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How to Create an Effective Thesis Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a thesis statement can be a daunting task. It’s one of the most important sentences in your paper, and it needs to be done right. But don’t worry — with these five easy steps, you’ll be able to create an effective thesis statement in no time.

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your paper. Think about what you want to say and write down any ideas that come to mind. This will help you narrow down your focus and make it easier to create your thesis statement.

Step 2: Research Your Topic

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to do some research on your topic. Look for sources that support your ideas and provide evidence for the points you want to make. This will help you refine your argument and make it more convincing.

Step 3: Formulate Your Argument

Now that you have done some research, it’s time to formulate your argument. Take the points you want to make and put them into one or two sentences that clearly state what your paper is about. This will be the basis of your thesis statement.

Step 4: Refine Your Thesis Statement

Once you have formulated your argument, it’s time to refine your thesis statement. Make sure that it is clear, concise, and specific. It should also be arguable so that readers can disagree with it if they choose.

Step 5: Test Your Thesis Statement

The last step is to test your thesis statement. Does it accurately reflect the points you want to make? Is it clear and concise? Does it make an arguable point? If not, go back and refine it until it meets all of these criteria.

Creating an effective thesis statement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these five easy steps, you can create a strong thesis statement in no time at all.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


thesis for an mba

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200+ Top Notch Topics For MBA Dissertation Topics To Choose – 2023

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Table of Contents

The satisfactory completion of a research dissertation is a requirement of any MBA degree. Before graduating, you will almost always be required to complete an MBA dissertation. This will help you in  Constructing a conceptual framework  that will help you while studying MBA degree. An MBA degree is a study of the theory and implementation of business management concepts, which is frequently applied to several real-world business circumstances, as you are already aware.

We will attempt to highlight areas of interest and popular dissertation titles used by MBA students around the world. One of the most rewarding aspects of writing your own MBA dissertation topic is that you get to choose your title and contribute to the field of analysis. The following are several MBA dissertations subjects that have been published in their respective fields and may be of assistance to you.

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Research into the impact of industry and public knowledge on the market share index’s fluctuation
  • An examination of the significance of auditing for large corporations
  • Examining the country’s tax scheme
  • Considerations to consider when investing in financial markets
  • From an accounting perspective, risk-taking in companies
  • Make recommendations for a business firm’s circular debt management.
  • Examine the differences and similarities between external and internal auditors.\
  • An examination of the difficulties that external audits encounter as a result of equal value calculations
  • Can taxation be considered a human rights policy? Prepare analysis to back up your claims
  • What are the consequences of your country’s current tax structure on lower-income individuals?

Operations Management Dissertation Topics

  • In terms of supply chain design, what does “Legality” imply?
  • The importance of the virtual supply chain in facilitating short-term business collaborations
  • Supply chain management: Is self-driving cars a possibility, and how successful can they be?
  • Big data analytics’ impact on efficient inventory management
  • RFID’s Importance in Toyota’s Inventory Management
  • E-commerce inventory management
  • Strategies for scheduling production in a manufacturing environment
  • Strategies for scheduling production in the automobile industry
  • Toyota Production Scheduling Strategies in the United Kingdom: A Case Study
  • Using AI to boost quality control: An Amazon.com case study

Business Management Dissertation Topics

  • Gender equity in the workplace – what management strategy supports females in traditionally male-dominated industries?
  • Management’s socio-cultural background and how it influences leadership relationships
  • How do employment benefits impact employee and company productivity?
  • Small business strategies and how they’ve adapted to globalization
  • Examining cultural shifts: What role does feedback play in a multinational/international corporation?
  • Corporate team performance in multinational corporations
  • Business team performance in multinational corporations
  • Human resource management and policies of non-profit organizations
  • The role of foreign direct investment in the economy of developing countries

Finance Dissertation Topics

  • Looking at the rapid growth of international microfinance
  • The expansion of microfinance in the banking industry in the United Kingdom
  • Microfinance’s effect on emerging economies is the subject of a report
  • What role do credit and other financial services play in growth and investment?
  • Microfinance’s effect on poverty reduction and economic growth
  • A comparison of FDI strategies in Europe and Asia
  • Emerging market stock price synchronicity and analyst coverage
  • What effect does foreign direct investment have on developing countries?
  • What is the effect of European financial regulation on cross-border financial investment?
  • An examination of the ongoing reform phase in an emerging economy’s banking sector: the case of Brazil

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Analyzing the role of personalization and customization in digital relationship marketing in the COVID-19 era
  • A case study of UK fitness brands generating customer loyalty through high-value content development
  • In today’s dynamic market climate, what obstacles does Tesco’s loyalty card scheme face?
  • How and why should social media be used to draw new consumers by relationship marketing?
  • What effect does product quality have on consumer satisfaction for high- and low-contact products?
  • Do customers grasp a company’s brand values? Starbucks vs. McDonald’s is a case in point.
  • A case study approach to using digital methods to improve brand salience
  • How does product availability impact an SME’s brand image?
  • Is it possible to move a brand’s reputation from one industry to another? The Virgin Cola event in the United Kingdom
  • Using YouTube to evaluate the efficacy of beauty brands’ direct marketing

Information Technology Management Dissertation Topics

  • What impact will information technology have on the way global business is conducted in the future?
  • Is technology progressing at a rate sufficient to meet the demands of a worldwide financial system?
  • What impact did the recent Sony hack, which exposed thousands of private emails, have international market transactions and trade?
  • How will technological advances help the global trade process?
  • The influence of religion on IT adoption in Yemeni universities
  • Information and communication technology, data processing, and school-level decision-making on student achievement
  • The effect of mobile technology on international students attending British universities for education
  • An examination of the role of online discussions in promoting interaction, social learning, self-efficacy, and collaboration in a thoroughly blended environment
  • The application of instructional techniques to improve problem-solving abilities
  • An examination of the effectiveness of automated tools in assisting students in conducting literature reviews

Strategic Risk Management Dissertation Topics

  • How The Current Trends in Global Supply Chain Management Impacted the Evolution of Risk-Management Strategies in a Supply Chain?
  • An examination of social risk as a growing source of concern for multinational corporations and their stockholder value
  • In the Financial Markets, Evaluating the Importance of Liquidity Risk Management and Credit Supply
  • Best Methods and Practices in Operational Risk Management for the Warehousing Industry
  • Risk Management Practices in Different Financial Sectors: A Comparative Study
  • Critical Success Factors for Financial Services Organizations Implementing an Operational Management System
  • Social Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • 7 Major Obstacles for Operational Risk Managers
  • Learn how risk assessment is used to diagnose and manage medical errors
  • In the banking industry, long-term risk management is essential

Entrepreneurship Dissertation Topics

  • What dangers do major economies face when a large portion of their population is chronically unemployed or unable to hold a stable job?
  • Is it always a good idea for governments to bail out large corporations, or would it be better for the economy if businesses were forced to handle their affairs better?
  • How do insurance firms make profits because their pay-outs are frequently much higher than the premiums charged by customers?
  • Many loan forms are subsidized by governments, resulting in interest rates that are far lower than the national average. Is this a good business practice?
  • Is it true that high-risk investments pay off better, or is this merely due to the large sums of money involved?
  • What are the most important tactics that small companies can use to ensure their long-term financial security?
  • Is real estate investment risk-free since land property prices seldom fall, or do real estate brokers tell this a lie to make their companies seem more profitable than they are?
  • What are the opportunities that arise for investors during economic downturns or stock market crashes?
  • How can the stock market be used to make long-term, risk-free profits?
  • What factors influence the probability of a business going bankrupt?

Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

  • Methods for implementing various human resource management philosophies in the workplace
  • Is there any collaboration between corporate management and HR departments?
  • How to choose soft vs. hard interpersonal skills?
  • Objectivity vs. subjectivity in employee appraisal
  • Employee engagement and the impact of incentives
  • Is it possible for human resource departments to effect change within organizations?
  • Is it possible to use performance improvement strategies to handle each employee’s evaluation?
  • Employees’ perspectives on the effectiveness of performance reviews are being investigated.
  • The effect of employee motivation programs on productivity
  • How will the employee selection process be improved?

E-Commerce Dissertation Topics

  • An examination of new business’s e-commerce strategy.
  • An analysis of conventional businesses’ e-commerce strategies as they transition to the Internet (Migration)
  • E-commerce strategies: Is it by chance or by design?
  • What elements make up a successful e-commerce strategy?
  • Models of payment processing are examined
  • How successful is social media in the e-commerce process?
  • How do e-commerce tactics help you establish a stronger relationship with your customers?
  • How critical is the customer’s unique selling point to the growth of e-commerce?
  • E-commerce Marketing Mix: Is it better to be entirely online or to have a foot in both worlds?
  • A comparison of pay-per-click and pay-per-click ads

Economics Dissertation Topics

  • How does market competition influence corporate growth strategies?
  • The effect of the covid pandemic on corporate market entry strategies
  • What impact do non-profit financing models have on their long-term viability?
  • Privatization of Public Enterprises and its Economic Policy and Growth Ramifications
  • Digitalization is posing challenges for the industry
  • What effect would Brexit have on UK industrial policies?
  • Covid’s impact on the entertainment industry
  • Alternative energy market perspectives from around the world
  • Consumer preferences have shifted dramatically in the last two decades
  • What impact does local culture and mindset have on entrepreneurial behaviour and the desire to start a business?

Health Care Management Dissertation Topics

  • The Role of Mid-Level Providers.
  • The Effect of Telemedicine on Healthcare Administration
  • Addressing the Opioid Crisis
  • The Consequences of a Growing Number of Urgent Care Clinics
  • Assisting Families Caring for Dementia-Affected Seniors.
  • The influence of health literacy on oncologic results in African American prostate cancer patients.
  • Governance and ethics in the use of patient portals by guardians of minors.
  • Employee turnover and retention rates because of tuition reimbursement programs.
  • Best practices in the aftermath of medical errors in terms of follow-up procedures.
  • The impact of state legislation on medical malpractice insurance.

International Business Dissertation Topics

  • A test of an interfering process model on the success of global business teams within multinational companies.
  • What role does corporate governance play in internationalization, globalization, and firm performance?
  • An examination of Brexit’s impact is likely to have on British businesses, tiny and medium-sized businesses.
  • Business-government relations: policy, structure, fit, and success within a contingency theory setting.
  • What is the concept and method of globalization, and how does it affect how business teams collaborate?
  • Brexit and foreign direct investment in the United Kingdom: An analysis of the possible effect on new business start-ups in the United Kingdom
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of forming an international joint venture?
  • How should a business plan for expanding into an international market be developed?
  • How does a successful vendor management approach help an organization?
  • What factors influence the performance of some vendor partnerships over others??

Retail management Dissertation Topics

  • The role of visual merchandising in generating income for clothing brands in shopping malls in the United Kingdom
  • Management’s role in generating revenue for automotive retail management in the United Kingdom
  • The effect of store location in malls on apparel brand sales in the United Kingdom
  • The impact of retail promotions on the inventory turnover ratio, both positive and negative
  • In b2b industries, applied retail analysis is the best location for a store.
  • The importance of supply chain management in producing sales for UK FMCG firms. UNILEVER is the subject of a case study.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of increased competition in retail jewellery stores in the United Kingdom
  • The significance of retail space planning in UK malls. What role does location play?
  • The effect of supply chain logistics on pharmaceutical retail management in the United Kingdom
  • In the United Kingdom, the impact of customer behaviour in retail management on shoe brands.

Rural management Dissertation Topics

  • The Media’s Influence on Rural Development
  • The Role of Rural Development and Community Health Administration
  • Cooperative Societies’ Contribution to Rural Development
  • Community banks’ effect on rural development
  • Barriers to community growth due to socioeconomic and cultural factors
  • Rural Development and the Role of Radio and Television
  • Rural growth as a tool for reversing rural-urban migration
  • Industrialization as a tool for managing rural growth
  • The effect of industrialization on rural development management
  • Agricultural Development and the Impact of Village Square Meetings

Change Management Dissertation Topics

  • The need to teach change management at universities
  • Listing the tools and techniques necessary for change management in construction projects
  • Critically analysing organisational change management from the perspective of UK-based organisations
  • Understanding how the process of change management can affect mega programme projects’ performance
  • Understanding change management from the perspective of veterinary nurses
  • An insight into the ways change management affects inter-organisational system performance for the public
  • A look into Africa’s change management techniques highlighting the core values of Ubuntu
  • How can business and IT functions affect change management in organisations?
  • Understanding how the perspective of change management has changed with time
  • An insight into the relationship between change management in organisations and cultural revitalisation movements
  • A Review of change management from the perspective of healthcare Nursing
  • A comparison between hexagonal and pentagonal models of change management
  • Understanding the significance of the grounded theory approach in change management
  • A deep dive into the ethics, value and leadership from a change management perspective
  • Understanding how planning and change management are related to each other

  Entrepreneurship Dissertation Topics

  • An insight into the trend of entrepreneurship and its boom in the recent years
  • An investigation into the impact of a growing number of entrepreneurs in the UK and how it is affecting the economy
  • An insight into entrepreneur’s increased usage of cloud technology as a way to control quality and save cost
  • An examination into the increased scope of entrepreneurship in the UK and its impact on competition and productivity
  • Investigating the effects of technological development on entrepreneurship
  • A look into the ways gender affect developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Analysing how government policies impact entrepreneurship in countries
  • Examining the significance of entrepreneurs in developing a country’s economy
  • Investigating the factors influencing entrepreneurial creativity in a company
  • Examining the impact of entrepreneurship education in schools for developing entrepreneurial abilities
  • Public support for technology-based ventures
  • Examining the key factors that are affecting the growth of new ventures
  • Identifying the laws and various fiscal policies that encourage entrepreneurship
  • Understanding if alternative marketing tactics can be useful for small-scale food entrepreneurs
  • Crowdsourcing: Definition and the ways it function

  E-commerce Dissertation Topics

  • Evaluating the impact of geographical constraints on the business flow of e-commerce
  • A detailed comparison between Google ads and Search ads from the perspective of e-commerce
  • A detailed insight into the consumer decision-making processes based on a comparison between e-commerce and m-commerce in the UK
  • E-commerce industry and gender inequality: A detailed overview
  • Understanding how e-commerce got impacted by the coronavirus
  • Evaluating the frequency of e-commerce shopping during the pandemic
  • Analysing E-commerce’s Contribution during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • A look into the impact of Covid-19 on online and offline shopping
  • Understanding how digital businesses affected the countries’ economy
  • Social media and brand marketing: Understanding the significance
  • How has social media changed consumer behaviour?
  • A look into the factors that affect consumers’ buying decisions
  • Evaluating the Black Friday sale strategy to boost sales
  • Analysing how influencer marketing can increase sales
  • A comparison between traditional and digital marketing

Logistics and supply chain management Dissertation Topics

  • Investigate the importance of supply chain management in company outsourcing.
  • Assessing the risks in a supply chain
  • Assessment of technology’s position in current supply chain structures
  • Examining the connections between supply chain and company logistics
  • Car supply chain: Investigating tax evasion cases in motor vehicle exports and their implications for procurement costs
  • Obstacles to putting in place an effective supply management system
  • Evaluating the effects of information dissemination and sharing among supply chain intermediaries
  • Supply chain efficiency parameters: evaluating supply chain cost-cutting measures in China’s car exports and imports
  • The importance of logistics management in streamlining clothing reorders in the United Kingdom
  • How do UK businesses deal with supply chain and logistics patterns and changes?

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Complete Guide to Writing an MBA Dissertation

MBA dissertation writing  is a combination of art and craft. On the one hand, university committees usually base their appraisals on the novelty of your topic, the interesting choice of study participants, and the practical contribution of your research. These are the things that make or break dissertation projects and should be your key focus with writing your work. On the other hand, the devil is in the detail and we have seen many students lose valuable points or going through multiple re-writes due to missing some important elements related to submission requirements or format requirements. When you have invested months of hard work in a single endeavour, you may feel tired, absent-minded, and willing to get over it as soon as possible. The key to overcoming this ‘last mile’ barrier is to use a clearly structured plan to be 100% sure that no critical elements have been missed.    

The following dissertation check-list covers all key aspects you need to inspect to leave no room for failure. It covers all your journey starting from choosing a topic to developing a final presentation for your thesis defence. Feel free to head straight to the section that is of highest relevance to the dissertation writing phase you are presently at.


Starting an MBA Dissertation

The best way to avoid problems is to prevent their emergence right from the start. An MBA dissertation project is usually a large-scale endeavour spanning over many months and requiring a lot of time and other resources to complete. Starting it without a plan is an academic suicide, which is confirmed by relatively high failure rates in this sphere. If we rephrase this idea in a positive light, writing a dissertation should be the pinnacle of your academic journey as an MBA student. Hence, you need to design an optimal plan for maximising your ‘return on investment’ ratio. Anyone can complete an MBA dissertation by disrupting their work/live balance and throwing oneself at this challenge. The trick is to achieve similar results without burning out and wasting a lot of unnecessary resources on the things that do not contribute to the end result.

In this section, we will analyse several aspects of such planning that can literally save you from weeks of frustrating rewrites and sub-optimal academic outcomes. Some of these recommendations may be related to your personal skills and competencies while others may be associated with your external activities and university arrangements. While you may choose to skip some of them due to your personal preferences, their simultaneous use creates a synergistic effect ensuring your future success as a dissertation writer. There are few things more frustrating than having to alter some of your main structural elements in the middle of your project while missing some intermediary deadlines as a result. A good beginning is half the battle, which is why you may opt for investing several weeks into the elements in this section to have a seamless academic journey afterwards.

MBA Dissertation Topics Selection

Choosing a research topic is, perhaps, the most important decision that can be made by any student starting their dissertation journey. An MBA project may involve a wide range of possible spheres to explore, which frequently creates a false sense of confidence. However, amateur dissertation writers easily overlook a number of crucial elements such as:

  • Supervisor’s knowledge of a particular sphere.
  • Supervisor’s willingness to explore certain topics.
  • Your capability to reach specific audiences and collect primary data.
  • The amount of resources you can spend on this project.
  • The presence of competing projects in the same field.

Selecting a suitable MBA dissertation topic is a challenging task even for experienced dissertation writers since there are multiple concepts and spheres that are worth exploring. The best tactic is to look for multiple ideas in order to have several alternative options by the moment you choose to confirm one of them with your supervisor. Research available academic journals, course materials, newspapers and other media to prepare a short list of what topics you find meaningful and engaging.

Next, take your time deciding whether it is important enough to tackle and what will be the focus of your research. Although it may seem irrelevant at this stage, you should also think of appropriate methods. This practice can save you from a world of trouble down the road as many students identify that their topic is not manageable from a methodological standpoint in the middle of their dissertation-writing project.


As soon as you have a list of 3-5 topics, you may choose to discuss them with:

  • Potential supervisors.
  • Dissertation writing experts.
  • Academic practitioners.
  • Fellow students.

These extra opinions can really help you narrow down your topic focus or prioritise some of the options on your list. The presence of multiple opportunities also allows you to negotiate with your prospective supervisors and ensure that you both find a certain ideas interesting for research.

Check the Requirements of your MBA Dissertation

While this recommendation may seem obvious, we have seen many students losing their hard-earned marks due to some silly mistakes related to formatting and referencing rules or incorrect word count distribution between the sections. These issues usually do not lead to a complete fail but may be highly detrimental if you want to write a first-class MBA dissertation. Here is how you can prevent such problems right from the start:

  • Make sure to study all module handbooks and ethics protocols provided by your university.
  • Take a look at format requirements such as font types and sizes, page margins and referencing style.
  • Make a list of key recommendations and insert the section word count in the headings of all MBA dissertation
  • Mark all potentially ambiguous requirements and clarify them with your supervisor before starting your writing process.

If you choose to follow a single rule from this section, this is the one to prioritise. Remember that the devil is in the detail and what may seem trivial at first sight can have a strong impact on the overall quality of your dissertation in the end. There is nothing worse than losing some points due to formatting mistakes or other minor errors that could have been omitted with 5 minutes spent on compiling the aforementioned lists of requirements.

thesis for an mba

Select Your Research Methods

Your MBA dissertation can proceed via multiple routes depending on a number of factors:

  • Your preference for secondary (desk research) or primary (interviews/surveys/observations) research strategies.
  • The selected problems and the data necessary for answering your dissertation questions.
  • Your focus on unique industry experts or large samples of non-unique population members.
  • The resources available to you/
  • Respondent availability and accessibility.

As soon as you have a realistic MBA dissertation topic, you need to also develop your research aim, objectives, and questions and think about the ways to address them. This understanding is crucial for further discussions with your supervisor and the development of your proposal.

Finalise Your MBA Dissertation Structure

Most MBA projects have common structures, which allows you to plan their completion in advance. Here is a list of common elements you should include in most dissertation scenarios.

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Dissertation Hypotheses
  • Methodology
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Reference List

Make sure that your structure is in line with your university requirements and write down specific word count distribution per section. As discussed below, you do not need to complete all sections while creating your first draft. Specifically, your Executive Summary, Introduction, and Conclusion may be delayed until the revision phase to make them more specific in relation to the results you obtain.

thesis for an mba

Develop a Plan

Any previously submitted dissertation proposal usually involves a Gantt chart outlining how you are going to spend the following weeks and months working on your MBA dissertation project. While many students tend to write some approximate dates in this document in a random manner, we would advise you to treat it seriously. Actually, we would suggest that you should take it one step further:

  • Write a list of dissertation sections you have to create.
  • Make a list of smaller objectives you have to complete to finish each one.
  • Write down approximate duration of specific activities and the resources you need.
  • Discuss the final plan with your supervisor or a professional dissertation writing service.

A good plan is your safety belt. You may not need it at all times but it can save your life in a critical situation by keeping you on track. Developing such document also ensures that you are fully aware of all aspects of dissertation-writing before you even start. Down the road, this allows you to focus on the most crucial parts and not waste your time on refining the elements that do not contribute much to the final result.

Find the Right Supervisor

Having the right supervisor can give you a great advantage in writing your dissertation. If there is a choice, consider someone who has a reputation for getting students through. You should select the most academically and socially engaged supervisor who really pays attention to the requirements for the degree, clearly understands the process, and can provide you with the right advice. If you struggle to understand your tutor and still have questions about the dissertation writing process, don’t be shy to apply for our tutoring service. Some supervisors simply don’t have enough time to give a quality consultation to each student.

dissertation survival guide

Have a Plan B

The best way to avoid contingencies is to accept the possibility of their emergence. Here is a list of risk management strategies that will protect you from harm even in the worst-case scenario:

  • Investigate how your university handles extensions in the case of submission delays or personal barriers to a timely completion of MBA dissertations.
  • Explore whether you can change your supervisor in the middle of your research project.
  • Find a reliable dissertation writing service that can give you a second opinion in a complex situation.

If we could provide a single recommendation on how to write your dissertation, we would suggest that you should thoroughly plan it from the onset. A well-designed research project is a self-fulfilling prophecy that virtually writes itself into existence. You start with a well-designed and unique topic that is supported by realistic and measurable objectives that can be addressed with convenient and reliable methodological instruments. It still takes time and effort but the amount of back-and-forth is rather small and you can easily plan your dissertation work and seamlessly integrate it into your personal life without major conflicts. Many students reverse this order and start with writing some sections of their projects while revising their research objectives or adjusting their topic along the way. This strategy is clearly sub-optimal and will never result in a coherent study with a clearly outlined main argument. Hence, your primary goal is to seek professional guidance and lay this foundation right. 15 Writers team are happy to offer help with dissertation writing and share our know-how in achieving top marks. Don’t hesitate to check our sample dissertations to make sure we provide the best academic service. You can start with a dissertation proposal to avoid the risk of ordering a full project at once.

Rolling Up Your Sleeves: Writing the First Draft

The next checklist allows you to create a ‘rough draft’ of your MBA dissertation. Aim for 80% of the word count per section and address all key requirements found earlier. The goal of this phase is to get you ‘almost there’ in terms of your readiness but leave some space for further revisions and additions. There are multiple reasons for pursuing this strategy, namely:

  • You simply cannot get everything right at the first attempt. Most likely, further revisions will add new insights, links, and ideas.
  • Writing an effective Introduction or Conclusion section usually requires a finished work to integrate signposting elements and directly refer to your findings.
  • An almost completed draft leaves enough space to embed an overarching line of argument, which is why we reserve some space for such additions.
  • You may choose to move some parts of your text to the Appendices during further revisions or otherwise adjust your initial work.


The following points should help you create an ‘80% draft’ that should get you a ‘pass’ mark with minimal revisions even in the worst-case scenario. As noted earlier, we will improve it during the following phase of your MBA dissertation writing process.

  • Make sure that all essential sections of the work are included. These are Abstract, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Analysis and Findings, Conclusion, List of References, and Appendix.
  • Your Literature Review must clearly outline the key theories you rely on and present the conceptual framework of your study. You may want to revise its contents to better align them with the overall course of your dissertation.
  • Including a table of key theories and authors at the end of your Literature Review may be a good idea for improving readability. It also makes referring to them easier when you are writing your Discussion chapter.
  • The Methodology section must have a table of variables for a quantitative study and a clear description of all utilised methods and instruments.
  • Make sure that you have discussed all threats to validity and reliability.
  • Your analysis process must be clearly defined. Ideally, any other researcher in your field must be able to follow it and obtain similar results.
  • The Analysis chapter must include all key figures and tables presenting your results.
  • The Discussion should refer to all critical sources and theories from your Literature Review.
  • The Conclusion and Recommendations section must revise your objectives and clearly demonstrate how you addressed them.
  • All tables and figures should have headings and be referred to in the main text. Also, if they were taken from other sources, these sources should be mentioned below the tables and figures, as well as in the reference list.

Moving On: Revising Your Draft

As soon as you have finished writing your first draft, you need to complete two separate tasks. On the one hand, you have to thoroughly proof-read and edit it in order to identify some missing elements and improve its overall quality. This part primarily refers to the revision of your main sections and may involve ‘going back to the drawing board’ if some crucial sections must be improved or replaced. Usually, such problems are associated with the coherence of your main argument across all chapters and the quality of your Analysis chapter.

On the other hand, your final dissertation draft must include a number of auxiliary sections such as the Abstract, the Acknowledgements, Appendices, informed consent forms, ethics forms, and other obligatory parts. During this phase, we need to add them to your document and appraise what additional elements can be added to improve the readability of your work.

  • The Abstract is usually the first part of the dissertation which is placed before the table of contents but is written last. The abstract is a short overview of the whole dissertation which provides the very gist of the research and its main outcomes.
  • The Acknowledgements are also written after finishing the main text of the thesis so that you could have a chance to acknowledge those who helped you in your research or supervision.
  • When writing Acknowledgements, common courtesy is to express gratitude to your tutor, the members of the committee, your faculty, and any other people who helped you with writing your work.
  • If necessary, provide a list of Acronyms and/or Definitions before your main body to facilitate readability.
  • The Introduction chapter shows the relevance of the topic, the background, formulates the  aim and objectives  and shows your MBA dissertation structure. You may want to revise it after completing the dissertation to make it more specific and enticing to the readers.
  • The Conclusion summarises the work by showing whether the aim and objectives were attained in the study. Make sure that all of them are discussed with reference to your results and prior studies.
  • Add signposting wherever possible to make your dissertation more articulate even for non-specialists.
  • To write a 1 st  standard dissertation, you should outline the key contributions to academics and practitioners.
  • Discuss all key limitations of your project in detail.
  • Make sure that you have all signed informed consent forms necessary to confirm your compliance with the ethical standards of your institution.


Finishing Your MBA Dissertation

The final inspection should explore all aspects that need to be considered prior to submitting your dissertation. It will be most valuable when you have already completed your document draft and are preparing it for final submission. The recommendations in the check-list address all key parts of dissertation projects. However, you should also revise your dissertation requirements since some universities have custom requirements in terms of submission procedures, referencing styles, document formatting, and the use of visual materials and appendices. Overall, this process can be subdivided into two parts.

Content Revision

This part needs to ensure that your draft meets all applicable requirements in terms of its grammar, style, section contents, and other constituent elements.

  • The main chapters of the thesis expose in detail what is done in the study and how it is done. The narrative should be logical and consistent, critical and without mistakes.
  • The text of the thesis should be formatted according to the requirements of the university; make sure that each page, as well as each table and figure, is numbered.
  • Check if the Reference list includes all sources mentioned in the text and is consistent in style through the work.
  • Make sure that all of your figures and tables are properly referenced.
  • Make sure that your Appendices contain all relevant elements such as questionnaire forms, informed consent forms, additional figures, and interview transcirpts.
  • Read your dissertation from the beginning to the end in one sitting. Your text should lay out a clear line of argument following a consistent flow at the level of sentences, paragraphs, and sections.
  • Check the word count for all sections if it is specified by your university requirements.
  • Proofread all text and format spacing and font consistently. Use both electronic and printed copies to avoid the ‘bleary eyes’ effect.
  • Check your title page and its formatting.
  • Analyse your implications for practice and make sure that you have suggested sufficient examples of how your dissertation findings may be valuable to industry practitioners.
  • Suggest future research directions and clearly outline how your fellow researchers can expand your analysis and address its limitations and knowledge gaps.


Technical Aspects

This final part of the checklist ensures that your dissertation is fine from a technical standpoint. While problems of this kind are relatively rare, having a backup plan for such circumstances may not be a bad thing.

  • Try to open your dissertation file on several computers before submission. This will allow you to identify any bugs or compatibility problems.
  • If possible, submit the document in PDF. This will ensure its integrity and compatibility with most computer systems. Traditional file formats such as .doc or .docx in Microsoft Office may introduce formatting problems if the software version of the reviewers is different from the one used by you.
  • Check if all figures in your document are embedded JPG or PNG files. Avoid using cross-referenced elements in submitted work.
  • Write the necessary declarations such as the statement confirming that you are submitting this dissertation paper for the first time and other applicable documents required by your university.
  • Leave at least three days for binding your dissertation to reserve the time for any page replacements or similar changes.
  • Make sure that the document was uploaded successfully and received by your university.
  • Use the spare time to prepare for your future defence.

If you struggle with any of the aforementioned elements of MBA dissertation writing, you can use our website to get MBA dissertation help, browse through some MBA dissertation examples or explore our sample MBA dissertation topics. Our academic writers are a team of industry professionals that have supervised hundreds of projects in this sphere in the past. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantees for all of our services including dissertation writing, essay writing, and assignment help. You can also order individual elements such as MBA project topics or individual chapters. We may assist you with any part of your dissertation you presently struggle with or offer a second opinion to appraise whether your current choices are suitable for writing a 1 st standard dissertation.

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Considering a thesis based MBA? Pros & Cons

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Prodigy Finance - June, 08 2021

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Our mission is to make quality education accessible for all - globally.

thesis for an mba

Have a specific question? These sections might help:

Thesis-based mba programmes, benefits of mba internships, the value of mba thesis research.

  • Why a business PhD may be right for you

When should you pursue a thesis-based MBA?

Master’s programmes vary so widely that there isn’t a typical master’s experience. Similarly, the thesis and research requirements for degrees vary across fields of study.

For example, if you’re pursuing a masters in political science or public policy , you’ll have a difficult time finding a programme that doesn’t require a thesis.

As an LLM candidate , you’ll have a clear choice between thesis-based and a non-thesis degree.

Do you have to write a thesis for an MBA?

MBA programmes don’t typically require a thesis paper and differ from other master’s disciplines as they focus on the practical aspects of the degree, rather than MBA research.

Thesis based masters

The thesis based masters programmes will need you to focus on research. The research work can span over several semesters and in the end you will likely need to write and publish a thesis document, based on a lot of R&D.

When should you consider a thesis based Masters?

If you wish to pursue a doctorate degree in future and are keen to work in a research based field, the thesis based masters is for you.

If you’re considering an MBA, you’ll still learn research methodologies and develop theoretical models. But, it’s not the aim of these degrees. MBA graduates usually don’t return to formal education, a key reason to develop research skills.

MBA candidates have a choice, however, as some schools allow for MBA thesis research, although they might not call it that.

At Columbia Business School, it’s called Independent Study , and at London Business School, MBA thesis research is known as a Business Project.

At most business schools, thesis work takes the place of elective courses , internships or start-up incubators. That’s the difficulty for many candidates who would otherwise pursue a thesis-based MBA degree.

Who wants to trade in all those delicious electives or the chance of working for a company that might hire you in the future?

It’s a tough choice.

American MBA programmes feature internships sandwiched between the 2 years of study. In Europe, 1-year MBA programmes , typically push students towards shorter internships at the end of classroom work.

An MBA internship, even an unpaid one, offers a chance to get out there and test the business waters you want to move into. It’s especially useful for international students looking to secure a work visa after graduation .

Outside of internships, entrepreneurial competitions offer a similar level of practical experience if you’re interested in launching your own business.

With a heavy emphasis on practical experiences, which test the MBA models learned in class, you might find it difficult to pursue another direction.

An MBA thesis is usually the final paper that a business graduate student writes at the end of their program. If you are working towards a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, then you will most likely need to write an MBA thesis before receiving your degree.

Despite the emphasis on internships and practical experience, business still values research. Theories, and the models they develop, are important in every area of business.

However, most MBAs aren’t planning to develop theoretical models of their own.

If you’re like most business master’s, you want to make the most of existing models and theories to develop your start-up or ensure your company operates ethically while increasing profits.

And, there’s always a need for talented researchers to develop these models and theories.

PhD after an MBA: Why a business PhD may be right for you

However ubiquitous the MBA might be, it isn’t the highest achievable degree in the field. There’s still a doctorate to be had. And, it’s at this level where most business research is conducted.

If a PhD in business interests you, you can jump straight into a PhD after your undergraduate business degree, skipping the master’s level altogether.

Or, you can pursue a business master’s and then your PhD; the choice is yours, unlike other disciplines that follow a more linear path.

Is an MBA difficult? What is the difficulty level of an MBA programme?

This is one of the most common questions that international students looking forward to pursue an MBA have. More specifically, the curiosity is to determine the difficulty level of an MBA programme from the perspective of an average student.

MBA is not an easy course, but it’s not too difficult as well. It is a rather interesting course if you are into business management and marketing. And there are various specialisations available, which makes the programme even more interesting and focused.

A thesis-based MBA may be right for you if:

You’re considering a doctorate in business, but still want to make the most of the master’s experience, you should consider a thesis-based MBA.

You’re interested in theories and the development of business models – or you plan to teach – a thesis-based degree should also be considered.

A deeper understanding of a geographical location or norms will enable you to effect real change in the world.

Most MBA candidates, however, are interested in the practical side of the degree and putting those practices into action as soon as they can, making independent MBA research superfluous, without undervaluing it.

Whichever route you plan to follow, remember that your education is as individual as you are. Take some time to think it over before finalising your decision; it’s a big one.

Already know which MBA is right for you?

Thesis-based or not, if you want to pursue your MBA degree and need help financing your international master’s, we’d like to help you with that. Take a look at our no co-signer, collateral-free loans and their easy application processes now.

Some of the business schools supported by Prodigy Finance are:

  • University Of Massachusetts - Amherst - Isenberg School of Management
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology - Martin Tuchman School of Management
  • University Of Texas At Dallas - Naveen Jindal School of Management
  • University Of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business

We work with 1135 schools, 356 universities in 20 countries. You can find a school that suits you.

Prodigy Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you want to go ahead and know the difference between master of science and master of engineering , or if you want to know what and where to study , try our Study Centre which is filled with expert opinions on a range of topics.

For any other information about Prodigy Finance , or our student loan process, feel free to browse through our site, or register for a webinar to have your questions answered by one of our team.

Post updated for accuracy and freshness on November 6, 2019. Originally published on August 11, 2016.


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ms business admin thesis topics

Top 15 thesis topics for MS in Business Administration

Business administration is a broad field that encompasses the management and leadership of organizations, particularly businesses. It involves the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of resources in order to achieve specific organizational goals and objectives.

Business administration professionals may work in a variety of industries and sectors, including finance, marketing, human resources, and operations management. They may hold positions such as chief executive officer (CEO), president, vice president, director, manager, or administrator.

Business administration can involve managing a single department within an organization or overseeing the entire operation. It requires strong communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. It may also involve financial analysis and budgeting, as well as the development and implementation of business strategies.

Business administration professionals may hold a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in business administration or a related field. Some may also choose to pursue professional certifications, such as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

The business administration field is constantly evolving, and professionals must stay up-to-date with changes in business practices, technologies, and economic conditions in order to be effective leaders.

Top ten thesis topics for MS Business Administration:

The main aim to choose this topic for thesis is to study and examine the influence of the development of banking sector on country’s economy. Banks are the main body for deposit, withdrawal, investment, etc in the country. The students who have chosen accounting or banking as their field of specialization may select this topic for thesis.

Students with their interest in Human Resource Management can select this General business topic for thesis. This topic examines essential factors that directly or indirectly affects employee turnover at call centers. Employee retention is the prior concern of all the organizations. This thesis topic addresses some critical factors for retaining the employees in the call centers.

In this competitive era, quality is the main bridge between the company and consumers. Service industry can be severely affected by TQM. Students selecting management as their field of specialization can choose this thesis topic.

Monetary gains are one of the main motives of workers. Higher the financial incentives, higher will be the motivation and thus, worker morale will be greater. Students with the interest in HRM, can choose this inspirational topic.

Advertising and promotion are the initial stages in the business development. Choosing this topic for thesis, can be a source of inspiration for the students of marketing. Modern advertising is very much different from the traditional methods of advertising. Technology took over the place of newspaper and other old fashioned mediums. Meanwhile, the choices of people vary in accordance with the change in environment. The dissertation topic is related to the marketing domain. The dimensions of the advertising are as follows.

The packaging of the product is of great importance in the field of business because it creates a unique image in the mind of the customer against a competitor. Moreover, to establish a successful brand, the packaging played a great role. The packaging of the product is further split into different dimensions. You can twist your topic specific to the logo as well. Logo creates a great identity for the product or family of products developed by company. The company’s message, mission, vision, values, quality, promise and story are simply and shortly defined by a logo. The colors, shapes, lines and fonts used in the logo perfectly expresses the intention of the company. Students with the specialization in marketing can pick this topic for thesis.

In this era of technological advancements, no business can prosper without online media. Students of marketing can choose this vast topic for thesis because it involves all the major aspects necessary for huge customer exposure.

Digital marketing is the concept of advertising a product or service through the internet. Moreover, it a new marketing concept and not much new in Pakistan. Digital marketing is a wider concept, and it has various domains such that social media marketing, search engine optimization and App store optimization as well. It is one of the best topics of dissertation due to its unique nature and the significance in the future world. This particular title has a lot of significance in the marketing world, and it changes the attitude of the consumer as well. For instance, it makes the market more competitive and provides ease to the customer. The dimension of digital marketing is as follows.

digital marketing company michigan

As discussed earlier, bank is the main body for financial dealing in a country. It is a main source of economic upbringing of the country. This thesis topic is suitable for the students doing specialization in banking field.

The customer of nowadays is very much aware of the market and competition. By keeping in mind, the modern era organizations move towards the relationship marketing instead of just selling a product. The relationship marketing is the process of creating a long term relationship with the customer and count it as a business partner. This act of organization creates a positive impact on consumer behavior.

The supply chain includes all the process from the origin of the product to the consumption of the product. The green supply chain includes all the supply chain activities which are environmentally friendly and practice the green purchasing in cooperation with the supplier. The organizational performance is split up into three other dimensions which are, financial performance, non-financial performance and operational performance as well.

Advertising the behavior of the society and an unethical promotional technique create a negative impact on consumer and society. The immense competition in the business word force the organizations to go for the immoral methods of advertising such as, the false information and the use  of those pictures which is not suitable on moral grounds. Moreover, the promotional campaigns goes viral quickly due to the technological advancement and use of unsuitable characters damages the social system and more specifically, on the young generation of the society.

Humans are the main source of company wellbeing. No company can grow or prosper without this important resource. Skilled labor can make a company standout from others. Students with the interest in HRM can choose this thesis topic.

Strategy is the long term course of action designed to achieve a goal. Moreover, the useful marketing and business strategy plays a vital role in brand success such as differentiation strategy and pricing strategies etc. The strategic planning includes the well- defined mission, vision, external environment analysis and internal analysis. The external environment comprises of political conditions, social, conditions, economic conditions and technological conditions. On the contrary, the internal environment includes the employees, working environment. The analysis of both internal and external factors can be done through SWOT matrix. Moreover, the major role of strategic marketing Planning is to develop a smooth marketing plan to achieve a certain objectives.  The dimensions of strategic Marketing planning is as follows.

The current business world is highly competitive in nature and companies use creative tools of promotion to engage the customers. There is a minor difference between promotion and advertising. The advertising is non-personal tool of communication such as print media, broadcast media, interactive media and outdoor media as well. On the contrary, the promotional campaigns are personal as well such as email marketing and mobile marketing. The dimension of promotional mix are as follows.

thesis for an mba

The current business era is full of new and advance technology. Moreover, the business environment includes the global interventions which changes the promotional techniques. The dimensions of business era and environment are as follows.

One person cannot do everything. Outsourcing is extremely essential to provide every facility under one roof. This thesis topic can be attractive for the students with their field of specialization in entrepreneurship.

  • An Evaluation Of Drivers For Change.
  • Analysis Of Brand Management In The Global Economy.
  • Analysis Within UK Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Change Management in the Banking Sector.

Choosing a unique and different topic for thesis in MS can strengthen the chances of admission in doctorate programs. A relevant topic can support your application and eases the selection phase. So, it is really important to choose the topic according to your area of interest and the field of specialization.

This study examines tax evasion problem which erodes revenue generation for the Tax authorities and Governments in the context of Asia and Latin America. The objective of this research is to explore major determinants which influence tax evasion through cross regional comparison of Asian and Latin American regions.

Green marketing is one of the growing concerns for most of the developing countries like Pakistan, india, Bangladesh and other countries as evident from the literature you can study.

In this study you an focus on identifying the determinants affecting green purchase intention of consumers. Mixed-method research approach can be used in two parts for better analysis. The 1st part may be quantitative method to test the developed hypothesis and validity of the instruments using a simple random sampling technique. In the second part,  qualitative method can help in identifying practices in business sector where indepth interviews can be conducted from the owners and managers of corporate sector through common purposive sampling technique. 

In this study you can selct managers and CEO’s of the Food industry from your country to measure the leadership stlyes that led to Emplyees achievemeent. You can take employees achievement as an increase incentives and other rewards. You can collect data using Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) to colect data form the targeted industry ( Here Food) to meausre leadership stlye and develop the model to adopt to the leadership style that help in acievement.

Here are some potential dissertation topics in the field of management science:

  • The impact of data analytics on business decision-making
  • Machine learning techniques for supply chain optimization
  • Predictive modeling in human resource management
  • The role of artificial intelligence in marketing strategy
  • Optimization of energy consumption in manufacturing processes
  • The application of game theory in strategic management
  • The use of simulation in healthcare resource allocation
  • Network analysis in supply chain management
  • The impact of social media on brand reputation
  • Predictive maintenance in the transportation industry
  • The application of optimization techniques in financial portfolio management
  • Inventory management in e-commerce
  • The use of big data in risk assessment and management
  • The impact of data privacy regulations on business operations
  • The role of artificial intelligence in financial forecasting
  • The application of machine learning in fraud detection
  • Optimization of transportation routes in logistics
  • The use of data mining in customer relationship management
  • The impact of digital transformation on organizational structure
  • The role of data visualization in business intelligence
  • The use of simulation in disaster preparedness and response
  • Network analysis in the study of organizational behavior
  • The impact of data-driven decision-making on organizational culture
  • The application of optimization techniques in sports management
  • The use of machine learning in credit risk assessment
  • Predictive modeling in the study of consumer behavior
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on employment and the labor market
  • The role of data analytics in market research
  • The use of simulation in the design of manufacturing systems
  • Network analysis in the study of political organizations
  • The impact of big data on pricing strategy
  • The application of machine learning in the study of consumer sentiment
  • Optimization of warehouse operations through simulation
  • The use of data mining in the study of organizational communication
  • The impact of data privacy regulations on the healthcare industry
  • The role of artificial intelligence in talent management
  • The application of optimization techniques in project management
  • The use of machine learning in the study of social networks
  • Predictive modeling in the study of consumer preferences
  • The impact of data analytics on public policy
  • The use of simulation in the study of traffic flow and transportation planning
  • Network analysis in the study of international relations
  • The impact of big data on product development
  • The role of data analytics in sustainability management
  • The use of machine learning in the study of consumer loyalty
  • Optimization of energy usage in buildings through simulation
  • The application of data mining in the study of group behavior
  • The impact of data privacy regulations on the financial industry
  • The role of artificial intelligence in public sector decision-making
  • The use of optimization techniques in the study of resource allocation in the public sector.

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Check below topics:

  • An Evaluation Of Drivers For Change. Analysis Of Brand Management In The Global Economy. Analysis Within UK Mergers and Acquisitions. Change Management in the Banking Sector. Analyzing the Drivers and Barriers to Green Business Practices for Small Business Enterprises in (Your country Name) Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Customer’s Buying Behavior.

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Job satisfaction in xyz campany for ms

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I would strongly suggest if you select the topic “Managing Change in Response to Covid-19” you can further narrow down the topic to cover india only and can make it specific to india like Managing Change in Response to Covid-19. We already have worked on a similar topic Leading Change in Response to COVID-19 and now it has been one year more that things are changing and there is a research gap in this topic from leading to management.

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Impact of Covid-19 on Supply Chain Management Studying the impact of Covid-19 on HR practices in Business Enterprises

These are the topics that you can shortlist and in both topics you can do qualitative analysis research based on secondary data.

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Please send me three defferent thesis topics related to bisness administration

Thanks for your response.What about the below topic? Analyzing the Drivers and Barriers to Green Business Practices for Small Business Enterprises in Philippines Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Customer’s Buying Behavior

i am student of MBA Hons i need perfect topic for MBA thesis kindly suggest me or if you have any regarding MBA thesis please reply.

An Evaluation Of Drivers For Change. Analysis Of Brand Management In The Global Economy. Analysis Within UK Mergers and Acquisitions. Change Management in the Banking Sector.

please i need an MBA research topic idea having to do with supply chain crisis

Thanks for your response. What about the below topic? Analyzing the Drivers and Barriers to Green Business Practices for Small Business Enterprises in [Your Country] Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Customer’s Buying Behavior

Hi good day, Can you help me for my research study five title? I am a MBA student. Thank you

Thanks for your response. What about the below topic? Analyzing the Drivers and Barriers to Green Business Practices for Small Business Enterprises in Philippines Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Customer’s Buying Behavior.

hello, am muluwork from Ethiopia i need research title for masters of business administration please help me.

Thanks for your comment. Please email or WhatsApp at +923125334949 your interest and background so we can specifically narrow down topic to your subject field. Thanks

i am student of MBA in Ethiopia I need perfect topic for MBA thesis kindly suggest me or if you have any regarding MBA thesis please reply.

I need some 5 topics about BSBA program and the reasons of choosing the topics

hi i need a research title in business marketing

I studied BA Business/HRM and in the process of preparing to do my dissertation can you suggest a related topic for me to research on.

I need a thesis topic in areas of change management, leadership, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, quality management ….

Hi, we actually need a title about starting a business using TikTok but needs to be connected to our course which is communnication.

Please whatsapp us at +923125334949 to get in person support. In order to suggest some topics please answer the following Questions: What country are you from? University/college Country? Do you need just a topic or you also need Outline draft that will have research questions, gaps and proposed methodology? Topic suggestion is our free service whereas Outline draft we cost $45 and delivery in 3 days.

I’m a student of MS project management, please suggest me the best and unique topic or title for my MS thesis.

Need a thesis topic for MBA

Please email us from our contact us web page.

hello!!! i need a topic for MBA research project in HRM specialization. only the topic name pkease help me to solve this matter.

Can you suggest 3 to 5 titles for MBA qualitative thesis research possible in hospital industries. Thank you.

Great day! Can you suggest at least 5 titles for qualitative thesis research possible in hospital industries (for MBA). Thank you very much

Please, I need a good research topic for Masters in Business related courses

Contact us on email or whatsapp to get custom offer.

Thank you for your information. I find this website very helpful. I am getting a Master’s degree in culture content and I need a topic on Decision Making. can you help me to choose a topic for my research, please?

I am studying business administration, can you please help with a research topic focusing on agribusiness

Hello, can you help me with a topic about Bachelor Business Administration. I want a topic where i can find lot of information online. Thanks

Can I get a little bit more help with this topic “Influence of banking sector on economic growth”???

These are interestign topics. Please email at [email protected] to help you furhter.

Would like to ask your help, any suggestion for thesis title those interested and can help community in the future. Thanks you

Please contac tus on our email to help you further.

please I need research topic for industrial statistics

I need the thesis topics for System and Operation specialization.

Hi i am currently taking BSBA Marketing Management, would you give me some tips or idea of the title that is unique

I am a undergraduate student in semester 8 (BBA) I need a research topic for my research project please help me

I’m a student of Masters degree in MBA. Currently I’m working on a logistics company which has damaged by a devastating war. I want Thesis ideas with regard to my study and company. I thank you very much in advance!!

Certainly, I can provide you with some thesis ideas related to the logistics industry and the impact of war on a logistics company. Given your situation, here are a few topics you might consider:

1. **Resilience and Recovery Strategies for War-Impacted Logistics Companies:** Explore how logistics companies can develop and implement resilience and recovery strategies to bounce back from the devastating effects of war. Analyze case studies of companies that successfully recovered and identify best practices.

2. **Supply Chain Disruption Management in Conflict Zones:** Investigate effective supply chain disruption management strategies for logistics companies operating in conflict zones. Examine the challenges, risks, and potential solutions for maintaining supply chain continuity in war-affected regions.

3. **Logistics and Humanitarian Aid in Post-War Reconstruction:** Focus on the role of logistics companies in providing humanitarian aid and support during post-war reconstruction efforts. Assess the challenges and opportunities in contributing to rebuilding efforts.

4. **Sustainable Logistics Practices for Conflict Resolution:** Explore how logistics companies can contribute to conflict resolution and peace-building efforts through sustainable supply chain practices. Analyze the impact of sustainable logistics on long-term peace and stability.

5. **The Role of Technology in Rebuilding War-Damaged Logistics Infrastructure:** Investigate the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain, IoT, and AI in restoring and enhancing logistics infrastructure in war-affected regions. Assess the potential benefits and challenges.

6. **Logistics Risk Management in War Zones:** Examine risk management strategies tailored to logistics operations in war zones. Analyze the types of risks, risk assessment methodologies, and risk mitigation measures for logistics companies.

7. **Case Study Analysis of a War-Impacted Logistics Company:** Choose a specific logistics company that has been affected by war, and conduct a comprehensive case study. Evaluate the company’s response to the crisis, recovery strategies, and lessons learned.

8. **Economic and Social Impact of War on Logistics Operations:** Investigate the broader economic and social impacts of war on logistics operations, including employment, local economies, and the supply chain ecosystem.

9. **Logistics Security and Risk Assessment in Conflict Areas:** Focus on the security challenges faced by logistics companies operating in conflict areas. Develop a risk assessment framework and propose security measures to protect personnel and assets.

10. **Cross-Border Logistics in Post-War Regions:** Explore the complexities of cross-border logistics operations in post-war regions. Analyze trade dynamics, regulatory challenges, and opportunities for cross-border cooperation.

Before choosing a thesis topic, be sure to consult with your academic advisor or mentor to ensure that the selected topic aligns with your program’s requirements and your personal research interests. Additionally, consider the availability of data and resources for your chosen research area. Good luck with your research and thesis!

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List of unique master thesis topics for MBA students

We will be highlighting some of the topics for MBA thesis that are being used almost all around the world by the MBA students and are successfully accepted by the mentors or supervisors. There is no such thing in the provided topics that will make you lose track when working on the thesis for your degree program. Since there are many subfields in the MBA degree program, we will be sharing our top few topics from the different fields of MBA; this would be beneficial for your MBA thesis samples.

Business management thesis topics

  • As there are still many gender inequalities in the rising industries so which management strategy would strongly support females to stand strong while working efficiently?
  • What is the rightful employment benefit for employees and how it can impact the company’s productivity?
  • What are the working strategies that should be used by the small business to adapt the globalization?
  • How well does the business team perform in multinational companies?
  • The working of human resource management and their policies in the non-profitable organizations.
  • What role does foreign direct investment play in the economy of developing countries?

Marketing thesis topics

  • The usage of digital methods for the growth of the business and improvement of brand salience.
  • Does the company’s brands value be the point of consideration for the customers?
  • The usage of YouTube to enhance and uplift the revenue generated by the beauty brand marketing.
  • Can the brand reputation of a company is transferable from one industry to the other?
  • The SME image is being impacted by the quality of the product.
  • What vis the role of customization and personalization in digital relationship marketing during the pandemic.

Finance thesis topics

  • A noticeable growth has been witnessed in the international microfinance.
  • The role of credit and other financial services in the growth and investment.
  • How is microfinance helping in the reduction of poverty?
  • What is different between EUROPE and Asia keeping the FDI strategies under consideration.
  • The decision to expand microfinance in the banking industry in the United Kingdom.
  • What impacts does European financial regulation have on the financial statement of the ones on the other side of the border?

Accounting thesis topics

  • Is it right to take the risk when working in the companies? Describe it from an accounting perspective.
  • What should you consider when investing in the financial markets?
  • Should taxation be a part of human rights policy?
  • What is the impact of public knowledge on the market share index fluctuations?
  • What are the consequences for the individuals of your country who are getting paid quite lower than their deserving salaries?
  • What are the similarities between internal and external audits?

Things to remember when choosing MBA thesis topics 2021

Choosing a thesis topic isn’t a piece of cake because it is a matter of the entire degree program that you will reflect on in your thesis. We understand this pain of yours and completely agree with the point that not everyone has the expertise to choose the perfect Master thesis help for your topics. However, since the thesis requires your complete efforts, look for ways to help you with complicated situations.

Specifically, if your problem is about the topic selection, don’t worry. Here are a few ways by which you can overcome the emerging challenges of selecting the perfectly fit topic for your thesis.

It’s ok at times to compromise on the old topics

It is ok to not to be unique at all times. There will be times, and there are indeed times when your mind will be empty from all the new topics regarding the MBA thesis examples. This is when you should use the already existing topics; there is no harm in it.

However, the only problem will occur when you write the same topic written before by someone, and even you use the same concept and ideas. By doing this, the content and topic will be marked as plagiarized. You should use the existing topic by molding it into your way and giving it a new vision and mission. By doing this, you will also be able to maintain the uniqueness of the topic.

How “The Research Guardian” Can Help You A lot!

Our top thesis writing experts are available 24/7 to assist you the right university projects. Whether its critical literature reviews to complete your PhD. or Master Levels thesis.

Make sure that the topic has secondary data available

We have seen students roaming back and forth just because they have selected a topic that seems cool. Still, the specific topic has no secondary data present from reliable sources. Also, you cannot enter vague information. So, the only solution to this problem would be getting the topic changed by taking the supervisors’ permission.

To act smartly, our experts would suggest that you choose such a topic for which you can et a handful of information and data to incorporate in your writing.

Get Help from Expert Thesis Writers!

TheresearchGuardian.com providing expert thesis assistance for university students at any sort of level. Our thesis writing service has been serving students since 2011.

Use figures at a maximum level

When selecting a topic for thesis writing, ensure that you can get excessive information for the topic you have in your mind. Adding the figures and the facts add credibility to the content, and the chance of getting higher grades would increase.

Looking For Customize Thesis Topics?

Take a review of different varieties of thesis topics and samples from our website TheResearchGuardian.com on multiple subjects for every educational level.

Avail best MBA thesis topics 2022 without any hassle

It is ok if you cant follow the set of instructions mentioned above for the topic selection process. Don’t give up on the crucial elements of your degree program until we are there at your back. We know how to cater to the needs of thesis topics that should be perfect and effective. We strive to provide you with such topics that will make it easier for you to collect data on readily available and accessible resources. Our services do not end here, but we have a handful of exceptional services for our customers.

  • All the MBA thesis examples are entirely original.
  • We maintain the uniqueness of the topics no matter how hard it will be for us to find one.
  • The topics won’t be the older ones, but our experts develop them in such a way that they seem new.
  • The wide range of our topics will give you a topic that will meet your passion in any way round.
  • The topics listed are free of plagiarism.

Doesn’t it seem like a complete package? I know it would, so hurry and avail this complete package for your thesis. It will become complicated for you to work on the topic searching with your efforts.

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50 Unique MBA Thesis Topic Ideas

50 of the latest mba thesis topic ideas.

The choice of an MBA thesis topic is influenced by factors such as area of specialization, one’s career goals, the scope of the research, ability to identify a gap, problem, or an opportunity for research in the real world.

The main areas of specialization in MBA include economics, marketing, human resource management, finance, operations and business management, accounting, logistics and supply chain management, e-commerce, strategic risk management, entrepreneurship, and information technology, among others. This article provides MBA thesis topic ideas based on the different areas of specialization.

MBA Thesis Writer

Topic Ideas Related to Economics

Topics in economics can be divided into five major categories such as fundamental economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, and personal finance economics. Thesis topic ideas include:

1. Analyzing the relationship between market competition and corporate growth strategies. A thesis based on this topic will involve evaluating how corporates are thriving in the current competitive business world and the strategies they are using to gain a competitive advantage.

2 . Effects of Covid-19 pandemic on the strategies for corporate market entry. When writing a thesis on this topic, the scholar should analyze how the pandemic has influenced investors’ decisions on entering the market.

3 . Understanding the effect of covid-19 on the growth of the tourism industry. A thesis on this topic will involve evaluating how the pandemic has affected tourism at domestic and global levels.

4 . The role of technological advancement on the shift in consumer preferences in the textile industry.

5. The effect of local culture on entrepreneurship. This topic will involve analyzing the relationship between local culture and entrepreneurial development.

MBA Thesis Topic Ideas Related to Accounting

Categories of accounting include financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, tax accounting, bookkeeping, e-accounting, accounting information among others. Ideas arising from these categories include:

6 . Impacts of Covid-19 on health financing. In this topic, scholars should analyze the impact of the pandemic on healthcare financing basing their argument on the extent, duration and severity of economic contraction, government revenue and borrowing, the share of public expenditure on health, and how well the share is managed.

7 . Analyzing the Relationship between Activity-based costing and Project Value. A thesis based on this topic will involve evaluating whether activity-based costing can add value to a project or not.

8 . Impact of internal auditing on financial reporting in a company. Understanding the scope and implications of internal auditing, the aspects of internal bias, or total compliance, a scholar should generate an appropriate research topic.

9 . Understanding the effects of income tax on medium and small-scale businesses. Taxation policy affects business costs and a thesis based on this topic will involve evaluating the relationship between tax policy and the growth of small and medium scale businesses.

10 . Impacts of sensible investing on business growth. This topic will involve evaluating the effects of sensible investing on business growth.

Ideas Related to Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management(HRM) is an extensive course that comprises of many activities related to recruitment, training, coaching, supervision, motivation, and implementation of activities. These activities can be classified into strategic human resource management, reward and risk management, training and development, performance and appraisal management, employee motivation and relations management, diversity, and office culture management. MBA thesis ideas related to HRM include:

11 . Effects of strategic human resource policies on business identity. In this topic, one should identify a particular company, study its policies and synthesize how they influence its uniqueness.

12 . Understanding the impact of financial and non-financial rewards on employee performance. A thesis based on this topic will involve evaluating the relationship between rewards and employee performance.

13 . The importance of training and development on employees. A scholar should evaluate whether training and development affect employee performance.

14 . The relationship between employee motivation and the growth of an organization. This topic will involve analyzing whether there is a link between employee motivation and the growth of an organization.

15 . The role of employee retention on the success of an organization. In this topic, the scholar should evaluate the relationship between employee retention and organizational success.

16 . Assessing the impacts of strategic HRM technology on business goals. This topic idea is aimed at analyzing and evaluating the role of human resource management technologies in achieving long-term and short-term goals of a business.

MBA Writing Experts

Thesis Topic Ideas Related to Business Management

Thesis topic ideas related to business management include:

17 . The role of feedback in relation to company productivity. A thesis on this topic involves analyzing how client feedback affects company productivity.

18 . Impacts of organizational culture on innovation management. This topic will entail analyzing the relationship between good innovation management practices and organizational culture.

19 . Analyzing the relationship between business performance and customer focus. This topic is meant to evaluate whether there is a link between customer focus and marketing performance.

20 . Assessing how workers attain a work-life balance in 21 st Century. In this topic, one should choose a specific organization and assess how employees are able to create this balance.

21 . The role of strategic management on business growth and performance. This topic is aimed at establishing whether there is a relationship between strategic management and business growth, and performance

22 . Analyzing the relationship between innovation management and business performance. This topic idea will involve finding out whether there is a positive or negative relationship, or if there is no relationship between innovation management and business performance.

Topic Ideas Related to Finance

Some of the thesis topic ideas related to finance include:

23 . Effects of microfinance on emerging economies. A thesis on this topic will involve analyzing the role of microfinance in the growth of emerging economies.

24 . The role of credit services in business growth and investment. Based on this topic, one should evaluate whether credit services contribute to the growth of businesses or not.

25 . Effects of foreign direct investment on developing countries. This topic involves finding out how developing countries can benefit from direct foreign investment.

26 . The impact of microfinance on poverty reduction and economic growth. The aim of this topic is to establish whether, and how, the microfinance sector contributes to poverty alleviation and the growth of the economy.

27 . Factors leading to the rapid growth of international microfinance. The aim of this topic idea is to analyze the role of microfinance schemes on low-income groups and factors favoring their fast growth.

28 . Impacts of financial literacy on investment behavior. The topic idea is meant to evaluate if there is a relationship between the two variables.

MBA Thesis Ideas Related to Marketing

Below are some of the thesis topic ideas in marketing.

29 . Effects of Fear of Missing Out(FOMO) on online marketing. A thesis based on this topic will involve evaluating the role of FOMO techniques to increase online marketing results.

30 . Relationship between emotional branding and customer loyalty. This idea will establish whether emotional branding affects customer loyalty for a particular product.

31 . Analyzing how discounting affects customer behavior. In this topic, one should analyze how price discount affects consumers’ decision on buying or not buying a given product.

32 . Understanding the role of gender representation and diversity in advertising. The aim of this topic idea is to analyze the social effects of gender roles in advertising.

33 . Effects of social media on relationship marketing in the Covid-19 era. This topic will involve evaluating the role of social media on customer shopping behavior.

34 . Effects of product quality on consumer satisfaction for high and low-contact products. A thesis based on this topic will involve evaluating whether there is a relationship between product quality and consumer satisfaction.

35 . Effects of product availability on brand image of SME. The scholar should evaluate whether the availability or absence of a product influences customer perception of an SME.

MBA Topic Ideas Related to Information Technology Management

Scholars specializing in information technology can find MBA thesis topics from the following ideas.

36 . Impacts of information technology management on global business operations. A thesis based on this topic will involve evaluating the role of information technology in managing a global business.

37 . Effects of technological advancement on global trade. The scholar should evaluate how global trade is being transformed by modern technologies.

38 . Effective management of technology as a competitive advantage for innovative companies. This topic is aimed at analyzing how a company can use modern technology to gain a competitive advantage.

39 . Evaluating the role of mobile technologies in the gap between small-scale enterprises and large scare corporations. In this topic, one should assess whether mobile technologies are closing or widening the gap and what are the implications.

40 . Analyzing the relationship between business advertisement and customer purchasing behavior in the 21 st Century.

Topic Ideas Related to Entrepreneurship

MBA thesis ideas on entrepreneurship including, but not limited to the following:

41 . The role of social media in entrepreneurial growth. In this topic, one should analyze how social media affects growth in entrepreneurship.

42 . Analyzing factors that lead to bankruptcy in small-scale enterprises. A thesis based on this topic will involve evaluating the causes of insolvency in small-scale enterprises.

43 . Impact of high inflation and taxation on small and medium enterprises. This topic is aimed at evaluating how high taxes and inflation affects SMEs.

44 . Analyzing the role played by entrepreneurship in the growth of an economy. In this topic, one should analyze the contribution of entrepreneurship towards economic growth.

45 . Analyzing the relationship between entrepreneurial training on women and youth, and growth of a country’s economy. This topic involves analyzing how training women and youth in business helps to reduce unemployment and social crimes.

MBA Writing Services

Topic Ideas Related to E-commerce

In our society today there has been an increasing number of people benefiting from e-commerce due to technological advancement. Some of the thesis topic ideas related to E-Commerce include:

46 . Analyzing the role of social media in e-commerce. The aim of this thesis topic is to analyze how social media help in marketing, promotion, and selling products.

47 . Analyzing how businesses use e-commerce to establish good customer relations. One should analyze e-commerce strategies for good customer service and retention.

48 . Evaluating the relationship between e-commerce and operational costs in an organization. This topic idea will enable one to establish the role of e-commerce in reducing operating costs for an organization.

49 . Analyzing the impact of e-commerce on emerging markets in developing countries. This topic will involve establishing whether, or not, e-commerce can speed up the growth of the emerging economy.

50 . Ways through which businesses solve issues related to data privacy in e-commerce. This topic involves analyzing methods used by e-commerce businesses to address information privacy issues.

Choosing an excellent topic sets a strong foundation for a high-quality thesis paper. One should choose a thesis topic depending on their area of specialization. Our company also assists students to select a valid topic, write a proposal for their MBA thesis, and also write the thesis. We have expert data analysts in case one is not well versed in statistics or qualitative data analysis. Join our live chat now for instant help.

thesis for an mba

Department of Management Sciences

Master's thesis topics list in the mba program.


Download the full list of Master's Thesis topics of the years 2011 - 2018. ​Go back to " Master YOUR Thesis ".

Graduation year of 2018

"Corporate-NGO partnerships in a critical reflection​" (Dodo Mamadou Baba​, Batch 2016)

"Child protection policies and strategies as management tools of NGOs in Delhi​" (Aadhya Kaul, Batch 2016)

"Development of an effective advertising strategy for antihistamine drugs in the pharmaceutical industry in Uzbekistan​" (Valentin Khen, Batch 2012)

Graduation year of 2017

"Online Fundraising as a strategic field of work for NGOs - what can NGOs learn from the private sector?​" (Jose Luis Gomez Cruz, Batch 2015)

"Process factors in NGO Corporate Relationship Management (CRM)" ( Saskia Hedrich, Batch 2015 )

"A qualitative analysis of the success factors for entrepreneurship and SME development in Ghana-the role of education, training, consulting and advice​" (Mara Thomas, Batch 2013)

"Integration of smallholder farmer in global supply chains and development - related impacts ​" (Catharina Abs, Batch 2014)

"CSR implementation in the Dairy Industry in Vietnam​" (Tan Nguyen, Batch 2013)

"Tackling Sustainable Development: Climate Change Adaption in Cities - The cases of Rotterdam and Chennai" (Amina Schild, Batch 2014)

"Gender Responsive Monitoring & Evaluation in development projects ​" (Ayesha Hussain, Batch 2014)

"Correlation of Happiness with Social Entrepreneurship: A Bhutan Case Study ​" (Philip Schiebold, Batch 2013)

​" Measuring development: an inventory of the uses indicators and a first critical evaluation of their explanatory power in rural development​" (Ana Bruda Plasenica, Batch 2014)

Graduation year of 2016

"Change management: Leadership's Role in Moving Organizational Culture towards Corporate Social Responsibility ​" (Shay Clark, Batch 2013)

"Market Entry Strategy for German SMEs into the East African Market: The Case of Kenya's Furniture Industry" (David Elema, Batch 2014)

​"Relationship marketing and CRM systems for NGOs in Germany​" (Andrea Rickers, Batch 2012)

​" Effectiveness of the Management of School System in Eastern Nigeria​" (Stephen Okechukwu Oranuba​, Batch 2012)

Graduation year of 2015

"The importance of purchase associations for the footwear sector in Spain" (Enrique Trejo Parra, Batch 2012)

"Implementation of Sustainable Supply Chain Management - a comparison of different industry approaches​" (Ecaterina Chislari, Batch 2012​)

"Opportunities and Obstacles to Sustainable Human Development in the People's Republic of China: Success Factors of Public-Private Partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility Approaches" (Elias Drew​ Hardwick-Witmann, Batch 2013​)

Graduation year of 2014

"Contribution of Corporate Security to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities" (Lana Djurkin-König​, Batch 2011)

"Characteristics of the organizations' culture within an international NGO: The case of Fairtrade International e.V." (Norma Isabel Berrio Baquero​, Batch 2011)

"Virtual Volunteering in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)" (Yu Lun Chung​, Batch 2011)

​" Challenges and Prospects of Assessing UNCCD's Effectiveness​" (Siaham Gaiz, Batch 2012)

​ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

​ In case of questions please contact the MBA Support team: [email protected]

MBA Capstone & Thesis | 2022 Guide

portrait of Reese Lopez

Reese Lopez

Contributing Writer

Learn about our editorial process .

Updated November 17, 2022

Person gives a presentation about Green Technology to a group

OnlineMBA.com is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Are you ready to discover your college program?

Typically serving as the culminating experience in an MBA program, a capstone or thesis project bridges academic study and professional practice, applying the skills gained from an MBA to real-world business management and research. Thesis projects commonly take a more academic, research-based approach, while capstones focus on the practical side of business, often requiring students to identify and solve problems at real companies.

Capstones require students to synthesize everything they've learned from their MBA programs, serving as their best opportunity to demonstrate understanding of business principles and practices. Andrew Gold, an associate professor of management at Saint Leo University in Florida, puts it plainly: "The capstone is probably the single most important class in the entire program."

This page offers a general guide to MBA capstone and thesis projects. Below, find an overview of the key differences between the two types of projects, typical steps to research and writing, capstone project examples, and answers to common questions -- all accompanied by expert advice from an MBA faculty member.

What's the Difference Between a Capstone and a Thesis?

While a capstone and thesis serve similar functions, most MBA programs distinguish between the two projects. MBAs typically include practicum/internship components, enabling students to gain hands-on experience in professional business environments. Capstones build on this experience, requiring students to develop practical solutions to real-world business problems.

As Gold explains, "The [capstone] is intended to demonstrate that you understand and can apply what you have learned about the various disciplines in the business school and use some creativity to put together comprehensive analyses of complicated, real-life problems."

A thesis generally takes a more academic approach, requiring students to answer a question to contribute new knowledge to the field through a comprehensive research paper. Programs with an academic focus, preparing graduates for research and academic positions, might opt for a thesis over a capstone.

Online MBA Programs for You

Grow your career, leadership, and business acumen with an accredited online MBA program.

The MBA Capstone

Broadly, MBA capstones require students to synthesize major program principles to address contemporary business issues, serving to assess overall knowledge and individual skill. As Gold explains, "In addition to demonstrating students' abilities to analyze complex problems, the [capstone] typically shows evidence of creative thinking, critical thinking, and the ability to examine a problem from a variety of functional perspectives." The following sections detail typical capstone components and processes.

The MBA Capstone Process

The MBA Capstone Format

Choosing Your Capstone Topic

Example Topics for Capstone Projects

Business plan for a startup venture, analysis of emerging technology threats, reorganization after corporate downsizing, gamification of sustainability behavior, feasibility and market analysis for a new app.

Completing Your MBA Capstone

  • Collapse All

How to Research for Your Capstone

Capstone research often involves a literature review of existing information on a topic, along with original research into the company itself. To address a business problem, students must understand both the general nature of the problem and its specific impact on an organization.

Gold recommends students familiarize themselves with their capstone topics before contacting their organizations with questions: "Get as much information as possible from publicly available sources. Prepare questions in advance."

When conducting interviews, strive for courtesy and professionalism. "Understand that the people you speak with in the company are doing this outside their normal job routine, so make it as easy as possible for them to help you with the least amount of effort on their part," Gold adds. "Be specific with your requests and be very professional."

How to Outline Your Capstone

After conducting initial research, students should create an outline to organize their ideas and prepare to write their capstone papers. Exact organizational strategies vary depending on capstone subject, but most papers begin with an introduction to the company and/or business issue before moving into a more in-depth problem statement. The paper then states capstone goals and objectives, and it describes methods and strategies, a management plan, and a strategy for evaluating the effectiveness of the project.

Gold offers some practical advice for students: "Start with a high-level list of bullet points that will carve out each of the different sections of the project. Then start to narrow down each of the sections. Much of the outline will develop as you start to proceed with the project and there are a variety of templates online that you can also use as a guide."

How to Write Your Capstone

Gold recommends students begin their writing with high-level questions: "What is it that you are trying to answer? Avoid very simple yes/no-type questions, and instead ask questions like, 'How might we' or 'How can we,' that imply more complicated answers. As you hone in your question/topic for your project, then start to think about how you would go about answering the question."

Given that most capstone projects aim to propose solutions to business problems, students should ensure they clearly define the business problem, their strategies for addressing it, and their methods for evaluating strategy effectiveness. Capstone writing should always adopt a professional tone, suitable for academic or business communications, and students can work with faculty to ensure their work meets professional standards.

Capstone Project Workflow Tips

Make realistic goals, divide work into stages, delegate tasks efficiently, use past work as a guide, seek assistance when necessary.

Presenting Your MBA Capstone

How Is an MBA Capstone Graded?

The MBA Thesis

An MBA thesis functions similarly to a capstone in some regards, but the two projects maintain notable differences. While capstones address practical business problems, thesis projects draw on original research to contribute new knowledge to the field of business. This section outlines major components of an MBA thesis.

The MBA Thesis Format

Choosing Your Thesis Topic

Completing Your MBA Thesis

Presenting Your MBA Thesis

How is an MBA Thesis Graded?

Frequently Asked Questions About MBA Capstone

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Portrait of Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold , Ph.D., is an associate professor of management at Saint Leo University in Florida and an adjunct associate professor at the University of North Carolina, teaching managing innovation processes and performance in the online MBA program . He received his bachelor's degree in finance in 1992 from Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business, with a focus on international finance and investments. He received his doctorate in 2002 from the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School, with a focus on strategy and innovation management.

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