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100 Inspiring Statistics Research Topics

Definition and importance of statistics.

The definition of statistics is always different, depending on your subject and methodology. In simple terms, it is a defined study, analysis, and manipulation of data that must be reviewed. The complex part of statistical analysis is drawing conclusions or coming up with reports. Since it all comes down to data interpretation, one must think about choosing good statistics research topics. Start by addressing various scientific, industrial, or social problems. It will make it easier to narrow things down and find the most efficient solution, be it a manual statistical interpretation or software automation. If things do not work for you, remember that you can pay for research paper and receive additional help with calculation or methodology choice. It will also help you to quote every statistical bit of data correctly if it has been taken from an outside source! 

Statistics Research Topics

How To Write Statistics Research Topics?

The trick here is to know what methodology will be used to collect and interpret statistical data. Even if you have not chosen your statistics project topic, think about it before going any further. It will help you learn about what kind of data will be researched as the sample will be picked correctly. Your basic outline for choosing the right topic should be this way:

  • Introduction of a problem or a scenario. 
  • Methodology choice and explanation. 
  • Statistical research itself in the body part. 
  • Samples variables and deviations. 
  • Statistical interpretation as your conclusion part. 

Always provide sources for statistical data that has been referred to if it is not your first-hand obtained data! 

100 Research Topics For Statistics 

- good statistics research topics .

It must be noted that statistics are required by numerous disciplines these days, which is why choosing something good for your research can deal with anything. Starting with social media analysis to an estimation of students that have passed the exam successfully, all of it can relate to good stat research topics. 

  • The pros and cons of regression analysis. 
  • How accurate is the use of AI-based tools in statistical analysis?
  • The online news reports and the fluctuations: statistical reports. 
  • How can statistical discrepancy be fixed with the help of estimation methods? 
  • National income and the regulation of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Covid-19 vaccination in the United States and effectiveness of treatments statistics. 
  • Mathematical prediction models vs observation strategies. 
  • Bias in quantitative data analysis in Sociology studies. 
  • Descriptive statistics vs inferential analysis methods.
  • Artificial sampling and the role of estimation in modeled statistics. 

- Statistics Topics For Research Project 

When you have to choose a specific topic that will reflect statistical methods, start by narrowing things down or determining what kind of analysis will be used. You can think about the role that statistical analysis plays in a certain field. See some examples below: 

  • Social media and sample size determination methods. 
  • SAS and coefficient of variation mistakes: manual vs automatic calculation. 
  • Interpretation of statistical results when using SPSS reporting system.  
  • The role of standard deviation when using Z-test analysis for social subjects. 
  • The reasons for using ANOVA testing when dealing with online surveys. 
  • Commercial hypothesis approach to online trading: why statistical analysis won't be accurate. 
  • How can diversity be explained with the help of statistical analysis?  
  • The link between playing video games and the violent outbreaks among college students: statistics. 
  • College loans: the reasons why the numbers increase and the related controversy. 
  • Analysis of the Markov Chain for determination of statistical limitations. 

- Ph.D. Research Topics In Statistics 

As a rule, dealing with Ph.D. is supposed to be more challenging, yet statistical methods still remain the same. It is the subject and the data sample set that go through the changes. For example, you can choose electrical engineering for your statistical method to match the Ph.D. academic level. 

  • The use of statistical analysis in Quantum Physics: pros and cons when accuracy is essential. 
  • How can numerical calculations help with theoretical polymers. 
  • Data Assimilation when dealing with Big Data processes: statistical variables. 
  • The role of probability when one must apply Stochastic Analysis methods. 
  • Applicable Analysis and the benefits of statistical surveys for social distancing. 
  • Improvement of prediction methods in aeronautics. 
  • Cryptocurrencies and the statistical methods for SWIFT transactions. 
  • Why acceleration in the banking sector can be more harmful than useful today? 
  • Cell response and genetics: manual analysis and temporal factor. 
  • Business intelligence analysis methods: human analysis vs automatic computation. 

- Easy Statistics Research Topics 

If you want to find an easy statistics research area, think about the real-life application of statistics. It will help you choose easier research topics for statistics. Just make sure to provide explanations of how statistical research helps, talk about why it happens, and how exactly. 

  • The role of statistics in Data Mining processes. 
  • The real-life use of entropy estimation in engineering fields. 
  • Statistical analysis in the field of speech recognition. 
  • Online grammar checking and the use of empirical entropy methods. 
  • Ranking statistical approach when estimating the accuracy of college exams. 
  • Estimation of probiotics: how much time is necessary for an accurate statistical sample? 
  • How will the population of the United States increase in twenty years? 
  • What statistical methods are most useful for active sports? 
  • The legislation and the statistical reports dealing with controversial subjects. 
  • Transparency of statistical methods and the U.S. Census Bureau reporting system. 

- Survey Methods Statistics Research Topics 

Not a single statistical method may go without some sort of survey method. It is one of the reasons why we have included various statistics research paper topics that are based on surveys and their practical examples. 

  • The pros and cons of online surveys for business purposes. 
  • Data collecting and the use of the predefined groups. 
  • Analysis of strengths of multiple-question survey method: Geographical dependence and statistical survey methods
  • Sampling accuracy and the link to wording in survey questions. 
  • How can statistical studies become more cost-effective by turning to surveys? 
  • Drawing survey conclusions and imputation techniques. 
  • The challenges of super population models in healthcare researching. 
  • What has the Covid-19 pandemic revealed about inaccurate surveys in 2021? 
  • Differential calculus versus spatial statistical research methods. 
  • Inner calculation formulas are most commonly used in online surveys. 

- Business Statistics Research Topics 

When you need something statistical for your business, think about estimation, prognosis, and analysis. In the majority of cases, you shall deal with economics and finances to provide the pros and cons of certain methodologies. See some statistical research topic examples that relate to business matters: 

  • Economic data analysis when dealing with probabilities. 
  • Data distribution when working with descriptive samples: violations, bias, and privacy matters. 
  • Inferential statistics for small business owners: things one must know. 
  • The peculiarities of business data sampling: pros and cons of software solutions. 
  • Linear regression analysis: how can two different business projects be approached at once? 
  • Index numbers, random probability, and accuracy in economic data relations. 
  • Programming statistics: the benefits of dataset approach to statistics. 
  • Commercial statistics: how should the information be prepared for the best accuracy? 
  • Suggestive evidence vs real evidence among business corporations. 
  • AI-based statistical report analysis: financial calculation vs human estimation methods. 

- Applied Statistics Research Topics 

If your college professor asked you to deal with applied statistics for your next assignment, have no worries because applied statistics are related to practice. For example, you can provide a certain case or turn to an actual event where statistical practice can or will be used. Once you choose a case study, narrow things down and see our examples: 

  • The challenges of statistical analysis and unstructured data. 
  • The pros and cons of text mining methods and educational statistics. 
  • Scientific approach to analysis vs basic social media analysis methods. 
  • Statistical software: what kind of data should not pass through classic solutions? 
  • The field of healthcare and processing of sensitive statistical information. 
  • Energy sources and statistical estimation of the green energy benefits. 
  • Changes in politics and turbulence in economic estimation. 
  • Globalization and statistical information coming from more than one source. 
  • Composition of a manual statistical report for unstable political environments. 
  • The percentage of aggression in active sports: behavioral statistics. 

- Sports Statistics Research Topics 

Regardless of whether you are making bets on sports or want to find out who might win the game by turning to scientific methods, sports statistics is what you will need. See some good statistics research topics about sports to get inspired: 

  • Why are Pareto charts preferred more compared to bubble charts for baseball series? 
  • Data analysis in sporting events: a comparison of baseball and basketball statistics.
  • Recording live data sets: how can median accuracy be achieved? 
  • The role of free agencies for ranking purposes: bias in sports statistics.
  • The peculiarities of NFL statistician's work and the reporting privacy. 
  • Why does the average distance gained per running session matter in soccer? 
  • Past games analysis information vs future estimates. 
  • The role of the news organization and the live changes to statistical estimation. 
  • Inter-sportive data and the commonalities encountered by statisticians in NBA and NFL. 
  • Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of teams and their importance for accurate statistics in sports. 

- Possible Research Topics For Statistics 

Here are the possible subjects where statistics can be researched. If you are not good with formulas and mathematical calculations, these inspiring statistical research topics will help you: 

  • Cyberbullying and common patterns used for online attacks: collecting stats. 
  • The role of statistics during political campaigns and elections. 
  • The success ratio of male vs female employees in Amazon Inc. 
  • The role of sociological estimation for the establishment of statistical data sets. 
  • How can data mining practices help establish more accurate statistics? 
  • The role of urgent calculation for statistical reports in the military. 
  • Estimation of descriptive statistics during Covid-19 times. 
  • Western and Southern African statistical reporting agencies: case study comparison. 
  • Statistical bias in politics: why transparency cannot be achieved. 
  •  The use of statistical estimation in mechanical engineering. 

- Psychology Research Topics for Statistics 

Psychology, Sociology, Healthcare, and Education are among those topics where statistical analysis is essential. Since psychology encompasses philosophy and the constant variables, depending on the case, these statistical psychology topics will be helpful. 

  • PTSD and understanding of descriptive trends in Psychology. 
  • Statistical testing and probability's importance: the role of the researchers. 
  • Acceptable significance and probability levels in clinical Psychology. 
  • The use of hypothesis and the role of P 0.05 for better comprehension. 
  • What statistical data is usually rejected in Psychology? 
  • The use of elementary statistical principles and reasoning in psychological analysis. 
  • The role of correlation when there are several psychological concepts at play. 
  • Statistical reporting based on actual case study learning and modeling. 
  • Naturalistic observation as a scientific sample in Psychology. 
  • How should descriptive statistics capture behavioral data sets? 

Fitting Your Statistical Research Correctly 

One of the most common challenges with statistics is knowing where to fit related data without making it look awkward. If you are in such a situation, our friendly experts are here to provide assistance. As they write research papers for money , they provide you with custom-tailored ideas and will help you avoid plagiarism as you refer to existing case studies. If you want to end up with a great statistical research project, asking for additional guidance is only natural! Take your time to research our list of inspiring statistical topics for research paper and get help when necessary! 

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Qualitative & Quantitative data analysis

Best Statistics Research Topics & Ideas For 2021-22

Date published October 7 2021 by Jacob Miller

Statistics is a demanding subject that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and management of numeric data. The topic selection of the statistics dissertation can involve the subfields of statistics, i.e. Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Design of Experiments, Sampling, Classification, and Time Series.

Table of Contents

How “Dissertation Proposal” Can Help You!

Our top dissertation writing experts are waiting 24/7 to assist you with your university project, from critical literature reviews to a complete masters dissertation.

Complications in statistics researches:

This subject is much complicated, further, the implication of the proportions in large quantities under complex theories contribute to the difficulties concerning the subject. That’s why it is hard to find considerable statistics dissertation topics. Moreover, the multiple dimensions of the subject make it more problematic to come up with a focused and comprehensive topic.

Why Choosing a Statistics Dissertation Topic is Hard for Students?

While selecting a topic for a statistics dissertation, you must consider the fundamental idea of statistics, i.e. variation and uncertainty. Certain statistical frameworks and methods are applied to get the results.

The topic of the statistics dissertation should be so close to the subject that you will be able the statistical method in the dissertation and presentation of findings.

There are several reasons which together make it a difficult task for the students to select a worthwhile topic for their statistics dissertation.

Shortage of Ideas

Students usually lack in generating potential ideas concerning different areas and aspects of the subject. That’s why they face difficulty in listing out the suitable statistics topics for the dissertation.

Wider Scope

Statistics has a wide scope. It holds a relation with scientific, industrial, and social problems. So, a dissertation topic for this subject can never stand out alone. Due to this reason, students find it difficult to determine their direction and fail to select a potential topic.

Irrelevant or diversified knowledge

Somehow, if students manage to come up with some understandable topics for their dissertation, the uncertainty of the context or the background leads them towards the confusion. They are unable to find a purpose and the background on which they can base their research.

While this all seems a pretty tough task, so then you may take inspiration from our free dissertation topics, and even better you can get the professional on those each topic.

How Do We Help You Select a Statistics Dissertation Topic?

We have skilled and professional subject experts, who bring the best ideas for your statistics dissertation selection. They are well aware of how to meet your subject requirements and professors’ expectations. Through their expertise, they help you select the most significant topics for your dissertation.

By selecting one of the strong statistics research topics we propose, you may contribute to the subject through your intellectual capabilities and unique ideas. While preparing a list of topic suggestions for you, we focus on the following points.

  • Your level of Education
  • Subject Domain
  • Area of Interest
  • Prerequisite Guidelines by the University (if any)

What do our experts say about the Statistics Topic Selection?

Our statistics dissertation experts are well-equipped with dense knowledge in the subject. They know which topic is worthy to be chosen for your dissertation. According to our experts, your topic must involve data collection, data analysis, and data synthesis.

You also must have to go through with several previous dissertations and research papers regarding the subject so that you can come up with a topic having fine scope, context, relevancy, and accuracy. Further, it should be concise and manageable so that you can complete a dissertation on it within the deadline.

You can avoid all these complexities by hiring our statistics dissertation topic selection services. Our experts have produced hundreds of successful works for the satisfaction of the customers. With vast experience in the world of academics and command of statistics dissertations, they have prepared the list of most suitable statistics dissertation topics.

Bayesian Methods for Functional and Time Series

Kernel regression using the four fourier transform, assessing and accounting for correlation in rna-seq data analysis., a guide to doing statistics in second language research using spss, prediction interval methods for reliability data, relevance of tests of significances uses and limitations., interaction forward selection in ultra-high-dimension functional linear models..

To know the details of the above-mentioned topics and have an idea about their aims and objectives, you can consult with our team. You are welcomed 24/7 to get our consultancy. Further, you can have more potential topics for your statistics dissertation topics by hiring our services.

Get Free Customize Topics Now

Academic Level Undergraduate Masters PhD Others


List of Best Statistics Research Topics with Objectives


  • To explore all new bayesian methods which are used in statistical analysis.
  • To introduce new methodology of bayesian which are suitable  for functional and time series data.
  • To exhibit the functional challenges provided by the methodology. 

To explore the methods of kernel  regression

To demonstrate  the method  of speeding up the computation of kernel.

To analyse the FFT to improve the computation of kernel.

Difficulties in Learning Basic Concepts in Probability and Statistics: Implications of Research.

To explore the importance of statistics and probability.

To examine the different methods of statistics and probability used in education system. 

To provide the need for collaborative and cross-disciplinary in researches. 

To explore the concepts behind the usage of statistics in different domains.

To examine the concept of statistics in Second Language.

To study and implement the SPSS software in statistics.

To study the importance of Prediction in statistics.

To analyse the statistical Prediction methods in statistics theory.

To examine the different methods of Prediction interval under the parametric framework. 

To study the importance of statistical tools and significance test both in parametric and nonparametric test.

To examine the statistical tools significance in decision making.

To evaluate the statistical significance test in information retrieval.

To study the statistical methods for the variable selection in ultra-high dimensional functional linear models.

To propose two forward selection procedures on the basis of coefficients approximation.

To demonstrate the application of the proposed methodologies.

Bayes Methods for Biclustering and Vector Data with Binary Coordinates.

To explore the different method of Bayes and its applications.

To examine the Bayes method for the purpose of biclustering and inference for mixture models.

To represent the performance of model through the simulation and applications to real datasets.

To study the concept behind the RNA- sequence data analysis and its procedure.

To examine the papers on the analysis of RNA- sequence data analysis.

To perform a simulation and validate the proposed methods on the basis of results.

An Exploration of Techniques Used in Data Analytics to Produce Analysed Data in Graphical Format.

To explore the techniques used in data analytics used for various purposes in order to produce visual charts.

To demonstrate the use of python language as a main feature in Data analytics.

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Statistics PhD theses

2015 onwards.

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120 Statistical Research Topics: Explore Up-to-date Trends

Statistical Research Topics Latest Trends & Techniques

Researchers and statistics teachers are often tasked with writing an article or paper on a given stats project idea. One of the most crucial things in writing an outstanding and well-composed statistics research project, paper, or essay is to come up with a very interesting topic that will captivate your reader’s minds and provoke their thoughts.

What Are the Best Statistical Research Topics Worth Writing On?

Leading statistical research topics for college students that will interest you, project topics in statistics worth considering, the best idea for statistics project you can focus on, good experiments for statistics topics you should be writing on, what are the best ap statistics project ideas that will be of keen interest to you, good statistics project ideas suitable for our modern world, some of the most crucial survey topics for statistics project, statistical projects topics every researcher wants to write on, statistical research topics you can focus your research on.

Students often find it difficult to come up with well-composed statistical research project topics that take the format of argumentative essay topics to pass across their message. In this essay, we will look at some of the most interesting statistics research topics to focus your research on.

Here are some of the best statistical research topics worth writing on:

  • Predictive Healthcare Modeling with Machine Learning
  • Analyzing Online Education During COVID-19 Epidemic
  • Modeling How Climate Change Affects Natural Disasters
  • Essential Elements Influencing Personnel Productivity
  • Social Media Influence on Customer Choices and Behavior
  • Can Geographical Statistics Aid In Analyzing Crime Trends and Patterns?
  • Financial Markets and Stock Price Predictions
  • Statistical Analysis of Voting-related Behaviors
  • An Analysis of Public Transportation Usage Trends in Urban Areas
  • How Can Public Health Education Reduce Air Pollution?
  • Statistical Analysis of Suicide In Adolescents and Adults
  • A Review of Divorce and How It Affects Children

As a college student, here are the best statistical projects for high school students to focus your research on, especially if you need social media research topics .

  • Major Factors Influencing College Students’ Academic Performance
  • Social Media and How It Defines thee Mental Health of Students
  • Evaluation of the Elements Influencing Student Engagement and Retention
  • An Examination of Extracurricular Activities On Academic Success
  • Does Parental Involvement Determine Academic Achievement of Kids?
  • Examining How Technology Affects Improving Educational Performance
  • Factors That Motivate Students’ Involvement In Online Learning
  • The Impact of Socioeconomic Status On Academic Performance
  • Does Criticism Enhance Student Performance?
  • Student-Centered Learning and Improved Performance
  • A Cursory Look At Students’ Career Goals and Major Life Decisions
  • Does Mental Health Impact Academic Achievement?

Are you a student tasked with writing a project but can’t come up with befitting stats research topics? Here are the best ideas for statistical projects worth considering:

  • Financial Data And Stock Price Forecasting
  • Investigation of Variables Influencing Students’ Grades
  • What Causes Traffic Flow and Congestion In Urban Areas?
  • How to Guarantee Customer Retention In the Retail Sector
  • Using Epidemiological Data to Model the Spread of Infectious Diseases
  • Does Direct Advertisement Affect Consumer Preferences and Behavior?
  • How to Predict and Adapt to Climate Change
  • Using Spatial Statistics to Analyze Trends and Patterns In Crime
  • Examination of the Elements Influencing Workplace Morale and Productivity
  • Understanding User Behavior and Preferences Through Statistical Analysis of Social Media Data
  • How Many Percent Get Married After Their Degree Programs?
  • A Comparative Analysis of Different Academic Fee Payments

If you have been confused based on the availability of different statistics project topics to choose from, here are some of the best thesis statement about social media to choose from:

  • Analysis of the Variables Affecting A Startup’s Success
  • The Valid Connection Between Mental Health and Social Media Use
  • Different Teaching Strategies and Academic Performance
  • Factors Influencing Employee Satisfaction In Different Work Environments
  • The Impact of Public Policy On Different Population Groups
  • Reviewing Different Health Outcomes and Incomes
  • Different Marketing Tactics for Good Service Promotion
  • What Influences Results In Different Sports Competitions?
  • Differentiating Elements Affecting Students’ Performance In A Given Subject
  • Internal Communication and Building An Effective Workplace
  • Does the Use of Business Technologies Boost Workers’ Output?
  • The Role of Modern Communication In An Effective Company Management

Are you a student tasked with writing an essay on social issues research topics but having challenges coming up with a topic? Here are some amazing statistical experiments ideas you can center your research on.

  • How Global Pandemic Affects Local Businesses
  • Investigating the Link Between Income and Health Outcomes In a Demography
  • Key Motivators for Student’s Performance In a Particular Academic Program
  • Evaluating the Success of a Promotional Plan Over Others
  • Continuous Social Media Use and Impact On Mental Health
  • Does Culture Impact the Religious Beliefs of Certain Groups?
  • Key Indicators of War and How to Manage These Indicators
  • An Overview of War As a Money Laundering Scheme
  • How Implementations Guarantee Effectiveness of Laws In Rural Areas
  • Performance of Students In War-torn Areas
  • Key Indicators For Measuring the Success of Your Venture
  • How Providing FAQs Can Help a Business Scale

The best AP statistic project ideas every student especially those interested in research topics for STEM students  will want to write in include:

  • The Most Affected Age Demography By the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • The Health Outcomes Peculiar to a Specific Demography
  • Unusual Ways to Enhance Student Performance In a Classroom
  • How Marketing Efforts Can Determine Promotional Outputs
  • Can Mental Health Solutions Be Provided On Social Media?
  • Assessing How Certain Species Are Affected By Climate Change.
  • What Influences Voter Turnouts In Different Elections?
  • How Many People Have Used Physical Exercises to Improve Mental Health
  • How Financial Circumstances Can Determine Criminal Activities
  • Ways DUI Laws Can Reduce Road Accidents
  • Examining the Connection Between Corruption and Underdevelopment In Africa
  • What Key Elements Do Top Global Firms Engage for Success?

If you need some of the best economics research paper topics , here are the best statistics experiment ideas you can write research on:

  • Retail Client Behaviors and Weather Trends
  • The Impact of Marketing Initiatives On Sales and Customer Retention
  • How Socioeconomic Factors Determine Crime Rates In Different Locations
  • Public and Private School Students: Who Performs Better?
  • How Fitness Affects the Mental Health of People In Different Ages
  • Focus On the Unbanked Employees Globally
  • Does Getting Involve In a Kid’s Life Make Them Better?
  • Dietary Decisions and a Healthy Life
  • Managing Diabetes and High Blood Pressure of a Specific Group
  • How to Engage Different Learning Methods for Effectiveness
  • Understudying the Sleeping Habits of Specific Age Groups
  • How the Numbers Can Help You Create a Brand Recognition

As a student who needs fresh ideas relating to the topic for a statistics project to write on, here are crucial survey topics for statistics that will interest you.

  • Understanding Consumer Spending and Behavior In Different Regions
  • Why Some People in Certain Areas Live Longer than Others
  • Comparative Analysis of Different Customer Behaviors
  • Do Social Media Businesses Benefit More than Physical Businesses?
  • Does a Healthy Work Environment Guarantee Productivity?
  • The Impact of Ethnicity and Religion On Voting Patterns
  • Does Financial Literacy Guarantee Better Money Management?
  • Cultural Identities and Behavioral Patterns
  • How Religious Orientation Determines Social Media Use
  • The Growing Need for Economists Globally
  • Getting Started with Businesses On Social Media
  • Which Is Better: A 9-5 or An Entrepreneurial Job?

Do you want to write on unique statistical experiment ideas? Here are some topics you do not want to miss out on:

  • Consumer Satisfaction-Related Variables on E-Commerce Websites
  • Obesity Rates and Socioeconomic Status In Developed Countries
  • How Marketing Strategies Can Make or Mar Sales Performance
  • The Correlation Between Increased Income and Happiness In Various Nations
  • Regression Models and Forecasting Home Prices
  • Climate Change Affecting Agricultural Production In Specific Areas
  • A Study of Employee Satisfaction In the Healthcare Industry
  • Social Media, Marketing Tactics, and Consumer Behavior In the Fashion Industry
  • Predicting the Risk of Default Among Credit Card Holders In Different Regions
  • Why Crime Rates Are Increasing In Urban Areas than Rural Areas
  • Statistical Evaluation of Methamphetamine’s Impact On Drug Users
  • Genes and a Child’s Total Immunity

Here are some of the most carefully selected stat research topics you can focus on.

  • Social Media’s Effects On Consumer Behavior
  • The Correlation Between Urban Crime Rates and Poverty Levels
  • Physical Exercise and Mental Health Consequences
  • Predictive Modeling In the Financial Markets
  • How Minimum Wage Regulations Impact Employment Rates
  • Healthcare Outcomes and Access Across Various Socioeconomic Groups
  • How High School Students’ Environment Affect Academic Performance
  • Automated Technology and Employment Loss
  • Environmental Elements and Their Effects On Public Health
  • Various Advertising Tactics and How They Influence Customer Behavior
  • Political Polarization And Economic Inequality
  • Climate Change and Agricultural Productivity

The above statistics final project examples will stimulate your curiosity and test your abilities, and they can even be linked to some biochemistry topics and anatomy research paper topics . Writing about these statistics project ideas helps provide a deeper grasp of the natural and social phenomena that affect our lives and the environment by studying these subjects.

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  • References Collection
  • Conceptual Framework
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  • Theorem Development
  • Gap Identification
  • Research Design
  • Sample Size
  • Power Calculation
  • Qualitative Methodology
  • Quantitative Methodology
  • Primary Data Collection
  • Secondary Data Collection
  • Quantitative Statistics
  • Textual / Content Analysis
  • Biostatistics
  • Econometrics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Software Programming
  • Computer Programming
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Plagiarism Correction
  • Formatting & Referencing
  • Manuscript Rewriting
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  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Computer Science & Information

Watch out for these research topics in Statistics and Big data

Big data is here to stay. But it is no longer a new technology as a lot of firms have already embraced big data; take, for example, Hadoop, which exemplifies an open-source big data project. Think about the following ideas for your next research paper.

  • Harness NoSql and Hadoop to accelerate big data processing.
  • Swift access to data using in-memory concept.
  • Using R programming language for textual data analysis.
  • Statistical analyses of psychological dysfunction on pupil’s academic progress.
  • Interactive and auto-update of R-plot graphs from a webpage without redrawing.
  • Predicting the future using predictive analysis. How big data play a role?
  • Smart big data applications to study the past by way of big data.
  • Using a circular nonparametric method to estimate entropy.
  • Why salaries and expectations of data scientists and data engineers are high?
  • Cybersecurity attacks? Merge Hadoop with SIEM (Security Information and Management) application.
  • Study on the growth of IoT in various industries and sizable impact of IoT on big data.
  • Accelerated Life Testing models: apply stress factors life-testing experiment.
  • Extracting hidden patterns and predicting financial markets thru data mining. Using advanced techniques in statistics.
  • Using survey sampling tools to understand dyslexia in a specific community.
  • Leveraging statistical, computational techniques, neural networks wavelets, and genetic algorithms to solve complex financial issues.
  • Decision theoretic method for getting ranking and selection procedures.
  • Using advanced mathematical concepts of wavelets in econometric modelling.
  • Pharmacodynamics: what are the stochastic models?
  • Natural language processing (NLP) in clinical research: Application of methods to anonymize data.
  • Correlation between employee engagement and employee performance.
  • Analyzing news coverage in politics and identifying patterns.
  • Linear method of the equation: compare and contrast of Gaussian elimination and Cholesky decomposition techniques.
  • Statistical analysis of criminal offenders.
  • Analyzing UK government’s revenue and expenditure.
  • Analyzing the trafficking of children and women and negative effects.
  • An analysis of the benefits of using information technology in bank services to customers.
  • Statistical use of matrices for input and output model and price fixing.
  • A statistical evaluation of the road accident rates on a specific period.
  • A statistical analysis of reported cases of HIV and STD at a particular period of time.
  • A statistical assessment of infant death rates in the state at a certain period of time.
  • Statistical regression analysis on country’s GDP – Europe Vs US.
  • Health impact of asbestos roof panels: a statistical assessment.
  • Statistical study on university pupil’s expenses.
  • Statistical analysis on the impact of pesticides on the microflora of soil classifications.
  • The contrast on fossil fuels and carbon activated from coconuts—a statistical analysis.
  • Critical study on the causes and issues of banking financial distress.
  • An analysis of the merits of using financial reports in evaluating bank’s performance.
  • Solutions for loan defaults in Indian banks: a detailed analysis.

Other research topics may revolve around Bayesian statistics, matching propensity scores, high-dimensional analysis of data, survival data analyses, and, model selections.

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Our Dissertation Writing service can help with everything from full dissertations to individual chapters.

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Literature Review

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Statistics topics

Phd and research degree enquiries.

Find a supervisor

Explore the range of research interests in our school

Postgraduate research topics in statistics

Thinking of doing a PhD or research degree in statistics? Here are some suggested topics.

Alternatively, you may have your own topic ideas you'd like to explore. In that case, talk to staff with related interests about developing a proposal.

Adaptive nonparametric curve function estimator

Supervisor: Dr Nino Kordzakhia and Dr Hassan Doosti

Topic Description:

Estimation of an unknown function arises in many fields eg Engineering, Medicine or Social Sciences. We will employ an adaptive method from Nonparametric Statistics for estimation of unknown functions such as:

  • probability density
  • quantile or regression functions
  • intensity function in spatial-temporal models.

We will investigate the properties of the adaptive estimator analytically and through specifically designed numerical experiments in R or Matlab.

Change-point problems and their applications

Supervisor: Dr Georgy Sofronov

Change-point problems (or break point problems, disorder problems) can be considered one of the central problems of mathematical statistics, connecting together asymptotic statistical theory and Monte Carlo methods, frequentist and Bayesian approaches, fixed and sequential procedures.

In many real applications, observations are taken sequentially over time, or can be ordered with respect to some other criterion. The basic question, therefore, whether the data obtained are generated by one or by many different probabilistic mechanisms.

The project will focus on development of robust and reliable methods for identifying change points in sequences of random variables. The main aims of this project are to:

  • develop adequate statistical models fitted to real datasets
  • investigate new analytical and computational methods to improve accuracy of estimates for parameters of the statistical models
  • apply the methods to problems in signal processing, bioinformatics and stock exchange modelling.

Optimal stopping rules and their applications

In many applications data are sequentially collected over time and it is necessary to make decisions based on already obtained information while future observations are not known yet.

Examples occur in:

  • environmental applications (detecting changes in ecological systems)
  • signal processing (structural analysis of electroencephalographic signals)
  • epidemiology (timely detection and prevention of various types of diseases)
  • finance (buying or selling an asset).

This project aims to develop novel optimal sequential procedures. A significant outcome will be the creation of computational infrastructure for identifying optimal decision rules in real applications.

Statistical model-based optimisation

The literature concerned with the development of optimisation techniques is both large and diverse. Optimization algorithms that construct some kind of statistical model and use this model to influence the search process can be found in areas such as:

  • evolutionary computation
  • machine learning
  • engineering design
  • stochastic and global optimization.

The algorithms considered in this project will be based on a model of the density of promising points from a sample or population evaluated at a given iteration of the algorithm.

High Predictive Performance Models via Semi-Parametric Survival Regression

Supervisor: A/Prof Jun Ma and Prof Benoit Liquet-Weiland

Time-to-event outcomes are paramount in biostatistics. To analyse such data, Cox proportional hazard regressions are widely used to assess for instance, the efficacy of new interventions, or to quantify the prognostic and/or predictive values of some features (patients, clinical or genes). When these models are used to build risk prediction, they often fail to provide high accurate predictive performance. This lack of predictive accuracy can be attributed to the implausibility of assumption required by the Cox model.

To achieve high predictive performance, a predictive model should cope with complicated predictors such as longitudinal (time-dependent), random regression coefficients (random effects, used to capture survival time dependence), and the number of predictors can be numerous. Such predictive models, when successfully derived in medicine for example, can provide a rational basis for making personalized management decisions, recommending appropriate follow-up schedules, and determining clinical trial eligibility and stratification.

The proposed project aims at developing new methods along with software that provide high predictive performance. A new class of semi-parametric predictive survival regression will be developed using constrained maximum penalized likelihood.

All new methods developed in this thesis will be applied to real-life data using the world's largest prospective clinical research database (n=+52,000) and annotated frozen (n=11,000) and archival tumour collections held at the Melanoma Institute Australia (Sydney).

Statistics Education Research

Supervisor: A/Prof Ayse Bilgin

In recent decades, especially during first two years of COVID pandemic, statistics became part of daily life if it wasn’t before. Climate change meetings by high level government officials and discussions of parliaments and citizens on climate change are also occurring weekly, if not daily. We will therefore argue that Statistical Literacy today as important as the Literacy for everyone on the planet.

Possible research topics in statistics education research are

  • What would be the benefits and challenges associated with embedding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) into statistics curriculum,
  • What would be the benefits and challenges associated with embedding indigenous knowledge into statistics curriculum,
  • Place of ethics in statistics education (ie different perspectives could be considered here such as ethics on infographics usage, creation or ethics on data analysis).

Degree of Relatives Prediction using statistical Machine learning approaches

Supervisors: Prof Benoit Liquet , Dr Kelly Williams and Dr Lyndal Henden

Regions of the genome that have been inherited from a common ancestor are considered identical-by-descent (IBD) and, in the context of hereditary disease, harbour a disease locus and disease-causing gene mutation. Henden et al., 2016 developed the algorithm for the R package XIBD to detect regions of the genome inherited identical-by-descent and then infer degree of relatedness between individuals. In this project, we propose to exploit statistical machine learning methods to increase accuracy in inferring the degree of relationship between individuals, thereby increasing confidence in identification of distantly related individuals. The dataset used in this project comprises multi-generational motor neuron disease families with known pedigree structure and available genotype data.

Partial Least Square-like methods for temporal and longitudinal data

Supervisors: Prof Benoit Liquet and Prof Hanlin Shang

Partial Least Square-like (PLS) methods are popular dimension-reduction technique with numerous applications in genomics, biology, environment science and in engineering. PLS looks for the best orthogonal linear combinations of the predictors which are correlated to a multivariate response variable. So far, the different versions of the PLS assume independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) observations for the predictors and the responses and can lead inconsistent estimation in case of temporal dependence in the data (Singer 2016). Therefore, it is crucial to take into account the temporal dependence of the data when extracting latent components using PLS.  In this project, we will tackle the temporal dependence by proposing dynamic partial least squares regression by exploiting the auto-covariance dependence structure of the predictors and the response variables.

Sparse Sliced Inverse Regression in a multivariate context

Supervisors: Prof Benoit Liquet and Dr Hoang Nghiem

Sliced Inverse Regression (SIR) offers a flexible methodology to analyse complex data sets by combining linear dimension reduction with nonlinear regression. Initially constructed for solving problems in the low dimensional setting p<n, SIR methods have seen many successes and developments for tackling the challenge of high dimensional data (p<<n). In this work, we propose to work on multivariate regression models in context of high dimensional data. A multivariate SIR lasso model will be studied for regularization and variable selection purpose.

Does massive-data bootstrap work?

Supervisor: Dr Nan Zou

Massive datasets are datasets with sample sizes that exceed the computational capabilities of standard computers. With data sizes growing exponentially nowadays, massive datasets present immense opportunities as well as unprecedented challenges to our society with their prevalence in, for example,

  • social media.

One family of data science methods designed for massive data sets, namely, the massive-data bootstrap procedures, has recently attained considerable popularity but has unknown theoretical properties, including reliability. This project aims to rectify a major misunderstanding in the literature, provide a comprehensive and complete theory for this family of data science methods, and consequently push forward the frontier of data science in the era of massive data.

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  • Prospective Students
  • Current Students


PhD in Statistics

Study with leading statisticians at a world-class university

  Applications for entry 2024/25 are open  

Funding deadlines: 15 January 2024 (Applications received by this date will be considered for available studentships; we may also be able to consider applications received by the end of March for funding, but this is not guaranteed.) Final application deadline: 23 May 2024  

How to Apply

A PhD offers the chance to undertake a substantial piece of supervised work that is worthy of publication and which makes an original contribution to knowledge in a particular field. Our PhD programme is designed to produce professional social scientists, well versed in a range of advanced statistical techniques and methods, in addition to having an in-depth knowledge of your topic of interest. 

The Department of Statistics is one of the world's leading centres of quantitative methods in the social sciences and has long been home to some of the world's most famous and innovative statisticians. Today, the department has an international reputation for the development of statistical methodology that has grown from our long history of active contributions to research and teaching in statistics. 

Our core research areas are:

  • Data science
  • Probability in finance and insurance
  • Social statistics
  • Time series and statistical learning

If you have any questions about our MPhil/PhD Statistics programme, please  email the Research Manager .  

Research environment

The Department of Statistics at LSE is one of the oldest and most distinguished in the UK. It has a rich research portfolio covering core areas of statistical inference and real applications, particularly in the economic, financial and actuarial, social and industrial arenas. The close collaboration with other LSE departments, our London location and strong international partnerships are reflected in the research life of the Department of Statistics through the members of staff, PhD students, postdoctoral research fellows and the thriving visitor and seminar programmes.

Research in the department is concentrated in the following areas and PhD proposals should normally be linked to one of these areas:

Data Science

Research in the data science area is concerned with the development of new machine learning and statistical methods, and their applications. The areas of applications include the design of novel methods for understanding user behaviour, analysis of social data, modelling and inference for information cascades and epidemic processes that arise in social networks and biomedical applications, as well as algorithms for development of next-generation artificial intelligence systems.

Possible areas of research include:

  • Bayesian inference and predictions
  • Functional data analysis
  • High-dimensional statistics
  • Machine and statistical learning for relational data
  • Network data models, inference and predictions
  • Optimisation and machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Statistical learning methods in precision medicine
  • Statistical models and inference for ranking data
  • Stochastic models of epidemic processes
  • Stochastic optimisation methods
  • Stochastic processes in econometrics and finance

For more information about potential supervisors and their areas of interest, visit the Data Science research group .

Probability in Finance and Insurance

PhD research in probability in finance and insurance encompasses many aspects of the discipline. Methodological and theoretical research is mainly guided by applications with the aid of both academic and industrial experts, covering topics of modern stochastic finance with an emphasis on insurance and financial mathematics.  Applications include pricing and hedging exotic products, counterparty risk, portfolio optimisation, risk management and insurance, risk transfer and securitisation, etc. 

Research topics may be identified in advance by the applicant or may be arrived at through communication with a potential supervisor. The relative emphasis on methodology/theory vs. application may vary. 

Suggested research areas of PhD research projects include:

  • Energy markets
  • Excursions of Lévy processes and applications in finance and insurance
  • Financial market with frictions
  • Information asymmetry
  • Interface between insurance and finance
  • Lévy processes
  • Optimal stopping
  • Point processes in insurance and credit risk
  • Quantile options and options based on occupation times
  • Stochastic analysis and its applications in financial mathematics
  • Stochastic control and analysis of partial differential equations in mathematical finance

This list is indicative only and by no means exhaustive. For more details about supervisors and their areas of research interests, please see the  Probability in Finance and Insurance research group . You will find links to the web pages of individual members of staff here. If you are interested in applying to undertake PhD research in probability in finance and insurance, you are welcome to contact one of these members of staff regarding a suitable topic for your research proposal. 

Social Statistics

PhD programmes of study in social statistics typically include both methodological development and the application of statistical methods to a social science field or to address new developments in social data, such as in sample surveys or social networks. Research topics may be identified in advance by the applicant or may be arrived at through communication with a potential supervisor. The relative emphasis on methodology/theory vs. application may vary. 

  • Analysis of complex survey data
  • Disclosure risk assessment and statistical disclosure control
  • Estimation from survey data (and related data), taking account of nonresponse and using auxiliary information
  • Latent transition and latent class models for modelling diagnostic tests
  • Latent variable models and structural equation models for categorical data
  • Longitudinal data analysis, especially event history (survival) analysis and dynamic panel models
  • Modelling response strategies and detection of outliers in educational and behavioural sciences
  • Multilevel simultaneous equations modelling of correlated social processes

For more details about potential supervisors and their areas of interest, visit the  Social Statistics research group . If you are interested in applying to undertake PhD research in social statistics, you are welcome to contact one of these members of staff regarding a suitable topic for your research proposal.

Time Series and Statistical Learning

PhD research in time series and statistical learning encompasses many aspects of these disciplines. We are keenly involved in both theoretical developments and practical applications. Current areas of interest include time series (including high-dimensional and non-stationary time series), data science and machine learning, networks (including dynamical networks), high-dimensional inference and dimension reduction, statistical methods for ranking data, spatio-temporal processes, functional data analysis, shape-constrained estimation, multiscale modelling and estimation and change-point detection.

Research topics may be identified in advance by the applicant or may be arrived at through communication with a potential supervisor. The relative emphasis on methodology/theory vs. application may vary.

Suggested PhD research areas include:

  • Automating statistical advice
  • Change detection for complex data
  • Dimension reduction and factor modelling
  • Estimation of stochastic volatility models
  • Financial econometrics
  • Functional data analysis including functional time series
  • High-dimensional time series analysis
  • High-dimensional variable selection
  • Infectious disease modelling
  • Inference for sequential data including change detection in multiple data streams
  • Network time series analysis
  • Nonparametric and semiparametric regression
  • Non-stationary time series analysis
  • Reinforcement learning for time-dependent data
  • Robust statistical analysis for high-dimensional data
  • Shape-constrained methods
  • Spatial econometrics modelling
  • Spatio-temporal modelling
  • Statistical analysis of high-dimensional multi-type recurrent events

For more information, please see the  Time Series and Statistical Learning research group . 

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phd research topics for statistics

Recent Dissertation Topics

Marty Wells and a student look over papers

Dan Kowal - "Bayesian Methods for Functional and Time Series Data"

Dissertation Advisor: David Matteson and David Ruppert

Initial job placement: assistant professor, Department of Statistics, Rice University

Keegan Kang - "Data Dependent Random Projections"

Dissertation Advisor: Giles Hooker

David Sinclair - "Model Selection Results for High Dimensional Graphical Models on Binary and Count Data with Applications to FMRI and Genomics"

Liu, yanning – "statistical issues in the design and analysis of clinical trials".

Dissertation Advisor: Bruce Turnbull

Nicholson, William Bertil – "Tools for Modeling Sparse Vector Autoregressions"

Dissertation Advisor: David Matteson

Tupper, Laura Lindley – "Topics in Classification and Clustering of High-Dimensional Data"

Chetelat, didier – "high-dimensional inference by unbiased risk estimation".

Dissertation Advisor: Martin Wells

Initial Job Placement: Assistant Professor Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Gaynanova, Irina – "Estimation Of Sparse Low-Dimensional Linear Projections"

Dissertation Advisor: James Booth

Initial Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Texas A&M, College Station, TX

Mentch, Lucas – "Ensemble Trees and CLTS: Statistical Inference in Machine Learning"

Initial Job Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Risk, Ben – "Topics in Independent Component Analysis, Likelihood Component Analysis, and Spatiotemporal Mixed Modeling"

Dissertation Advisors: David Matteson and David Ruppert

Initial Job Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Zhao, Yue – "Contributions to the Statistical Inference for the Semiparametric Elliptical Copula Model"

Disseration Advisor: Marten Wegkamp 

Initial Job Placement: Postoctoral Fellow, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Chen, Maximillian Gene – "Dimension Reduction and Inferential Procedures for Images"

Dissertation Advisor: Martin Wells 

Earls, Cecelia – Bayesian hierarchical Gaussian process models for functional data analysis

Dissertation Advisor: Giles Hooker

Initial Job Placement: Lecturer, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Li, James Yi-Wei – "Tensor (Multidimensional Array) Decomposition, Regression, and Software for Statistics and Machine Learning"

Initial Job Placement: Research Scientist, Yahoo Labs

Schneider, Matthew John – "Three Papers on Time Series Forecasting and Data Privacy"

Dissertation Advisor: John Abowd

Initial Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Thorbergsson, Leifur – "Experimental design for partially observed Markov decision processes"

Initial Job Placement: Data Scientist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Wan, Muting – "Model-Based Classification with Applications to High-Dimensional Data in Bioinformatics"

Initial Job Placement: Senior Associate, 1010 Data, New York, NY

Johnson, Lynn Marie – "Topics in Linear Models: Methods for Clustered, Censored Data and Two-Stage Sampling Designs"

Dissertation Advisor: Robert Strawderman

Initial Job Placement: Statistical Consultant, Cornell, Statistical Consulting Unit, Ithaca, NY

Tecuapetla Gomez, Inder Rafael –  "Asymptotic Inference for Locally Stationary Processes"

Dissertation Advisor: Michael Nussbaum

Initial Job Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow, Georg-August-Universitat Gottigen, Gottigen, Germany. 

Bar, Haim – "Parallel Testing, and Variable Selection -- a Mixture-Model Approach with Applications in Biostatistics" 

Dissertation Advisor: James Booth

Initial Job Placement: Postdoc, Department of Medicine, Weill Medical Center, New York, NY

Cunningham, Caitlin –  "Markov Methods for Identifying ChIP-seq Peaks" 

Initial Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY

Ji, Pengsheng – "Selected Topics in Nonparametric Testing and Variable Selection for High Dimensional Data" 

Dissertation Advisor: Michael Nussbaum 

Initial Job Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Morris, Darcy Steeg – "Methods for Multivariate Longitudinal Count and Duration Models with Applications in Economics" 

Dissertation Advisor: Francesca Molinari 

Initial Job Placement: Research Mathematical Statistician, Center for Statistical Research and Methodology, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington DC

Narayanan, Rajendran – "Shrinkage Estimation for Penalised Regression, Loss Estimation and Topics on Largest Eigenvalue Distributions" 

Initial Job Placement: Visiting Scientist, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

Xiao, Luo – "Topics in Bivariate Spline Smoothing" 

Dissertation Advisor: David Ruppert 

Initial Job Placement: Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Zeber, David – "Extremal Properties of Markov Chains and the Conditional Extreme Value Model" 

Dissertation Advisor: Sidney Resnick 

Initial Job Placement: Data Analyst, Mozilla, San Francisco, CA

Clement, David – "Estimating equation methods for longitudinal and survival data" 

Dissertation Advisor: Robert Strawderman 

Initial Job Placement: Quantitative Analyst, Smartodds, London UK

Eilertson, Kirsten – "Estimation and inference of random effect models with applications to population genetics and proteomics" 

Dissertation Advisor: Carlos Bustamante 

Initial Job Placement: Biostatistician, The J. David Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco CA

Grabchak, Michael – "Tempered stable distributions: properties and extensions" 

Dissertation Advisor: Gennady Samorodnitsky 

Initial Job Placement: Assistant Professor, UNC Charlotte, Charlotte NC

Li, Yingxing – "Aspects of penalized splines" 

Initial Job Placement: Assistant Professor, The Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics, Xiamen University

Lopez Oliveros, Luis – "Modeling end-user behavior in data networks" 

Dissertation Advisor: Sidney Resnick  

Initial Job Placement: Consultant, Murex North America, New York NY

Ma, Xin – "Statistical Methods for Genome Variant Calling and Population Genetic Inference from Next-Generation Sequencing Data" 

Initial Job Placement: Postdoc, Stanford University, Stanford CA

Kormaksson, Matthias – "Dynamic path analysis and model based clustering of microarray data" 

Dissertation Advisor: James Booth 

Initial Job Placement: Postdoc, Department of Public Health, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York NY

Schifano, Elizabeth – "Topics in penalized estimation" 

Initial Job Placement: Postdoc, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard University, Boston MA

Hanlon, Bret – "High-dimensional data analysis" 

Dissertation Advisor: Anand Vidyashankar 

Shaby, Benjamin – "Tools for hard bayesian computations" 

Initial Job Placement: Postdoc, SAMSI, Durham NC

Zipunnikov, Vadim – "Topics on generalized linear mixed models" 

Initial Job Placement: Postdoc, Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

Barger, Kathryn Jo-Anne – "Objective bayesian estimation for the number of classes in a population using Jeffreys and reference priors" 

Dissertation Advisor: John Bunge 

Initial Job Placement: Pfizer Incorporated

Chan, Serena Suewei – "Robust and efficient inference for linear mixed models using skew-normal distributions" 

Initial Job Placement: Statistician, Takeda Pharmaceuticles, Deerfield IL

Lin, Haizhi – "Distressed debt prices and recovery rate estimation" 

Dissertation Advisor: Martin Wells  

Initial Job Placement: Associate, Fixed Income Department, Credit Suisse Securities (USA), New York, NY

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Statistics Research Topics: Ideas & Questions

June 16, 2023

Looking for research topics in statistics? Whether you’re a student working on a class project or a researcher in need of inspiration, finding the right topic can be challenging. With numerous areas to explore in statistics, narrowing down your options can be overwhelming. But with some creativity and research, you can find an interesting and relevant topic. This article offers ideas and examples of statistics research topics to consider, so let’s dive in!

Statistics Research: What It Comprises

The data collected by statistics research can be quantitative (numbers) or qualitative (text). The data can also be presented in tables or graphs for easy understanding by the audience. However, it is not always necessary to present the data in the form of tables or graphs, as sometimes the raw data can be good enough to convey the message from the researcher.

In statistics projects, the researchers usually design experiments to test specific hypotheses about a population’s characteristics or behavior. For example, suppose you want to know whether people who wear glasses will have better eyesight than those who don’t wear glasses. In that case, you need to collect information about their vision before and after wearing glasses (experimental group) and compare their vision with those who do not wear glasses (control group). You would then find out whether there was any difference between these two groups with respect to eyesight improvement due to wearing glasses.

Tips on How to Choose a Statistics Research Topic

Firstly, remember that a good statistics topic should interest you and also have a substantial amount of data available for analysis. Once you have decided on your topic, you can collect data for your study using secondary sources or conducting primary research through surveys or interviews.

You can also use search engines like Google or Yahoo! to find information about your topic of interest. You can use keywords like “income disparity” or “inequality causes” to find relevant websites on which you can find information related to your topic of interest.

Next, consider what types of questions your supervisor would like answered with this data type. For example, if you’re looking at crime rates in your city, maybe they would like to know which areas have higher crime rates than others to plan police patrols accordingly. Or maybe they just want to know whether there’s any correlation between high crime rates and low-income neighborhoods (there probably will be).

Statistics Research Topics in Business

  • Understanding the factors that influence consumer purchase decisions in the technology industry
  • Advertising and sales revenue: a time-series analysis
  • The effectiveness of customer loyalty programs in increasing customer retention and revenue
  • The relationship between employee job satisfaction and productivity
  • The factors that contribute to employee turnover in the hospitality industry
  • Product quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty: a longitudinal study
  • The application of social media marketing in increasing brand awareness and customer engagement
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and brand reputation: a meta-analysis
  • Understanding the factors that influence customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry
  • E-commerce on traditional brick-and-mortar retail sales: a comparative analysis
  • The effectiveness of supply chain management strategies in reducing operational costs and improving efficiency
  • The relationship between market competition and innovation: a cross-country analysis
  • Understanding the factors that influence employee motivation and engagement in the workplace
  • Business analytics on strategic decision-making: a case study approach
  • The effectiveness of performance-based incentives in increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction
  • Organizational performance dependence on employee diversity and organizational performance
  • Understanding the factors that contribute to startup success in the technology industry
  • The impact of pricing strategies on sales revenue and profitability
  • The effectiveness of corporate training programs in improving employee skill development and performance
  • The relationship between brand image and customer loyalty

Research Topics in Applied Statistics

  • The impact of educational attainment on income level
  • The effectiveness of different advertising strategies in increasing sales
  • The relationship between socioeconomic status and health outcomes
  • The effectiveness of different teaching methods in promoting academic success
  • The impact of job training programs on employment rates
  • The relationship between crime rates and community demographics
  • Different medication dosages in treating a particular condition
  • The influence of environmental pollutants on health outcomes
  • The interconnection between access to healthcare and health outcomes
  • The effectiveness of different weight loss programs in promoting weight loss
  • The impact of social support on mental health outcomes
  • The relationship between demographic factors and political affiliation
  • The effectiveness of different exercise programs in promoting physical fitness
  • The influence of parenting styles on child behavior
  • The relationship between diet and chronic disease risk
  • Different smoking cessation programs for promoting smoking cessation
  • The impact of public transportation on urban development
  • The relationship between technology usage and social isolation
  • The effectiveness of different stress reduction techniques in reducing stress levels
  • The influence of climate change on crop

Statistics Research Topics in Psychology

  • The correlation between childhood trauma and adult depression
  • The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating anxiety disorders
  • The impact of social media on self-esteem and body image in adolescents
  • Personality traits and job satisfaction: how are they related?
  • The prevalence and predictors of bullying in schools
  • The effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance
  • The role of parenting styles in the development of emotional intelligence
  • The effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions in reducing stress and anxiety
  • The impact of childhood abuse on adult relationship satisfaction
  • The influence of social support on coping with chronic illness
  • The factors that contribute to successful aging
  • The prevalence and predictors of addiction relapse
  • The impact of cultural factors on mental health diagnosis and treatment
  • Exercise and mental health: in which way are they connected?
  • The effectiveness of art therapy in treating trauma-related disorders
  • The prevalence and predictors of eating disorders in college students
  • The influence of attachment styles on romantic relationships
  • The effectiveness of group therapy in treating substance abuse disorders
  • The prevalence and predictors of postpartum depression
  • The impact of childhood socioeconomic

Sports Statistics Research Topics

  • The relationship between player performance and team success in the National Football League (NFL)
  • Understanding the factors that influence home-field advantage in professional soccer
  • The impact of game-day weather conditions on player performance in Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • The effectiveness of different training regimens in improving endurance and performance in long-distance running
  • The relationship between athlete injury history and future injury risk in professional basketball
  • The impact of crowd noise on team performance in college football
  • The effectiveness of sports psychology interventions in improving athlete performance and mental health
  • The relationship between player height and success in professional basketball: a regression analysis
  • Understanding the factors that contribute to the development of youth soccer players in the United States
  • The influence of playing surface on injury rates in professional football: a longitudinal study
  • The effectiveness of pre-game routines in improving athlete performance in tennis
  • The relationship between athletic ability and academic success among college athletes
  • Understanding the factors that influence injury risk and recovery time in professional hockey players
  • The impact of in-game statistics on coaching decisions in professional basketball
  • The effectiveness of different dietary regimens in improving athlete performance in endurance sports
  • The relationship between athlete sleep habits and performance: a longitudinal study
  • Understanding the factors that influence athlete endorsement deals and sponsorships in professional sports
  • The influence of stadium design on crowd noise levels and player performance in college football
  • The effectiveness of different strength training regimens in improving athlete performance in track and field events
  • The relationship between player salary and team success in professional baseball: a longitudinal analysis

Survey Methods Statistics Research Topics

  • Understanding the factors that influence response rates in online surveys
  • The effectiveness of different survey question formats in eliciting accurate and reliable responses
  • The relationship between survey mode (phone, online, mail) and response quality in political polling
  • The impact of incentives on survey response rates and data quality
  • Understanding the factors that contribute to respondent satisfaction in surveys
  • The effectiveness of different sampling methods in achieving representative samples in survey research
  • The relationship between survey item order and response bias: a meta-analysis
  • The impact of social desirability bias on survey responses: a longitudinal study
  • Understanding the factors that influence survey question wording and response bias
  • The effectiveness of different visual aids in improving respondent comprehension and response quality
  • The relationship between survey timing and response rate: a comparative analysis
  • The impact of interviewer characteristics on survey response quality in face-to-face surveys
  • Understanding the factors that contribute to nonresponse bias in survey research
  • The effectiveness of different response scales in measuring attitudes and perceptions in surveys
  • The relationship between survey length and respondent engagement: a cross-sectional analysis
  • The influence of skip patterns on survey response quality and completion rates
  • Understanding the factors that influence survey item nonresponse and item refusal rates
  • The effectiveness of pre-testing and piloting surveys in improving data quality and reliability
  • The relationship between survey administration and response quality: a comparative analysis of phone, online, and in-person surveys
  • The impact of survey fatigue on response quality and data completeness: a longitudinal study

As mentioned above, statistics is the science of collecting and analyzing data to draw conclusions and make predictions. To conduct a proper statistical analysis, you must first define your research question, gather data from various sources, analyze the information, and draw conclusions based on the results.

This process can be challenging for many people who do not have an extensive background in statistics. However, it does not have to be so tricky if you use our professional Custom Writing help. Our writers are highly qualified professionals who will work with you to develop a clear understanding of your research problem and then guide you through every step of the process. We will also ensure that your paper follows all academic standards to meet all requirements for originality and quality.

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