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Seth Landman

Baseball’s Jackie Robinson Day Needs to Be More Than Just a Gesture

thesis for jackie robinson

Each year on April 15, Major League Baseball (MLB) celebrates the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut as the first Black man to play in the Majors. At the center of the celebration is Robinson’s jersey number, 42. Back in 1997, the league officially retired Robinson’s number — that means, in the future, no one else will be able to wear it, except on April 15 each year, when every person who takes the field across MLB suits up in a #42 jersey. This gesture makes certain that Robinson’s #42 gains a little more symbolic value each year.

In the context of sports, this is a really big deal. The only other player across the four major sports in the U.S. with his number retired league-wide is Wayne Gretsky, the consensus greatest hockey player of all-time, who had his #99 retired at the All-Star Game in 2000. Obviously, the retiring of a player’s number, especially across an entire league, is one of the ultimate honors an athlete can be given. But can MLB take more than symbolic action on Jackie Robinson Day?

Baseball’s Popularity Is Waning

This might go without saying, but the popularity of cultural institutions always changes over time. People change, which means they change how they spend their time and what they do for fun. Major League Baseball is no stranger to these ups and downs — MLB has “died” over and over again over the more than 150 years of its existence. 

thesis for jackie robinson

Nevertheless, baseball is becoming less popular as of late. Trying to parse why is difficult; you immediately get flooded by the many variables. There was a recent lockout . There’s the ongoing focus on data and analytics that — fun as it has been to follow the changes in the game — has meant more strikeouts and walks and fewer exciting, athletic plays in the field. There’s the fact that most games are way too long for viewers to sit through. 

There are, of course, also cultural factors at work, and those are even more difficult to fully pin down. After Jackie Robinson’s debut as the first Black man to play in MLB on April 15, 1947, the percentage of Black players in MLB steadily increased all the way up to over 18% through much of the 1980s. Since then, that number has been steadily declining. In 2019, Black baseball players made up just 7.7% of the league’s athletes . That decline has coincided with waning TV ratings across the sport. It makes sense to wonder whether these factors are related, and why fewer Black athletes are choosing baseball.

The Importance of Speaking Up

thesis for jackie robinson

While Jackie Robinson Day is certainly a significant way to honor the life of the man, in other ways, this celebratory gesture falls short. Happy to celebrate Robinson’s debut on the field, MLB has a much tougher time being forthright about the circumstances that made it take until 1947 for a Black man to be allowed to play in the Majors. Folks have expressed concern more recently that baseball is lagging behind other sports in responding to the racial injustices of today. 

For the past few years, time and again, MLB has failed to make bold statements, while other sports leagues — like the NBA and WNBA , for instance — have stepped up. In 2020, after police in Kenosha, Wisconsin killed Jacob Blake, NBA players organized, stopped playing, and leveraged their labor to get the league to agree to use NBA arenas as polling places ahead of the 2020 elections. Jackie Robinson Day (which had been delayed in 2020 until August 28th due to the pandemic) would have been an excellent opportunity for MLB to exemplify the kind of civil engagement Jackie Robinson was all about . But that didn’t happen. 

Action Needs to Be More Than Lip Service

I’ve been in a ballpark on Jackie Robinson Day, and without question there’s something moving about looking around and seeing all the players wearing Robinson’s #42. I remember thinking about the braveness inherent to being the first person to do something, and the way Robinson continued to speak up long after his playing days were over. Still, it’s hard to not feel like the celebration of Jackie Robinson only serves to mask the fact that baseball isn’t doing enough to make things better now . 

thesis for jackie robinson

Former players like Preston Wilson, who was profiled on this subject by Sports Illustrated back in the summer of 2020 , have made it clear that the decline in the percentage of Black players in MLB is related to MLB’s attitudes around race. Wilson talks about his experiences with racism in the clubhouse, but he also points out more universal factors. 

There are practical concerns, like the fact that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) allows fewer scholarships for baseball than it does for football and basketball. There are also cultural concerns: most of baseball’s executives are white — in far higher percentage than the players themselves — and most of the reporters who cover the sport are white, too. That has an impact on the discourse around the sport itself, which in turn has an impact on how the sport is perceived in the wider community.

Wilson makes it clear that more direct action is necessary if the MLB wants to create systems that ensure more Black people not only play baseball in the first place, but have the opportunity to move up into the league’s managerial and executive positions as well. The celebration of Jackie Robinson’s legacy should be a constant reminder to MLB to be more proactive about taking this kind of action. The popularity of the sport itself depends on it, and maybe there’s something hopeful about that: baseball’s best bet, moving forward, is to be on the right side of history. 


thesis for jackie robinson

Jackie Robinson Thesis Statement

thesis for jackie robinson

Show More "Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he 's losing; nobody wants you to quit when you 're ahead." Jackie Robinson What a day! On April 15, 1947, Major League Baseball 's color line was broken when Jackie Robinson made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Born Jack Roosevelt Robinson in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919 to a family of sharecroppers, he was the youngest of three brothers and one sister. Jackie 's father left the family shortly after he was born and his mother , Mallie Robinson, was left to raise Jackie alone. Within a year after Jackie 's birth, the family departed Georgia for Pasadena, California. As the only black family on their block, the prejudice the Robinson family encountered only strengthened …show more content… Rickey met with Robinson in a three-hour meeting. During the meeting, Rickey tried to incite and enrage the 26-year-old, Robinson...he succeeded, but only verbally in doing so. Rickey asked Robinson if he could face the racial insults from fans and players without reacting angrily (a genuine concern, given Robinson 's actions and subsequent legal complications while attending Pasadena City College and during his military service). Robinson 's response, "Are you looking for a Negro who is afraid to fight back?" And, to which Rickey spoke the famous words that he needed a Negro player "with guts enough not to fight back," and someone who could "turn the other cheek" to racial antagonism. Robinson assured Rickey that he could do exactly that. With that, Rickey agreed to sign Robinson to a $600 a month contract, however, he was not permitted to speak of the agreement until a formal contract was signed before October 25 and a public announcement …show more content… On April 15, 1947, he became the first African-American to play baseball in the major leagues....the very same year the Dodgers won the pennant and Jackie was named Rookie of the Year. He proved himself to be an unparalleled base runner, despite ridicule and death threats, stealing home 19 times in his career and more than any ball player had since World War I. As hitter, fielder and defensive player, Robinson was awarded Rookie of the Year in 1947 and Most Valuable Player in 1949 for the National League. During the following ten years, Jackie Robinson was one of the best baseball players in the major leagues with a career batting average of .311, hit 137 home runs, and had 197 stolen bases. He was named to the All-Star team six times and was the National League MVP in 1949. 1956, his tenth season in the Major Leagues, was his last. After his retirement, Robinson took a job as a Vice-President in Personnel for Chock-Full-O '-Nuts, he helped improve economic lives of employees. Until his death in 1972, Robinson continued to raise funds for the NAACP and lent his celebrity status to the Civil Rights Movement. In 1962 Robinson was the first African-American inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and he became a member of the All-Century

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Jackie robinson interview questions.

Jackie Robinson is the player who changed baseball forever. He was the guy who broke the color barrier in the Major leagues. He joined the league back in 1947. He was a role model to many people. He was a sign of hope to all African Americans people.…

Jackie Robinson Rough Draft Essay

Robinson was the first African American to ever play professional baseball and changed many people’s lives, but nothing came easy for him as he was tormented, abused, and heckled night in and night out. In 1946 history was made; Jackie Robinson became the first ever player to play in a professional baseball game with an African American in it. This was a big for the sport and country as many did not agree with this. For Robinson, he was excited to get the…

Jackie Robinson Biography Essay

Jackie Robinson was an outstanding baseball player, an amazing civil rights leader, and an American hero. Jackie Robinson’s love, bravery and determination changed baseball and all other sports forever by breaking the color barrier . Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia, January 31, 1919, where…

Essay On Jackie Robinson

962 he was Inducted into the baseball hall of fame on july 23. One thing to add he also had a .985 fielding percentage. So in jackie Robinson career hewas very successful made many records. He was also very sucessful the people in the stands and on he’s team playing baseball.(“jackie Robinson…

How Did Jackie Robinson Break The Color Barrier

October 4th, 1955 the Brooklyn dodgers claim their first World Championships beating the New York Yankees by four games to three. Jackie Robinson has broken the color barrier in major league baseball. In Stamford, Connecticut, on October 23rd, 1972 Jackie Robinson died of a heart attack at his home. The funeral was held at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, there were good and bad thoughts and opinions about him being an African American playing major league baseball. My opinion about Jackie gaining the right and opportunity to play major league baseball as an African American, would be that even though he was African American, he followed his heart and fought for what he really, truly wanted and that was to play major league baseball.…

Jackie Robinson: Baseball Player

Drew Fleming Mr. Litz American Lit December 5, 2016 Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson was an African American man. He broke the color barrier in America by being the first African American to play professional baseball. During Robinson’s life, America was a segregated nation.…

Jackie Robinson: An African-American Hero

Hugh Duffy, the Chief scout and former star hitter, admitted that it was “too bad he was the wrong color” (Berndt, Hurt, Tawfeek). It was obvious that Robinson was very modest, very strong minded, and wouldn 't let any of the negativity get in his way of him playing baseball. His first year with the Brooklyn Dodgers Robinson had the most stolen bases out of the whole National League, and the most home run out of his whole team. That year Robinson was the first African American to win Rookie of the Year. He seemed to attract crowds not only because of his race, but also because of his amazing talents (Conrads).…

Jackie Robinson: Major League Baseball

Branch Rickey called his move the “greatest baseball experiment”. He knew that the individual would have to be strong, able to stand up to an intensely volatile crowd, and be able to avoid conflicts when they arose. He chose Jackie to be the player to cross the “color line” to integrate baseball(__). Branch Rickey chose Jackie Robinson to be the one to break the color barrier because he knew the Jackie had the strength of character and not just the talent to overcome the taunting and lack of support he would face. Robinson competed in baseball, football, basketball, and track in college.…

Desegregation Of Baseball

The signing of Jackie Robinson marked the first time that an African American played Major League Baseball. Jackie started off playing the role of first baseman and then later moved on to play second baseman. Throughout Jackie Robinson’s career, he had earned many awards including: six time All-Star recipient, Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year in 1947, and two time National League stolen base leader. Mr. Robinson was later inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in…

Jackie Robinson Argumentative Essay

As a business executive, Robinson worked closely with the National Association for the Advancement of Color People in its effort to advance opportunities for African American people" (Witherbee 2). All Robinson wanted to do was give his own race or other African Americans the opportunity for employment. So with Robinson 's great playing time in baseball, he changed a lot…

How Did Jackie Robinson's Impact On Major League Baseball

He began playing professionally after leaving the army. At that time, baseball was segregated and whites and blacks played in separate leagues. After playing in the Negro Leagues for a few years, Robinson was chosen by the President of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Branch Rickey, as the person who would help integrate MLB. Rickey insisted that Jackie promise that when confronted with racism, he would not fight back.…

Jackie Robinson Research Paper

His parents were Mallie Robinson (mother), and Jerry Robinson (father). Jackie was raised with a single mother, his father left the family when he was born, Jackie never got to meet his father. Jackie was married and had 3 kids, his wife's name was Rachel Annetta (Rachel Robinson), His children's name were Sharon Robinson, Jackie Robinson Jr. and David Robinson, Sharon is a writer, Jackie Robinson Jr. did not have a carrie, and david is a coffee farmer in Tanzania.…

The Impact Of Jackie Robinson And The Civil Rights Movement

He also helped the Civil Rights Movement by playing baseball. According to William Rubinstein he states, “Brown vs. Board of Education decision 1954, the Birmingham bus Campaign and other landmarks of the civil rights campaign might have occurred without Rickey and Robinson, but the integration of baseball made them far more likely to succeed and to receive support from whites.” He made it easier for them to receive support from the whites which was a big deal and it helped out a lot. It was very shocking for them to get support from the whites. Robinson not only changed the world in baseball but also in civil…

Jackie Robinson's Accomplishments

JACKIE ROBINSON Over Jackie Robinson’s 10 season career he participated in six World Series. Jackie Robinson was a icon in Major League Baseball because he has many accomplishments and he was the first black MLB player. Jackie Robinson had many experiences that many people didn't have. He was the first person in his high school to have won four varsity letters. After high school Jackie didn't go right to baseball instead he went through the Army.…

How Did Jackie Robinson's Impact On History

Jackie Robinson April 15, 1947 is the day that one of the most important events in American history took place. The impact Robinson made on Major League Baseball is one that will be forever remembered. On April 15 each season, every team in the majors celebrates Jackie Robinson Day in honor of when he truly broke the color barrier in baseball, becoming the first African-American player in the 20th century to take the field in the big leagues. He opened the door for many others and will forever be appreciated for his contribution to the game. Jackie Robinson took the biggest risk that any young black man could take during the late 1940’s, when he became the first black person play on a professional team.…

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thesis for jackie robinson

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  • What did it change?'”

Before we start, you should know that people sometimes call thesis statements “claims” or “arguments.” If a teacher asks you what your paper’s claim is, he or she is probably talking about the thesis statement.

  • Address a narrow topic
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  • Evaluate historical significance

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Jackie Robinson Thesis Statement

Informative essay: jackie robinson's role in baseball.

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. Jackie was the youngest of 5 kids. His mom was very tough and raised all 5 kids by herself, her name is Mallie Robinson. Jackie was very proud of his mother and admired the way she stood up for her rights. Jackie attended John Muir High School, where he excelled in sports in high school and college.

Jackie Robinson Argumentative Essay

Hard Working, Strong,and Committed are three words that people think of in connection to Jackie Robinson. Many people know who broke the color barrier in baseball,was jackie robinson, but he was so much more. As a normal kid, Jackie Robinson showed the world that anyone could make a positive change is you stay hard working, strong and committed. He left a legacy as a world changer. There were many racial remarks against Jackie, either physically, or he couldn't do anything about it.

Jackie Robinson's Impact On Civil Rights

Throughout the course of his life and baseball career, he overcame many obstacles, unthinkable to others, and went on to not only gain the respect of blacks and whites; he went on to become one of the greatest and most admired baseball players of all time. In an interview after a game, Branch Rickey was quoted saying “He’s the indispensable man that can carry a team by himself.” Jackie will be remembered for generations to come as a role model to

Jackie Robinson's Role In The Civil Rights Movement

Jackie has been an inspiration to all blacks around the world, for his determination even when times were tough, always standing up for his rights. As said in a past article, “Jackie had a huge part to play in how Americans thought about racial integration.” (Novak) He made Americans realize that African Americans could play with whites in the big leagues and be able to deal with the controversy that comes with it. Some may think otherwise, but Jackie Robinson is a role model for millions of people around the

Jackie Robinson Character Traits

He is the reason our sports are open to all. He left a lasting legacy as a hero to all, someone who gave up his life to undiscriminate professional sports. The origin of Jackie Robinson 's call to change started when he realized the problems in society that really did affect Jackie and his family. Robinson’s family was the only

Jackie Robinson: Overcoming Obstacles

As an exceptional athlete and an honorable man Jackie Robinson changed the way not only sports are seen in the world but how life is seen in the

How Did Jackie Robinson Impact Society

As Jackie Robinson once said “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”. There is no doubt that Jackie Robinson has been one of most impactful baseball players to ever play the sport. For reasons such as pushing himself to reach his goals, facing many hardships, and being the first African American to play in the MLB, he has shown perseverance and been a role model to everyone. The first reason how Jackie Robinson has impacted society is how he worked hard to reach his goals.

Jackie Robinson: The Most Influential Sports Athlete

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” (Jackie Robinson). Being born to sharecropper parents living in Georgia, Jackie Robinson faced racism and hatred early on. He overcame these adversities and became one of baseball 's most historic players for not only his lightning speed on the field, but his courage to break major league baseball 's color barrier. Jackie Robinson was the most influential sports athlete because he changed American society forever.

Personal Narrative: Jackie Robinson

“This ain't fun. But you watch me, I'll get it done.” This is quote was stated by Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first African American Major League Baseball player. He also was the first African American to join the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jackie Robinson's Influence On Society

Jackie Robinson is known to be one of the most influential people in baseball and in society. He eternally changed the aspect of American history. It was unusual to have a colored person be treated equally as a white person during the time of the 1900s. He was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919 and later moved to Pasadena, California to pursue a better life. He came from a poor family of sharecroppers in the South and was the youngest of five.

How Did Jackie Robinson Contribute To The Civil Rights Movement

Jackie Robinson fought to end segregation, and the rights for all people through many different ways. The most recognized and probably the biggest thing he did was transform all sports through being the first African American to play professional baseball. This did not only stop discrimination in baseball but this helped stop discrimination in all sports together. After his impact on baseball he wasn't done there, he join the National Association for the advancement of colored people. He became the chairman for the freedom fund and later raised over a million dollars.

Jackie Robinson's Impact On American Society

He inspired other black people to act on another racist situation. Several racial incidents occurred during this time. Jackie Robinson was accused of many racial injustices, but the way that he handled these situations proved that he was a peaceful person who resisted violently. He went to the NAACP to get assistance for these acquisitions and they took it to the next level with the justice system.

How Did Jackie Robinson A Game Changer For All Sports

Jackie Robinson was a game changer for all sports. He broke barriers in baseball allowing African Americans to play baseball. Jackie was hated at first but he didn't say anything and let his playing do the talking. Jackie didn't only change baseball he helped his community and the Civil Rights movement.

Jackie Robinson's Impact On Baseball

Jackie Robinson not only made impacts on the field that were monumental, but he made impacts off the field that were equally as important. Jackie helped presidents get elected, get kids off the streets and into the most prestigious schools there is, and most importantly he broke the black color barrier in baseball. Jackie Robinson is one of the most influential people to ever live, he did things that people would dream about, he stood up for what he believed. To begin, Jackie’s biggest accomplishment was breaking the black color barrier on baseball, “ Jackie Robinson broke through the color barrier that kept blacks out of the Major League Baseball [MLB].

42 Jackie Robinson Character Analysis

Every question for Jackie Robinson from the media, is pointed and it’s point is to destroy Jackie Robinson’s career and everything he is trying to achieve. The fact that he has to worry about this outside of being a baseball player is ludicrous and just goes to show what true character precisely is. A person with true character is a person who will not give up or give in even under the most extreme of situations. A person with true character is a person who will keep calm and keep his emotions in check, even when he has every right to tear into the people who did him wrong. A person with true character is a person who will do all of this, to help out people that he doesn’t even know.

More about Jackie Robinson Thesis Statement

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Jackie Robinson Thesis

Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson is a major cultural hero who affected our society in a major way. He was the first African-American in Major League Baseball, breaking the color barrier and paving the way for many other African-Americans in baseball and other sports all over. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia to a family of sharecroppers. He was the youngest child, he had 4 siblings. In 1920 his father left the family, leaving his mother to take care of all 5 children. His mother, Mallie Robinson, moved the family to a predominantly white neighborhood in a suburban part of Pasadena, California. This was Jackie’s first experience being a pioneer in integration. He attended John Muir High School where he started to get into sports because his brothers Frank and Mack who were silver medalists in the 1936 Olympics encouraged him. Baseball was not the only sport he excelled in, he excelle in many sports like baseball,basketball, tennis, and track, he was an All-American in Football. He was the first person to receive varsity letters in four sports. After college he continues playing multiple sports like baseball, football,basketball, and track. He broke the national community college broad jumping record, previously set by his brother set by his brother Mack who won a silver medal in the olympics. In 1939 he entered UCLA where he became the schools first letterman in four sports. He was one of the four African American players on the UCLA football team which was one of the most integrated teams at this time. Jackies best sport in college was football, he was named an All American. During this year, 1941, two important things happened. The first was that he met Rachel Isum, who would later bec... ... middle of paper ... ...art of stealing home. Jackie Robinson was a major cultural hero. It was a very courageous act to go and be the first African American player in Major League Baseball, breaking the color barrier. This paved the way for many more African Americans in baseball and other sports everywhere. This also affected our society today because now baseball along with all other professional sports are multi-racial and allow everyone to play in the league. No matter what if they had the skills it didn't matter who or where they are from they could play. As you can see Jackie Robinson was a major impact on the society. Without him baseball and all other sports could be much different. Not only did he affect sports he changed life everywhere, he changed they way people thought about African-Americans. Jackie was a very courageous man for doing what he did when noone else would.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes jackie robinson as a major cultural hero, breaking the color barrier and paving the way for many other african-americans in baseball and other sports.
  • Describes how jackie excelled in baseball, basketball, tennis, and track. he was the first person to receive varsity letters in four sports.
  • Explains that jackie was drafted into the u.s. army in 1942 and served with and befriended heavyweight boxing champion joe lewis. he later quit the fort riley football team and was transferred to fort hood, texas.
  • Explains that jackie's army career was unsuccessful, but he never fought in combat. he met a former kansas city monarchs player who encouraged him to try out.
  • Narrates how jackie attended tryouts to join major league baseball teams and how branch rickey knew what it would take for an african-american to break the color barrier in the mlb.
  • Narrates how jackie robinson experienced the worst segregation and racism in his life. the dodgers signed him to the montreal royals in 1945.
  • Describes how jackie was called up to play for the brooklyn dodgers in 1947, breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. the coach knew what a player he was, and helped him earn the respect of the players.
  • Explains that jackie robinsons was the start to a major change in the mlb and all sports everywhere. he remained on the dodgers for 5 seasons, then left and went to the new york giants.
  • Explains that jackie stayed active in civil rights movements and didn't stop fighting for equal rights for african americans. he experienced segregation and racism and wanted to make a change for all.
  • Explains that jackie robinson married his college girlfriend, rachel isum before spring training of the 1946 season. she helped him fight through all the hard times and was there for him when he needed it the most.
  • Describes jackie as a courageous man who broke the color barrier and an amazing athlete. he ran the bases with no fear, stole when most wouldn’t.
  • Opines that jackie robinson was a cultural hero, breaking the color barrier and paving the way for many more african americans in baseball and other sports everywhere. baseball and all other professional sports are multi-racial and allow everyone to play.
  • Opines that jackie robinson was a major impact on the society. without him baseball and all other sports could be much different. he changed life everywhere and changed the way people thought about african-americans.

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What Obstacles Did Jackie Robinson Faced

Jackie Robinson was the most influential ball player of all time. Jackie was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919. Robinson had a tough childhood since his dad left his family when he was only 1 year old. This was very difficult for his family, so Jackie, his mom, and his 4 siblings moved to California. This move actually helped Jackie in the long run as he later attended UCLA. At UCLA, Jackie became the first 4-letter man. This meant that he was the first person in the school’s history to join four varsity sports teams. From there, Jackie went on to the army and then to the Negro Leagues. During his time in the Negro Leagues, Branch Rickey, the general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was looking for a black man to break the

Jackie Robinson Research Paper

Jackie Robinson, a famous black baseball player, proved to the world that just because you have a different skin color does not mean that you aren’t as good as someone with a different color skin. Jackie was the first black man to ever sign with and play for a team that was a part of the all-white major league baseball organization. He along with Branch Rickey, the manager of the dodgers who signed Robinson, broke the color barrier in baseball and led the way for other talented Negro ball players to get into the majors.

Jackie Robinson and Civil Rights

Jackie was born and raised in Cairo, Georgia 1919. He was raised by his single mother Mallie along with is four siblings. He was the first person at UCLA to obtain a varsity letter in baseball, basketball, football, and track. He married Rachel Isum who he met at UCLA. He however had to leave school due to financial reasons and decided to enlist in the military, but was honorably discharged due to being court-martialed due to his actions against racial discrimination. Jackie played one season in 1945 with the Kansas City Monarchs leading to further achievements in his professional baseball career.

How Baseball was changed by Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson changed the way baseball is looked at by Americans. Also, he broke a huge barrier in American History. Robinson helped get rid of segregation. He also, is down as one on of the most respected men in baseball history. Not only a wonderful ball player, but also a wonderful man who went through so much and helped create a path for current and future African American baseball players.

Why Is Jackie Robinson A Hero

Jackie Robinson, born Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. He was the youngest of five children and was raised by his single-handedly mother Mallie Robinson in poverty. He went to John Muir High School and Pasadena Junior College, were he excelled in football, basketball, track, and baseball. Jackie Robinson won the regions Most Valuable Player in baseball in 1938. Jackie was inspired by his older brother Matthew Robinson to push for his goals, talents and love for sports. Jackie finished his education at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was the first student in the university to receive varsity letters in four sports. In 1941, Robinson had to leave UCLA because of financial problems just around graduation time. He ended up moving to Honolulu, Hawaii and played football for the Honolulu bears, but that didn’t last long because the United States entered World War II. Robinson served as a second lieutenant in the United States Army from 1942 to 1944, but was honorably discharged because; he refused to sit in the back of a segregated bus during boot camp in 1944.

Jackie Robinson's Impact on Baseball

Although Jackie Robinson was not the best African-American baseball player of his time, his attitude and ability to handle racist harassment led the way for the rest of his race to play Major League Baseball, amongst other sports. Being accepted into professional sports also helped African-Americans become more easily accepted into other aspects of life. Jackie's impact in the world for the black population is enormous.

Jackie Robinson, A Brooklyn Dodger

Without Jackie Robinson entering the game of baseball, there may have not been a Muhammed Ali, Arthur Ashe, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, or even Tiger Woods. Of course the possibility of another African American taking the throne and leading the fight for African rights through the game of baseball is justified but Jackie’s timing in the movement was impeccable. So impeccable, that it empowered others to stand up in a time of oppression. “All of us had to wait for Jackie,” said pitcher Joe Black. Joe Black says it well, Jackie Robinson is more than an African American baseball player, he was the beacon of light that sprouted the growth of blacks in the game of baseball, and sports nationwide. Even President’s gave credit to Jackie’s accomplishments. President Ronald Reagan stated, “He struck a mighty blow for equality, freedom and the American way of life, Jackie Robinson was a good citizen, a great man, and a true American champion.” Once his career was over, he did not quit pushing for Black American success. He became a vocalist for Black rights and became an analyst for major league baseball. He was hired by ABC to go on television for miscellaneous things and was the first Black vice president of an American corporation, Chock Full O’ Nuts, and helped establish the Freedom National Bank. Jackie also joined the board

Essay On Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson overcame many struggles in life such as being included in the civil rights movement, facing discrimination, and he achieved being the first black man in major league baseball. He was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia on Hadley Ferry Road. It is a blue-collar town of about 10,000 people. Jackie Robinson became the first black player in the major leagues with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Even though he achieved this major goal he still had trouble getting there. He and his siblings were raised by his single mother. Jackie attended Muir High School and Pasadena Junior College. He was a great athlete and played many sports. He played football, basketball, track, and of course baseball. He left school in 1941, worked as an athletic director and played semiprofessional football for the Honolulu Bears before being drafted to the Army in 1942. While he was in the army he became close friends with Joe Louis. The heavyweight used his popularity to protest about the delayed entry of black soldiers. Two years later he got the honor to be second lieutenant in 1943. After an accident where he refused to sit in the back of an unsegregated bus, military police arrested Robinson. A duty officer requested this and then later he requested that Jackie should be court martialed. Since this happened Jackie was not allowed to be deployed overseas to the World War II. He never saw combat during the war. Jackie left the Army with an honorable discharge.

Jackie Robinson and the Civil Rights Movement

To the average person, in the average American community, Jackie Robinson was just what the sports pages said he was, no more, no less. He was the first Negro to play baseball in the major leagues. Everybody knew that, but to see the real Jackie Robinson, you must de-emphasize him as a ball player and emphasize him as a civil rights leader. That part drops out, that which people forget. From his early army days, until well after his baseball days, Robinson had fought to achieve equality among whites and blacks. "Jackie acted out the philosophy of nonviolence of Martin Luther King Jr., before the future civil rights leader had thought of applying it to the problem of segregation in America"(Weidhorn 93). Robinson was an avid member of the NAACP and helped recruit members because of his fame from baseball. Jackie had leadership qualities and the courage to fight for his beliefs. Unwilling to accept the racism he had run into all his life, he had a strong need to be accepted at his true worth as a first-class citizen. Robinson was someone who would work for a cause - that of blacks and of America - as well as for himself and his team.

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he soared in the game of baseball, and is in the hall of fame. His legacy lives on in many Americans hearts and in baseball. A strong man on and off the field. A courageous man to break down the color barrier, and to continue it after his days in sports were over. Fearless in a way he would never give up on baseball or his passion to see African Americans to succeed, in a time where blacks were pushed from away from prosperity and success. The owner of the dodgers Branch Rickey, also contributed to the movement. Without him much of how we see the history, and baseball today might not be the same. He chose Jackie and started an uprising in blacks in baseball. The name Jackie Robinson won’t be soon forgotten, and he marks a big change to American history. Fighting for the game of baseball, and fighting for what he believed

His middle name was chosen after Teddy Roosevelt because of his public opposition to racism. He had four brothers and sisters (Rampersad 15). As an infant Jackie Robinson’s father left him and his brothers and sisters. He would later try and return but Mallie, Jackie’s mother, had already moved on and wanted nothing to do with him. Mallie was eager to leave things behind so she moved. Robinson and his family moved to Pasadena, California (Rampersad 18). After two years she was able to collect enough money to move to a new house on Pepper Street which was an all-white neighborhood. Later on in his life Robinson went to The University of California, Los Angeles (Johnson 480). While at UCLA Robinson became the first person to letter in four different sports. It was also at UCLA where he met Rachel Isun, who would play a major role in his life. In 1941

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Jackie Robinson was very athletic. He played four different sports and excelled in all four of them. The four sports Jackie R...

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...obinson he made an impact on a lot of people’s life’s in that time. He showed that the color of your skin does not define what you can do in life. He made the path for all African Americans who wanted to play in the Major Leagues. In the article “Jackie Robinson: A Portrait in Courage” Richard Griffin states, “ I think the stress took 20 years off Jackie’s life, ‘he said, with a hint of sadness. ‘But I’ll tell you what. Jackie Robinson did more for all of us in his 53 years than any man who lived to 90 could ever do” (6). He was someone who risked it all to show the world that African Americans were equal when he could of turned Branch Rickey down the moment he asked him to join the Major Leagues. Jackie Robinson died in 1972 in October due to heart attack but his legacy will live on because there will be no other man like Jackie Robinson in Major League Baseball.

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He started with just playing his game and scoring lots of points for his team. This lead him to gain fans and eventually started signing autographs for little white boys, little white boys were running around wanting to be just like jackie when they were older, in other words, white boys wanted to be just like a black man when they were older. This was a huge milestone for the black race, for baseball and for the world. A scene from the movie that shows jackie overcoming his own racial fears is the scene where jackie didn't wanna shower with the team because he didn't wanna “make anyone uncomfortable”. Jackie eventually showered with his all white team.

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Particularly, Jackie Robinson is best known for being the first black baseball player in the Major Leagues. As an experiment, to have baseball a national sport, Jackie Robinson was chosen to be a baseball player. He stood ground as people threatened harm on him. Without the support on him, though, Robinson wouldn’t have made it.

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Jackie robinson role model essay.

First, Jackie became the first African American to play baseball in the MLB. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He played 2nd base and was a superstar. He went through many teams before the Dodgers noticed and the

A Brief Biography of Jackie Robinson

Robinson attended Pasadena Junior College after high school. That is where he continued his athletic career. He played on the football team, baseball team, and he broke school broad-jumping records. Most of Jackie's teammates were white. In 1938,

Promises To Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed America

Sharon Robinson wrote Promises to Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed America. Robinson published this book in 2004. “Sharon Robinson, daughter of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, is the author of several works of fiction and nonfiction” “Wikipedia 2017.” Sharon Robinson has written quite a few biographies about her father. In the biography, Promises to Keep, Robinson wrote about her father Jackie, it shows how much one person's actions could change America.

Jackie Robinson : Breaking The Color Barriers

Why is Jackie Robinson one of the most iconic people in history? Because Robinson defied segregation by playing Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1945 to 1956 (Wise 2). He bravely fought for many years to play as an African-American player without giving up; despite all the hurdles he had to jump, Robinson silently overcame the obstacles that they handed to him with quiet dignity (Henninger 7). As a result, Robinson well represented the African-American community in professional sports, and in so doing, he helped inspire others in the Civil Rights Movement. Robinson was the start to ending the color barrier.

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Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the MLB. Back then many people's point of view about African Americans was that they had some things, but the things should be worse than what the things white people had, and because of that he was proud yet uneasy because he would get a lot of hate for playing, and he did. The thing is he didn’t only get hate, but he also got threats against him and his family to physically harm him,“The hate mail piled up. There were threats against me and my family and even out-and-out attempts at physical harm to me.” Being in the MLB was hard and he could’ve given up, but he didn’t. Jackie Robinson stayed strong and he changed our point of view about African Americans not doing things that only white people could do and he helped our country change for the better

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First of all, Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player in the major leagues, setting an example so others could follow, integrating baseball forever. When he joined the major leagues, he “smashed the unwritten law that kept blacks out of the big leagues.”(Robinson) When he joined the Dodgers, he faced verbal and physical threats, angry and racist fans. Even with all these people hating him, he worked hard to be the best player he could be, not another NLB player. Robinson later said that Mr.Ricky “Chosen me as the person to lead the way.” When Jackie heard this, he responded by ignoring the bad things and focusing on the good things and people who gave him support.”I had become the first black player in the major leagues.”(Robinson) This shows that Jackie

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The legacy of Jackie Robinson goes beyond the April 15, 1947 afternoon at Ebbets Field, when the Brooklyn Dodger infielder became the first black in the 20th century to play baseball in the major leagues. He changed the sport, and he changed the attitude of a lot of people in this country, Jackie Robinson fought for all the people that were fortunate, a lot of them are, especially the minority guys, to be able to play in the major leagues and the impact on the people of color today.

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Brave, courageous, daring, bold, these all describe the baseball legend Jackie Robinson. Jackie was the first African American major league baseball player. (Jackie Robinson official website) Things were not always easy but he had many supporters and motivators to keep him going.( Britannica encyclopedia) Since Jackie never gave up through all of the harsh comments and criticism as he carried on being the first African American baseball player, African Americans are now allowed to play in the major leagues and all around the world.

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On April 15,1947 Jackie Roosevelt Robinson broke the color barrier. When he stepped out on to Ebbets Field everyone didn't think he could last long. Jackie was born in Cairo Georgia on January 31,1919, he was the youngest out of five children. He attended John Muir High School. He continued his education at the University Of California, where he became the university’s first student to win four varsity letters in all different sports. In 1941, he was forced to leave UCLA because of financial hardship. Jackie played baseball, football, basketball and was on the track team. From 1942 to 1944, Jackie served as a

Jackie Robinson And The American Dilemma

Jackie Robinson brought baseball fans of all races together and it improved race relations because even though their was still hatred, white people were getting eased into racial integration since Jackie Robinson was laying the foundations of civil rights. Robinson was loved by many and hated by plenty, every game he played he packed the stands whether it be fans who are cheering for him or booing him. According to the biography by Wilson “Many fans came out to cheer Robinson, and a lot came out to boo him but both groups bought tickets” (75). He performed so well on the baseball field that the fans would lose sight of his color, and the stands were predominantly white so he was doing so well with a very unsupportive fan base. In the biography

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To the average person, in the average American community, Jackie Robinson was just what the sports pages said he was, no more, no less. He was the first Negro to play baseball in the major leagues. Everybody knew that, but to see the real Jackie Robinson, you must de-emphasize him as a ball player and emphasize him as a civil rights leader. That part drops out, that which people forget. From his early army days, until well after his baseball days, Robinson had fought to achieve equality among whites and blacks. "Jackie acted out the philosophy of nonviolence of Martin Luther King Jr., before the future civil rights leader had thought of applying it to the problem of segregation in America"(Weidhorn 93). Robinson was an avid

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Jackie was a phenomenal athlete for young kids to look up to. After the start of World War II he served in the military from 1942 to 1944. After the war he returned to his love for baseball, playing in the Black major leagues. He was chosen by Branch Rickey, vice president of the Brooklyn dodgers, to help integrate the Major Leagues. Rickey hated segregation just as much as Robinson and wanted to change things “Rickey had once seen a Black college player turned away from a hotel… Rickey never forgot seeing this player crying because he was denied a place to lay his weary head just because of the color of his skin” (Mackenzie). He was finally able to do something about segregation and help change baseball and the United States for the better. It wasn’t that all the teams were racist and didn’t want a black player but when the major league teams had an away game they would rent out the stadium to the black teams for them to play at. And the executives of teams didn’t want to loose the money that they were making off of the black teams. “League owners would lose significant rental revenue” (“Breaking”). He soon signed with the all-white Montreal Royals a farm team for the Dodgers. Robinson had an outstanding start with the Royals, “leading the International League with a .349 batting average and .985 fielding percentage” (Robinson). After Robinson’s outstanding year he was promoted to the Dodgers he played his first game on

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“Without a doubt Jackie suffered more abuse and more hatred than any other player in the history of the game and had good sportsmanship and complimented a young white boy from Oakland”(Wong 153). Even though tough times where rolling around for Jackie. Staying humble when little baseball fans came around spoke a lot about a person true character. “When Jackie was signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers, Pee Wee Reese’s teammates made an effort to sign a petition to be traded than play alongside a black man”(Wong 274). It goes to show that growing up in segregation mixed with a bunch of racist installed wrong morals in little boys which carry out into adulthood. “More than a decade before Martin Luther King’s development for nonviolent protest techniques for the southern racism Ricky was trying the tactic on Jackie”(Glasser 6). Ricky was reteaching Robinson how to react when violence was thrown at him in every which way. Even the battles that Robinson did not know about where being handle in a good manner. “Jackie performance under unimaginable pressure was true one of the greatest athletic triumphs, if not the greatest in American history”(Glasser 8). Words can not put into say what a young black man had to face to play baseball with rowdy, snobby white man that dominated the game. “In the first 37 games Robinson was hit by the pitchers six times, no player in the history

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First, Jackie Robinson served as a second lieutenant in world war 2(. He was attending UCLA when he was drafted into the united states army. While training for the us army he met joe louis a former heavyweight boxing weight champion, they them became friends and were stationed in fort Riley, Kansas. After their ocs (officer candidate school) Robinson was transferred to Fort Hood, Texas, where he joined the 761st “black panthers” tank battalion. During his time at Fort Hood, he visited Sam Huston College in Austin, Texas.

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The Jackie Robinson text also states, “... first Major League baseball player to break the color barrier since 1880” (McBirney 9). This is an example of what you can do when you ignore the hate. Another example is, “The racism from other teams only united the Dodgers, however, and the team grew more accepting of him” (McBirney 11). The team most likely grew accepting of him because of the amazing things he’s done. He could be looked at as a role model for anybody playing sports. Not only did he play well, but he didn’t care what other teams said when they had to play his team. Not many teams actually wanted to go against him, and even his own team didn’t want to play at the same time as him. Despite this, Robinson tried harder and played

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