Personal Narrative Essay

How to write a personal narrative essay.

How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay There is very little mystery to writing the personal narrative essay. There is no proper topic for such an essay. An essay can be about a variety of personal experiences. You, the writer, have the right to say what you want about your personal experience. You can write about anything -- Aunt Sally, the funky necklace you bought at a garage sale, the harrowing experience of being stuck in an elevator, the best Christmas you ever had, the worst day of your

Personal Narrative Essay - Thumbs out

Thumbs Out A girlfriend of mine once defended me to her father by saying, calmly, “Not every one who wanders is lost.” The dad kicked me out of the house anyway. But the damage had been done. Not everyone who wanders is lost. Of course I had to see her again. That was during the summer after my second year in college, and when I decided to leave school the following winter, I had but one destination in mind. Except that I was heading to Kansas City, where I figured jobs were easier to come by

Personal Narrative Essay on an Encounter with the Supernatural

I used to be one of those people, you know the type of people who think that myths, and ghosts, and murders are a load of crap. But until about two years ago my mind all changed. It was a breezy autumn day in mid October, a day when about every single leaf has fallen off the big oak tree just down the road. I was walking around, minding my own business when all of a sudden out of no where my cellular phone began to ring. Surprised, because hardly anyone calls my cellular phone, I picked up the phone

Personal Narrative Essay - Application for US Naturalization

Personal Narrative Essay - Application for US Naturalization Form N-400 is otherwise known as the application for US Naturalization. I have started and stopped filling out form N-400 half a dozen times in the past few years. Most recently, I used the excuse that I couldn’t read all of the dates in my passport. Thus I could not give the relevant dates for when I had left and reentered the country over the necessary time period. The other day I downloaded the form again but now I can’t find my

Writing a Personal Narrative

A narrative is a story. In writing a narrative essay, you share with the reader some personal experience of your own in order to make a point or convey a message. You may choose to tell how your grandfather influenced your desire to become an orthodontist, or perhaps you’ll relate the story of the time you didn’t make the cut for the basketball team. Whatever story you tell, your purpose is to share with others some experience that has taught you something or changed you somehow. Remember that

Personal Narrative- My Laptop

Personal Narrative- My Laptop Writing technologies have been shaping the way people live since the beginning of time. In the Stone Age, our ancestors used tablets to organize important thoughts, keep track of daily activities, and pass on their knowledge to future generations. Arguably, their method of writing was inefficient as much effort was being put into carving and preserving the tablet, while the end result contained little information relative to its size. As technologies evolve, we

Personal Narrative- Following God's Will

Personal Narrative- Following God's Will As James 2:26 tells us, faith without works is dead - part of living the Christian life is obeying God. God has given us many commands in His Word. Not only are there specific commands for all Christians, but God also promises to give Christians His Holy Spirit to guide us not only through various difficult experiences in our lives, but additionally in following God’s will. God has commanded that everyone love Him first and foremost, above all things

Personal Narrative- The Importance of Family Dining

Personal Narrative- The Importance of Family Dining "Never forget that your family is really the most important assembly you ever entertain." -Irma S. Rombauer, Joy of Cooking I awaken this morning with the aroma of bacon calling me to the kitchen. Upon my arrival I witness the table set for five, complete with imported European coffee, buttered toast, maple syrup, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a stack of pancakes so tall it continues to wobble trying to find a center of gravity. Alongside

Personal Narrative- My Love of Reading and Writing

Personal Narrative- My Love of Reading and Writing Reading and writing has always played a vital part in my life. From toddler to adult, pre-elementary to college, I’ve managed to sharpen both skills to my liking. However, even though it significantly helped, schooling was not what influenced me to continue developing those skills into talent. Many different things shaped and influenced my learning, and now reading and writing have become the safety net of my life. I know that even if I have

Personal Narrative - The Day My Mother Went to the Hospital

fell on her birthday. So, all of the family, except me, sat down next to the stereo. My father plugged in a microphone, popped in a blank cassestte and hit record. Each one of the children started to sing "Happy Birthday", then ended with a personal message. My father then recorded his message. I was in so much shock and horror that I didn't want to record anything. I was under the belief that my mother wasn't coming home at all. My family kept trying to get me to record something

My First Live Concert Experience

Without warning, the lights went dark. This was the moment I had been waiting for. My adrenaline went through the roof. The time had finally come that I would get to see and hear my first live concert. I had never really been to a big concert that had a well-known band. A couple of weeks before the concert I got some information about it, but really didn't think much of it. I talked with some friends about the band and we all casually decided to go get tickets for it. Little did I know what an

Personal Narrative- Destruction of Nature

Personal Narrative- Destruction of Nature If you ever get a chance to visit Chaco Canyon National Monument in New Mexico, you should take the time to just stand in the desert and listen. The silence in this place is physical; you can feel it surround you. This is a silence with depth and layers that are unbroken even by the wind, which moves through emptiness and speaks only in occasional sighs through the canyons. The air itself is very clear—the lack of humidity gives the cliffs and buttes

Personal Narrative- Helping Others

Personal Narrative- Helping Others Declining standards of living and continuing exportation of our jobs have resulted in rising stress levels for all Americans. This results in negative effects on our well being – mentally, physically and emotionally. Some people seek to reduce stress levels by using alcohol and drugs. Some overwork themselves, resulting in mental breakdowns. The pharmaceutical giants pocket billions of dollars a year from sales of tranquillisers, anti-depressants, barbiturates

Personal Narrative - One of My Most Coveted Achievements

One of My Most Coveted Achievements Dr. Ross’ Comments: This essay is a very good example of a personal experience shared by the writer. She clearly describes an important episode in her life and vividly reveals a part of her true “self” to her audience. What began in my life as yet another effort in weight loss became one of my most coveted achievements. After the birth of our third child, and too many pounds that were not disappearing, we purchased a small above ground pool. While the

Personal Narrative - Finding Truth in Prayer

Personal Narrative- Finding Truth in Prayer Glory, God stared me in the face. A man, my savior stood at the curtain. “Are you planning to pray?” he inquired. I blinked twice, “Um... yes?” Praying isn’t my ‘thing,’ but I figured “When in Vatican City...” I stepped past the man and into Enlightenment. Behind the curtain a room heavy with relics awaited. People stood, sat in the corners; heads down and hands clasped the room was immobile. Satan himself could not stir a soul. I took my

Personal Narrative- A Lesson in Culture Shock

Personal Narrative- A Lesson in Culture Shock “ You want to be the same as American girls on the outside.” (Tan, Amy) Like Tan in her narrative “Fish Cheeks”, everyone has had a time in their lives when they wanted to fit in at school or home. Sometimes it is hard to try to blend into the surroundings. Moving from Boston to Tallahassee has taught me a lot about such things like honor, pride, and self-reliance. Such is related to us in Wilfred Owens’s “Dulce et Decorum est” which is about his experience

Personal Narrative- Bartering in Italy

Personal Narrative- Bartering in Italy People everywhere are yelling in a distinct accent that I have come to recognize in my week here in Italy. As I walk down one of Florence’s many markets with my father, men and women alike are shouting out descriptive adjectives for their products in butchered English. They were just a part of the medley of noises around me. Tourists are laughing and clicking away at their cameras; drivers are slamming doors to their vans after dropping off the merchandise

Personal Narrative- Moose Hunt

Personal Narrative- Moose Hunt It was the middle of October, and it was finally time for my long awaited moose hunt. I have waited ever since I was a little girl for this opportunity, and it was finally here. So, my father and I packed up our stuff and left the warmth of Phoenix. We were leaving the "Valley of the Sun" and headed for a place called Wyoming. After two days and fourteen long hours of driving, we made it to our hunting unit. The mountains were tall (11,000 feet +) and covered

My Football Achievement

In my life time I have accomplished many extraordinary tasks that I’ve put my mind too. I discovered that my signature themes have greatly affected the methods that I use to complete these tasks. People use their strengths in everyday life as well as in crucial, life changing situations. Important self-building achievement is one factor that makes people who they are. Another is the way that people apply there strengths to different situations. The greatest achievement in my life would have

Personal Narrative- Christmas Cookies

Personal Narrative- Christmas Cookies Although I have grown up to be entirely inept at the art of cooking, as to make even the most wretched chef ridicule my sad baking attempts, my childhood would have indicated otherwise; I was always on the countertop next to my mother’s cooking bowl, adding and mixing ingredients that would doubtlessly create a delicious food. When I was younger, cooking came intrinsically with the holiday season, which made that time of year the prime occasion for me to unite

Diary of a Russian

Nowadays many people say that they are the “citizens of the world,” and they feel at home in any country on earth. I do not think that such statements are hundred percent true. Another culture is always a new experience, and even if it does not cause any problems, it offers plenty of knowledge and impressions that are incomparable with those one has at home. To me, another country would never become “home”, but it may be a truly wonderful place where I may have a great time learning, working, and exploring the new culture. Here I give a brief account of my first five days in America, a country that seems so different from my homeland, but at the same time so exciting and interesting.

The first day was a nightmare. I was so tired after the flight that I hardly managed to see where I was going, to say nothing about the surroundings. However, no matter how exhausted I was, the meeting with a customs officer was obligatory for anyone coming to the USA by an international flight. When the officer asked me to open my bag, I felt a bit nervous. In Russia, people are slightly suspicious of the police and similar services as they are sometimes corrupted. It would be a mistake to say that there are no good and just policemen in Russia, but the system is not perfect. People often prefer to handle their problems by themselves avoiding any contacts with the police. It can be partially explained by low salaries in this sphere that makes some individuals take bribes, etc. However, it turned out that the projection of my attitude towards Russian police to the American customs officers was wrong. The man who inspected my bag was very friendly and smiling. When he noticed my nervousness, he explained that all US airports had introduced complex antiterrorist security measures, so such a thorough examination of luggage was a common thing. After he finished and told me that everything was OK, he wished me to have a good time in the USA. This episode at the airport told me much both about the police and customs in America and also was the evidence of a very high level of antiterrorism systems in the country. It was different from Russia where, despite several terrorist attacks, people feel more relaxed about this threat, especially in small towns.

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On the third day, I managed to find time for a really long walk around the city. I like watching people and sometimes even making up stories about their lives. I think it is a very good exercise that helps me to understand other people better and also boost my imagination and creativity. Probably I will even write a novel inspired by such walks.

The main difference between people walking along the streets in Russia and America is obvious from the first minute. American streets are flooded with different people – men and women dress differently ranging from something really awful and extremely colorful to black suits worn probably by some businessmen. People belong to different ethnic groups. Big cities in Russia are more “international” than smaller ones, mostly due to a great number of African, Arab, and Indian students coming to study at famous universities, but even Moscow cannot be compared with the USA. The American society is really multicultural, and it can be seen in different aspects. For example, I saw some women wearing traditional Indian sari. It is very difficult to imagine a woman even in Moscow wearing sari in the subway. She can do it, but she will stand out too much and likely to refuse to do it in the future. On that day, I talked with my Russian relatives and told them that one simple walk told me more about America than all the articles I read on the web.

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These were my impressions written during the first five days in America. In general, they were rather positive than negative. I was impressed by the clean cities, friendly police, and high standards of life. I think that it was only the beginning of my journey into American culture, but I have already noticed many differences in lifestyle and norms. However, I believe that these differences are not obstacles in understanding a new culture but rather an interesting challenge. I hope I will find more time not only to study here but also to explore the nature and history of the USA. I would like to visit some national parks and learn more about the culture of Native Americans that has been fascinating me since my childhood. I think it would also be an interesting idea to start a blog on the web telling people about the impressions of a Russian who came to America for the first time. It could be both funny and exciting, but also, it may help many people to avoid the cultural shock after the arrival. The Russians often say, “If I knew where to fall, I would put some straw underneath.” America is a wonderful place, but it is better to know about the main cultural differences before going here.

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A Letter to My Adoptive Family

My name is Robert. My adoptive family ought to know my poor family background. I could not easily access basic needs like good foo[...]

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An infographic with a short 123HelpMe review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 82.1/100

Experience review: 123HelpMe Mystery Shopping

We’ve developed some assumptions about the rhymed title of the service. Now it’s time to dive deep between the lines and see what 123HelpMe has prepared for us regarding their services, writing standards, and overall experience. We launched mystery shopping on this platform by placing two confirmed orders. The first was a personal narrative essay, and the second was a memo to the CEO. Along the way, we simulated typical consumer behavior by chatting with the customer support people, asking for refunds, revisions, and all sorts of inquiries a regular user might have. 

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Finally, when all chapters of our journey were on paper, we analyzed everything and came up with the A*Help score, our index of excellence, for the 123HelpMe essay company.

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narrative essay 123

I am convinced all teachers practice their methods of grading. Some professors allow students more freedom of expression, while others impose strict guidelines. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that certain elements of an essay remain the same regardless of how we teach or grade. Purpose, voice and tone, plan, style, and narration are among many things that all teachers look at intently. Peter Elbow, a professor of English Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, says in his essay “Voice in Writing Again: Embracing Contraries, Embracing Context” that unique voice and tone are the foundation of every essay. Regardless of complexity, an authentic voice and tone create engaging writing.

narrative essay 123

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The days when a desktop computer was the only way to access the Internet are long gone. Now, it’s within reach, and the applications are endless. For the majority of us, the network is an almighty problem solver. Academic writing is one of the problems many of us face, and we rely on web services to help us cope with it. 

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A screenshot of details of our order at 123helpme

The first thing we noticed is that the website requires a user’s phone number to register. There is nothing illicit about this request, but people are reluctant to disclose their personal phone numbers, especially when an email address is also wanted. Moreover, some individuals may even restrain from using the service due to this condition. The potential threats that users expose themselves to by providing their phone numbers are beyond our judgment, but you should pay attention to this requirement.

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Paper Quality – 44.1/50

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narrative essay 123

Personal essays take work to write, especially portraying something like gratitude. Some people, especially youngsters, feel awkward expressing such intimate things and emotions and find it difficult to pick words. As a result, the story is ambiguous and hard to follow. The connections, prerequisites, and consequences of individual events are lost. However, this student did a great job planning and structuring their piece, presenting each part with the necessary elements. The story is easy to read, and the events and the author’s sentiments are successfully conveyed verbally. The plot itself is not trivial either. All in all, this is an example of beautiful work.

narrative essay 123

As for the memo, it doesn’t lose very much to the essay (83). Spelling, word choice, and integrity are still excellent. The reasoning is also rock-solid, with 89 points. The things that keep the memo from reaching the essay’s class are punctuation (51) and formatting (75) of the document. The detailed transcript of the assessment is available below. 

Paper 1: Score 93.5 |Comment:| Personal narrative. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 96% (spelling 100%, grammar 87%, punctuation 97%, word choice 100%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 88% (efficiency 92%, acuity 88%, clarity 88%, objectivity 86%) Paper 2: Score 83.0 |Comment:| Memo. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: section headers. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 88% (spelling 99%, grammar 100%, punctuation 51%, word choice 100%). {Citation Formatting:} 75%. Reference formatting: Incorrect reference section header. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (some in-text cites mispunctuated, misformatted; missing 2 in-text cites; ref list incomplete). {Reasoning, logic:} 89% (efficiency 86%, acuity 78%, clarity 93%, objectivity 100%).

Talented writers and their devotion to the cause are the company’s pride, joy, and most significant asset. 

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…and finally 10: will you write for me again?

Yes, writing essays is as easy as counting to three if you entrust it to 123HelpMe . They didn’t make it seem trouble-free with rigid registration and barely met deadlines. Yet, at the end of the day, the quality of work matters most, and at 123HelpMe it’s poetic like its name.

Negativity rank – ***%

It’s natural for any business to have armies of ardent fans and often just as many avid critics. While the former lavish praise upon the service, the latter fiercely rail it. Although we understand opposing views, we never take sides because the truth is always somewhere in between. And the truth is what A*Help is always striving for. 

Negative reviews of an essay writing service can be helpful in two ways: first, they provide unbiased input. Second, they reveal the shortcomings of a product or service users need to consider. For this reason, we gather negative customer feedback from various websites such as Sitejabber, Trustpilot,, and even Reddit. To ensure their credibility, we collect and process users’ opinions and comments by applying filters of sincerity and plausibility. The calculated ratios are then included in our articles and represented as negativity rank. 

In the case of, we were unable to calculate the negativity rank . It’s an extremely rare occurrence in our practice that we fail to find critical feedback of a service. However, there are no evident reasons to assume that the company is somehow involved in filtering unfavorable comments. Our experience confirms that the service is legitimate and reliable, so the absence of negative reviews may simply be a reflection of its high quality. We leave it for your discretion.

Why is a credible source of information:

Stay curious with us. has been a reliable educational resource since 2011, providing students with the latest news, assignment samples, and other valuable materials. Even with the extensive information we process, our quality remains consistent. Each team member has experience in education, allowing us to evaluate new sector offerings critically. Our reviews are up-to-date and relevant, with impartiality ensured by the A*Help score methodology from mystery shopping. We aren’t affiliated with any listed service providers. Our focus remains on providing our audience with reliable and unbiased data.

123HelpMe Specs

123helpme reviews.

We always present only accurate and trustworthy statements about writing companies in our reviews. The research includes checking negative comments about the services on websites such as, Sitejabber, and others. We survey users’ feedback, remove presumably prepaid and falsy comments, and illustrate the accumulated data as the negativity rank. For this article about 123HelpMe we did not find any critical feedback on the Internet as it is mentioned above.  

Is 123HelpMe a Scam?

123HelpMe delivered two completed papers of excellent quality exactly on time. There were no hidden charges or deductions. The company fulfilled all commitments, so there are no reasons to think 123HelpMe is a scam.

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At A*Help, we value our audience and solely review legitimate services with a proven operation history. Thus, 123HelpMe and all other services featured on our website are absolutely legit.

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Our experience using this service confirmed the platform’s complete safety for users, its services, and its website. Privacy policies are clearly stated on the website and can be found in the appropriate section.

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This comprehensive review serves as detailed and authoritative proof that 123HelpMe is a user-friendly, trustworthy online essay writing platform that is dedicated to meeting its users’ expectations and fulfilling its commitments without fail.

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The company’s A*Help score is 82.1/100. It was received by examining the platform’s value for money, overall experience from using the website, and the quality of essays they write. Our mystery shopping results show that 123HelpMe sustains high work standards and is a good service for academic assignments.  

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I don’t get why some people are so into essay writing services like 123helpme. Isn’t the point of school to learn how to write and research on our own? Plus, the subscription costs can add up. Kinda defeats the purpose if you ask me.

I used 123helpme once for inspiration on a creative writing assignment. The review is pretty accurate. It’s not a perfect site, but with a subscription, it can help you get the wheels turning if you’re stuck

Wow, I just read this 123helpme review on and it’s super insightful. They’ve detailed the pros and cons so well.

I read the review, and they mention the risk of plagiarism. That’s a big no-no for me. I’d rather struggle through an essay than risk getting caught cheating as a customer.

Plagiarism is a serious offense. While the review on is quite balanced, I think it’s always better to write your own papers or seek help from a tutor, rather than relying on a site like this.

Okay, this review on about 123helpme is pretty comprehensive, but I’m still skeptical. Can any customers who’ve actually used it vouch for its reliability?

I’m a customer who’s used 123helpme before for a couple of essays, and I can say it’s a mixed bag. Some papers are great, while others are just okay. I’d say it’s worth a try, but don’t expect miracles.

Overall, I think I’ll consider 123HelpMe for my next essay, but I’ll make sure to order well in advance to avoid any issues with deadlines.

I appreciate the professor’s insights into grading academic writing. It gives me a better understanding of what teachers look for.

I’m not comfortable giving out my phone number, so I don’t think I’ll be using this service.

I’m surprised that the memo didn’t score as high as the personal narrative essay. I would have thought it would be easier to write.

Another amazing review from academichelp. Thanks for all the support you provide the students with

I did notice that the quality of the personal narrative essay seems really impressive, and I’d like to see more examples of their work before making a decision. I was also surprised that the memo didn’t score as high as the personal narrative essay. I would have thought it would be easier to write.

It’s reassuring to know that they offer discounts for loyalty and referrals, which might make a subscription worth it for me in the future. That being said, I’ve had bad experiences with writing services not meeting deadlines, so I’m not sure I want to risk it with this site.

Agree on the bonus note. It’s good to know that they offer discounts for loyalty and referrals. That might make it worth it to use them again in the future.

The fact that 123HelpMe doesn’t offer many free services concerns me. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on papers or essays that may not be worth it. However, I do appreciate that they offer different options for payment, including PayPal and credit cards.

I’ve never heard of 123HelpMe before, but this review makes me interested in trying them out for my next essay.

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What I Learned After My English Class Mercys Mission And Values Statement Mentor Personal Statement Friendship Essay: Helping a Friend in Need Essay About The World Who Inspires Me help me Essay I Am An Amazing Person How Has The Environment Affected My Life Why Therapy Is Important My Writing Assignment 123 Test Reflection Essay On English 123 What Is Responsibility Essay Our Day Out by Willy Russell Essay Personal Narrative: My Immigrant My Teenage Years A Capstone Research Paper

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Our Day Out By Willy Russell Essay

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  • 1. What I Learned After My English Class After this english class I am a new writer I am so much better of a writer before. This is a fact I learned basic grammar rules that are very necessary to writing. I actually really learned them, I think this is because I really care now. I have learned the rules in the past through many years of school. But it was not until now my first year of college, and actually wanting to change my life and my habits I built through all my life in school. The habits of just going to class because I have to just being there because it was mandatory. But the whole class I was I was thinking about something else or not actually putting in my full effort. I did not actually learn the material I was being handed because I did not care of put in any effort. Get more content on
  • 2. Mercy's Mission And Values Statement The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center– Mercy, commonly known as UPMC Mercy, was founded on Jan. 1, 1847, by the Sisters of Mercy. It was formerly known as Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh. "The Sisters of Mercy, a religious congregation founded in Ireland in 1831 by Catherine McAuley, brought its caring and compassionate labors to burgeoning, industrial Pittsburgh in 1843." (UPMC Mercy, 2015) The Pittsburgh congregation, known as the "Seven Sisters of Mercy," was led by Mother Frances Warde and consisted of six additional sisters who sought to establish a healthcare system for all without regard to race, religion, age, gender or ethnicity. (UPMC Mercy, 2015) UPMC Mercy was the first permanent hospital in Pittsburgh and the first Mercy Hospital in the world. (UPMC Mercy, 2015) UPMC Mercy's Mission and Values statement clearly illustrates the principles of Gaudium et Spes, Part II, Chapter III, Section II: 72, "Christians who take an active part in present–day socio–economic development and fight for justice and charity should be convinced that they can make a great contribution to the prosperity of mankind and to the peace of the world." (VI, 1965) Reverence for each person: We believe that each person is a manifestation of the sacredness of human life. Community: We demonstrate our connectedness to each other through inclusive and compassionate relationships. Justice: We advocate for a society where all can realize their full potential and achieve the common good. Get more content on
  • 3. Mentor Personal Statement Education has played a major role in my life. Growing up I was fortunate enough to have been taught and guided by some truly inspirational teachers, and I appreciate the effect they have had on my life and the choices I made subsequently. My passion for working with students extends from my desire to emulate these role models and inspire others the way I was. This passion for being an educator/mentor has resulted in me having gained a lot of experience in education that will help me in this role as a UW Academy TA. One of my first volunteering positions growing up was at a local elementary school assisting children in core math and reading subjects. Not only did I help the students but I also helped the teacher with grading and developing new assignments. This experience gave me great insight into how one can effectively explain education materials to young children. Aside from volunteering and working with young students in a school setting, I have also worked at the Robinson Center as a teacher's assistant and a volunteer mentor. I have had the fortune of getting hired three consecutive summers as a TA for the Young Scholars Summer Challenge Program. During one of the summers, I worked closely with the class instructor in helping more content... As a part of the pre–dental society on campus I have had the opportunity to teach young children good oral hygiene. Working with an organization that focuses on preventative care, I have gotten the opportunity to go to public schools and talk to children about cavities and proper brushing/flossing techniques. Aside from my pre–dental involvement, I am also actively involved with an organization on campus called Education Transforming Community Health (ETCH). Through ETCH I get to educate homeless folks on preventative health topics. Working as a volunteer educator has given me a lot of confidence in being an Get more content on
  • 4. Friendship Essay: Helping a Friend in Need It is very sad to see a friend or relative suffering or in need, especially when they pretend that everything is all right. It is a delicate situation when approaching someone in this predicament, as often a person's pride stands in the way of reaching out for comfort. How to offer your help to an independent friend or relative in this position requires a bit of clever manipulation and a not–so– obvious plan in order to help. If the problem at hand is a financial matter, the first response would be to offer them a loan. On the other hand, most people would be embarrassed to admit to this, and will perhaps be offended at the offer. However, instead of outright offering them money, trading a service in return for payment would not seem more content... This will certainly make them feel better and will be helping them out at the same time. Friends or relatives who have children may experience times when they cannot afford to give them the luxuries of toys, games or name brand clothing. At the same time, while most children do not understand hard times, these friends or relatives hurt inside because of this. It would probably be insulting to them if you bought a bag of toys, a new wardrobe for the kids or a slew of games and delivered these items in order to help. Overall, there is a way to present such items in a fashion that will not seem like charity. While honesty is the best policy, lending a helping hand when we are in a position to do so often takes precedence. Telling our life long friend or family member that our children received clothing as a gift, but it did not fit, or perhaps received a duplicate toy or game and offering it to their children is a way to help in times of despair. Many times when family or friends decide to meet or get together to go out for dinner, drinks, or even to a movie, we take for granite the expense of these excursions and expect that everyone can participate. On the contrary, when a friend or relative bows out, the reason why they decline becomes obvious. Here again, little white lies come in to play, and compassion takes over. Mentioning to this friend or relative that you Get more content on
  • 5. Essay About The World Who Inspires Me There is not simply one person in this world who inspires me. Humanity as a whole inspires me to become a better person in the hopes that I can make the world a better place. I see people every day, pushing through their day to day life without even a hint at the battle that must be going on in their head. During my time in high school I have seen so many people overcome the largest obstacles that could possibly be thrown at them. I saw my grandfather fall ill due to cancer, a disease which he thought he had overcome. He never even acted like he was sick until his final days. I saw a friend lose a brother but continue to come to school and keep up with his school work like nothing ever happened. I saw multiple people lose more content... Our adaptability is truly a thing of wonder, we obtain the ability to bounce back when things are thrown our way. Sometimes it is a little heavier and we are down for a while, but more often than not we eventually jump back into the game of life full force. Murderers, terrorists, prisoners and delinquents: These are not the usual titles someone would think of when they think about being inspired, but to me they are nothing but inspiring. Those who fit into these categories, and the many more that could be grouped along with them, inspire me to always do my best. They show me why I never want to fall off of the track I have myself set on, because I would never want to end up in their situation. The thought of someone going so far off track and no longer caring about who they become is saddening, and makes me think about all of the ways I can prevent others and myself from falling into a state like that. Most people would have a definite response as to who inspires them, however I would never be able to explain whether Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s actions are more inspiring to me than the teenagers I see bounce back from major trauma like it were nothing; the grandmother who took it upon herself to raise her Get more content on
  • 6. help me Essay 1. The way that we can see God's call to mission in this chapter is the way that Moses gives us his four objections. Now the first of these four objections is when Moses asked, "Who am I that should go...?" (Ex. 3:11) To this question God answers by saying, "I will be with you" (v. 12) The mission was God's, and he would be with those who carried it, also implying that the mission was greater than the missionary. The secondobjection was when Mose's asks "Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, 'The God of your fathers has sent me to you,' and ask me, 'What is his name? Then what shall I tell them?" (v.13) All god did to reply to this question was to say "I am who I am" (v.14) and that was the more content... It is my personal beliefs that these last two kinds of motives are of no use in determining whether one should become a missionary or not. They are simply irrelevant to ones personal choice; the primary motives are what makes the person choose the path that God has provided for them. I belief that God is the only person that can choose the destiny of our lives and that is why these last motives are of no use. 3. The cycle of missionary service can be divided into seven stages: commitment to go to the mission field, general training, field selection, focused training, initial adjustment, long–term missionary service, and reentry to the home culture. In the first step, the missionary is often questioned by peers, family and co–workers about the need to go as far as they do. This can be a difficult and awkward as people who are close do not understand that it is a difficult thing to go through. General training is the next step; it is in this step that people study classes that give the basic foundations for their chosen work that as well as written courses that help them have a better understanding of the bible. The third step is the field selection. It is in this step that the place of missionary work is to be chosen or found, this can be a difficult time for the student as there are so many places to choose from in the world. The fourth step focuses on training. Formal and Get more content on
  • 7. I Am An Amazing Person Lifelines help an individual realize how close and loved they are by many people. It also helps a person realize how thanks to many people they have truly become an amazing person. It was hard for me to decide which person I should write about since I believe every person i 'm close to has changed me in some way. I actually asked my sister what is something about me that stands out and she said my positivity, kindness, and loyalty. The main person I thought about when she said that was a friend I used to have named Cathy. She embodied all three of those traits and more. Cathy and I first met when we were ten years old. She was very kind and welcoming. She treated me like I was her sister. I am shy and there was many instances she helped me come out of my shell and have fun. We both lived in the same neighborhood and played together very often as well. We both also attended the same school, so we would always hang out during recess. After school we would go over to my house and help each other with our homework. We were very close and I considered her like part of my family. Both of our families really did become very close and friendly to each other. There were many times where she helped me out with my problems and I always felt like I owed her. One day I had the chance to help her and I felt like that truly defined what a friend is to me. About two years ago she moved to California and I was heartbroken. Although I was sad, I followed her philosophy which was finding Get more content on
  • 8. How Has The Environment Affected My Life There are many things in the world that can shape a person throughout their lifetime, such as events, games, songs, books, and even people. In my opinion, the following can determine who people become: the environment that they are surrounded by and other people. Other people and the environment are in important in shaping a person. If a person isn't surrounded by people or weren't in that environment they wouldn't be who they are. My parents, childhood bully, teachers, and even my first friends were the people who affected my development. If it weren't for them, id be somebody else. My parents have been with me all my life. They obviously shaped who I am today because they've been raising me all these years. They taught me how to walk, more content... When I entered this school, I didn't know anyone and felt as if I was alone and would never have any friends. Jackie was in my class and helped me get used to the school and told me what the school was like. Donovan and I met during recess and introduced me to my other friends, at that time, such as Julia. I was able to adjust to well to the new setting and people around me because of them. They showed me what true friends are and taught me that not everybody is mean. They made me a bit more social and allowed me to make more friends. They made me more trusting and more open to the idea of talking and meeting new Get more content on
  • 9. Why Therapy Is Important I believe that what is truly important in therapy, is the ability to empathize with the patient, it is essential to continue a successful therapeutic process. Empathy must be built from the first meeting and in many cases when we fail to this, it could be very difficult to build it for the next meetings, however, it can be achieved. This can happen often with adolescents, I would say that teenagers are the most difficult population to establish rapport, since this is the shortest stage of life in which we all feel that we know everything, and also nobody understands us. In addition, some teenagers think that therapists are outdated and old fashioned dinosaurs, but when empathy has achieved in therapy, the result is truly rewarding. Although Get more content on
  • 10. My Writing Assignment Looking back through all of the assignments, I find out that I have achieved the goal in becoming a better writer. Take a look at my first draft for this class, on Details: Physical Senses, my writing was totally lack of details and it was uninteresting. For example, the opening of my draft, "There is a large fish pond in my hometown. " I was shocked when I went back and read this draft. This draft was totally lacking of detailed descriptions, and detailed descriptions are very important for the audience to create a vivid image when they are reading the description. However, after your lectures, on Details: Tone and Attitude, Telescoping(zoom in on the subject), Appositive(bring clarity to abstract terms through definition) and Freighting (capture complex and compound reading), I have grown as a writer. I understood the idea that too many short sentences will pause the reader' more content... I found all reading assignments for this class enjoyable. They are very helpful for us to grow as a writer. I still remember when I was struggling with understanding the poems that we have to read for the class at the beginning of the quarter, where I have to go online and search for some translations in order to understand the author's purpose. However, after you introduced the four different elements of rhetoric: Speaker, Audience, Context, and Purpose, it made the reading easier to understand. For example, the poem "The Georgics of Virgil," I was confuse about the purpose at first, but after you patiently teach us on finding the audience and context, I was able to get connected with the author's purpose. I realized this idea also goes for writing. If I am able to identify the specific audience for my paper, then I can make my purpose more clear. The way you presented the idea and organized the four elements, as you can see in my notes, was a great model for me to emulate for my future reading and writing Get more content on
  • 11. My Personal Experience of Reading C. S. Lewis once said "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me", which is extremely similar to my personal outlook. Novels have given me an extensive amount of rewards over the years. The knowledge reading has given me has been extensive; additionally, literature has been nothing but a boon to me. I have always considered myself a rather advanced reader, and having the skill of advanced comprehension while reading has been an extremely useful tool that I continue to utilize. As I write, I use the countless hours of experience reading to create an insightful and logical paper. For as long as I have been able to read, I can always remember being much more enamored with what I would find in the library or at home much more so than that of what was given to us during class. Books from class would simply make me want to fall asleep, meanwhile the books I would find for myself would create a door into another world unlike any that I had seen. Due to books giving me a friend, gifting me with an improved attention to detail, and a superior (and sometimes odd) vocabulary, reading has improved my life by a large margin. Books have been an extensive aid to me during my years in elementary and middle school. Moreover, without the aid of literature, my life at that time would have been extremely lonely and uneventful; due to my lack of friends at the time,books acted as a sort of placeholder. My taste in literature began with autobiographies, and then expanded to almost anything I could get my hands on. At night, I would read novels by book–light before I would go to bed. For my adolescent mind, literature took me to a fantasy world where anything was possible. Adventures were simply a page away, and the size and scope of fantasy books took me to far reaching places of which I will never see with my own eyes. Although I appreciated these books very much, I do not believe my teachers did as much. I have many memories of having my books taken away because I was reading during class Fortunately, this was not always the case, but reading had a massive impact on my childhood this way. Additionally, Elementary school was my renaissance for knowledge from Get more content on
  • 12. 123 Test Reflection For the 123 Test, my results showed that my openness to experience is low, my conscientiousness is very low, my extraversion is very low, my agreeableness is high, and my natural reactions are very high. The descriptions given to me included down–to–earth, spontaneous, reserved, compassionate, and prone to worry. I think that the test describes me pretty well, however I feel that my score on conscientiousness should have at least been in the mid range. I also think that the test is valid and tests what it is supposed to. I don't think the test is reliable in the sense that a person can choose whatever choice they want. I also think that sometimes a person may make different choices, especially on questions that were harder for the test taker to answer. My score on the Psychology Today test gave me a 47 on a scale of 100 for my success orientation. more content... I feel that these scores pretty much match how I actually am. I think I am a bit more organized than the test concluded but the other results were pretty accurate. I think that the test is valid in what it wanted to test, however like the other tests, I think that the reliability is low because sometimes people's answers can change on a day–to–day basis for some of the questions. I think that the three tests supported some of the thoughts that I already had about my personality. The 123 Test and the Big Five test were pretty accurate, however I did not agree with the description given for the Psychology Today test. I think that the test was not beneficial because it gave a score that was only based on scoring above or below the 50th percentile. That means that scores like mine that were at 47 were not as accurate to my actual personality as they could Get more content on
  • 13. Essay On English 123 English 123 is a requirement for almost all majors, including mine. To meet this requirement, I was given a choice a take English Composition CLEP and English 123. I decided to take this course with the hope to improve my writing and critical thinking skills. Even though it was hard to take an English class on deployment, I am very glad that I took it. My time is well spent on this course. Among many things, I learned out of this course, here are a three outcome that is worth mentioning. First, responding orally and in writing to evaluate, analyze, and critically assess the ideas and meaning of diverse texts. Second, making appropriate rhetorical decisions to achieve the purpose of a written work, based on an understanding of ethical issues and underlying assumptions and values in the argument. Third, demonstrating understanding of the interdependent relationship of reading, writing, and thinking and reflect on their thinking as part of a larger community of thinkers. I learned how to respond orally and in writing to evaluate, analyze, and critically assess the ideas and meaning of diverse texts by composing summary and strong response, and exploratory research paper. Summary and strong response paper taught me how to be firm and fair way to thinking. This is very useful at work. I can use this to improve more content... Two–description paper mostly confused me at first. Then I referenced my work to the textbook realized what I was doing wrong. Two–description paper taught me how to write interesting and storytelling introductions. The informative and surprising essay was very useful in learning to present an idea. It will come hand at work. It was also learning process for me to research an interesting Get more content on
  • 14. What Is Responsibility Essay Responsibility Essay Responsibility in a person is a must as they can be more trusting and dependable if they have even the slightest amount of responsibility unlike those who don't have any they can be lacking in many things and most people will see them as drags on society. Not only that, but they seem to have negative impressions with everyone else as they do not really help contribute to the betterment of mankind but that is how most people act in today's world. But they still seem to go on and make the best of the day that they can. Responsibility is hard for a lot of people, it puts stress on you and makes people think you're dependent so they might start asking more from you. That saying, my life would be much better than it already is if I took reasonability for my Self in more ways than one. Firstly, I would be more active and would have my stuff done more often than I do now and that would free me up for other things to do more content... I would be able to come through on my promises to people and help them with whatever they need help with. Say my friend across the street needs me to watch his house while he is gone, he is putting a huge responsibility on my shoulders. Now if I were more responsible this would be no problem, but at the moment my friend most likely would be uneasy about letting me watch his house. Another thing if I was more responsible I could help my community and make sure it is a better place to live. This would not only be beneficial to others, but my self–esteem may be raised by this effort. Finally, I would have more friends and maybe be more popular than I already am as I could be more outgoing and adventure out of my safe zone so I may get noticed more often. Another quote from Brian Tracy was "Impressionable people trot out there excuses and get off the hook" and this is quite true as people who are given Get more content on
  • 15. Our Day Out by Willy Russell Essay The play Our Day Out by Willy Russell. "Our Day Out" The play "Our Day Out" by WillyRussellraised many questions about education, school trips, and how teachers react to different and less able kids. In my C.E.L. I shall answer two important questions that I feel were raised in this play, and explain how the writer made me aware of these issues. I shall also explain clearly my response to these issues. "Mrs. Kayscans the beach, Carolcannot be seen." This is something whichdefinitelywould not happen on a school trip nowadays. A pupils lost. The first question raised in the play was whether school trips are dangerous or worth the risk. Mrs. Kay was supposed to take a group of kids to Conwy Castle however on the way more content... Also we must consider that there have only been around twenty two deaths in the last seven years on British school trips. This may seem like allot but when you think of how many thousands of school trips there have been in the last seven years and the millions of pupils who have participated that isn't a great deal of deaths. In my opinion education is trying to be safe but instead putting teachers off going on school trips. The reason I chose this particular question is because I strongly believe that children should get the chance to go on a school trip with all their friends so they can have fun and learn something at the same time. Many poorer children, like those in the play from the inner city, wouldn't be able to afford to go to a castle or the funfair which I feel is unfair. That is why I believe that some trips might be dangerous but all trips are definitely worth the risk. The next question raised is what should education offer pupils? In my opinion education should be fun, and rewarding. Rewards should be given to pupils who continually work hard and behave, and to pupils with learning difficulties or problems who try their hardest and don't give up despite their problems. However most people believe that lower ability children are badly behaved children. I personally don't believe this is true however many children with lower abilities think there is no point in trying hard as they will fail anyway. Get more content on
  • 16. Personal Narrative: My Immigrant Looking back to the past, before I was born, I never really knew where my ancestors came from or why they even came here in the first place. It was never made a big deal in my family to talk about our history and the reasons why they came to American. So, I decided to do a little research and find out a little bit about myself, my culture, and my communication styles. I asked for a little bit of help from my grandmothers from each side of my family. I got an abundance of information that opened my eyes to a new past that I didn't even know about. Starting with my mother's side, I found out that my grandmother's mom and dad came from Germany. It all started during the early 1900s, when the first immigrated. The focused group was more content... Even though I have no information about my great grandfather, I do know some interesting stuff about my great grandmother. The first thing I found was that she came from Poland. She immigrated in the mid–1860s in search of a new life and to flee from political insurrections. Approximately two–thousand people came with her, but that was only one of the waves. People have been emigrating from Poland ever since the Vikings, so definitely wasn't one of the first to enter The States. Out of the two–thousand that came with her, twenty–three percent of them were Jewish and they came to avoid the threat of the World War I. My great grandmother was not Jewish though, I am not exactly sure what religion she practiced. Most Polish immigrants settled in the Industrial North, consisting of: New York, Chicago, Illinois, Pennsylvania, etc. Previous Poland was unable to create a strong monarchy, so they eventually fell under Russian power along with other neighboring countries. As for Polish traditions, she also just wanted to conform to the American culture. However, she did want to keep some aspects of her old customs. For example, she ate the same foods, celebrated the same holidays, and kept the same child raising behaviors. My grandparents from then on have used the same methods she did. Dinnertime equals family time. Also, she made very strict house and curfew Get more content on
  • 17. Brief introduction This article aims to discuss the importance of professional skills. The part a is macro–point to prove the starve for the development of professional skills in the global content, which contain analyzed the global current for demand of it on the social, economy, technology and even individual benefits. By using some theoretical and empirical evidence that had been researched by scholars, and also provide one to two examples. The second part is a reflection session for the author herself, to estimate her professional skills through teamwork in classes, societies and fieldworks and diagnose the performance of those works. Not only some literatures are used but also two test and questionnaire are assisted for analyze more content... 2Discussion The answer is sure for the demand for professional skills. "Recent figures show that organizations are becoming increasingly diverse" (Eden, Michelle and Daniel, 2009). From a global business perspective, basically all the companies are focusing highly on the talents needing and training. "Investment in staffing infrastructure is a strong theme," said from Stephanie (2012), he has mentioned that, according to High–performance Global Staffing: the transfer of labor insurance supplies and strategies, there was a reported that 93% of the responded companies surveyed believe that they will maintain or significantly increase their global workforces during the next three years. Specially in Asia, with the booming economy and the huge number of population, that companies are being forced to reconsider about how they will be able to grow under a fast speed, due to the lack of skilled people in nowadays (The Economist, 2007). However, the rapid development of high technology and economy in the world –– the training and provision of professional talents are far behind this high–speed development. In this case, increasing number of enterprise are willing to expand their business and hire a large number of talented people to ensure their dominant status and considerable profit. For example, the Cleantech companies are engaged in a race to develop the Get more content on
  • 18. My Teenage Years My teenage years were a rollercoaster. For the most part, I had a lot of growing up to do and to figure out my future ahead of me. Like most teenagers, I was mainly focused on my own difficulties and great moments. Many times, I found myself in complicated situations ashamed to talk about. This course and textbook, Adolescent psychology, allowed me to reflect on my teenage year. There are better ways to explain the aspects in my younger years. I will be going over my family, friends and even myself to analyze my adolescent years. There were more supportive answers to explain a few of my teenage years. As well as, issues most teenagers have gone through. There are also explanations on relations with family and friends playing a role through my youth. The importance and impact it can have on young adults. There always growth and development going throughout our lives. I think the unusual part was my parent's relationship. They were not together but lived together. This often threw off relations with each other. My dad at moved out but then moved back in because of immigration. This brought my parents back together once they figured out the legal orders. Yet, a year went by and the relationship did not seem to work out. At the time I thought it would be best if my parents would separate. I grew frustrated my mom would use the excuse that they were together because of us. Honestly, that hurt me more than wanting them to stay together. If they were not happy together what's the point of having them together? I told my parents at one point they did not have to do it for us. I remember my brother crying but of the idea of my father moving away rather than them not being together. In the textbook, there are advantages of them staying together because of economically reasons (287). But my father had his own problems that dragged us down. There were more pros to my parents divorcing right away then trying to stay together. If it is economic reason is why most people stayed my mother used because of the children for financial reasoning and not the emotional toll on us. I believe the unusual part was the lack of family attention. My relationship with my family was complicated. My father was rarely in my teenage Get more content on
  • 19. A Capstone Research Paper Capstone Reflection Essay~ by Sophia Plourde 8A 5/26/16 While doing my Capstone project I realized that I am too broad with my research. I tend to think really big which in most cases is not a bad thing, but when doing projects such as the Capstone project I need to focus on facts more closely related to my topic. My teacher gave me a helpful analogy for researching; "Make a bullseye in the middle put need to know. In the second ring put nice to know. In the outermost ring put good to know." This analogy will really help me, and is really helping me be more specific with my research. Which will help get me better grades, and more from future projects. Get more content on
  • 20. In the short story, "Bartleby the Scrivener," Herman Melville employs the use of plot, setting, point of view, characterization, and tone to reveal the theme. Different critics have widely varying ideas of what exactly the main theme of "Bartleby" is, but one theme that is agreed upon by numerous critics is the theme surrounding the lawyer, Bartleby, and humanity. The theme in "Bartleby the Scrivener" revolves around three main developments: Bartleby's existentialistic point of view, the lawyer's portrayal of egotism and materialism, and the humanity they both possess. The three developments present the lawyer's and Bartleby's alienation from the world into a "safe" world of their own design. The lawyer, although an active member more content... Melville's choice to employ a simple plot to reveal complex characterizations of humanity shows the author's plan to make the reader interpret the theme for himself or herself. Without a complex plot, the author must use other elements of fiction to uncover variations in the lawyer's and Bartleby's outlook on society. The walls of Bartleby conflict with the lawyer's walls, but both are designed to keep both the lawyer and Bartleby safe from the outside world. The lawyer's safe haven is where his office is: Wall Street. On Wall Street, the lawyer knows exactly what society expects of him. He is content with himself and his sense of conventionality and considers himself a representative human being. The lawyer considers Bartleby to be representative of humanity. The lawyer states, "For both I and Bartleby were sons of Adam" (Melville 143). The lawyer originally places himself and Bartleby in the same context of society. However, the lawyer seems to recognize, at the conclusion of the story, the universality of Bartleby's plight. Leon F. Seltzer indicates, "Not simply Bartleby but everybody is essentially isolated in the prison of self and can break out of it only through illusions, whose fragility constantly subjects them to destruction" (119). Bartleby's safe haven is also within the lawyer's office on Wall Street. Bartleby haunts the law office and is described as a ghost. By referring to Bartleby as an apparition, Melville Get more content on

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College Essay Examples: Effective Techniques

College Essay Examples: Effective Techniques

narrative essay 123

Last Updated On: March 16th, 2021

When writing college application essays it’s easy to FREAK OUT. So how do you summarize your life for a board of admission? How do you finish your last year on a high note while simultaneously writing 20 supplemental college essays?


Take it from the high school senior who didn’t…don’t miss a deadline for a school. They will not allow extensions. They do not respond to tears.

Start by mapping out your dream schools. What is the best college for you? What are their due dates? How many essays do you need to write? Do they accept the Common Application?

Plan strategically: Schools with the Common App will allow you to save time on the majority of the college application process. The Common App essay will allow you to reduce the workload. You will still have supplemental essay prompts for most schools, but it’s worth it to pick schools that use the Common App.


Make sure to look up each school’s mission statement and core values. They will usually list this on their website. With enough digging you will find words like, “innovation” or “diversity.” These words will immediately clue you into what they’re looking for in the essays. Try to brainstorm topics that you can incorporate these values into. Avoid “on the nose” writing. While it’s not necessary to state the mission statement words explicitly, it’s very important to make reference to them throughout your college application essay.


I have tutored many high school students on their way to college. The first thing they say to me their freshman year, “I’m so glad we went over outlining.” I am pretty aggressive about it, I’ll admit, but I’ve only ever had incredible results from students. If you have no vision for where your story will go, how do you expect it to flow out of you? Without some clear plan you leave no room for imagination or deviation from the plan.


It’s SO important to get personal on your college essay. The admissions officers don’t know you AT ALL. They know numbers, grades, community service hours, etc etc. Those don’t make a person. Pick essay prompts that allow you to share intimate stories about your life.

Have you ever lost someone? What is your greatest accomplishment? Why do you want to study your chosen field? College essay topics generally read generic so you have the opportunity to take more creative liberty.

Find that special spark that makes you, YOU. Everyone has one, so you can’t play the, “I’m the most boring kid that ever lived” card.

Do you struggle with learning? That’s an overcoming adversity essay. Are you an undecided major? That’s a funny narrative about your indecision at a young age. There are so many directions this essay can take. But I see the most success when students are vulnerable and real.


If I could make this text flash red and include a siren noise, I would. These essays will take time and thoughtfulness. There will be many drafts. You will cry. You will shred at least one essay. Give yourself more than enough time to fall in love with your response. The last thing you want is a half-hearted essay meant to impress your dream school.


Many styles work in the essay department, but what seems to land the most are narratives. When you can bring the reader into your world with an engaging story there’s nothing better. The admissions committee is used to reading persuasive formal writing and cookie cutter replies. Why not use narrative story telling to make yourself stand out? Here are a few college essay examples of various styles of narrative writing and why they work.

Here is an excerpt from a Johns Hopkins applicant, Rachel:

My eyes widen. “It’s all Greek to me,” I whisper under my breath. Sure enough, The Apology by Plato is in Greek.

My eyes dart across the page, looking for a word or phrase to grasp onto. Unable to find a familiar word, I take a deep breath. The Greek letters jumble into incoherent words and I am left to the mercy of an incomplete translation. I shake my head, unsure of what to do next. My eyes drag from one word to another, heavy with defeat. Upon the sixth word, however, they stop. My initial scan of the text left me negligent of a simple word meaning “number.” Passion overwhelms my senses. “Number” becomes the most important word of the clause, providing context to the adjacent words. I turn to the lexicon and search for words that fit into a coherent translation. With the last word, I feel satisfaction and pride. The whirlwind of emotions repeats: Confusion, passion, satisfaction. Before the bell rings, I finish translating 20 lines of The Apology.

I was fifteen when I successfully translated The Apology, and soon after, I fell in love with translation. Through translation, I learned the value of perseverance and hard work; it even helped me convey ideas in different mediums such as figure skating. To read Rachel’s full essay check out Johns Hopkins Admissions

Rachel does a fantastic job with her narrative. She tells her story in present tense and takes us on the journey. She doesn’t reveal the ending aka “the lesson” first, which adds a fascinating suspense to her words. She uses imagery, rich language, and her own unique interests to completely engage the reader in a small moment within her life. It isn’t a big story about coming to America or losing a loved one, it’s a minute story that is both compelling and authentic to Rachel’s life. However, it’s told in such a way that we feel we’re riding a rollercoaster. EFFECTIVE.

Here is another example from a UC applicant:

Freshman year, I fell in love with the smell of formaldehyde for its promise of an especially exciting day in Biology. Although my school’s STEM education excelled in theory and concepts, career-focused hands-on experience was lacking and I grew nostalgic for dissections. By junior year, I still had almost no idea what I would do in the future. When asked, I’d mumble a response about biochemistry or technology without daring to specify a job.

Then, I discovered MIT’s Women’s Technology Program and its mission to allow high school girls with little experience in engineering and CS to explore the fields. Naturally, I applied in a blink, and somehow even got accepted.

When I started the program, I never expected to become so enamored with computer science. Every day, I took pages of notes during the class lecture, then enthusiastically attacked the homework problems during the evening. In fact, most nights I stayed late in the computer lab trying to finish just one more (optional) challenge problem or add more features to already completed programs. To read this student’s full essay check out College Essay Guy

Wow, what a start. My jaw drops the first time the writer speaks. Having a strong opening to your essay is so important. The admission board reads thousands of essays. You need to stand out and make your voice heard. Additionally, this student does a wonderful job acknowledging their indecision. That is very common among high school seniors and it’s powerful when you share this vulnerability. This student uses her doubts as a method to propel the essay, then contrasts this as she finds grounding in her extracurricular activities. This student seamlessly adds in her accomplishments with her newfound passion. IDEAL.

Here is another example from an applicant of Stanford University (He got in!):

In most conventional classrooms, we are taught to memorize material. We study information to regurgitate it on a test and forget it the following day. I thought this was learning. But this past summer, I realized I was wrong.

I attended the SPK Program, a five-week enrichment program with New Jersey’s best and brightest students. I lived on a college campus with 200 students and studied a topic. I selected Physical Science. On the first day of class, our teacher set a box on the table and poured water into the top, and nothing came out. Then, he poured more water in, and everything slowly came out. We were told to figure out what had happened with no phones or textbooks, just our brains. We worked together to discover in the box was a siphon, similar to what is used to pump gas. We spent the next weeks building solar ovens, studying the dynamic of paper planes, diving into the content of the speed of light and space vacuums, among other things. We did this with no textbooks, flashcards, or information to memorize.

During those five weeks, we were not taught impressive terminology or how to ace the AP Physics exam. We were taught how to think. More importantly, we were taught how to think together. Learning is not memorization or a competition. Learning is working together to solve the problems around us and better our community. To me, learning is the means to a better future, and that’s exciting. This essay is from Shemmassian Consulting

I really like this essay because the student immediately starts by attacking old school ways of learning. It is a bold statement and immediately puts the spotlight on him. He acknowledges his innate desire to conform to that old system and how his thinking was shifted. That is another great lesson to be shared. Schools like Stanford look for forward thinking individuals like this. He’s targeting their school values. GENIUS! Here is Stanford’s mission statement, “to extend the frontiers of knowledge, stimulate creativity, and solve real-world problems, prepare students to think broadly, deeply and critically, and to contribute to the world, and deploy Stanford’s strengths to benefit our region, country, and world.” Does he not touch on these values exclusively? He found a great topic to showcase his creativity, openness to new styles of learning, and his ability to solve problems in a team. This student really nailed the research component before writing.

For more help and guidance on college essay writing, check out our interview with college admissions essay expert, Stephanie Klein Wassink , our blog with a college essay expert, Ethan Sawyer , and How to Write the Perfect College Admission Essay .

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Edited by: Christopher Francese and  Meghan Reedy

Aeneid 1.34-123 essay

By Meghan Reedy

We catch but a brief glimpse of the Trojan refugees in 34–5: they are sailing happily off the coast of Sicily: Vix e conspectu Siculae telluris in altum vela dabant laeti et spumas salis aere ruebant , … but then Juno’s contemplations and their aftermath take center stage.

In what she says to herself, Iuno … haec secum (36–7), Juno links her frustration at being unable, so far, to stall Trojans’ efforts to establish themselves in Italy ( Mene incepto desistere victam nec posse Italia Teucrorum avertere regem? 38) with her jealousy toward another goddess, this time of Minerva ( Pallasne … , 39–49). She remembers how Minerva once burned the Argive navy (remember the Argives are dear to Juno, caris … Argis , 1.24) and drowned the sailors, all because Oileian Ajax raped Cassandra ( Pallasne urere classem Argivum atque ipsos potuit summergere ponto unius ob noxam et furias Aiacis Oilei? 39–41). Exactly how she did it also bothers Juno: Minerva herself hurled Jupiter’s own thunderbolt and tore things apart with a storm ( ipsa, Iovis rapidum iaculata e nubibus ignem, disiecitque rates evertitque aequora ventis , 42–3). Ajax himself she struck with lightning, and then picked him up in a whirlwind and spiked him on a sharp rock, illum exspirantem transfixo pectore flammas turbine corripuit scopuloque infixit acuto (44–5). Juno complains to herself that she, sister and wife of Jupiter, is losing face because she cannot do the same (46–9).

What follows seems to be an effort to correct both things at once: using methods of her own Juno creates a violent storm—which both imitates Minerva’s revenge on Ajax, and stalls the Trojans’ progress. But the differences too are telling.

Minerva had usurped for a moment Jupiter’s signature weapon and emblem of power, lightning ( rapidum … ignem 42), but Juno usurps instead his bureaucratic control. We are told in 58–9 that if the winds were just left ranging around according to their own devices they would sweep through far too fast. Fearing this, Jupiter had them incarcerated under a mountain, with a client king, Aeolus, watching over them, who lets them out by turns according to instructions (61–3). And it is this king, Aeolus, whom Juno bribes (65–75) to let the winds out all at the same time.

I would like to draw attention to two things that seem small but that can help to orient us in this scene and in the larger narrative.

One is the way that we are invited to see Juno and Jupiter in contrast. Back in line 23, when Virgil was enumerating Juno’s reasons for being so very very angry, he summed up her response to hearing that a Trojan-descended people were fated to destroy Carthage as fear: id metuens … . And in line 3 and again in 29–32 we are told that because of her anger, which is caused (in part) by this fear, she tosses the Trojans at sea whenever she can ( multum ille … iactatus et alto 3; iactatos aequore … errabant … maria omnia circum 29–32).  Jupiter also has a fear, named as such in the same way in line 61: hoc metuens …. But his fear is of unintended storms (58–9). His response to his fear is containment, physical (he puts them into a mountain prison, 61) and legal (he makes a contract with a king, via foedere certo , 62). He exercises what we might call pre-emptive restraint, where Juno feels compelled to cause pre-emptive chaos, both of them acting because of fear.

Secondly, this contrast between Juno and Jupiter is not a clash between them. They are not acting at the same time, for instance: Jupiter set Aeolus up some (long?) time before now, and when Juno approaches Aeolus to strike her deal with him, they are (we suppose) alone. Nor is either one’s action aimed at the other; each responds to the circumstances they perceive as relevant.

There is no real clash at all. No resistance to Juno comes even from Aeneas, who is one of the intended victims of her storm-strategy. When the storm hits, darkening the sky suddenly and completely ( eripiunt subito nubes caelumque diemque Teucrorum ex oculis , 88–89), Aeneas raises his hands to the sky and wishes he were already dead, wishes he had died at Troy: O … Tydide! Mene Iliacis occumbere campis non potuisse tuaque animam hanc effundere dextra … (96–98). In this moment, in the teeth of this storm, he wants what Juno wants. Further still, once the storm has thrown ships every which way (onto rocks, 108–9; onto sand-bars, 109–10), and people and things start tipping into the sea, there is a moment when it seems the whole story is about to drown before it even gets going: Apparent rari nantes in gurgite vasto, arma virum tabulaeque et Troia gaza per undas (118–19). Arms, men, Trojan treasure—all in the sea.

In this moment, one of the many things we might marvel at is the sheer scale of this scene. Not just the hugeness of the storm, but the vastness of the gulf between the power of the gods ( vi superum , 4) on the one hand, who can impose a jailer on the winds or cajole that jailer into letting them loose, and on the other hand the tiny, despairing man ( virum cano , 1).


A great deal is happening at once when this storm happens. Philip Hardie, in Cosmos and Imperium (pp. 90–97), shows how this storm is an allegory for the gigantomachy , the war the Titans wage against the gods. He also shows how—at the same time—this storm is profoundly influenced by the scientific meteorological descriptions of Lucretius (pp. 180–3 and 237–40). Lucretius spends a great deal of effort offering such explanations in his De Rerum Natura , in hope of dispelling fear and superstition about the gods, but here, as Hardie shows, Virgil is re-mythologizing the storm using Lucretius’ scientific terms. In addition, the “air” was attributed to Juno as her natural element through etymologies from her name Hera; as is shown in part in Aeolus’ flattering response to her. This, and more besides, is discussed by Oliver Phillips and others.

Anderson, W.S. 2005. The Art of the Aeneid  2nd ed., 24–6. Wauconda, IL: Bolchazy-Carducci.

Hardie, P.R. 1986.  Virgil’s   Aeneid : Cosmos and Imperium , 90–97. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Levitan, W. 1993. “Give up the beginning? Juno’s mindful wrath ( Aeneid  1.37).”  Liverpool Classical Monthly . 18: 14.

McKay, A.G. 1989. “Vergil’s Aeolus episode.” In  Daidalion: Studies in Memory of Raymond Schroder , edited by R.F. Sutton, 249–56. Wauconda, IL: Bolchazy-Carducci.

Phillips, O. 1980 “ Aeole, namque tibi .”  Vergilius . 26: 18–26.

Smith, R.A. 2005.  The Primacy of Vision in the   Aeneid, 12–20.   Austin: University of Texas Press

Williams, R. D. 1965–6. “The opening scenes of the  Aeneid .”  Proceedings of the Virgil Society .  5: 14–23.

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Introduction and Essays

by Thomas Van Nortwick and Meghan Reedy

music inspired by the Aeneid , sets of illustrations, original maps, video, and audio content

Narrative Writing Features - Display or Activity

narrative essay 123

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This set is great for any classroom looking at narrative writing features and can be used for a display or an activity.

✩The colour arrows show the organisational features of narratives. The black arrows and the stars show the conventions of the text type.

WAIT!! This is included in Text Writing Features- Display or Activity Bundle!

✩Print the applicable pieces and use with an example of the text type enlarged to A3 (example recount has been included). Laminate for longevity.

Class Display: Arrange pieces on a bulletin board for a reference when students are writing.

Whole Class Introduction: Have students help to identify the features as an introduction to the text type.

Consolidation Activity: Print enough copies for individual students or groups and have students arrange pieces as a revision activity or assessment of their knowledge.

Reflection Activity: Have students identify the features within their own texts to ensure they are using them.

Contents of this package:

★ Explanation Pages (2 pages)

★ Features and Convention Pieces (including title) (6 pages)

★ Example Text (1 page)

→This product is not editable ←

Other text types in this series:

Persuasive Writing Features

Poetry Writing Features

Narrative Writing Features

Report Writing Features

Procedure Writing Features


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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550 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing

Questions that invite students to tell stories, describe memories, make observations, imagine possibilities, and reflect on who they are and what they believe.

narrative essay 123

By The Learning Network

Update, Sept. 9, 2022: We published a new collection of 445 narrative and personal writing prompts.

We’ve been posting fresh writing prompts every school day for over a decade now, and every so often we create a themed collection like this one to help you find what you need all in one place.

This fall, in honor of our new narrative-writing unit and our first-ever Personal Narrative Essay Contest for teenagers, we’ve rounded up 550 evergreen questions on everything from family, friendships and growing up to gender, spirituality, money, school, sports, social media, travel, dating, food, health and more. (They’re also all available here as a PDF .)

We hope they’ll inspire you, whether you’re entering our related contest or just want to improve your writing skills. Like all our Student Opinion questions , each links to a related Times article, which is free to read if you access it from our site.

So dive in and pick the questions that most inspire you to tell an interesting story, describe a memorable event, observe the details in your world, imagine a possibility, or reflect on who you are and what you believe.

Overcoming Adversity

1. How Resilient Are You? 2. What Do You Do When You Encounter Obstacles to Success? 3. When Have You Failed? What Did You Learn From It? 4. Have You Ever Felt Like an Outsider? 5. What Are Your Secret Survival Strategies? 6. When Have You Reinvented Yourself? 7. How Often Do You Leave Your ‘Comfort Zone’? 8. When Was the Last Time You Did Something That Scared or Challenged You? 9. How Do You Handle Fear? 10. What Do You Gain From Pursuing Something You Do Really, Really Badly? 11. Do You Give Yourself Enough Credit for Your Own Successes? 12. How Often Do You Cry? 13. How Do You Cope With Grief? 14. How Have You Handled Being the ‘New Kid’? 15. How Do You Deal With Haters? 16. How Do You React When Provoked? 17. Does Stress Affect Your Ability to Make Good Decisions? 18. Are You Too Hard on Yourself? 19. How Do You Find Peace in Your Life? 20. Does Your Life Leave You Enough Time to Relax? 21. What Did You Once Hate but Now Like? 22. Do Adults Who Are ‘Only Trying to Help’ Sometimes Make Things Worse? 23. How Well Do You Take Criticism?

Your Personality

24. What Motivates You? 25. What Makes You Happy? 26. What Are You Good At? 27. How Do You Deal With Boredom? 28. Do You Like Being Alone? 29. How Full Is Your Glass? 30. Do You Have a Hard Time Making Decisions? 31. How Much Self-Control Do You Have? 32. Are You a Patient Person? 33. How Well Do Rewards and Incentives Work to Motivate You? 34. How Productive and Organized Are You? 35. Under What Conditions Do You Do Your Best Work? 36. How Do You Express Yourself Creatively? 37. Do You Hold Grudges? 38. How Good Are You at Judging Your Own Talents? 39. How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? 40. Do You Take More Risks When You Are Around Your Friends? 41. Are You a Procrastinator? 42. What Role Does Envy Play in Your Life? 43. How Much of a Daredevil Are You? 44. Are You a Perfectionist? 45. How Impulsive Are You? 46. Are You a Novelty-Seeker? 47. What Annoys You? 48. Do You Apologize Too Much? 49. What Animal Are You Most Like? 50. How Materialistic Are You? 51. How Easy — or Hard — Is It for You to Say No When You Want To? 52. Are You a Hoarder or a Minimalist? 53. Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert? 54. Are You Popular, Quirky or Conformist? 55. How Good Is Your Sense of Direction? 56. How Competitive Are You? 57. What Assumptions Do People Make About You? 58. Are You More of a Leader or a Follower?

59. What Are Your Hobbies? 60. What Are Your Passions? 61. What Would You Choose to Do If You Had Unlimited Free Time and No Restrictions? 62. Are There Activities You Used to Love That Are Now So Competitive They’re Not Fun Anymore? 63. What Activities Make You Feel Most Alive? 64. What Do You Collect? 65. What Work, Sport or Pastime Do You Like to Do at Night?

66. Do You Wish You Had a Different Morning Routine? 67. What Ordinary Moments Would You Include in a Video About Your Life? 68. What Are Your Best ‘Life Hacks’? 69. Do You Spend Enough Time With Other People? 70. How Do You Greet Your Friends and Family? 71. How Do You Remember What You Need to Remember? 72. What’s Your Sunday Routine? 73. How Often Do You Talk to Yourself? 74. When and For What Reasons Do You Seek Silence? 75. What Habits Do You Have, and Have You Ever Tried to Change Them? 76. What Small Things Have You Seen and Taken Note Of Today? 77. What Are the Sounds That Make Up the Background Noise in Your Life? 78. What Sounds Annoy You? 79. What Public Behavior Annoys You Most? 80. What Are Some Recent Moments of Happiness in Your Life? 81. What Are You Grateful For?

Role Models

82. What Heroic Acts Have You Performed or Witnessed? 83. What Are Some ‘Words of Wisdom’ That Guide Your Life? 84. Who Outside Your Family Has Made a Difference in Your Life? 85. What Does the World Need to Know About an Important Person in Your Life? 86. To Whom, or What, Would You Like to Write a Thank-You Note? 87. What Does Dr. King’s Legacy Mean to You? 88. What Six People, Living or Dead, Would You Invite to Dinner? 89. Who’s Your ‘Outsider Role Model’?

90. How Do You Define ‘Family’? 91. What Events Have Brought You Closer to Your Family? 92. What Have You and Your Family Accomplished Together? 93. What Is Your Relationship With Your Siblings Like? 94. Have You Ever Felt Pressured by Family or Others in Making an Important Decision About Your Future? 95. What Possessions Does Your Family Treasure? 96. What Hobbies Have Been Passed Down in Your Family? 97. What’s the Story Behind Your Name? 98. How Have You Paid Tribute to Loved Ones? 99. What Family Traditions Do You Want to Carry On When You Get Older? 100. Did Your Parents Have a Life Before They Had Kids? 101. How Much Do You Know About Your Family’s History? 102. Where Would You Visit To Find Out More About Your Family’s Past?

Parents & Parenting

103. How Close Are You to Your Parents? 104. How Are You and Your Parents Alike and Different? 105. How Much Freedom Have Your Parents Given You? 106. Do You Push Your Parents’ Buttons? 107. How Often Do You Fight With Your Parents? 108. Are Your Parents Addicted to Their Phones? 109. Is Your Family Stressed, Tired and Rushed? 110. How Do You Get What You Want From Your Parents? 111. Do You Ever Feel Embarrassed by Your Parents? 112. Do Your Parents Try Too Hard to Be Cool? 113. Do Your Parents Support Your Learning? 114. Do Your Parents Yell at You? 115. Do You Want Your Parents to Stop Asking You ‘How Was School?’ 116. How Much Do Your Parents Help With Your Homework? 117. How Has Your Family Helped or Hindered Your Transition to a New School? 118. Have Your Parents and Teachers Given You Room to Create? 119. Are You Conforming to or Rebelling Against Your Parents’ Wishes for You? 120. What Advice Do You Have for Teenagers and Their Parents? 121. Do Your Parents Spy on You?

Your Neighborhood

122. What’s Special About Your Hometown? 123. Who Are the ‘Characters’ That Make Your Town Interesting? 124. What Marketing Slogan Would You Use for Your Town or City? 125. After Home and School, Where Do You Find the Strongest Feeling of Community? 126. What Do the Types of Dogs in Your Neighborhood Say About Where You Live? 127. Who Is the ‘Mayor’ of Your School or Neighborhood? 128. How Much Does Your Neighborhood Define Who You Are? 129. What ‘Urban Legends’ Are There About Places in Your Area? 130. Do You Know Your Way Around Your City or Town? 131. How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors? 132. What Is Your Favorite Place? 133. What’s Your Favorite Neighborhood Joint? 134. What Is Your Favorite Street? 135. Do You Hang Out in the Park? 136. What Buildings Do You Love? What Buildings Do You Hate? 137. Have You Ever Interacted With the Police? 138. What Ideas Do You Have for Enhancing Your Community? 139. Where Do You Think You Will Live When You Are an Adult? 140. Would You Most Want to Live in a City, a Suburb or the Country?

141. What is Your Favorite Place in Your House? 142. Do You Wish You Had the Go-to House? 143. Do You Need to De-Clutter Your Life? 144. Do You Plan on Saving Any of Your Belongings for the Future? 145. Is Your Bedroom a Nightmare? 146. What Would You Grab in a Fire? 147. Do You Think You Might Like Communal Living When You’re an Adult? 148. Who Lived Long Ago Where You Live Now? 149. What Would Your Dream Home Be Like? 150. What City or Town Most Captures Your Imagination?

Childhood Memories

151. What Was Your Most Precious Childhood Possession? 152. What Objects Tell the Story of Your Life? 153. Have You Ever Given, or Received, a Perfect Gift? 154. What Were Your Favorite Picture Books When You Were Little? 155. What’s the Best Party You’ve Ever Been To? 156. What Places Do You Remember Fondly From Childhood? 157. What Food or Flavor Do You Remember Tasting for the First Time? 158. What Do You Wish You Could See, Hear, Read or Experience for the First Time All Over Again? 159. Have You Ever Felt Embarrassed by Things You Used to Like? 160. Do You Wish You Could Return to Moments From Your Past? 161. Was There a Toy You Wanted as a Child but Never Got? 162. What Childhood Rules Did You Break? 163. What Is the Most Memorable Thing You Have Ever Lost or Found? 164. What Is Your Earliest Memory? 165. What Nicknames Have You Ever Gotten or Given? 166. What Are Your Best Sleepover Memories? 167. What Old, Worn Out Thing Can You Just Not Part With? 168. What Is Your Most Prized Possession?

169. What Have You Learned in Your Teens? 170. What Rites of Passage Mark the Transition to Adulthood in Your Community? 171. What Letter of Inspiration Would You Write to Your Younger Self? 172. Do You Hate When Adults Ask You What You Want to Be When You Grow Up? 173. Do You Look Forward to Old Age? 174. What Can Older People Learn From Your Generation? 175. What Have You Learned From Older People? 176. What Advice Do You Have for Younger Students? 177. Do You Recognize Yourself in Descriptions of ‘Generation Z’? 178. Do Other People Care Too Much About Your Post-High School Plans? 179. Do You Have ‘Emerging Adult’ Skills? 180. What Do Older Generations Misunderstand About Teenagers Today? 181. What Have You Learned From a Younger Person — and What Have You Taught An Older Person? 182. What Legacy Do You Want to Leave Behind?

Morality & Ethics

183. What Ethical Dilemmas Have You Faced? 184. Have You Ever Taken a Stand That Isolated You From Your Peers? 185. Have You Ever Donated Your Time, Talents, Possessions or Money to Support Anyone in Need? 186. What Acts of Kindness Have You Witnessed or Participated In? 187. Have You Ever ‘Paid It Forward’? 188. How Would You Like to Help Our World? 189. What Would You Invent to Make the World a Better Place? 190. What Would You Risk Your Life For? 191. How Trustworthy Are You? 192. How Comfortable Are You With Lying? 193. When Do You Lie? 194. Have You Ever Lied to Your Parents or Done Something Behind Their Backs? 195. If You Drink or Use Drugs, Do Your Parents Know? 196. Have You Ever Taken Something You Weren’t Supposed To? 197. Do You Ever Eavesdrop? 198. Do You Know How to Say ‘I’m Sorry?’

Religion, Spirituality & Beliefs

199. What Is the Role of Religion or Spirituality in Your Life? 200. How Often Do You Start Conversations about Faith or Spirituality? 201. Do You Believe That Everything Happens for a Reason? 202. How Much Control Do You Think You Have Over Your Fate? 203. Can You Be Good Without God? 204. Can You Pass a Basic Religion Test? 205. What Can You Learn From Other Religions? 206. What Legends and Myths Do You Believe In? 207. Do You Believe in Astrology? 208. Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Gender, Race & Sexuality

209. Do You Feel Constricted by Gender Norms? 210. Do Parents Have Different Hopes and Standards for Their Sons Than for Their Daughters? 211. Have You Ever Been Told You Couldn’t Do Something Because of Your Gender? 212. Is There Too Much Pressure on Girls to Have ‘Perfect’ Bodies? 213. How Much Pressure Do Boys Face to Have the Perfect Body? 214. What Experiences Have You Had With Gender Bias in School? 215. What Does it Mean to Be ‘a Real Man’? 216. What Have You Learned From the Women in Your Life? 217. What Messages About Gender Have You Gotten From Music? 218. How Do You Feel About Being Told to Smile? 219. Have You Ever Tried to Hide Your Racial or Ethnic Identity? 220. Do You Ever Talk About Issues of Race and Class With Your Friends? 221. Have You Experienced Racism or Other Kinds of Discrimination in School? 222. What Has Your Sex Education Been Like?

Money & Social Class

223. What Are Your Attitudes Toward Money? 224. Are You a Saver or a Spender? 225. What Have Your Parents Taught You About Money? 226. Do You Expect Your Parents to Give You Money? 227. How Important a Role Has Money, Work or Social Class Played in Your Life? 228. Do You See Great Disparities of Wealth in Your Community? 229. Can Money Buy You Happiness? 230. What Are the Best Things in Life and Are They Free? 231. What Are Your Expectations About Earning, Saving and Spending Money? 232. How Much Financial Help Do You Expect From Your Parents in the Future? 233. What Choices Do You Make About Money Every Day?

234. Are You Distracted by Technology? 235. Are You Distracted by Your Phone? 236. Are You ‘Addicted’ to Texting? 237. Do Screens Get in the Way of the Rest of Your Life? 238. Do You Experience FOMO When You Unplug? 239. Could You Go a Year Without a Smartphone? 240. Is Your Phone Love Hurting Your Relationships? 241. How Much of Your Day is Voluntarily Spent Screen-Free? 242. To What Piece of Technology Would You Write a ‘Love Letter’?

The Internet

243. How Do You Know if What You Read Online Is True? 244. How Much Do You Trust Online Reviews? 245. What Has YouTube Taught You? 246. What Would You Teach the World in an Online Video? 247. Do You Worry About Your Digital Privacy? 248. Do You Listen to Podcasts? 249. Would You Share an Embarrassing Story Online? 250. Do You Leave Funny Comments Online? 251. What Are Your Experiences With Internet-Based Urban Legends? 252. How Do You Use Wikipedia? 253. Have You Ever Been Scammed? 254. Whom Would You Share Your Passwords With? 255. Do You Ever Seek Advice on the Internet? 256. What Are Your Favorite Viral Videos?

Social Media

257. What Role Does Instagram Play in Your Life? 258. Do You Have ‘Instagram Envy’? 259. Do the Adults in Your Life Follow You on Social Media? 260. Have You Ever Gone to a Place for the Primary Purpose of Taking Selfies? 261. Who Is Your Favorite Social Media Star? 262. How Much Do You Trust the Celebrities and Social Media Stars You Follow? 263. Are You the Same Person on Social Media as You Are in Real Life? 264. What Memorable Experiences Have You Had on Facebook? 265. Why Do You Share Photos? 266. How Do You Archive Your Life? 267. Have You Ever Posted, Emailed or Texted Something You Wish You Could Take Back? 268. Have You Ever Sent an Odd Message Because of Auto-Correct? 269. Would You Want Your Photo or Video to Go Viral? 270. Do You Worry Colleges or Employers Might Read Your Social Media Posts Someday? 271. What Advice Do You Have for Younger Kids About Navigating Social Media?

272. What Are Your Earliest Memories of Music? 273. Who in Your Life Introduces You to New Music? 274. How Much Is Your Taste in Music Based on What Your Friends Like? 275. What Role Does Hip-Hop Play in Your Life? 276. What’s Your Karaoke Song? 277. How Closely Do You Listen to Lyrics? 278. What Is Your Favorite Musical Instrument? 279. What Would You Name Your Band?

Movies, Television & Video Games

280. What Have You Learned About Life From Watching Movies? 281. What Is Your Favorite Sports Movie? 282. Do You Like Horror Movies? 283. What Are Your Favorite TV Shows? 284. What Role Does Television Play in Your Life and the Life of Your Family? 285. What Stereotypical Characters Make You Cringe? 286. Have You Fallen Into ‘Friends’ or Any Other Older Television Shows? 287. How Much Are You Influenced by Advertising? 288. Do You Play Violent Video Games? 289. Who Are Your Opponents in Online Gaming? 290. What Classic Video Games Do You Still Enjoy Playing? 291. Are You a Fortnite Addict? 292. Do You Gamify Your Life?

Books & Reading

293. Read Any Good Books Lately? 294. What Books Do You Think Every Teenager Should Read? 295. What Role Have Books Played in Your Life? 296. Has a Novel Ever Helped You Understand Yourself or Your World Better? 297. Has a Book, Movie, Television Show, Song or Video Game Ever Inspired You to Do Something New? 298. What Book Would You Add to the High School Curriculum? 299. What Have You Learned from Comics? 300. Do You Read or Write Poetry? 301. What Is the Scariest Story You Have Ever Heard?

302. What Purpose Does Writing Serve in Your Life? 303. Do You Keep a Diary or Journal? 304. Do You Want to Write a Book? 305. When Do You Write by Hand? 306. Do You Write in Cursive? 307. Do You Write in Your Books? 308. What ‘Mundane Moments’ From Your Life Might Make Great Essay Material? 309. What Is Your Most Memorable Writing Assignment? 310. Do You Ever Write About Challenges You Face in Life? 311. What’s Your Favorite Joke? 312. If You Had a Column in The New York Times, What Would You Write About? 313. What Would You Write in a Letter to the Editor?

314. What Has Arts Education Done For You? 315. What Work of Art Has Changed Your Life? 316. What Are the Most Memorable Works of Visual Art You Have Seen? 317. Who Is Your Favorite Visual Artist? What Is Your Favorite Work of Art? 318. Which Photograph Stays In Your Memory? 319. What Would You Like to Learn to Make by Hand? 320. Are You Intimidated by Classical Music and Art? 321. Do You Love to Dance? 322. Have You Ever Performed for an Audience or Shared Creative Work With Others? 323. Have You Ever Stumbled Upon a Cool Public Performance? 324. What Show Do You Wish Your School Would Stage?

Language & Speech

325. What’s Your Favorite Word? 326. What Words Do You Hate? 327. Do You Say ‘Kind of, Sort of’ More Than You Realize? 328. What Makes a Great Conversation? 329. How Often Do You Have ‘Deep Discussions’? 330. Do You Wish Your Conversations Were Less Small Talk and More ‘Big Talk’? 331. How Much Information Is ‘Too Much Information’? 332. How Good Are You at Coming Up With Witty Comebacks? 333. Do You Sometimes ‘Hide’ Behind Irony? 334. How Good Is Your Grammar? 335. Do You Speak a Second, or Third, Language? 336. What Does Your Body Language Communicate?

337. Do You Like School? 338. Are You Stressed About School? 339. Are High School Students Being Worked Too Hard? 340. Would You Want to Go to a School Like This One? 341. How Much Do You Speak Up in School? 342. What ‘Pop-Up’ Classes Do You Wish Your School Offered? 343. Is Your School a Safe Learning Space? 344. Would You Want to Be Home-Schooled? 345. What Can Other Schools Learn — and Copy — From Your School? 346. What Do You Hope to Get Out of High School? 347. What Are Your Thoughts on Riding the School Bus? 348. Do You Feel Your School and Teachers Welcome Both Conservative and Liberal Points of View? 349. Do You Want to Be ‘Promposed’ To? 350. How Big a Problem Is Bullying or Cyberbullying in Your School or Community? 351. Can Students at Your School Talk Openly About Their Mental Health Issues? 352. What Career or Technical Classes Do You Wish Your School Offered?

Learning & Studying

353. Do You Have Too Much Homework? 354. Do You Need a Homework Therapist? 355. What’s the Most Challenging Assignment You’ve Ever Had? 356. Are You Afraid of Math? 357. How Would You Do on a Civics Test? 358. What Was Your Favorite Field Trip? 359. What Are Your Best Tips for Studying? 360. What Kind of Time Management Skills Are You Learning from the Adults in Your Life? 361. What Would You Like to Have Memorized?

362. What Do You Wish Your Teachers Knew About You? 363. When Has a Teacher Inspired You? 364. What Teacher Would You Like to Thank? 365. Have You Ever Been Humiliated by a Teacher? How Did it Affect You? 366. Have Your Teachers or Textbooks Ever Gotten It Wrong? 367. Does Your Teacher’s Identity Affect Your Learning? 368. Has a Teacher Ever Changed Your Mind-Set? 369. Do You Have a Tutor?

370. What Personal Essay Topic Would You Assign to College Applicants? 371. How Prepared Are You For College? How Well Do You Think You’ll Do? 372. What Worries You Most About the College Admissions Process? 373. What Worries Do You Have About College? 374. What Role Has Community College Played in Your Life or the Life of Someone You Know? 375. What Qualities Would You Look For in a College Roommate? 376. Would You Want to Take a Gap Year After High School? 377. Do You Intend to Study Abroad While You Are in College? 378. Are You Worried About the Rising Cost of Attending College? 379. Do You Want Your Parents to Live Nearby When You Go to College? 380. What Specialty College Would You Create?

Work & Careers

381. What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? 382. Do You Have a Life Calling? 383. What’s Your Dream Job? 384. Would You Pursue a Career If You Knew You Likely Would Not Make Much Money? 385. What Jobs Are You Most Curious About? 386. Will You Follow in Your Parents’ Footsteps? 387. Would You Consider Moving Overseas for a Job? 388. Would You Want to Be a Teacher? 389. Would You Rather Work From Home or in an Office? 390. What ‘Back-to-the-Land’ Skills Do You Have, or Wish You Had? 391. What Skill Could You Teach in Two Minutes? 392. What Have You Made Yourself? 393. Do You Have an Idea for a Business or App? 394. How Did You Start Doing Something You Love? 395. Did You Ever Take a Break From Doing Something You Love? 396. Would You Quit if Your Values Did Not Match Your Employer’s? 397. Do Your Summer Plans Include Employment?

398. Do You Have Satisfying Friendships? 399. How Alike Are You and Your Friends? 400. Do You Have Any Unlikely Friendships? 401. Do You Like Your Friends? 402. Do You Have a Best Friend? 403. Have You Ever Been Left Out? 404. Do You Ever Feel Lonely? 405. How Often Do You Spend One-on-One Time With Your Closest Friends? 406. How Do You Feel About Introducing Friends from Different Parts of Your Life? 407. Do You Find It Easier to Make New Friends Online or In Person? 408. How Good a Friend Are You? 409. How Have You Helped a Friend in a Time of Need? 410. Is Competitiveness an Obstacle to Making or Keeping Friendships? 411. How Should You Handle the End of a Friendship?

412. Are You Allowed to Date? 413. Is Dating a Thing of the Past? 414. What Advice Would You Give to Somebody Who Just Started Dating? 415. How Do You Think Technology Affects Dating? 416. Have You Ever Been in Love? 417. How Much of a Romantic Are You? 418. Have You Ever Been Ghosted? 419. What’s the Best Way to Get Over a Breakup? 420. Would You Want to Be Proposed to on a Jumbotron? 421. If You Get Married Someday, Do You Think You Will Change Your Last Name?

Sports & Games

422. Why Do You Play Sports? 423. Have You Ever Learned Something From a Professional Athlete? 424. How Would You Change Your Favorite Sport? 425. Does Being a Fan Help Define Who You Are? 426. What Kinds of Games and Puzzles Do You Like? 427. What Are Your Favorite Board Games? 428. Are You a Good Driver?

429. Where Do You Want to Travel? 430. What Is Your Most Memorable Family Vacation? 431. How Would You Spend Your Ideal Family Vacation? 432. What Do You Think You Would Learn From Traveling to All 50 States? 433. What Would Your Fantasy Road Trip Be Like? 434. What Crazy Adventure Would You Want to Take? 435. What Local ‘Microadventures’ Would You Like to Go On? 436. How Has Travel Affected You? 437. What Kind of Tourist Are You? 438. What Are the Best Souvenirs You’ve Ever Collected While Traveling? 439. What Famous Landmarks Have You Visited? 440. What’s the Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in Nature? 441. Would You Like to Live in Another Country? 442. If You Could Time-Travel, Where Would You Go?

Shopping, Looks & Fashion

443. What’s Your Favorite Store? 444. Could You Stop Shopping for an Entire Year? 445. Are You an Ethical Consumer? 446. Do Politics Ever Influence How or Where You Shop? 447. What Is Your All-Time Favorite Piece of Clothing? 448. Are You a Sneaker Head? 449. Do You Wear Clothes for the Logo? 450. Would You Like to Be a Fashion Model? 451. What’s Your Favorite T-Shirt? 452. What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You? 453. How Do You Feel About Your Body? 454. Have You Inherited Your Parents’ Attitudes Toward Their Looks? 455. What’s Your Favorite Room?

Exercise, Health & Sleep

456. What Rules Do You Have for Staying Healthy? 457. Do You Like to Exercise? 458. Do You Get Enough Exercise? 459. How Has Exercise Changed Your Health, Your Body or Your Life? 460. Do You Vape? 461. How Do You Get Your Nature Fix? 462. How Strong Is Your Sense of Smell? 463. What’s Your Favorite Mood Booster? 464. Do You Have Any Bad Health Habits? 465. Do You Learn Better After Moving Around? 466. How Often Do You Engage in ‘Fat Talk’? 467. Do You Pay Attention to Nutrition Labels on Food? 468. What Are Your ‘Food Rules’? 469. What Are Your Healthy Habits? 470. What Health Tips Have Worked for You? 471. What Are Your Sleep Habits? 472. Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Meals & Food

473. What Foods Bring Up Special Memories for You? 474. What Are the Most Memorable Meals You’ve Ever Had? 475. Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been, a Picky Eater? 476. What Foods Best Represent Your Hometown? 477. Have You Ever Experienced Food Insecurity? 478. What’s Your Favorite Holiday Food Memory? 479. What Convenience Foods Make You Happy? 480. How Do You Like Your Pizza? 481. What Are Your Favorite Junk Foods? 482. What’s Your Favorite Candy? 483. What’s Your Favorite Sandwich? 484. What Food Would You Like to Judge in a Taste-Off? 485. Do You Cook? 486. What Would You Most Like to Learn to Cook or Bake? 487. What Messages About Food and Eating Have You Learned From Your Family? 488. How Often Does Your Family Eat Together? 489. What Are Your Favorite Restaurants? 490. What Restaurant Would You Most Like to Review? 491. What Do You Eat During the School Day?

Holidays & Seasons

492. How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday? 493. How Much Scare Can You Handle in Your Halloween Entertainment? 494. Did You Take Part in Any Thanksgiving or Post-Holiday Traditions? 495. What Will You Talk About on Thanksgiving? 496. What Has Been Your Most Memorable Thanksgiving? 497. What Do You Look Forward to Most — and Least — During the Holiday Season? 498. What Are Your Tips for Enjoying the Holiday Season? 499. What Does Santa Claus Mean to You? 500. How Do You Fight the Winter Blues? 501. How Do You Feel About Valentine’s Day? 502. What Would Your Ideal Summer Camp Be Like? 503. What’s Your Favorite Summer Food? 504. Do You Choose Summer Activities to Look Good on Applications? 505. What’s the Most Memorable Thing That Happened to You This Summer?

Animals & Pets

506. What Are the Animals in Your Life? 507. What Have You Learned From Animals? 508. What’s Your Relationship Like With Your Pet? 509. What Are Your Thoughts on Cats? 510. Would You Want to Hang Out at a Cat Cafe? 511. How Do You Feel About the Spiders, Insects and Other Tiny Creatures in Your Home?


512. How Concerned Are You About Climate Change? 513. How Do You Try to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment? 514. Do You Ever Feel Guilty About What, or How Much, You Throw Away? 515. How Much Food Does Your Family Waste? 516. What Could You Live Without? 517. Would You Change Your Eating Habits to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? 518. Could You Live ‘Plastic Free’?

History, Politics & Current Events

519. What Event in the Past Do You Wish You Could Have Witnessed? 520. What National or International Events That You Lived Through Do You Remember Best? 521. Is Your Online World Just a ‘Filter Bubble’ of People With the Same Opinions? 522. Do You Ever Get the ‘Bad News Blues’? 523. Have You Ever Changed Your Mind About a Hot-Button Issue? 524. What Do American Values Mean to You? 525. How Much Do You Know About the Rest of the World?

526. Would You Want to Live Forever? 527. Would You Want to Live a Life Without Ever Feeling Pain? 528. If You Had an Extra Billion Dollars, What Cause Would You Support With Your Philanthropy? 529. Are You Hopeful About the Future? 530. If the World Was Ending, What Would You Want to Say? 531. Would You Like to Be Famous? 532. Would You Like to Be Cryogenically Preserved (Frozen!) Upon Your Death? 533. Would You Like to Be a Farmer? 534. What Items Would You Place in a Time Capsule for Future Generations? 535. What Fantasy Invention Would You Want to Exist in Reality? 536. What Do You Want to Be Known for After Your Death? 537. Do You Like Your First Name? Would You Change It if You Could? 538. What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery? 539. What Era Do You Wish You Had Lived In? 540. Would You Want to Be a Child Prodigy? 541. What Kind of Robot Would You Want? 542. What Would You Outsource if You Could? 543. What Would You Like to Learn on Your Own? 544. What Would You Be Willing to Wait in a Really Long Line For? 545. Do You Want to Live to 100? 546. Given Unlimited Resources, What Scientific or Medical Problem Would You Investigate? 547. What Scientific Mysteries Do You Want Solved? 548. What Idea Do You Have That Is Ahead of Its Time? 549. How Would Your Life Be Different if You Had Better Listening Skills? 550. What Do You Want Your Obituary to Say?


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