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English literature thesis topics, get professional english literature thesis topics ideas.

English Literature Thesis Topics

Finding English literature thesis topics can be quite challenging for students and researchers. A good topic is very important so that they can write an effective thesis that helps them perform well in their academics. Therefore, many students pursuing this subject take professionals to help so that they can get assurance that their thesis will help them secure good marks as well as know that their thesis writing work will be effective for their academics.

A well-written thesis can be the best way to succeed and improve their career. We have the best team of expert writers who prepare a well-written paper for you. With the help of thesis, you can simply complete your PhD degree.

A reader will enjoy reading your paper more and will captivate their attention when they will relate to your thesis topic. If you are writing a research paper on English literature, you must choose English literature thesis topics into consideration. Here are a few topics ideas:

  • Religion and Politics throughout the Ages of Literature
  • Gender role Differences
  • How Accurate Is History in Historical Novels
  • The Function of Animals in Children’s Literature
  • What Are the Origins of a Chosen Novel
  • Twentieth Century and Middle Ages Morality Play
  • Modernism vs. Realism: the Differences
  • First World War Poetry Analysis
  • The Most Important Piece of Work Written by William Shakespeare
  • What Are Female Masculinities in Old English Literature
  • Was Literature Influenced During the Renaissance Era?
  • How Quantum Physics Is Applied in Literature
  • Nineteenth-Century Poetic Imagination with Astronomy

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Your thesis statement is determined by many things including:

  • The subject and topic of the essay.
  • The purpose of the essay.
  • The length of the essay.

We at Words Doctorate make sure you get the quick best support from our experts who will look after your writing work in detail and make sure that it meets all the criteria of your thesis statement. Before you get started, you can simply ask for a English literature thesis examples to get an idea on how our writers write thesis for researchers!

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When you apply for PhD in English literature through university guidelines, your focus is also on finding an effective application for your research and that meets the guidelines. So, when you will contact us for English literature thesis proposal , you will also get a chance to choose your writer based on an English literature thesis sample and find the one you think meets the best criteria.

Your research proposal defines a lot about your project. So, when you get the opportunity to write the proposal make sure you do not leave any stone unturned and choose only the best professional to do for you.

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Are you looking for English Literature Thesis Topics?

There is one of the greatest essayists named John Milton said once, “Literature is the mirror of society”. And literature students need to look at and understand society with the mirror of literature. Offering English literature research topics to students can better demonstrate their ability to review and interpret the literature better.

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Most colleges need their students to first select creative and useful business management thesis topics which is also helping you on English literature research topics for their dissertations, after which they must compose their thoughts on the subject while supporting them with reasonable justifications. In this situation, assistance becomes absolutely necessary to match the demands of finding a suitable literature dissertation topic. This blog will provide useful thesis topics on English literature. Here are some ideas for literature students who want to write their dissertations on the following list of themes by selecting the most appropriate one for them.

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Major English literature Thesis Topics

How does modern cinema present our society, aim and objectives.

The basic aim of this study is to investigate the role of modern cinema in the representation of modern society. The other key objectives of this research study are explained below.

  • To investigate the significant ways in which modern cinema represents society.
  • To determine the ways in which modern cinema can influence our society today.
  • To explore the positive and negative impact of modern cinema on our society today.
  • To find out how modern cinema affects the views and opinions of people.
  • To assess how modern cinema is a reflection of modern society.

The importance of and reflection on social issues found in the major works of literature

The basic aim of this topic is to discuss the importance and to reflect on social issues found in the major works of literature. The other core objectives that this study seeks to find out are highlighted below.

  • To explore the importance of learning about the social issues in literature.
  • To investigate the effective ways in which literary texts help in solving the social issues.
  • To find out key the benefits of studying literature studies.
  • To find out the importance of social awareness.
  • To demonstrate the contribution of major works of literature in our lives.

The significance of understanding literary terminology in the literature

The basic aim of this study is to explore the significance of understanding of literary terminology in literature. The other major objectives of this current research study are described below.

  • To demonstrate the importance of literary devices and how it helps in the understanding of a literary work?
  • To determine the key terminologies in English literature.
  • To explore the importance of literary devices in writing and how it helps in expressing and conveying the meaning of the ideas to the readers.

How do critical theories relate to societal and literary issues?

The key aim of this research study is to investigate the relationship between critical theories and societal and literary issues. The other objectives of this current research article are indicated below.

  • To explore the ways in which literary criticism can be used in our society.
  • To describe the major critical theories of society.
  • To find how literary criticism and literary theories relate to each other.
  • To investigate the ways in which critical theory helps with literature.
  • To explain the major critical social theories.
  • To determine the ways in which critical theory contributes to the study of sociology and in a particular understanding of society.

The aim of this current research paper is to investigate the relationship between lesbian feminism and feminism and the other core objectives include:

  • To explore the historical perspectives of lesbian feminism.
  • To explore the current possibilities of lesbianism.
  • To investigate how lesbians can be feminist allies and play an important role in the movement towards gender equality.

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Historical Analysis of Children's Literature

This study aims to comprehend the historical analysis of the literature of children. This study also seeks to find out other key objectives which are mentioned below.

  • To investigate the importance of the history of children’s literature.
  • To explore how the literature of children has evolved over time.
  • To identify the main key features of the literature of children.
  • To describe the historical fiction of the literature of children.

The key differences between symbolism and criticism?

The core aim of this research paper is to explore the key difference between symbolism and criticism. The other objectives of this study include:

  • To explore the key features of symbolism in English Literature.
  • To explain the significant features of criticism in literature.
  • The described the theoretical nature of symbolism and criticism.

What Are the Differences Between American and British Literature?

This current research paper seeks to find out the key differences between American and British Literature. The other objectives of this study are demonstrated below.

  • To explore the different features of American Literature.
  • To explain the main features of British Literature.
  • To find out the key similarities between American and British Literature
  • To identify the common themes of British and American Literature.
  • To investigate the relationship between American and British Literature.
  • To assess the difference between American and European Literature.

Thesis Topics for MA English Literature Students and PhD Topics in English Literature for PhD Students

Changes in the roles of women in the twenty-first century.

This study aims to explore the changes in the roles of women in the twenty-first century The other main objectives of this article are listed below.

  • To analyse the ways in which the roles of women have changed over time in literature.
  • To explore the representation of women in modern literature.
  • To determine the major contributions of women in literature.
  • To explain the roles of the writing of women in the newly growing and emerging literature.
  • To investigate how literature contributes to the advancement of women’s rights.

The impact of secularization on the views of individuals.

The aim of this research paper is to explore how secularization impacts the views of individuals on life. The other main objectives are mentioned below.

  • To explore the positive impacts of secularization on the views of individuals.
  • To investigate the factors that affect the process of secularisation.
  • To assess how secularisation is presented in religious studies.
  • To analyse the impact of secularisation on society.
  • To find out the major reasons behind the rise of secularisation.
  • To describe the main features and characteristics of secularisation.

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How science fiction affects English literature

The aim of this research article is to find out the impact of science fiction on English literature The other main objectives of this current research article are listed below.

  • To explore the main features of science fiction.
  • To determine the positive influence of science fiction on English literature.
  • To find out how science fiction negatively impacts English Literature.
  • To investigate the reasons behind the rise of science fiction in English Literature.

The rise of postmodernism and the circumstances that shaped and transformed literature

The aim of this current research study is to explore the events that led to postmodernism’s rise and transformed literature. The other primary objectives of this study are as follows.

  • To explain the major events of history that shaped the literary period of postmodernism.
  • To describe the key ideas of postmodernism in literature.
  • To determine the main key features and characteristics of postmodernism literature.
  • To explore the positive and negative effects of postmodernism in literature.
  • To identify the major themes of postmodern literature.

The impact of globalization on promoting and inspiring literature

The primary aim of this research article is to investigate how globalisation help in the promotion of literature. The other primary goals of the current research investigation include.

  • To explore the impact of globalisation on literature.
  • To explain the possible outcome of globalisation, discuss in the literature.
  • To determine the ways in which literature helps in understanding globalisation.

Writing styles of gender-based literary works

The main objective of this research thesis topic is to find out the writing styles of gender-based literary works. The other primary objectives of this study are highlighted below.

  • To explore the representation of gender issues in the works of literature.
  • To find out the ways in which gender influence writing.
  • To determine the differences between the writing styles of males and females.
  • To analyse the representation of female characters in literary works.
  • To explain the importance of gender in literature.

How racial discrimination influences the development of works of literature.

The key aim of this study is to investigate the impact of racial discrimination on the development of literary works. There are other number objectives that this study seeks to find out and these include;

  • To determine the impact of race on literature.
  • To explore the major impact of racial discrimination on society
  • To identify the different meanings of racism in literature.
  • To find out the major causes behind discrimination in society.
  • To identify the representation of racism in literature.
  • Analyze various forms of historical fiction and their impact on today’s society.

Different kinds of historical fiction and their influence on today’s society

The primary aim of this thesis article is to explore the different kind’s historical fiction and to investigate the impact of historical fiction on todays’ society. There are other objectives that this study seeks to find out are described below.

  • To determine the positive and negative influence of historical fiction on today’s society.
  • To identify the main features of historical fiction.
  • To find out the major themes of historical fiction.

How Literature Thesis Papers Contribute to Social Welfare?

Literature students have a close relationship with society, and when they write their dissertations and research papers, a field trip allows them to understand the problems that are now being faced. By illustrating these socially harmful behaviours in literature, governments can create new regulations to curtail them.

Spend some time reviewing the class materials, such as the course syllabus, curriculum, and some previously written works, to come up with the ideal topic on your own. You can get some wonderful ideas for your greatest thesis topic by using the resources provided. They can also help you save time on both the decision-making and the research processes. You’ll have more time to concentrate on writing, structure, revisions, and your creative abilities as a result. It is crucial to begin the idea-generation process first. Is the subject compelling? Is it pertinent to your class? Additionally, avoid picking a subject that your classmates might use for their own papers. Once you have an idea, discuss it with your peers or your professor and conduct further research to ensure you have all the necessary data to produce an excellent report. Change your topic instead of taking a chance if it appears that there will be some incomplete information. To organise your thoughts, create an outline.

A strong literature paper almost always contains an argument. You will be providing an analytical assessment, a critical interpretation, and a perspective. So having a thesis that is up for debate is a good idea. However, this is only a starting point recommendation! It would be a good idea to seek your instructor’s okay before you begin writing about anything you decide. You can be certain that your thesis topic for English literature does so in this manner. Once you have selected a topic, devote some time to continuously looking for research materials and making notes of what you uncover.

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The guardian research has professional writers that have great experience in writing dissertations and they can write on different topics and research areas such as PhD topics in English literature or research topics for English literature students who are enrolled in MA classes can also get assistance related to English literature topics for research. Our writers will meet all the requirements and can complete the thesis instantly. Our feasible thesis writing service provides complete assistance to students who struggle with any aspect of their papers.

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Georgetown University.

College of Arts & Sciences

Georgetown University.

Thesis Topics

You are invited to pursue any topic that falls under the English department’s purview, and the Honors Committee will assume that you will pursue it with scholarly rigor, intellectual seriousness, and artistic integrity. You should follow your own interests and commitments in defining your project, though you should avail yourself of the advice of those faculty members whose expertise will help you focus your ideas and give them depth. Again, we welcome critical, creative, interdisciplinary, mixed genre, and hybrid creative/critical projects. Most successful applicants have derived their projects from interests developed during their time as English majors at Georgetown. During the actual writing of the thesis, of course, you will work closely with a faculty mentor.

Here is a partial list of the kinds of literary and interdisciplinary topics that Honors students have pursued over the past few years:

  • Polyphony in the novels of Cormac McCarthy
  • Women in post-Stonewall gay male literature
  • Madness and skepticism in Hamlet and Don Quixote
  • Dialogism in Toni Morrison and Christa Woolf
  • The Booker Prize as post-colonial phenomenon
  • Jazz in the Harlem Renaissance
  • The scientific revolution and 18th-century narratives
  • Irvine Welsh and dialect writing
  • Sound and structure in scripts
  • Identity and memory in Maxine Hong Kingston
  • Influence of the internet on writing
  • The written legacy of oral narratives in Amerindian culture
  • Medieval women troubadours
  • African-American women writers and their Biblical heritage
  • Adult-child discourse in real-life conversation and classic children’s literature
  • The role of bible-making in the works of Blake, Wordsworth, and Hardy
  • Morality plays in the Middle Ages and the twentieth century

In addition, Honors students have written short story collections, memoirs, and collections of poetry. Students have also written hybrid creative/critical projects, such as a critique of postcolonial memoir within a postcolonial memoir. Those students who propose creative projects should have developed their skills through taking courses with the Georgetown English Department creative writing faculty or through participation in campus and professional journals and other creative venues.

5 Topics for a Master’s in English Thesis

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Master's in English Thesis Topics

  • Write About a Well-Known Author's Lesser-Known Works
  • Apply Familiar Ideas to a Contemporary Context
  • Study a New Literary Genre
  • Write About the Movie
  • Look to Other Disciplines

Of all the requirements of a Master's program in English, the thesis is the most daunting. Georgetown University's English department states, "theses [should] reflect original research, analysis, and writing of considerable depth and complexity appropriate to Master's level work." Your Master's thesis in English is an argumentative literary analysis on a topic of your choice, and that argument must be thorough, insightful, and, most importantly, original.

Resource:  Top 30 Most Affordable Online Master's in English

The expectation of originality can seem particularly challenging. Is it possible to say something new about Dickens, whose work has inspired thousands of scholarly articles? If you're having trouble choosing a thesis topic that feels original, consider these five approaches.

1. Write About a Well-Known Author's Lesser-Known Works

Everybody loves  Pride and Prejudice : it's sold over 20 million copies. It's also been fodder for plenty of academic writing. Scholars have inspected it through a feminist lens, a Marxist lens, and just about every other lens available to the literary critic. But Austen wrote other things as well. Her juvenilia, the short works she composed as a teenager, are less popular than her major novels, but they're a fascinating insight into Austen's early life. If your thesis topic focuses on a well-known author, consider honing in on that author's early or less famous works.

2. Apply Familiar Ideas to a Contemporary Context

Edward Said developed the concept of Orientalism in 1978 as a way to describe attempts in nineteenth-century English literature to imagine the cultural milieus of European colonies in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Orientalism as a literary trope is often discussed in analyses of literature from the European colonial period. But its relevance extends into contemporary American culture, where, since 9/11, an imagined "Middle East" has been a major cultural preoccupation. Said may have been writing about  Mansfield Park , but if you're interested in a Master's thesis topic that deals with Orientalism, you can apply his ideas to contemporary works with a post-9/11 focus like  The Kite Runner .

3. Study a New Literary Genre

Poetry and drama have existed for thousands of years. The novel has been around since the seventeenth century. And scholars have been writing about poetry, drama, and the novel for almost as long as those genres have been around. Graphic novels, by comparison, have only existed for a few decades. You'll have an easier time finding an original thesis topic if you're working with a newer genre. And if your English department is resistant to the idea that  a graphic novel counts as literature , respectfully disagree (nobody thought of the novel as real literature when it was brand-new either).

4. Write About the Movie

Many great literary works have been adapted to film. While some adaptations are straightforward, others are exercises in literary analysis in their own right, providing fascinating commentary about the texts on which they're based. Think about the way that Coppola's  Apocalypse Now  uses the Vietnam war to update the concepts of civilization and violence broached in Joseph Conrad's  Heart of Darkness . A good literary adaptation, analyzed in tandem with its source material, could make for an interesting Master's thesis topic.

5. Look to Other Disciplines

English departments are recognizing that the skills required by literary study are strengthened when combined with skills from other fields like history or even the sciences. A unique thesis topic might combine the study of English literature with ideas from other disciplines you enjoy working in–if your interests include both English and math, for example, you can attempt something like this project that conducts a statistical analysis of the language of Shakespeare.

Finding an original topic for your Master's thesis in English doesn't have to be a struggle. If you think outside the box, you'll find an idea no one has come across before.

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Everything begins with an idea!

Thesis Topics In English Literature

English literature is branded as being a bit conventional because most of the English literature back in the day was not able to attain universality. However, in the Middle Ages, the Saxons Old English literature infiltrated by the Latin and Anglo-Norman writings brought about the ideas that created a flexible and ingenious linguistic instrument used by Geoffrey Chaucer and supremely applied by William Shakespeare and many other literature authors.

English literature has diffused abroad, not only in countries where the English language is predominant but also in countries where English is the first choice of study as a second language. There’s an array of interesting Thesis topics in English literature topics. Hence it is not easy for students to decide on what to write about in their articles. Formulating useful research questions aided by recognition of potential problems, reading enough about the topic of interest, and showing enthusiasm about the subject is the best way for the student to come up with good thesis topics in English literature ideas.

Choosing popular and relevant topics can help the learner have an easier time with their thesis. However, being careful not to redo issues is very necessary; reviewing already done items gives the learners ideas of what to work on even aspects of already done topics that are available and not yet documented. While this might prove to be a bit difficult due to the diversity in matters, here are a couple of theme proposal examples students might consider as their topics.

Thesis Topics In English Literature Ideas

  • The literature on Homosexuality, how it began to the present day.
  • The significance of philosophy in literature in life
  • Writer Yasunari Kawabata’s novel Thousand Cranes
  • Familiar and popular Ideas applied in a Contemporary Context
  • The post 9/11 South Asian fiction and the variables excluded.
  • The outlook of Politics in 1900 to the present day in the world of fiction
  • Growth in the topic of Feminism in the twentieth-century literature
  • Effects on how fairytales perceptions in the modern era by Hans Christian Anderson’s
  • A comparison between pre-independence and post-independence Indian novels on the topic of masculinity
  • The novel To Kill A Mockingbird from the 1960s
  • What is Shakespeare’s importance in the world of English literature?.
  • How and when the artistry of writing novels started
  • Diversity of Chaucer’s genres in tales of Canterbury
  • Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Cask of Amontillado
  • Talking points from Arun Kolatkar’s poetry on the topic of Surrealism
  • Historical novels and how accurate they document happenings
  • Twentieth-century literature. How the role of the woman has changed
  • Milton’s Paradise Lost. Effect it has on the seventeenth-century literature
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the effect on proceeding literature
  • How the works of Maya Angelou play a role in the African literary responses to Racism
  • The importance of J.K. Rowling to modern readers?
  • Why adults and children find Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings appealing
  • Lesser-Known Works of Well-Known Authors
  • Our modern-day perspective about nineteenth-century novels and the general public and similar academics perspective when they were first published
  • Tagore’s novel Gora which covers both tradition and modernism
  • The different way James Joyce and William Burroughs did their novels

Thesis topics in English literature are fascinating and diverse, which makes it difficult for students to settle on one topic. However, the attitude of a student towards the subject they choose to work with is crucial because this is what determines how attractive the thesis is. Therefore, it is essential to select a topic that piques one’s interest and one that a student is curious about when writing.

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180 English Literature Dissertation Ideas To Try

English Literature Dissertation Ideas

The task of coming up with top-grade English dissertation ideas is no mean feat. Although most students underpin such studies, the fact remains that professional assistance is necessary to achieve the best out of such assignments.

An English literature paper will require a student to incorporate creative and critical thinking skills for maximum productivity. Are you one of those who get turned off at the sight of an English dissertation paper? Well, my friend, you have a unique opportunity to change that mindset today! With our top-notch writing ideas, you will be able to develop undisputed English literature papers that will guarantee you high grades in return.

Get ready as our experts unleash 180 of the cream topics for your inspiration today.

Creative British English Dissertation Ideas

  • Write about a cozy spot you enjoy at home
  • How to describe the physical appearance of a person in an essay
  • Interesting words to say ‘hello’ in a British paper
  • Discuss the impact of using informal contractions in a British English paper
  • What are some of the advisable internet slang and abbreviations to use in a paper?
  • How to introduce an essay on a horrible experience.’
  • Ways to say ‘I don’t like it’s in a British English paper
  • How to ask someone to repeat something in British English
  • Verbs and prepositions that make an English paper stand out
  • Other ways to say ‘you are so beautiful’ in British English
  • Why most students have a problem differentiating British and American English

Top-Notch Dissertation Topics In English Literature

  • A closer look at the poetry of William Shakespeare
  • The impact of the first literary explorers in shaping literary imagination
  • The role of visions of nature in the 17 th century poetical works
  • Discuss the origins of the English novels and short plays
  • How and why did fiction stories develop over the centuries?
  • The impact of the renaissance period on the development of literature
  • Discuss the effects of secularization on the individual view of life
  • The role of the radical scientific advancement on literary works
  • Discuss the implications of the 19 th -century literature to modern-day works
  • The themes of love and loss in traditional literature
  • A study of the micro and macro literary themes of the ancient literary works

Hot English Literature Dissertation Topics

  • Discuss the interplay between sex and violence in sensational fiction works
  • The role of politics in changing literature of the 18 th century
  • Discuss the concept of gender representation in the gothic novel
  • Evaluate the emergence of realism among literature writers in the 19 th century
  • How romance shaped the growth of literature among British writers
  • The impact of science fiction on English literature
  • The emergence of postmodernism and the events that transformed literature
  • The relationship between psychology, philosophy, and literature
  • Evaluate visionary closure as seen in the 19 th -century novels
  • Comprehending water imagery in the works of Virginia Woolf
  • A study of time and space in ancient literary works

The Best English Literature Dissertation Titles

  • Discuss the notion of being in the modern literary works
  • A study of character and identity the works of Leonardo da Vinci
  • What is the implication of magic and fantasy in ancient works?
  • Discuss the similarities and differences between modernism and postmodernism
  • How literary studies interrelate with other subjects
  • Interpreting the literature of the 21 st century
  • The role of philosophy in understanding and interpreting literature
  • Why changing political relations had a gross impact on literature
  • Discuss the implication of Darwin and his evolutionary narrative to literature
  • What is the new relationship between poetry and painting?
  • The role of print culture and mass distribution in advancing literary works

World-Class Literature Dissertation Writing Ideas

  • How authors use landscape as a source of literary inspiration
  • Describe how most authors portrayed the rural-urban divide
  • Why is the concept of place so crucial in romantic literary works?
  • Analyze the correlation between nature, narrative, and literature
  • How do the descriptions of Africa differ from those of the West?
  • The impact of globalization on promoting and inspiring literature
  • Who determines what literature is appropriate for society or not?
  • A discussion of the features that make an Epic
  • The use of imagery in communicating crime and violence
  • What is the function of animals in children’s literature?
  • The unmatchable role of humor in children’s literature

Top English Literature Dissertation Ideas

  • What is the critical role of names in any literary work?
  • Why storybooks are the most acceptable form of literature among children
  • The importance and social contexts of various literary works
  • How disability is represented in modern and ancient literature
  • The effects of everyday use of social media on literacy levels
  • A critical analysis of the promotion of women empowerment through literary works
  • Discuss the evolution of modern literature compared to 18 th -century literature
  • A systematic study of ancient literature writers
  • The relationship between early 17 th century plays and emerging plays
  • How climate change has contributed to modern literature
  • The impact of feminist movements on contemporary literary works

Example Dissertation Titles on Gender

  • Discuss the history of British and American literature on gender
  • Discuss the ‘new women’ concept among modern literature writers
  • What role does the writer play in his/her own story?
  • Why gender affiliations affect the overall thought of a literary work
  • Discuss the characterization of the male and female genders
  • Evaluate the circulation of feministic literary works as compared to the patriarchal works
  • Explore the various myths and misconceptions associated with literature and gender
  • Analyze the issue of gender association in the 20 th -century literature
  • The impact of women theatre managers on literary works performed
  • Discuss the writing styles and impression of gender-based literary works
  • Look at the role of the female members of the Gothic subculture in literature

Out-of-the-World Ideas For Dissertation Topics

  • Analyze the various 20 th -century representations of Black males
  • The globalizing nature of modern literary works
  • The emerging logic of the Public Sphere in writing
  • Discuss the poetics, rhetoric, and social struggle of select literary works
  • How the politics of feeling and belonging affects the effectiveness of literature
  • Discuss the colonial and postcolonial differences in American fiction
  • A critical analysis of the national and continental writing styles
  • Developing an interactive literature audience through the internet
  • How to write for social action: A case study of activism
  • Discuss the impact of racial discrimination on the development of literary works
  • How to register for the local and global audience at the same time

Custom English Language Dissertation Ideas

  • The characterizations of womanhood in modern-day literature
  • A critical analysis of the characters in a play of your choice
  • The extent to which literary works shape the reality of today
  • Discuss the aspects of nationalism and regionalism within novels
  • Analyze various forms of historical fiction and their impact on today’s society
  • Compare and contrast romantic, historical fiction, and recessionary pressures
  • Techniques used to bring a sense of place in ancient literature
  • Changing approaches to imagery in modern literary works
  • The impact of living in a media-oriented world on the success of literature
  • The aspects of history and sociology in analyzing literary works
  • An analysis of the roles of blindness and nature Shakespeare’s classical works

Professional Examples of Dissertation Titles

  • A comparison of John Donne’s metaphysical love poems and sermons
  • Discuss the undisputed value of text speech in literature
  • Compare and contrast the literature in Marxists versus communist societies
  • The role of gender and patriarchy stereotyping in literature
  • A comparative study of the various themes displayed in Shakespeare’s works
  • An evaluation of the use of plot and characters in plays
  • The impact of discriminatory attitudes towards other marginalized sectors in literary works
  • Do literary works depict the contemporary reality of any society?
  • The role of literature in controversial issues such as homosexuality and abortion
  • The role of clowns in comic literary works
  • An exploration of the facets of evil in highly controlled societies

Dissertation Titles For ‘A’ Grade Students

  • Explore the various genres used in college literature
  • The reception of the 19 th -century novels by academicians and the public alike
  • How the understanding of literary works affects our modern-day perspective of life
  • An analysis of abortion in literature
  • Discuss the ever-changing role of women in modern literary works
  • Why some literary works are appealing to adults and children alike
  • The growth of feminism in the 21 st -century literature
  • How did Milton’s Paradise Lost affect 17 th -century literature?
  • The critical role of imagination in any work of literature
  • How accurate is history in various historical novels?
  • The role of J.K. Rowling to modern-day literature

Literature Based Dissertation Example Topics

  • A rhetorical analysis of American and British literature
  • How to achieve creative writing for college literature papers
  • The role of place and culture in novels and plays
  • Why dramatic memoirs are efficient in illustrating grief and love
  • The influence of other disciplines on the study of literature
  • Discuss the subject of love in medieval romance
  • A close textual analysis of modern-day authors
  • The role of pros poems centered around death in communicating loss
  • How to narrate colonialism and slavery in the expansion of capitalism
  • Critique the American literary naturalism and the aesthetic of integration
  • The role of short stories in communicating themes

Expert Thesis Topics in English Literature

  • Effects of representation of class and nation in women’s writing
  • Discuss the various multi-ethnic literature in the UK
  • A study of the medieval European romances
  • Evaluate some of the stories that queer kids tell themselves
  • Analyze multimodal composition and digital technology
  • An examination of the old English literature
  • How to expand the theoretical and instructional frameworks for literature
  • An investigation of American Yogi
  • An interrogation of death in literature
  • Explorations of the Bible
  • Why does there exist an intimate debate between the reader and the work?

Thesis Topics For English Literature Students

  • Explore the various essay writing styles
  • The impact of literature on life decisions
  • Confronting social issues using literature
  • How we can use literature to deal with grief and loss
  • The psychology of reading novels in the afternoon
  • Discuss the modalities of material culture in religious narratives
  • An examination of sexuality in modern literature
  • How different people respond to literary works
  • The role of poems in exploring culture and history
  • Dealing with racism and poverty using literary works
  • The media and proliferation of literature

British Lit Research Paper Topics

  • Is memory all that matters when composing a literary work?
  • A discourse of gender and race in British literature papers
  • Poetic and economic interpretations of the Great Revolt of 1381
  • Stigma and subjectivity in British works
  • Discuss politics, aesthetics, and the urban space in postcolonial British literature
  • The innovative perspective of British Literature
  • Discuss the similarities between British Literature and American literature
  • Survey the various perspectives of humanity contemporary British literature
  • The English imperial selfhood in British literature
  • Discuss female education and reading of the 18 th century British novels
  • Considering the sublime through the late 19 th century, British works
  • Reconfiguration of British literary works
  • Discuss female subjectivity in British literature
  • A case study of early books in the UK
  • Experimental narrative structures in Britain

First-Class English Literature Topics

  • Role of symbolism in literature
  • Love in literature
  • Traditions in literature
  • Melancholy as used in poetry
  • How each genre tells a story
  • Allusions in novels
  • Gender roles in literature
  • Historical background of plays
  • Religion and novels
  • Critiquing a novel
  • Psychological realism in literature

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180 Top English Research Topics and Ideas

Table of Contents

What are the best English Research Topics? Do you want to write an impressive research paper on a unique English research topic? In general, when it comes to writing a research paper on English, there are numerous topics you can research about. However, out of them all, choosing an interesting topic that will help you grab the attention of the readers is really challenging.

If you are confused about how to choose a good English research topic and write a brilliant English research paper, then continue reading this blog and learn how to get started. Also, explore the suggested list of the top English research paper topics and ideas for writing an A+ English assignment.

English Research Paper Topic Selection

It is essential for every student to have knowledge of how to select a good topic for writing an academic essay or research paper. No matter whether it is an English research paper or the research papers of any other subject, whenever you are assigned a task to write a research paper by selecting a topic on your own, this is what you should do.

  • First, identify the topic of your interest.
  • Conduct background research and brainstorm different ideas related to your area of interest.
  • Note down various keywords that will help you narrow down the essay topic.
  • Finally, analyze and get different perspectives on the topic by raising the questions such as what, why, who, and when.
  • Based on your answers to the variety of questions, prepare an outline of how your content would look like.
  • Before finalizing your research topic, keep in mind the length, due date and also check whether or not your topic meets all the assignment requirements shared by your instructor.

For choosing the best English research topic, you don’t need to be so focused on a specific topic. Instead, you can modify your topic and generate new interesting research ideas to deal with by analyzing the different perspectives of the topic.

Remember, the research topic you choose is said to be good only if it is interesting and exciting to you and your readers. Also, it is advisable to go with a topic you are familiar with and have a wide research scope and different reference sources. So, when generating research paper topic ideas, keep these aspects in mind and make sure to pick a unique topic that will help you earn an A+ grade.

Read More – Learn and Understand the Common English Techniques

English Research Topics

List of English Research Topics and Ideas

As said earlier, English is a broad subject with a variety of research topics. If you are asked to write an English research paper, you can choose any topic from categories that are related to English literature, technology, drugs and alcohol, politics, culture, religion, gender discrimination, and activism.

Usually, searching and finding a good research topic consumes a lot of time and effort. Hence, in order to make your search process easier and to help you save time, here we have recommended a list of the top English Research Topics and Ideas.

Go through the entire list of ideas and pick a research topic that is comfortable for you to perform research and write a top-quality English research paper.

Outstanding English Research Topics

  • Examine American Literature
  • How have women contributed to literature?
  • Advantages of studying internationally versus locally
  • What is the prevalence of discrimination at work today?
  • How do alcohol and drug addiction lead to suicide?
  • Ways of improving race relations
  • How have novels impacted political issues?
  • Should corporal punishment be allowed?
  • Analyze terrorism and its impact on business
  • Should drug testing be mandatory for student-athletes?
  • How effective is the no child left behind act?
  • The effect of cell phones and texting
  • The impact of tenure on the teaching quality
  • The impact of tariffs on domestic jobs
  • The issue of accessibility of contraceptives for high school students

Amazing English Research Paper Topics

  • Should people sell their organs to get money?
  • Ways of reducing human trafficking in America
  • The role of technology in economics
  • Psychological factors that influence consumer choice
  • Biblical allegories in modern literature
  • The democratic political system along with its benefits and limitations
  • Difference between authoritarianism, democracy, and monarchy
  • Biblical hermeneutics
  • Manuscripts of the New Testament
  • Textual Criticism of the New Testament
  • Controversies related to Euthanasia
  • Describe the contributions of Indian writers to English literature.
  • Explain the theme of racism in Heart of Darkness by Josef Conrad.
  • The manifestation of non-standard usage of English among University Students.
  • Describe the personal happiness versus societal norms in Victorian literature.

Also read: Top 12 Longest Words in the English Language

Intriguing English Research Paper Topics

  • Find and compare the same characters in Japanese Myths and anime series
  • How has Miguel de Cervantes ridiculed chivalrous ideals, and why is it now essential for society?
  • The consequences of negativity in modern literature.
  • How can hunting become a necessary means in some cases?
  • Provide a detailed history of the Hundred Years’ War and its results.
  • Holy Roman Empire: from successor to the Romans to a Nazi symbol.
  • Liberalism in national politics: emergence and evolution.
  • The history of the world is a series of conquests.
  • Impact of counseling and guidance on scholars’ academic performance.
  • Sexism in the media industry
  • Drawbacks of a democratic political system
  • The issue of feminist women being too harsh on other women who don’t support the movement
  • Whether or not convicted criminals should be eligible for social welfare.
  • The effects of gangs in poor urban centers
  • How can the pleasure of literature lead to a dark side?

Best English Research Ideas

  • The perception of how women love in the legend of La Llorona
  • The importance of the digitization of medical records
  • Life in London in the 18th century
  • Literary Criticism of The Monk by Mathew Lewis
  • Compare and contrast Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Eliot.
  • Discuss the theme of industrialization, corruption, and capitalism using Williams Blake’s London.
  • The expectation of women in Marge Piercy’s Barbie Doll
  • Criticism of gender roles in The Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
  • The theme of racism in Heart of Darkness by Josef Conrad
  • How modern-day heroes shape young people
  • The link between illegal immigration and terrorism
  • Does modern technology for teaching affect the quality of education?
  • How marriage has changed in modern society
  • Celebration of Pride Month in the United Kingdom
  • Cases of Mercy Killing in the United States

Informative Topics for English Research Paper

  • Euthanasia – Right to Die versus Right to Life
  • Use of automation in Healthcare system
  • What is the neoclassical period in English Literature?
  • What is Medieval English Literature as well as the idea of the anthology?
  • Explain the variations across the different dialects and speakers of English
  • What is the impact of diversity on a society’s development and progress?
  • Should the government control what is served in school cafeterias?
  • The high school curriculum should include subjects related to real life. Discuss.
  • What are the psychological effects of the Holocaust on the survivors?
  • Effectiveness of the federal education system as compared to other countries’ education systems.
  • Discuss the role of postsecondary educational institutions in American literacy.
  • Legal consequences of plagiarism in academic writing.
  • How to boost English communication skills for international students?
  • Technical barriers in oral and written communication in the English language.

Interesting English Research Topics

  • Pros and Cons of e-learning
  • The American dream for immigrants and marginalized group
  • Are UFOS a reality or fiction?
  • Write about the life of tribals.
  • How has the role of women in the military and battlefield changed?
  • How technology is revolutionizing terrorism
  • The drawbacks of online dating apps
  • How depression affects human behavior
  • Violent discipline by caregivers affects a child’s mental growth
  • How alternative medicine for cancer is unsafe
  • Negative effects of doing the wrong exercises
  • Cybercrime is the new terrorism
  • European influence on fashion in the world
  • The genetic link to optimism can shape attitudes. Explain
  • The Impact of Bioterrorism

Captivating English Research Paper Ideas

  • Effects of commercialization of sports
  • Dangers of consuming organic foods
  • The refugee crisis is increasing terrorism
  • Analysis of the Crisis between Ukraine and Russia
  • Impact of the controversial cartoon of Prophet Muhammad
  • The recent issue on Prophet Muhammad
  • The threat of Third World War
  • How the English Language Has Evolved Over the Last 20 Years Due to Improvements in Technology.
  • What is the difference between communicative English as well as Written English?
  • Discuss the role of America in the aerospace field.
  • What is psychology and Literature?
  • Does beauty, in general, determine how much a person will be successful in life?
  • What are some pros and cons related to plastic surgery?
  • Cross-cultural influences of the English language.
  • Should sports betting be regulated?
  • Critical analysis of the role of the National Organization for Women (NOW)
  • What other common sayings such as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” exist in your language?
  • Discuss the importance of learning the English language to increase employability in developed nations
  • Communism as an ideology and communism in USSR are many different things: Explain
  • Theatre artists often risk their mental health while playing the roles of killers: Explain with justification

Excellent English Research Paper Topics

  • Tobacco advertising and its effects
  • Dangers of weight lifting on women
  • The definition of feminism has changed since the 18th century
  • Should it be mandatory for parents to control their kid’s social media accounts?
  • Globalization and How it affects the Economy
  • Contributions by Indian writers to English literature.
  • The civil rights movement and the effects
  • Shakespeare’s contribution to English literature.
  • Industrialization and agricultural activities are the greatest contributors to climate change
  • Is social media making it easy for models to become rich?
  • The reasons for fictional languages in literature
  • Female writers in English literature.
  • Gender controversy in modern English.
  • Challenges of learning English as a second language
  • The role of women in the military.

Popular English Research Topics

  • The impact of child labor on society.
  • The decline or increase of divorce over the decades
  • The role of affirmative action in education or work
  • The COVID-19 – An Unrestricted Bio-weapon
  • The Outbreak of Monkeypox
  • Contribution of the World Poet Rabindranath Tagore in the field of global Literature
  • Contribution of William Gaddis in the field of US literature
  • Can fan fiction consider in terms of independent literature?
  • What do you mean by comedy literature?
  • What is the influence of modern technology on the quality of education?
  • How depression affects human behavior?
  • The effective ways to reduce bullying in learning institutions
  • What has led to the reduction of unemployment today?
  • Analyze crimes orchestrated by white collars and the punishments
  • How prevalent are wrongful convictions?

Impressive English Research Paper Topics

  • Should we legalize all immigrants without papers?
  • How efficient are police borders?
  • How are activism and protests criminalized?
  • The modern pop musician has more influence than musicians of the 80s
  • Children should be taught at school about various types of sexual orientation
  • Therapy and how it can be an effective rehabilitation method for hard-core prisoners
  • Is bodybuilding only for boosting ego or for health reasons?
  • Dehumanization effects of colonialism in Heart of Darkness by Josef Conrad
  • Sea symbolism in Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold
  • Use The Monk by Matthew Lewis as a response to formal realism.
  • Strange medieval family laws and their influence on society
  • Golan Heights and its importance to the Israelites
  • The pros and cons of legalizing prostitution
  • Second-hand smoke is the major cause of lung cancer deaths
  • Athletes are excelling because of their professional trainers.
  • Critical analysis of the impact of religious believers and stereotypes of society
  • Discuss the similarities and differences between classical music and modern music
  • Analyze the relationship between social status and political power depicted in William Shakespeare’s play
  • What should be actions every government needs to undertake to provide equal rights and opportunities to the people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community?
  • Discuss how Europeans perceive Indians and Middle-East countries’ people

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Trending English Research Paper Topics

  • How obsession with healthy eating can drive more people into anorexia
  • Ethical Use of Stem Cells
  • What are the reasons for the fictional languages in the literature?
  • Is it ethical to wear fur coats?
  • Are standardized tests a good way to evaluate a student’s knowledge?
  • Is random drug testing in the workplace ethical and necessary?
  • Is technology affecting health management?
  • If college education is made free, will it be more or less qualitative?
  • Does motivation play a role in human development?
  • Do pharmaceutical companies view the Ebola vaccine as unprofitable?
  • Should the use of marijuana be regulated?
  • Have the effects of religious cults changed today as compared to those in ancient society?
  • Caricature and Nigger – An Anti-Black Imagery
  • Effect of systemic diseases on olfactory functioning among coronavirus infected patients
  • Which practices of the Native Americans help them to protect nature?
  • Discuss the way music listening practices changed during the last three decades
  • Analyze the negative impacts of social media networking sites on face-to-face or physical communications
  • What should be strategies every government needs to undertake to ensure equal access to technology, health, and education?
  • Compare and contrast the philosophy of African culture and European culture

Final Words

From the list of English research topics and ideas suggested in this blog post, you can use any topic of your choice and come up with an excellent, top-scoring English research paper. If you still find it difficult to choose an impressive English research paper topic, then you can use our English Assignment Help service without hesitation.

We are well-known for offering reliable essay writing and research paper writing service to our customers by connecting them with well-experienced academic writers in various fields of study. So, without any second thought, just avail of our USA assignment help & writing service to enjoy the necessary academic benefits at a reasonable rate.

English Research Topics

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Nikola Fořtová, B.A., M.A.

  • E-learning, m-learning: application of new technologies in teaching

prof. Milada Franková, CSc., M.A.

  • Medieval English Literature
  • Contemporary British Literature
  • British cultural studies

Stephen Paul Hardy, B.A., P.G.C.E, M.A., Ph.D.

  • British & Irish 17th, 19th, & 20th Century Literature (all genres)
  • British Poetry (1558–2012) and North American 20th Century Poetry
  • British Cultural History (20,000 B.C.–2012)
  • British Film/TV/Media or any aspect of 20th C British Cultural Studies and North American Film and Popular Music

Mgr. Martina Horáková, Ph.D.

  • Australian literature and cultural studies
  • Contemporary American literature
  • Ethnic minority literatures in North America and Australia
  • Indigenous literatures

doc. PhDr. Jana Chamonikolasová, Ph.D.

Prof. Jan Chovanec, Ph.D.

  • Methodology: Discourse analysis, pragmatics, critical discourse analysis, stylistics, sociolinguistics
  • Areas: Language in the media, language and law, language and society
  • Topics: Representation of social groups, interaction and interactivity,discourse coherence in spoken and written language, discourse patterns in media communication, modern genres of English, diachronic genre analysis (historical pragmatics)

doc. Mgr. Tomáš Kačer, Ph.D.

  • Modern and contemporary British drama and theatre (plays, playwrights, performance analyses; history/theory)
  • American drama and theatre (plays, playwrights, performance analyses; history/theory)
  • British theatres and theatre festivals
  • Other forms of performance and culture

PhDr. Simona Kalová, Ph.D.

  • Practical aspects of teaching and learning
  • Educational assessment and evaluation

Mgr. Renata Kamenická, Ph.D.

  • Empirical translation studies of contemporary translation practices
  • Translator’s style; style in/of translation
  • Psycho-cognitive aspects of/in translation
  • Individual vs. shared discursive strategies in translation
  • Translations vs. non-translations; translation-specific tendencies
  • Translation practice/theory interface (in both directions)
  • Intralingual translation

doc. Michael Kaylor, M.A., PhD

  • Romantic and Victorian poetry
  • The Modernist novel in Britain and Ireland
  • English Decadence
  • The Bloomsbury Group
  • Walt Whitman
  • Theory of Biography
  • Gay Studies, homoeroticism in the Arts
  • Literary canonicity

Mgr. Filip Krajník, Ph.D.

  • William Shakespeare/Early-Modern English Drama (BA/MA)
  • Late Mediaeval English Literature (BA only)
  • Literary Representations of Sleeping and Dreaming (BA/MA)
  • Philip K. Dick (BA/MA)
  • Literary Translation (BA/MA)

doc. PhDr. Naděžda Kudrnáčová, CSc.

  • Syntax-semantics interface

James Little, Ph.D.

  • Irish studies
  • Theatre studies
  • Samuel Beckett studies
  • The literature of coercive confinement

Mgr. Linda Nepivodová, Ph.D.

  • Language Testing
  • Error Correction
  • Second Language Acquisition

Mgr. Jana Pelclová, Ph.D.

  • Stylistic analysis - analysis or comparison of the register of advertising, e_communication, F2F conversation, narrative stylistics (BA)
  • Discourse of advertising - linguistic analysis of selected topics (e.g. figures of speech, spokenness vs. writtenness, pragmatic principles, humour, word-picture contextualisation, etc.) (MA)
  • Topics in Pragmatics - analysis of authentic conversation, fictional conversation, pragmatic aspects in the discourse of advertising, etc. (MA)
  • Discourse analysis - selected topics in the discourse of children's literature, advertising, CMC, politics, etc. (MA)

doc. Tomáš Pospíšil, Ph.D.

  • Canadian film and TV
  • American film and TV
  • Cinematic representation of American minorities; films by minority filmmakers
  • American literature
  • American history and/or culture
  • American cultural studies

Ing. et Mgr. Jiří Rambousek, Ph.D.

  • History and bibliography of Czech translations from English
  • Reflection of older translations in contemporary Czech periodicals
  • Selected contrastive aspects of English and Czech as reflected in translation
  • Cognitive views of translation and the translator
  • Personalities of the early history of the Department of English and American Studies

Mgr. Jitka Sedláčková, Ph.D.

  • Second Lanuage Acquisition
  • Individual Learning Differences in Second Language Learning
  • Students with Specific Needs and EFL
  • Reading Skills and Reading Strategies in EFL

Jeff Smith, M.F.A, Ph.D.

  • Literatures and cultures of the United States
  • Popular arts, culture and media
  • Relationship of politics to literature and the arts
  • Historical development of US cultures and politics

PhDr. Don Sparling, B.A.

  • Canadian literature (all genres, with a special interest in historical fiction and drama)
  • Multiculturalism in Canada, interculturalism in Quebec
  • The French-English relationship in Canada (all aspects - historical, social, cultural, educational [e.g. immersion schooling], etc.)
  • Canadian culture (all aspects except film, where doc. Pospíšil is your man)
  • Contemporary issues relating to the indigenous peoples (First Nations, Inuit, Métis)
  • Depending on the topic, other areas that you might have a particular interest in

PhDr. Kateřina Tomková, Ph.D.

  • Accents of English and their perceptions
  • Oral presentation, rhetorics and elocution
  • Common pronunciation mistakes and theire radication
  • Statistical procession of most common pronunciation errors
  • Articulatory settings in E and CZ
  • The use of authentic material such as sitcoms and films in teaching oneself better speaking skills
  • Musical aptitude correlating with FL acquisition

Jeffrey A. Vanderziel, B.A.

  • History, culture, representation and/or literature of indigenous peoples in North America
  • History and/or culture of minorities in North America
  • LGBTQ history, culture, literature

PhDr. Jitka Vlčková, Dr.

  • Australians in different historical periods (BA)
  • Indigenous and other minorities in Australia - history and/or cutlture (BA)
  • Australian cultural studies (BA/MA)
  • Registers in English. Australian English. Aboriginal English. Intercultural communication (MA)
  • Gender roles, language, media, communication, legislation, minorities, mainstream cultures; issues of discrimination and/or racism (MA)

Mgr. Olga Zörnerová

  • marketing transcreation
  • localisation and related topics (MT, MTPE, style guides, terminology, working with agencies and LSPs)
  • video game localisation

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British Literature Research Paper Topics for Students

thesis subjects english

Generating thesis topics for English literature students can be a daunting task. The topics not only need to be relevant to quality literature, but they also need to pique the readers’ interest. When composing a research paper on English literature, it’s important to consider a variety of potential thesis topics. In this article, we have listed some of the best English literature thesis topics for students that you are sure to benefit from when working on your English research paper, literature review, dissertation, presentation, or even British novels.

Types of English Literature Thesis Topics

thesis subjects english

Choosing a Topic

When choosing the best English literature thesis topics for your major, it is important to consider a few key factors. First, you should choose a topic that is of interest to you and that you can research thoroughly. Additionally, you should consider the scope of the topic and make sure that it is neither too broad nor too narrow. 

Besides, it is important to make sure that the topic has plenty of available sources so that you can conduct your research effectively. When selecting English thesis topics, it can be helpful to identify a particular theme or author that you want to focus on. This can help narrow down the ideas and give you a better foundation for your paper. 

At the same time, it is important to consider the time period you want to focus on. This can help you determine which texts are relevant to your topic and provide a better understanding of the context in which your paper will be written. It is also important to consult your professor or a librarian for guidance. They can provide helpful resources and tips for selecting the right British literature research paper topics. 

You can also look for scholarly articles and other resources that can help you gain a better understanding of the matter and find top thesis topics in English literature students. Finally, it is important to remember that the best topics are those that you are passionate about. Researching a topic that you find interesting can make the research process more enjoyable and help you write a better paper.

To help Engish language students find the best English major thesis topics, we’v listed some of the top best ideas that you are welcome to avail of: 

  • 1. The Evolving Role of Women in Twentieth-Century Literature
  • 2. Intersections of Religion and Politics Across Literary Eras
  • 3. Exploring Gender Roles: A Comparative Analysis
  • 4. Tracing the Origins of a Chosen Novel: A Historical Inquiry
  • 5. Morality Plays in Middle Ages and Twentieth Century Literature
  • 6. Animals in Children’s Literature: Their Significance and Function
  • 7. Modernism and Realism: A Comparative Study
  • 8. An Analysis of First World War Poetry
  • 9. William Shakespeare’s Most Influential Work: An Examination
  • 10. Unpacking Female Masculinities in Old English Literature
  • 11. The Accuracy of History in Historical Novels: A Critical Assessment
  • 12. The Impact of the Renaissance Era on Literature
  • 13. Fairy Tales in Literature: Exploring their Significance and Meanings
  • 14. Gender Representation in Gothic Novels: An Interpretive Study
  • 15. The Historical Origins of Children’s Literature: A Scholarly Investigation
  • 16. Character Comparisons in Popular Books and Movies: A Literary Analysis
  • 17. Criticism vs. Symbolism: A Comparative Analysis
  • 18. Literary Traditions in the United States and Great Britain: A Comparative Study
  • 19. Quantum Physics in Literature: An Exploration of its Applications
  • 20. Nineteenth-Century Poetic Imagination and Astronomy: An Interdisciplinary Study

Research Methods

If you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere when seeking literature thesis topics, we recommend you apply some of the tried and tested topic research methods that have already helped dozens of students all over the globe.

Utilize existing research studies. One of the most effective research methods for selecting the best British Literature research paper topics is to review existing research studies. This can be done by searching for scholarly articles related to the topic in question, as well as by examining published books and other media related to British Literature. Doing so can provide invaluable insight into the best topics to focus on in order to produce a well-researched and comprehensive paper. 

Consult with professionals. Consulting with professors, librarians, and other professionals who specialize in British Literature can also be a great way to find the best topics for your research paper. These individuals can provide valuable advice on what topics have been popular in the past, as well as provide information on any new topics that may be of interest to explore.

Conduct interviews . Another great research method is to conduct interviews with experts or individuals who have studied British Literature. Interviewing these people can help to gain insight into their opinions on the best topics to pursue, as well as provide a unique perspective on the material.

Utilize online resources. Utilizing online resources such as blogs, sample works, websites, and forums can also be a great way to find the best research paper topics for British Literature. These resources can provide insight into what topics are currently being discussed, as well as provide ideas for topics that may not have been previously explored.

Use primary sources. Finally, it is important to make use of primary sources when dealing with research topics for English literature students. Utilizing primary literary sources such as manuscripts, diaries, letters, and other original documents can provide invaluable insight into the topics of interest.

Before choosing your English literature thesis topic, it is essential to review class materials, such as the course syllabus, curriculum, and previously written works, to gain inspiration and save time during the decision-making process and research. It is crucial to choose an interesting and unique topic that is related to the class and that others are not likely to write about. 

Once you have a topic in mind, discuss it with classmates or your professor and research it to ensure that there is enough information available to write a profound paper. If there is insufficient information, it is better to change your topic than to risk submitting a weak paper. It is also essential to have a debatable thesis statement to present an evaluative judgment, perspective, or interpretation. However, it is wise to get your instructor’s approval before starting on your chosen topic to ensure that it fits the assignment appropriately. Finally, consistently search for research information and take notes to organize your thoughts and findings.

In conclusion, selecting a British Literature research paper topic can be a daunting task. However, by using the methods discussed above, English literature students can more easily select suitable topics that are both interesting and relevant to the class. Additionally, it is important to remember to consult one’s professor and peers when selecting a topic, as well as utilize primary sources when conducting research. With careful research and thoughtful consideration, students can find the best British Literature research paper topics for their major.

thesis subjects english

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  1. What Is the Statistical Treatment in a Thesis?

    Statistical treatment in a thesis is a way of removing researcher bias by interpreting the data statistically rather than subjectively. Giving a thesis statistical treatment also ensures that all necessary data has been collected.

  2. What Are Some Examples of Good Thesis Sentences?

    Examples of a good thesis sentence includes a summary of the writer’s arguments about the subject of the written piece. A good thesis sentence answers a question that the body of the paper answers and explains in greater detail.

  3. What Is the Difference Between Thesis and Topic?

    The difference between a thesis and a topic is that a thesis, also known as a thesis statement, is an assertion or conclusion regarding the interpretation of data, and a topic is the subject a research paper is based on. The thesis provides...

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    Get Professional English Literature Thesis Topics Ideas · Religion and Politics throughout the Ages of Literature · Gender role Differences · How Accurate Is

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    Major English literature Thesis Topics · How does modern cinema present our society? · The importance of and reflection on social issues found in the major

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    Thesis Topics · Polyphony in the novels of Cormac McCarthy · Women in post-Stonewall gay male literature · Madness and skepticism in Hamlet and Don Quixote

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    THESIS TOPIC LIST (MPhil/ MS English). Degree Awarded. S.No . Name. Thesis Topic. 1. Ahsan ur Rehman. STYLISTIC PATTERNS IN THE SAURAS OF THE QURAN WITH HAROOF-

  8. 5 Topics For A Master's In English Thesis

    Master's in English Thesis Topics · 1. Write About a Well-Known Author's Lesser-Known Works. Everybody loves Pride and Prejudice: it's sold over 20 million

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    Thesis Topics In English Literature Ideas · The literature on Homosexuality, how it began to the present day. · The significance of philosophy in literature in

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    Top-Notch Dissertation Topics In English Literature · A closer look at the poetry of William Shakespeare · The impact of the first literary explorers in shaping

  11. What would be the best topic for a thesis in an English linguistic

    An investigation of the historical development of the English language. This could involve looking at the influences of other languages on

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    It is essential for every student to have knowledge of how to select a good topic for writing an academic essay or research paper. No matter

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    Accents of English and their perceptions · Oral presentation, rhetorics and elocution · Common pronunciation mistakes and theire radication · Statistical

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    Choosing a Topic · 1. The Evolving Role of Women in Twentieth-Century Literature · 2. Intersections of Religion and Politics Across Literary