will mean more cash for you. You can look for top sites selling dresses online with the assistance of significant web indexes.

We, in general, love to attempt new garments. The greater part of us even extravagant wearing new garments each day. We see a ton of changes occurring in the design business consistently. Alongside that, there are various organizations that are concocting new garments and new textures consistently. It gets hard for us to pick the right brand of garments or the texture to wear to office or to some other event. More often than not, we wind up purchasing the item which either sometimes falls short for our skin or doesn’t coordinate our character. That is why, writing fashion reviews may be a very profitable business. How to do it? We told you already, just apply your new knowledge to practice.

Written by Lola McQuenzie

Lola is one of our most busy writer, She worked for Catwalk Yourself since 2007 and still producing her 2-3 artiles per week. Lola graduaded at Central St Martins and started working wth us soon after

One thought on “ How to Write a Fashion Review ”

This is Really Bad. A Designer is creative. NOT A COPY CAT. The really sad part is the Judges knows this AND show Designer BRITNEY aired 8/24/23 men models. Britney COPIED Harry Styles look The BIG WHITE BOW in front of the shirt AND the WIDE LEG FLARE PANTS. Britney had a different color. THE JUDGES SHOWED a clip of Harry Styles wearing this COPIED outfit. The week of the TWO outfits Britney made a Orange and white outfit with a WHITE CROSS TANK TOP. ( Copied from the Designer that went home The Jamaican Guy made before He was upset when he saw it and a Clip of his designed was shown. ( Rewind the episode he was discussing it with the other designers. I have 2 More taped episodes left (I hope out of fairness the RIGHT WINNER DESIGNER WILL WIN.. NEXT Season this should be A SERIOUS discussion. NO COPYING!!!.. Thank you for your time

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write a review of a fashion show

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Versace Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Show Review Essay (Critical Writing)

Versace’s slick and seductive creations continue to dazzle the world with an edgy, chic, and opulent look. Flipping the script for the fall 2021 season, the brand introduces its fanbase to a new discussion inside the Versace-verse, monogramming. This season, while making the debut of its new monogram dubbed La Greca, the new range is at par with heritage fashion powerhouse labels such as Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and others in the market a long-time exceeding Versace’s. The event had superstars in attendance like Precious Lee, Irina Shayk, Bella, and Gigi Hadid, highlighting how big the virtual event was.

Watching the Versace fall-winter fashion show video, we get a glimpse of what to expect from the brand throughout the season. The exhibition begins with some well-tailored bags, collars, and gloves with subtle prints. While still mesmerized with the sharply tailored merchandise, the spectacular display turns into a parade of head-to-toe monogrammed styles. The first thing you note about a garment is its colors. For the Versace fall winter 2021 fashion show, a proportion of different colors was used on the accessories and garments. Donatella Versace’s latest La Greca monogram is a rework of the brand’s classic Greek Key emblem, which traditionally goes around Medusa’s head logo.

Versace’s latest monograph, La Greca, is a remake of the classic emblem of the brand, from the Greek mythologies, traditionally around the Medusa head logo. The new and improved symbol now appears on scarves, knits, and coats; it is aptly woven and attached to shiny textured fabrics with complex patterns and engraved into the chunky looking soles of the sneakers that may have looked like they came from the future. The clothes bear the thread with vintage-inspired garments in sweater jackets, disco collars, and futuristic tights in La Greco’s geometric print.

The runway set was the biggest highlight of the night; it was a gigantic multi-story maze that employed a three-dimensional trompe l’oeil design of architecture that uses real-time imagery to create optical illusions in real life. With the camera movements, the audience cannot help but be taken in by the sheer size of the runway set that was innocently painted in gold. The models were strategically positioned within the structure that looked like an uptown apartment that was hosting an elegant gala.

Apart from an outstanding tailoring job, flared pants without forgetting the gowns with layers of light chiffon, for this particular collection, everything else was terrific. The models appeared to perform various stands in different rooms, like fighting over a bag or helping one another prepare for a party in their outfits. The models, just like actors, were responsible for bringing the designs to life (Nast, 2021). Metal, mesh, and leather are some of the material textures frequently mixed together in their designs. Black leather, gleaming golden jewels, bomber jackets, and zippers all make frequent appearances. La Greca’s arrival forges a new direction for Versace, but it does not dismiss the brand’s DNA of smoldering sex appeal and an ungrateful self-sense.

Versace’s new collection was presented with a whole fifty-nine fresh looks to celebrate the line’s stylish heritage label. It is expected that the new brand, La Greca, is expected to go toe to toe with the Barocco V-shaped hardware and the Versace Medusa collections and turn into a symbol that is easily recognizable just like its other two precursors. The label hopes that the new brand will breathe new life into the sales of the collections after the coronavirus global pandemic.

The label owners are hopeful that La Greca will create a new legacy for the brand. For a long time now, Versace’s target audience has been the youth with their values of authenticity and empowerment. The clothes used at the fashion show had a vintage inspiration with a feel of the 70’s vest sweater and disco collars. The only challenge is to translate La Greca into a super brand without having it look more corporate.

Nast, C. (2021). Fashion Shows: Fashion Week, Runway, Designer Collections . Vogue. Web.

  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2022, July 17). Versace Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Show Review.

"Versace Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Show Review." IvyPanda , 17 July 2022,

IvyPanda . (2022) 'Versace Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Show Review'. 17 July.

IvyPanda . 2022. "Versace Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Show Review." July 17, 2022.

1. IvyPanda . "Versace Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Show Review." July 17, 2022.


IvyPanda . "Versace Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Show Review." July 17, 2022.

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