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Global Warming Research Proposals Samples For Students

19 samples of this type

Regardless of how high you rate your writing skills, it's always a good idea to check out an expertly written Research Proposal example, especially when you're handling a sophisticated Global Warming topic. This is precisely the case when WowEssays.com database of sample Research Proposals on Global Warming will prove useful. Whether you need to think up an original and meaningful Global Warming Research Proposal topic or look into the paper's structure or formatting peculiarities, our samples will provide you with the necessary data.

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Good Example Of Research Proposal On Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

Introduction, good research proposal on global warming and climate change, example of global warming research proposal.

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Good Research Proposal About The Focus Of The Paper Shall Be Global Warming And Climate Change

Significance: Global warming is a phenomenon that is affecting the whole world and is causing climate change. Evryone feels the effects of the changing climate and by exploring the phenomenon, I plan to find the cause of the problem and away of minimizing the effects.

Working Research Question.:

What is the major cause of global warming and climate change and what steps can an individual take to minimize the effects?

Preliminary Research:

Example of research proposal on electric vehicles versus conventional fuel engines, climate change and humanity’s contribution to it research proposal example, free what are the risks of climate change and global warming research proposal example, good dates research proposal example, term paper proposal, the impact of global warming on mother earth research proposal, good example of research proposal on solar and nuclear energy.

The search or an alternative source of energy is needed due to the increasing populations of the world, higher demand in electricity and the depletion of the resources of the Earth. The whole scope of the available solutions was available through the study of journals, scientific magazines, online articles and periodicals, and books on the topic of applying alternative sources of energy so as to find the best possible solution In view of the global warming problem, this issue has been extensively studied by many scientists. I will utilize their vision on some available alternatives.

This is needed in order to determine which solution will best mitigate and facilitate the solution to the problem.

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Crisis Counseling is an activity that is directed at restoring normalcy to human psychological feeling. Crises are numerous and they are experienced frequently in everyday life. Since it’s something that is part of human life, finding out a plan that will minimize effects is the most modest thing for people to do. Furthermore, crisis may arise from natural disasters over which human beings have no control over. Perfecting the skills and procedures of reducing the effects of crisis will bring more benefits to humanity.

Estimation Of Economic Value Of Golf Course And Coastal Trail Research Proposals Example

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How to Apply for Grants

An Example Sample Project Proposal on “Climate Change Adaptation Program”

Our proposed Climate Change Adaptation Program seeks to address the urgent need for community resilience-building in the face of increasing climate change-related disasters. By implementing a combination of reforestation, improved agricultural practices, and coastal management, we aim to empower communities to adapt and thrive in the changing climate. The program will be implemented over a span of three years, targeting vulnerable regions that are most at risk.

Project Objectives :

The primary objectives of the Climate Change Adaptation Program are as follows:

  • Strengthen community resilience: Enhance the capacity of communities to withstand and recover from climate change-related disasters through the implementation of effective adaptation measures.
  • Reforestation: Restore and expand forest cover to sequester carbon, mitigate the effects of climate change, and provide ecosystem services while promoting sustainable livelihoods for local communities.
  • Improved agricultural practices: Promote climate-smart agricultural techniques that increase food security, enhance soil health, and reduce vulnerability to climate variability.
  • Coastal management: Develop and implement strategies to manage coastal areas in a sustainable manner, including measures to protect against sea-level rise, storm surges, and erosion.

Targeted Locations:

The program will initially focus on vulnerable regions identified as high-risk areas for climate change-related disasters. These locations have been selected based on comprehensive climate vulnerability assessments and consultations with local communities and relevant stakeholders.

Implementation Plan:

The Climate Change Adaptation Program will be executed in three phases:

  • Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment in targeted regions to identify specific vulnerabilities and adaptation requirements.
  • Engage local communities, government agencies, and other stakeholders in the planning process to ensure their active participation and ownership.
  • Implement reforestation initiatives, including tree planting campaigns and restoration of degraded forest areas.
  • Promote climate-smart agricultural practices through capacity building, training, and provision of necessary resources .
  • Establish coastal management plans, incorporating measures such as mangrove restoration, shoreline protection, and sustainable fishing practices.
  • Regularly monitor the progress and effectiveness of implemented initiatives.
  • Evaluate the impact of the program on community resilience, environmental sustainability, and economic well-being.
  • Make necessary adjustments to the strategies and interventions based on the evaluation outcomes.

Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement:

We recognize the importance of collaboration and engagement with various stakeholders to ensure the success and sustainability of the program. We intend to establish partnerships with local communities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and international funding agencies to leverage resources, expertise, and knowledge-sharing.

Budget and Funding:

A detailed budget for the Climate Change Adaptation Program is enclosed with this proposal . We are actively seeking funding from government grants, corporate sponsorships, philanthropic organizations, and international funding agencies to support the implementation of this program.

Conclusion :

The Climate Change Adaptation Program represents a critical initiative to strengthen communities’ resilience in the face of climate change-related disasters. By focusing on reforestation, improved agricultural practices, and coastal management, we aim to promote sustainable development, protect ecosystems, and enhance the well-being of vulnerable communities. We sincerely hope that you find our proposal compelling and consider supporting this vital program.

sample of research proposal on climate change

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Climate Change Perception Research Proposal

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Ann Bostrom

sample of research proposal on climate change

William Irwin

Climate Change

Marinus C Gisolf

The present article on the subject of global warming and climate change in general arose from an observed confusion of contradictory publications, ambivalent environmental policies, questionable international agreements and popular climate theories with its supporters and opponents, creating serious doubts on what really is happening to our world. Temperatures in the atmosphere are on the rise and it seems that scientists, experts, politicians and the public in general have been able to notice this phenomenon for the last fifty years or so. The planet's climate changes continuously, which is another of the few statements we can be sure about, although the reasons behind it and its functionality with regards to global warming is still under investigation and discussion. This holds true even more for the question to what extent the human being can influence this rise in temperature and manage it through regulating its CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, which has led to extensive and even vehement debates. As part of a series of conversations among friends with different backgrounds and interests, we arrived at the basic questions: How important is the role of the human being in climate change? In search for answers we started to researching the Internet on these issues, which resulted in an intriguing journey full of surprises, contradictions, manipulations to the point that it became clear, that there are no simple explications or solutions. What did become clear is that our climate system is non-linear, chaotic with feedbacks, which makes it about impossible to forecast even tomorrow's weather.

Center for Climate Change Communication , Connie Roser-Renouf

Nearly two in three Americans (63%) believe global warming is happening. Relatively few – only 16 percent – believe it is not. However, since Fall 2012, the percentage of Americans who believe global warming is real has dropped 7 points to 63%, likely influenced by the relatively cold winter of 2012-13 (compared to the prior year) and an unusually cold March just before the survey was conducted. In March of 2012, after an unusually warm winter, 66 percent of Americans believed global warming was happening; thus, seasonal effects may account for at least some of the change we observe. • Those who believe global warming is happening are more certain of their convictions than those who do not. Of the 63% of Americans who believe global warming is happening, most say they are “very” (33%) or “extremely sure” (27%). By contrast, of the unconvinced, fewer are very (28%) or extremely sure of their view (18%). • About half of Americans (49%) believe global warming – if it is happening – is caused mostly by human activities, a decrease of 5 points since Fall 2012, but similar to levels stretching back several years. • More Americans believe that “most scientists think global warming is happening” than believe there is widespread disagreement among scientists (42% versus 33%, respectively). One in five Americans (20%) continue to feel they “don’t know enough to say” and fewer than one in 20 (4%) believe that “most scientists think global warming is not happening.” • About half of Americans (51%) say they are “somewhat” or “very worried” about global warming, a 7 percentage-point decline in worry since Fall 2012. • At least four out of ten Americans say global warming will harm people in their community (45%), their family (44%), or themselves (42%). Though Americans today, compared to Fall 2012, are slightly less likely to perceive these threats of harm, they are much more likely to do so today than they were a year ago. • Global warming is also perceived as a threat to people in developing countries (55%, down 9 points since September 2012, but similar to March 2012), in other modern industrialized countries (53%, down 4 points since September, but up 4 points since March 2012), and in the United States (52%, down 5 points since September, but up 6 points since March 2012). • Today, four in ten Americans say people around the world are being harmed right now by climate change (38%), while 34 percent say global warming is currently harming people in the United States.

Australian Educational Researcher

Helen J . Boon

Regional Australian students were surveyed to explore their understanding and knowledge of the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion and climate change. Results were compared with a parallel study undertaken in 1991 in a regional UK city. The comparison was conducted to investigate whether more awareness and understanding of these issues is demonstrated by students as a result of over 16 years’ accumulated knowledge, increased certainty among experts of greenhouse effects on climate, media publicity and inclusion of the greenhouse effect in the Australian school curriculum. Data obtained from a combined sample of 740 Year 8/10 secondary students examined the extent of student understanding and knowledge, models of explanation and sources of information of the phenomena. A path analytic, Structural Equation Model (SEM) tested links between student understanding of the greenhouse effect, knowledge of greenhouse gases and experience of being in a greenhouse, to conceptions of climate change. Results show similarities between the two groups, with knowledge and understanding of these important scientific literacy issues remaining unacceptably low in 2007. Sociocultural influences are proposed in relation to results and implications for practice are suggested.

Climatic Change

Soyoung Choi

The purpose of this study was to investigate students’ conceptions of the greenhouse effect, global warming, and climate change. The study was descriptive in nature and reflected a cross-age design involving the collection of qualitative data from 51 secondary students from three different schools in the Midwest, USA. These data were analyzed for content in an inductive manner to identify student’s conceptions. The categories that emerged from the students’ responses reflected different degrees of sophistication of students’ conceptions about the greenhouse effect, global warming, and climate change. Based on these findings we make curricular recommendations that build on the students’ conceptions, the IPCC Findings, the NRC (1996) science education standards, and NOAA’s climate literacy framework.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Journal of Geoscience Education

Catherine Gautier

Clive Hamilton


American Behavioral Scientist

Riley Dunlap

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Ralph Alexander

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cliff ollier

Fernando A G Alcoforado

Journal of Science Education and Technology

George Meadows

European Scientific Journal ESJ

Grand Valley Review

Karel Rogers

Alan H. McGowan

Alan McGowan

Arto O Salonen

ced mwangose

Center for Climate Change Communication

Canadian Journal of Environmental Education

Rosanne Fortner

Kristie Kennon


Md. Shafiqul Islam

Manasa Seshan

Mark McCaffrey

Fredy Monge Rodríguez

Energy & Environment

Laurence (“Larry”) I Gould

The Complete Briefing

Calin Zamfirescu

Canadian Journal of …

Diane Pruneau

Valeria Meza

CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research - Zenodo

Dr. frances Vaidya

Sharon Gedye

Maurice Lineman

Anthony Leiserowitz

Science Education

Who and what for creates the myth about the global warming?

Vasily Filippov

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Jan Corfee-Morlot

Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal

J. Marvin Herndon

Environmental Education Research

Online Submission

Richard Berk


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