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Year 1:  First year coursework provides an orientation to the profession of school psychology, as well as the foundations for professional practice. The Master's of Education (M.Ed.) Degree in School Psychology is awarded upon successful completion of all required courses.

Year 2:  Second year coursework focuses attention on the development of professional competencies, as well as an integration of knowledge and skills necessary for professional practice.

Year 3:  Third year coursework provides additional advanced study and experiences in school psychology consistent with doctoral themes for research, leadership, and supervision as approved and reflected on the students Plan of Study. Typically, students complete their doctoral comprehensive exams and advance to candidacy at the conclusion of year three.

Years 4 and 5:  Fourth and fifth years of study include the successful completion of dissertation research and a full-year doctoral internship. Years 4 and 5 can be switched depending on the student's desire for research completion, as well as with any requirements at APPIC/APA internship sites that may require an accepted dissertation proposal prior to beginning internship.


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Plan of Study Requirements for PhD - School of Industrial Engineering - Purdue University

Purdue University

Plan of Study and Course Requirements for PhD

A Plan of Study (POS) is required by the Graduate School for all graduate students. The POS functions to ensure a student has met all of their course requirements prior to graduation. We recommend you file your POS in your second semester, but it must be submitted and fully approved before you begin the semester you intend to graduate (e.g. if you intend to graduate in May, you should submit it at the beginning of the prior December). A summary of POS information can be found below, but for detailed instructions, please see section 2.2 and appendix B of the handbook.

Verify all admission conditions are satisfied

Review your admission letter for details.

90 Total Credits needed for Graduation

*These stipulations were added for Fall 2022 admits and beyond. For students admitted prior to Fall 2022, only 39 course credits were required without the aditional coursework stipulations. Please inquire with the graduate office if you need further clarity. 

  • A grade of C or better on every course listed in the plan of study, a B or better in all core courses, and an overall GPA of 3.0 or better on all courses listed in the Plan of Study. 
  • Economics/Decisions: IE 545 or IE 546
  • Human Factors: IE 556, IE 558, IE 559, IE 577, or IE 578
  • Manufacturing/Production: IE 566, IE 570, IE 579, IE 588, or IE 590 (Nanomanufacturing)
  • Optimization/Stochastics: IE 535, IE 536, IE 537, IE 538, IE 580, IE 581
  • At least 6 credit hours of 600 level industrial engineering courses taken at Purdue University,  excluding unlabeled IE 690 (individual project), IE 697 (seminar), IE 698, and IE 699 (research PhD thesis)

At least 6 credit hours of additional graduate level coursework are recommended from either Industrial Engineering or a related area. Pre-approved areas include:

other engineering disciplines

mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, biology

psychology, sociology

economics, management

  • All courses must be  500 or 600 level graduate courses with the exception of up to one 400-level course from pre-approved areas.
  • Please obtain a syllabus from the course and send it to the grad office to request approval.

Please note: Research credit hours hours are required to graduate, but these will not appear on your plan of study. 

Courses NOT allowed on the Plan of Study:

Professional Master’s (PMP) Industry Capstone Project courses; or

P/NP or S grade courses (P/NP and S courses within Industrial Engineering will be allowed only if that is the only grade mode offered for the course, if a graded mode is offered, it must be taken).

Audited courses; or

Zero credit courses; or

Research credit hours (IE 69800); or

STAT 50100, 50200, 50300, 51100, 51300 ; or

Polytechnic courses ** (AVTH, CNIT, CGT, BCM, ECET, ENGT, MET, TLI, TECH, etc.); or

Courses irrelevant to the degree

NOTE:   Changes to a Plan of Study can be filed as many as times as necessary to update the information such as courses, concentration, and advisory committee.

**  While Polytechnic courses are not traditionally allowed on a plan of study, see appendix B section 11 of the handbook for information on waiving that policy.

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Jane Addams College of Social Work

Phd program plan of study, stages of study heading link copy link.

Doctoral study is divided into three stages. The first stage generally covers work leading to the Master of Social Work. Persons admitted without the Master of Social Work must enroll full-time and complete all requirements for the Master of Social Work degree before beginning doctoral coursework.

Students who already hold the MSW are granted 32 credits toward the PhD and start at the second stage of doctoral work. Requirements include 24 credits of social work doctoral coursework and 18 hours of elective coursework. Successful passing of the written qualifying examinations and the approval of a dissertation proposal complete this stage.

The third stage of doctoral work involves the design, completion and final defense of the dissertation during which the student earns at least 22 SocW 599 Thesis Research credits. Completion of at least 96 total course credits is required for graduation.

Full-Time and Part-Time Study Heading link Copy link

A full-time student enrolls for a minimum of 12 semester hours per semester and completes coursework in two years. Summer registration is not required. The option of beginning the program on a part-time basis is available to holders of the Master of Social Work. Initially, a part-time student may take less than 12 hours of credit per term, usually 6 per term and completes coursework in three years. There are no special course offerings in the College of Social Work for PhD students in the summer session.

Selection of Courses Heading link Copy link

The program is interdisciplinary and has a strong research emphasis. Anthropology, economics, education, sociology, psychology, women’s studies, public health, urban planning, law, industrial and labor relations, political science and business management are among the areas that often are of particular interest to students pursuing advanced education in social work. Students may take courses at both campuses of the University of Illinois system-Chicago and Urbana-Champaign.

The PhD program also participates in the Chicago Metropolitan Exchange , a collaboration between Northwestern University, University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Jane Addams College of Social Work offers a number of required core doctoral courses. Beyond these courses, faculty advisers will help students to select specific courses inside and outside of the college in order to provide a unified plan of study based on the substantive interests and career goals of the students.

PhD course descriptions are on the Current PhD Students page .

Apply to the PhD Program

More about the phd program heading link copy link.

  • PhD Overview
  • PhD Requirements
  • PhD Cost & Financial Aid


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