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221 Interesting Thesis Topics for IT Students

it thesis topics

Did you know that one of the most important parts of writing your dissertation is finding the best topic possible? You are probably having serious problems finding a topic for your thesis. After all, the thesis topics IT students are looking for are pretty rare. The reality is that in the IT field, most topics have already been written about. There are few things left to write it seems. Well, things are a bit different. We are here to assure you that you can find thesis topics for IT students. Also, we want to assure you that it is not at all difficult to find an interesting topic that you can write an engaging paper about. We will provide you with 21 such topics shortly. College students can use our topics for free; we are very happy to help!

Writing Your Thesis and Looking for Dissertation Topics?

  • Why Thesis Topics for IT Students Are Important?
  • Fresh Dissertation Topics for You

Best IT Thesis Topics in Artificial intelligence

Exceptional it thesis topics in computer science and engineering, refreshing it thesis topics in communication and media, top it thesis topics on food technology, thoughtful it thesis topics on technology and human identity, top it thesis topics on pharmaceutical technologies, it thesis topic ideas on energy power technologies, it thesis topics on medical devices and diagnostics, it thesis topics on biotechnology, more interesting it thesis topics for you, need more it dissertation topics.

As you are probably already aware, the IT field is advancing rapidly. Advancements are made almost daily in technology, including information technology. This is why so many students are looking for fresh 2022 dissertation topics. They want to write about the latest technologies and the latest gadgets. Of course, one can go online and find various 2022 thesis topics IT students would find impressive. You will probably find some that are relatively decent. But be aware that the evaluation committee will most certainly not be impressed by decent topics. They want something new. They want something that can pique their interest. They want to LEARN something from you. And they want to award you with some bonus points. Why not take them?

Why Thesis Topics for IT Students Are Important

Did you ever wonder why so many people dedicate so much time to finding a great topic? Probably not. Let’s shed some light on this. College students are looking for IT dissertation topics because they want bonus points. The topic is the first thing the evaluation committee sees. It is the most important part of your paper. As such, it must be interesting, engaging, and also helpful. It must show that you have put in the effort to write the dissertation. Awe the admission committee and you will surely get bonus points. Even if your dissertation is not the best, you will still get a good score if the topic you choose is exceptional. But engaging IT dissertation topics are difficult to come by. Most of your classmates have already picked the simple ones. But you are not like the rest of your class, are you? You want to be original and you want to make a lasting impression on the professors. This is why you need to take a look at our fresh dissertation topics.

21 Fresh Dissertation Topics for You (Absolutely Free)

Without further ado, here are the 21 thesis topics for IT students that we think are the most interesting and engaging:

  • Conducting virtual business in the era of 3D Internet – the business of the future
  • Analyzing e-tourism services in the UK: Factors that Influence Customer Satisfaction
  • Mobile government applications and their benefits
  • Producing believable emotions using AI systems for e-commerce
  • The future of YouTube and multimedia distribution platforms
  • Analyzing the impact of media technology on child development throughout the school
  • Integrating an ERP system with a cloud service
  • Developing a tool to analyze keystrokes and use the data for password security
  • Analyzing critical vulnerabilities of the Android mobile operating system
  • Analyzing the impact of e-publishing on libraries (one of the best thesis topics for IT students)
  • In-depth analysis of the fault-recovery and redundancy in modern 4G mobile networks
  • The impact of full-text databases on Google as a search engine
  • Creating software capable of reading human emotions using a webcam
  • How effective is face recognition as a security measure?
  • Analyzing critical security vulnerabilities in IT systems used at the government level
  • Does curbing software piracy in developing countries have any negative results?
  • Using BitTorrent systems for faster multimedia delivery and playback
  • How safe are whistleblowers operating on the Dark Web? (one of the thesis topics IT students are usually reluctant to write about)
  • Building a Dark Web crawler that indexes onion sites based on specific criteria
  • Creating a modern Tetris game in C# using OpenGL
  • The advantages brought by mobile working to IBM and its employees

If you want to write a relevant research topic, consider writing about Artificial intelligence topics (AI). AI is a relevant phenomenon, and here is a look at some ideas of artificial intelligence that you should look into.

  • Is deep learning an effective way of dealing with deep learning?
  • How do artificial neural networks affect deep learning?
  • Discuss the areas of life machine learning that are most influential.
  • Ways to select the best algorithm for machine learning.
  • How does NASA use robotics?
  • Discuss the process of using natural languages to create a unique language.
  • How does artificial intelligence affect computer vision?
  • Compare and contrast the effects of supervised vs. unsupervised machine learning.
  • The effects of reinforcement machine learning algorithms.
  • Model-based vs. Model-free reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • Deep learning as a subject of machine learning.
  • Comparison between single vs. Multi-agent reinforcement learning.
  • Ways that the social robots interact with the humans
  • How do chatbots aid in the natural language processing system?
  • Five ways of computer vision application.
  • What is the recommended systems approach?
  • What is the interconnection of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence?
  • What amount of data is generated by the Internet of things devices?
  • Compare and contrast content-based recommendation vs. collaborative filtering.
  • What makes the collaborative filtering system stand out?

Computer science and engineering combine two different yet interconnected worlds of machines. The use of computer science uses the computer’s brain. It is, in most cases, used to include areas of studies like programming language and algorithms. Here is a list of research topics in computer science and engineering that you can use.

  • In what ways is the virtual and human perception connected?
  • What is the future of computer science-assisted education?
  • What are computer science and high-dimensional data modeling?
  • The imperative vs. declarative languages.
  • Explain the use of blockchain and AI algorithmic regulations.
  • How has blockchain technology impacted the banking industry?
  • In what way does machine architecture use to affect the efficiency of code?
  • What are the languages of parallel computing?
  • Explain the way that mesh generation is used for computational domains.
  • The cyber-physical optimization vs. the sensor networks.
  • Explain the development of computer graphics in a photorealistic rendering case.
  • What are game theory and network economics?
  • What are the most effective cryptographic protocols?
  • An overview of the software security types.
  • It is possible to eliminate phishing.
  • Floating point and programming language
  • In what ways is the mesh generation used for computational domains?
  • How to get the persistent data structure optimization
  • In what ways does computer thinking affect science?

One of the first areas that technology affected was communication. With technology, media is used for social interactions, business development, and educational purposes. Here are exciting ideas to use when researching your IT thesis paper.

  • What is the impact of ethics on communication?
  • How the development of communication through the computer has evolved in the past decade.
  • In what ways has social media impacted communication?
  • What role do media play during a disaster? Does it increase panic or help in reducing it?
  • Compare and construct the authority’s media presence in different countries.
  • Will people start preferring newspapers to new media again?
  • In what ways has the Internet changed media?
  • Discuss communication networks.
  • What impact do social media have on super bowl ads?
  • What are the new content marketing ideas?
  • What is the impact of media exposure on adolescents?
  • In what ways do people use hype in the media?
  • Discuss the media and freedom of speech.
  • Is it possible for people to build trustful relationships in virtual communication?
  • What measures can you put to maintain privacy on social media?
  • In what ways have computers changed interpersonal communications?
  • What is yellow journalism in new media?
  • In what ways do enterprises use ICT to get a competitive advantage?
  • Is it possible to live without mass media?
  • What are the impacts of mass media and morality in the 21st century?

If you are searching for a qualitative research topic about technology in the food industry, here is a list of ideas you can use.

  • What are the machines used in the food industry?
  • In what ways do robots improve safety in butcheries?
  • 3D printing and the food industry.
  • Is 3D printing the best solution to offer people with swallowing disorders?
  • About drones and precision agriculture.
  • In what ways does robotics help in creating eco-friendly food packages?
  • Is micro packaging the future?
  • Research on the development of edible cling film.
  • The solution that technology has to food waste.
  • How do preservatives and additives impact the human gut microbiome?
  • Physicochemical levels the effect of citric acid on orange juice.
  • Compare and contrast vegetable oil in mass production.
  • Time-temperature indicators and food industry.
  • Farming: hydroponic vs. conventional farming.
  • How is food safety a policy issue in agriculture today?
  • Ways you can use to limit the detection of parasites in food.
  • How is the baking industry evolving?
  • How technology is used to eliminate byproducts in edible oils production
  • About cold plasma and biofilm.
  • Ways to extract good antioxidant peptides are extracted from plants.

The ethical issues surrounding the enhancement technology are intertwined with the questions of human identity and the proper trajectory of human life. Here is a list of thesis ideas you can use in your research.

  • Does technology make human life worth living than animal life?
  • The dignity of human life concerning technology explained?
  • In what ways should humans be observed in informational technology?
  • Should tech and scientific investigations on humans have a limit?
  • What is the importance of DNA information in forming our identity?
  • Is Ancestry DNA testing important?
  • Explain multi-racial identification.
  • Can scientific investigations tell us what self-care is?
  • In what ways will virtual reality technology change us?
  • Should there be a limit on the research in virtual reality? The possibility of virtual reality being the future.
  • What are the benefits of using virtual reality technologies?
  • What is the importance of finding alternative treatments for mental illness other than drugs?
  • Has the increase in technology affected the rise of mental illness?
  • Ways technology can be used to control addiction.
  • Pros and cons of using technology to control brains.
  • 7 social dangers of the brain controlling technology.
  • Does science dictate who we are?
  • What has led to the increase in mental illness among tech enthusiasts?
  • Can tech-related mental illness be cured?
  • What is the relationship between technology and drug addiction?

Companies are using technology to search for ways they can use it to reduce costs and boost effectiveness by doing pharmaceutical technology research. Impress your lecturer by choosing one of the research topics discussed below

  • What is the effectiveness of medical therapy management?
  • Explain how prior electronic authorization is a pharmacy technology trend.
  • Explain the medical therapy management and the health information exchanges.
  • How can electronic prescribing reduce the possibility of drug abuse issues?
  • Ways that pharmacists help with meaningful tech use.
  • Discuss various pharmaceutical technologies.
  • Pharmaceutical technology research.
  • What are specialty medications?
  • Vaccines for AIDS: can it be developed?
  • Ways that the prescription drug monitoring program works.
  • How do specialty pharmacies use NCPDP?
  • Why are patients interested in real-time pharmacy?
  • Phenotypic screening research.
  • Impact of ERP with pharmaceutical company’s analytics.
  • Pharmaceutical technologies: data security.
  • About DNA-encoded library technology.
  • Pro and cons antibiotics vs. superbugs.
  • How does the body-on-a-chip approach be used for personalized medicines?
  • Modern cannabidiol medicine and pain management.
  • What is the future of cannabidiol medicine?

It is not possible to have a technology process without energy. That is the reason that scientists are always looking for ways they can improve energy power technologies. So, if you are looking for thesis topics you can use to impress your lecturer, here is a list of power technology research you can use.

  • Ways that fuel cells can be used for the generation of stationary power.
  • Compare the energy density of lithium-ions and lithium-air batteries.
  • Gasoline vs. Lithium-air batteries.
  • The pros and cons of renewable energy use.
  • How does the UAE use nuclear power?
  • Research on India power installation.
  • Increase in gas prices and alternative energy sources.
  • How can hydrogen energy be used to transform the methods or energy?
  • Is hydrogen energy the future?
  • About the thermal storage and AC systems.
  • In what ways can you use load balance using a smart grid?
  • How can distributed energy generation optimize power waster?
  • Is the smart energy network a solution to climate change?
  • What is the future of tidal power?
  • What is the possibility of 3D printing micro stirring engines?
  • In what ways can robots be used to adjust the solar panel weather?
  • Explain advanced biofuel and algae.
  • In what ways can photovoltaic glass be fully transparent?
  • Compare the different third-generation biofuels.
  • Is space-based solar power a myth or the reality of the future?

The innovation of medicine and technology helps to improve life expectancy. If you feel that saving lives is your purpose, here are some thesis topics you can use in your research paper.

  • The effects of robotic surgeries.
  • Explain defibrillator & cardiac resynchronization therapy.
  • How smart can inhalers be used as a new solution to asthma treatment?
  • Genetic counseling: ways of preventing diseases.
  • What are the benefits of electronic medical records?
  • How is Erythrocytapheresis used to treat sickle cell disease?
  • The reason that drug-eluting stents fail.
  • An overview of the dissolved brain sensors.
  • What are the benefits of 3D printing for medical purposes?
  • How soon will it be possible to create an artificial organ?
  • Research on wearable technologies in health care.
  • Precision medication based on genetics.
  • The importance of using virtual medicine devices for educational purposes.
  • Research on the development of telemedicine.
  • How is technology impacting cancer treatment?
  • Is genome editing safe?
  • How is the electronic diagnosis tool evolving?
  • Brain-machine interface, the future.
  • How does the use of wireless communication help medical professionals in hospitals?
  • Ten ways wearable technology impacts the medical industry.

The development of biotechnology allows people to cure diseases and help with new machines. Here are some ideas of interesting topics you can use for your biotechnology thesis research.

  • Ten impacts of biotechnology in farming.
  • How does biotechnology lead to a self-sufficient protein supply?
  • Evapotranspiration vs. Evaporation.
  • DNA cloning and a Southern blot.
  • How are personalized drugs made?
  • What is pharmacogenetics?
  • Is cloning playing God?
  • How is pharmacogenetics used to get cancer medicines?
  • Is it possible to control our genetics?
  • How much genetic control do humans have?
  • Based on genetics, at what point do we cease to be human?
  • Research on bioethics and stem cells.
  • Definition of genetic engineering.
  • Gene therapy and genetic engineering.
  • Ten benefits and risks of genetic engineering.
  • How does plant genetic enhancement help preserve scarce plants?
  • South Africa Y-chromosome genotyping.
  • Ways technology is used in the creation of new vaccines.
  • How does Nanotechnology help in treating HIV?
  • An overview of Genes in heavy metal tolerance.

Your IT thesis does not have to be boring. Here is a list of interesting thesis topics that will impress your lecturer.

  • Ways that you can eliminate heat-resistant microorganisms with ultraviolet light.
  • In what ways can pesticides be used to diagnose cancer?
  • How can the smeller nuclear reactors be more efficient?
  • An overview of renewable energy technologies.
  • Explain electronic use in the food industry and agriculture.
  • The harm of polyphenols in food.
  • Hope for anticancer nanomedicine.
  • Does increasing military technology make use safe?
  • What is the importance of military research?
  • In what ways can technology be used to gauge intelligence?
  • In what ways is Google search changing us?
  • Blogs vs. books.
  • How is teaching IT research skills important today?
  • Should parents and schools encourage or discourage social media?
  • Does Google affect the attention span of young people? What is the borderline in hardware and software cloud computing?
  • What will be the impact when everything moves to the cloud?
  • How will virtual reality change education?
  • If the computer takes over most of our tasks, what will humans do?
  • What will computer language be important in the future?
  • What are the benefits of robots in health care?

Of course, there are dozens of other thesis topics on which students could write a paper. Some companies specialize in providing college students with entire lists of topics on a specific subject. You just need to contact an online academic writing company and tell its writers what you need. These people have extensive experience in the IT industry and have probably written dozens of dissertations. They can help you with more dissertation topics. And the best part is that some of these online services are quite affordable. An exceptional topic is worth the money – guaranteed!

Are you stuck with writing your thesis? Just enter promo “ mythesis ” – that’s all you need to get a 20% discount for any IT writing assignment you might have!

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Best Thesis Proposal for IT Students 2023

This article about Best Thesis Proposal for IT Students updated for 2023  would a big help for those students who are currently taking up a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology , Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information System or any Computer related course.

The students must undergo research , DBMS mini project,  Thesis, or Capstone Project . In this case, students should experience how to formulate the Best Thesis Proposal .

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There are always instances in that students need to think. For example, what would be their thesis proposal ?

What would be the Best Project Topics for Computer Science Student? . 

Also, they need to consider their capacity in doing the actual programming.

By the way, I also have here some list of Best PHP Projects with source code ,  Python Projects with source ,  Django Projects with Source code ,  C/C++ programming projects with source code ,  Java Projects With Source Code ,  Javascript Projects With Source Code , and  VB.Net Projects with Source Code  which I believe after finding your Final Year Project Title, you need to find a Sample projects with source code.

List of Best Thesis Proposal for IT students 2023

After formulating the Best Thesis Title, I suggest you better do an advanced study.

Recommended Topics for doing a Thesis or Capstone Document:

How to Make An Effective Thesis or Capstone Document

Writing A Good Research Title For Thesis or Capstone Project

Chapter 1(Research Description) Capstone Project Guidelines and Sample

Chapter 2 in Thesis Writing for IT/CS Students (with Sample)

17 thoughts on “Best Thesis Proposal for IT Students 2023”

Hello, good morning, i need your help guys. Can you suggest any thesis title? Thank you in advance.

Hi my name is judy ann I’m a thirdyear i.t students i’m going to ask a description and flowchart about salon system. Can u give me your idea

hi admin! I need help for my thesis about augmented reality

hope you can help me with this my email [email protected]

Hello.. Po may i request for best title for my Thesis Plsss.. Help me I dont what to do

hi po pasuggest naman po ng hardware thesis title 🙂 salamat po

hello, can you help me for thesis title that uses hardware with software with limited coding code

hello po suggestion for best thesis please ..it’s all about mobile application. thankyou

hello po. suggestion for best thesis please ..it’s all about mobile application. thankyou

Hello admin, good day, can i have a source code of a web-based tracking system.? Or else if there is an available Document tracking system applying any algorithm. . I will use it as my reference sir. Thank you. . Can contact or send it to [email protected] .

Thank you for this suggestion admin, i am interested of the Android-Based Class Attendance Monitoring Application using Barcode, can i have the course code for this application? thank you and God bless. can send my on my gmail account [email protected]

hello sir Help me with Thesis for School Management System

Hello, good morning, Can you suggest any thesis title? Thank you in advance.

Hello guys! Can anyone suggest for a project title proposal for IT like Education Sector, Agriculture, Business, Government

good evening admin …any suggestion tutle proposal which mobile application

Hello admin can i have a code for e-learning system thank you and more power. Here is my e mail account [email protected]

Hii sir can I ask about thesis title about system thank you sir😊

hai po can I ask about Tittle system can you please help me🙂

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Example of Thesis Title Proposal For IT/CS Students

If you are looking for example of thesis title proposal for it/cs then you are at the right place. for those it/cs students who found difficulties to decide their thesis title that you're gonna create i post this to help you to decide. below is the list of thesis title proposal..

If you are looking for an  Example of a Thesis Title Proposal For IT/CS,   then you are at the right place. For those IT/CS students who found difficulties deciding the thesis title that you're going to create, I am posting this to help you determine. Below is the list of thesis title proposals.

List of Thesis Proposals for IT/CS

  • Motorcycle Tracking with GPS using Android
  • Mobile Educational Application for Elementary Students using Android
  • Class Time Table in Android
  • Online Grade Inquiry
  • Online Grading System
  • Airline Reservation System
  • Video Library Management System
  • Internet Cafe System
  • Billing System
  • Electronic Police Clearance System
  • Salon System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Online billing system
  • Online membership and billing system
  • Online class scheduling system
  • Online POS(Point of Sale)
  • Online inventory system 
  • Online payroll system
  • Online ordering system
  • Online bidding system
  • Voting system
  • Online voting system
  • Online shopping cart
  • Medical records system
  • Client server-based guidance system
  • On-line courseware
  • Payroll system
  • Hotel reservation system
  • Hotel management system
  • Online hotel reservation system
  • Online public access catalog
  • Library system
  • Record management system
  • Supply inventory system
  • E-learning system
  • Social networking
  • Hospital system
  • E-voting system
  • Online management system
  • Online Lot Reservation
  • Online Product Reservation System
  • Android-Based Class Attendance Monitoring Application using Barcode
  • Lending Management system
  • Veterinary Clinic and Pet Shop Management System
  • Android Joystick Application using Bluetooth
  • Mobile Point-Of-Sale Application with SMS Notification
  • Group Messenger Application using Android
  • Medicine Inventory and Patient Information system
  • Resort Management System
  • Mobile Reservation for Banquet Halls
  • E-Learning System
  • E-Voting System with SMS technology
  • On Route Travel Assistant for Public Transport Based on Android Technology
  • Camera-Based Heart Rate Detector using Android
  • Mobile Health Tips using Android
  • Video Rental Application on Android
  • Quiz Application using Android
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Mobile Pharmacy Application on Android
  • Geographic Information System with Flood-Prone Locations
  • RFID-Based Student Monitoring System
  • Home Appliances controlled by Android Smartphone
  • Intelligent Traveler Locator using Google Map Application
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Android Mobile (CoE/CpE/IT/CS)
  • Touch-Screen Based Point-Of-Sale System (POS)
  • Sales and Inventory Monitoring System with SMS
  • Weather Forecast Application using Android
  • Cemetery Mapping and Information System
  • Exploring AI Technologies and Their Impact on Business Software Development
  • Evaluating Security Protocols in Cloud Computing Applications
  • Developing an Adaptive System to Detect Malicious Network Activities
  • Investigating the Effects of IoT on Smart Building Operations
  • Investigating Machine Learning Techniques for Automated Image Processing
  • Exploring Natural Language Processing for Text Analytics
  • Utilizing Deep Learning to Develop Advanced Chatbot Applications
  • Creating AI-Powered Autonomous Systems for Automated Decision Making
  • Analyzing the Impact of AI on Business Software Development Processes
  • Investigating the Use of Blockchain Technology in AI Solutions
  • Developing Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Predictive Analytics
  • Exploring the Use of AI for Knowledge Management Solutions
  • Analyzing the Benefits and Challenges of Using AI in Business Software Development.
  • Identifying Best Practices for Developing and Deploying AI-Powered Solutions.
  • Researching New Technologies to Improve Business Software Development Processes.
  • Developing Strategies to Mitigate the Risks Associated with AI Technologies in Business Software Development.
  • Exploring Innovative Approaches for Designing Secure AI Systems for Business Use.

I hope the above list can help you guys with your Thesis proposal using a different programming language. It's all up to you whatever you want programming languages to use. I want to acknowledge the users below:   argie  and  Tobermory , for posting the List of Thesis Titles for IT students . Share us your thoughts and comments below. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this blog post. For more updates, don’t hesitate to visit this website more often. Please share this with your friends or email me at [email protected]

Practice Coding.

Thank you very much.

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  • Aimee Booth , Notes on Fine Line : A Reading of Camp in Harry Styles’ Album
  • Bella Bote , Cultivating Empire: Botany and the Designs of William Morris
  • Alina Bulazel , “The Greatest Monstrosity in America:” The Eisenhower Executive Office Building
  • Carolina Conzelman , Light and Spirituality in James Turrell’s Roden Crater
  • Grace Halligan , Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair: From Bauhaus to Pinterest
  • Ivy Huang , Art on Art? Defining Reflexivity in Conceptual Art
  • Sophia Lewis , Optical Vibrations: Jesus Rafael Soto’s Jai Alai Series
  • Lydia McGinn , Anatomy as Ideology: Vaginal Hell Mouths in Medieval Christian Europe
  • Jane Taylor , Defining “American:” A Historiography of American Art History
  • Emily Walker , Le Danse Macabre: Changing Medieval Views of the Care and Death of Children
  • P iper Williams , Molding Domesticity: Valentine Schlegel’s Plaster Cheminées
  • J esus Valdez ’23 , Learning with Manga: Japanese Honorific Speech
  • Eva Abel , Synthesis of BRD9876 Analogs for Multiple Myeloma treatment
  • Joel Adade , Functionalization of Novel Pyridinium Salt using a Photoredox Catalysis Approach
  • SJ Bennett , Exploring CENP-C’s Interactions with Other Kinetochore Proteins in Zea Mays by Building a Custom Kinetochore Database Using Several Model Systems.
  • RJ Corba , Why Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Predicts Amyloidosis
  • Addie Dumm , (Im)Perfectly Palindromic: The Role of DNA Palindromes in Regulating Gene Expression
  • Kate Jankowski , Investigating Glycogen Dynamics in Tetrahymena thermophile
  • Crystal Lin , Investigating the Role of CwlD-GerS Complex in Clostridioides Difficile Peptidoglycan Spore Formation
  • Shelby McVey , Rebuilding Ab10 Meiotic Drive System from Model Organism Zea Mays in Budding Yeast
  • Jillian Rhodes , SleB & CwlJ: Protein Expression and Germination of Bacillus Spores in vitro
  • Makayla Spicer , Chemical Analysis of North American Propolis and its Anti- parasitic Affects of Nosema ceranae
  • Maurice Tang , Fe(II)- and 2OG-dependent oxygenases in Pantocin A Biosynthesis
  • CW Welch , The Effects of Oxygen Conditions following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Drosophila
  • Yunxiao Zheng , Reversing the Hostile Relationship: Testing the effect of light on secondary chemicals of Rhamnus cathartica and Lonicera maackii for potential
  • Kiana Arcayena , Occurrence and distribution of invasive jumping worms on the Hamilton College campus
  • Eleanor Arnold and Elliott Tirbaso , Understanding the role of p38MAPK in anoxic tolerant Trachemys scripta
  • Lea Barros , Rebuilding Zea mays Ab10 meiotic drive system in budding yeast using the Trkin kinesin
  • Alexa Bosco , Selective enrichment of extracellular electron shuttle producing bacteria via a novel loop-flow incubator
  • Kendall Boxe , Traumatic brain injury and the role of Draper
  • Jeffrey Bush , The response of American Crow white blood cells to infectious disease
  • Isaiah Covert , A feasibility study for population studies of invertebrates from turloughs, ephemeral lakes in the west of Ireland
  • Annie Danielson , Associations between personality and disease in American crows
  • Ellie Demaree , Testing the role of transcription factor binding sites as pioneer factor binding sites
  • Maia Disbrow , Limitations of human facial recognition in American crows
  • Erin Ebert , Putting more keyhole limpets on the map: phylogeny and biogeography of Indo-Pacific specimens of the genus Diodora ( Gastropoda, Fissurellidae )
  • Nicholas Fabrizio , Sulfur-organomineralization in sulfur-oxidizing biofilms of Green Lake
  • Sophia Ficarro , Mapping genealogy in Saunders’ peonies through genomic markers
  • Catherine Gambino , Distribution and Invasion Patterns of Amynthas species and Their Effects on Soil Chemistry in Hamilton College's Temperate Forests
  • Aliaksandr Halouchenka , Seed Predation within Bison Wallows at a Restored Tallgrass Prairie
  • Rebecca Ingber , An investigation of how the chromosomal passenger complex and RanGTP effect meiotic spindle fiber assembly in Zea mays
  • Samantha Kapphahn , The effects of oxygen conditions on recovery following mild traumatic brain injury in Drosophila
  • Francesca Lanni , The effect of capsaicin coatings on seed predation of Fagus grandifolia
  • Michael LaPorte , Deer herbivory as a biotic filter for climate-driven range shifts of northeastern tree species
  • Karen Liu , Expression of enzymes involved in the glyoxalate cycle, glycogenolysis, and glycogen synthesis pathways in Tetrahymena thermophila
  • Jacob Losardo and Alexandra Marenco , The effects of Akti-1/2 in the anoxic brain of Trachemys scripta
  • Avery Lum , Effect of electrode potential on nanowire network formation in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 wild-type and FAD exporter deficient mutant strains
  • Gustave Mahler , Tri-trophic interactions and the impact of apex predator absence on reforestation
  • Dylan Morse , Invasive earthworms – a phylogeographic analysis of Amynthas spp. populations on the Hamilton College campus
  • Katherine Neilsen , Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination effects on oxidative stress of snapping turtles
  • Katie Novak , The impact of dose-dependent lead toxicity on oogenesis and fecundity in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Desiree Pico , Exploring carbon resource processing in Tetrahymena thermophila
  • Laura Radulescu , Investigating the role of MIS12 and identifying novel kinetochore proteins in Zea Mays
  • Krithika Ravishankar , Investigating the potential use of Cremophor to dissolve hydrophobic substances
  • Pablo Reina-Gonzalez , Examining the effects of lead (Pb) exposure on circadian rhythm and behavior in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Hector Rivera , Investigating the protein composition of food vacuoles in Tetrahymena thermophila using magnetic nanoparticles
  • Rebecca Rosen , Snowfall and soil temperature’s effects on plant growth in various habitats
  • Corey Rundquist , Isolation and analysis of electroactive microbial communities in meromictic Green Lake
  • Emnet Sisay , Investigation of Patient-Provider Communication and Relationships with Youth Sickle Cell Disease Patients
  • Elizabeth Storey , The effects of stress on cognition in the American Crow
  • Jane Taylor , The Hypocrite’s Oath: Cortisol-induced Epigenetic Changes as a Candidate for Disproportionate Rates of Hypertension in Black Americans
  • Christopher Victor , Extending the “Mozart Effect” by Assessing the Concentration of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in Hippocampal Tissue of Postnatal Rats
  • Madeleine Wallace , Effects of four pathogens on sickness behavior and cognition in wild American crows
  • Marjorie Wang , Functional dissection of the regulatory region of Orthodenticle in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Audrey Battiste , Progress Towards Metallopolymers as Active Materials in Redox Flow Batteries
  • Sami Brown , Fe(II)-2OG-dependent oxygenases in the biosynthesis of Pantocin A
  • Josephine Chong Foo Yuen , Norbornene-Based Polymer Coatings as Potential Metal-Capture Technique
  • Ben Grummon , Using Lanthanide Benzenetricarboxylate Salts to Produce Color-Tunable Luminescence
  • Nate Keyes , Generation of Tunable ROMP Polymers for Enhancement of CO2 Reduction Catalysis
  • Colin Lawler , Immobilized Ruthenium Electrocatalysts for OER
  • Tashi Lhamu , Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks as Luminescent Sensors
  • Kate Peinkoffer , Photochemistry of π-Extended Ruthenium Complexes for Use in Photodynamic Therapy
  • Heather Roeder , Environmentally Friendly Photocatalytic Radical Allylation Reactions
  • Jake Ryan and Caleb Phelan , Progress Towards a Total Synthesis of Marine Natural Product Pestaloxazine A
  • Gavin Schaefer-Hood , Synthesis of Cell-Penetrating Peptide/Photosisitizer Copolymers for Improving Cellular Uptake of Photodynamic Therapy Agents
  • Brady Slinger , Novel Radical Allylation Reactions using Morita-Baylis-Hillman Adducts
  • Allanah Wood , A Novel Photoredox-Catalyzed Radical Allylation Reaction Using 4CzIPN
  • Crystal Lin , Conflict Between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in China: The Case of the Nobel Laureate Tu Youyou
  • Tianzi Lin , Ip Man 2 (2010): The Making of a National Hero Through Film
  • Rachel Lu , Wage Laborers in a Capitalist Society: Fatalism and Morality in Lao She’s Rickshaw Boy
  • Corey Rundquist , Investigating the Discontinuation of Harmful Asian Stereotypes in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)
  • Joseph West , Analyzing the Relationship Between Hong Kong and Mainland China Through Made in Hong Kong (1996) and Ten Years (2015)
  • Maria Zapata , A Comparison of Teaching Methods between China and Great Britain: The Case of Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School (2015)
  • Yenesis Alvarez, Fight for Freedom (film)
  • Devin Mendelson , prepared a pre-performance text and slide show for the Chicago premiere of WE ARE HERE: Songs of the Holocaust
  • Maria Medina, It never ends, it never starts, I say goodbye in the dark and Better Soon (video poems)
  • Christopher Tolan , Characterization through Feminist Modernization of Costumes in Anne Washburn’s 10 out of 12 (PowerPoint presentation)
  • Myranda Tristant, Papo (film)

Classical Languages

  • Casey Brown , An Ancient Psychology Reader for the Intermediate-Level Student
  • Jacob Hane , Racialized Gender in Nonnus’ Dionysiaca
  • Caly Liss , Comparing Translations of Petronius’ Satyricon to Inform the Teaching of Ancient Mediterranean Sexuality
  • Kate Miller , Heroines and Harridans: Virago Figures in Roman Literature

Classical Studies

  • Kayley Boddy , An Anthropological Reconsideration of the Textual and Archaeological Evidence for Tattooing in the Ancient Mediterranean
  • Fred Romero ’23 , Coins of Oppression: The Role of Athenian Currency in the Formation of a United Greek Identity
  • Lucas Barusek , Ian Nduhiu , Carter Steckbeck , and Blake Wintermute , A System for Debugging the Foucault Pendulum
  • Will Bresnahan , Preston Comer , and Matthew Dioguardi , Automated Collection and Display of Weather Station Data
  • James Cho , Justin Marler , and Danny Noenickx , Engineering Tools for Economics Simulations
  • Jack Kaffenbarger , Griffin Perry , Kenny Talarico , Gwen Urbanczyk , and Adam Valencia , Objectively Measuring Name Pronunciation Difficulty
  • Josef Komissar , Maddy LaPoint , Quinn Voboril , and Miles Wyner , Semi-Automated Criteria Checking for Phi Beta Kappa
  • Rosario Alarcon , Between the Apartment Walls
  • Kayla Beardslee , Broken Record
  • Anna Botticello , The Sisterhood Trilogy
  • Eugene Ho , Unfortunate Gods
  • Matthew Jackmauh , Creative Writing Poetry Thesis
  • Eun Seo (Kat) Kim , Figure Undefined: A Personal Look at the Lesbian Vampire
  • Clare (Caly) Liss , Moss Trap
  • Andrew Little , Collected Stories
  • Nicholas Lyon , Grown Under Glass
  • Jahmali Matthews , Divine Bloodline of Mine
  • Devin Mendelson , Short Story Collection
  • Kimberly Ramirez , Collected Stories
  • Myranda Tristant , Razor Sharp
  • Connor Vincent , Foundations
  • Dave Yi , Collected Stories
  • Fabiola Alvarez , choreography, The Paradigm Shift
  • Jackson Bedward , (Inter)action
  • Lóri Fejes , The Danced Day
  • Kate Miller , Arachne
  • Toscana Ogihara , choreography, Discrete Junctures
  • Marjorie Wang , performance, Grand Pas de Deux fro m Le Corsaire

Honors presentations

  • James Argo , Institutional Endowments and Student Outcomes at Bachelor’s Colleges
  • Lucas Barusek , Does International Trade Increase Technology?
  • James Cho , The Effect of Minimum Wage on Crime through the Mechanism of Labor Force Participation
  • Dan Comey , Financial Literacy and the Global Financial Crisis: An Analysis of Elderly Americans
  • Jackson Davenport , The Effects of State Medical Marijuana Policies on Mental Health
  • Jenn Fleming , A Comparison of Speculative Asset Price Bubbles
  • Jack Habeeb , Payday Lending and Alternative Financial Services in an Age of Fintech
  • Lucy Hamann , The Great Recession’s Impact on College Graduate Earnings: Does Generation Status Matter?
  • Christopher Inkiow , The Impact of State Higher Education Funding Cuts During the Great Recession
  • Mukund Jayaram , The Impact of Nutrition Programs on Young Children’s Health in India
  • Carina Krusell , Kids Are Going Back to School After Covid-19, But Are Mothers Going Back to Work?
  • Taron Kui , Comparing the Performance of Cross-section and Time-series Factor Models during Global Financial Crises
  • Weihan Lin , Supporting Aging Parents in China: Gendered Upstream Transfer in Response to Marriage Gifts and Parental Income
  • Tony Liu ’23 , The Effects of Central Bank Digital Currency News on Cryptocurrency Markets
  • Matt LoPresti ’23 , The Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 on Single-Parent Weekly Income in the United States
  • Ethan Loring , Welfare Policy and Long-Term Immigrant Outcomes
  • Paul Malone , Alternative Working Arrangements before the Covid-19 Pandemic: Job Satisfaction with Time and Location Flexibility
  • Justin Marler , The Long-term Impact on Job Tasks of Graduating from College in a Bad Economy
  • Eric Miller ’23 , Insult to Injury: The Causal Effect of Unemployment on Mental Health
  • Emily Moy , The Impact of Free College Policies on Postsecondary Education Accessibility
  • Daniel Noenickx , Can’t Take the A Train : Public Transportation Closures and Employment
  • Bennett Otten , The Effects of Rental Subsidies on Housing Stock
  • Avani Pugazhendhi , Impact of Source of Income Anti-Discrimination Laws on Housing Quality
  • Sana Salimi , Employment in Low-Skilled Jobs Causes a Reduction in Well-being: Evidence from Europe
  • Jacob Smith , Abnormal Returns from the Investments of U.S. Senators and Spouses
  • Eleanor Struthers , Higher Education Endowments and the Effect on Admissions Selectivity
  • Tessa Wrigley , Income and Life Satisfaction: The Influence of Country Characteristics
  • Fan Xiang , The Impact of Racially Biased Police Violence on Civilian Police Reporting
  • Lingli Zou , Mental Health and Access to Dental Care Services
  • Clare Barbato , The “wild west” of carbon offsets: Farmer perspectives on carbon markets incentivizing soil carbon sequestration
  • Ian Bernstein , Renewable Energy Procurement: Assessing the Popularity of Community Choice Aggregation
  • Kristen Bitsberger , The ecological effects of Delta Dam and Delta Reservoir on the Mohawk River
  • Sophie Boorstin , Community-Level Perceptions of and Social Barriers to Increased Utility-Scale Solar Development
  • Andrew Court , Large Land Owners’ Opinions and Perceptions of Flooding and Flood Management Techniques in Clinton and Kirkland, New York
  • Ben Given , Perceptions of the Future of Electric Vehicles in Central New York
  • Charlie Guterman , Clinton Community Flood Mapping: Qualitative and Spatial Representations of Flooding Effects on Clinton Residents
  • Sarah Gyurina , We’re staying put: How place attachment builds wildfire resilience in Sonoma County
  • Carson Halabi , Maximizing Soil Carbon: Land Use Scenarios for Hamilton’s Forested, Agricultural and Open Lands
  • Lilia Harlan , The Hamilton College Reservoir Forest: Recommendations for Land Management
  • Madison Hurtgen , Community Perceptions of Flooding in Clinton & Kirkland
  • Liss Jobe , Agolin Ruminant: Farming for the Future
  • Jason Kauppila , Creating and Analyzing a Locally Informed Precipitation Dataset for Central New York
  • Clara Kohrman , Examining Attitudes Towards Local Public Transportation in Oneida and Madison Counties
  • Zoe Krevlin , An evaluation of New York State public health department action against increased Lyme disease prevalence in the face of climate change
  • Maddie Lawson , The Farmer's Dilemma: Choices in Today's Agricultural System
  • Nina Merz , Individual sustainability motivators: Lessons from an Ecovillage perspective
  • Avery Morgan , If There’s a Will, Is there a Whey? Barriers to sustainable technologies, conservation programs and alternative business practices on small-to-medium-sized dairy farms
  • Qian Ren ’23 , Rethinking environment: Race, space, and Chinatown
  • Andrea Shipton , Analyzing Public Opinion on Climate Action Along Partisan Lines in Oneida and Madison Counties of New York
  • Sean Storr , Fields to Forests: Examining Land Cover Changes in the St. Mary’s Brook Watershed
  • Gab Venne , Perspectives and decision-making about the future of unmanaged agricultural lands
  • Anna Villamil , Rotational Grazing and its Effects on Soil Carbon in Central New York
  • Elizabeth Atherton , La satire (indé)niable ? : Les réponses critiques à Mayotte Capécia et Bessora
  • Kate Biedermann , « Une paire d’aliénés » : la pression d’être française et le processus de désaliénation dans les oeuvres autobiographiques de Maryse Condé et Gisèle Pineau
  • Josephine Chong Foo Yuen , Un thème, deux styles : Les conflit intergénérationnels selon Roger Martin du Gard et Nathalie Sarraute ( One Theme, Two Styles: Intergenerational Conflicts in Roger Martin du Gard and Nathalie Sarraute’s Fictions )
  • Eliza Jones , Les femmes noireset le spectacle en France : de Sarah Bartmann à Noire n’est pas mon métier
  • Lydia McGinn , L’identité relationnelle: Définir le soi et l’autre par l'art
  • Alex Nemeth , L'illusion de l’he´roi¨sme dans les repre´sentations fictives de la premie`re guerre mondiale : Voyage au bout de la nuit, Thomas l'imposteur et La vie et rien d'autre ( Heroism as an Illusion in WWI Fictions: Voyage au bout de la nuit, Thomas l'imposteur et La vie et rien d'autre )
  • Emma Mae Regan , La positionnalité et les expériences des femmes de couleur dans les banlieues parisiennes
  • Hector Rivera , Paroles contre actes: l’altérité et l’identité immigrée chimérique en France
  • Madeleine Wallace , Naturalisation consciente ou inconsciente de l’infériorité des femmes dans Les belles images et King Kong théorie . ( Conscious or Unconscious “Naturalisation” of Women’s Lower Status in Simone de Beauvoir’s Les belles images and Virginie Despente’s King Kong théorie)
  • Nasheley Boursiquot , The Relationship Between Nitrate and Phosphate Concentrations and Land Use in Streams in Three Drainage Basins, Oneida County, New York
  • William Bresnahan , Methods for Automated Mapping of Geologic Features in the Western Desert, Egypt
  • Sarah Chapman , The Effects of Climate Change on Extreme Tropical Cyclone Impacts on Florida
  • Katrina Colby , Using Paleosols to Determine Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment in the Turkana Basin, Kenya, from 1.9-1.4 Ma
  • Bria Dox , Variations in Phenocryst Compositions of Basaltic Andesites from the Sand Mountain Volcanic Field, Oregon, USA
  • Keeley Duran , Identifying Predation Traces on Gastropod Fossils from the Ocklawaha and Wakulla River Systems of Florida
  • Aidan Leahey , Correlating Locations of Historic Brothertown Indian Cemeteries with Glacial Landforms Mapped Using LiDAR DEMs, Southern Oneida County, NY
  • Conner O’Reilly , Integrating Outcrop and Subsurface Data to Assess the Plio-Pleistocene in the Northwest Turkana Basin (Kenya)
  • Erin Pimentel , Previously Unrecognized Submarine Mass Transport Deposits in Limestones of the Eocene Dungul Formation, Western Desert, Egypt
  • Sarah Scheuritzel , Examining Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction in Big Creek, Waterville, NY
  • Luke Thomas Zaelke , Spatial and Geochemical Variations in Diabase Dikes on Marshall Island, Swans Island, and Frenchboro, Maine
  • Hauken Washington , “ Ost-West Zwitterkinder”: Identitätsbildung zwischen ideologischen Binärsystemen nach 1990 in Jana Hensels Zonenkinder ( “Ost-West Zwitterkinder”: Forming Identity Between Ideological Binaries Post-1990 in Jana Hensel’s Zonenkinder)
  • Gregory Duke , “Weder wie ein Mädchen noch wie ein Junge”: Die Flüssigkeit des Fremdsprachenlernens und Genders in Yoko Tawadas Überseezungen (“Weder wie ein Mädchen noch wie ein Junge”: The Fluidity of Foreign Language Learning and Gender in Yoko Tawada’s Überseezungen)
  • Samantha Besca , Sex Work or Trafficking?: A Feminist Analysis of Prosecutorial Policy and Consent in the Human Trafficking Intervention Courts
  • Melanie Geller , Free Speech Debates: Synthesizing Liberal and Progressive Speech Norms for Higher Education and Liberal Democracy
  • Miranda Harrigan , The Impact of Polarization on County Level Outcomes in the 2012 and 20166 United States
  • Tommy Keith , From Psychopathology to the Logic of Collective Action: Changing conceptions of Rationality in American Social Science
  • Brooke Kessler , Power, Privacy, and the “Reasonable Person”: A Feminist Critique of Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence
  • Peri Kessler , Women Against Abortion: How White Conservative Women’s Ideology Transformed Abortion Politics, 1973-1980
  • Edward (Patrick) McDermott , Industry Organization and Contention: Analyzing Collective Actions in Chinese Food Delivery and Garment Workers

Honors projects

  • Tomás Alvárez-Pérez , Representaciones de disidentes gays en filmes cubanos: reivindicamiento mediante cambios en dinámicas de poder
  • Sarah Bargamian , La representación de la inmigración en la ficción: el género, idioma y sueño americano en la zona de contacto
  • Sarah Jane Bennett , (Ir)respetabilidad, comunidad y representación en relatos trans del Cono Sur contemporáneo
  • Desiree Pico , Repensando la religión y la masculinidad en Down These Mean Streets e …y no se lo tragó la tierra : un abordamiento “interétnico”
  • Anyi Rescalvo , “¿Qué assimilated?”: La aculturación en la obra de Judith Ortiz Cofer
  • Jillian Rhodes , Grandes expectativas: la debilidad reproductiva y la maternidad
  • Ana Sevilla , Memoria, identidad y trauma en el cine sobre la dictadura argentina de 1976 - 1983: Un análisis de Cautiva (2003) y Los rubios (2003)
  • Luis Francisco Colli Leon , Assimilation and Ethnic Resistance: How German and Scot-Irish Immigrants Assimilated into the Early American Republic.
  • William Taigue Fullerton-Meaney , Strike Three: How the Racial Integration of Baseball Pushed the Negro Baseball Leagues into a Total Collapse
  • George Lemmon , Conversos Assassins: Pedro Arbués and the Crippling of the Aragonese New Christians
  • Caitlyn Smith ’23 , The Nobility of Suffering: An Analysis of Ancient Pagan Influences on Early Christian Martyrdom
  • Nathan Ward , “The Engineers of the Human Soul:” Folklore, Poetry, and the Creation of a New Soviet Identity, 1934-1941
  • Henry Zuckerberg , Capital, Thought, and the Public Good: Charles Flint and the Consolidation of Corporate America
  • Elizabeth Atherton , Forgotten Knowledge: Abortifacients and Food Commodities from Colonial Latin America
  • Kate Biedermann , Scented Secrets: Perfumes and Cures in the Scientific Revolution
  • Duncan Freeman , Defining a Sacred Space: The Relationship Between People of Richmond, Virginia and the Monument of Robert E. Lee
  • Joseph Han , Devadasi: Normativity and the Modern State
  • John Keirouz , The Imperial Expression of Power: Place and Space in the Medieval Mediterranean
  • Eli Best, Senior Project Album ( an acoustic album of original pop music)
  • Courtney Connerly , I am Rich: A Virtual Reality Exploration of Metavalue Through the Lens of Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Emmett Erickson , A Virtual Pilgrimage: Exploring Our Sense of Place and Feeling in Virtual Reality
  • Michaela Murdock , SciKids Network
  • Graham Nielsen , “Neuromarketing”: Design’s Influence on Consumer Mood and Price Perception

Interdisciplinary Studies in Digital Arts & Media Production

  • Ryan Mayhan , short film, Delivery

Interdisciplinary Studies in Italian Literature, History, and Culture

  • Davis Steller , Lectura Dantis – Understanding a Hamilton Education
  • Annie Danielson , The many deaths of Mademba Diop: an analysis of conflict within the mutual spaces that traditionalists and colonial-supporters inhabit.
  • Lucille Kline , The Destruction of Vicarious Imagination: Rudy as a Sacrificial Lamb for Bloom’s Womanhood in Ulysses
  • Yingtong Peng , James Joyce as an Existential Psychologist: Leopold Bloom’s Death Anxiety in Ulysses
  • Sage Tzamouranis , Constructing the Enemy: “Playing the Savage” in At Night all Blood is Black and Season of Migration
  • Kelcie Zarle , The “Self,” the “Other,” and Other Dualities: How Colonization is Disabling to Identity in Tayeb Salih’s Novel Season of Migration to the North
  • Sam Dils , Expansion and Progress: Walt Whitman’s Visions and Revisions of American Prosperity
  • Gregory Duke , Violent Archetypes: Hegemonic Masculinity in The Piano Teacher and Hurricane Season
  • Clara Kohrman , Arthur Once and Future: Death, Disunity, and Disjunctive Temporalities in The Awntyrs off Arthure
  • Rachel Lu , Not Like the Other Girls: Coming-of-Age Narratives for Tomboys in Carson McCullers’ The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Karen Russell’s Swamplandia!
  • Garret Lualdi , Imperfect Mirror: Affect, ethics, and homage in E.M. Forster’s Howards End and Zadie Smith’s On Beauty .
  • Ally Millar , The Triumph of an Ethic of Care in Matthew Lewis’ The Monk
  • Jack Sullivan , The War and The Road: Revisiting Ernest Hemingway and Jack Kerouac in an Age of Evolved Masculinity
  • Samantha Tassillo , Technologies of Disalienation: Forming a Social-Organic Consciousness in The Dispossessed and Beyond.
  • Audrey Wallace , On Renaissance Merchants and Cyberpunk Androids: Fantasies of Empathetic Capitalism and Scapegoating the Religious Other.
  • Anthony Christiana , Psyquandle Coloring Quivers
  • Josef Komissar , The Algebra of Stuck Knots
  • Madison LaPoint , Finding a Solution to the Cluster Editing Problem with Integer Linear Programming
  • Sidney Molnar , Numerical Integration Techniques for Experimentation
  • Jin Hee Lee , Opera and the Enlightenment: Analyzing Gender and Manipulation in the Operas of Puccini and Mozart
  • Olivia Seymour , Death in the Life of Herbert Howells

Honors projects in music composition

  • Anthony Christiana , Three Pieces for Dance , compositions for dance embedding mathematical structures, artificial intelligence, and traditional compositional practice. Written with dance major Toscana Ogihara.
  • George Herrera Ortiz , Slippin’ Into You , a concept album of original music that uses a different music genre — alternative prog rock, pop funk, orchestral instrumental, pop ballad, latin flamenco rock, piano quartet with spoken poetry, and jazz rock — for each “stage” in a romantic relationship.
  • Andrew Little , call me when you get here , an album of original compositions produced for a variety of genres, ranging from folk to dark pop to hip hop.
  • Nick Rubino , Original Productions Featuring Prototype Electronic Instruments , an album of original compositions for custom electronic instruments.

Honors theses in music composition

  • Ethan McDevitt , There Are No Devils in Oneida County , a concept album of original acoustic and electronic compositions highlighting themes of identity, grief, and forgiveness.
  • Julian Snyder , Dissolution , an album of seven original songs using both recorded and synthesized elements.
  • Matthew Anderson and Preston Perez , Spatial and Functional Characterization of Tyramine β-Hydroxylase-related Protein in Drosophila
  • Sarah Bargamian , Exercise and Anti-inflammatory Treatment for Anxiety and Depression in Rats
  • Mya Berretta ’23 , Understanding the Coach-Athlete Dynamic through Attachment Theory and Behavior
  • Hannah Blake , Anxiety and Physiology of Social Exclusion
  • Casey Brown , Will Silencing the mPFC-LHb Neural Pathway Alleviate Depression-Like Symptoms in Rats?
  • Kaylee Davis , The effect of sleep on social stress
  • Victoria Dunn , Melatonin Is More Than a Sleeping Drug, A Potential Treatment for Opioid Addiction
  • Dianne-Lee Ferguson , Does Neural Inactivation of the Rat mPFC-LHb Pathway Rescue Stress-Induced Depression?
  • Katina Gardilcic , PACAP: A Potential PTSD Treatment for Maladaptive Fearful Responses in an Animal Model
  • Miryam Gilfix , Connecting after Social Pain: Exploring Social Exclusion and Rejection as Predictors of Multidimensional Empathy Levels
  • Molly Healy , Adenosine Mediated Survival in Anoxia Tolerant Trachemys scripta: An Examination of Spontaneous Field Potentials in the Corte
  • Olyvia Jasset , Oxytocin: A Potential Treatment for Ketamine­lnduced Social Avoidant Behavior
  • Sarya Khandare , Traumatic Brain Injury and Tau Mediated Neurodegeneration
  • Karly Leiman , “Must be Love on the Brain” The Neuroscience Behind the Relationship Between Stress, Sexual Activity, and Arousal
  • Jonathan Lofgren , Exercise as a Treatment for the Depressogenic Effects of Stress in Rats
  • Jason Ma , The Effects of Probiotics on Mental and Physical Health
  • Toscana Ogihara , Examining the Role of Adenosine and Extracellular-Regulated Kinases via Spontaneous Field Potentials in Anoxia Tolerant Trachemys scripta
  • Michael Peebles , Scene, but Not Noticed
  • Adam Peng , Does Left-Hand Practice Make Your Right Hand Forget?
  • Madison Sakheim , Loss of Mirol-Dependent Mitochondrial Dynamics Disrupts the Generation and Migration of Neurons During Brain Development
  • Tatie Summers , Investigating the Effects of Early Life Stress and Antibiotic Treatment on Morphine-Induced Withdrawal Behaviors
  • Sage Tzamouranis , Does Action Video Game Play Accelerate Birdsong Learning?
  • Matt Zielezienski , The Impact of Observed Uncertainty on Pain & Pain Habituation
  • Tatum Barclay , The Hypocrisy of American Exceptionalism and American Cognitive Dissonance
  • Isaac Dagley ’23 , Self-Esteem Within Hierarchically Constructed Identities
  • Heather Devlin , On Justice: An Argument for Justice’s New Virtue Ethical Framework
  • Carolyn Gevinski , Fictional Worlds, Narrative Empathy, and Altruism: Does reading fiction make us better people?
  • Anna Goula , A Dialogue on The Relationship Between The Mind and The Body
  • Ivy Huang , The Problem of Arbitrary Stopping Point in Dialectical Foundationalism and Dialectical Egalitarianism
  • Eliza Jones , Credibility Excess as Epistemic Injustice
  • David Jordan , Happy and Black in America?
  • Benjamin Leit , Expanding the Domain of Philosophy: Nirvana’s Nevermind
  • Nicholas Osarenren ’23 , Antipoverty: A Rawlsian Justification for Universal Basic Income
  • Orlando Paz , Philosophy is for Everyone
  • Josten Perez , The Margins of Morality: Mapping the Obligations of Insurrection
  • Alexandra Rebordo , Mindfulness and Self-Expression as Explorations of Identity
  • Elise Michelle Wilson , For Shame, For Shame! Uncovering Shame as a Moral Response
  • Remi Zhou , Is the Idea of Moral Considerability Practically Parsable?
  • James Adler , Examining Current Imaging and Domain Sizes of P3HT:PCBM Organic Photovoltaics
  • Caitlyn Altermatt , An Astrophotometric Observation of Exoplanet Candidate TIC 284206913.01
  • Will Braun , Modified Newtonian Dynamics on Solar System Scales: An Examination of Breakthrough Starshot Trajectories
  • William Crane-Morris , LEED I-V Analysis of Crystalline Silica on a Ruthenium Substrate
  • Matt Dioguardi , Magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor Bubble Disruptions and Their Effect on the Magnetic Field in a Black Hole Accretion Disk Simulation
  • Connor Feldman , Creating a Gradiometer to Measure the Uniformity of Magnetic Fields
  • Max Hanrahan , Analysis of Magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability and its Effect on Angular Momentum Transport in a Black Hole Accretion Disk
  • Matt Jankowski , Building a Compact Magnetic Field Gradiometer
  • Ethan McDevitt , Modified Newtonian Dynamics Analysis of Orbital Clustering in Kuiper Belt Objects
  • Will McGonigle , Construction of a 2-Dimensional Rail System for Mapping Magnetic Fields
  • Sydney Molnar , Optimization of the Shielded Solenoid Used for Helium-3 Neutron Spin Filtration in vSANS
  • Claire Montague , The Effects of Annealing Temperature on Geometric and Electronic Homogeneity in Organic Solar Cells
  • Kavoi Mutisya , Modified Newtonian Dynamics on Solar System Scales
  • Nicholas Rubino , A Follow Up Observation of TIC344541839 Using the Transit Method
  • Conrad Smith , Modified Newtonian Dynamics on Solar System Scales: Exploring MOND Effects in Relation to Kuiper Belt Objects and Planet Nine
  • Nathan Ward , Quantum Scattering on a Curved Surface Under the Influence of an Electromagnetic Field
  • Samantha Wilkerson , Comparing Uncertainties in Datasets of Exoplanet HD 189733b to Improve Peters Observatory
  • Shu Xin Wu , Magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor and Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities in Thin Magnetically Arrested Disks Around Black Holes
  • Ismael Aquino , Potential Advantages for Bicultural Individuals
  • Jonah Bauer , Pop Culture and Social Experiences
  • Lucy Beckett , Decision-Making in Post-Sentence Civil Commitment Cases
  • Carter Briglia , Using Moral Foundations to Increase Support for Felon Enfranchisement
  • Mackenzie Burton , Medication is Okay for You, but Not Me: Do Perceptions of Treatments for Depression Vary By User Characteristics?
  • Aerin Cho , Examining Pretend Play and Theory of Mind in South Korean Children with Autism
  • Sarah Ferdinand , Improving children's executive function through play: The role of fantasy and peer interaction
  • Meredith Gioia , Examining College Athletes’ Motivation in Light of COVID-19
  • Jessica Haviland , Predicting Child Emotion Dysregulation and Anxiety from Emotion Dismissing Parenting: The Role of Physical Activity
  • George Herrera , Hip Hop vs. Blues: Agents of Aggression Affect Attention Performance
  • Maddy Howe , Triumphant Return: The Role of Similarity and Liking in Reducing Stigma Towards the Formerly Incarcerated
  • Kirsten Hull , Fraud and Feelings: The Effect of Emotion on Misinformation Susceptibility
  • Grace Kupka , Investigating Emotion Regulation as a mediator between Sibling Relationship Quality and Attachment Security
  • Claire Lavalley , Responses to Moral Situations and Resistance to Conformity Pressures
  • Emily Le , From Beauty to Function: The Effects of Website Aesthetics on Online Shopping Behaviors
  • Emma Liebegott , Competing vs. Socializing: How Disordered Eating Symptoms in Athletes Vary Based on Context, Personal Characteristics, and Sport Type
  • Levana Lyu , Social Media Engagement: Forming Parasocial Relationships with Celebrities and Social Media Influencers Through Authenticity
  • Caroline Magnan , The Tragedy of the [Medical] Commons: Perspectives on Value Prioritization & Resource Stewardship in the Healthcare Industry
  • Yannis Makridis , Psychopaths and Harm Aversion
  • Mary Mallavarapu , (Dis)order in the Court: Effect of Visual Imagery and Race on Punitiveness
  • Layne McKeown , Sibling Relationship Quality and Socioemotional Development
  • Emily Norum , Effects of Racial Identity, Stigma Consciousness, and Friendship on Self-Disclosure in Biracial Individuals
  • Phoebe Parker , Exploring Predictors to Emotion Socialization and Empathy in Young Children
  • Hannah Reck , Happiness and Productivity: Examining the Effect of Emotion on Task Performance
  • Katharine Roberts , Dismantling the “Abuse Excuse”: Psychological Influences in Juror Decision-Making
  • Jaelin Robin , Learning and Inference in Complex Tasks: A Developmental Study
  • Claire Sehring , Grit as a Moderator in the Relationship Between Frustration Intolerance and Goal Achievement in Sports
  • Katy Shepard , Food for Thought: The Influence of Moralization on Disgust Activation and Disordered Eating Outcomes
  • Panida Sritatera , Parasocial Relationships with Content Creators in Livestreaming Communities
  • Sosha Stecher , The Impact of Playful Parents on One’s Dispositional Joyfulness
  • Livia Svenvold McPhee , Children with ADHD and Comorbid Behaviors: Which School-Based Behavioral Interventions are Most Effective
  • Lexi Takashima , People Say Otherwise: How Pushback Affects the Likelihood of Changing Answers
  • Katherine Taylor , The Presence of Fathers: Implications for the Development of Eating Disorders
  • Amanda Tougas , The Association Between Perceived Destructive Parental Conflict and Interpersonal Relationship Closeness
  • Fan (Fiona) Xiang , Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish: Influence of Disease Threat on Punishment Strategies
  • Amy Zhai , Individual Modifications to the Preschool Life Skills Program
  • Thomas Benson , Sea-Level Rise and Managed Retreat Policy
  • Denzel Cappellan , Activating Voting Rights for Citizens with Disabilities
  • Mackenzie Christensen , Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Rural Health Clinics
  • Jane Fanning , Funding and the Quality of Special Education in California and Ontario
  • Ella Gaspar , Efficacy of Police Mental Health Intervention Units
  • Jackson Harris , Understanding Outcomes In Public Housing Policy
  • Benjamin Joiner , Impact of Systemic Racism on Wealth Accumulation
  • Lila Kirchhoff , Effectiveness of State COVID Vaccination Incentives and Mandate Programs
  • Carl Maxwell , Feasibility of Universal Basic Income in the United States
  • Ethan Murphy , Electric Vehicle Policy
  • Mia Schiel , Electrification Policy in Rural India
  • Matthew Sciascia , Effects of Pharmaceutical Lobbying on Drug Policy
  • Camille Sirianni , Refugee Resettlement and Integration Policy
  • Ha Jenny Tran , Impact of On-Line Learning on High School Dropout Rates
  • Yenesis Alvarez , Dissecting Guevara’s Communist New Man
  • Lucille Kline , Politics of Invisibility: Understanding the Subjective Queer Experience in Russian through Contemporary Literature
  • John Rutecki , The Lost Souls: Life under Khrushchev
  • Alexia Assimakopoulos , A Campus Divided: An Analysis of the Development and Practice of Social Hierarchies and Boundaries at a Private Liberal Arts College
  • Steven Campos , This just isn’t my culture: Understanding Sexual Messages and Controlling Images in Hip Hop Through Gender and Race
  • Emely Chacon , High Living: A Study of Social Predictors on College Student Marijuana Usage 
  • Kaela Dunne , On Campus and In the Stars: A Sociological Approach to Astrology on a Liberal Arts College Campus
  • Ashley García , Decolonizing You, Decolonizing Us: A Tribute to Our Bodies
  • Emory Goodwin ’23 , Common Ground: Understanding Climate Change Risk Perceptions and Attitudes
  • Liza Greene ’23 , Beyond the Harvest: Cultivating Food Autonomy in Community Gardens
  • Lauren Hamilton , How Balanced Is a Remote Work-Life Balance in the Midst of a Global Pandemic?
  • Morgan Hartranft , College as the Great Equalizer: The Relationship Between Social Class and Career Preparedness
  • Malik Irish , Let’s Talk About Sex-aul Communities! NSFW Online Spaces and How They Maintain Their Community
  • Jahmali Iman Matthews , Making Do with Digital Distance: Understanding Underrepresented Minorities’ Unequal Experiences and Navigational Strategies in Predominantly White Remote Classrooms
  • Katharine Roberts , Emotion Regulation Socialization: Toward a Cohesive Family Model
  • Isabel Rutkey , The Meaningfulness of Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships
  • Dawun Smith , Your Past, My Present: The Underlying Mechanisms of Persisting Racial Health Disparities
  • Sydney Soloway ’23 , What Does it Mean to Shop “Green”? Exploring the Impact that Eco-Consumption has on College Students’ Self-Perceptions
  • Yanea Thomas , “With Trust in God We Stand” The Role of the Christian Church in the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Tyler Washington , The Association between Police Brutality and the Lynching Practices of the Past
  • Addie Dumm , directing, The How and the Why by Sarah Treem
  • Lilia Harlan , writing and directing, Desire Lines
  • Dominic Lannon , staged reading, Bananas & Bones
  • Ben Leit , directing, Chekhov’s The Proposal (Leit Adaptation)
  • Michael Matt , directing, Holy Ghostly by Sam Shepard
  • Jonathan Shakespeare , directing, Mrs. Sorken and Business Lunch at the Russian Tea Room
  • Aaron Simons , directing, The Butleress by Nick Stoller
  • Shawn Yin , directing, Sure Thing by David Ives
  • Sabrina Yvellez , staged reading, A Way Back, A Way Forward

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Mackenzie Christensen , Rural Communities Find Resilience in the Wake of Hospital Closures: An Investigation into Community-Based Solutions to Unmet Needs
  • Ashley Garcia , Decolonization through Generations: A Tribute to Our Bodies
  • Brooke Kessler and Peri Kessler , Problematizing the Feminist Panopticon: an exploration of carceral logic and legal discourse online
  • Pablo Reina-Gonzalez , Relating Constructions of Masculinity in Puerto Rico to Violence

Honors Presentation

  • Mckela Kanu , Race and Citizenship: Comparative Analysis of French North Africans and Black Americans

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  • ../for-ansatte/english
  • Norwegian website
  • Student life
  • Course descriptions
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences, Engineering and Economics
  • Department of Computer Science and Communication

Facts about the course

Iti54020 master's thesis (autumn 2022–spring 2024), the course is connected to the following study programs.

Course in the master programme in applied computer science part-time (upon application). Mandatory course for students starting the part-time program autumn 2019 and 2020. Upon application for students who start the program autumn 2021.

Absolute requirements

The student must have passed at least 50 ECTS before starting this course (students who started in 2020 or earlier must have passed at least 45 ECTS).

Lecture Semester

Fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth semester.

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

The student has

knowledge and expertise required for challenging jobs in research and development in the field

knowledge about literature and methods related to the subjects that are part of the master thesis

The student is able to

work independently with a complex problem over a longer period of time

analyse a situation, describe a problem and plan its solution

collect and analyse relevant information with an ethically sound and critical approach

present research and results in a clear and comprehensive written thesis

communicate knowledge clearly and precisely, orally and in writing

express own and others reflections and solutions in the chosen area of research

General competence

obtained a relation to scientific literature and methods

developed academic curiosity

gained consciousness towards values such as openness, precision and ability to discriminate between knowledge and opinions

the ability to think critically about central ethical, philosophical and scientific problems in his/her field

The content will largely depend on the selected master project.

Forms of teaching and learning

Supervised self-study.

Approx. 1800 hours.

Coursework requirements - conditions for taking the exam

The student must :

attend a mandatory seminar in academic writing and a library course.

deliver a written report (individually or in groups of two people) which includes a thorough literature study, a clearly defined problem statement, research questions, and a detailed project plan.

Coursework requirements must be accepted to qualify for the exam.


Master thesis and oral exam

The assessment is based on the master thesis (individually or in groups of two people) and an individual oral exam. At the oral examination the candidate first holds a presentation of the master thesis (approx. 30 min). Then the student defends the thesis (approx 30 min). The oral examination is public. The master thesis must be passed before the oral exam can be carried out.

The thesis is graded on the A - F grading scale. It is given a tentative grade of the thesis. This grade can be adjusted at the oral presentation.

If the student decides to challenge the assessment, the thesis must be re-assessed. If the new assessment affects the tentative grading of the thesis, a new oral exam will be arranged.

Plagiarism control/cheating Master's theses is subject to electronic plagiarism control. Exam papers that are partly or entirely identical will not be approved and will be regarded as cheating. For further information please see Exam regulations for Østfold University College.

External and internal sensor.

Conditions for resit/rescheduled exams

Upon re-examination, both parts of the examination must be retaken.

If the student wishes to improve a passed result of his/her master thesis, the thesis must be rewritten with a new problem statement. In this case, the student is not entitled to receive new academic supervision.

Course evaluation

This course is evaluated by a

Mid-term evaluation (compulsory)

The responsible for the course compiles a report based on the feedback from the students and his/her own experience with the course. The report is discussed by the study quality committee at the Department of Computer Science and Communication.

Individually chosen, depending on the thesis.

Postal address

Høgskolen i Østfold P.O.Box 700 NO-1757 Halden Norway

Phone: +47 69 60 80 00 Email: [email protected] Full contact information

Accessibility statement (in Norwegian only)

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thesis for it students 2022

  • The Program
  • Degree Requirements
  • Student Body Profile
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Alumni Placements
  • Prospective Student Open House
  • Application Requirements
  • QMSS/SIPA Dual Degrees
  • Columbia BA/MA
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Degree Planning
  • Cross-Reg for QMSS Students
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  • Research Assistantships
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  • For Students

Completing a thesis is the capstone experience of the QMSS program. Students take this opportunity to apply the tools and methodologies developed through their coursework to questions of particular interest to them. The list of theses below demonstrates the broad array of substantive subject areas to which our graduates have applied their expertise.

The list is organized by the departmental affiliation of the faculty member who advised the thesis and the year in which it was completed. Though our program director has progressively advised more students we always encourage students to find additional advisors in our affiliate departments.


  • Should Personalization Be Optional in Paid Streaming Platforms?: Investigating User Data as an Indirect Compensation for Paid Streaming Platforms (2022)
  • The Influence of Live Streaming Ecommerce on Customer Engagement on the Social Media Platforms (2022)
  • An overview of the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Small Businesses in the U.S (2022)
  • Exploring Key Predictors of Subsequent IPO Performance in the United States between 2016 -2021 (2022)
  • The relationship between executive incentives and corporate performance under the background of mixed reform—Based on the empirical analysis of A-share listed companies from 2016 to 2018 (2022)
  • How Sovereign Credit Rating Changes Impact Private Investment (2022)
  • Chinese Mutual Fund Manager Style Analysis Based on Natural Language Processing (2022)
  • The Influence of COVID-19 on Cryptocurrency Price (2022)
  • Does Weather matter on E-commerce? Weather and E-commerce consumer behavior of Americans in four U.S. cities (2021)
  • ModellingCFPB Consumer Complaint Topics Using Unsupervised Learning (2021)
  • Vote For The Environment: Quantitative characteristics of shareholder resolution votes on environmental issues (2021)
  • Social Capital’s Role in Accessing PPP Funds & the Evolving Nature of Online Lenders in the Small Business Ecosystem (2021)
  • Predicting stock returns with Twitter: A test of semi-strong form EMH (2017)
  • Who Receives Climate Finance and Why? A Quantitative Analysis of Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Funds Allocation during 2003-2013 (2014)
  • The American Dream—Deferred (2013)
  • Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Intention: What does Organizational Culture Have To Do With It? (2013)
  • What Factors Are Associated With Poor Households Engaging in Entrepreneurship? (2013)
  • Uncertainty in measuring Sustainable Development: An application for the Sustainability-adjusted HDI (2012)
  • Homeownership and Child Welfare in Unstable Times (2012)
  • On the Evaluation of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs (2012)
  • Financial Crisis and Bank Failure Prediction: Learning Lessons from the Great Recession (2011)
  • Starbucks and its Peers: Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance (2011)
  • Statistical Arbitrage Strategies and Profit Potential in Commodity Futures Markets (2011)
  • An Approach to Lending with Heterogeneous Borrowers (2010)
  • Changes in Perceived Risk and Liquidity Shocks and Its Impact on Risk Premiums (2010)
  • Equity Risk Premium Puzzle and Investors' Behavioral Analysis: A Theoretical and Empirical Explanation from the Stock Markets in the U.S. & China (2010)
  • Investing in Microfinance: A Portfolio Optimization Approach (2010)
  • Empirical Analysis of Value Investing Strategy in Times of Subprime Mortgage Crisis 2007-08 (2009)
  • Two Engines of Monetary Policy: The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank: Different Approaches. Different Results? (2008)
  • Searching for the "Sweet Spot": The Optimal Mix of Executive Compensation to Maximize Firm Performance (2005)
  • Differentials in Firm-Level Productivity and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Japanese Firm Data in 1998-2001 (2004) 
  • Where's the Brand Equity?: Further Investigations Into the Role of Brand Equity in Experiential, Luxury, and Other Products (2003)
  • An Account of Worth through Corporate Communication (2002)
  • Deciphering Federal Reserve Bank Statements Using Natural Language Processing (2022)
  • Gender Wage Gaps (2022)
  • The Relationship between the Overall Sentiment on Twitter and Stock Market Performance during COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 (2022)
  • The U.S. Stock Market’s Influence on China Stock Market between 2014 and the first half of 2019 (2022)
  • Social Protection and the SDGs: A Data-Driven Bayesian Network Analysis (2022)
  • Overeducation: The Effects of the Great Recession on the Labor Market (2021)
  • Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns: Evidence from China's A-Share Market (2021)
  • Difference-in-Differences Analysis (2017)
  • Rapid Transition: A Comparison of Subway Usage and Rent Data to Predict Gentrification in New York City (2017)
  • Female Labor Force Participation Rate and Economic Development: Time-Series Evidence in China (2016)
  • Linkage Between Stock and Commodity Markets' Volitility in Both the U.S. and China (2016)
  • Will Urbanization be the Next Economic Growth Engine for China? (2014)
  • Solar Electricity's Impact on Germany's Wholesale Electricity Market (2014)
  • How Does Quantitative Easing Policy Impact Emerging Markets: Evidence from the Effects on Long-Term Yields Structure of Hong Kong and Singapore (2014)
  • The Effect of Income Taxes in Mexico: Evidence and Implications for Permanent Taxpayers (2014)
  • Jumping on the Bandwagon: Conformity and Herd Behavior (2014)
  • Effects of War After War: A Quantitative Comparison of the Economic Performance of Jewish World War II Veterans to Non-Jewish World War II Veterans (2013)
  • Basel III Agreement: Will Higher & More Strictly Defined Capital Standards Impede on the Growth of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises? (2013)
  • Unemployment and Economic Growth in Peru: 2001-2012 (2013)
  • The Informal Market for Foreign Direct Investment: The Attractive Power of Country-Specific Characteristics (2012)
  • Evaluating the impact of the Workfare Income Supplement Scheme on Singapore's Labour Market (2012)
  • Innovation and Fiscal Decentralization in Transitional Economies (2012)
  • International Trade and Economic Growth: Evidence from Singapore (2012)
  • Economic Openness and Welfare Spending in Latin America (2012)
  • Assessing the Costs of Fractional Reserve Banking: A Theoretical Exposition and Examination of Post-Meiji Japan (2012)
  • Pricing Emerging Market Corporate Bonds: An Approach Using the CDS-Bond Basis Spread (2012)
  • The Geographical Distribution of Mixed-Income Housing in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Developments (2012)
  • An Economic Theory of Voting: Can we Explain, through Digital Inequalities, Why People Vote Less? (2011)
  • Super-Pornstar Economics: Investigating the Wage Premium for Pornstar-Escorts (2011) 
  • The Dynamic Linkages among International Stock Markets: The Case of BRICs and the U.S. (2011)
  • Revisiting the Financing Gap: An Empirical Test from 1965 to 2007 (2010)
  • Antitrust Law and the Promotion of Democracy and Economic Growth (2010)
  • An Analysis of Keynesian Economics (2010)
  • Who Will Pay to Reduce Global Warming?  A Multivariate Analysis of Concern, Efficacy, and Action (2010)
  • Wage Difference Between White, Non-White, Local, and International Professional Players in the NBA (2010)
  • Is Microlending Sustainable? Discerning the Relationship Between Microfinancial Participation, Measures of Acute Morbidity, and Expectations of the Characteristics of Village Organizations (2009)
  • Application of Multi-Attribute Utility Theory to Consumers' Choices about Environmentally Responsible Decisions (2009)
  • Trade Openness and Poverty Reduction: What is the Evidence? (2009)
  • Crude Oil Prices: Mean Reversion in the Spot? Futures Know the Future? (2008)
  • Evaluating the Impact of Supply-side Factors on Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: The Case of Nicaragua (2008)
  • Females: Less Likely to Be Entrepreneurs? A Multi-level Analysis of the Effect of Gender on Entrepreneurial Activity (2008)
  • Banking the Mexican Immigrant Population: Analysis of Profiling Variables (2008)
  • A Comparison of Microfranchising to Independent Microenterprises in Ghana (2008)
  • From Autarky to Free Trade: Will China Overtake the U.S. as the Major Trading Power in the Global Economy? (2006)
  • Cluster Patterns of Age and Racial/Ethnic Groups Within Privately Developed Section 8 HUD Rent Subsidy Properties in New York City (2004)
  • The Impact of Decimalization on Market Volatility and Liquidity (2004)
  • Strategic Delegation with Unobservable Incentive Contracts: An Experiment (2002)
  • Exchange Rate Market Pressure and The Quality of Governance (2001)

Public Health

  • Analysing the Performance of Supervised ML models in Breast Cancer Diagnosis  (2022)
  • Portability of Polygenic Scores for QuantitativeTraits using Continuous Genetic Distance in the UK Biobank (2021)
  • A Report on the Correlation between COVID-19 pandemic and Unemployment Rate through Visualization (2021)
  • Spatial Summary of Outdoor Dining and COVID-19 Rates in NYC (2021)
  • The COVID-19 Infodemic: Narratives from the US & India (2021)
  • Exploring the Experiences of People Living with HIV in the United States: Modelling Muscle Ache/Pain and Medicaid Expansion (2017)
  • An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: An Algorithm Using Non-Health Indicators to Predict Health Risks of an Individual (2017)
  • Does Racial Concordance in Clinical Encounters improve Providers’ Accessibility and Patients’ Satisfaction with Providers? (2016)
  • Proportionality of Death Sentences in Alabama (2014)
  • Zombies, Brains, and Tweets: The Neural and Emotional Correlates of Social Media (2013)
  • Asexuality as a Spectrum: A National Probability Sample Comparison to the Sexual Community in the UK (2013)
  • Parent-reported and Child Self-reported Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorder and their Relationships to Independent Living Skills in a Clinical Sample of Perinatally HIV-infected and Perinatally HIV-exposed but Uninfected Adolescents: An Exploratory Analysis (2013)
  • The Sperm Shopper: How Consumer Segments and Evolutionary Pyschology Shape Choice of Sperm Donor (2012)
  • Social Context and Impoverished Youths' General Health Outcomes: Community Disorder and Violence Predicting Self-Rated Health and Body Mass Index (2012)
  • Location Theory and the Supply of Primary Care Physicians in Rural America (2012)
  • Perception of Neighborhood Safety and Overweight/Obesity Status among Non-Metropolitan Adolescents in the U.S. (2011)
  • Factors Affecting the Extent of Depression Treatment (2011)
  • Beyond Gender Binary in Survey Design (2010)
  • Junk Food and BMI: A Look at Schools Banning Candy, Snacks, and Soft Drinks and the Effect on Fifth Graders' BMI (2009) 
  • Delivering Maternal Health: An Examination of Maternal Mortality on a National Scale (2008)
  • Public Health and the Conrad Visa Waiver Program (2007)
  • Alzheimer's Disease, Migration, and Social Environment: A Study of Caribbean Hispanics (2005)
  • The Influence of Physician Attributes on Cesarean Likelihood (2004)
  • Natural or Human-Made Disaster: Dimensions of Impact Measurement (2003)
  • Healthy Life Choices Project: Efficacy of Nutritional Intervention with  Normal Foods  and Cognitive/Behavioral Skill Building on HIV/AIDS Associated Diarrhea and Quality of Life (2002)

Political Science

  • Encouraging Voter Registration Among Minority Voters:  A Field Experiment Using Radio Advertisements (2022)
  • Public Opinion Transition in China: Evidence from Weibo (2022)
  • Gender and Co-sponsorship in U.S. Congress (2017)
  • Accessing Social Influences of Congressmen with Keyword Network (2016)
  • How presidential election in 2016 affects the stock market – A Twitter sentiment analysis perspective (2016)
  • Assessing Assessors: A Study on Anti-Corruption Strategies in New York City’s Property Tax System (2016)
  • Demographic Trends in Virginia 2013
  • The determinants of Party and Coalition Identification in Chile: The effect of long and short-term factors (2013)
  • Radical Moderation: Factors Affecting Support for Islamic Extremism (2012)
  • Accommodationists versus Hardliners in Slovakia: Correlates of Public Opinion on Selected Foreign Policy Topics 2004 - 2010 (2012)
  • Measurement and Belief: Determinants of Federal Funding for Public Diplomacy Programs (2010)
  • Consumerism and Political Connectedness in Socialist Czechoslovakia (2010) - History
  • Civilizations and Social Tolerance: A Multi-Level Analysis of 58 Countries (2008)
  • How Does the 1965 Immigration Act Matter? (2006)
  • 7200 Revolutions per Minute: An Economic Analysis of the Struggle between the Recording Industry and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Networks (2005)
  • Classifying Myers-Briggs Personality Type based on Text (2021)
  • Hiding Behind the Computer Screen: Imposter Phenomenon in the Tech Industry (2022)
  • Relation between dark tourism on-site experience and visitors’ satisfaction (2022)
  • Evaluating the Impact of Self-perceptions of Creativity and DemographicFactors on Arts Participation: Evidence from the United States (2021)
  • Running head: QUEER HAPPINESS AND SUPPORTExamining Happiness in LGBTQ+ People and its Relationshipwith Worsened Parental Relationships After Coming Out (2021)
  • The Impact of Donating Behavior on the Level of Happiness (2021)
  • Predicting Social Value Orientation from Personal Information and Survey Metadata (2017)
  • All the Feels: Sentiment Analysis Between Emoji and Text (2017)
  • Social Media Interface and the Next Generation Cognitive Mapping in New York City (2016)
  • Is Prospective Memory Ability Flexible?  Manipulating Value to Increase Goal Significance (2011)
  • Will a Nation Be Happier with a More Even Income Distribution? (2007)
  • Behavioral Extensions to the Topology of Fear: A Gedankenexperimen (2007)
  • Psychological Control and Preschoolers' Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors in China (2003)
  • Prevalence and success of diversity-and-inclusion projects on education crowdfunding platform  (2022)
  • Does gentrification cause the displacement of urban black populations?  (2022)
  • Feedback and Gender in the Workplace: Should You Expect Equal Evaluation from Men and Women?  (2021)
  • What are the determinants for art practitioners to choose self-employment? (2022)
  • An empirical research for studying the influence of star popularity on the box office of movies (2022)
  • Couple Dissolution Between Couples Who Meet Offline Versus Couples Who Meet Offline (2021)
  • Masculine Men Who Wear Makeup: Exploring the Evolving Masculinity (2021)
  • Do Individual Or Environmental Factors Play a Greater Role in Shaping the Intentions of Female High School Students to Enrol in STEM (2021) Programmes in University?:Evidence from the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (2021)
  • COVID-19 Information Narrative Beliefs Across Social Media Platforms (2021)
  • Spatial Wage Penalty for Young Mothers: Exploring the Discrepancy of Education Return between Metro and Non-metro Areas (2016)
  • Inequality Matters: A new Empirical Framework for Studying the Impact of Rising Socioeconomic Inequality on the Poor (2016)
  • Immigration, Income, and Occupation: Peruvian Immigrants in the Chilean Labor Market (2014)
  • Preferring France's 35-Hour Workweek: The Effects of Media on Work-Life Balance Preference Formation (2014)
  • The Effect of College Education on Individual Social Trust in the United States– An Examination of the Causal Mechanisms (2013)
  • Socio-economic Inequality and Socio-emotional Relationship Quality: Cause and effect? (2013)
  • Examination of the Relationship between mother's employment status and one's family gender role attitudes (2012)
  • A Study of Materialism Level among Mid-Atlantic residents (2012)
  • Relation Recombination - A Sociological Patent Analysis (2012)
  • The Relationship between Religious Attitudes and Concern for the Environment (2012)
  • Marrying Down: The Gender Gap in Post-Secondary Completion & Education Hypogamy between 1960 and 2010 (2012)
  • 2.0 Social Networks Have an Impact on our Real Lives (2011)
  • Evidence of Ethnic Solidarity in Marriage Patterns of Hmong and Sino-Vietnamese in United States (2011)
  • What Explains the Racial Disparity in Employment Discrimination Case Outcomes? (2010)
  • Reading Race: The Changing Views of Human Difference in American History Textbooks, 1870-1930 (2010)
  • Satisfaction with Life (2010)
  • Entering the "Real World": An Empirical Investigation of College Graduates' Satisfaction with Life (2010)
  • The Relationship between the Establishment of Marine Protected Areas and Biomass Productivity of Municipal Fisheries in the Philippines (2010)
  • Performance Surveys, Citizen Respondents, and Satisfaction of Public Services: An Analysis of NYC Feedback Citywide Customer Survey (2009)
  • Analysis of Job Retention Programs of the Center for Employment Opportunities of the Formerly Incarcerated (2009)
  • The Intergenerational Transfer of Human Capital: The Role of Grandparents' Education in Grandchildren's Cognitive Abilities (2009)
  • Are Homicide Trends Fads? Diffusion Analysis of the Urban-rural Spillover Effects on Homicide Incidents from 1960-1990 in the South Atlantic States (2008) 
  • Rejection Sensitivity and the Contagious Effect of Mood Regulation in Romantic Couples (2008)
  • Women and the Homeostasis of the Inmate Population
  • An Examination of the Relationship between Government Funding Allocation and Services Provided by Nonprofit Organizations in Brooklyn and the Bronx, 1997-2000 (2007)
  • The Concurrent Validity of Maternal Self-report: The  Impact of Social Desirability on Substance Use and Prenatal Care (2006)
  • The Effect of Housing Programs on the Economic Outcomes: Utilizing Observation Study Results from Minnesota Family Investment Program (2005)
  • The Influences of Physician Attributes on Cesarean Likelihood (2004)
  • Effects of Unemployment, Female Labor Force Participation, and Divorce on Suicide in Turkey: A Durkheimian Evaluation in a non-Western Milieu (2004)
  • An Experimental Study of the Small World Problem (2002)
  • The Relationship between Welfare Participation and Social Support (2002)
  • Sound and Silence: A Structural Analysis of Conversation Topics (2002)
  • A Reexamination of the Police and Crime Relationship: The New Role Community Policing Plays in Crime Prevention (2001)
  • DNA Evidence in Court: Jurors, Statistical Training, and Pre-instruction in the Procedural Law (2001)
  • The Role of Race in Education: An Analysis of Children in Brazil (2001)

Statistics/Computer Science

  • Predicting Spotify's songs' popularity  (2022)
  • Hiding Behind the Computer Screen: Imposter Phenomenon in the Tech Industry  (2021)
  • An Unsupervised Learning Approach to Address Crime in Mexico, 2012 – 2016 (2017)
  • Imputation of a variable completely unobserved in one wave of a panel: father’s earnings in the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study (2016)

An Analysis of Pairwise Preference (2016)

  • Measuring Political Risk and Market Returns (2014)
  • Which Yelp Reviews will be Voted Useful?- Predicting the Number of Useful Votes Yelp Reviews will get using Machine Learning Algorithms (2014)
  • Polities and Size: Legitimizing or Limiting? (2013)
  • The Role of Domain Knowledge in Environmental Concern and Willingness-to-Pay for Environmental Protection: Results from a U.S. Survey of Public Opinion (2013)
  • The Power to Judge: Social Power Influences Moral Judgments of Simple and Complex Transgressions (2013)
  • A Time Series Analysis of Crime Rates and Concern for Crime in the United States: 1973-2010 (2012)
  • TV Gets Social: Evaluating Social Media Data to Explain Variability among Nielsen TV Ratings (2012)
  • Unit Root or Mean Reversion in Stock Index: Evidence from Nigeria (2010)
  • Homogeneity in Political Discussion Networks and its Factors (2007)
  • Why Shift Policy? (2006)
  • Point Detection for Poisson Disorder - Application in Earthquake Occurrence in Northern California, 1910 - 1999 (2004)
  • Stock Volatility and Economic Activity: A Causal Analysis (2004)
  • Strategic Information Transmission in Lobbying (2003)
  • Economic Theory and Happiness in Mexico: An Extension (2001)
  • Sales Forecasting Methods: A Consumer Products Company's Perspective (2001)
  • Soccer Teams Need to Win at Home: The Fans that Increase those Chances (2001)
  • The impact of school management on student performance  (2022)
  • An investigation of the relationship between educational attainment and COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy in the US  (2022)
  • Does Accountability Help or HinderSchools?: The Mississippi School Accountability Model and its Effect on School Performance (2021)
  • The Relationship between Education and Health (2021)
  • Quantifying Variation in American School Safety with Explainable Machine Learning:An Application of Machine Learning Feature Importances for the Social Sciences (2021)
  • Age, Gender, and Comorbidities Affect Prevalence of Dyscalculia and Dyslexia, A Large-Scale Study of Specific Learning Disabilities Among Chinese Children (2021)
  • Validation of Fitbit for use in Objective Measurement of Physical Activity and Sleep in Children and Adults (2014)
  • Do Experienced Principals Fare Better? Estimates of Principal Value-Added (2014)
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  • Methods Supporting Policies in Education Reform (2010)
  • Have Inclusionary Policies in Higher Education Really Helped?:  Looking at College Accessibility and the College-wage Premium, 1962-2007 (2010)
  • NCLB and Curriculum Standards: What Really Impacts Teachers' Decisions to Leave the Profession? (2010)
  • Exploring the Relationship between Video Games and Academic Achievement via Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Analyses (2009)
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  • The Impact of Obesity on Education (2005)
  • The Gender Gap in Standardized Math Tests: Do the Gender Gaps in Math Self-concept and Other Affective Variables Contribute to the Gender Gap in Scores? (2004)
  • An Alternative Approach to Selection Bias in School Choice: Using Propensity Score Matching to Examine School Sector and Teacher Quality Impact on Educational Outcomes (2003)

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thesis for it students 2022

Montiel McCann, Camila (2022) Updating Hegemonic Femininity: A Feminist Critical and Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis of the British Broadsheet Press. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Ploegman, Nicolaas (2022) Teaching for Uncertainty Through a Metamodern Education Full of Wonder. Doctor of Education thesis, University of Liverpool.

Bennett, Sophie (2022) The year-round importance of breeding sites in common guillemots Uria aalge. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Mobegi, Tomkeen Onyambu (2022) Climate-Induced Migration: Rethinking International Law and the Crisis of International Solidarity. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Fraser, Ewan (2022) Calibration of the Outer Detector, Development of Data Quality Monitoring and Study of Laboratory Backgrounds for Dark Matter Searches with LUX-ZEPLIN. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Shahzad, Ahmad (2022) Distributed graph partitioning to optimise collaborative filtering algorithms. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alghamdi, Nouf (2022) A Combined Experimental and Mathematical Study of Evolution of Microbial Community Composed of Interacting Staphylococcus Strains. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Dimungu Hewage, Dilrukshi (2022) The Effectiveness of Board Diversity Reforms and Corporate Practices: The Moderating Role of a Familial Culture, Prevalence of Family Businesses and Family Ownership. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Hargreaves, Cameron (2022) Metrics for Materials Discovery. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

AlSuwaidi, Fatima (2022) Developing a Retention Strategy for Emiratis in the Middle Management Level in an Islamic Bank. Doctor of Business Administration thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alameddine, Moussira (2022) MicroRNA-based interventions against loss of muscle mass and function resulting from in-utero and early post-natal protein restriction. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Can, Duyen (2022) DESIGN OF A FRAMEWORK FOR ESP IN-SERVICE TEACHER TRAINING. Doctor of Education thesis, University of Liverpool.

Van Tonder, Libby (2022) Study of the feasibility and diagnostic accuracy of Proteomics and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for the investigation of neurosurgical cerebrospinal fluid infections. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Shakir, Dilem (2022) Role of JmjC Histone Demethylases in Hypoxia Induced NF-κB Response. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Bakhsh, Wesam (2022) Pharmacodynamics of the Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

McDonough, James (2022) A critical assessment of Sir John Thomas Jones’ ‘Journals of the Sieges undertaken by the allies in Spain in the years 1811 and 1812’. Master of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Ballantyne, Patrick (2022) Retail Centre Geographies: Who, What, Where and How. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Al Shmrany, Humood (2022) Measuring functional differences between IgM, IgD and chemokine signaling (CXCR4/CXCL12) in mantle cell lymphoma cell lines using kinome profiling. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Middleman, Michelle (2022) Getting a Job in Old Kingdom Egypt: From Rite of Passage to Promotion. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Nirmal Singh, Arvinder Kaur (2022) Digital Professionalism : The Development of an e-Professionalism Module To Embed Awareness of The Impact of Online Behaviour and Social Media Usage Amongst Dental Students. Doctor of Dental Science thesis, University of Liverpool.

Smith, Rebecca (2022) Conceptualising older horse care: a sociological exploration of the human-horse relationship. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Temple, Jonathan (2022) Development and comparison of hepatic spheroids and electrospun scaffolds for use in high throughput screening applications. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.


Elkin, Yury (2022) A new compressed cover tree for k-nearest neighbour search and the stable-under-noise mergegram of a point cloud. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.


Belesiotis, Panagiotis (2022) Methods for the Investigation of Transonic Buffet. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Abaho, Micheal (2022) Extraction of Health Outcomes from Clinical Trial Abstracts. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Handford, Benjamin (2022) Characterising the Triassic palaeomagnetic field: Implications for geomagnetic field evolution. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.


Meschis, Maria Martina (2022) Role of cell-surface receptor LRP1 in the development of lung fibrosis. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wu, Xiaoyu (2022) Computational Investigations of Radioactive Volatile Nuclides Adsorption and Separation in Metal-Organic Frameworks. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Oliver, Evie (2022) Predicting Intrapartum Outcomes in Twin Pregnancy. Master of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Muhammad, Iqra (2022) Using Knowledge Graphs to enhance the utility of Curated Document Databases. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Chunga, Angeziwa (2022) The Role of the Gastrointestinal Tract Microbiota in Colonisation Resistance Against Common Enteric Pathogens in Malawian Children. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Kendrick, Alexandra (2022) What is ‘Lad Culture’ and How Are Universities Responding to it?: A Case Study of Two UK Higher Education Institutions. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Galletly, Richard (2022) Psychological Contracts at an International Joint Venture University in China. Doctor of Education thesis, University of Liverpool.

Jamieson, Kobina (2022) Birationally Rigid Complete Intersections of Codimension Three. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alshammari, Hamed Abdulrzaq T (2022) Proof of Concept Study of a Semiconductor Compton Camera to Be Used for Prompt Gamma Ray Imaging During Proton Therapy. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Johnson, Emily (2022) A systems biology approach to study the dysregulation of type I collagen during ageing and disease. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Kabula, Louis (2022) DEVELOPING A SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY TO BANK THE UNBANKED IN THE ZAMBIAN ECONOMY: AN ACTION RESEARCH INQUIRY. Doctor of Business Administration thesis, University of Liverpool.

Holmes, Benjamin (2022) Quantitative Essays on Mixed Martial Arts A Markov Chain Based Forecasting Model and Analyses of the Judges. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Pang, Zhongfu (2022) Designing Functional Organic Material ‘from Scratch’. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Tong, Maoting (2022) Homogenization of the Lake Equations and the Related Topics. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Tomei, Francesca (2022) Ancient Greek pottery workshops in their rural landscape setting. Exploring the intersection between production, environment, society and agrarian economy. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Salehilashkajani, Amir (2022) Supersonic gas jet-based beam profile monitor using beam-induced fluorescence. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Rasheed, Zainab (2022) Transforming a Graduation System with Blockchain: A Social Impact Assessment study in a United Arab Emirates Higher Education Institution. Doctor of Education thesis, University of Liverpool.

Li, Taiyu (2022) The impacts of supply chain design on firm performance: perspectives from leadership, network structure, and resource dependency. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Swaine-Jameson, Tom (2022) Robust Metanormative Realism: A Critical Defence of David Enoch's View. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Lwesya - Sibale, Juwo (2022) A comparative analysis of effective public participation in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in decision-making processes between Rural and urban areas in Malawi. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Kalantan, Sarah (2022) Feasibility of using the GRI+ Compton Camera for Proton Therapy Range Verification. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Abounasr, Hind (2022) Neoliberal Globalization, Education Policies and Strategies Adopted in Science Curriculum Reform in the United Arab Emirates: A Case Study Based on the Views of Ministry of Education Stakeholders. Doctor of Education thesis, University of Liverpool.

Mawkili, Wedad Alhassan K (2022) Molecular Identification Of Clozapine Transporters. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Narita, Kaori (2022) Essays in Economics of Managers: Insights from Professional Football Leagues. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alhashmi, Mohammad (2022) Investigating the role of Low-density lipoprotein Receptor-related Protein 1 (LRP1) in skeletal development and homeostasis. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Elmasry, Mohamed (2022) The role of the transcription factor Nrf2 as a potential enhancer of hepatic regeneration. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Austin, Harrison (2022) An evaluation of hepatitis B virus in England and the host-virus interplay as a key determinant of disease outcomes. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wilson, Catherine (2022) The epidemiology of Salmonella at a household level in Malawi. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

O'Shaughnessy, Megan (2022) Development of Porous Organic Salts and novel porous molecular crystals. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Jackson, Gemma (2022) Development of novel gelatin-binding proteins for targeting therapeutics to cartilage lesions in the osteoarthritic joint. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Ellis, Barnaby (2022) Infrared Spectroscopic Techniques & Predictive Modelling Applied to Oral Cancer Diagnostics. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Pugliese, Andrea (2022) Molecular Insights into Pharmaceutical Amorphous Solid Dispersions from Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Song, Bowen (2022) Machine learning enabled genetic and functional interpretation of the epitranscriptome. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Xu, Yongjie (2022) Conjugated Covalent Organic Frameworks with Novel Linkages for Energy and Environmental Applications. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Littlewood, James (2022) Innovative Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography Strategies for Evaluating Different Aspects of Renal Function. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Knight, Philip (2022) Sensor technologies for measuring coastal hydrodynamics and morphological change. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Stevens, Connie (2022) Female Punjab International Students' Perceptions of Safer Acclimatisation to a Southern Ontario, Canada College: A mixed methods study. Doctor of Education thesis, University of Liverpool.

Li, Hui (2022) Matching and Segmentation for Multimedia Data. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Pedersen, Dennisjul (2022) DEVELOPING A FRAMEWORK FOR HYPER-COLLABORATION IN PORT ESBJERG. Doctor of Business Administration thesis, University of Liverpool.

Martina, Francesco (2022) Radiation Tolerant Acquisition System for Beam Loss Monitoring at High-Luminosity LHC. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Tang, Fei (2022) The International Strategies of Family Firms. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Sargent, Charlotte (2022) The Conceptualisation, Expression, and Social Context of Friendship in Egypt from the Old to the Middle Kingdom. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Ward, Lucy (2022) Development of a carboxyl methyltransferase for methylation of dicarboxylic acids under aqueous conditions. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Shorter, Emily (2022) microRNAs in the interaction between osteoarthritis and muscle atrophy. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Pulcini, Hadrien (2022) Logical Separability of Open-World Data. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wilkes, Oliver (2022) Investigating the physiological role of Amyloid Precursor Protein: a key protein in Alzheimer's disease. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alkharabsheh, Sahem (2022) Epigenetic regulation of collagen synthesis. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

AlAbiad, Haitham (2022) Advanced Anti-Biofilm Surfaces Probed by Spatially Resolved Imaging and Microbiology Techniques. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Zhu, Qiang (2022) Cage-based Porous Organic Frameworks. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Collins, Ronald (2022) The VIDARR Anti-Neutrino Detector Upgrades And Cosmic Muon Tomography At Wylfa. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wang, Xiaoliang (2022) COMMUNITY STRUCTURES IN POWER GRIDS SECURITY ANALYSIS. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Li, Xinhua (2022) Development of Optical Coherence Tomography Techniques for Agricultural Application. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Govindarajah, Narendranath , Bowden, david , Sutton, paul , Parsons, jason and Vimalachandran, dale (2022) The role of acid ceramidase in the radiotherapy response of an in vitro model of rectal cancer. Doctor of Medicine thesis, University of Liverpool.

Neame, Matthew (2022) Selecting Health Information Technologies for use in hospitals. Doctor of Medicine thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wasili, Afaf (2022) Sensitivity Studies for the µ⁺ → e⁺e⁺e⁻ Search with the Mu3e Experiment and Performance of the Pixel Tracker Detector. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Nwaigwe, Malgorzata (2022) Collaborative Decision Making as a Tool for Improving Decision-Making Processes in the Multicultural Environment of a Multinational Joint Venture. Doctor of Business Administration thesis, University of Liverpool.

Franks, Matthew (2022) Design and characterisation of High-Voltage CMOS (HV-CMOS) detectors for particle physics experiments. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Foster, Sophie (2022) The role of attachment and death anxiety in paranoid thinking. Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis, University of Liverpool.

Webber-Date, Alexander (2022) Upgrades to a Rb-85 Atom Interferometer. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Rice-Birchall, Elliot (2022) An experimental study of porosity collapse and deformation band formation in high-porosity sandstones. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.


Razanskaite, Violeta (2022) Clinical outcome assessment for inflammatory bowel disease in routine practice. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Bridge, Joshua (2022) Deep Learning Prognostic Models using Longitudinal Imaging Data with Applications to Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Williams, Jessica (2022) Characterisation of insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae s.l. from Burkina Faso to accelerate the evaluation of vector control tools. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Katsigiannis, Andreas (2022) Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Disinfection of Food-processing Equipment. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Hitchens, Sarah (2022) A diachronic and holistic analysis of fibre production, spinning, and textiles at Qasr Ibrim, Nubia, from the Meroitic period through to the Ottoman empire (c.350 BC-AD 1812). PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Sihag, Amita (2022) First Principles Investigations of Hydrogen Adsorption on Carbon-Supported Metal Catalysts. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Irving, Toby (2022) The Conservation of Climatically Adaptive Genetic Variation. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Zaman, Zarif (2022) Assessing Resilience of Smart Critical Infrastructures to Deal with Emerging Risks and Threats. Master of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Williams, Abigail (2022) ‘Philanthrocapitalising for Social Change’: A Policy and Practice Perspective of Academisation. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Hills, Christopher (2022) Λc+ baryon production measurements with the ALICE detector at the LHC in pp and p–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alsharif, Moudi (2022) Integrating digital devices and (social media) applications during lecture time in a Saudi University: Students’ and lecturers’ views on blended synchronous approaches. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Chapple, Melissa (2022) What reading fiction can do: The value of literature in challenging deficit-based understandings of autistic people. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alaloula, Walid (2022) Reconfiguring Strategic Resources to Enhance the Performance of a Firm during Economic Uncertainty Using the Framework of the Resource-Based Theory. Doctor of Business Administration thesis, University of Liverpool.


Ag, Yusuf (2022) Essays on CSR Assurance. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Sheppard, Louise (2022) An Exploration of the Experiences of People Living with Dementia. Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis, University of Liverpool.

Meysner, Stephanie (2022) Diagnosing Head and Neck Cancer in Merseyside: A Cultural Excavation of a Classificatory Practice. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.


AlQadeeb, Hajar (2022) Understanding the determinants of pathogenicity in Group B Streptococcus. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Nicholson, Hannah (2022) Meaning making in motherhood: Childhood sexual abuse, motherhood, and posttraumatic growth. Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis, University of Liverpool.

Reisjalali, Maryam (2022) Investigating Local Structuring of Organic Semiconductors via Accelerated Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulation Methods. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Chaisty, Frances (2022) Sexuality and Relationships in Health and Social Care Settings – Staff Perspectives and Training Needs. Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis, University of Liverpool.

Lisauskaitė, Monika (2022) Target Deconvolution in Anti-Wolbachia and Antimalarial Drug Development. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Bruce, Emma (2022) Compassion in Healthcare. Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis, University of Liverpool.

Jackson, Leanne (2022) The Postpartum Period: Using a Series of Mixed-Methods Studies to Investigate Determinants of Infant Feeding and Maternal Emotional Wellbeing Outcomes. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Xue, Yanni (2022) Mapping the catalytic active site of enoyl reductase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis polyketide synthase 5. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Davies, Keziah (2022) The Effect of Individual Amino Acid Intakes on Clinical Infection Risk in Very Preterm Neonates and How Modifying Amino Acid Formulation Impacts Early Postnatal Metabolic Adaptation in This Population. Master of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wallace, Joseph (2022) How Constraining Folded Peptides into a Dense Self-Assembled Monolayer Affects their Structure: An Experimental and Computational Investigation. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Peng, Lei (2022) Ballistic Impact Response of Hybrid Composite Laminated Structures. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Makarem, Ahmed (2022) Development of Finite Element Models for Orbital Soft Tissues and Extra-Ocular Muscles. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Ma, Ye (2022) Text Encoding and Decoding from Global Perspectives. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alzahrany Alkenani, Abdullah (2022) Managing Human Capital and Associated Risks in Organisations (A Saudi Company Case Study). Doctor of Business Administration thesis, University of Liverpool.

Elliott, Lynne (2022) Teams and Teamworking: Understanding quality improvement teams in Community Health Services in Kenya - a qualitative study. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Gvojich, Shelley (2022) Exploring the Lived Experiences of Grade 12 Teachers Preparing Students for Higher Education. Doctor of Education thesis, University of Liverpool.


Chao, Xueting (2022) Comparative Study of Divine Kingship in Ur III Dynasty Mesopotamia and China in the Shang Dynasty. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Yu, Siyue (2022) Salient Object Detection and Segmentation in Video Surveillance. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Wang, Emily (2022) Effect of autism-related mutations on the stability and interactions of the neuronal protein Shank3. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Hernandez Martinez, Antonio (2022) Intelligent Remaining Useful Lifetime Estimation and Built-in Self-Test for Reliable Digital Designs. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Almutairi, MUBARAK (2022) ANALYSIS OF ANTIGENIC DETERMINANTS IN HLA-B:13*01 DAPSONE HYPERSENSITIVE PATIENTS. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Mercer, Louise (2022) Prevalence of adverse childhood experiences and associations with personal and professional factors in health and social care workers: A systematic review Burnout and secondary traumatic stress in staff working with people with intellectual disabilities: The role of adverse childhood experiences, resilience and trauma-informed organisational climate. Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis, University of Liverpool.

Burnie, Dominic (2022) Icosahedral Ag-In-Yb surfaces: clean surfaces, atomic motion and adsorbate structures. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Alsadan, Abdullah (2022) Capital structure dynamics of firms listed on The London Stock Exchange’s Main Market and Alternative Investment Market. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Esmaeili, Saro (2022) Radiation Transfer Calculations in Three-Dimensional Switching Arcs Based on Discrete Ordinates Method (DOM). PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Collins, Desryn (2022) Expectations and Experiences: An examination of mentoring in the Associate Degree in Primary Education teaching practicum in Antigua and Barbuda. Doctor of Education thesis, University of Liverpool.

Qu, Shuyi (2022) Towards Theoretical and Practical Image Inpainting with Deep Neural Networks. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Xu, Nengwei (2022) Unravelling the role of the oncoprotein DEK in the regulation of ribosome biogenesis. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Beane, Jack William (2022) Structural Studies of the Solid-Liquid Interface - Reactions at the Noble Electrode Surface. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Sampat, Keerthika (2022) Evaluation of novel combination drug protocols for neuroblastoma using advanced imaging in a chick embryo model. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Purohoo, Muhammad Saajid (2022) On the Development of Recombinant Ca2+ Indicators for the Measurement of Extracellular Ca2+ with a Focus in the Epidermis. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Ray, Stephen (2022) Febrile coma in Malawian children. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Robinson, Amy (2022) Investigating how SPLUNC1 mediates its anti-viral activity against Influenza A Viruses. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Tinker, Victoria (2022) An exploration of interpersonal touch in relation to mental health difficulties. Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis, University of Liverpool.

Liu, Quan (2022) Landscaping the Power Matrix: Inventing and Manufacturing Chineseness through Landscape Performing Arts. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Al-Azami, Lubaaba (2022) English Travellers and Indian Queens in Early Modern Literature, 1526-1635. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Ma, Wenting (2022) An Integrated Life Cycle Assessment and System Dynamics Model for Evaluating Carbon Emissions from Construction and Demolition Waste Management of Building Refurbishment Projects. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Clynch, Abigail (2022) Seizure Control in Glioma-related epilepsy: Attribute Selection for a Discrete Choice Experiment. Master of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Smith, Matthew (2022) Complex Magnetized Plasmas. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.


Doherty-Bone, Victoria (2022) Performed Outrage: Frank and Emotional Mortal Criticism at the Gods in Athenian Tragedy and its Religious and Theatrical Impacts. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Taylor, Peter (2022) The Origins and Maritime Expansion of the Tobacco Pipe Trade of Southern England: An Archaeological and Historical Study, 1585-1640. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Oezcelik, Yigit (2022) Essays in (Experimental) Industrial Organisation: Online Ratings for Credence Goods, Anchoring Bias in Ratings and Rebate Rules for Crowdfunding. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Colquitt, Olivia (2022) Sights and Sites of Sovereignty: Visualising Matrilineal Inheritance and Female Agency in the Middle English Melusine. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Heneghan, Matthew (2022) Systematic evaluation of F508del variant specific therapies for people with cystic fibrosis. Master of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

Goss, Natasha (2022) Assessing the risk of systemic disease in children who present to primary care with mouth ulcers. Master of Philosophy thesis, University of Liverpool.

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