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15 Best Research Writing Courses Online in 2023 [Updated]

research writing course

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Table of Contents

research writing course

In simple words, research writing gathers information from several places on a certain topic and brings that in place using a technique. If writing is your passion, research is already an ability you have naturally, but do you have an approach to use that ability in the right way. The most essential part of research writing is that the answer remains the same regardless of the part ‘who your audience is’.

The research writing course provides the necessary skills to grow as a research writer. It helps students develop critical thinking and analyzing methods, where and how to search for relevant data, and how to investigate data, etc.

Here are the 10 best Institutes that provide Research Writing Courses Online :

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin research course offers you one of the most popular and most in-depth courses. It trains you to become a successful award-winning research writer. The Certified Research Writing (CRW) Course helps bring out the professional and polished researcher inside you. It has been appraised for bringing in the experienced trainer and the teaching methods. Research writing course is completely online and requires no effort to go out of your comfort zone in these tough times. The students have reviewed and rated the research writing course online as 4.8/5.

Key Features of the Research Writing Course:

Benefits of Enrolling in Certified Research Writing (CRW) course:

Takeaways of the course

Modules covered in Certified Research Writing (CRW) course:

– The target audience of this writing, the qualities required to be a research writer, the different types of research, and the relation between Employees and Clients.

– How to conduct research that includes- defining the research questions, gathering information, forming hypotheses, and interpreting the result.

– Learn literature research, the importance, and the goals of literature research. Equipping with proper use of citation and learn how to scan articles effortlessly.

– How to make a powerful introduction by understanding writing tips, learning how to write the first draft, the first, second and third paragraph.

– Learn about Drafting A methods, understanding the goals of having methods and result sections, also structuring, and preparing the text following the result section.

– Get equipped with tips to make research writing perfect, by being clear and concise.

– Become equipped with tips for adding a perfectly formatted list of references, proper abstract, and impressive title write-ups.

Course Types, Benefits & Fees:

To know more information about fee structure please check it here:-


Cities in India where Henry Harvin Research Writing Course is provided:

Mumbai , Bangalore , Pune , Chandigarh , Indore , Cochin

Henry Harvin also Provides these Courses :

There’s a long list of trainers providing research writing online courses on Udemy. Numerous intense research writing courses are available to choose from the pre-recorded sessions. Once enrolled the video lessons are accessible for a lifetime by the students. Trainers from around the globe with high-quality experience are on Udemy as instructors.  The students reviewed the research writing courses with an average of 4.6/5. Before enrolling read the reviews and student testimonials.

Key features of the research writing course on Udemy:

–  Personal growth

– On-demand video up to 20 hours

– Flexible timing to study

– No deadline for assignment

– Access to videos on mobile, desktop and TV

– Certificate of completion

Topics covered in Research writing course by Udemy:

 Gaining knowledge on how to plan the essay, the thesis statement, learn to structure paragraphs and linking sentences.

Writing Bibliography and reference list, learn referencing styles, create footnotes and endnotes, and the appendix.

Fee structure

–  The highest-rated research writing online course with 4.8 stars/5 costs ₹ 6,400, they have countless flash sales on the Udemy app and website where you can buy this course at much less price, somewhere around ₹ 500- ₹ 1000. Install the Udemy app for notifications on such sales.

–  There are a few more research writing courses with 4.6 – 4.3 star ratings which will cost between ₹ 4000- ₹ 8000 and there are many similar courses pricing ₹ 2000- ₹ 2500. You can find out these courses on sale as well.

For more details:

Go to www.udemy.com

Download Udemy App on Google Play Store or App store

3. Future Learn

They provide the University of Leicester certified research writing course ‘Discovering Your PhD Potential: Writing a research proposal’. The research writing course online provides you with the perfect college/university environment giving you university professors as trainers. The course has 52 reviews and is ranked 4.8/5. This course is an elaborated version meant for ones who are opting for the candidature in PhD.  The syllabus of the research writing course has been divided into weeks with a total of 5 weeks of course.

Topics covered in the research writing course:

       Week 1:

–          Discussion on Why do a PhD

–          Managing expectations on PhD goals

–          Potential problem with PhD applications

–          Overcoming potential and possible solutions for PhD problems

–          Funding your research

–          Midland4Cities Doctoral Training Partnership

–          Studentship from EU Funding or other national research funding bodies

–          Graduate Research Assistant positions

–          Studentship from other funding bodies

–          Self- funding ideas

–          Learn research problem to research gap- the deductive approach and inductive approach

–          Research utility and its impact

–          What is Planning and Referencing tools?

–          Introduction to research questions

–          Formulating the research questions

–          Learn how to find the right Literature without access to a university

–          Pre-publication version of Articles

–          Open access journals and how can you access academic literature

–          Use Google Scholar to search for ideas

–          Organizing and Planning of the literature

–          How to write the Literature review

–          Learn Research philosophy, design, methodology and ethics

–          What is the interrelation between building blocks of research?

–          What is Ontology and Epistemology?

–          Quantitative and Qualitative research design

–          How to use the CRED framework to think through the duties of the researcher

–          Outline your overall approach and methodology

–          How to build your proposal by selling the topic: the title

–          Feedback of the topic and the context

–          Methods of building your proposal

–          The provisional timetable, its conclusion, and references

–          In the end, bring it all together with closing words, recognition, and thanks

Note: – After each week Future Learn has a Review of the week article which comprises the gist of complete weeks discussions.

Fee structure of research writing course online on Future Learn:

For more details, log in to www.futurelearn.com

4. Coursera

It is a 100% online learning platform with numerous writing courses tied up to top global universities such as Stanford and Yale. The research writing course available on course is certified by the University of North Texas, Research Design: Inquiry and Discovery. This course is taught by the best instructor of UNT. The course is rated 4.6/5 stars by 56 students. The course is divided into 4weeks for a total of 9 hours.

Topics covered in Research writing course online by Coursera:

     The total time to complete this module is 3 hours, 7 videos (total 30mins), 13 reading and 1 quiz which is:

The total time to complete this module is 2 hours, 3 videos (16mins), 8 readings and 1 quiz which are:

–          Introduction Conceptualizing and Operationalizing inquiry process

–          Relation between variables

–          Questions and Hypotheses

–          Glossary

The total time to complete this module is 2 hours, 3 videos (13mins), 4 readings, 2 quizzes which are:

–          What is a Literature review?

–          Review of the background, mainly literature and Writing

The total time to complete this module is 2 hours, 3 videos (17mins), 13 readings and 1 quiz which are:

–          What is sampling and its importance?

–          Basics Statistics concepts

–          Creating a Representative sample

–          Voluntary Participation giving ‘No Harm’ to Participants

–          Proposals

Fee structure of the research writing course online on Cours.

Note: – The course is a part of the bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and Science at the University of North Texas.

For more details, go to www.coursera.org

Download Coursera App on Google Play Store and App store

5. LinkedIn Learning by Lynda :

LinkedIn Learning is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education. The credits for the course can only be authorised with the acceptance of the State Board. The research writing course online on LinkedIn consists of trials a discount that provides the tips and techniques of Writing a Proposal. It teaches crafting the proposal from scratch.  The instructor will navigate the competitive and sometimes tedious work of writing a proposal. Eventually, write a powerful submission with a higher rate of acceptance.

Topics covered in the research writing course on LinkedIn learning:

–          Overview

–          Reviewing the General Purpose of Request for Proposal (RFP)

–          Learning Research question

–          Understanding the time element

–          How to use charts?

–          Understanding the reader

–          External solicited

–          Internal solicited

–          External unsolicited

–          Internal unsolicited

–          Following the writing process and its rules

–          Using the direct approach

–          Give complete and precise answers

–          Using client’s jargons

–          Construct a reader-friendly design

–          Overview of proposal parts

–          Understanding Prefatory parts and body parts

–          Understanding Ending parts and Appended parts

–          Taking Initiative

–          Debrief on the outcome

–     LinkedIn provides a one-month free trial and then ₹ 1400/month and if you pay annually, they give a discount that costs ₹ 900/month after free trial.

–       With this subscription, you have unlimited access to their library

–       LinkedIn Learning certification after completing the course

–       Interactive learning experience with practice test papers and quizzes

–       Video accessibility on Tablets and Phones

–      Apart from the LinkedIn Learning certificate they provide a NASBA certificate         if you achieve 70% is the exam

–     Additionally, LinkedIn provides access as LinkedIn premium members after subscription

For more details, go to www.linkedin.com/learning

Download LinkedIn App from Google Play Store or App store

It is a 100% online programme initiated by Govt. of India affiliated with AICTE. This initiative is to take the best teaching and learning resources to everyone including the most disadvantaged. The course is delivered free of cost however the learners who want a certificate will have to register for a proctored exam which comes at a fee and must attend in-person designated centres on specified dates. The universities which approve of credit transfer can use these marks/ certificates obtained in the course.

Duration – 8 weeks

Crafted for: Postgraduate and above

Topics covered in research writing course online by Swayam:

Week 1: A group discussion and overview of the research

Week 2: Discussion on literature survey and experimental skills

Week 3: Learn Data Analysis and Modelling

Week 4: Understanding creativity in Research with Technical writing and presentations

Week 5: A group discussion on Research ethics

Week 6: Understanding design of experiments

Week 7: Know about Intellectual Property

Week 8: Department-specific research discussions

For more details: www.swayam.gov.in

7. Elevate Academy :

This is an international academy, 100% online platform. They provide learning solutions to Health and Life sciences. The research writing course is on Introduction to Research Ethics specified in the healthcare sector. This course does not require you to be a part of the healthcare industry it just needs students with a bachelor’s degree and sufficient proficiency in verbal and written English.

Topics covered in research writing online course:

Fee structure and takeaways from the research writing course on Elevate Academy:

–          The Research ethics course costs ₹ 38,371/-

–          The duration of the course is a total of 6 weeks and 7 hours/ week

–          Academic certificate is provided after successful completion

For more details, go to elevatehealth.eu/courses

8. California Institute of Behavioural Neurosciences and Psychology :

CIBNP has few short courses and research proposal writing. This course is taught by a TEDx speaker and an accomplished expert in the field of Psychology.  The course is 100% online and completely pre-recorded. The study materials or videos are available to access right after enrolling.

The total duration of the Research writing course: 50 hours

Topics covered in the research writing course by CIBNP:

·       What is a Research proposal and why do you write it?

·       Who writes the proposal and its rules?

·       Techniques and secrets of writing attractive Research proposals

·       Steps and structure of Proposal writing

·       Literature Review

·       The time and budgeting

Fee structure and benefits:

–          This whole course costs ₹3643/-.

–          Flexible hours to access

–          Certificate after completion

–          Boosts CV

For more details, go to www.cibnp.com/courses

9. Candid Learning :

Candid is an international platform for online training. The Proposal writing course is an on-demand self-paced course. The accessibility of this course is for three months after the date of purchase.

Topics covered in the research writing course online by Candid Learning:

·       The Statement of Need- What is it, describing the need and documenting the facts

·       Learn goals and outcomes of the given project

·       Evaluating success and the sustainability questions

·       Proposal Conclusion and Budget review

·       Course recap

–          The self-paced which costs ₹16727/- is available at a discounted rate of ₹ 14868/- due to the covid-19 pandemic.

–          Learn how to turn your Proposal into a Letter of Inquiry (LoI)

–          Provides worksheets for writing your proposals

For more details, learning.candid.org/

The courses are affiliated with various renowned global universities. The research writing course online on EdX is named Quantitative and Qualitative Research for Beginners and is affiliated with the National University of Singapore (NUS). It is an introduction to the basics of research methods and provides both theoretical and practical information for students to research at a wide range of disciplines.

The total estimated time of the course is 8 weeks, 1-2 hours per week.

Topics covered in the research writing course online by EdX:

Fee Structure

–        It is a self-paced course, flexible timing

–        Audit track is free of cost and the course material is available for 2 months from the date of enrolment

–        Verified Track costs ₹7363 and have unlimited access to the course materials. In this track, you receive a certificate of completion and graded assignment and tests.

For more details, go to www.edx.org 

11. Blue Dots Consultancy

Blue Dots Consultancy is an education and training company headquartered in Bangalore. It’s the best for Academic Research writing course. Moreover, it offers a customised, result-driven Research paper writing course. The curriculum employs onsite, virtual, and offshore methodologies.

In addition to theoretical understanding, they provide practical expertise using Adobe Framemaker, Madcap Flare, Jira, DITA, and other technologies. In addition, this coaching is followed by evaluations of exercises and projects.

The most esteemed industry experts deliver the industry-specific bespoke curriculum. Thus, with over 2,000 students, they have a substantial student body. As for the likely placement, the cell increases its popularity among applicants. Regarding this, you can anticipate placements based on merit.

12. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)

Since its inception in 2001, SCDL has endeavoured to become India’s premier autonomous distance education institute. For almost two decades, SDLC has worked diligently to provide young hopefuls with an excellent education.

SCDL offers Postgraduate Diploma in Research paper writing course to meet technical communication specialists’ demands. This AICTE-approved course on Research paper writing has everything you need to become a writer. However, they train students to become influential technical writers to fulfil the field’s requirements. This training provides significant professional opportunities for technical writers, business writers, etc. Regarding eligibility requirements, any graduate or student awaiting final-year results may apply for this course. In terms of duration, the program spans two years. The two-tiered course consists of four semesters.

13. British Council

The British Council is a global organisation that bridges the gap between language and culture. They provide various training and  Research paper writing course to ambitious applicants to validate their professional prospects.

Regarding the Academic Research writing course, they provide short-term programs. The Academic Research writing course is one of several courses created for professionals, such as doctors. Consequently, they are another famous provider of courses in Research paper writing course in India.

Before entering the course overview, you should be aware of the following course benefit: 

14. Skillshare

Skillshare is a web-based learning community with several classes for creative and interested individuals. In 2010, two digital world professionals, Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong founded the company in New York. It focuses on creative professionals and entrepreneurs and is one of the most well-known e-learning sites.

The majority of Skillshare’s classes are free. Approximately 10% of the courses are accessible for free. The course on Research paper writing is highly reasonably priced.

Skillshare offers a one-month free trial to explore its Research paper writing course. Skillshare features a vast user community to make classes more enjoyable and participatory.

This Academic Research writing course from Skillshare contains lectures, course notes, and quizzes that will help you advance your academic writing.

Since 1943, as a division of the BBC World Service, BBC Learning English has provided free audio, video, and text materials to students worldwide, teaching English as a foreign language.

It emphasises developing a Research paper writing course to upskill the students. The length of this course is ten weeks. They will present a variety of Academic Research writing course assignments and assist you in developing your English language skills.

There are eight modules for academic writing, including academic terminology, paragraph writing, the language of argument, written assignments, citation skills, essay structure, criticism and evaluation, discussion forums, project presentations, and registering for exams. The majority of their content is presented as full-length courses. Each course component is distinct and can be studied independently.


The research writing helps in build academic as well as professional profiles and adds credibility to the writer. This helps you gather in-depth insights into the subject matter. As everything is digitised and the risk of going out is high, online platforms for education have become the major area. The writers are high in demand and research skills is the basic and most valuable skill required as a writer. Be it for Proposal writing or Market research writing gaining knowledge is never a harm.

Recommended Reads:

Writing needs, a thorough knowledge of the matter, its history and background. Only after gathering enough information, one can start writing a good piece on a specific topic.

Taking a research writing course enhances writing skills. It makes us understand how to add citation, source and reference to a written piece and not get caught into legal issues.

Research writing courses are 100% online and there are options for the self-paced courses and access pre-recorded videos to give you flexible timings.

You can share your certificate on different social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and let your peers and employers know about your new gained skill.

In today’s time and age, every form of writing especially research writing has gained huge importance. With long term experience, it becomes a very high paying jo

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' src=

This course was very beneficial for my research coursework. It gave me a broad outline about the various details that helped me in research

Best for research paper writing it helped me a lot in my research work. Thanks to the wonderful teachers

The course is very beneficial. I learnt quite a lot about how to make an essay writing more efficient and effective, as well as convincing and professional. Thank you all the instructors.

My experience at this place is good I learn a lot of things from here. My teacher is very good she is teaching me a few new ideas in research writing. Henry Harvin is one of the best research writing training institutes.

Dear Jagat, Thank you so much for your valuable and encouraging feedback. We are glad we could help you. Wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Keep growing.

Thank you so much for this information about Best Research Writing Courses Online and how to get admission in it. This is really helpful for us great work thanks again for posting this.

The research writing course provides the necessary skills to grow as a research writer. It helps students develop critical thinking and analyzing methods. keep writing.

This blog is for all those who want to know the details about TEFL and other related terminology. And the information is conveyed well from your blog.

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Research Writing: How to Do a Literature Review

Learn how to write a strong literature review with this course designed for research students, at any level, in any discipline.

32,241  enrolled on this course

How to Write a Literature Review

Weekly study

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research writing course

Improve your ability in a fundamental part of research: a literature review

Many students are required to write a critical review of current academic literature in their area of interest - researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates. Developing a great critical review is vital, but not always taught.

In this course, you will be guided through this complex process step-by-step, seeing examples, finding information and developing useful questions that will help you plan, draft and refine a critical discussion of what is and is not yet known about your topic.

Unable to play video. Please enable JavaScript or consider upgrading your browser.

0:02 Skip to 0 minutes and 2 seconds Need to write a literature review, but don’t know where to start? One of the most common experiences in higher education is that you are expected to know how to write a literature review, but the process is much more complex than you think. This course is about avoiding the usual pitfalls of literature review writing through careful planning and through the experience of others you’ll meet. You will journey through the process of writing a literature review, from laying a strong foundation of questions, notes and search terms, so you have the tools to develop your literature review.

0:39 Skip to 0 minutes and 39 seconds You will see examples at each step, and hear from students, teachers, and research academics, who will share their experience and give you a systematic approach to writing a good literature review. Join us on this four-week course in research writing and learn how to write a literature review and develop your research potential.

What topics will you cover?

Learning on this course

On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

Who is the course for?

This course has been created for those pursuing research, at PhD level or not – anyone who wants to improve their ability to write about academic literature for research purposes.

Who will you learn with?

Emily Purser

Emily Purser

Lecturer in academic language & learning with a special interest in developing curricula around the language learning needs of researchers and students learning through English as a second language

Who developed the course?

University of wollongong.

The University of Wollongong is among the world’s top 20 modern universities. It routinely rates among the top Australian universities for graduate satisfaction and starting salaries.

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research writing course

Top 8 Research Writing Courses Online in 2023

Research writing courses are about learning how to write and present research with proper techniques. they provide you with the required knowledge about how to write a research paper. research writing is the submission of information that you have gathered from various sources on a certain subject and bring it into a place using a technique.  .

List of the best research writing courses

The main part of research writing is writing answers to the research questions through proof on which your answer is based, the sources you used, and your clarification and reasoning.

Research Writing is Classified into Different Types they are:

1. Research paper writing  

2. Critical writing  

3. Persuasive writing  

Research Paper Writing  

A research paper is an essay where you write about a topic that you have learned after acquiring knowledge by detailed study. In the research paper, you write details from different sources such as websites, interviews, books, journals, and articles. 

Various Types of Research Paper Writings are: 

● Analytical paper writing   

● Interpretative paper writing      

● Definition paper writing  

● Compare and contrast papers  

● Survey research paper writing 

Learn about extensive keyword research with the  Best Online Content Writing Course

Analytical Paper Writing 


Analytical paper writing is to represent a particular topic with deep analysis from various sources rather than from only one source and to give a logical conclusion without taking one side. 

Interpretative Paper Writing 

An interpretative paper writing requires you to use the knowledge that you have on a particular topic from the study, for example, an experiment carried out in a lab. 

Your paper should be based on the theoretically proved evidence and match the evidence with a report of the experiment carried out in the lab and write the interpretative paper based on the matched report. 

Definition Paper Writing  


Definition paper writing is intended to give objective facts without interpreting the thought or emotions of the author. Its only objective is to produce a piece of definite information. It includes various facts and is left unanalyzed. 

Compare and Contrast Papers 

Compare and contrast papers writing is to compare two different views of different authors. At first, you need to describe both papers, then take one side and establish your view on it to prove why it’s relevant to compare to another one. 

Survey Research Writing  

This paper includes the details of the survey conduction and also questions to the respondent. Then the conductor of the survey collects all details then analyzes and represents them in the required manner on the  research  paper. 

Persuasive Writing   

Persuasive writing is also known as argumentative writing in which the writer convinces the readers to believe in his thoughts; to do so makes the presentation more logical. 

 Critical Writing  

 Critical writing is analyzing the information from different sources to increase understanding of the topic. Critical writing should be written by subject matter experts only. 

Are you interested in advanced digital marketing strategy? Learn from the experts with the  Best  Digital Marketing Course

 Career Opportunities Research Writers 

● Academic writers  for institutions  

● Scope of freelancing   

● Research field as a writer such as regulatory writers 

● Publication 

● Educational websites 

Academic Writers for Institutions  

As nowadays the number of institutions increased the competition also increased and to stand out they started to give the job opportunities for research writers to write for their publications and websites. 

Scope of Freelancing  

Freelancing is selling the services to the required person for money. In the case of freelancing, the research writings are also a part where you can earn. 

Some of the Sites for Freelancing are: 


Writers Bay.com 



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More Courses at IIM SKILLS

Technical Writing Course

 Top 8 Research Writing Courses 

It is an online platform to learn various courses; the writing course is also one. There is a number of courses available in Udemy, where you have an option to choose from pre-recorded video sessions based on reviews and testimonials.

Once you enroll in research writing courses, you will be able to learn from pre-recorded sessions, and you will be able to access the course for a lifetime. In Udemy, the trainers are from all over the world and are highly qualified professionals who will provide the best training. 

Features of Research Writing Courses on Udemy: 

● Accessible through mobile, TV, computers 

● Study as per convenience  

● Video sessions are up to 20hours and are extended on demand  

● Valid certificate upon completion of course 

Course Includes :

● Introduction to the course  

● Overview of the course  

● Selection of a topic for your research 

● How the research is evaluated  

● What does the supervisor look for  

● How to develop the questions for research  

● How to write an introduction  

● Literature review conduction  

● Procedure for effective discussion  

● Procedure to write a bibliography and reference list 

● Details about authority and peer review  

● Evaluate the sources critically  

● How to handle the setback during research  

Fee Structure  

Top-rated research writing courses cost 6400, but they have many offer periods and also flash sales during this the same course may cost 450-1000. Other courses that are rated less may cost between 4500-8500, similar courses are also available for 1500-2500. 

For Further Details: 

Visit www.udemy.com or download Udemy App on the play store. 

2. Future Learn  

 “Discovering Your Ph.D. Potential: Writing a Research Proposal”- it is the course provided by the University of Leicester. The online research writing courses provide a perfect university environment and the trainers are professors of the university. 

The course has 57 reviews, 4.7 ratings and 40874 members enrolled for this course. This course is particularly intended for the students who are working on a Ph.D. 

Features of Research Writing Courses on Future learn: 

● Online course one can access according to convenience 

● Valid certification upon completion   

Course Includes: 

-An Introduction for Doctoral Research  

   : What PhD is for 

   : Complications with PhD applications 

   : How to overcome complications  

   : Possible solutions for PhD complications 

   : Possible ways to get fundings to conduct research  

   : Studentship fundings from various funding bodies such as EU Funding and other national funding bodies. 

-Research Questions and Complication Definition 

   : Learn about the deductive approach 

   : Referencing styles and referencing tools 

   : Ways to write research questions  

-Literature Review Writing  

  : Ways to find literature even with no access to university  

  : Google scholar usage  

  : Pre-publication view of articles 

  : Planning of the literature 

  : Organizing the literature properly  

-Research Methodology and Research Design  

 : Ontology and Epistemology  

 : Association  between building blocks of research 

 : Quantitative research design  

 : Qualitative research design 

 : Outline approach and methodology 

-Research Proposal Construction  

 : How to build a title for your proposal that includes topic 

 : Techniques to build your proposal  

 : Conclusion writing  

 : How to end the research  

Duration of Course   

 Duration, of course, is about 7 weeks  

Fee Structure     

 The course is free to access and learn, but after completion of the course to obtain a Digital certificate, you need to upgrade to this course cost of 3643/-. You can get an unlimited plan for a year for 20815/- by this plan, you can access other short courses in the future to learn for a year. 

For Further Details : log in to www.futurelearn.com. 

3. Coursera 

Coursera is an online learning platform, and it has many writing courses that are tied up with the world’s best universities such as Sanford, North Texas and Yale Universities.

Research Design:  Inquiry and Discovery are the courses available on research writing courses. These courses are offered by the University of North Texas and the instructors are also from the same university. The course is rated 4.7/5 by 56 learners. The course duration is 4 weeks.  

Features of Course on Coursera: 

Well qualified trainers  

Study anytime  

Tips on writing a research paper 

How the inquiry process is used as a systematic model to solve problems 

The time required to complete this module is 3hours, and it contains 7 videos of about 30mins duration and 1 quiz 

Inquiry Approaches:  Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods   

Inquiry terminology  

Inquiry components  

An interview about inquiry  

2nd Week   

How to develop research questions and hypotheses 

The time required to complete this module is 2hours, 3 videos of about 16mins duration, and 1 quiz  


-Conceptualizing and Operationalizing inquiry process  

-Relation between variables  

-Questions and Hypotheses 

-Inquiry design  

-A practice exercise on Conceptualizing and Operationalizing inquiry process 

It is focused on the main components of literature review and the main objective is to get a proper understanding of sources of information of a particular topic and to clarify topics related to inquiry, hypothesis, or research questions. 

The time required to complete this module is 2 hours, 3 videos of 13 mins and 2 quizzes 

-Literature review  

-Review of the Background Literature and Writing 

-Background research  

-A practice exercise on Literature review 

Topics covered are sampling, ethical issues, and the importance of reliability and validity 

The time required to complete this module is 2 hours, 3 videos of 17 mins and 1 quiz 

-Importance of sampling  

-Basic statistics concepts  

-Reliability and Validity 

-Creating a Representative Sample 

-Writing proposals  

-Voluntary participation 

A practice exercise on sampling and ethical issues in research 

Fee Structure  

The course is freely available to audit only. Once enrolment and audit are completed, you can gain access to the study material except some. Paid enrolment includes certificates costs 2121/-. 

For Further Details : Visit www.coursera.com 

4. Linkedin Learning by Lynda  

Linkedin learning is a program affiliated with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). The course is authorized only by acceptance of the state board. 

Features of Research Writing Courses on Linkedin Learning: 

   Trained by professionals 

   Timings as per trainees concern  

   Certification by government bodies 

Course Includes:

-Introduction to course  

-Introduction to proposal writings 

-Reviewing the general purpose of the request for proposal (RFP) 

-Learning about how the research writing  

-The use of charts  

-Understanding the readers 

-Types of proposals  

   External solicited  

   Internal unsolicited 

   Internal solicited  

   External unsolicited 

-Rules to be followed in research writings 

-Writing a customized research proposal  

   Writing a precise answer to questions  

   Usage of jargon 

   Produce a reader-friendly design  

Fee Structure 

● Linkedin has a free trial for the first month after completion charges about 1400/month. For annual pay, they provide a discount that charges about 900/month. 

● This subscription includes unlimited access to their library.

● Certification after completion of course. 

● NASBA certificate to those who score more than 70% and Linkedin provides access to Linkedin premium members after subscription.

For Further Details:  Visit www.linkedin.com/learning, download the Linkedin app in Google Play Store. 

Edx is a completely online platform that provides several courses online both free and paid courses are available. In particular to the research writing, they provide a course by the name “Writing, Presenting and Submitting Scientific Papers in English” and this course is available in both free and paid versions. 

Features of Research Writing Courses on Edx.Org:  

   Can access the course as per student concern 

  Valid certificate  

  Assistance in funding  

  Easy access through the mobile, laptop, personal computer

Course Includes:  

-Preparing Manuscripts

 -How to Submit the Paper

    Submitting procedure review procedure

    Advice on responding to reviews 

    Example on abstract and review responses  

-Presentation Preparation 

– Advice on Scientific Research        

-Research Topic Selection       

      Historical perspectives of systems and controls  

-Applying for Research Funding      

     In detail approach for fundings from government funding bodies and non-government funding bodies.  

It has Free Access to Audit Track and it Consists Of  

-Limited access to course study material  

-edX team support  

-Access to world-class institutions and universities 

-No certificates will be provided upon completion 

-No access to assignments and exams  

It has Paid Course which Cost 10406/- and One can Get 

 -Unlimited access to course study material  

 -Access to world-class institutions and universities  

-Certificates upon completion which are shareable  

-Access to graded assignments and exams  

6. Nature Masterclasses 

Nature Masterclasses is a part of Springer Nature, a leading educational publisher. Nature Masterclasses provides professional training for scientific writing and publishing through various research writing courses. 

The best research writing course is the “Scientific writing and publishing online course”. Courses are available as online courses and workshops. 

This course is intended on understanding various aspects of research writing- such as confidence in writing journals, understanding the editorial procedures, and how to submit for peer reviews. 

Features of Research Writing Courses on Nature Masterclasses: 

Course meets industrial standards  

3 certificates upon completion of course 

Assistance to review the research paper

The course is divided into 3 parts for a better understanding  

Certificates after the completion of every part.  

It consists of 6 modules and a duration of 4 hours 20 mins where you can learn editor perception and good title and structure of the pape:. 

● Good paper presentation  

● Essential criteria for a good paper  

● Various elements of writing styles Writing a readable paper 

● Improve writing style by exercise  

● Usage of paragraphs and transitions to increase focus and manuscript flow  

● Writing titles and abstracts  

● Good title includes  

● Things to avoid in writing titles and abstracts 

● Writing introduction and conclusion 

● What should be included in and should be avoided from every section 

● Organizing your view effectively  

● Mistakes to avoid  

● Presentation of data 

● Creation of engaging figures for the paper 

● Selection of figures to be included in your manuscript  

● Management of data 

● How to manage research data  

● Significance of sharing your data  

● Importance of storing your data 

● Certification upon completion 

It consists of 8 modules and duration of hours 30 mins where you can learn: 

● Selection of journal and publication of the paper  

● Writing cover letters, processes for peer review  

● Ethical issues such as plagiarism  

● Responsibilities of authors  

● How authorship and acknowledgment can be defined  

● Selection of journal for publication  

● Criteria to select your journal  

● Identification of questionable journals  

● Paper submission  

● What editor might look for  

● Writing a good cover letter without repeating abstract  

● Peer review aspects 

● Various peer review modules  

● Benefits of peer reviewer  

● The processes of editorial 

● Processes of editorials in different journals 

● Stages of handling manuscripts  

● Accepts after approval of the article  

● Impact measurement  

● Research merits  

● Limitations of research merits  

● Calculation and usage of research merits 

● Plagiarism  

● Types of plagiarism  

● In what situations correction or retraction might be encouraged  

● Ethical issues 

● It consists of 1 module and duration of 1hour 10mins

● Writing and publishing a review paper  

The course is free of cost. 

7. Biotecnika  

Biotecnika is an online learning platform that provides various research writing courses mainly related to medical and pharma. These certification courses are intended to teach the various aspects related to industrial standards. 

Thesis writing, research paper writing, research methodology, and scientific writing course. This course helps the researcher to understand and plan his research so that he could execute it in the proper format. This course provides certification for research methodology and scientific writing. This course has 5/5 ratings. 

Features of Research Writing Courses on Biotecnika:  

Time Flexibility  – Learn anytime and anywhere 

  Suitable timings for both students and professional workers 

  Tips on how to conduct researches in the lab 

  Tips to avoid rejection of research     

● Research methods and experimental research  

● Data collection and analysis  

● How to write a research proposal 

● Usage of academic database and library, the role of publications  

● Literature review  

● Research paper preparation  

● Importance of references and how to list and site correctly 

● Writing skills improvement  

● Usage of proper grammar like words, phrases, and punctuation marks 

● Posters and presentations  

● Plagiarism and ethics  

● Academic Search  

● Web science 

Eligibility to Join a Course:  

  Industrial professionals  

  Pharmacy graduates 

  Life science graduates 

  Teaching professionals

 Course costs 1208/-. 

8. Henry Harvin Education   

Henry Harvin is a complete online institute that provides various courses, out of which one of the courses is a research writing course and the name of the course is “Certified Research Writing (CRW)”. 

This course helps you to be a professional researcher inside you, and this course has a rating of 4.7/5 and has 4903 ratings. Henry Harvin is an affiliate with the UK CERT, MSME, and the American Association of EFL. Also, it has a money-return on courses if not satisfied with the first session. 

Features of Research Writing Courses on Henry Harvin :  

● Affordable fees  

● Live classes 

● Can access the course any time, even if you miss a live session 

● Job placement assistance  

● Valid certificate by university 

Course Includes:  

-Introduction to course 

-ways to conduct effective research which includes gathering required information, research questions, hypotheses, and how to interpret results. 

-Creating an introduction for research  

-Drafting methods      

Structuring and preparing text for the result section 

-Importance of research writing  

-Details about ethics to be followed  

Course cost about 4500/- which includes lifetime support and access.  

Live online sessions include access to recordings of all batches for a lifetime, monthly boot camp sessions, flexible sessions for 5000/-. 

For Further Details:  Visit www.henryharvin.com  


Email : support @henryharvin.com 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q What are the types of research writings? 

Mainly they are classified as research paper writing, critical writing, and persuasive writing.  

Research Paper Writing Further Classified as: 

      Analytical paper writing 

      Interpretative paper writing 

      Definition paper writing  

      Compare and contrast papers  

      Survey research paper writing 

Q What are the types of research? 

     Analytical research 

     Fundamental research  

     Conclusive research  

     Quantitative research  

     Qualitative research 

      Applied research  

      Descriptive research  

      Case studies 

      Observational trails   

 Q How to choose a research topic?      

 Choosing the right research topic is a primary task, and if it is difficult. Here are some tips: 

● Choose a research topic of your expertise and in which you are interested. 

● Choose a topic that is very specific. If you have chosen a very broad range of topics, it might be difficult to handle huge amounts of information. 

● Review guidelines provided to you on the selection of the topic in your assignment. Seek your professor’s suggestions. 

● Talk to your friends and seniors about your research and seek their suggestions. 

Q How to start writing a research paper?    

● Select a topic of your interest.   

● Collect information. 

● Maintain record        

● Form thesis. 

● Produce an outline of the research.       

● Check corrections in your thesis.    

● Draft the body. 

● Proofread. 

 Q What is the role of title in research? 

The title outlines the idea of your research. A good title contains targeted words that describe the idea and purpose of your study. 

Parameters to be considered to formulate a suitable title for your research: 

● The motive of the research. 

● The narrative tone of the paper. 

● Creating a working title. 

● Final title.  

Q What are the best research topics for 2021? 

● Technology  

● Environment  

● Pandemic  

● Religion 

● Social media  


Research writing helps you in developing a better academic. Also, professional profiles and adds a reputation for your profession as a writer. Taking a research writing course will allow you to gain in-depth knowledge about the subject.

As everything is getting digitized, the writers are in high demand and the highest skill of a professional writer is to research on the given topic.

The selection of a good course is essential; the potential you have acquired from selecting the good course to initiate your career will have a huge role to play in your success as a research writer.

Therefore, make your decision at leisure, weigh how each course satisfies your learning expectations, do a bit of your research, and add several standards in your search for the perfect research writing course to aid you in your future career. 

That said, I hope this article helped you find your choice among the various courses available.

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