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Geography Dissertation Topics

Published by Carmen Troy at January 6th, 2023 , Revised On August 16, 2023


Geography is the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources and political and economic activities.

Geography is related to the climate changes and ecological value of a region that helps determine the environmental situation of that region. Therefore, it is important to explore the different geographical ideas and theories. Geography is an interesting field and there is a range of issues that you could choose from for your dissertation.

This article lists several geography dissertation topics and research ideas so you can base your dissertation on a manageable and intriguing issue.

Here is our selection of geography dissertation topics that we think will definitely interest you and your supervisor.

Topic 1: Impact of Natural Catastrophes on Economic Growth and Human Development- A Case of 2011 Fukushima Crisis in Japan

  • Topic 2: How Do Natural Disasters Affect the Geosphere? Calculating the Effects of Earthquakes, Floods, and Volcanic Eruptions on Geosphere in Asia

Topic 3: Geography a Natural Friend or Enemy? The Role of Geography in Promoting/Demoting Climate Change Disasters in Sub-Saharan Africa

Topic 4: geo-mapping and land reforms: a study to find the role of geo-mapping, sensor data, and big data analytics in bringing land reforms to developing countries, topic 5: predictive analytics and natural disaster: a study to find the role of artificial intelligence (ai) in predicting natural disasters and epidemics.

Also, read Ecology dissertation topics and sustainability dissertation topics .

Let our experts help you get started with your dissertation.

2022 Geography Research Topics

Research Aim: This research aims to analyze the impact of natural catastrophes on economic growth and human development. It will assess the socioeconomic effects of the 2011 Fukushima Crisis in Japan. It will show how it affected Japan’s economic growth by affecting the population, production levels, employment, investments, etc.? Moreover, how did it affect the Human Development Index (HDI)? Lastly, it will show how Japan managed to recover from this catastrophe? And what lessons can other countries learn from Japan to mitigate the socioeconomic effects of natural disasters?

Topic 2: How Does Natural Disasters Affect the Geosphere? Calculating the Effects of Earthquakes, Floods, and Volcanic Eruptions on Geosphere in Asia

Research Aim: This study intends to calculate the effects of earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions on the geosphere in Asia. It will find whether there is an empirical relationship between geosphere disturbance and natural disasters? Or changes in the geosphere cause natural disasters in Asia? It will primarily test a causal relationship between natural disasters and geosphere disruption. Moreover, it will show whether there are ways to protect the geosphere or not?

Research Aim: This research assesses the role of geography in promoting/demoting climate change disasters in Sub-Saharan Africa. It will find ways through which geography saves or further exacerbate the climate change situation. It will analyze various natural disasters in Sub-Saharan Africa and see what geography’s role is in protecting or further hurting the population. Lastly, it will see the government’s efforts such as investment in eco-friendly projects, cutting down 〖CO〗_2 and increase in the number of trees to maintain their natural geography.

Research Aim: This study analyzes the role of geo-mapping, sensor data, and big data analytics in bringing land reforms to developing countries. It will review geo-mapping concepts and how sensor data gathered through geo-mapping can be used in big data analytics? Further, it will show how developing countries use geo-mapping and big data analytics to reform their rotten real estate sector. Moreover, comparing their efforts with advanced countries will recommend improving their geo-mapping and land reforms.

Research Aim: This research finds the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in predicting natural disasters and epidemics. It will assess various machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) models and big data tools to show how they are used to predict natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, storms, etc. It will test the reliability and efficacy of these model to recommend best models to predict further catastrophes in the future.

Geography Dissertation Research Topics

Topic 1: studying the fertility of soil after the volcanic eruption..

Research Aim: The research paper aims to find out the study of the soil’s fertility caused by a volcanic eruption. The consequences of volcanic eruptions affect the soil, which makes the soil difficult to cultivate.

Topic 2: Understanding Global Warming through Geography

Research Aim: The research paper has the purpose of understanding global warming through Geography. Global warming has severe impacts on the climates and people’s health because it is caused due to harmful UV rays.

Topic 3: Geography: Determining the Effects caused by Natural Calamities on a Region

Research Aim: The research paper aims to determine the effects that are caused due to natural calamities on a region. Natural calamities impact the region because of the destruction that occurs to life and property. Therefore, the study will understand the adverse effects of natural disasters on an area.

Topic 4: Evaluating the Ecological Value of the Forests

Research Aim: The research paper aims to evaluate the ecological value of the forests. Forests help build the region’s environmental conditions and provide a home to a massive amount of wildlife. So, the paper understands the value of ecology in forests.

Topic 5: Comprehending the Security of Nutrition and Food in Geography

Research Aim: The research paper aims to investigate the security of nutrition and food in geography. There is a big challenge related to the sustainability of the atmosphere growing food and the arrangements of the society so that the poor people can have an adequate amount of food and nutrition.

Topic 6: Geography Empathizes with Environmental Protection.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to understand the emphasis that geography puts on environmental protection. I maintain the ecological balance and provide people with a safe and healthy environment, and it is essential to protect the environment. Therefore, the research paper will discuss the importance of environmental protection through geography.

Topic 7: Importance of Water Conservation

Research Aim: The research paper aims to understand the significance of water conservation. Water preservation is essential because it will help the farmers cultivate when fresh water is scarce. Therefore, the paper will discuss the importance of water conservation.

Topic 8: The impact of drought on farmers: Geography

Research Aim: The research paper will discuss the impact of drought on farmers. Drought is the main reason why farmers suffer from severe economic pressure, which also affects the region’s food supply. Hence, the paper studies the critical aspects of drought and its impact on farmers.

Topic 9: Effect of Ocean Currents on the Weather of an Area

Research Aim: The research paper excavates the effect of ocean currents on the weather of an area. The ocean currents are the conveyer belt that transports warm water along with precipitation. Therefore, ocean currents do regulate global climatic changes.

Topic 10: Geography: To Understand the Transforming Thermal Regime of the Polythermal Glaciers

Research Aim: The research paper aims to comprehend the transforming thermal regime of the polythermal glaciers. The thermal regime of any glacier has significant ramifications depending on how it moves; it can be both temperate and polar depending on the temperature.

Topic 11: Analysing the usage of Greenfield in an Area

Research Aim: The research paper aims to analyze the usage of greenfields in an area. Companies’ greenfield analysis is done to understand the optimal location and number of all the distribution centres, and geography helps to understand this vastly.

Topic 12: Geography: An in-depth study about the Destinations of the Sources of Rivers

Research Aim: The research paper states the in-depth study about the destinations of rivers’ sources in geography. From the perspective of geography, the river sources’ destination will be studied where the flow and destination of rivers tend to change because of the absorption of sediments in their sizes and shapes.

Topic 13: Aspects Contributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Environment

Research Aim: The research paper aims to study the aspects contributing to creating a sustainable environment. To evaluate the sustainable environment, it is imperative to excavate the factors contributing to its formation.

Topic 14: Evaluating the Impacts of Acid Rain

Research Aim: The research paper aims to evaluate the impacts of acid rain. In geography, acid rain is taken as an adverse effect that leads to a big downfall both for the environment and in harming the crops. Hence, the paper states the adverse impacts caused to the life and cultivation of people due to acid rain.

Topic 15: Geography: Construction of Buildings Affecting the Soil

Research Aim: The research paper aims to view geography’s perspective in evaluating the effects caused to soil due to the construction of buildings. The soil fertility is almost lost because of building construction, and therefore the paper will be evaluating all the effects that building construction causes on the soil.

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To find geography dissertation topics:

  • Explore geographic interests.
  • Study recent research.
  • Identify gaps or challenges.
  • Analyze local/global issues.
  • Consider fieldwork opportunities.
  • Select a topic aligning with passion and academic relevance.

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Geography Dissertation Topics (26 Examples) For Research

Mark Jun 21, 2020 Jun 20, 2020 Geography No Comments

Geography is a challenging subject ad writing a dissertation on it can be very difficult and challenging for the students. Selecting a topic is one of the major hurdles. So, here is a list of geography dissertation topics and projects topics on geography. Choosing the right topic can help in impressing the teachers and getting […]

geography dissertation topics

Geography is a challenging subject ad writing a dissertation on it can be very difficult and challenging for the students. Selecting a topic is one of the major hurdles. So, here is a list of geography dissertation topics and projects topics on geography.

Choosing the right topic can help in impressing the teachers and getting better grades. We offer research topics on geography and can also help you in completing your research and dissertations by offering high-quality services. You can also explore the list of geography dissertation topics and come up with some unique ideas.

List of geography dissertation topics

Identifying the factors that cause changes in the climate of an area.

Examining the concept of coastal erosion and how it takes place.

Studying the effects of natural calamities on the people living in nearby areas.

To investigate how natural disasters and calamities affect the economy of the countries.

Factors that contribute to creating a sustainable environment.

Studying the ecological value of forests to the government of the country.

Evaluating the concept of global food security.

Investigating the destinations of river sources.

Studying the impact of contaminated land in a certain area.

To study the soil fertility after a volcanic eruption.

Analysing the uses of green-field land in a certain area.

Studying the changes in the ecosystem in the last 10 years in the United States.

Factors defining the quality of water in the locality and how it differs from the characteristics of water in the neighbouring regions.

Exploring the best ways to study urban geography and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative approaches.

A literature review on the concept of plantation forestry.

Studying the species of your locality that are considered to be endangered.

Exploring the changes in urban geography through the decades.

To study the changing thermal regime of polythermal glaciers.

A systematic review of the impact of climate change on the local economic geography.

Evaluating the association of social sciences with economic geography.

To explore how the decline in urban-rural divide led to economic change in the UK.

How certain fishing techniques are damaging the coastal region of the fishing island?

Studying the concept of semi-automated mapping of glacial landforms.

Evaluating the potential of high-resolution airborne remote sensing for glaciology.

How does ocean current affect the weather of an area?

Studying the effects of physical landforms on the life of people.

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162 Geography Dissertation Ideas: Creative Topics For Your Writing

162 Geography Dissertation Ideas

Finding the best geography dissertation ideas is not a straightforward process due to the broad nature of this academic field. Most students find geography challenging, and writing a thesis on this subject is even more difficult. Selecting a dissertation topic is among the major hurdles for geography students. Therefore, this article highlights some of the best dissertation ideas for geography students. This article is helpful because it inspires students with difficulties picking topics or ideas for their thesis papers.

What is Geography?

Geography is a field in science devoted to studying phenomena on different planets, including earth, lands, inhabitants, and features. Ideally, this field entails studying the earth’s physical attributes, the atmosphere, and human activity.

It also encompasses resource and population distribution, economic and political activities. Students that love unveiling the universe’s secrets pursue geography studies. And educators expect such learners to write geography dissertations at some point in their academic journey. But what makes a successful dissertation in this study field?

A good geography dissertation should have several clear sections as follows:

Choosing a topic : Your dissertation should have a unique, engaging, and relevant topic. Therefore, finding a title for your geography thesis should be your first step in the dissertation writing process. Introduction : A geography dissertation intro should state the topic while highlighting its importance. It should also note the objectives or goals of your dissertation. Include a thesis statement towards the introductory part’s end, telling the readers what to expect in the rest of the paper. Literature review : Your geography dissertation should present other studies on the topic and their results in this section. Explain what prompted you to research this topic. And this can be a gap in the past studies or adding onto what already exists. Methodology : In the methodology section, present the methods you used to conduct your research, such as surveys and questionnaires. Also, tell the readers why you chose those data collection methods for your study. Findings : State the findings of your studies without explaining or elaborating. Ideally, this section presents the results of the research without discussing them. Discussion : This section discusses the previous sections’ findings that you stated or presented. Explain the results of your study in detail in this part of your dissertation. Conclusion : Wrap up the paper based on your study findings. Make sure your readers understand why you’ve reached a specific conclusion based on the results and analysis. References : This section should include all the information sources you used in your study.

These are the sections of a brief outline of a geography thesis. But even with knowledge of the primary parts of a geography dissertation, you need an interesting topic to impress the professor to award you the best grade. Here are some of the geography ideas to consider for your dissertation.

Physical Geography Dissertation Ideas

The environment has many geographical features. For instance, you will notice hills, mountains, dams, lakes, and much more when walking around. And these features make the environment impressive. Here are physical geography ideas to consider for your dissertation.

  • Nuclear power role in the environment
  • Water scarcity and its scientific implications
  • Why mangrove trees are essential to the marine ecosystem
  • The impact of climate change on agricultural production
  • The effect of carbon dioxide concentration increase on the atmosphere
  • How wastes and pesticides cause soil contamination
  • Global warming and the realities about it
  • How to switch to cleaner vehicles and fuels
  • How humans cause global warming
  • Natural resources and their social dimensions
  • The essence of modeling and geospatial science
  • Sustainability practices and climate adaptability
  • Evaluating fisheries management and ecology
  • Exploring the planet’s invasive species
  • How local power station emissions affect soil pollution levels
  • Investigating green-field land use in some places
  • Analyzing the UK air quality
  • Analyzing the UK water quality
  • Investigating the impact of land use on local water quality
  • Investigating the effect of organic farming on water quality
  • Investigating the effect of human activity on coastlines
  • Analyzing the impact of reservoirs location on water quality
  • Exploring the link between respiratory diseases and air pollution
  • Investigating the connection between river discharge and climate change
  • Are the effects of floods and high river flows increasing in some areas?
  • Is climate change a result of growing geographical hazards?
  • Investigating land contamination in some areas
  • Climate change and hurricane strength- What’s the connection?
  • Atmospheric temperatures and their association with ground temperatures
  • Analyzing soil fertility after a volcanic eruption
  • Investigating the impact of rock climbing on cliff vegetation
  • Meteorological hazards and their impact on climate change
  • Coastal tourism sustainability- Its effects on beach and land
  • How natural factors affect the local ecosystem
  • Analyzing soil in your local area

A student can pick any of these ideas and use them as a topic title. Alternatively, they can tweak it a little to suit their study. Another great option is to get assignment help online and stop wasting time on your dissertation if you don’t like it.

Human Geography Dissertation Ideas

Human geography is vital for the environment. Ideas in this category can enhance the scope of your study. Here are exciting topic ideas to consider in this geography subfield.

  • Why studying human geography is essential in modern times.
  • How does urban geography relate to business?
  • What are the primary issues in human geography?
  • Comparing physical geography and human geography
  • Human geography and its connection to cultural geography
  • How urbanization affects natural resources
  • How weather patterns alter agriculture
  • How fishing affects man
  • Agriculture’s history and importance
  • How human activities cause ozone depletion
  • How mining affects the environment
  • How human activities cause climate change
  • Human geography and its sub-disciplinary fields
  • Homelessness and poverty in African suburbs
  • Investigating clay and gravel along the beach coral reef
  • How landscape development affects the environment
  • Can humans use GIS in assessing spatial quality in the education sector?
  • Can humans use commerce as a sign of sustainable food supply and agriculture?
  • Is geothermal technology suitable for infrastructure and social housing?
  • Is there sufficient research to monitor health inequalities effectively, especially in rural areas?
  • Should urban renewal prioritize green infrastructure?
  • Can ways to evaluate the effects of outdoor recreation on natural resources and rural communities support sustainable development?
  • Climate change research- Is using volunteered information and citizens’ role in geographical investigations a viable option?
  • How socio-economic demographics affect low-carbon practices’ adoption
  • Does the world have sufficient green infrastructure to mitigate urban heat islands?

Pick one of these ideas as your topic or use it for inspiration. Nevertheless, prepare to research your idea extensively to write a quality and informative geography thesis.

Social Geography Dissertation Ideas

Social geography is a scientific study of society and its relationship with space. If that’s something that you find interesting, here are some of the best topic ideas to consider in this category.

  • Society’s role in climate change
  • How modern society affects the natural ecological systems
  • Are modern societies responsible for global warming?
  • How the community can help in addressing climate change issues
  • Society’s role in the implementation of environmental protection policies

Topics in this geography subfield allow students to work practically and theoretically. They can also focus on demographic change in cities and rural areas and spatial identities and cultures.

Cultural Geography Dissertation Ideas

Cultural geography is a major scientific branch involving ethnic geography study. It covers art, religion, and languages. Here are brilliant geography topic ideas to consider in this subfield.

  • Critical analysis of the GIS
  • Investigating imposition systems globally
  • Electoral geography democratization
  • Counter-mapping community resources- What are the dilemmas?
  • Cultural geography and its role in modern society development
  • Ecology and cultural history
  • Culture as a concept in contemporary human geography
  • Cultural landscapes and communication methods
  • How cultural activities promote urbanization
  • How humans influence different land activities
  • Why cultural geography matters
  • Physical geography versus cultural geography
  • How cultural geography promotes tourism
  • The effects of globalization on the Chinese economy
  • The influence of cultural superiority on human behavior
  • How globalization benefits developing and developed countries
  • How the native culture affects human psychology
  • Geo-cultural space and heritage monuments
  • The role of women in modern Chinese society
  • Geography aspects of global religions’ study
  • Investigating the education systems in eastern and western cultures

Any of these ideas can be an excellent topic for a geography thesis. However, learners should take adequate time researching these topics to write impressive papers.

Food Geography Dissertation Ideas

Food geography explores foods and their complexities as a societal and geographic phenomenon. If interested in this field, you can explore any of these ideas in your dissertation.

  • Can the world depend on eco-friendly foods?
  • Is food a cultural aspect?
  • Is food a building block for quality life and public health?
  • Investigating food differences in different cultures
  • Is food the cause of social disparities?
  • How food production affects the environment
  • Strengthening food production with geographical studies
  • How geography can help in boosting food security
  • Investigating food, agriculture, and nutrition geography
  • Exploring the geography of food consumption

These are fantastic food geography ideas to explore when picking a topic. Nevertheless, please choose a title in this category when confident that you can work on it to produce a winning thesis.

Best Geography Topics for Dissertations

Maybe you want to write a thesis on a unique topic and impress your educator. If so, consider these ideas for your geography dissertation topic.

  • Can green energy substitute fossil fuels?
  • Causes and impacts of earthquakes
  • Can floods help sustain life?
  • Investigating individual responsibility in curbing global warming
  • Natural disasters and their severity in the contemporary world
  • How to address the ongoing water crisis
  • How to address human-animal conflicts
  • Can humans prevent floods?
  • Humans’ role in protecting the endangered species
  • The impact of the current industrialization trend
  • Wildfire eruption- What are the causes?
  • Primary causes of water pollution
  • Geographical location and its influence on a nation’s climate
  • The impact of public housing on the housing industry
  • The effect of water bodies on the climate
  • How oil exploration affects the environment
  • Describe the glaciers formation process
  • What are the alternatives to dumping wastes?
  • How atomic blasts affected Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Investigating the continental drift process
  • Climate and geography- What’s the relationship?
  • The influence of water bodies on the climate
  • Qualities and features of coastal erosion
  • Why humans protecting the endangered tree species in the rain forests is important
  • Why glaciers are melting faster than experts had predicted
  • Describe the worst ecological crisis in human history
  • Is meteorological science natural or accurate?
  • Ways to reduce deforestation effects
  • How floods affect the human lives
  • Hurricane impacts and ways to predict them
  • Exploring a dessert’s geographical features
  • Why landslides and earthquakes are so widespread today
  • Are humans playing a role in their extinction
  • Causes and indicators of climate change
  • Causes of urbanization in different areas
  • Effects of volcanoes on nearby settlements
  • How gas and oil exploration influence social issues
  • Investigating land-use and demographic changes in your locality
  • Emerging trends in grassland agriculture

These are some of the best ideas to explore when writing a geography thesis. But like the other topics, learners require sufficient time to investigate these ideas and write quality papers.

Environmental Geography Dissertation Ideas

Environmental geography focuses on spatial aspects of the natural world and human interactions. Here are topic ideas to explore in this subfield.

  • The potential impact and extent of global warming
  • Can the world environment cope with the potential population growth?
  • Why are humans destroying tropical forests?
  • Should humans protect tropical forests?
  • Famine causes and why it kills people
  • The essence of GIS and remote sensing
  • The impact of bioremediation
  • How ice age affects the climate
  • How deep-sea mining impacts the oceans
  • How humans can reinforce the ozone layer
  • Groundwater contamination and the risks
  • Greenpeace organization role in preserving the global ecology
  • The essence of national parks in an ecosystem
  • Why humanity should prevent the extinction of the endangered species
  • The significant effects of deforestation
  • How Fukushima disasters affected the environment
  • Why coral reeds matter
  • How coral reeds affect the environment
  • The connection between acid rains and industrial activities
  • How reforestation can help with the environmental revival
  • Effective water management methods in different parts of the world
  • How the ecosystem deals with forest fires and other disasters
  • The essence of the paleo-ecology study
  • Seasonal weather changes- How an ecosystem can deal with them
  • How desert spreading affects the local wildlife
  • Resources availability- Are they equally spread?
  • Harnessing the greenhouse effect

Some of these topics are easy to work on, while others require an in-depth investigation. Either way, a dissertation is an advanced paper that requires time to research, analyze, and present data in an organized manner. Nevertheless, students can seek dissertation help online if unable to write this paper.

Quality Help with Geography Dissertation

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Geography Dissertation Topics

Geography is a fascinating topic, covering both physical and sociological issues. Concerns over climate change and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are perhaps the two most topical issues, but there are also many other important issues to consider. If you’re struggling to come up with an interesting geography dissertation topic, here are some options to consider.

Physical Geography

Human geography, climate change.

Smart and remote technology continues to develop and understanding their application and use continues to be applied across a range of areas from changes in land-use, pollution disaster risk management.

  • What is the environmental impact of reduced migration and tourism during the COVID19 pandemic?
  • Can current technology support Oceanic plastic pollution prevention and removal?
  • What are the most effective tools in reversing desertification in the 21 st Century?
  • Can environmental conservation be used as a geopolitical tool for peacekeeping?
  • Can geospatial monitoring of flood risk regions play a role in policy decision making and preparation for severe weather events?
  • Can GIS and smart planning be used for agro-ecological zoning and crop type for sustainable development?
  • Can drone technology be used effectively to survey sea-bed topography and stability?
  • Can urban green spaces be used to reduce habitat fragmentation in cities?
  • How can GIS Mapping be used to inform real-time decision-making and mitigation of forest-fires?
  • Is rewilding neglected land a viable option for sustainable development?

The current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic both globally and locally will shape human geography agenda and research for years to come. Impacts range from changes to socio-economic, demographic, and geographical impacts and characteristics, natural resource security to understanding how human geography and citizen science can influence future evidence collation and decision-making.

  • What is the impact of socio-economic demographics on the adoption of low-carbon practices?
  • How has health Geography research influenced understanding and management of pandemics?
  • How can developing countries exploit the post-COVID restoration of Global Tourism?
  • How can understanding Socio-economic decision-making increase community resilience?
  • What is the geographical impact of changes to UK and European trade post-BREXIT? How has COVID19 lockdown impacted on future development of urban and rural transport infrastructure?
  • Is current green infrastructure development mitigating urban heat islands?
  • Has a global pandemic supported successful economic diversification in poorer regions?
  • Is the use of volunteered geographical information and the role of citizen science in geographical research a viable option in the future for climate change research?
  • Can methods to evaluate impact of outdoor recreation loads on rural communities and natural resources support sustainable development?
  • Is green infrastructure a priority for urban renewal?
  • Does current research effectively monitor health inequalities in rural areas?
  • Is geothermal technology a viable option for social housing and infrastructure in the UK?
  • Can commerce be used as an indicator of sustainable agriculture and food supply?
  • Can GIS be used to assess spatial equality in education?

The impact of climate changes and changes to the geopolitical dynamics continues to develop and whilst the science of its direct environmental impact continues to be understood more specifically there still remains a gap in identifying what mitigation measures must be put in place. With the COP26 (UN Climate Change) Conference later this year, a refreshed focus will be placed on planning and implementing socio-economic policy and decision making.

  • How does disruption to energy supplies affect Critical National Infrastructure and climate change risks?
  • Carbon pricing and its failure to reduce climate change – what next for carbon capture credit?
  • What are the Security implications of climate change in the UK?
  • Will climate migration impact urban development in the UK?
  • Is urban inequality between socio-economic groups increasing due to climate change and how can the gap be reduced?
  • How can science be used to differentiate between extreme severe weather events and sustained environmental change due to climate change?

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Geography Dissertation Topics Ideas

A lot of geography students struggle to come up with dazzling Geography dissertation topics ideas. Because of that, a lot of students drop out of college and universities. Sometimes the supervisors and professors are super picky about  dissertation topics  and reject student’s dissertation topics quickly.

If you are also having issues finalizing Geography dissertation topics ideas then don’t worry. We are shortly going to provide you with a list of very interesting dissertation topics for your geography dissertation.

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Why Choosing Good Geography Dissertation Topics Ideas is Important?

If you searching for Geography dissertation topics ideas then this question may have crossed your mind multiple times. It is very legit to have such questions cross your mind but you should know that your dissertation topics can have long-term impacts on your career.

Compelling Geography dissertation topics ideas can easily capture your professor’s attention and help you get good grades. On the other hand, your dissertation topic also appears on your resume. It means that your career can be highly impacted by your dissertation topic. For instance, every potential employer might have a glimpse of your dissertation through the topic of your dissertation. If it’s an interesting topic then it will surely impress the employer.

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List of Geography Dissertation Topics Ideas for Top-Scoring Dissertations

Although it is recommended to create dissertation topics by yourself we’d like to provide you with an impeccable list of interesting topics. All of these Geography dissertation topics ideas are handpicked by field experts with years of experience in dissertation writing. All of these dissertation topics are completely free to use so you can pick as many dissertation topics as you want.

Before you finalize your dissertation topic, make sure to create a list of all the topics that are within your interest area. While ensuring that, you have to also keep the requirements criteria set by your supervisor or professor in your mind as well.

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Latest 2021 & 2022 Geography Dissertation Dissertation Topics

  • Climatic causes of coastal erosion.
  • Assessment of socio-economic impact of national calamities.
  • A need of global food security.
  • Evolution of changes in the urban geography.
  • Assessment of urban-rural divide decline in the Western countries.

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Absolutely not. Every dissertation needs to have a unique topic and we absolutely understand the importance of it. We remove topics that are brought to use from our platform and come up with new ones. The topic of your geography dissertation that we carry out for you, is never led to another client. That is what our creativity is and we highly care about our credibility. Situations like using your dissertation topic for someone else will never occur.

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topics for dissertation geography

99 Economic Geography Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

By Adam Sep 17, 2023 in Economic Geography , Economics | No Comments

When it comes to dissertation topics in economic geography, studying economic activities from a geographical perspective is the main focus. For undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, selecting the right dissertation topic is like embarking on an academic adventure. Economic geography, also known as economic spatial science or spatial economics, provides an abundance of fascinating subjects […]

dissertation topics in economic geography

When it comes to dissertation topics in economic geography, studying economic activities from a geographical perspective is the main focus. For undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, selecting the right dissertation topic is like embarking on an academic adventure.

Economic geography, also known as economic spatial science or spatial economics, provides an abundance of fascinating subjects for your thesis. Whether you’re interested in the spatial distribution of industries, the dynamics of regional development, or the impact of globalization on local economies, you’ve entered a field that is ripe for exploration. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a variety of economic geography dissertation topics that align with your academic interests and allow you to make a significant contribution to the field.

The following list of dissertation topics in economic geography covers a broad range of subjects related to trade routes, geographical location, and strategic industrial positions, ensuring that the financial aspects of geography-based trade are addressed.

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A List of economic geography topics:

The following is a compilation of the most trending topics in economics geography:

The influence of regional governance on economic disparities.

The impact of migration on labor market geography.

The influence of urban form on transportation patterns.

Investigating the role of agglomeration economies in high-tech clusters.

The economic impact of return migrants and their professional adjustment- implications for emerging economies.

A review of the geography of financial inclusion in rural areas.

The strategic placement of cities and their development in the UK- an analysis.

Analyzing the geography of creative placemaking initiatives.

The influence of neighborhood characteristics on housing prices.

The effect of gentrification on neighborhood economic geography.

The role of logistics and warehousing in supply chain optimization.

A comparative analysis of food deserts in urban and rural areas.

A comparative analysis of regional economic diversification.

The influence of digitalization on the geography of remote work.

Evaluating the geography of financial inclusion in low-income countries.

A review of the economic geography of artificial intelligence.

An economic perspective of recession in the UK- impacts and challenges.

A review of the economic geography of natural resource extraction.

A review of the geography of cultural and creative industries.

The impact of transportation innovations on mobility geography.

The impact of cultural factors on the location of creative industries.

The influence of political geography on cross-border trade.

A systematic review of the impact of climate change on local economic geography in the UK.

Investigating the geography of financial services in global cities.

Investigating the spatial distribution of foreign direct investment in the UK.

Evaluating the geography of informal economies in cities.

Examining the effects of trade agreements on agricultural geography.

Analyzing the role of urbanization in shaping economic geography.

Examining the geography of innovation in the digital economy.

Analyzing the spatial dynamics of renewable energy transitions.

The impact of transportation infrastructure on trade competitiveness.

Investigating the roles of the different economic sectors on national growth.

Investigating the role of retail agglomeration in city centers.

Investigating the role of regional branding in attracting investment.

Exploring uneven economic development across the world in terms of reasons and challenges.

A comparative analysis of regional development policies in Europe.

Examining the geography of innovation in sustainable technologies.

Analyzing the geography of global commodity chains.

A comparative review of innovation ecosystems in global technology hubs.

A comparative analysis of regional development in Africa.

A comparative analysis of economic corridors in Asia.

Analyzing the geography of global manufacturing hubs.

A review of the geography of global labor markets.

Investigating the role of industrial heritage in urban revitalization.

A review of the geography of healthcare access.

How do multinationals integrate different cultures within their organizational culture? A study of McDonalds.

How has the decline in the urban-rural divide led to economic change in the UK?

Evaluating the spatial dynamics of global supply chains.

A study of regional diversification- how does geographic transition affect local trade in the UK?

The effects of trade agreements on regional economic disparities.

Financial operations of multinationals in host countries- an analysis.

Analyzing the spatial distribution of e-commerce fulfillment centers.

Examining the geography of innovation districts in cities.

Analyzing the impact of transportation costs on trade patterns.

Evaluating the spatial distribution of cultural festivals.

Evaluating the spatial distribution of urban agriculture.

A review of the relationship between environmental regulations and industry location.

The effect of refugee migration on local labor markets.

Understanding global production networks through a systematic analysis.

Evaluating the geography of circular economy initiatives.

How will the Internet and e-commerce change the geography of financial economics? An investigation.

The influence of trade liberalization on export-oriented industries.

The effect of housing market dynamics on neighborhood change.

Examining the impact of Brexit on the economic geography of the United Kingdom.

Analyzing the spatial distribution of global financial centers.

Investigating the role of logistics clusters in global trade.

The role of cultural heritage in shaping tourism geography.

Examining the effects of climate change on agricultural regions.

Evaluating the geography of innovation in developing countries.

Theoretical perspectives of economic geography- a review.

A comparative analysis of regional innovation policies.

The economic impact of migration from developed to developing countries- literature review.

The impact of special economic zones on regional development.

A debate about the role of Foreign Direct Investment on the economic progress between developed and developing countries.

The impact of natural disasters on regional economic resilience.

A comparative analysis of regional industrial diversification.

The role of industrial institutions in shaping national economics- review of the UK.

A review of the economic geography of tourism destinations.

The association of social sciences with economic geography- an evolution?

A comparative analysis of regional resilience to economic shocks.

Examining the effects of globalization on industrial restructuring.

The influence of regional economic policies on industrial clusters in the UK.

How has the concept of economic geography evolved through incorporation into higher studies?

Tax evasion, international commercial law and economic impact on host country- a review.

The effect of social networks on entrepreneurship geography.

An analysis of the economic challenges presented by globalization.

Investigating the impact of logistics hubs on regional development.

Investigating the role of social capital in regional resilience.

Evaluating the spatial distribution of heritage tourism.

The effect of housing affordability on migration patterns in the UK.

Examining the geography of innovation in healthcare delivery.

The spatial distribution of manufacturing industries in emerging economies.

The influence of cultural geography on consumer preferences.

A review of the geography of renewable energy production and consumption.

The impact of border regions on cross-border trade and cooperation.

A review of the role of transportation infrastructure in regional development.

The influence of cultural landscapes on tourism development.

Analyzing the spatial dynamics of agro-food systems.

Investigating the role of cultural institutions in urban development.

Mapping the economic geography of the Internet- implications for the UK.

There you go. Use the list of economic geography dissertation topics well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics-related blog posts for the future or are looking to get help with dissertation writing , send us an email at [email protected] .

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Dissertation Ideas In Physical Geography: 22 Great Examples

Writing a dissertation can be stressful, but if you have some ideas to get you started then it can be a lot easier. With these physical geography ideas, you’ll be well on your way to a brilliant dissertation:

  • An analysis of access to green-field land in a certain area
  • An investigation of climate change and its connection to river discharge

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  • Are High River flows and floods having an increasing impact in a certain area?
  • An investigation of the destinations of river sources
  • Are geophysical hazards increasing as an effect of climate change?
  • A study on contaminated land in a certain area
  • An investigation on hurricane strength and its connection to climate change
  • A study on ground temperatures and their association with atmospheric temperatures
  • An analysis of soil fertility after a certain volcanic eruption
  • An investigation on how rock climbing affects vegetation on cliffs
  • Have meteorological hazards increased as an effect of climate change?
  • The sustainability of coastal tourism – the effect on land and beach
  • An investigation into the links between air pollution and respiratory diseases
  • An analysis of how location of reservoirs affects water quality
  • How soil chemistry varies across the UK (or a certain area)
  • A study of the UK’s coastlines
  • An investigation into how organic farming affects water quality
  • An investigation into how land uses affects local water quality
  • An analysis of water quality across the UK
  • An analysis of air quality across the UK
  • An investigation into the uses of green-field land in a certain area
  • An investigation into soil pollution levels as an effect of local power station emissions

These dissertation ideas should set you up in the right direction, but always remember that these are just to get some inspiration flowing and you can always use your own ideas. If you have found a topic you’d like to do your work on but you don’t know how to start, you can always go to your lecturer or tutor to get some personal advice and they should be able to shove you in the right direction.

If you have too many ideas, write them all out with points that you could investigate and with this method, you should find the topic you are most comfortable writing about and this should really help you.

  • Creating a PhD dissertation abstract
  • Reliable ways to buy papers
  • Find a helper

Thesis Helpers

topics for dissertation geography

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160 Awesome Geography Research Topics To Be Excellent

geography research topics

Are you looking for some thesis help? We are here for you! We are a group of great writers and researchers. If you need writing aid urgently, you can always consult us. We only offer professional work to ensure you get top grades. As students, it is important to put our best foot forward to succeed in all that we do!

Geography is diverse and that’s why you should choose an ideal topic. If you choose a hectic topic you will end lamenting your choice.

How To Write A Geography Essay

Writing a geography essay is just like any other kind of work. Here is a clear outline of how to write a geography essay:

Choose a topic – First, you need to choose a suitable topic that you can use to write your essay, research paper, research project, thesis, or dissertation. However, while choosing a topic, ensure that your professor approves it. Whether in college or university, finding an ideal topic is important. While in class try to listen to your professor’s advice. They are always right! Set aside some suitable geography topics – Yes you have shortlisted some geography topics, what’s left is finding the most ideal one for you. This can be in population geography, social geography, or other geographical topics. With a few shortlisted topics, you can be in a position to choose the best. Research and draft – Your essay, thesis, dissertation, or research paper need to be as informative as possible. Hence, research various resources, books, scholarly articles, and websites. With this, you can draft a great outline for yourself. Break down the various elements to fit all the sections in your paper. Check for previous studies on the specific topic – While creating a draft, you need support from various sources. Hence, check for similar work that can help you build on your custom paper. However, don’t plagiarize, just refer to the work. Finalize your work – Write your final work, proofread and ensure you have included everything. You are now good to go. If there is a documentary or film you can watch to help provide more details, do watch it.

Compelling Geography Research Topic

Are you looking for compelling geography research topics? Well, these can help you to be in a better position to know your geographical world. It is not hectic as you would think. Choose one topic, do research, and you will get all your questions answered on the subject matter.

  • The importance of the study of geography.
  • How do landslides develop?
  • The various types of volcanoes.
  • The effects of climate change.
  • All you need to know about the Ozone layer.
  • The earth’s average surface temperature.
  • The various layers of the earth.
  • The effects of stratospheric ozone depletion.
  • The formation of acid rain.
  • The discovery and study of fossils.
  • Stages of the carbon cycle.
  • How trees promote rainfall in an area.
  • The diverse effects of volcanic activity on the soil.

Fun Human Geography Topics

Human beings play a big role in the environment. These topics are ideal and will increase your study scope. In all that we do, we should always strive to conserve the environment.

  • The sub-disciplinary fields in human geography.
  • The human activities that contribute to climate change.
  • The effects of mining on the environment.
  • Human activities that result in ozone depletion.
  • The history of agriculture.
  • The impact of fishing on man.
  • How agriculture has altered with the weather patterns?
  • The effects of urbanization on natural resources.
  • The relation between human geography and cultural geography.
  • Comparison between human geography and physical geography.
  • Major issues studied in human geography.
  • The relation between business and urban geography.
  • The importance of studying human geography in modern times.

Engaging Geography Topics For Research

Geography is interesting if you dwell on the right topics. All these topics are engaging and will help you achieve better in your geography course unit.

  • How a dormant volcano may erupt with time?
  • The theories revolving around how continents were formed.
  • Factors that promote the growth of hyacinth on water bodies.
  • Ways of reducing and eliminating hyacinth on water bodies.
  • The various types of vegetation.
  • Evaluate the evolution of man.
  • Conditions that promote the growth of different types of vegetation.
  • The various activities done by early men.
  • The effects of acid rain
  • The effects of fossil fuel on the climate
  • How does climate influences the distribution of different animals in different regions?
  • The impact of the study of weather.
  • Major effects of deforestation.

Awesome Geographical Research Topics

Geography is interesting. Just look around and see all the great features around. You can use these topics to expand your geographical knowledge.

  • The major factors that trigger forest fires.
  • Energy conservation as a way of solving the issues of climate change.
  • How to define different climatic regions globally.
  • The modes of reducing soil erosion.
  • The effects of high humidity in an area.
  • Sea breeze vs land breeze.
  • Activities done on the leeward side of a hill or mountain
  • Difference between earthquakes and landslides
  • How a tsunami is formed.
  • Oceans are claimed to be carbon skinks for greenhouse gases.
  • The formation of glaciers of ice.
  • The various stages of soil erosion.
  • Evaluate how the water cycle happens.

Great Cultural Geography Topics

Culture is diverse in different ways. To succeed in these cultural geography topics you need to break them down into different elements to understand the various concepts.

  • Cultural geography vs physical geography.
  • Cultural geography is a subfield of human geography.
  • The importance of cultural geography.
  • The influence of humans on various physical land activities.
  • Cultural activities that promote urbanization.
  • The cultural landscapes and forms of communication.
  • The concept of culture in contemporary human geography.
  • Cultural history and ecology.
  • The role of cultural geography in building a modern society.
  • The dilemmas of counter-mapping community resources.
  • Democratizing electoral geography.
  • The major global imposition systems.
  • Analyze critically the GIS.

Global Issues Research Paper Topics

Globally we are facing many issues that affect humans in different ways. However, we need to conserve our environment to live in a healthy place. Hence, to broaden your environmental scope, you can start with any of these topics.

  • Explain broadly the greenhouse effect.
  • The effects of water pollution on marine life.
  • How plastics are disposed of in water bodies affects marine life.
  • Urbanization and its effects.
  • The importance of taking care of the forests.
  • Air pollution is a global problem.
  • Development of renewable energy.
  • The effects of climate change on humans and animals.
  • Evaluate population distribution globally.
  • Proper disposal and recycling of plastic.
  • How to promote the preservation of forests.
  • Appropriate methods of disposing of factory gases.
  • Proper environmental management.

Comprehensive World Geography Topics

There are many physical features in the world. Hence, here are some comprehensive world geography topics that you can start with. However, do thorough research on the various platforms to get nothing but the best.

  • The major drainage basins in the world.
  • The influence of erosion, transportation, and deposition.
  • The major concept of the erosion cycle.
  • The major causes of landslides worldwide.
  • Correlation of Aeolian, glacial and coastal landforms.
  • The major application of geomorphology.
  • The most recent trends in geography.
  • How weather forecasting helps in shaping geography.
  • Evaluate the origins of ocean basins.
  • Comparison between physical and biological oceanography.
  • Evaluate the global biodiversity.
  • Evaluate Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  • The species dispersal and immigration.
  • Discuss the various population theories and their impact on the modern world.
  • The major energy resources in the world.

Fantastic Geographic Research Topics

Geography is interesting especially when you learn about the various phenomenon and how they came to be. However, you can try to check various documentation to get a better overview of the environment.

  • The major effects of gully erosion on the environment.
  • The effects of global warming on the world.
  • The planning implications of housing development.
  • The effect of domestic airline operations and management in maintaining the environment.
  • The effect of traffic congestion on the environment.
  • The effectiveness of the electoral voting system in a country.
  • The impact of ocean water acidification on marine life.
  • The influence of low-cost airlines on people’s lifestyle.
  • Mapping urban ecology education.
  • The geochemical medical of groundwater for prevention of incrustation.
  • The numeric modeling for control of saltwater encroachment.
  • The remote sensing and GIS application for water resources studies.
  • The importance of geochemical modeling.
  • The importance of the study of climatology.

Environment Research Topics

Are you looking for the best environment research topics? These are some of the best. However, you need to find a suitable one that won’t bring issues while carrying out research.

  • The importance of remote sensing and GIS.
  • The influence of bioremediation.
  • Are acid rains connected to industrial activities in the world?
  • The importance of the conservation of the Antarctic.
  • The importance of coral reeds and consequences on the environment.
  • The impact of Fukushima disasters on the environment.
  • The major consequences of deforestation.
  • Why does humanity try to prevent endangered species extinction?
  • Are national parks important to the ecosystem?
  • The role of the Greenpeace organization is to preserve the global ecology.
  • The major causes of groundwater contamination and the associated risks.
  • The best way to reinforce the ozone layer.
  • Is deep-sea mining safe for oceans?
  • The impact of the ice age on the climate.

Interesting Environmental Research Topic

The environment is diverse and finding out more about the various phenomenon is interesting. To create a sustainable environment, we need to make some sacrifices here and there.

  • How can reforestation help in environmental reviving?
  • The main causes of groundwater contamination.
  • The uniqueness of extinct wildlife.
  • How should sustainable consumption be implemented into real life?
  • The impact of desert spreading on the local wildlife.
  • The best way to manage water in different regions of the world.
  • Evaluate the various resources in the world. Are they spread equally?
  • How can humanity harness the greenhouse effect?
  • The best way to save the planet through recycling.
  • How does the ecosystem deal with disasters like forest fires
  • The importance of small water bodies to the environment.
  • The importance of the study of paleoecology.
  • The best way to save the planet is to make the ecosystem better.
  • How the ecosystem deals with the seasonal weather change.

Physical Geography Research Topics

There are many geographical features in the environment. While walking outside, you can’t miss seeing a mountain, hill, lake, dam, and much more. That’s what makes the environment outstanding.

  • The social dimension of natural resources
  • The importance of geospatial science and modeling.
  • The climate adaptability and sustainability practices.
  • Evaluate fisheries ecology and management.
  • Evaluate the invasive species found on the planet.
  • The human role in global warming.
  • The best way to switch to cleaner fuels and vehicles.
  • The realities surrounding global warming.
  • How pesticides and wastes contribute to soil contamination.
  • How increase in carbon dioxide concentrations affects the atmosphere.
  • How does climate change affect agricultural production?
  • The importance of mangrove trees on marine ecosystems.
  • The scientific implications of water scarcity.
  • The role of nuclear power to the environment.

Environmental Geography Research Topics

How do you undertake your research? Do you first jot down what you want to find out then start writing, or do you go into research right on? Whatever your method, these topics can be ideal for you.

  • The impact of coral reef destruction.
  • How a new ecosystem is possible in the future.
  • The impact of ocean acidification on the environment.
  • How can hybrid vehicles help to control atmospheric pollution?
  • The importance of small water sources to the environment.
  • The myths surrounding soil contamination.
  • The importance of trees to the environment.
  • The importance of bees to the ecosystem.
  • The effect of light sources on the aquariums.
  • The importance of crustaceans to the environment.
  • The way sewage treatment works.

Geography Thesis Or Paper Is Too Challenging?

Have you ever read any of the geography documentaries? You will be amazed. You can even get to see a volcano eruption. Even though it can be fun seeing with your eyes, but a documentary is still fun. All these geography research topics are ideal and will help you to meet your academic target. If in need of some help, we are here for you!

Architecture Thesis Topics

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27 Innovative Human Geography Dissertation Ideas

If you are looking for some highly inspirational Geography topics to carry your dissertation, check out the list below-

  • Draw a comparative analysis between Chicago and Edinburgh during 19th century. Compare their economies, developmental system and ecosystems.
  • Write a review on urban Geography citing strengths and weaknesses. Study various parts of cities and spatial reconstitution in terms of post industrial era.
  • Write a dissertation on ecological hazards as a result of coastal erosion. Discuss the preventive measures to be opted.
  • What is the contribution of red mangroves in different spheres of lives?
  • Discuss the changes in the Everglades caused due to weather conditions.
  • Discuss the serious consequences of deforestation on our ecosystem.
  • What changes in weather is impacting our coastal ecosystem?
  • State the consequences of Kobe earthquake and its long term consequences.
  • Talk about the floods in Bangladesh and its future consequences.
  • Discuss the desserts of various parts of the world? Make a comparative analysis of desserts of North Pole and those present at the South Pole.
  • What physical factors made Canada a leading producer of diamonds?
  • What are the fascinating clandestine of caves and caverns?
  • What are the factors that are accountable for vast difference between the wild life and forests in U.S.?
  • Discuss the formation of mountains and their degeneration. Talk about the geomorphologic processes that contribute to this process.
  • Discuss the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon. How it impacts tides on earth.
  • What is wildlife corridor? Discuss it in contrast to human developed areas for developing various species of wildlife?
  • Why Aurora Borealis is considered as the Earth’s most tantalizing light show?
  • Talk about the extreme biodiversity of Mega diverse countries? Why they are so special?
  • How environment is shaping the developmental prospects in North Eastern Thailand?
  • What is contemporary gentrification? Why it is considered as a global urban strategy?
  • What is the function of GIS in determining real locations? How digital data can be integrated with it?
  • Differentiate between an open coast and sandy coastline?
  • What is the effect of elevation, latitude and longitude positions on weather conditions? How distribution of water bodies and land areas affect the weather?
  • How volcanic eruption takes place?
  • Disuses the principle of relativism?
  • What is the impact of rising global warming on planet earth?
  • Why earthquake occurs?

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