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Where Can I Get Help Writing My Thesis Online?

master degree thesis topics

You’ve spent years preparing for your master’s degree or PhD. You’ve read, studied and spent hours of time and energy writing papers. Now you’ve arrived at the culmination of all this effort: writing your thesis. There are plenty of compelling stories about the time and energy that students have spent drafting their dissertations and theses.

The good news is that you’re not alone. While you certainly don’t want to hire someone to write your thesis for you, which goes against most institution policies and puts your academic integrity at risk, you can get plenty of help with certain aspects of your thesis online. Whether you’re looking for a little guidance or extensive assistance, various services can make writing or editing your thesis go smoothly.

Dissertation Editor

One of the greatest challenges of writing your thesis can be juggling your family or job responsibilities with your studies. The time that writing takes can add another layer of obligation to your already-packed schedule. Dissertation Editor is a company whose founder is a PhD-educated writer and professor, and it promises to help you complete your thesis or dissertation on time and in compliance with your university’s rules and regulations.

master degree thesis topics

Dissertation Editor’s primary function is to guide you along in the writing process and provide a helping hand in understanding everything you need to take care of. It places you with a writer who specializes in your area of study, and this individual can help you organize and analyze your research while making sure that your thesis fits your writing style and personality. This company also specializes in helping with any statistical analysis that you use in your thesis.

Thesis Helpers

If you’re concerned about using a service to help you write your thesis because you think it’ll be obvious that you hired help, don’t worry. Thesis Helpers puts its team of experienced writers to work for you to help you craft a thesis that finishes your degree on a high note. No matter what level of help you need, from narrowing down a topic to advanced editing and proofreading, they’re available to help.

master degree thesis topics

The writers have advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, and one of the best things about Thesis Helpers is that it gives you ultimate say in the final product of your thesis. This company can help you with revisions and additional research, and you can rest assured that your thesis will meet anti-plagiarism standards.

Best Dissertation

Sometimes when you’re writing a thesis or dissertation, you can get stuck on one section or chapter. You may not need assistance writing the whole thing, but getting some help with the exact portion you’re struggling with can come in handy. That’s one of the strengths of using Best Dissertation . You don’t have to rely on it for help with your entire thesis if it’s not what you need.

master degree thesis topics

Like most of the top thesis-assistance services, Best Dissertation employs writers with advanced degrees who specialize in various fields of study. What truly sets this company apart is the live support that it offers any time of the day or night. It claims to take the stress and strain out of writing your dissertation or thesis.

While some companies place a premium on helping you get your thesis written, others emphasize the editing and proofreading process. If you don’t need help with writing but need a hand with proofreading and editing, Scribbr is a good option for you. Its editors can help you get a grasp on the grammar and tone that are appropriate for academic writing.

master degree thesis topics

Scribbr doesn’t just provide boilerplate feedback that you can find anywhere. It offers personalized feedback aimed at helping you become a better writer in the long run. You can even see examples of how its editors work by looking at the company’s website.

My Assignment Help

Writing a thesis has its own challenges that other academic writing simply doesn’t, which is why the team at My Assignment Help offers its particular brand of expertise. If you need assistance with a dissertation or thesis at the PhD or master’s level, its writers have the level of education and experience to help you write an expertly crafted and edited thesis.

master degree thesis topics

My Assignment Help prides itself on hiring subject matter experts, meaning you can pair up with a helper who already has an advanced degree in your field. They understand the nuances of academic writing that are specific to your area of study, and they can provide advice on everything from making your abstract more unique to crafting a thought-provoking conclusion.


master degree thesis topics

626 Dissertation Topics for Ph.D. and Thesis Ideas for Master Students

If you are about to go into the world of graduate school, then one of the first things you need to do is choose from all the possible dissertation topics available to you. This is no small task. You are likely to spend many years researching your Master’s or Ph.D. topic and writing the text. This means that choosing a dissertation topic should not be taken lightly.

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No worries! Just read this article by our Custom Writing service , and you’ll find:

  • a collection of great thesis topics on finance, education, management, law, etc.
  • a range of tips on choosing a killing Ph.D. topic.
  • 👍 Top 10 Dissertation Topics
  • 🆚 Thesis vs Dissertation
  • 🔝 Top 10 Thesis Topics
  • 🎓 Thesis Topics List
  • ✅ How to Choose a Topic

👍Top 10 Dissertation Topics

  • Ethical alternatives to animal testing.
  • What’s the future of the Dead Sea?
  • Does accent affect singing ability?
  • The importance of corporate values.
  • Can we regulate influencer marketing?
  • How does inflation affect small businesses?
  • Is homeschooling the future of education?
  • How does Tourette’s syndrome affect one’s daily life?
  • How to conduct market analysis for e-commerce.
  • Has globalization affected cultural appropriation?

🆚 Dissertation vs. Thesis: Is There a Difference?

People often consider a thesis and a dissertation to be the same thing. Yet, there is an important distinction between them. The key difference is that you need a thesis to complete a master’s degree, while a dissertation is necessary for obtaining a doctorate. Keep in mind that it’s vice versa in European higher education.

Here are some other differences:

Despite these differences, theses and dissertations have a lot in common:

  • You need them to complete a degree.
  • Both require certain levels of expertise and writing skills.
  • You defend an argument in both of them.
  • Plagiarism is prohibited in both theses and dissertations.

🔝 Top 10 Thesis Topics for 2023

  • The consequences of obesity.
  • The influence of social media .
  • Economic development and happiness.
  • Feminism in the United States.
  • The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Racism in schools and colleges.
  • Overeducation in the labor market.
  • DNA evidence in criminal justice.
  • Sales forecasting techniques.
  • Wage difference among athletes.

🎓 Thesis Topics & Ideas

Below, you’ll find a collection of excellent topics for a thesis. To simplify the task, it’s not a bad idea to use a topic chooser . We’ve also prepared a checklist that will help you make the right choice. If you agree with the following statements, you’ve chosen a good thesis topic:

  • You are interested in this subject.  It will be easier for you to work on it if you like your area of research. Remember that you will have to spend long hours looking through various data. You need to stay motivated.
  • The topic is helpful in your career path.  Choose a topic that you can apply to further research if you plan to pursue your career in the academic field. Choose something that you can use in your CV if you decided to work in the industry.
  • There is enough available research data.  Don’t choose a topic that is too trivial or uncommon. It is essential to find enough relevant information. Consult your supervisor to understand if you can proceed with it.
  • The topic isn’t too broad or too narrow.  Otherwise, it will be harder for you to find credible sources and relevant data.
  • You already have an understanding of it . Make a list of thesis topics that include the issues you have researched before. It will save you some time and allow you to evaluate your opportunities.
  • Your topic is unique.  Make sure there are no other papers that explore exactly the same issue. The value of your work is your original contribution to the research. If somebody has already investigated the topic, there is not much sense in proceeding with it.

The picture shows the main characteristics of a good thesis topic.

Wondering where to find the most current topic for your research? We’ve collected them below.

Computer Science Thesis Topics

Computers surround us everywhere. From hospitals to home offices, it’s impossible to imagine life without them. A doctorate in computer science can allow you many career opportunities!

  • The latest developments in AI use for healthcare services . Healthcare in the US is expensive for its citizens. One way to reduce the cost is using computer algorithms. This technology research topic lets you explore how AI helps physicians with their tasks. 
  • Computer security for public institutions. Several allegations about hackers stealing data from the US government emerged in recent years. With this dissertation idea, study public cybersecurity. Also, discuss ways to improve cybersecurity practices. 
  • Visual recognition system architecture: real-time object detection. Discuss a system based on neural networks capable of detecting objects. Focus on the virtual environment. You can alter this trending topic in computer science for real-life settings. 
  • Blockchain application outside financial technologies. Analyze and discuss the implications of using blockchain systems outside of the fintech sector. For example, study its use for public services and in government agencies. This topic allows exploring ways of applying established algorithms. 
  • Machine learning and text structures. Discuss ways of visualizing text categorization. Focus on complex hierarchical structures of texts. This topic is suitable for postgraduates. 
  • Encrypted search: security, performance, and usage. Discuss the use of encryptions to protect data. Say how we can improve it for effective information search. 
  • Use of computers in education . Study how algorithms can improve learning. This topic can be altered for other fields. For example, choose AI in business or agriculture. 
  • Graphics and visual computing: current state and the future. By now, CAD programs are an integral part of every engineer’s tool kit. Your thesis can analyze the potential of those programs. What would improve their performance? Is there a chance that they will become obsolete? 
  • Multimedia databases parsing and indexing. Netflix and YouTube require technology to search across their multimedia databases. This dissertation can be a survey on best practices. Or, add a company name to the title and focus your research on it. 
  • AI Marketing: the use of algorithms to improve advertising. In the previous list of research question examples, you can choose a narrow marketing theme. Then, discuss the implications of such algorithms. 
  • Study computation of models for virtual environments . 
  • Cybersecurity challenges for automated vehicles. 
  • AI and vehicle automation: potential safety gaps. 
  • Computer graphics : perspectives for medical imaging. 
  • Research the use of computer algorithms for medical analysis . 
  • Discuss the role of bioinformatics in healthcare improvement. 
  • How is a computer-aided design used in creating automobile parts? 
  • Review the best practices for System Level Testing of distributed systems. 
  • Agile project management for software engineers . 
  • Software development risks analysis for successful employment. 
  • Study the security mechanisms for WLAN networks . 
  • Malicious botnets and network worms: an overview. 
  • What are the best practices in ICT systems development? 
  • Web-based document management systems using XML. 
  • Best algorithms for cluster generation. 
  • Methods for improving Open Web Architecture. 
  • Analyze software solutions for the increased energy efficiency . 
  • Protection of systems against terror attacks : a case study and analysis. 
  • New methods of risk management during software development. 
  • Analyze how Web space requirements are changing. 
  • Analyze how e-publishing is affecting libraries. 
  • New methods for studying the behavior of malware, viruses, and worms with the use of secure programming and runtime environments. 
  • Analyze redundancy and fault recovery in the 4G wireless network . 
  • Analyze the implementation and analysis of the optimal algorithm vs the heuristic algorithm for the generation of clusters. 
  • Analyze how full-text databases affect search engines.  

Humanities and Art History Thesis Topics

Do you want to put your passion into words? Would you like to share your ideas with the world? Then pursuing a Ph.D. in the arts or humanities is the right path for you.

  • The history of cinema : past and present. With this history dissertation topic, focus on how cinema developed. Explore the period starting from the first short films by the Lumiere brothers. Finish the discussion with modern-day Hollywood examples. 
  • Art or commerce: a case study of Hollywood films. Discuss the intersection between artistic expression and profit. This exciting arts topic focuses on modern cinema. You can use examples of art-house movies and modern commercially successful ones. 
  • Hollywood vs. Bollywood . Compare the two distinct film production centers for this art thesis. Next, discuss how local cultures impact Hollywood and Bollywood movies’ direction, genres, and plots. 
  • The use of visual tools in interior design . This dissertation topic is an intersection between arts and computer science . The focus is on how visualization tools help to create design projects. 
  • Racism in the 21st-century literature. Focus on how the narratives about racism have changed. Include examples from poetry and prose of this era. Compare it to works published in the past. 
  • The cultural aesthetic of Afrofuturism in literature. This dissertation idea allows you to explore the intersection of arts. Specifically, see how culture, philosophy of science, and history manifest in Afrofuturism . 
  • The social value of ecopoetry. Analyze how literature that focuses on ecological problems. Discuss environmental consciousness and environmental issues . 
  • Graphic novels: the best examples and implications for the development of literature. What does it mean when literary classics are converted into graphic novels? Incorporate the question if graphic novels can become part of the literary canon. 
  • Theater of the Absurd in the 1950s and 1960s. Discuss this form of theatrical art. Examine how it emerged and why it became influential. 
  • Post World War II art : cinema and literature. Use examples of films and literary works. Discuss major works of the post-WWII era and their themes. 
  • Futurism and the Czech avant-garde : the artistic connection between Europe’s East and West. 
  • Study the phenomenon of the hero archetype. 
  • Assess dancing as a form of meditation . 
  • Review the common elements of various African dances. 
  • Folk dances across Western Europe. 
  • Discuss regional dances and dance as a ritual. 
  • Animation as a modern art form.  
  • Research the art of glass-making and its prospects for the future. 
  • Analyze the cultural impact of The Beatles beyond music.  
  • Literature censorship in the US. 
  • Examine the intersection of ecology and arts. 
  • Heidelberg Project: is it a model for creating art in urban areas? 
  • Study kinetic sculptures of the 20th century. 
  • What characterizes social activism in 20 th -century rock music? 
  • Jazz in the 21st century: a potential for revival. 
  • The history of design in various periods of human existence (the ancient times, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, etc.). 
  • Design as art . 
  • Philosophy of design. 
  • Separate branches of design ( interior design , car design, toy design, etc.). 
  • Stylistic peculiarities of a certain designer. 
  • Web design as a modern quintessence of design. 
  • Social significance of design. 
  • The birth of Communism as it relates to Stendhal. 
  • The relationship between politics and literature in the 19 th century. 
  • An analysis and case study of artists and art during times of war.  
  • How contemporary art is related to American suffering. 
  • Analyze of how racism relates to the family unit. 

List of Science Topics for Your Thesis

A dissertation in science will probably require you to run numerous experiments. Many of them will probably go wrong. But the one that does work might be the next big breakthrough! Find a suitable research theme in the following list of topics:

  • Bacterial injections for the treatment of cancer tumors. Injecting bacteria into tumors is a fairly new approach to treating cancer . Review the mechanism of action and evaluate the potential of this method for curing cancer.
  • Computer imagining and AI for cancer detection . Examine how AI-assisted cancer screening improves accuracy. Include early detection implications and usage in hospitals.
  • Ethics of organ donations and transplantation. With this dissertation topic in science, examine the ethics of encouraging people to donate their organs. Include the implications for medical research and practice.
  • An epidemiological and molecular approach to cancer prevention . This topic idea suggests assessing the current understanding of how cancer develops as well as potential prevention strategies.
  • Ways of speeding up vaccine development and testing. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the process of vaccine development is relatively slow. It takes a long time to ensure proper testing. You may discuss these issues in your biochemistry dissertation.
  • The current state of research into ultra-fast rechargeable batteries. The topic of batteries and energy attracts lots of attention. With this topic, you can examine how to improve the design of aluminum-ion batteries. Include ways to decrease their charging time.
  • Nanotechnologies in drug delivery: electrospraying. Current research shows the great potential of nanotechnologies. In particular, the electrospraying technique makes nanoparticle delivery more efficient.
  • Prevalence of various Helicobacter Pylori virulence in a population. Conduct quantitative research and examine a sample of patients to determine the number infected with Helicobacter Pylori.
  • The relationship between gut microbiota and the person’s appetite . Your research can explore the theory that the gut microbiome has varied effects on the person’s body. Review the implications for obesity treatment for different gut microbiomes.
  • The age of antibiotics: is it over? Examine the use of antibiotics and the reasons for its decline. Discuss the evolving nature of bacteria that require remedies other than antibiotics. Include quantitative data in this dissertation for a specific type of disease.
  • CRISPR method for studying human DNA.
  • The study of human evolution : latest discoveries.
  • Denisovans from Siberia: a new type of hominid discovered.
  • Study the use of AI in archeology .
  • Conduct a study of the Neanderthal genome sequence.
  • What are the ways of improving solar cell efficiency?
  • The carbon footprint of modern production: how do companies damage the environment?
  • Research the use of cesium in solar panels .
  • The era of supercapacitors: are we ending the use of batteries?
  • Assess the efficiency of Robot Suits for people with permanent paralysis.
  • Microscale medial robots: potential applications.
  • Look into stem cell mobilization and its mechanisms.
  • Discuss the ethics of automated cars .
  • Space robotics: can we design robots capable of exploring space?
  • Evaluate the efficiency and potential of lithium-based rechargeable batteries.
  • Morality and ethics of stem cell research .
  • Is behavior controlled or affected by genetics and to what level.
  • A look at methods of improving risk factors post-stroke.
  • Analyze of Chinese herbal practice and its relevance to conventional medicine.
  • Analyze the effect schools have on childhood obesity .

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Daniel Keys Moran Quote.

  • New methods of using existing data to gather information that is useful. 
  • An in-depth look at the factors affecting the decline of the immune system with age. 
  • Analyze of the potential effect of nanotechnology on health and the environment. 
  • Analyze of toxicity levels of inhaled nanoparticles. 
  • The usefulness of nanotechnology in curing some types of cancer . 
  • An analysis and case study of the treatment of patients who have experienced a loss of memory. 
  • Analyze the use of DNA typing of remains to identify missing people and the victims of crime. 
  • The response of immune deficiency diseases to the activation of T-cell subsets. 
  • The influence and importance of IT in the field of biomedicine. 

Architecture Thesis Topics

Architecture is more than just aesthetics. That’s become especially clear ever since the doctrine “form follows function” gained traction. Whether you’re into baroque or Bauhaus, there’s plenty to discover about architecture.

  • Religious architecture in the British Empire. Research the transformation of religious buildings and how it affected architecture in general. 
  • Modernist architecture in the USSR at the beginning of the 20th century. Compare modernist architecture in the USSR with other countries. 
  • Urban greening and its influence on buildings’ design . The dissertation proposal can include green roofs as the main point of research. 
  • Brutalism and its history in New York . Provide historical research of brutalism in New York and discuss how it affects modern architecture. 
  • Modern-day aboriginal settlements in Australia. Using examples from media and research, indicate how aboriginal settlements are perceived and handled today. 
  • Transformation of the urban design in the 21st century. Using London, Hong-Kong, and New York as examples, provide an in-depth discussion of changes in the urban design. 
  • The architectural history of Seattle. Conduct research and write a proposal that will compare different architectural styles seen in Seattle. 
  • Integration of culture in environmental design. In this proposal, you can use large cities in Asia as primary examples of the synergy between culture and architecture. 
  • The architecture of residential buildings during the second half of the 20th century. Choose one or several large cities (e.g., Berlin, Miami, Kyoto) as the basis for your research. 
  • The history of Moscow Avant-Garde . Use both Soviet and modern Russian research on Avant-Garde to present the topic accurately. 
  • Use of computer visuals in architecture. 
  • Review the trends in modern furniture design. 
  • Ecology and architecture: integration of green technologies.  
  • Discuss the multiculturalism of contemporary urban architecture. 
  • The history of architecture in urban areas of the US: the study of New York. 
  • Modern city design case study. 
  • Research ways of using wood in modern architecture. 
  • Commercial architecture: aesthetics and usability. 
  • Evaluate the design of municipal buildings in the US. 
  • Creativity in postmodernist architecture. 
  • How do we integrate smart home technology into architecture? 
  • Small scale homes: a study of growing interest in small housing. 
  • Discuss the use of lighting in building design. 
  • Study innovations in structural design in the digital age. 
  • What are the implications of inclusive architecture? 
  • Sustainable architecture: recycling spaces and materials.  
  • Renewable energy in home design. 
  • Assess open concept homes for American families. 
  • Conduct a study of family homes design. 
  • Research architecture suitable for middle-class families. 

Thesis Topics in English Literature & World Literature

Was your New Year’s Resolution to re-read the 100 most influential classical works? Then you might want to consider writing a thesis in advanced higher English. Check out these engaging prompts:

  • In-depth stylistic analysis of The Trial by Franz Kafka . Explain what stylistic devices Kafka used in his story. 
  • The influence of The Hound of the Baskervilles on the development of modern detective stories. Prepare several comparisons of The Hound with modern detective stories to pinpoint its influence. 
  • The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum : women characters in Heinrich Böll’s fiction. Using the book mentioned in the topic, examine how the German writer depicted women in his prose. 
  • Analysis of the terrorism portrayal in modern journalism : The New York Times case study. Pick several articles related to terrorism published in NYT and describe in detail how it is portrayed (keywords, images, etc.).
  • A formalist approach to Dostoevsky: analysis of The Brothers Karamazov . Provide the reader with an explanation of the formalist approach and use it to analyze the novel. 
  • The depiction of sexual violence in young adult literature. Pick several YA novels published in the 2010s for your research. 
  • The use of repetition in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot . Analyze how repetition is used for emphasis and other effects in the play. 
  • Feminism and gender in Margaret Atwood’s Cats’ Eye . Review the book from a feminist point of view and discuss how gender issues are presented in the book. 
  • How does Phillip K. Dick use intertextuality in The Man in the High Castle ? Find as many references to other literary and historical sources as you can and elaborate how Dick uses them and for what aims. 
  • The influence of Steppenwolf on postmodern American literature: the contribution of Herman Hesse. Using Steppenwolf as the primary source, discuss what characteristics common for postmodern literature Hesse uses in this novel. 
  • How does racism manifest itself in classical literature? 
  • Discuss the oppression of women in The Handmaid’s Tale.  
  • Gender roles in The Miniaturist and A Doll’s House : a comparison. 
  • Moral ambiguity in David Harrower’s works. 
  • Literary techniques in the Perks of Being a Wallflower.  
  • The setting in The Murder in the Rue Morgue and its influence on the detective genre. 
  • Review the tropes first introduced in The Moonstone .  
  • Study the depictions of police’s work in Skinner’s Rule . 
  • Assess the influence of Victorian Gothic horror on popular culture. 
  • Social criticism in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  
  • Analyze cyberpunk elements in Gibson’s Neuromancer .  
  • Themes of social equality in modern literature. 
  • Research the views on Native American writers in Nature’s Poem.  
  • Critique of contemporary children’s literature . 
  • Gothic elements in Charlotte Bronte’s works . 
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Dracula : a comparative analysis. 
  • Terror in The Picture of Dorian Gray .  
  • Examine the connection of mental health and society in J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye . 
  • Magical realism and romanticism in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.  
  • How does the cut-up technique contribute to the narration in William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch?  

Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

Are you a forensic science student who prefers research to actual police work? In that case, a dissertation in criminology is a great idea. This way, you can work on preventing crime from the comfort of your desk.

  • Recidivism rates among underage Latino first-time offenders: a quantitative study. Research a group of first-time offenders of a particular age (e.g., 18 to 25 years old).
  • A comparative analysis of the incidents of gun violence in the USA during the 2010s. Choose several prominent examples and compare them to each other.
  • Troublesome statements: the role of witnesses in potentially false accusations. In this dissertation, you can write about the unreliability of statements, using documented examples.

Piers Anthony Quote.

  • The patterns of drug trafficking in Germany’s largest cities: a case study of Berlin and Hamburg. Analyze the changes in these patterns in the 2010s. 
  • Money laundering and corruption in the United States in the 21st century. Using media reports, create dissertation research about corruption schemes. 
  • Mental health and self-perception of second-time sex offenders . Determine if their self-perception changes. 
  • School shootings in the USA: causes and risk factors . Using recent and historical data, analyze the cases of mass shootings. 
  • The influence of cyberbullying on suicide rates among Australian adolescents (13-17 years old). You can base your dissertation report on various research on cyberbullying published in Australian scholarly journals. 
  • Child abuse and its influence on serial killer’s perception of victims. Discuss interconnections between abuse and potential sadistic behavior. 
  • The history of forensic interviewing in the USA. Present research and practices that contributed to its development. 
  • Use of artificial intelligence for forensic investigations. 
  • Criminal behavior at a young age and its implications for the future. 
  • Drug use: pattern of recurring arrests among American youth.  
  • Incarcerated parents: the impact on the child’s perception of crime. 
  • Research the reforms of the US criminal justice system.  
  • Propose strategies for improving the juvenile detention system. 
  • Police officer’s abuse of power: analysis of reports. 
  • Race and criminal justice: the case of War on Drugs . 
  • What are the possible alternative forms of incarceration?  
  • A study of public perception of modern serial killers . 
  • Training of sniffer dogs. 
  • The implications of eyewitness testimony.  
  • Abuse in Hollywood: a case study of Harvey Weinstein. 
  • Bias against African Americans during investigations.  
  • A study of college violence. 
  • Legal implications of medical marijuana legalization . 
  • Ethics of criminal justice : the problem of confidentiality. 
  • Review the challenges linked with domestic violence investigations. 
  • Suggest ways of preventing crimes in schools . 
  • Gender bias during crime examinations. 

Geography Thesis Topics

If you enjoy unveiling Earth’s secrets, this section is for you. Here you’ll find geography dissertation ideas ranging from studies of movement to regional phenomena.

  • Species that became extinct in the 20th century: qualitative research. Address the human influence on various species . 
  • Current issues in the exploration of Arctic. Discuss difficulties and specifics of such explorations. 
  • A comparison of urban back gardens in the USA and the UK. You can compare their design and other features (for example, vegetation used for decoration). 
  • The causes and outcomes of floodings in the USA in the 2010s. Address climate change as one of the leading causes. 
  • Prevention of ecosystem changes with modern technology. Provide various examples of how technology is used to sustain ecosystems. 
  • Changes in travel destinations in the 2000s: a comparison of the USA and Canada. Demonstrate what changes in preferences were documented in these countries and show what destinations were especially popular. 
  • The perception of environmentally friendly technologies and their impact on the environment by citizens of large metropolitan areas: a case study of Miami. Explain how various projects based on environmentally friendly technologies are launched in Miami. 
  • A negative impact of global warming on weather conditions in Iceland. Discuss how tourism in Iceland is affected by these changes. 
  • The influence of industrialization on climate change. Address the causes of climate change, using industrialization and its consequences as a basis. 
  • Compare Greenfield and Brownfield land use for construction projects. 
  • Investigate the significance of red salmon for Kamchatka. 
  • The social impact of climate change : a study of migration patterns. 
  • The potential of community gardening in underprivileged neighborhoods. 
  • Study the link between the strengths of hurricanes and climate change. 
  • What can be done to stop gentrification in your community? 
  • Evaluate coastal tourism, its effect, and implications. 
  • The impact of reservoir locations on water quality . 
  • How did industrialization affect the development of Chicago? 
  • Study soil pollution levels in your community area. 
  • Conduct an analysis of air quality in your city. 
  • Eco-tourism , its history, and perspectives. 
  • Differences in soil chemistry across several locations. 
  • The impact of organic farming on water quality in your area. 
  • Compare the sustainability of organically vs. conventionally farmed tomatoes. 
  • Research air pollution levels and data on airborne illnesses in your area. 
  • What’s the relationship between rock climbing and cliff vegetation? 
  • Study the changes in soil fertility upon volcanic eruption. 
  • How does the Chernobyl disaster continue to affect the surrounding area?  
  • Determine the patterns of floods in a particular area of your choice. 

Sociology Thesis Ideas

Sociology studies how humans live together. A dissertation is a great way to dive deeper into a particular subject. You can get as specific as your heart desires! Check out our sociology thesis topics:

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  • Single parent stigma and its influence on family’s quality of life and parent-child relationships . Present examples from recent research that illustrate how the dynamics of these relationships change over time due to stigma.
  • Women empowerment in Saudi Arabia in 2000s: breakthroughs and challenges. Discuss how this empowerment affected legislation and women’s rights .
  • Long-term alcohol addiction and self-perception in young adults. With the help of research, demonstrate whether self-perception of these adults transforms significantly due to their addiction.
  • Adoption and its influence on parent-child relationships. Present and discuss challenges that such families face.
  • Comparison of traditions related to family dinners in the USA and the UK. What specific differences are there and how can they be explained?
  • Influence of the emo culture on suicide rates in high school students. Address the influence of such cultures on adolescents’ behavior.
  • The rates of secularization in elderly individuals living in urban and rural areas. Compare the rates and explain why they are different.
  • Influence of forced outing on transgender individuals and concomitant changes in their quality of life. Explain the effects of forced outing and why this impact is dangerous.
  • Comparison of anti-nuclear movements in Germany and Japan in the 21st century. Explain in detail what differences and similarities are prominent.
  • Performance rates of teenagers in schools in low-income neighborhoods: a case study of Boston schools. When writing your dissertation proposal, consider various factors (poverty, limited access to technology, etc.) that affect performance rates of these teenagers.
  • Black Lives Matter movement’s immediate impact on racism.
  • Research causes of minority bias in the US.
  • Affirmative action and its impact on the perception of varied racial groups.
  • The impact of religion on people’s attitudes towards race.
  • Review the challenges of the US LGBT community.
  • Bias towards transgender studies.
  • Social activism against gender discrimination in the 21st century.
  • The impact of social assistance in schools on a child’s future.
  • Research the changes in education after WWII.
  • Analyze scholarship policies in the US.
  • The impact of student debt on youth’s perception of education in the US.
  • Outcomes of public vs. private schools: a comparison.
  • Research the preservation of culture in American immigrant families.
  • Applying Marx’s conflict theory to social justice movements.
  • Assess changing trends in social norms in a country of your choice.
  • Attitudes towards prejudice among people of different social backgrounds.
  • Comparison of women’s rights in Western and Middle Eastern countries.
  • The impact of capitalism on one’s social values.
  • How does capitalism benefit society across multiple post-soviet countries?
  • Compare healthcare access in autocracies vs. democracies.

💡 Dissertation Topics for Ph.D. students

Below you’ll find a list of excellent dissertation ideas in different fields of study. They are more difficult than thesis topics and require more research. Jump to the section that interests you and find the topic that suits you best! But first:

What Makes a Good Ph.D. Topic?

Usually, universities would expect your dissertation to be original and relevant in the field of the research. Moreover, it would be worthwhile if it has the potential to make a change.

This checklist will help you see whether you’ve made the right choice. Your dissertation topic is good, if:

  • You have an opportunity to research it fully.  You need to know that there is enough data and a theoretical basis. Do some prior research to understand if you will be able to answer all your dissertation questions.
  • You can fill the gaps in the existing knowledge.  Your research matters if you can provide some new information that contributes to the field of your studies.
  • Your dissertation title is catchy.  Try to make it worth the reader’s attention from the first glance.
  • You can evaluate how much time you need.  It is vital to understand all the stages of your research and the challenges you might face to plan your work.
  • You know the subject well.  You will need to explore your topic in-depth. It’s good to have some previous knowledge about it. Starting the research from the very basics will take more time and effort.
  • You have enough resources to investigate it.  Both time and money matter in this case. You need to do high-quality research and meet your deadlines.

Dissertation Topics in Education

Learning is a lifelong experience, and the importance of schools cannot be overestimated. Research in this area is critical to improving education standards. Have a look at these topic ideas to get inspired:

  • Gamification as tools for enhancing learning abilities: theory and practice . Many studies have been conducted on different learning approaches. For young learners, engagement is as critical as the outcome. Therefore, this work focuses on gamification and its effect on children’s improvisation and learning. 
  • Studying the connection between classroom quality and the learning outcome in kindergarten . Children are strongly affected by their environment, especially when it comes to learning. This dissertation topic example is all about looking into different classroom settings and their effect on kids’ learning outcomes. 
  • Evaluating the process of implementation of inclusive education in the US. Professionals argue that inclusive education carries multiple benefits for all students (not just those with limited abilities.) However, it is quite a challenging process to implement all the changes. 
  • Factors influencing the decision to transfer to the higher education abroad . In this work, you can focus on finding out the reasons for such a decision. Why do undergraduate students choose to leave their home country? What are the most important factors? 
  • Online education vs. traditional face-to-face lessons for adult learners: compare and contrast. Online courses have their own benefits. However, would adult learners prefer them to in-person classrooms? How does it affect their learning and motivation? 
  • How does working as a taxi driver and navigating change a person’s brain? 
  • To what extent can reality television be disempowering for students?  
  • The role of homework in the lives of immigrant adolescents. 
  • The impact of teachers’ shocking behaviors in fostering students’ creativity. 
  • The determinants of flossing behavior in college students . 
  • The classification of drinking styles in the college-age population. 
  • Integrating the computer into the curriculum : why you can’t simply plug it in. 
  • The preconditions for serious music-making avocation in computer science students. 
  • Adult graduate difficulties with learning new technologies. 
  • The effect of academic performance on the health of students . 
  • The impact of mathematic coaching on students’ self-esteem . 
  • The influence of internet on the emotional maturity of students. 
  • Academic achievements of students who decide to become teachers. 
  • Is it true that students are more likely to do homework given by good-looking professors? 
  • Informal learning in rural areas via social networks. 
  • Educational blogging for professors: the social networks of educationists. 
  • Does learning existentialism cause suicides? 
  • Is it possible to reduce summer learning loss without students’ consent? 
  • Can we reject classical math and do it at the same time? Yes, we can. 
  • What are major career prospects with a degree in Liberal Arts ? 
  • Using electronic games in museums as an effective education tool. 

Business Dissertation Topics

There are many things a business administrator should keep in mind. Finances, marketing, and development are just the tip of the iceberg. So, the choice of topics is practically endless. Check out this selection to narrow down the possibilities:

  • How are business strategies adjusted to the globalization process? Small businesses’ perspective. Globalization means huge and profitable opportunities. To seize them, all businesses and companies should make some changes in their strategies. Investigate what would be the best action plan for them. 
  • Cultural changes and the effect of feedback in an international company: a case study. Choose a multinational company. Study the impact of feedback (both from the employees and customers) on its organizational culture changes. What reaction does it provoke in the company? 
  • Human resource management approaches in international non-profit organizations. In this study, look into the strategies HR managers apply in non-profit organizations. One of their main responsibilities is to monitor the performance of the employees. However, at the international level it becomes more difficult. 
  • Leadership and organizational culture in making decisions about business strategies. In this research, you study the influence of the organizational culture on leaders. In the case of trying to initiate changes in the business strategy, how is a leadership decision taken? 
  • The role of “ foreign direct investment ” in companies in developing countries: a case study of a large business. For this paper, pick a suitable company first. Aim for large companies in developing countries. Then conduct research and find out what strategies they have for foreign direct investments. 
  • COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on workplace management in small businesses . The COVID-19 pandemic caused many companies to readjust their HR policies. For instance, they allowed their staff to work from home. Research this phenomenon in your thesis. 
  • Social entrepreneurship for large companies. If you want to make the world a better place, social entrepreneurship is a suitable method. We usually associate it with small start-ups. But what about large companies? With this topic, you can research how the concept works for big firms. 
  • How innovation affects demand in technology-driven businesses. This MBA dissertation topic combines business studies and technology . Examine how companies create products for establishing markets. 
  • Management strategies in times of COVID-19: a case study . The pandemic has forced companies to use Zoom , Skype, and messaging instead of regular meetings. Review how executives can apply traditional management models in the digital space. 
  • The impact of burnout on employees . Interview staff members and determine how burnout affects performance. Include the name of a company or industry in your dissertation’s title. 
  • Tourism management in the Middle East. 
  • How do natural disasters impact the demand for essentials?  
  • Compare and contrast Asian and American leadership styles . 
  • How does fluctuation in the stock market impact business operations? 
  • The art of delegation : how to do it effectively and when to avoid it. 
  • How can one efficiently lead a company when unforeseen circumstances occur? 
  • What factors determine employees’ work satisfaction?  
  • Study the link between a company’s success and innovation . 
  • What can business managers do to bridge the gap between generations ? 
  • Research the benefits of global and local brand management. 
  • What causes changes in Chinese business culture? 
  • Choose a small business and analyze its strategy.  
  • Organizational changes : what factors impact transformation? 
  • Internet banking : barriers to usage. 
  • Create a business plan that is focused on a specific issue. 
  • Conditions necessary for quality management in MNCs. 
  • The role of E-commerce for food retailers. 
  • Conduct a case study with the purpose to analyze one or several social phenomena. 
  • Workplace ethics in small businesses.  
  • The phenomenon of remote working and how it is affecting businesses. 
  • Comparison of Generation X and the Millennial Generation . 
  • Managing the Millennial Generation . 
  • Current trends in consumer behavior in relation to advertising . 
  • Analyze which countries margin financing is effective and why. 
  • Analyze the macroeconomic factors affecting exchange rates. 
  • An empirical analysis of the impact of organizational performance and leadership . 

Law Dissertation Topics for Ph.D. Students

Legal science is not dull as one may think. It’s crucial to evaluate laws at any point in time. Do they fit the current norms? Does something or someone need more protection than before? If you want to garnish your legal education with a Ph.D., here are some topic suggestions:

  • Trust law: the circumstances when fully secret and half-secret trusts are necessary. Find out what are the principles that dictate the enforcement of the trusts. There are specific circumstances that determine whether creating trusts would be adequate and relevant. Make sure to take them into consideration. 
  • Termination of employment in case of employees tested positive for HIV/AIDS. Your task would be to conduct research and see how HIV/AIDS employees are influenced in the workplace. The most common issues are discrimination and termination of employment. 
  • The influence of the Global War on Terrorism on international criminal law. When the US launched the campaign against terrorism in 2001, international criminal law faced some changes. You can study the most significant changes that have been made. 
  • The level of effectiveness of the US copyright law in relation to the rights of users. It’s an empirical research topic that would require collecting lots of data. Try to find some cases when the users were left cheated by copyright law. It would bring some diversity to the research and make it more interesting. 
  • Study the effect that the US immigration policy has on education right now. Educational institutions are also required to adjust to changes connected with immigration. Different requirements and different curriculums are implemented to fit their needs. You are about to look into this issue. 
  • Select a country and analyze its worker protection laws. Compare the rights and obligations of employees in two countries of your choice. What potential improvements can solidify employee rights ? 
  • Protection of minorities, legal precedents. Minority rights are becoming more and more relevant. This topic allows you to discuss how laws can be changed to reflect it. 
  • Regulation of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow for anonymity. Besides, they are not regulated by any state. In your thesis, you can analyze cryptocurrency regulations. 
  • Fake news : legal responsibility. Review how the United States legal system approaches disinformation. Focus on false publications on news resources. Another possible topic is improvements to defamation laws. 
  • Freedom of expression : a case during a pandemic. This topic is about false information in times of COVID-19. Examine how a state can balance freedom of expression with the spread of false information. Focus on this disease and the fake news about it. 
  • Legal practices for preventing possible future pandemics. 
  • Research ways of online journalism protection. 
  • International law vs. the right to self-determination: comparative case studies of de facto states. 
  • Review the history of fiscal laws in America. 
  • Limits to freedom of expression in the US legal system. 
  • Enforcing regulations concerning domestic violence . 
  • Study criminal responsibility for drug possession in the US. 
  • Criminalization of violence against women.  
  • Review the legal framework for addressing foreign involvement in elections. 
  • What was the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic?  
  • Health standards for immigrant detention centers in the US . 
  • Research the loopholes in the US immigration laws . 
  • Birthright citizenship in the US: pros and cons. 
  • 1951 Refugee Convention: is it obsolete? 
  • Illegal immigrants and their rights in the US justice system. 
  • How criminal laws have been impacted around the world by the war on terror . 
  • Choose a country and analyze their policies on discrimination. 
  • Evaluate the protection given to minority shareholders as dictated by company law. 
  • Provide a critical analysis of the law of omissions liability. 
  • Investigate and analyze complaints filed in the criminal justice system . 
  • A critical analysis of the reform of homicide laws . 
  • The morality and impact of euthanasia and how Canada sets a precedent. 
  • A detailed analysis of gender and race profiling of suspects in the criminal justice system . 
  • Analyze the right to bear arms relative to the context in which the law was written into The Constitution. 
  • Create case studies that represent a review of criminal negligence related to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. 

Psychology Dissertation Topics

The mysterious ways of the human mind offer many research opportunities. Psychology encompasses sub-fields such as behavior and cognition. Whatever your area of expertise, you’ll undoubtedly find something interesting in the list below.

  • The current effect of the “price ending” method on the consumers’ behavior . Nowadays, everybody knows the most popular trick that shops pull to make customers buy the products. However, does understanding it make it easier to resist it? Is this psychological trap still working? 
  • Burnout at the executive positions in massive US corporations: is it possible to prevent? The phenomenon of burnout is the most common issue that employees face nowadays. But there are ways to detected it at an early stage. Could they be used to predict and prevent this problem? 
  • Mindfulness practices and their influence on students’ learning abilities at the top universities (e.g., Harvard). Mindfulness is proved to be extremely useful in overcoming stress and anxiety issues. However, does it affect the learning outcome of the students who study at the best universities in the world? 
  • The individual struggles with gender issues and their impact on global gender inequality . Everything always starts with a small thing. For this paper, study the relation between some individual cases and the global issue. How do personal struggles contribute to the worldwide movement for justice? 
  • The positive influence of irrational beliefs on mental well-being. In psychology, irrational beliefs are a set of values and opinions that people believe in despite rational evidence against them. However, what positive effect can they bring? 
  • Ways of raising awareness of mental health problems. Mental health has been discussed more openly in recent years. Review how this open discussion affects views on personal mental health. As another idea for a psychology dissertation topic, research a specific illness. 
  • Student burnout and ways to prevent it. Focus on the problems students face and what strategies can reduce their stress. 
  • Pandemic and mental health . The COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to be in isolation from social contacts. Review the potential effects of this practice on people’s well-being. Discuss possible strategies for supporting mental health during possible future pandemics. 
  • Weight, self-image, and mental health. A clinical psychology thesis can focus on the psychology behind excess weight. Discuss how weight affects a person’s perception of self. Assess implications for clinical psychologists who work with overweight patients. 
  • Social media vs. reality: normalizing real people. Review current efforts of social media accounts in normalizing body image . Explain how this can reverse the damage that edited photos have on mental health. 
  • How does gender bias affect mental health in America? 
  • What factors affect women’s self-esteem in the workplace? 
  • Specifics of transgender mental health. 
  • Research the effect of immigration on mental well-being. 
  • Study the psychology of racism and ways to combat it.  
  • What distinguishes the mental health of minorities in the US? 
  • Research the psychology of dissent in the Soviet Union. 
  • The connection between stress and overeating: latest developments. 
  • Assess the role of social support for losing weight . 
  • What’s the role of prejudice in politics? 
  • Assess the role of endurance in combating stress . 
  • Developing hardiness: strategies and exercises. 
  • What’s the effect of emotional resilience on mental health? 
  • Helping teenagers overcome stress via relaxation techniques . 
  • Look into the perception of anger and its effect on mental health. 
  • Understanding the function of the prefrontal cortex in terms of how it is connected to other parts of the brain. 
  • Understanding how the prefrontal cortex makes us human. 
  • How emotional and anxiety disorders are connected to social cognition that is impaired. 
  • Analyze the ability of an MRI to determine brain function. 
  • Analyze the relationship between emotional and episodic memory. 
  • A comparison of the plasticity of the child’s brain and the adult brain. 
  • Analyze the continued relevance of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development.  
  • An in-depth look at the social intuitionist model and how it relates to the emotion and reason involved in moral judgement. 
  • How the evolution of the human brain can be understood in terms of children cognitive development . 
  • A demonstration of the multi-dimensional nature of schizophrenia.  
  • How rational thinking and impulse contribute to decision-making. 
  • A systematic analysis and review of the psychology of religion. 
  • How exposure to nature affects happiness. 

Nursing Dissertation Topics

A nurse’s work is hard. Unfortunately, they rarely get the credit they deserve. With a Ph.D., you could become an advocate on the problem. Or you could concentrate on optimizing their work environments.

  • Exercise, changes in lifestyle , and self-tracking for diabetes prevention and management. Center your research on different lifestyle changes (exercise, reduced smoking and drinking) and explain how and why it prevents diabetes . 
  • Influence of stigma related to HIV/AIDS on representatives of ethnic minorities: a case study of Native Americans. Using research, provide compelling evidence of how Native Americans are stigmatized and discriminated against. 
  • Chronic illness management at home: recommended evidence-based practices. Using current nursing and other professional research, discuss how adults and seniors manage chronic and autoimmune diseases. 
  • Depression and stress and their relation to preterm births in first-time mothers. Collect several articles about the issue and using their conclusions show how depression causes preterm births. 
  • Burnout in nurses: factors that cause it and practical solutions for prevention . Present outcomes of burnout (decreased performance and concentration, subpar workplace environment) and illustrate how it affects hospitals on a more significant scale. 
  • Public health: community-based measures to prevent morbid obesity. In this research, you can list various methods that include exercise and education and explain in detail how they prevent the spread of obesity. 
  • Risk factors and injury rates in psychiatric nursing. Present statistics on different types of injuries in psychiatric institutions . 
  • Cultural diversity and inclusion in nursing education . When researching diversity, make sure you are using examples of different minority groups’ perception of education. 
  • Euthanasia legislation in the USA: ethical issues and debates . Provide a thoughtful discussion of ethical and legal issues surrounding euthanasia. 
  • Organizational climate and its influence on perceived patient safety . Your study should focus on the importance of positive relationships between staff members, and its influence on the prevention of medical errors. 
  • Dietary practices and their influence on the quality of life in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. SLE is a complex disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach. Describe nutritional research approaches to SLE. 
  • Fluoride application training in dental nursing. 
  • Describe the specifics of nursing care for patients with diabetes . 
  • Assess gender disparity in nursing research. 
  • Study nurse burnout prevalence in neonatal care in your community. 
  • Nursing staff advising DASH diet: effects on patients’ blood pressure.  
  • What are the challenges of asthma management for nurses? 
  • Nursing for autistic patients : the best strategies. 
  • Racial differences in nursing care: a case study. 
  • Evaluate nurses’ role in pain management for patients with dementia.  
  • Study the connection between nursing staff turnover and burnout. 
  • How is the role of a nurse changing in the modern healthcare system?  
  • Review nursing practices for managing elderly patients.  
  • A holistic approach to obesity management in nursing. 
  • Describe the specifics of nursing in rural areas . 
  • Physical activity and mental health: a nursing case study. 
  • Discuss nursing pain relief strategies for general care.  
  • Determine the ethical implications of nursing malpractice.  
  • Nurses consultations for spinal cord injuries . 
  • Nursing in an urban setting : challenges and prospects. 
  • What are the specifics of pain management in obstetrical nursing? 

Marketing Dissertation Topics

Good marketing is what made you buy that product you didn’t know you needed. Marketing needs plenty of scientific research for it to be successful. You can contribute to this effort with one of the following topic ideas:

  • Compare and contrast the effectiveness of traditional and digital marketing in the last five years. Marketing moves towards digital campaigns more and more every year. Though, traditional marketing still exists, of course. Your task is to compare every aspect of these two types in the span of the previous five years. 
  • The specifics of the relationship marketing and its influence on the loyalty rates among customers: a case study of fast-food chains. Take a few fast-food chains to conduct this research. Then analyze their relationship marketing strategies. There should be a correlation between the methods they use and the loyalty of their customers. 
  • Direct marketing and artificial intelligence: how do companies use it? The industry of marketing couldn’t have missed the opportunity to use the latest technologies for their benefit. Artificial intelligence helps some companies gain a competitive advantage. Find out what those benefits are. 
  • Collectivism and individualism : how does culture influence supermarkets? There are some apparent differences in cultures when it comes to shopping. Each shop owner has to implement a specific marketing strategy for targeting the customers. Work on aspects that make those strategies successful in different cultures. 
  • The strategies that make personalized products sell effectively. Everybody loves customized products, but it seems like not everybody is willing to share their data to get it. Therefore, businesses are forced to work it out. This research looks into marketing tools and methods they use to sell personalized products. 
  • Influence of online shopping apps on impulsive buying behavior . Using prominent examples such as Amazon and eBay , elaborate how apps affect customer’s decision to purchase an item through recommendations. 
  • Product design and its impact on consumer’s purchase decision. When preparing this thesis topic, consider using examples of large corporations such as Apple or IKEA to prove your point. 
  • Customer loyalty : the importance of satisfaction and loyalty programs. Conduct research using available surveys on satisfaction and draw conclusions from these statistics. 
  • Ethnic differences and their impact on brand perception. This research can review the types of products that target White or Black Americans specifically. 
  • Preferences for green products: analysis of the income’s influence on consumer decisions. Compare what households are more likely to prefer green products. 
  • Shopping habits of Muslim consumers in the USA: qualitative research. Here, you will need to do research by engaging Muslim Americans in your study; you can use interviews or surveys for this topic. 
  • Social media and its impact on the promotion of small business. Make sure your reader understands how social media can promote or negatively present small business through customers’ comments. 
  • Does globalization make preferences of customers from different socioeconomic backgrounds similar? Interview people from lower, middle, and upper class and discuss the preferences of American households. 
  • Social media usage by international companies: a case study of Electronic Arts. Study the influence of customers’ reviews and opinions on EA’s sales. 
  • Consumers’ perception of transaction safety in online shopping applications. Discuss how consumers learn to differentiate between reliable and unreliable apps for payments . 
  • Marketing high tech products: a case study. 
  • Study changing marketing techniques during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • The future of big data uses in marketing. 
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of offline vs. online advertising . 
  • Explore the relationship between marketing strategies and sales.  
  • Holiday marketing strategies in the 21st century. 
  • Is marketing tailed towards model devices effective? 
  • Study the rise of influencer marketing . 
  • Review the newest trends in digital advertising . 
  • Brand management in 2020: an analysis. 
  • Assess the effect of advertising on consumer behavior.  
  • Targeted ads: are they efficient? 
  • How did marketing change during the COVID-19 pandemic? 
  • Assess brand management’s contribution to consumer loyalty . 
  • Impact of social media marketing on brand perception. 
  • Google Analytics insights for marketing campaigns.  
  • Marketing for minority populations. 
  • Youtube marketing: the effectiveness of videos for brand promotion. 
  • How does partnering with influencers impact brand perception? 
  • Social influencer marketing for SMEs. 

History Dissertation Topics

History is written not only by the victors but also by history students. Your dissertation can shine a light on understudied cultures. Or perhaps you want to focus on how a specific event impacted the world. Find inspiration among the following dissertation questions and ideas:

  • The historical context of the creation of Guernica by Pablo Picasso . War wasn’t the only inspiration for Pablo Picasso during the process of making Guernica . In this paper, you would look into the environment of the artist and try to identify what else brought him to the creation of this masterpiece. 
  • Bismarck and radical nationalism: what influenced the political state? For this research, you would study the underlying reasons for German Nazism before the beginning of World War II. What factors gave it a start when Otto von Bismarck was in charge? 
  • The rise of Bollywood: historical context. This paper focuses on the success of Indian Bollywood movies in the 1930s. You would need to look into the events that made those movies famous in the whole world. Don’t forget to mention the social views of Bollywood movies. 
  • The influence of secrecy in the technology intervention during World War II. You would study the role that the US Patent and Trademark Office played in the development of special war technology . Secrecy helped to keep it away from the public and enemies. How did it influence the war? 
  • Italian prisons in the 19th century: how were they managed after Unification? This paper would require you to study documentation on the management system prison used in Italy at the beginning of the 19th century. You should try to find some practices that might have been socially harmful. 
  • Gender perceptions in the Middle Age. When preparing the dissertation, use both historical and literary sources to show how gender was presented. 
  • Secularization in the American South during the post-war period. Provide a detailed discussion of secular societies forming in the South after the 1940s. 
  • Representation of Jewish history in contemporary art: a case study of Art Spiegelman’s Maus . Using the comic book as the primary basis, explain how Jewish culture and history are presented there. 

Quote by Elie Wiesel: “In Jewish history there are no coincidences.”

  • The history of medieval warfare and its influence on Modern Era warfare . When constructing this thesis, make sure you are using both historical and current research to provide details. 
  • American-British relations during the Cold War Era . Explain how the Cold War Era changes these relations and what has affected it the most. 
  • Germany’s foreign relations during the 1980s. Present a detailed overview of different foreign relations (e.g., with the USA, the USSR, the UK) Germany had during this period. 
  • The financial crisis in the USA in 2007-2009. Using research and media sources, explain to the reader how the crisis is still affecting the USA.  
  • The development of Austrian identity after World War II. In this case, you can use both historical evidence and Austrian literature that provides personal opinions of writers and artists on the issue. 
  • The impact of the Great Depression on the American involvement in the World War II. To show your understanding of historical processes, demonstrate how the Great Depression affected the USA’s perception of WWII. 
  • How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb: the development of nuclear warfare in the 20th century. Discuss the development of nuclear warfare in the USA and the USSR. 
  • What was the role of China in the Cold War? 
  • How did the Spanish Flu affect the pandemics that followed it? 
  • Determine the influence of the stock market crash in 1929 on the World Wars. 
  • First Battle of Marne’s impact on the outcomes of WWI. 
  • Tool usage and creation: Aztecs vs. Mayas. 
  • How did the enlightenment philosophy impact the development of the natural sciences? 
  • The effects of Christianization in sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • Assess the role of slavery in the US civil rights movement. 
  • Study the history of LGBT rights establishment in the US. 
  • What are the origins of slavery in Africa?  
  • The Moon Landing and its impact on space exploration. 
  • Explore the role of the Bible in Jewish history. 
  • The US’ involvement in WWII. 
  • The aftermath of WWII: major historical events. 
  • Research the link between the Mexican-American War and the Gold Rush . 
  • Cold War insights: lessons from the Suez Crisis. 
  • Explore the role of democratization in the Soviet Union collapse.  
  • Global cooperation in early modern Europe. 
  • Study the legacy of the arms race. 
  • How did the First Ladies influence life in the 20th century America? 

Dissertation Topics in Management

Companies and employees alike benefit from well-thought-out management strategies. So, a thesis in management has the potential to improve work environments even further. Kickstart your research by choosing one of the following topics:

  • Ecotourism in Canada: issues and trends in small business. Explain issues that arise in ecotourism with climate change. 
  • Management ethics: how social media affects employees’ privacy and organizational climate. Present examples of negative and positive influence. 
  • Leadership styles : a comparison of democratic and autocratic leadership. Discuss what leadership style should be chosen to rule various companies, depending on their business plan. 
  • Political risk and its influence on emergency management . Explain how political crises affect and shape emergency management. 
  • Cultural diversity and its impact on employees’ satisfaction and commitment. Show what advantages and disadvantages there are in cultural diversity. 
  • Economic growth and unemployment rates in Australia during the 1990s: a historical perspective. Explain the causes of economic growth and unemployment. 
  • Challenges in human resources management working with millennials: qualitative research. Discuss what particular challenges HR managers face and how they can be addressed. 
  • The significance of organizational routines in international corporations: a case study of Google. Conduct research on the importance of routine and its impact on performance. 
  • Computer skills and management: the effectiveness of computerized management information system in rural areas. Describe how digital management can be effectively applied in companies working in rural areas. 
  • The history of digital rights management in the USA. Present the changes in the field during the 1990s-2010s. 
  • Analyze the best leadership styles for SMEs. 
  • Examine the changes entrepreneurship underwent in the past decades. 
  • How do leadership styles relate to work satisfaction ? 
  • Overview of business negotiation methods using technology. 
  • Ways of integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. 
  • Discuss the specifics of airline companies’ management . 
  • Choose a theory of motivation in the workplace and make a case study on it. 
  • Study change management in SMEs in times of a crisis. 
  • Managing diverse workforce: a qualitative analysis.  
  • Use of employee voice in US companies. 
  • Research the relationship between the organization’s goals and a manager’s behavior. 
  • What are the best current practices in public administration ? 
  • Applying strategic human capital principles in practice. 
  • The study of female CEOs in a country of your choice. 
  • Employees’ perception of change management : a quantitative analysis. 
  • A study of employees’ resistance to change.  
  • What’s the correlation between a CEO’s leadership traits and employee motivation ? 
  • Workplace risk management : a study of psychosocial hazards. 
  • Conduct a quantitative study of the gender pay gap for CEOs. 
  • Research the relationship between management style and employee productivity . 

Qualitative Dissertation: Ideas for Proposals

If you want your thesis to be more practical, you’ve come to the right section. Common approaches for qualitative dissertations include researching case studies, surveys, or ethnographies. Because of this, fieldwork will be an integral part of your doctorate journey.

  • A comparison of teaching techniques that targeted children with autism in the 20th and 21st centuries. Provide a detailed overview of techniques and explain how research affected them. 
  • The development of cognitive-behavioral therapy and its effectiveness in patients with eating disorders . Present the history of CBT and use recent research to demonstrate its effectiveness. 
  • Ageism and sexism in international organizations of the fashion industry. Describe how the fashion industry defines what it means to be “young and beautiful.” 
  • Addressing sexual harassment at the workplace : the influence of organizational policies on targets’ decision to file a complaint. Explain what policies can support the target and what can prevent such decision. 
  • Strategies to eliminate bias in self-evaluation reports of employees. Using research in HRM, outline the best strategies that are currently used to avoid bias . 
  • Post-cancer therapy: issues and trends. Present and discuss various trends, the research behind them, and the effectiveness of different types of therapy. 
  • A family history of abuse and its influence on drug use in adults. Explain how abuse can provoke addiction in the future. 
  • The importance of trusting doctor-patient relationships on patient’s medication adherence and management of a healthy lifestyle. Describe how such relationships negatively or positively affect a patient’s decision to take medicine as prescribed. 
  • Barriers to the acquisition of social support among young men and women veterans in the USA. Discuss mental and physical disorders as major barriers. 
  • Single mothers’ perceptions of breastfeeding in public places: qualitative research. Conduct interviews to find out their opinion. 
  • The impact of online learning on student’s academic performance. 
  • A study of the youths’ perception of learning smartphone applications. 
  • Research the issue of gender bias in college education.  
  • Student’s perception of the mental health support and impact on campus. 
  • Perceptions of charter school education in the 21 century. 
  • Discuss homeschooling and its effect on a child’s socialization. 
  • What’s the impact of cyberbullying on teenagers’ mental health? 
  • How inmates perceive alternative forms of incarceration. 
  • Gun violence from the perspective of victims. 
  • Research bias towards video games as an art form. 
  • In what ways are minorities disadvantaged in America?  
  • Evaluate cooking as a therapeutic exercise. 
  • Assess the link between a principal’s leadership style and the school’s rating. 
  • The effect of online counseling on patients’ mental health. 
  • Perception of mental health stigma among students. 
  • How does gig economy re-define work? 
  • The implications of freelancing in the 2020s. 
  • Opinions about a 6-day work week in your community. 
  • Assess the process of adaptation to working from home . 
  • Conduct a research study of views on the BLM movement outside the US. 

Quantitative Dissertation Proposal Topics

Some scholars just love working with data. Are you one of them? Then you’ll probably enjoy quantitative research. If you’re into finding patterns and making predictions, here are some enticing topics:

  • A study of a major city’s livability index. Choose a city and assess whether it’s well-designed or not. 
  • A quantitative study of biofilms in technology. Discuss methods of using biofilms in technology. Include a list of recent advances and new tools. 
  • A quantitative study of teachers’ perception of online learning . This topic prompts you to use an evaluation scale. 
  • An assessment of a link between product reviews and intention to purchase. Study the effect online reviews have on potential customers. 
  • Immigration and its connection to crime statistics . Analyze data on immigration to the US and the number of violent crimes. Determine the relationship between the two phenomena. 
  • The relationship between obesity and occupation. Assess the BMIs of participants of different professions. Then, test the results for a correlation and discuss its implications. 
  • A relationship between nurses’ knowledge of diabetes management and patient satisfaction. Assess the nurses’ knowledge about diabetes and compare the results with patient satisfaction scores. Thus, you can determine if expertise translates into better care. 
  • A study of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on SMEs financial operations. With this qualitative dissertation proposal in business and management, choose a small company. Analyze its financial data pre- and post-pandemic. Include a discussion of financial management during pandemics. 
  • A study of millennials ’ pet ownership. Determine the percentage of millennials who have pets. Compare these patterns with previous generations. 
  • Economic growth and urbanization. Compare the empirical data about the state of economics and the number of people living in cities. 
  • Determine how urbanization affects bacterial community compositions. 
  • The economic impact of immigration on SMEs. 
  • Study the rates of crimes in the US in relation to nonviolent crimes. 
  • How do various teaching styles affect learning? 
  • Compare overconfidence in CEOs of SMEs and corporations. 
  • How does inclusive language influence social behavior? 
  • Assess consumers’ satisfaction with online banking in your area. 
  • Evaluate crude oil price prediction methods.  
  • Is there a link between smartphone use and mental illness? 
  • Correlation between eyewitness identification and memory  
  • What are the attitudes towards AI development among women? 
  • Determine the rates of cybercrimes since the 1990s. 
  • A study of the police brutality cases across the US in the last decade. 
  • Correlation between education level and employment. 
  • The presence of sleep disorders in mental illnesses. 
  • Assess the attitudes towards medical care in the US . 
  • Determine the correlation between eating disorders and physical illness. 
  • Study the rates of cyberbullying among minority students.  
  • How various religious groups influence politics : a game-theoretical approach. 
  • Does regular exercise decrease symptoms of depression in adults?  

Dissertation Topics in Educational Leadership

Educational leadership is a science focused on helping students to achieve their academic goals. It includes the motivation of staff and learners, improvement of educational programs, and creation of a healthy, productive environment in institutions. Want to dedicate your research to it? Take a look at these topic samples:

  • Fatigue among American medical students. Medical students often need to memorize and analyze big portions of information. That is why many of them don’t sleep enough, get tired quickly, and find it hard to concentrate. What can be done about it?
  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning affect students’ motivation? Online education has multiple benefits and drawbacks. Some students might find it easier to get access to various textbooks online. Others want to return to campus. What is their motivation ?
  • Creating better learning conditions on campus : the challenges in 2022. With the increasing speed of technological progress, it is hard to catch up with the latest innovations. Explore them in your dissertation. For instance, you can focus on facilities for students with special needs .
  • How can we enhance discipline among first-year students on campus? For some younger students, it is hard to get used to living on their own. They need to accept new responsibilities, find time to take care of themselves, and organize their lives. How can we help them?
  • Development of soft skills among undergraduate students. For future employers, soft skills are as important as hard skills. That is why colleges need to pay attention to soft skills such as time management , communication, and creativity.
  • The efficiency of workshops for enhancing students’ creativity.
  • Do nutrition habits influence the studying process?
  • The importance of mental health care in high school.
  • What leadership styles are the most efficient in college communities?
  • Does the implementation of early childhood education lead to further academic success?
  • What is the role of school counseling among teenagers?
  • What psychological factors make students drop out of college?
  • Developing leadership qualities among MBA students.
  • How to help college athletes to cope with psychological and physical pressure.
  • Ways of reducing anxiety levels among criminology students.
  • Helping students to choose their majors and find a career path.
  • How to enhance communication between higher education administration and students?
  • Motivating students to succeed after graduation .
  • Why do we need psychology classes in high school?
  • How can we prevent the bullying of Latin American students in middle and high school?

✅ How to Choose a Thesis Topic: Main Steps

In case you have no idea where to start from, here is a quick guideline on how to choose a Ph.D. thesis topic:

We hope this article helped you to choose a suitable topic for your dissertation. We wish you good luck with your research!

Learn more on this topic:

  • Dissertation Critique: Examples, How-to Guide
  • The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Outstanding Dissertation
  • How to Write an Abstract: Brief Steps and Structure Example

✏️ Dissertation FAQ

While working on a dissertation, you might deal with several types of research. The main research types are primary, qualitative, quantitative, and legal. In any case, it’s the way in which a researcher studies the subject using a particular methodology.

First of all, make sure that you are personally fascinated by the subject. This is essential for any thesis, be it master’s or an undergraduate dissertation. Besides, make sure the topic is feasible and hasn’t been studies much.

A good dissertation title is the one that represents the subject under study. To state which aspect is being studied is also important. The title should include neither a hypothesis nor a conclusion: think about it as “spoilers”—nobody likes them.

Just like any paper, a great dissertation is the one that is well-organized. The topic of the paper should correspond to the title. The text should have a cohesive structure with a definite introduction, argumentative main part, and a logical conclusion.

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Thesis Topics

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If you’re a student who’s nearing graduation and wondering, “What is the best topic for your thesis?”, you’ve come to the perfect place!

It’s a well-established fact that thesis documents require extreme levels of research and dedication. But, when it comes to choosing a topic for your thesis, it is far from being an easy task as well!

If your supervisor hasn’t assigned you a thesis topic, you can get valuable help from this blog. With thesis ideas ranging from education to diverse fields of study, you can pick the topic perfect topic for thesis writing.  

So without further ado, let’s get started!

On This Page On This Page

Thesis Topics for Students

We’ll start with a comprehensive list of thesis ideas for students, then move on to topics for multiple fields. 

Thesis Topics for College Students

  • Exploring the psychological effects of student loan debt on college graduates
  • The challenges and opportunities of globalization
  • The role of education and social mobility in reducing inequality
  • The impact of immigration on the economy and society
  • The potential of new technologies to improve healthcare outcomes
  • The impact of online learning on student engagement and achievement 
  • What is the role of artificial intelligence in business decision-making?
  • High school bullying and its long-term effects on mental health and social adjustment
  • The challenges and opportunities of diversity and inclusion in education
  • The impact of early childhood education on long-term success

Senior Thesis Topics

  • The industrial revolution has increased the gap between the rich and the poor. How?
  • What are the effects of global warming on the world’s population?
  • Feminism is becoming as bad as racism. How?
  • The relationship between social media usage and perceptions of loneliness
  • The long-term effects of income inequality on economic growth
  • Placement by age vs. placement by academic ability. Which should be preferred?
  • How have viruses such as HIV-AIDS, affected the African economy?
  • What are the common sleep disorders and their treatments?
  • Using animals for sports and entertainment: Is it legal or illegal?
  • Discuss Trump’s “America First” trade and foreign policy.

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Bachelor Thesis Topics

  • The impact of E-Sports on traditional sports and the future of competitive gaming
  • The economics of renewable energy transition: Case study of Germany
  • The influence of music on cognitive performance and productivity in the workplace
  • The influence of social media on political movements and activism
  • The ethical implications of gene editing technologies: A case study on CRISPR-Cas9
  • Urban green spaces and their impact on mental health: A case study of Singapore
  • The relationship between smartphone use and sleep quality in young adults
  • Investigating the psychological factors influencing consumer brand loyalty
  • Cybersecurity threats and mitigation strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • The impact of video games on cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities in children

Masters Thesis Topics

  • Discuss the relationship between literature and the political climate in the 18th century
  • Explain the relationship between rational thinking and religion
  • The Civil War is the greatest inspiration for art. Discuss the concept
  • Gun violence in the USA during the 2010s: A comparative analysis
  • Cyberbullying can lead to suicides - A case study of Australia
  • Campus shootings in the USA: Discuss the causes and risk factors
  • Labor markets in China: An in-depth analysis
  • What are the impacts of global warming on weather conditions in Iceland?
  • Explain the women's empowerment in Saudi Arabia in the 2000s
  • Write a detailed comparison of the anti-nuclear movements in Germany and Japan

MBA Thesis Topics

  • Discuss a case study of rural marketing projects.
  • What are the impacts of reducing the retirement age in America?
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Evaluating the factors contributing to success or failure
  • How can the banking sector influence the economic growth of India?
  • Analysis of global supply chain resilience in the post-pandemic business environment
  • Online marketing on social media platforms is useful for small companies. How?
  • Write a comparative study of organized trading in the USA and UK
  • How is technical knowledge essential to make wise financial decisions?
  • How can consumer purchases influence brand design?
  • Explore the positive and negative impacts of mobile banking

PhD Thesis Topics

  • What are the primary professors’ teaching patterns in China?
  • Discuss the social benefits of same-sex marriages
  • Discuss the legal issue of child labor in Third World countries.
  • What is the positive impact of music therapy on patients with brain injuries?
  • Explain the impacts of 9/11 on new policies against terrorism
  • Discuss the marketing strategies used in political campaigns
  • The US presence in Syria: Is it providing justice or violating the law?
  • Elaborate on the preventive measures to fight obesity among teenagers.
  • How to treat injuries in diabetic patients?
  • What are the political and economic effects of Brexit on the UK?

Thesis Topics for Multiple Fields

Here are some interesting and easy to write thesis topics from multiple fields of study.

Thesis Topics in Education

  • Special education policies in the USA: Are they effective or ineffective?
  • Why is studying abroad a legitimate excuse for traveling?
  • Strategies for supporting undergraduate students' transition to college life
  • Family involvement has a direct impact on a child's performance. Discuss how?
  • Why are students more likely to do the homework assigned by good-looking professors?
  • Role of Parental Involvement in early childhood education for academic readiness
  • Explain the development of emotional intelligence for modern education
  • Informal learning in rural areas through social networks. Is it possible?
  • Public school students interact at the same level as the other students. Is it true?
  • How can reality television disempower students to some extent?

Thesis Topics in Healthcare

  • How does increased physical activity promote healthy aging?
  • The impact of telemedicine on healthcare access and quality
  • Mental health stigma: Addressing barriers to seeking and receiving care
  • How do Supervised Machine Learning models help in Breast Cancer diagnosis?
  • Exploring the mental health implications of prolonged pandemic-related stress and isolation
  • Innovations in remote patient monitoring for chronic disease management
  • How can we improve the affordability of healthcare without sacrificing quality?
  • Strategies for addressing the global burden of non-communicable diseases
  • How can we use social media to promote health literacy and engagement?
  • How can we use genomics to improve disease prevention and treatment?

Thesis Topics for Computer Science

  • Quantum computing: The future of data processing and cryptography
  • How does the feedback system in personnel management work?
  • Describe the development of an automated workplace
  • How can data be analyzed by using robust AI algorithms?
  • Discuss the benefits of the development of a taxi service website
  • The dark web: Anonymity, security, and law enforcement challenges
  • Verification of webpage layouts. How is it beneficial?
  • What are the impacts of mobile computing on global development?
  • Big data analytics for predictive maintenance in IoT systems
  • How can AI-assisted surveillance systems decrease mass school shootings in the US?

Architecture Thesis Topics

  • How have religious buildings in the British Empire affected architecture?
  • Discuss the role of architects in combating the impacts of climate change
  • Why should we construct sustainable buildings for offices?
  • Discuss a case study of small houses to solve homelessness
  • Why should we develop public places in small cities?
  • How can architecture revitalize urban areas sustainably?
  • Are underwater hotels sustainable?
  • Discuss the transformation of urban design in the 21st century
  • How can we construct houses in developed countries with low income?
  • How can architectural design create healing environments in healthcare facilities?

Thesis Topics for Interior Design

  • Role of biophilic design in reducing stress and anxiety in workplaces
  • Designing interior spaces for people with dementia
  • The use of technology to create immersive and interactive interior experiences
  • Design of interior spaces for future generations
  • Impact of culture on prisons and other correctional facilities design
  • Use of universal design to create inclusive restaurants and cafés
  • Use of materials and finishes to create a sustainable and resilient built environment
  • What is the impact of interior design on human performance?
  • Creating inclusive and accessible interior spaces for people with disabilities
  • What is the future of interior design in the age of climate change?

Thesis Topics for Textile Designing

  • How to design textiles that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional?
  • Environmental impact of textile design and how to reduce it
  • How can textile design improve the performance of sportswear and activewear?
  • Design a textile collection that is accessible and affordable for people with disabilities
  • Develop a sustainable textile production process that reduces environmental impact
  • Investigate the impact of textile design on consumer behavior
  • Explore the use of sustainable materials in textile design
  • Challenges and opportunities of new technologies in textile design
  • Ethical implications of materials and production methods in textile design
  • How can textile design reduce fashion waste and promote circularity?

Psychology Thesis Topics

  • Why is emotional intelligence an important factor in professional satisfaction?
  • The notion of the self – Is it a myth or reality?
  • Evaluating the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral
  • Therapy in managing anxiety
  • Self-efficacy and academic achievement: A longitudinal study of students
  • A good IQ level can have long-term benefits for children. Discuss how?
  • How are emotional disorders directly connected to social cognition?
  • Analyze the relationship between emotional and episodic memory
  • How can rational thinking allow us to make better decisions?
  • How common is depression among homosexual teenagers?
  • What are the psychological techniques to help obese teens?

Political Science Thesis Topics

  • Compare the foreign policies of the US and the UK
  • What were the causes of the American Revolution?
  • How is religion used as a political power?
  • What is the role of social movements in politics?
  • Discuss the consequences of the Civil War
  • Immigration policies and their impact on social cohesion and diversity
  • The impact of campaign finance reform on political corruption
  • What are the negotiation methods during wartime?
  • Explain the difference between political and armed conflicts
  • Give a detailed review of the Human Rights Act 1998

Thesis Topics for Law Students

  • The role of international law in addressing global cybersecurity threats
  • Human rights and refugee law: Analyzing the legal status of stateless individuals
  • Legal aspects of intellectual property rights in the fashion industry
  • Consumer protection laws in E-Commerce: Challenges and emerging trends
  • How can we ensure that plea bargaining is used fairly and ethically?
  • Examining the legal and ethical implications of genetic testing and genetic privacy
  • The evolution of copyright law in the digital era: Balancing innovation and protection
  • How has globalization changed the landscape of international law?
  • What is the future of International Law in a world of increasing nationalism?
  • The impact of race and ethnicity on criminal sentencing

International Relations Thesis Topics

  • What is the impact of Russia’s intervention in Syria?
  • Discuss the trade relations between India and Pakistan
  • Discuss the impacts of the US sanctions on Iran
  • Explain the reasons for OIC failure
  • What is the US foreign policy towards North Korea?
  • Critically analyze the human rights violations in Kashmir
  • What is the policy of the United States toward Russia?
  • Discuss lessons learned politically since 9/11
  • Political problems in Africa have been affected by colonial rule. How?
  • Discuss how is Israel playing the victim card in the war against Palestine

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History Thesis Topics

  • How has World War II saved the world?
  • What is the impact of Buddhism on the Chinese empire?
  • Discuss the struggles of the North American colonies for independence
  • Describe the role of the monarchy in the domestic policy of Great Britain
  • Discuss the impacts of the North Korean nuclear program in Northeast Asia
  • Evaluate the American and Britain relations during the Cold War Era
  • Discuss the global impacts of the Great Depression
  • Explain the Women's rights and woman suffrage: 1848-1920.
  • Enlist the Military Innovations between WWI & WWII
  • Discuss the feminist movement from 1845 to 1920

Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

  • What are the ways to deal with domestic violence?
  • How can we reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system?
  • How is electronic monitoring an abuse of privacy rights?
  • What can be done to prevent cyber crimes?
  • What are the common child abuse crimes committed?
  • How can body cameras reduce police violence?
  • Why are men more likely to get the death penalty?
  • How can drug courts help people with addictions?
  • Discuss the strategies used to stop criminal behavior
  • Discuss the effectiveness of capital punishment in deterring crime

Thesis Topics in English Literature

  • The influence of feminist theory on the work of Margaret Atwood
  • Discuss the effectiveness of verbal communication in displaying feelings
  • How do people communicate when there is no shared language?
  • Language travels through time. Discuss the concept
  • Elaborate on the advantages of learning a second language in graduate school
  • Discuss the effectiveness of non-verbal communication for displaying emotions.
  • Shakespearean adaptations in modern literature and film
  • Narrative techniques in experimental literature and their impact on storytelling
  • What are the benefits of learning two languages at once as a child?
  • How to best communicate: Verbally or non-verbally? 

Thesis Topics in Mass Communication

  • Effects of user-generated content on news credibility and trust in online journalism
  • Impact of deep fake technology on media manipulation and trust in visual media
  • The role of media in promoting political polarization and extremism
  • The challenges of reporting on sensitive topics such as war, violence, and trauma
  • The ethics of using media to exploit or harm vulnerable populations
  • The influence of TikTok on youth culture and entertainment consumption
  • How does sports journalism respond to evolving media landscapes?
  • The role of social media influencers in shaping brand image and consumer behavior
  • The role of media in promoting corporate interests and agendas
  • What is the role of media in the surveillance state and the erosion of privacy?

Thesis Topics in Business Administration 

  • How is digital transformation changing business models and strategies?
  • What role does venture capital play in funding and supporting startups?
  • The role of data analytics in decision-making and improving business outcomes
  • The challenges and opportunities of expanding into new markets
  • What factors influence call center industry employee retention?
  • Comparing leadership structures in manufacturing and retail sectors
  • How do varying leadership styles impact worker performance?
  • Challenges and opportunities of managing supply chains in a globalized economy
  • Is a Human Resources Officer still relevant in today's businesses?
  • What is the impact of internal communications on organizational objectives?

Thesis Topics in Physical Education

  • Role of physical education in preventing childhood obesity
  • Impact of physical activity on sleep quality and overall well-being
  • Influence of physical education on self-esteem and body image in adolescents
  • What strategies promote gender equity in physical education?
  • How can cultural competency be integrated into physical education programs?
  • How does virtual physical education impact student engagement?
  • What factors contribute to successful youth sports and athlete development?
  • How does assessment and feedback improve student learning in physical education?
  • How can older adults be encouraged to maintain active lifestyles?
  • Does physical education have a measurable impact on academic performance?

Civil Engineering Thesis Topics

  • Assessing the impact of climate change on infrastructure resilience
  • Optimizing traffic flow and transportation systems for urban mobility
  • Risk assessment and management in civil engineering projects
  • Green infrastructure and stormwater management in urban environments
  • Geotechnical engineering challenges in high-rise building construction
  • Resilient infrastructure for mitigating the impact of extreme weather events
  • Smart grids and energy-efficient infrastructure for future cities
  • The role of 3D printing in construction: Feasibility and applications
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality in civil engineering education and design
  • What are the risk factors involved in building skyscrapers?

Cyber Security Thesis Topics

  • How can network security deal with cyber crimes?
  • How can an informational system protect your data?
  • How can we prevent the growth of cyber hackers?
  • What are the different types of cyber crimes?
  • How can we make network security affordable for everyone?
  • Discuss the effectiveness of malware protection software.
  • How can we improve cybersecurity in wireless networks?
  • What are the ways to prevent cyber attacks in organizations?
  • How do people become cyber criminals?
  • What are the current trends in the field of cybercrime and security?

Sociology Thesis Topics

  • What are the consequences of adopting a child?
  • Discuss the concept of female empowerment in a conservative society
  • Organ transplantation in our society. Is it ethical?
  • Explain the diffusion and innovation in European culture
  • What are the challenges that most women face at workplaces?
  • How difficult is it to be a single parent in a society?
  • The impact of economic disparities on how people Live: A sociological study
  • Technology has changed the way we eat. How?
  • Violations of social norms can be a positive act. How?
  • What is the relationship between poverty and education?

Philosophy Thesis Topics

  • What is the nature of truth and reality in a post-modern world?
  • Is there any life after death?
  • Can a person be happy without friends and family?
  • Why is there a need to engage children in physical activities?
  • Will you have eternal satisfaction if you had all the wealth in the world?
  • How morality and religion are related to each other?
  • Why do people commit crimes when they’re at the brink of poverty? 
  • How to develop a personal philosophy of life: Influences, values, and decision-making
  • Can free will exist in a deterministic universe, and what are its implications for agency and responsibility?
  • What is the nature of consciousness, and how does it relate to our perception of reality?

Economics Thesis Topics

  • Discuss the differences in commercial practices in rural and urban areas
  • Critically analyze regional divergence in Europe
  • Discuss the relationship between economic geography and the contemporary environment
  • What are the impacts of intellectual capital in growing markets?
  • Labor regulations are a way to solve the issue of unemployment. Discuss how?
  • Explain the factors that determine the market value of a business
  • What is the effect of labor force participation on the economy?
  • Discuss the impact of government expenditure on the economic growth of Australia
  • Discuss the impact of Brexit on small and middle businesses in the UK
  • Write a review of the aid and economic growth of developing economies

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Now that you have access to a wide range of thesis topics for multiple fields, you could use some tips to understand how you should pick a good thesis topic. 

How to Choose a Good Thesis Topic?

Follow the easy tips given below to choose a good topic for your thesis.

how to choose a thesis topic

The following is a detailed description of the tips for choosing thesis paper topics.

  • Know Your Target Audience : Understand your audience's preferences, opinions, and ideas, and always consider their feedback for better grades
  • Consider Your Strengths : Identify your skills and strengths, and focus on your areas of knowledge
  • Follow Your Interests : Select a topic that aligns with your passions and leverage your creativity for an engaging idea 
  • Combine Different Ideas : Brainstorm multiple ideas based on your interests and knowledge to create a unique idea 
  • Read and Find Gaps : Explore existing literature and research, to identify gaps or areas that require further investigation
  • Put Your Idea to the Test : Conduct small experiments or surveys to test your concept, and utilize data and human resources for a comprehensive analysis. Make sure to identify and address any flaws or weaknesses in your thesis idea.

To conclude , the above research paper topics will surely help you draft an A+ thesis. However, if you need more unique ideas, getting expert help is a good option.

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Topics for master theses

The Department of Business and Management Science can offer the following Master Theses topics:

  • Department of Business and Management Science
  • Master's thesis

Investments, Insurance and Household Finance

Insurance (life insurance or non-life insurance).

Insurance topics can be divided into life insurance and non-life insurance. They address different kinds of risks. There are several types of products considered as life insurance:  payments to the policyholder's beneficiaries in the event of death, income to individuals unable to work due to a disability, pensions, etc. Non-life insurance is designed to protect against other types of risks, such as property damage or liability.

We can discuss your specific interests concerning insurance. For example, a possible thesis topic can be an analysis of a particular insurance product or methodology of insurance premium computation.

Supervisor: Roman Kozlov .

What determines donations to charitable causes in Norway?

Charitable donations by individuals are an important source of funding for social services and public goods. This study aims at identifying important factors that determine when and how people donate using detailed information on the Norwegian deposit lottery (pantelotteri) in which people are able to donate deposits they would receive for recycling bottles and cans. For example, how did individuals respond to insecurity during Covid-19? Do news of natural disasters affect donations? How long-lasting are these effects?

Supervisor: Maximilian Todtenhaupt .

Data på individnivå fra Statistisk sentralbyrå

Tjenesten microdata.no gir tilgang til variabler på individnivå om befolkning, utdanning, sysselsetting, inntekt, formue, gjeld, skatt, trygd, barnevern, valg og boforhold. Jeg har ikke et bestemt spørsmål i tankene, men veileder gjerne oppgaver som bruker disse dataene. Studenter som ønsker å gjøre dette kan få tilgang til microdata.no gjennom NHH. Bakgrunn fra et kurs i økonometri er sterkt å anbefale.

Supervisor: Øyvind Thomassen .

The black swans of climate risk: Compound events

Extreme weather events such as floods, heatwaves, droughts, and storms cause major economic losses to private and public sector alike. The latest IPCC report shows that the frequency, and to some extent the magnitude, of such events will continue to increase although there are exceptions. The probability of so-called ‘compound events’ – that two or more extreme events happen simultaneously or successively – will increase due to this ongoing trend.

Such events carry even more extreme economic losses and play a crucial role in evaluating climate risk, but they are not well constrained nor understood. In 2018, there was elevated risk for snow-driven flooding in central Norway, which was followed by one of the warmest and driest summers on record, which coincided with several climatically induced forest fires. Based on both historical data and climate predictions, the students will evaluate the probability and potential economic consequences of compound events today and in the future and provide insights and advice for the insurance industry. The industry partner for this thesis is Tryg.

Supervisor: Geir Drage Berentsen .

Inequality and the inheritance tax in Norway

Prior research argues that the inheritance tax is an important instrument to reduce inequality. In Norway, the inheritance tax was abolished in 2014. How did this effect income and wealth inequality in various parts of Norway? The aim of this thesis is to investigate these questions using micro-level data from Statistics Norway (SSB).

Did companies misuse government support during Covid-19?

Government support to firms during the Covid-19 pandemic was comprehensive and supposed to quickly reach businesses. This may have lead to some firms exploiting government funds that were not eligible. For example, some companies may have been reconstructed to utilize the support schemes and then initiate bankruptcies in parts of companies. It may also be of interest to look at risk factors that arise in companies that receive payments from several support schemes. This study will contribute to an evaluation of how well the grant schemes have worked.

Corporate solvency and government support during Covid-19

The lock-down of Norway on March 12, 2020 meant that many businesses had problems paying taxes and fees. In order to alleviate the burdens and avoid bankruptcies, the government, with effect from 12 June 2020, issued a regulatory provision that allows for deferral of payment for most tax and duty claims. This has led to a halving of bankruptcies compared with 2019 and raises several interesting, empirical questions: Have schemes led to companies being kept alive that would normally have gone bankrupt? How can the tax administration predict bankruptcy among firms?

Topics on mutual funds

I can provide data on equity mutual funds that can be used and extended with additional data to examine different research questions. Experience with programming in R/Stata/Python or similar is useful.

Supervisor: Andreas Ørpetveit .

Real investments

Analyze a given investment project, either accepted or planned, in order to show its value creation by calculating the related net present value (or using a different profitability measure). This problem is thus a parallel to company valuation, however, the time horizon will typically be shorter and including option characteristics may be more relevant. Besides, strategic and financial issues will be more prominent than accounting issues in this thesis.

Supervisor: Øystein Gjerde .

The Dynamics of Conflict through the Lens of Financial Markets

In a series of influential studies, scholars have identified that companies benefit from conflict. Arms companies are involved in smuggling, diamond mining companies exploit the chaos to secure extraction rights and corrupt officials disclose top secret information. Every conflict is different and firms will find a way to profit from the chaos.

Possible questions are: do these findings still hold in recent times, from for e.g. 2005 to 2020? Are the perpetrators different? Can we link perpetrators through their board composition? How connected are the boards of companies that violate embargoes? How does corporate governance influence illegal activities? 

Starting point: DellaVigna, S. and La Ferrara, E., 2010. Detecting illegal arms trade. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy , 2(4), pp. 26-57.

Supervisor: Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman .

Consumer behavior and insurance

Supervisor: Aysil Emirmahmutoglu .

Performance evaluation for mutual funds

Supervisor: Trond M. Døskeland .

Identifying financial behavioral biases for households

Risk management.

Analyze a given company or a given line of business exposed to price risk from commodities/services sold or bought. May also be combined with currency risk. What is the level of risk, how do we measure it, which instruments are available to deal with this risk and how successful is the risk-reducing strategy, using these instruments. Hedging strategies are based on a combination of risk-reduction and expected values, so both components may be included in the analyses.

Supervisor: Øystein Gjerde .

Topics on Shipping economics and finance

We have comprehensive data on micro-level commodity trades, vessel behaviors, satellite-based information, in addition to the commodity and freight market data.  By addressing practical challenges faced by shipping companies, theses can be developed based on hands-on projects in collabration with shipping companies, banks or insurance companies. The following aspects serve as broad examples:

Topic 1: Trade flow and freight rate forecasting

Topic 2: Investment horizon. How to balance asset lifespan, carbon neutral regulation and investment costs.

Topic 3: Carbon costs in transportation

Topic 4: ESG disclosure in shipping & offshore industry

Topic 5: Climate change and credit risk in shipping & offshore

Supervisor: Haiying Jia

Topics on Marine Insurance

Topic 1: Marine accident analysis w.r.t. attributes such as trade, location, or crew

Topic 2: Automated underwriting in marine insurance

Topic 3: Risk exposure vs. financial return

Analysis of high-frequency supply data for oil tankers

Using unique daily spatial data for vessel employment, analyze how regional freight rate changes are driven by supply and demand, and whether the specifications and operator of a ship matters for its attractiveness in the market.

Supervisor: Haiying Jia .

Dividend taxation, abusive stock swap and loan transactions

A tax strategy among investors is to recast a dividend payment as a swap payment in order to take advantage of favoured tax treatment given to swap agreements involving non-US persons in the US. US stock dividents paid to non-US persons are subject to the dividend tax, whereas “dividend equivalents” paid to non-US persons as part of a swap agreement are not subject to any US tax.

Since a 2009 Senate hearing identified the tax evasion nature of these transactions, there has been little research on the topic. These transactions are likely the origin from which cum fraud schemes have arisen. Since 2009 the US has had reforms in their dividend tax and in the legislation surrounding the claiming of these dividend equivalents. What is the impact of these reforms on stock lending of US stocks?

Supervisor: Floris Zoutman  and Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman

Dividend taxation, Cum-Cum Trading and Ex-Dividend Pricing

A common tax planning strategy among investors is to sell their stocks the day before dividends are due, and buy them back on the ex-dividend day. This strategy, known as cum-cum trading, allows investors to avoid paying dividend taxes. The Norwegian tax authorities are considering to implement policies that make cum-cum trading less attractive in order to generate more dividend tax revenue.

Your task will be to see how cum-cum trading relates to taxation and other policy variables, using international stock market data. Questions that you could answer in this topic are: Do stock market experience excess trade around the dividend day? Does excess trade relate to the dividend tax rate? Do stock prices reflect the level of the dividend tax? Are policies aimed at combating cum-cum trading effective in other countries?

Cum-cum trading strategies have been detected in Europe. Are they present in the Asian and South-American market? Are these trades a global problem that contributes to rising inequality?

Business Taxation

Agricultural policy, the environment and the price of necessities in norway.

It is well known that the price of necessities, especially food products in Norway is higher than in neighboring countries. An important determinant of the price of necessities consists in tariff barriers. Tariffs in Norway are among the highest in the developed world. Norway charges particularly high tariffs on meat and dairy products, but also substantial tariffs on fruit and vegetables. In neo-classical models of trade such tariffs generate a negative shock to consumer surplus that exceeds the gain in producer surplus. Moreover, in the recent context tariffs have become increasingly controversial because they contribute to already rising prices in supermarkets.

A recent paper by Shapiro (2021) also highlights the environmental impact of tariffs. On the one hand, Norwegian tariffs displace agricultural production from abroad to Norway. This is good for the environment if production in Norway is cleaner than abroad and vice versa. On the other hand, tariffs affect the relative price of clean (low emissions per unit of produced good) to dirty (high emissions) goods. Shapiro (2021) finds that tariffs, on average, increase the price of clean goods more than the price of dirty goods. That is, tariffs act as an implicit subsidy on pollution.

In this topic you can think of the following research questions:

  • What is the benefit of the current tariffs to the Norwegian agricultural sector and how do they compare to the cost incurred by consumers?
  • What is the environmental impact of Norwegian tariffs? Is Shapiro’s conclusion that tariffs, worldwide, harm the environment also valid for Norway’s tariffs? If so, how can Norway introduce greener tariffs?
  • Anything else relating to tariffs that comes to mind.

Joseph S Shapiro, The Environmental Bias of Trade Policy, The Quarterly Journal of Economics , Volume 136, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 831–886, https://doi.org/10.1093/qje/qjaa042

Floris Zoutman

Energy Subsidies in Europe: a cross-country analysis

Mainly, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine energy prices across Europe have increased tremendously. The price of natural gas, which prior to the invasion ranged between 50-100 euro per MWh peaked to more than 300 euro per MWh in September of 2022. Prices of other forms of energy, particularly electricity, have seen a corresponding incline. At the same time the consumption of electricity has dropped significantly. Between August 2022 and January 2023 European demand for natural gas dropped by 19.3 percent. This decline challenges the traditional view that the demand for energy is inelastic. At the same time, there is confounding variation in the form of changes in weather which hinder the possibility to estimate the causal relationship between the price of energy and the demand of energy.

In this thesis you will aim to estimate the price elasticity of energy using variation in energy policy. While all European countries faced similar increases in the price of energy, the policy response between countries differed substantially. In some countries, government offered little in the form of direct subsidies on energy. Other countries, like Norway, offered generous subsidies effectively shielding consumers from most of the price increase. If the demand for energy is elastic, we should see that higher subsidies result in more energy consumption. On the other hand, of the demand for energy is inelastic there will be no relation between the two variables.

Data on energy policies and energy/electricity consumption for several European countries.

Regression modes

Solving the Replication Crisis

Recently there are many calls to create a practice of replicating empirical research. In this topic students can choose one of more than 4000 published papers with data packages and attempt to replicate the tables and figures in the paper. While replicating a paper, the students would learn a given method of analysis. The individual contribution of students would be to implement an additional analysis such as machine learning with the purpose of corroborating the results or answering an additional question on the base of the data.

Website: https://replication.uni-goettingen.de/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Airbnb in Norway & electricity prices

The risk of accepting Airbnb guests is that they might run up all of your utilities. Are renters sensitive to this concern? Estimate the relationship between listings and electricity prices.

Scrape the Data from http://insideairbnb.com/get-the-data/ and determine whether Airbnb listings in the last 2 years respond to electricity prices.

Bank disclosures and corporate governance

Since 2015 European banks must disclose their operations in tax havens. These operations involve activities like complicated tax arbitrage strategies. While technically legal, tax arbitrage may be morally questionable and sometimes courts make rulings turning some tax arbitrage strategies illegal. How does the involvement of banks in tax havens correlate to their corporate governance? What is the relationship between a bank’s ethical credo and the ethicality of the bank’s behavior?

Starting point: https://policy-practice.oxfam.org/resources/opening-the-vaults-the-use-of-tax-havens-by-europes-biggest-banks-620234/ .

Leak data and nationality

A recent article identified a set of 30 last names of individuals involved in mafia activities in Italy. Are these names mentioned in the Panama papers, Pandora papers or other leaks? What are the activities of the involved firms? Are these mentions consistent with money laundering.

Taxing foreign investors: an empirical analysis of recent reforms of the dividend withholding tax system

Foreign individual and institutional investors are a fundamental component of global capital markets. On the one side, attracting foreign portfolio equity investments is a key policy objective for many countries around the world given the related benefits. On the other side, they pose serious challenges from a tax collection perspective. Traditionally, countries around the world rely on withholding tax to ensure the proper collection of taxes on foreign investors. Yet, existing withholding tax systems are far from being ideal and reforming them is high on the political agenda in Norway and within the European Union. Recently Finland launched a new innovative system called TRACE to make the collection of such taxes easier. Norway has also a similar system since few years now. 

The master thesis should provide an overview of the two systems, compare them and analyses whether the introduction of such systems increased investment in those countries and/or affected dividend payment policy of domestic companies.

Supervisor:  Elisa Casi-Eberhard .

Digital residency program: a policy to boost the economy or a high-tech route for suspect funds?

In 2021, Palau launched its digital residency program, which offers foreigners a digital identity to access to all services within Palau’s emerging digital economy. However, Palau is not the first country to offer such a program. In 2014, Estonia was the first country to establish a digital residency program. It primarily targeted businesses that could start a EU based company and run it from anywhere, fully online.

For example, a foreign entrepreneur would be able to use his/her digital signature to conclude contracts throughout the European Union entirely remotely. So far, it has been a success with more than 50,000 applications as of 2019. Yet, anecdotal evidence suggests that the Estonian digital residency program has also been vulnerable to money laundering risks. What is the economic effect of such programs? Do they improve the business environment of a country or do they offer a high-tech route for suspect funds?

Supervisor: Elisa Casi  and Mohammed Mardan .

Inventors and tax havens

Inventors are an important source of innovation for any country. At the same time they are highly mobile and respond to tax incentives. Furthermore, the intellectual property they create (e.g. patents) can be used shift income to tax havens. How many inventors are involved in such tax avoidance behavior? This project will assess the importance of inventors in tax havens by combining data on international inventors with the Panama papers which have recently become available.

The Tax Haven Call

In political and institutional economy we think of countries as having extractive and inclusive institutions. Institutions are loosely defined as informal norms of behaviour. In an influential (but controversial) paper by Acemoglu et al. (2001) the type of institutions are shown to impact economic development. However, it is unclear whether what aspect of these informal norms have influenced countries like the Netherlands, Ireland and Bermuda to become tax havens?

Dharmapala and Hines (2009) have found that governance is an important factor that separates tax havens from non-tax havens. Better-governed small countries are more likely to be successful tax havens than badly governed small countries. Governance and institutions are closely related, but the link is not explored in this article.

In addition, the list of tax havens has expanded since 2009 and now we have continuous measures of secrecy and tax haven status, which can give better identification in re-examining the question: What makes a tax haven?

Starting point: Dharmapala, D. and Hines Jr, J.R., 2009. Which countries become tax havens?. Journal of Public Economics, 93(9-10), pp.1058-1068.

Wealth Taxation in Norway

The wealth tax is one of the most controversial aspects of the Norwegian tax system. Detractors believe that the wealth tax hurts economic growth by disincentivizing entrepreneurial activity and risk taking, and taking away a source of liquidity for business owners. Proponents argue that the wealth tax is a great instrument to reduce inequality.

In this project you will use data on Norwegian tax payers to evaluate the arguments of the detractors. Specifically, the goal is to understand i.) whether the arguments are valid empirically, ii.) how large the concerns are quantitatively. Specific research questions could be i.) does the wealth tax discourage individuals/business owners from taking risk, ii.) does the wealth tax reduce liquidity for small businesses, iii.) does the wealth tax reduce innovation or iv). does the wealth tax discourage savings. The answer of each of these four questions is of great practical relevance to policy makers that have to make a trade-off between the efficiency cost and the equity gain associated with the wealth tax.

Data: Individual tax return data


  • Berzins, Janis, Øyvind Bøhren and Bodan Stacesu (2019). Illiquid Shareholders and real firm effects: the personal wealth tax and financial constraints. Working Paper BI.
  • Akcigit, U., Grigsby, J., Nicholas, T., & Stantcheva, S. (2018). Taxation and Innovation in the 20th Century. NBER Working Paper.

Supervisor: Floris Zoutman

Using Textual Analysis to identify whether there is a gender gap in financial white collar crime

There is very little systematic evidence on the gender gap in crime. In particular, it is difficult to quantify it for financial white collar crime, as they do not find their way into police statistics and as there is little female presence on the top levels of companies.

In this project, we can use textual analysis tools to collect data from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on insider trading and other frauds. We can match the name of the defendant to a gender, and quantify what is the difference between males and females.

Then, we can correlate the gap, as well as the fraud itself, to past financial statements of involved companies in terms of gender representation in the board of the company and other indicators of company culture. Finally, we can compare the gap to other measures of female participation in the boardroom and determine whether white collar females seem more or less likely to commit crimes than white collar males. We can provide a partial answer to the question: Are companies going to become more responsible (do less criminal rule-breaking) if there are more females on the board?

Methods: Textual analysis, web crawling, R

Detecting Corruption in the Oil-For-Food Program

The Oil for Food Program (OFFP) was a relief effort orchestrated by the United Nations to help the people of Iraq after the Gulf War. It lasted from 1995 to 2003. Leaks from classified reports reveal that there has been rampant corruption, from the bank that handled the Iraq escrow account, to the trucking company that was supposed to handle the logistics of food transport. Even the then UN General Secretary Kofi Annan has been implicated in this corruption scandal. By looking at important events that influence the survival of the OFFP and stock prices of companies bidding for contracts, by virtue of insider trading, we can find an indirect proof for corruption.

The methodology for this thesis is the same as in DellaVigna, S. and La Ferrara, E., 2010. Detecting illegal arms trade. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2(4), pp.26-57.

COVID-19 and lockdown measures: understanding the mechanisms

During the COVID-19 pandemic most countries imposed Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) or lockdown measures in an effort to halt the spread of the disease. In a case study focusing on the Scandinavian countries we show that in Scandinavia the NPIs introduced by Norway and Denmark were extraordinarily effective in reducing the pressure on the health care system and mortality (Juranek and Zoutman 2020). In this thesis we want you to pick apart the mechanisms. Which NPIs are most effective in reducing the spread of the disease? When should countries introduce NPIs (traditional epidemiology suggests that early NPIs will be much more effective than the same NPIs introduced at later stages)? What is the relationship between mobility on the one hand, and the spread of COVID-19 on the other hand? All of these questions remain mostly unanswered and are of extreme importance to policy makers trying to stop a second (or third) COVID-19 wave, or trying to fight a new infectious disease in the future.

Data: the EU has created a database which contains an overview of all NPIs passed in EEA countries. The database also contains records on hospitalizations, which for many reasons is the most valuable measure in tracking the spread of the disease. Google has publicly available data on mobility. For Scandinavian countries we can also track data at the regional level.

Methods: the methods depend on the background and training of the student undertaking the thesis. Many meaningful relationship can be estimated through linear regression. However, it is also possible to use more advanced methods such as machine learning or epidemiological models.

Reference: Juranek, Steffen and Floris Zoutman (2020). “The Effect of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions on the Demand for Health Care and Mortality: Evidence on COVID-19 in Scandinavia” SSRN Working Paper.

COVID-19 and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions: A cost-benefit analysis

All countries in developed countries have introduced Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) such as social distancing, handwashing, mask wearing and school closures, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. The charge has up to now been lead almost exclusively by epidemiologists. In most countries economists are not included in the team of experts that advice the government on these decisions. That’s a pity, because economics, and especially, old-fashioned cost-benefit analysis has a lot to offer under these conditions. Roughly speaking NPIs all have their economic costs and benefits (i.e. their ability to halt the spread of COVID-19). From a cost-benefit standpoint it is possible to sort NPIs from “cheap” (high benefits, low costs) to “expensive” (low costs, high benefits). In case of a pandemic the objective of the government should be to keep the pandemic suppressed at the lowest possible cost. This means that we should pass NPIs in order from cheap to expensive. In particular, the most expensive measures should only be introduced in case cheaper methods do not suffice.

To give a practical example, handwashing is cheap in the sense that it has very little economic costs and is most likely quite effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing is relatively more costly as it comes with high economic costs (think for instance about spacing people out in classrooms, public transport etc.), and is probably not much more effective than handwashing. This does not imply that we should not practice social distancing, but it does imply that handwashing comes “first”.

In this thesis, you will do two things. First, you explain in more detail the principles of cost-benefit analysis applied to the COVID-19 pandemic. Second, you provide your best guestimates of the costs and benefits of NPIs passed in Norway using, for instance, academic literature, media sources and interviews with experts. Third, you apply your cost-benefit analysis with the guestimates to provide clear policy advice to Norwegian policy makers on which measures should come first.

Methods: cost-benefit analysis, literature review, interviews with experts

COVID-19 and the Labor Market: Understanding the Mechanisms

Juranek et al (2020) study the labor market in the Nordic countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. We find that the pandemic has had disastrous consequences in terms of both unemployed and furloughed workers in all four countries. Sweden, comparatively does the best, and Norway is at the bottom (at least in the short run). Part of the difference in labor market outcomes is driven by differences in lockdown measures, which Sweden (in)famously abstained from, but there are also differences in labor market policies. Moreover, the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic itself may have a direct effect on labor markets. In this project, you will try to unpack the mechanisms focusing on data from the Nordic countries. As a first pass, you will extend the data of Juranek et al (2020) and replicate their analysis over a longer time frame. Afterwards, you will build a statistical model that disentangles the mechanisms between COVID-19 and the labor market using causal diagrams, regression analysis and/or machine learning tools. The results will be helpful in understanding how the pandemic affected labor markets, and guide policy makers in passing measures that fight the pandemic but minimize the damage to the labor market. Data: Labor market data from the Nordic countries available from the various statistical agencies, data on mobility available from Google and data on the spread of the pandemic, available from health institutes. Methods: Linear Regression, causal diagrams, machine learnings (the choice of methods can be adjusted based on the student’s background).

References: Juranek, Steffen, Jörg Paetzold, Hannes Winner and Floris Zoutman (2020) “Labor Market Effects of COVID-19 in Sweden and its Neighbors: Evidence from Novel Administrative Data” SSRN Working Paper

How do schools adapt to their physical infrastructure?

Does it matter for teaching practice whether the school is new, old, well maintained, run down, a permanent building or temporary modules ("barracks")?

Supervisor: Arnt-Ove Hopland

Data Science and Analytics

Use high frequency satellite data to estimate economic and environmental outcomes of energy production processes.

ESA’s Earth Online portal offers European research institutes direct and simple access to Earth Observation data coming from satellite missions operated directly by the European Space Agency and Third Party Missions. These data can be combined with ghgsat estimates to answer the following question: "How much carbon dioxide equivalent was released during the mining/extraction of a particular mine/oil & gas field?"

Supervisor: Giacomo Benini .

Gender gap in acting and sensitivity to sudden reputation changes

The value of a good reputation has changed in recent years. A simple internet search can show that no one can maintain a good reputation. This is especially relevant in jobs that are close to the public eye. Consider Johnny Depp who lost on a considerable income after he was dropped by movie studios during his divorce proceedings. The research question is: How much of the gender pay gap of film stars is due to reputation?

Scrape data from https://www.qscores.com/performer , and determine what is the price of a good reputation.

Social and economic networks

Networks are important in shaping behavior in many environments. For example, economic production and supply chains are organized as networks, new technologies diffuse in the economy through research and development collaboration networks. Social networks pervade our social and economic lives. They play a central role in the transmission of information about job opportunities and are critical to the trade of many goods and services. The presence of networks makes it important to understand which network structures can emerge and how networks impact behavior.

We can discuss your specific interests concerning with analysis of network models or/and analysis of real life networks. For example, a possible thesis topic can be online networks, networks in science and education (e.g. collaboration, co-authorship networks, citation networks), financial networks (e.g. influence of networks on financial decisions), trade networks, networks in labor markets.

Detailing the Value of Climate- and Environmental Surveillance on Sea food production

What’s the cost-benefit for using an integrated climate and environment surveillance on seafood production? The student will assess the impact and values associated with using a detailed monitoring tool called Clarify, which currently is employed by many seafood producers. The student will be given access to unpublished data afforded by Clarify that can be directly compared to other chains of the seafood production, including feeding, fish welfare, loss to sickness and slaughter. Additional climate data can also be made available to the student depending on emerging needs. This Master opens for a relevant exploration of how monitoring can strengthen seafood sustainability and resilience to the changing climate conditions that remain the key premise for seafood production. The industry partner for this thesis is Clarify.

Optimal placement and impact of offshore wind parks

In this thesis, the students will use historical weather data to investigate the potential of Norwegian wind power in a scenario where all the current offshore locations suggested by the NVE are in full production. Alternative locations derived from optimizing production output are available and can be compared to the sites suggested by NVE. A secondary goal is to use the results to investigate the impact on the European energy market. The industry partner for this thesis is Statkraft.

What are the optimal sites for future seafood production?

Wind conditions, sea currents, -temperature and -salinity are all important factors when considering new locations for ocean-based aquaculture facilities. Moreover, locations that are considered optimal today may not be suitable locations in the future due to climate change. In this thesis, the students will investigate the current optimal placements of aquaculture based on detailed historical data. By considering state of the art climate predictions, it can be investigated how these placements will change on different time horizons. The students should also discuss placement conflicts with fisheries and coastal shipping routes. The industry partner for this thesis is Clarify.

Economic impacts of climate change

Many social and economic activities are heavily affected by weather variables such as temperatures and precipitation. In this master thesis, the students will explore the relationship between weather variables and economic decisions made by Norwegian households and/or businesses. In addition, the students will explore how climate change, through its effect on temperatures and precipitation, will affect these economic decisions into the future.

Examples of relationships to explore are the effects of heatwaves on human mortality rates, extreme precipitation on agricultural production, or drought on hydropower production. The exploration can be either on the macro or micro level and can be in the form of either a statistical analysis or modelling exercise. For the prediction exercise, the students will have access to novel climate forecasts from the Climate Futures project. An interesting question to explore is how access to improved seasonal weather forecasts can mitigate the harmful economic impacts of climate change.

Investigating patterns in procurement data

Public procurement involves a large amount of money and involves a wide range of sectors. In Norway public procurement was almost 600 million NOK in the 2019 statistics and the public bought everything: from toilet paper and office supplies to new roads, high-tech hospital supplies and defense material. Data on official tenders (possibilities for contracting with the public sector) are announced on doffin.no and there is a special complaint committee dealing with disputes related to public contracts. This offers a rich amount of data to explore topics within public procurement.

For instance, sometimes a public entity can pretend to be looking for a contractor in a competitive manner, however the phrasing of the contract allows the entity to choose preferentially a predetermined contractor. This step can be part of a larger corruption kick-back scheme that is well-hidden beneath a veil of legality. There could also be differences in how public procurement in various dimensions (geographical, type of public entity, etc.). This topic allows students to investigate procurement tenders and complaints on decisions made to determine whether there is evidence of specific patterns or preferential treatment.

Necessary skills: web scraping, textual analysis, statistical/econometric analysis

Supervisors: Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman and Malin Arve .

Textual analysis of topics in the facilities management literature

Using machine learning techniques to study the evolvement of the facilities management literature.

Supervisor: Arnt Ove Hopland .

Textual analysis of topics in the public choice literature

Using machine learning techniques to study the evolvement of the public choice literature.

Textual analysis of topics in the operations research literature

Using machine learning techniques to study the evolvement of the operations research literature.

Does climate change affect the probability distributions of weather at sea?

Using large amounts of global hindcasting data for weather variables, to investigate the spatial and temporal changes in the probability distributions for certain key drivers (e.g. wave height, wind speed) for chosen main trade routes in ocean transportation. The objective is to provide further insight in, for instance, seasonal and spatial patterns. Also to develop an algorithm that can match a vessel track in space and time with interpolated weather variables observable only at certain spatial nodes.

Supervisor: Professor Roar Ådland

Port operations and weather impact

Using empirical hindcast and forecast data for precipitation in selected South American ports, to assess and predict the impact of rain events and intensity on the loading of weather sensitive cargoes such as paper, grain etc.

Work in co-operation with shipping companies Western Bulk and/or G2Ocean.

Correcting witness reports through Machine Learning

It is well known that witness accounts on crime are often unreliable. The effects of stress or poor light on the victim can create a skewed perception of how the perpetrator looked. This, coupled with an unconscious discriminatory bias, leads to the victim reporting that the perpetrator was unknown or from the black racial minority. Often the witness report is based on an estimate – e.g. “ the perpetrator looked black, around 25 years”.

Comparing actual arrests to reports, we can try to put a number on the amount of witness error. By training a machine learning model on a subsample, we can try to predict the gender, race and age of unobserved criminals. This can impact the computation of statistics on black/white, male/female and young/old crime gaps. What if blacks are actually responsible for a very small fraction of crimes? What if females are responsible for more crimes? This could lead us to rethink current racial profiling strategies in crime detection.

Data: National Incident Based Reporting System, US

Starting point: Imbens, G.W. and Lemieux, T., 2008. Regression discontinuity designs: A guide to practice. Journal of econometrics, 142(2), pp.615-635. Fryer Jr, R.G., 2016. An empirical analysis of racial differences in police use of force (No. w22399). National Bureau of Economic Research

Nonlinear econometrics

A large portion of empirical research within economics and finance is based on linear models, of which the linear regression is by far the most prominent. Is this because we live in a linear world, or at least an approximately linear world, or is it the case that we implicitly close our eyes to important features i our data by not considering nonlinear methods on equal footing as traditional ones?

Questions like this may take your master project in several directions, such as (listed from least to most statistical/mathematical maturity recommended to complete the project, all of them benefit from programming skills):

1. To what degree is linear regression the main vehicle for measuring marginal effects of explanatory variables X to a response variable Y within economic research (within a certain field/ in Norway/ at NHH or otherwise suitably limited)? Why do researchers choose this method (convenience/interpretability of coefficients/easy presentation/theoretical foundations/...)?  Then, figure out to which degree such concerns can be addressed by a corresponding nonlinear model. A nice touch would be to re-do a recent linear study nonlinearly and see if there indeed are effects that were missed.

2. A bit more technical version of the point above is to write a thesis that revolves around the systematical development of a tool in your programming language of choice (such as R or Python) that implements as many needs as possible of the linearly oriented researcher in a nonlinear framework, with pre-work consisting of providing a theoretical foundation, and as post-work perhaps testing your «product» by trying to «sell it» to an experienced researcher.

3. Financial time series are typically nonlinear in the sense that the correlation coefficient does not, in general, give good descriptions of dependencies across time and space. This has naturally lead to the development of nonlinear methods to model financial processes. For example, the classical theory for portfolio allocation that Harry Markowitz introduced in the 1950s balances expected return (as measured by means) and risk (as measured by standard deviations and correlations) in order to provide the optimal distribution of wealth across different assets.

The Markowitz portfolio theory is very simple and easy to implement. But, it explicitly assumes that dependence between assets is linear, so the decades following its introduction have seen many attempts to improve the Markowitz method by modelling dependencies nonlinearly. Many authors note, however, that it is actually quite hard to attain higher returns using modern methods compared to the classical approach. This project may contain a survey of modern portfolio selection methods (which will require the ability to read fairly technical research papers), and a discussion part where we try to answer the question whether beating the classical approach indeed is «hard», and if so, why?

Supervisor: Håkon Otneim .

Energy Markets, Resource Management and Sustainability

Master thesis in cooperation with fjord miljø as in nordfjordeid.

Some highlights of the company:

  • Developer of equipment to the fish farming industry
  • Our mission is to provide equipment to protect fish from lice infection
  • Our products are for example protection shields, upwelling system, filtration of surface water and monitoring environmental conditions by the use of sensors
  • We are constantly seeking new developments to improve our solutions
  • We are also in a progress of making new partners to have the option to supply complementary products which will supplement our existing products
  • Main office is located in Nordfjordeid
  • Contact person: Arild Heggland

Some aspects that could be the foundation of a master thesis:

  • Market knowledge of Fjord Miljø and our products
  • Market rating of Fjord Miljø
  • How to improve knowledge and rating?
  • Estimate willingness to pay for protection against lice infection
  • Valuation of our products
  • How do fish farmers consider new products to be useful in the future, these products will be specified later
  • Where do fish farmers expect the industry to move on, landbased, closed containers in sea, continue as their producing today?
  • Other relevant topics.

Supervisor: Stein Ivar Steinshamn .

Finance as resource allocation: Does ESG build real assets?

This study complements the many that have asked whether ESG (environment, sustainability and governance) is associated with higher or lower return on investment: Finance also creates real assets. Is there evidence, in our time, that preferences or policies, regulation, raises resource flows and asset creation (builds windmills, for instance).

Supervisor: Gunnar S. Eskeland .

The potential in renewable power

Contact Eskeland for Study design, as many approaches are on the table. One is the role of taxes (incl the new 'grunnrenteskatt'), another is new concessions and the role and shape of auctions, including contracts of difference; a third is offshore installations and how they are placed in terms of access to markets, etc.

Political Economy and Social Perspectives on the Climate Transition

NHH works with technically oriented partners (industry, ntnu, ife) on scenarios for the transition to a low-carbon economy. This thesis will combine such scenarios for the transition with perspectives from political economy (as with: who pays, and industry interests, and rich vs poor) and social acceptance.

Electric vehicles and de-carbonizing transportation

This topic is in collaboration with ENOVA.

Norway has pledged to reach almost net zero emissions by 2050. The transport sector is responsible for almost one-third of the emissions in Norway, and the use of passenger cars alone is responsible for almost 10%. Therefore, to reach net zero, it is vital to de-carbonize the Norwegian car fleet. A key strategy to reduce emissions from the transport sector is to induce households to replace their fossil fuel cars with electric vehicles. Although most of the new cars sold in Norway are electric, the national fleet of cars still contains 'only' electric vehicles 20%. Will all cars in the future eventually be electric? Or are there barriers preventing the switch to electric vehicles?

In this topic, students will explore the sources of emissions from the Norwegian car fleet and how these emissions can be reduced. The thesis will focus on two main issues:

1. Emissions from the car fleet in Norway: Emissions from the transport sector have been steadily falling. But the car fleet is projected to increase in the coming years, and the share of transport with car is also increasing.

a) What are the drivers of emissions? For example, number of miles driven per car, age of the cars, geographical distribution, etc.

b) How will these emissions evolve over time?

2. Switching from fossil fuel cars to electric vehicles: Purchasing and driving electric vehicles have been heavily subsidized by the government. But people are still driving fossil fuel cars.

a) What are the barriers to replacing your fossil fuel car with an electric vehicle? For example, economic, behavioral, social, etc.

b) How can we induce households to make the switch to electric?

This topic can be approached from many different angles and is suitable for a wide range of empirical methods.

Supervisor: Isabel Hovdahl .

Electric vehicles in Norway: Emission reductions versus lost tax tax revenue

An analysis of electrical vehicles in  Norway where reduced emissions are measured against  reduced tax revenue.

A number of topics in collaboration with the Maritime Cleantech cluster administration

  • What branding effect will the use of green/emission-free logistics chains have for the fish farming industry?
  • What is the willingness to pay on the part of cargo owners for the use of low- and zero-emission vessels in their logistics operations?
  • Economic valuation of Maritime Cleantech as a cluster organisation.
  • Hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels - how big a role can the production and distribution of these play for Norwegian value creation in 2050?
  • Joint Norwegian investment for the maritime industry: how to position ourselves for increased exports of green technology? (Strategic/Marketing)
  • Analysis of the market for green maritime technology in Southern Europe (can be built on research done by Innovation Norway in France, Spain and Italy)
  • Size, scope and framework of incentive schemes for contracts for difference.
  • Are end consumers willing to pay for green (maritime) transport? If so, how much?
  • Profitability analyzes and CO2 reduction for conversion of existing vessels vs. new construction.
  • Life cycle analyzes for ships - case speedboats and/or cargo ships - Lifetime of vessels - co2 emissions - conversion or measures that can reduce emissions during the ship's lifetime.
  • Return scheme/ circular economy model for ships.
  • Is there an update of the policy apparatus to support wider and more retrofit solutions for ships, to make them more energy efficient?

Possible topics in collaboration with Maritime Cleantech cluster partners with assistance from the cluster administration

  • Shipping aims to halve its emissions by 2050. How should a shipping company approach this goal in terms of investment and redevelopment programmes? (Shipping company)
  • How to market/sell green fuels and technologies that have not yet been demonstrated in the market? For example hydrogen, fuel cells etc. (fuel producers, FC producers and the like.)
  • Strategy for marketing hydrogen/ammonia as a safe and secure green fuel (producers).
  • Green innovation: How to change from traditional offshore to deliveries in new value chains (supplier industry, shipyards, shipping companies).
  • Efficient/appropriate incentive/public/industrial structure for the production and supply of new energy carriers from wind farms and other offshore locations.

Evaluation of various ways for Norway to fulfill the Paris-agreement

The objective is to compare various ways Norway can fulfill the Paris-agreement with respect to consequences for the Norwegian economy and for global emissions among other things.

Can or will energy transition hold back development

Clean up and transition in the north sea, energy companies, esg and responsive strategies, esg in finance, and eus taxonomy, how suited are batteries to solve the intermittency problem.

A study of the efficiency and suitability of batteries in order to solve the intermittency problem associated with new renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

Hydrogen and its role in Europe's energy transition

Transport and co2 emission reductions (or any segment: maritime, aviation, cars, etc), war, crisis and energy in europe, green energy and guarantees of origin.

During the last years, governments around the world have implemented different policies to promote investments in renewable production capacity. One of the main instruments is a policy known as guarantees of origin. These guarantees operate as a guarantee for final consumers that the electricity they consume comes from renewable energy sources.

An important characteristic of the guarantees is that the producers are free to sell the electricity and guarantees separately. What we are observing is that while electricity from Norwegian hydropower is largely sold to consumers in Norway, the guarantees from Norwegian hydropower is sold to consumers in Germany and the Netherlands. Despite the growing importance of this policy, there are few studies of the impacts of guarantees of origin on renewable production capacity.

In this master thesis, the students will investigate the effect of this policy instrument on renewable electricity capacity in Europe. What has Norway’s role been in promoting renewable energy capacity through guarantees of origin? What has the interaction been between guarantees of origin and other incentives to boost investments in renewable production capacity? And what are the implications of the de-coupling of the sale of the electricity with the sale of the guarantees?

This topic of research is suitable for many different types of methods, depending on the interests and skills of the students. The thesis can be based on either a statistical analysis, case study or modelling exercise.

Supervisor: Isabel Hovdahl and  Mario Blázquez .

The value of green innovations

Although the development of new, green technology is crucial for reaching the ambitious emission targets in the Paris agreement, only a small share of investment in energy technology is currently going to renewable energy. To switch innovation efforts away from fossil fuel technologies, policy makers must increase the expected value of investing in green innovations.

In this master thesis, the students will explore the value of green innovations by exploring patents on such innovations. A patent is a legal document that grants the holder of the patent exclusive right to the innovation described in the document for a limited period (usually 20 years). Patents also contain citations to all previous patents that are relevant for developing the innovation, and thus, patents offer a paper trail of how a technology has developed over time.

Since we cannot directly observe innovations, patent counts have become a popular measure of both the magnitude of innovative activity, as well as the value of innovations. First, patents are not free, which means that only innovations that are perceived to be valuable will be patented. Second, the number of citations a patent receives is an indicator of the value that a specific patent has had for facilitating future innovations.

The students will collect data on green patents from PATSTAT and use the rich information in the patents to explore the value of green innovations. Has green innovation become more valuable over time as the climate crisis has become more acute? What have been the most valuable types of green innovations? How has policy affected the speed and value of green innovations? And what has Norway's role been in promoting and developing green innovations?

Supervisor: Isabel Hovdahl and  Steffen Juranek .

Analysis of catch data in Norwegian fisheries

Organizing and analyzing data from the Norwegian directorate of fisheries.

Econometric analysis of the sales of new cars in Norway

Supervisor:  Øyvind Thomassen .

Contact: [email protected] .

I have three data sets that you can use for the thesis: 1) price lists with car model variant and some technical characteristics, 2) new registrations of car model engine variants, by age and sex of the registered owner, 3) the annual rules for calculating the registration tax (engangsavgift). 

For most uses, you will want to merge data sets 1) and 2). This will entail some tedious data work (probably using Stata or R), because of a lack of exact common identifiers. 

The data go up to 2015, but it may be possible to obtain more recent data. 

There are many questions that could be answered with the data, including saying something about the effect of the favorable tax treatment given to electric vehicles, which probably explains their large market share in Norway. 

To choose this topic you must have taken a course in econometrics.

Econometric analysis of data from the government vehicle register

Like my topic ‘Econometric analysis of the sales of new cars in Norway’, this topic is based on data on cars in Norway. However, for this topic, I currently do not have the data, but I believe they can be obtained from Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration). See information here: https://www.vegvesen.no/om-oss/om-organisasjonen/apne-data/api-for-kjoretoyopplysninger/utvidet-utlevering-av-kjoretoyopplysninger/

My other topic uses data on the flow of new cars. This topic uses data on the stock of cars. The two data sources could conceivably be combined.

Background from a course in econometrics is needed.

Natural resource extraction nearby: opportunity or concern for non-resource firms?

How does natural resource extraction such as oil&gas production affect nearby firms in other sectors, such as manufacturing and services? Potential agglomeration effects could benefit firms, but increased competition for labor or more corruption might harm firms. Since firms are the backbone of every modern economy, these considerations are crucial to understand whether natural resources are a blessing or a curse.

Supervisor: Paul Pelzl .

Topics on Environmental Economics

Potential topics are:

  • Zero emissions (in shipping/buildings/road veh/airplanes): too much, or just right?
  • Certificates of Origin for Electricity; Stepchild or rising star?
  • A carbon cap for Norwegian farmers: Let forests do what cows and farmers cannot?
  • Carbon footprint and economic analysis for a firm/sector
  • Hydrogen: which part is failing: cars, hydrogen or filling and logistics
  • A new look at biomass and biofuels: can photosynthesis propel transport
  • Oceans in a sustainability strategy
  • Solar power: if a leap lies ahead, what can trigger it
  • Decentralized power generation in Norway: framework and business analysis
  • Renewable power in Norway: shall it expand, and with what instruments
  • A role for Norway as a battery for Europe’s intermittent power
  • A business analysis of Norway’s three proposed carbon capture and storage projects (cement, fertilizer, waste dump)
  • Analysis of emission reduction prospects in Norwegian transport
  • Econometric analysis of demand for energy (or carbon) intensive goods, transport
  • Forests: More wood and biomass in buildings: Economic analysis of climate prospects
  • Financial markets: is there evidence of ‘sin portfolios’ or ‘virtue’ (or green/fossil)? The value of fossil assets / promises in financial markets
  • Analysis of CO2 markets
  • Modeling energy exchange in Northern Europe

Analysis of electric batteries and improvements in electricity networks

In cooperation with ENOVA

Contact: Gunnar Eskeland  (NHH) and  Børge Nilssen Stafne (ENOVA)

Logistics: improvements in efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions

Contact: Gunnar Eskeland  (NHH) and  Arnt Gunnar Lium (ENOVA)

Electricity in the transport sector: Economic and environmental effects

Regulation and benchmarking of natural monopolies in the energy sector.

Supervisors: Endre Bjørndal and Mette Bjørndal .

Pricing and congestion management in wholesale electricity markets

Integration of renewable energy sources in electricity markets, local flexibility markets and demand response in the electricity sector, integration of regional electricity markets and use of hvdc interconnectors, european integration of intraday and balancing markets, sustainable energy and development.

Around the world, the governments are imple- menting policies to foster the introduction of renewable energy. In that context, there are different research questions to develop in a master thesis that could contribute to develop a sustainable economic system.

  • Which will be the relation between renewable energy and hydrogen?
  • Which are the policies introduced in cities to reduce carbon emissions?
  • Which will be the impact of the adoption of renewable energy in women unemploy- ment? Could the introduction of renewable energy increase the gender gap?
  • Which will be the changes in the design of electricity markets induced by the intro- duction of renewable energy?
  • Which is the relation between hydrogen and lithium batteries? Which is the best way to store electricity in the short-term and in the long-term?
  • Which policies could be implemented to promote energy effciency?
  • How do the electricity grid need to change to accommodate renewable energy?

Supervisor: Mario Blazques de Paz

Transmission constraints

Electricity markets are moving through the integration around the world. Moreover, the countries are increasing their investments in renewable production capacity to fulfil with the agreements in carbon emission reductions. In that context, the transmission grid plays a crucial role promoting the integration of electricity markets and accommodating the renewable production capacity into the system. In re- lation with this topic, there are different research questions that could be of interest to develop a master thesis.

  • Which should be design of electricity markets in the presence of transmission con- straints.
  • Could the integration of electricity markets in Europe increase competition? Which will be the impact of that integration in the investments in transmission capacity, and in renewable production capacity?
  • Which should be the relation between the spot and the redispatch market when the transmission lines are congested? How we can design those markets to increase com- petition?
  • How should the regulator design transmission tariffs to guarantee investments in trans- mission capacity, and transmission effciency?

Supervisor:  Mario Blazques de Paz

Incentives, Contracts and Firm Behaviour

How do natural disasters affect local business activity evidence from indonesia.

Besides having adverse humanitarian effects, natural disasters may have a large detrimental impact on local business activity in the affected region. On the other hand, unaffected yet nearby regions may experience a surge in business activity, as these regions compensate for the neighboring downturn. The aim of this master thesis is to quantify these and potentially other effects using Indonesian data on various types of natural disasters and on manufacturing, thereby shedding light on the economic effects of natural disasters across space. The thesis requires some training in econometrics and motivation to do a considerable amount of data work. Regarding business activity, data comes from the Indonesian manufacturing plant census and can be provided by the supervisor; regarding natural disasters, data comes from https://www.desinventar.net/. Please note that a thesis on this topic cannot be written in Spring 2023 due to parental leave of the supervisor.

Key references

  • Kirchberger (2017): Natural disasters and labor markets . Journal of Development Economics , Volume 125, pages 40-58.
  • Gignoux and Menendez (2016): Benefit in the wake of disaster: Long-run effects of earthquakes on welfare in rural Indonesia . Journal of Development Economics , Volume 118, pages 26-44.

Economics of organization and management control

Including the use of bonus pay (case studies or across companies), how to measure performance, balanced scorecard (or alternative ways to use key performance indicators for management control purposes), drivers of profitability in an industry or a company, beyond budgeting, transfer pricing, and organizational boundaries.

Supervisor: Iver Bragelien.

Streaming markets for music and books

Supervisor: Øystein Foros .

Interplay between content providers and distributors in digital platforms

The appstore battle with music and app providers (the case of fortnite and spotify), the war among consoles 2020: sony (playstation 5-) vs microsoft (xbox series), konkurransen i mobilmarkedet.

Sammenligne f.eks. Norge og Finland som har ulik markedsstruktur. Mye deskriptiv empiri for å bedre forstå markedet og forskjellen mellom landene.

Supervisor: Øystein Foros .

Kulturminister Trine Skei Grande har nylig foreslått å utvide bokavtalen. Det vil gi en lengre fastprisperiode og høyere priser på opptil 65 prosent av bøkene. Den norske bokavtalen, som gir forleggerne rett til å sette en fast pris på nye bøker, er havnet i søkelyset til Efta-landenes overvåkningsorgan Esa. Nylig besvarte Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet (NFD), på vegne av den norske regjeringen, en rekke spørsmål fra Esa om forholdet mellom bokavtalen og EØS-avtalens eksplisitte forbud mot prissamarbeid i artikkel 53. Her kunne det være interessant å sammenligne med kommisjonens sak mot Amazon ift most-favored nation (MFN) klausuler.

Personalisert prising

Med utgangspunkt i prosjektet Moving towards the market of one? Competition with personalized pricing and endogenous mismatch costs, jobbe med applikasjoner? Kan også knyttet opp mot AI.

Shipping, Logistics and Operations Management

Impact of climate change on vessel operations.

Utilizing weather data and AIS data, we aim to evaluate the influence of climatic events on routine maritime trade operations. Significant events, such as the draught restriction in the Panama Canal due to severe droughts, have resulted in costlier transits and prolonged waiting time durations. This thesis can investigate the externality cost of severe weather patterns, such as intensified El Niño.

Supervisor: Gabriel Fuentes

Climate Policy and Its Effect on Maritime Trade

By quantifying shipping emissions, including greenhouse gases (GHGs) and sulfur, a thesis on this topic can investigate the impact of maritime climate-related policies on the overall trajectory of vessel emissions. There's ongoing debate surrounding regulations like the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap and the introduction of measures like the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). We will evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of these regulations.

Decision Support for Maritime Investments Amid Uncertain Climate Policies

Maritime investments face uncertainties with evolving climate-related policies. A seemingly recent and valuable asset today might become obsolete or uncompetitive due to policy shifts in the near future. A thesis on this topic could aim to introduce a model that navigates potential scenarios related to the progression of climate policies.

Dark Fleet Economics in Grain and Oil Trade

The phenomenon of "dark fleets" refers to vessels that operate in hidden or illegal capacities, often eluding detection through various means. Leveraging a blend of AIS (Automatic Identification System) data and satellite optical imagery, we can observe the activities of these fleets, particularly in the grain and oil trade sectors. Your thesis could focus on the externalities of the dark fleet on the legal market or the effect on trading patterns.

Working with Vake.ai

Supervisor: Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman and Gabriel Fuentes

Tourist management

In 2019 before the sanitary emergency started, Norway received 5.88 million tourists representing 7,04 billion dollars and 1,7% of its GDP, reaching the highest levels in 2017. In this year, the tourism industry represented nearly 4,2% of Norwegian GDP and attracted around 170 billion NOK in total tourism consumption. These numbers show the potential of this industry for economic growth and depict some challenges. Particularly when we put the number of tourists in relation to the population of the country, it becomes clear the necessity to take a closer look at current policies and opportunities from point of view of operation research. 

For the City of Bergen, the cruise industry is especially important. Bergen receives the largest number of cruise tourists in the country, making of it one of the most visited cities in Scandinavia. 

It might be interesting for cruise companies to have touristic recommendations for their passengers, itineraries that provide the most benefits out the visit, and ensure the passengers will be back to the ship on time. But also, from the city hall perspective, it might be desirable to have a more homogenous distribution of the visitors across town in order to avoid crowds. Additionally, according to Bergen’s urbanization plan, there could be desirable areas of the city where it is more interesting to bring visitors and the money they spend on their trip, in the frame of urban development, social welfare, and environment. 

In order to assess the different locations, it is necessary to understand the city trends, socio-economic indicators, passenger preferences, and tourist offers, among others. Then use this information as support for an optimization model, allowing to suggest the best routes, both for the tourists and the City of Bergen. 

Main supervisor: PhD-candidate Andres Felipe Velez Correa .

Helicopter fleet composition and allocation

In the oil and gas industry, helicopters are widely used for personnel and cargo transport between offshore platforms and heliports on the land. Therefore, the decision-making regarding the composition of the helicopter fleet and the allocation of this resource is vital for a stable operation of oil & gas exploration and extraction. Such tactical decision affects various aspects of an oil company, including contract utilization, carbon footprint, plan robustness and operating expenses.

However, the common practice in the industry is that the decision of fleet composition and allocation is still manually made based on demand forecast and individual’s experience. Such decision-making process cannot guarantee optimal solutions, is not scalable, and would likely lead to low resource utilization rate and high operating cost.

We are now seeing a clear trend in the oil and gas industry which is to apply automation in its various and complex decision-making process with the support of optimization. In terms of the helicopter fleet composition and allocation problem in this case, a decision support tool is expected to facilitate the decision of helicopter chattering and deployment with stochastic demand for the next planning period. Moreover, resource sharing, namely utilizing idle helicopter resources from other operators, is also a promising opportunity to increase the overall efficiency on an industry level and hence is becoming increasingly popular among different oil companies and helicopter operators.

With its trademark solution DaWinci as the industry standard in personnel logistics management, Quorum is the software supplier for many of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. Quorum Software Norway, as the market leader, is now cooperating with several major players in the oil and gas industry to address various new challenges with new software planning tools. This master project will take advantage of Quorum’s expertise in logistics management in oil and gas industry, and look at some of the following issues:

  • Literature review on related problems and topics
  • Mathematical formulation of the problem
  • Study the uncertainty involved in this problem and methods to handle such stochasticity
  • Study and develop necessary solution methods
  • Analyze the numerical results based on a realistic problem instance from Quorum

Students choosing this project should expect to visit Quorum Software’s Bergen office to work alongside our optimization engineers for up to a week.

Collaborator: Quorum Software, contact person Xin Wang ( [email protected] ).

Supervisor: Yewen Gu .

What is the value of better weather forecasts?

Using empirical case studies to quantify how more accurate short-term weather forecasting can improve chartering decisions for a ship operator.

Working with company Western Bulk.

Evacuation of large passenger ships

Large cruise ships can be hard to exit in emergency situations and face unique challenges regarding evacuation. The ship’s steel hull has so far precluded the use of wireless technologies, which implies that all communications must be cabled-based, not even cell-phones work in an emergency. Another challenge is that evacuation plans are static and cannot be adapted as the emergency unfolds, something important in this context as different factors, such as winds, waves and tilting of the boat, affect passenger behaviour and the evacuation itself. In an ongoing project we try to develop a practical and theoretically sound stochastic and dynamic evacuation model for a large passenger ships aided by innovative wireless technology.

The project is in cooperation with NTNU (that covers the technical parts with respect to engineering and ship design) while NHH cover the dynamic modeling of an evacuation. The new wireless technology comes from ScanReach at Sotra - https://www.scanreach.com/ - and they are closely involved in the project.

Possible theses would cover aspects (to be agreed upon between supervisor and student) of modeling the evacuation or solving resulting models. There are many challenges in the modeling so that the resulting model is fast, which is required in an emergency.

Supervisor: Stein W. Wallace

Cargo Scheduling

For e.g. breakbulk and chemical shipping companies it is challenging to find out which cargoes fit best together into a voyage such that all cargoes can be transported on voyages and ships travel the least possible distance. The aim of this topic is to create a model with typical restrictions and find a good weighing of the different aspects of the objective function. In cooperation with Dataloy Systems, you can use data to develop and test your model as well as discuss the underlying concepts.

Supervisor: Julio Cesar Goez

Small city logistics

Urban population growth is driving an increase in the amount of freight that goes into and out of cities. That growth poses an increasing challenge to freight transportation in smaller compact cities with difficult topology, which is typical for most Norwegian cities and numerous cities abroad.

This transportation challenge is exacerbated by phenomena such as an increase in internet trade, the demand for fast delivery, and a reduction in the ownership of private cars in the city centre which could be used for shopping. The result is an increase in the total volume of freight, and more critically, in the total number of deliveries, normally managed by a large variety of transportation companies.

Unless planned for and regulated, a consequence might be increased traffic, with enhanced energy consumption, that competes for available space and may affect living conditions for a growing urban population.

This project will study small city logistics, with a focus on Bergen, to find the options available for the authorities, business models for a better city logistics setup, as well as mathematical modeling. Will be done in cooperation with the City of Bergen, Vestland County, Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET) at The University of Bergen. The project can be qualitative as well as quantitative.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway, and we offer two project grants of NOK 25,000.

Possible supervisors: Stein W. Wallace or Julio C. Goez .

Using autonomous vehicles to improve our emergency services

The aim of emergency medical services (EMS) is to provide timely assistance to emergencies in order to save lives. Within this service, quality and capacity have sometimes deteriorated because staffing is not satisfactory and because the organization and directives are not clear. My interest is to work on the use of autonomous vessels to help ameliorate the burden that EMS staffing represents in the case of boat ambulances, and to improve the logistics planning of the system.

The aim is to analyze the use of autonomous vessels to improve response times and coverage. For example, by combining autonomous vessels with geographic information systems, one may use real time information of potential patients to improve the deployment of the resources. In particular my interest is to explore the following key research topic: designing algorithms with predictive capabilities that can be included in real time systems and capable of managing a continuous feed of data points coming from users’ cell phones and other sources.

Supervisor: Julio C. Goez .

Repositioning of Empty Vessels in the Dry Bulk Shipping Market

Aim: find key drivers for decision-making process of repositioning empty vessels - current market conditions, sentiment - repeating patterns, etc.

Supervisor: Vít Procházka.

Logistics/sharing economy: Analytics for car-sharing models

Car-sharing provides short-term vehicle access to a group of user members who share the use of a vehicle fleet owned by a car-sharing organization that maintains, manages, and insures the vehicles. An example of this model in Bergen is bildeleringer. Managing the fleet involves decisions such as the size of the fleet, how to position and reposition the vehicles, maintenance schedules, and pricing approaches. Strong background on analytics required

Supervisor: Julio C. Goez

Optimization of requirements of cloud computing resources

The providers of online applications usually need to find the deployment of minimum cost for running it in the cloud. For the deployment, the planner on the application side must consider renting resources from cloud providers. However, there is a service level constraint that must be satisfied to ensure the quality of the service.

How to analyze the impact of introducing a scheduling software?

Scheduling takes an important role in making shipping as efficient as possible. We want to evaluate the quality of a schedule in practice. As the amount of information changes from what is available during planning to what is available when the plan comes into action, this is a complex problem. The aim of this topic is to find a model to evaluate a plan with respect to how it was used in practice. This will allow us to evaluate if companies improved their scheduling over time. Using data provided by Dataloy Systems, we want to test the model and for example analyse if the implementation of a scheduling software had a positive impact on the schedules.

Supervisors: Julio Cesar Goez

Modelling storage and capacity for scheduling for example for antarctic fishing

Fishing in the antarctic is a profitable business that is aiming to professionalize its scheduling. Fishing boats are fishing and at the same time producing various fish products on board, increasing their stock of fish products on board. On regular intervals they need to meet a cargo vessel to transfer all their cargo onto the cargo vessel. This is to avoid the fishing boat having to go all the way to the coast and losing valuable fishing time. We want to find a model that fits this operation and can be extended to other storage scenarios (storage on the cargo ship, storage at a warehouse the cargo ship delivers to)

Scheduling well in a single port

For a ship that should visit several terminals in a port to discharge cargo and load cargo scheduling these terminal visits is not trivial. Each terminal has an individual waiting list, each cargo potentially has a deadline when it needs to be discharged or loaded and additionally the ship is not allowed to be overloaded at any point in time. We are interested in a model to evaluate the quality of different solutions.

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  • 111 Cool Thesis Topics 2020

111 Cool Thesis Topics 2020

Table of Contents

Our top thesis topics 2020 ideas, medicine and healthcare, criminal law.

  • Computer Science

Arts and Culture

How to write a great research paper, 1. figure out your thesis early, 2. back every statement up with research, 3. do your research before you begin writing, how to choose a great thesis topic, 1. form a question, 2. consider your audience, 3. originality, context, execution, 4. consider your strengths, 5. follow your interests.

Selecting a good thesis topic might be a real nightmare to many college students since you are expected to write about something new although nobody expects that you make some groundbreaking discovery. If you are stuck with formulating the key theme for your thesis project, we will share with you some tips on how to pick the right thesis topics that can make the whole process much easier. 

In order to reduce worries and stress while working on the final academic project, you are to be confident in your topic. There are times when you are assigned a particular theme, but in most cases, you are free to decide on the main idea of your thesis yourself. This is where you might be stuck with doubts and uncertainties. Unsure about your writing talent? Let professional  thesis writer take care of your academic excellence!

If you are allowed to choose a topic, there are some significant areas to consider before you begin your project:

  • Your level of interest - If you pick a theme you lack info at, you will have to spend countless hours doing research, developing primary and secondary articles, and putting everything together. We recommend you choose a topic that you are passionate about; thus, the research process will be far more tedious if you stick to thesis format guidelines;
  • Your level of experience - Being interested in your project is a great thing, but it is even more helpful if you already know something about a topic you are to cover. If you find a theme that you have some experience or expertise at, it will vastly reduce the amount of research needed and make the task much easier;
  • Available information - Choose a theme that is not only interesting but also has various sources so that you could compile comprehensive research. Only in this case, you can become an authority on the subject and deliver an all-covering paper;
  • Your audience - Make sure that your project is interesting not just to you but also to your reading audience. In case your professor or whoever grading your research paper is indifferent about your thesis idea, it will be difficult for you to get them engaged in your research project even if you follow the thesis for master’s degree  writing tips. 

Have you come up with a good topic for your bachelor thesis project? Didn’t have a chance to brainstorm or discuss it with your professor? Then we suggest that you check our selection of cool thesis topics and use them as a source of inspiration.

  • A scientific explanation of COVID-19 and its epidemiology
  • Low-carbohydrate vs. low-fat diets
  • The role of placebo treatment in experiments
  • Is coronavirus human-made?
  • Health problems caused by service time
  • The positive effect of fats positively on the human mind and body
  • The effect of academic performance on the academic health of adolescents
  • An analysis of the potential effect of nanotechnology on our health and the environment
  • An analysis of the treatment of patients who have experienced a loss of memory
  • The application of DNA typing of remains to find missing people and the victims of crime
  • The influence of IT in the field of biomedicine
  • The impact of depression and stress on preterm births in first-time mothers
  • How corrupted are legal systems in South America?
  • What countries have the worst legal systems?
  • What countries have the best legal systems?
  • What should be done to improve family law?
  • The worst decisions of the Supreme Court
  • The best decisions of the Supreme Court
  • Should there be a law preventing cyber-bullying?
  • Should marijuana be legalized at the national level?
  • Legalization of same-sex marriage in the USA
  • Are punishments for sex crimes fair?
  • Trump’s legislative agenda
  • Who is behind Trump’s political rise?
  • What is Operation Pastorius?
  • Why did the Germanics abolish their religion?
  • Who foresaw the encroachment of Nazism?
  • What factors initiated the WWII
  • Is liberalism the most optimal solution?
  • Aztec empire and its architecture
  • Bismarck: radical nationalism and social vision
  • Italian prisons in the 19th century
  • Gender perceptions in the Middle Age
  • American-British relations during the Cold War Era
  • The effect of the Great Depression on the Western States
  • The Industrial Revolution


  • Evidence of water and possible life on Mars
  • How cryogenics can impact our future?
  • How is Google search affecting our intelligence?
  • Self-driving automobiles
  • The impact of cybercrime in the business 
  • The best ways to use technology in the classroom
  • The latest improvements in the automobile industry
  • Can everything be solar powered?
  • What is the story behind the Internet of Things?
  • What is the future of the Internet?
  • Can virtual reality substitute for an actual reality?
  • How did cloud technologies change data storing?
  • Models of financial management of high-tech projects
  • Factors determining the market value of the business
  • The role of business valuation in the global financial system
  • The role of a market value of a business in corporate finance
  • Mechanisms of export financing of investment projects
  • Institutional and contractual ways of implementing a partnership between the state and a business
  • Mechanisms, forms, and tools for the implementation and development of public-private partnerships between countries
  • Forms of interaction between the state and business in various sectors of the global economy
  • Influence of volatility of world commodity markets on financial stability
  • Cost-based methods of pricing and their application during a financial crisis
  • The company objectives and their reflection in a pricing policy
  • How has business philosophy changed over the past few years?
  • How does an all-female working environment look like?
  • How can creative marketing increase your sales?
  • Is multitasking an effective method of work?
  • Problems of sexual harassment at work
  • How to motivate employees?
  • Modern work environments
  • Important specs of the corporate law
  • How to achieve business leadership?
  • Important aspects of workforce regulations
  • Defining the targeted audience
  • Business and taxes
  • Learning from home
  • Modern teaching methods
  • The efficiency of self-regulated schooling
  • Discrimination in education
  • Policing schools
  • Permit corporal punishment
  • Grade inflation and the related policy
  • What are the most successful anti-bullying programs at school?
  • What makes students cheat on exams?
  • The impact of the FERPA concept on education
  • Metal detectors at schools
  • Educational games as tools for enhancing learning abilities

Computer Science 

  • Online store development and creation
  • User interface modernization
  • Development of an automated workplace
  • Development and production of a taxi service website
  • Development of an automated system for managing food purchases
  • Development of a mobile application
  • Features of development of an online laboratory for students
  • Use of neural network technologies for personality recognition
  • Development of methods and informational technologies for modeling and recognition of emotions
  • Development of methods and information technologies for creating systems of gestural communication
  • Signal separation algorithms in 2-microphone systems
  • Signal processing algorithms for compact microphone arrays
  • Claude Monnet vs. Edouard Manet. Similarities and Differences
  • Does Cultural Identity Influence the Creation of Art?
  • How Modern Musicians Are Breaking Genre Stereotypes
  • Does Performance Art Have Boundaries?
  • Gustav Klimt’s Painting Techniques
  • Vivian Maier, the Mysterious Photographer
  • Is the Author Indeed Dead or Was Barthes Mistaken?
  • Jazz Music of the 21st century
  • Famous Paintings with Secrets and Hidden Meaning
  • Why Is Everyone Afraid of Modern Art?
  • Censorship of Art in Nazi Germany
  • Do the Viewer’s Understanding and the Author’s Idea Ever Coincide?
  • The Theatre of the Absurd. Eugene Ionesco’s Impact
  • How Andy Warhol Influenced the World of Art?
  • Ancient Greek Sculpture and Its Peculiarities

Even great research paper topics won't give you a great research paper if you don't hone your topic before and during the writing process. Follow these three tips to turn good research paper topics into great papers.

Before you start writing a single word of your paper, you first need to know how to start a thesis and what it should be. Your thesis is a statement that explains what you intend to prove/show in your paper. Every sentence in your research paper will relate back to your thesis, so you don't want to start writing without it!

As some examples, if you're writing a research paper on if students learn better in same-sex classrooms, your thesis might be "Research has shown that elementary-age students in same-sex classrooms score higher on standardized tests and report feeling more comfortable in the classroom."

If you're writing a paper on the causes of the Civil War, your thesis might be "While the dispute between the North and South over slavery is the most well-known cause of the Civil War, other key causes include differences in the economies of the North and South, states' rights, and territorial expansion."

Remember, this is a research paper you're writing, so you'll need to use lots of qualitative research to make your points. Every statement you give must be backed up with research, properly cited the way your teacher requested. You're allowed to include opinions of your own, but they must also be supported by the research you give.

You don't want to start writing your research paper and then learn that there isn't enough research to back up the points you're making, or, even worse, that the research contradicts the points you're trying to make!

Get most of your research on your good research topics done before you begin writing. Do not start writing your work with a research introduction . First, use the research you've collected to create a rough outline of what your paper will cover and the key points you're going to make. This will help keep your paper clear and organized, and it'll ensure you have enough research to produce a strong paper.

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing your thesis idea . However, at its core, the thesis is nothing more than a simple question. There are many thought-invoking questions to be pondered. This is your golden opportunity to do just that. 

Whether it's a thesis topic, or a project at work, it's always wise to know your audience. Which teacher or professor is grading your final product? What are their preferences, ideals, or even aggravations? Playing into these areas with regard to your topic, structure, and style can possibly offer some great, tactical advantages.

Originality, context, and execution are absolutely necessary components to a successful thesis paper. In the same respects, these qualities will be found within any good topic. Beginning with originality as a goal, try to recall some things in life you have wondered about that you surmised at the time were probably rare thoughts amongst peers. These small curiosities can lead to the greatest topics. If it's something you hear regularly from others, it's probably not going to pass judgements on originality.

Context and proper execution are also paramount to the chosen topic as well as thesis body. To provide the most relevant thesis, one must stay within proper context of their field of study. Be sure you are aiming for a question within your field and the desired realm of thesis requirements for your particular concentration. Also, consider wording. The execution of the posing of your question can have great effects on the rest of the task.

Another great consideration in choosing the topic of the thesis is to consider your strengths. This means - to consider what you are good at. What are your interests and what are your particular strong suits that can be applied to a research project?

These are not your only strengths, however. Your proximity or affiliations to a person or place of interest can be great strengths. That old bookcase loaded with rarely-tapped knowledge could be a gold mine. What are your available resources? Look around and consider all of the things in your life that can be used as strengths in writing a thesis. In considering all these offerings you have at your disposal, choosing a topic may become much easier.

In conclusion, the ultimate topic for you will be the one that keeps your interests perked and your engagement in this work vivacious. This will produce the very best topic and thesis. Choose a thesis topic with these things in mind, and you will be just fine.

In academic writing, a thesis is related to complex papers. Usually, it is called a Master’s or a Doctoral thesis and can be compared to a dissertation. The main differences between them are size and width of uncovered topic. How long should a thesis be? Undeniably, it takes months to complete a wel...

When you're working on a thesis, it's quite important to format the paper properly following the main rules. Needless to say, some students may be too lazy to search for the needed requirements on thesis format. In this guide, we've gathered the most important hints that will help you in formatting ...

In the life of each last-year university graduate student, there comes the time when one is faced with the need to write thesis and defend it in front of a large examination board. Is it the case of yours; is your thesis defense getting closer every day? Still don’t believe in your success? Do not p...

M.Tech/Ph.D Thesis Help in Chandigarh | Thesis Guidance in Chandigarh

master degree thesis topics

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master degree thesis topics


master degree thesis topics

Masters research topics

There are several Masters research topics available for students to proceed with their thesis work. However, selecting one suitable topic is challenging for the student. Techsparks understands the student’s point of view and helps them to choose topics that are related to their core subjects. We have some experts in this field for research. Connect with Techsparks and we will surely help you resolve your problem. Here are some basic rules for choosing any topic for the thesis.

  • Do proper research on your topic and discuss it with your institute.
  • Selection of the Wrong topic will always lead to poor thesis presentations.
  • Take help from the institute to write the thesis and make any changes.
  • Always stay updated with newly trending research topics at the Masters Degree level.

Masters degree helps students to master a specific field and provide enough knowledge to compete in an employment platform. Every master’s student needs to submit their project before HE/SHE graduates. This is the time when a student needs to think about some good research topics. In the real world, scholars are seen as problem solvers. This is because, through your project, they aim to provide a solution to a real-world problem.

Few latest ideas for students to opt for during their master’s thesis:

  • Investigation of the impacts of environmental rehabilitation processes in the rural area
  • A case study of using renewable energy in market-places
  • Development of a strategic urban composting plan
  • Investigating the effects of optimizing the virtual machines operating system
  • web-based educational software
  • measurements and controls of a solar car
  • Analysis of SMEs financial status using data
  • classroom data analytic tools

Experts at Techsparks

Writing a good M tech thesis is a challenging and difficult task because it requires a lot of critical thinking and research in a particular field. Thus, it is very important for a student to know the details of his project. After registering in any institute for thesis work, one can expect some good quality of work and information related to the research. Sometimes the research will take more time than expected, so one needs to be patient for their thesis project. Our experts are highly educated and experienced in this field. You can also get some demo classes for free. The students choose Techsparks over other institutes in India because the work environment is user-friendly and the staff is very helpful. If one needs any kind of help during their thesis project, you can call us directly on our personal contact numbers.

How to write a master’s thesis?

One needs to remember that whenever you start writing a thesis, your Phd/ mtech thesis topic should be clear in your mind. To write a good thesis, your topic should be new or unique. There are several important factors to be considered while writing a thesis such as the topic should be new and unique, the topic should be searchable, and the topic should be original. This means that the selection of an appropriate topic is what matters the most while writing a thesis for masters. Make sure that a student always chooses a topic that he is passionate about because after that you will be working on this topic for two to three years now. If you choose any topic that you think will get you bore, just stop where you are and choose some other topic and then stick to your thesis topic. Some scholars come up with the best topic ideas for Masters Research and some need little help to generate some good thesis ideas. If one thinks that HE/SHE can’t have enough knowledge of the trending topic then kindly contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.  

Help for master’s research topic

Some scholars think that online writers are not good enough to provide a good thesis. This, however, is not a concern anymore. There are many good and bad institutes available online. It’s your job to choose a good institute. Our experts are trained enough to help you out with their best knowledge and be with you at every phase of thesis writing. They will cooperate with you and allow you to discuss any topic ideas with them. While selecting a Masters Research topic , one needs to be up to date regarding the latest trending researches. This will help in presenting a good thesis. Our institute provides guidance based on the skill set of a student. Our team will be happy to assist a student from scratch to the end.  

Basic advantages of working with us:

  • Plagiarism-free Content
  • Written from scratch
  • Well-formatted and properly structured Documents
  • Deadlines delivered on time.

These are some basic benefits that you get once you choose to work with our experts. We guarantee complete satisfaction of our clients. You can be one of the many fruitful clients that have encountered our administrations.

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M.Sc. in Media Informatics

Examples of done master's theses topics.

  • Interactive Path Planning and Real-Time Motion Synthesis for Articulated Humanoid Characters in Virtual Environments
  • Model Driven Approach in VoiceXML Application Development 
  • Security Aspects Analysis in Mobile Web Service Provisioning
  • Awareness Visualization of BSCW Server
  • A Comparative Study of Static Software Analysis Tools with a Special Focus on Software Visualization
  • Building Semanticmodel for Common Document Formats With Optimized Searching
  • Creating and Exploiting Ontology for Flexible and Natural Multimodal & Voice Dialogs
  • A Multimodal Digital Map System with Mutual Disambiguation 
  • User Centered Requirements Engineering for Highly Situated Collaborative Activities (Early Prototyping of a Wearable Computing System for Fire Fighters)
  • Tracking with Ultrasonic Model Recognition, an Approach towards Ultrasonic Vision
  • Designing an Information Service for Grid Environments
  • A Reliable Grid Information Service Using a Unified Information Model
  • Accessibility Analysis of Dynamically Changing Online Applications
  • Data Policy Aware Scheduling in Grid Computing Environments
  • Secure Distribution of closed group data for the  BSCW System
  • Matching Operators for Models represented in a Generic Meta Model
  • Building an Internet Community for Cooperative Work and Information Sharing 
  • Location-Awareness and Tracking to improve Museum Experience
  • Incorporating E-Accessibility in the Workflow and Design Process of Content Management Systems
  • Sensor Fusion for Location Awareness
  • Quality of Service Enhancement and Interface Development for Disaster Time Communication Network using WIMAX and Wi-Fi
  • Advanced Mobility Management for seamless Voice Call Handover in the IMS
  • Generic Activity Recognition for Real-World Application
  • Contextualization of Office Artifacts using RFID
  • Community-Collaboration using Online-maps
  • Development of a Model-Based Workflow-Designer
  • Developing an Interactive Software Visualization and Navigation Framework for Eclipse
  • Implementation and Performance Analyzis of a UDP Binding for SOAP
  • Improving Schema Matching by Exploiting Semantic Information
  • Development of robust video recognition system and alignment tool
  • Deployment and Evaluation of GMPLS Networks in Context of Scalability
  • Automatic RTL Implementation of Reconfigurable ASIPs from High-level Description
  • Realization and Evaluation of an Asynchronous Service Access Protocol for Mobile Web Services
  • Effective Bandwidth Management for Roaming Users in an 802.11 Wireless MAN
  • An Advanced Map Service for Cultural Heritage Communities
  • Adapting User Interfaces to Mobile Input Devices
  • Music Recommendation Based on Album Reviews
  • Development of a Newspaper Image Understanding System
  • Dynamic Awareness for Shared Workspaces
  • SCA Compliant Waveform Design for future Software Defined Radios
  • QoS-aware Publish Subscribe System using Spatial Indexes
  • Word Dependant Scaling Factors in Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Haptic Palpation based on Anatomical Simulation for Virtual Environments
  • Predictive Filtering & Effects on Human System Interaction in Virtual Environments
  • Integration of Smart Caching and Overlay Networks for Wireless Communication Networks
  • Feature Selection and Extraction: A Video Retrieval Perspective
  • Context-Based Navigation Support for Commuters
  • Device and Route Discovery in Hetrogeneous ZigBee-IP Networks
  • Visualization of Parameter Data
  • Improving User's Awareness of Diet and Physical Activity Using Mobile Persuasive Technologies
  • Design and Implementation of Peer-to-Peer based on Virtual Private Network
  • An integrated approach to biological data management based on ER modelling
  • Web based multi user annotation framework for multimedia data
  • Transformation of Modelling Language on Medical Domain into Excecutable Language: The Case of GLIF to JPDL
  • Diagnostic Analysis of Control Plane Signalling in Optical Networks
  • Web Browser Service Continuity on Portable Storage Devices with Utility-Based Evaluation for Personal Privacy Tradeoff
  • Clustering Photos to Improve Visualization of Collections
  • PLEM: A Web 2.0 Driven Service for Personal Learning Management
  • A Neural Network Approach to Learning the Benavior of a Kicking Device in the Gazebo
  • A Toolkit to support Dynamic Social Network Visualization
  • Dynamic Data Flow Analysis for MPSoC Software Development
  • Dynamic Patterns for the Analysis of Cultural Science Discourses
  • View Planning for Robot-Based 3D Reconstruction
  • Composition of Mappings for a Generic Meta-Model
  • Generic Schema Merging Based on Complex Mappings
  • Computer-supported Shape Modeling by Re-Combination of Geometric Components
  • Human Computer Interaction Using Vision Based Gesture Recognition with Depth Maps
  • Personalizing Music in Public Places for Individuals and Groups
  • Time-Based Video Annotation and Time-based Video Linking - A Concept Analysis Realized with the Joomla! Framework
  • IdeaBall: A Physical Artifact for Moderating and Analyzing Brainstorming Sessions
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Security in Zigbee Networks
  • Component Deployment System for Roles
  • Data Classification in Wireless Sensor Networks for Habitat Monitoring
  • Mobile User Interface for Outdoor Sports Applications
  • Dynamically Coupling ERP Information Pieces by Task Flow
  • Identity Based Encryption: Security Notions and New Identity Based Encryption Schemes based on Sakai-Kasahara Key Construction
  • Speech Technology for Computer Assisted Captioning of TV Programs
  • Disk-based Interface for Semantic Composition
  • Mobile Interaction in Ubiquitious Computing Environments - Exploration of an Interacton Mechanism Based on Map Views
  • Online Data Exchange of Automation Systems for the Mining Industry
  • Internet Congestion Control Equilibra: A Strategy-Proof Approach
  • Frequency-Dependent Resource Signalling and Scheduling for an OFDMA based Data Link Layer
  • Web 2.0: A Classification Framework Based on Technology and Application
  • Influence of Magnification to Distance Pointing
  • Rich Tactile Output and Feedback on Mobile Devices
  • Process Modelling Support in the Disaster Management Domain
  • Mobile Cocktail Party - Exploring Interaction with Spatial Audio Applications on Mobile Devices
  • Handwrite: A Text Input Technique for Multitouch Tabletops Using Hand Gestures
  • Software Configuration Management for Change-Sensitive Real-Time Simulation Software with Many Variants
  • Modelling and Simulation of Network Architectures for Triple-Play Services
  • An Evaluation of Salience-Driven 3D Shape Retrieval Methods
  • Investigating the Effect of Age and Parkinson's Disease on Touch-based Selection and Scrolling Tasks
  • NetLearn: Social Network Analysis and Visualisations for Learning
  • Distributed Meta-Learning for Document Classification
  • Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Framework for Mobile Phone Interaction with Personalized Web Application and Asynchronous Communication Back Channel
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis in a Log-Linear Framework for Speech Recognition
  • Evaluating Parallel Programming Models
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Information Presentation Methods in Spoken Dialogue Systems
  • Transformation and Visualization of Mappings between Models
  • An Enhanced Mechanism for Content Distribution in Next Generation Networks
  • Pyragrid: Integrating Peer to Peer and Grid Architectures
  • Updating XML
  • Realtime Nocturnal Rendering
  • Plans from Proofs
  • Multimodal Search Interface for Next gEneration sEarch engine for Digital Libraries (NEEDLE)
  • Mixup: A Design Tool for the Rapid Integration of Presentation components
  • Tailorability of personalized web services composition
  • Development of Interaction Interfaces between 3D Games and Markerless Hand-Tracking
  • Exchange of Graphical Data between Application Specific Software and COTS Software
  • Physics Abstraction Layer for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
  • Application of SIOC Ontology for the Development of Workspace Interoperability in MS Sharepoint
  • Development of a Semiautomatic Graffiti Tag Identification System
  • Robust logo recogniton from color documents using region-based shape descriptors
  • Application of (indoor) Positioning Technology to Support Cooperative Tasks and Intergration of Selected Positioning Systems into a Groupware System (FIT-Tracker)
  • Semi-Formal Process Models to Executable Workflows
  • Semantic Web Service Selection supporting QoS and Context Awareness
  • Computation of Saliency Maps in Street Videos acquired by a moving Camera
  • Development of Error Concealment Algorithms for H-264/AVC Scalable Video Coding
  • Counterfeit Detection by Mining Product Traces
  • Design and evaluation of a minimally-distraction in-car video communication system
  • Supporting Collaboration in Meetings based on Interactive Paper Documents and a Tabletop
  • Activity Recognition in Still Images
  • Visual Micro Blogging for self-reflection
  • Comparison of Local Detectors and Descriptors for Pose Estimation
  • Predicting Aesthetics in Photographic Images
  • Concept and Implementation for Context-Based Documents within Groupware Systems
  • A Metadata-Based Media Player for Viewing and Sharing of Streaming Content
  • Asynchronous Distributed Indexing of Large Media Collections
  • Magic Lense Tracking with an Infrared Grid
  • The HomeMedia Project: Studying Mobile Interaction in Ubiquitous Home
  • Perceptual Evaluation of BTF Compression Techniques
  • Towards a Flexible, Modular Geodata Visualization System
  • Design of a Personal Data Service with Collaborative Capabilities
  • Characterisation and Applications of MANET Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Semi-Automatic Validation of Semantic Business Process Models
  • Image Clustering Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Process Support in the Emergency Management Domain
  • A comparative study of record matching algorithms
  • Software Framework for Computing Semantic Relatedness using Explicit Semantic Analysis (ESA)
  • Resource Allocation and Access Control in a Dynamic Process Management System
  • Prototyping Real-Time Collaborative Applications
  • Practical Evaluation of Polygonization Algorithms
  • Web Application Attacks and Adversarial Modelling: A new Approach for Classification and Attacker-Centric Formalization of Web Aplications Attacks
  • Mobile Contexts: Network Fingerprinting and Auto Configuration
  • Design of a Presentation State Manager for Displaying Characterictics of Medical Images
  • Interlinking cross-application desktop hierarchies to overcome their semantic lacuna
  • Coupled Sonar Inertial Navigation System for Pedestriam Tracking
  • Cryptanalysis of Hash Funcions
  • The UbiLens Approach - A Visualization and Interaction Technique for Real World Objects in Smart Environments trhourgh a Mobile Phone Camera
  • A Social Web Service Adaptation Portal Driven by User Context
  • Trained Graph Cut for Image Segmentation
  • Exploring Task Information through BSCW with Interactive Visualization
  • A Platform for Event-Based Provisioning of NGN Services
  • Anomaly Detection in Different Contexts on Smart Phones
  • A Supporting Environment for Review Management Systems Analysis in Scientific Publication
  • Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Device as a Smart Metering Display
  • Human Age Recognition on Portraits
  • Lying Posture Recogniton in Still Images
  • Development of a Mobile Display and Analysis Unit for the IPANEMA Body Sensor Network
  • Incremental evaluation of XML views (relational subsystem)
  • Certain and Maybe Answers in Data Exchange
  • Performance Evaluation of Handoff and Connectivity Optimization Techniques for Wi-Fi based Mobile Access Networks
  • Complex Action Selection in Spoken Dialogue Systems
  • Web-based Mobile Text Retrievval
  • Modeling Design Patterns with Description Logic
  • Combinatory Categorial Grammar Parser in Natural Language Toolkit
  • Realistic Garment Replacement in Images
  • JPEG 2000 Region of Interest Encoding in Broadcast Applications
  • A SIP-Based Framework for Context-Aware Service Provisioning in Converging Environments
  • Object Oriented Data Model ot the Semiconductor Industry aligned to SCOR on the example of Infineon with focus on product
  • Estimation of 3D Human Pose and Motion from a Video Sequence
  • My Sessions Tool - Context Aware Monitoring of Computer User Resources
  • Supporting Mobile Users of Shared Workspaces
  • Brainstorming Using Multi-Touch Tabletop
  • Visualization of Large Process Models
  • Fly – Expressive and Conveying Planar Presentations
  • Increasing Energy Awareness in Office Spaces: A Pervasive Game-Based Approach
  • Twitter Author Analysis (Tweets - Stylistic Pattern Recognition)
  • Matrix Factorization for Graph Link Prediction
  • Efficient Multi-View Object Detection and Segmentation
  • Perceptually Tuned Color Reduction for Document Images
  • Image Retrieval, Annotation and Classification Using Data in Multiple Modality
  • Exploring Mobile Augmented Reality Instructions to Assist Operating Physical Interfaces
  • Building an Effective Rewarding System based on Reputation
  • Human Action Recognition in Still Images
  • Passing-by Interaction in Public
  • Concept and Evaluation of Mobile Application Server for IP Multimedia Subsystem
  • Novel Approaches for Touchless Interaction With Mobile and Desktop Devices in Digital Entertainment
  • Comparision and Evaluation of Procedureal and Stereo Modeling Techniques for Rapid Prototyping of Real Cities
  • Perceptual Video Similarity
  • Using semantic web technologies for data update
  • Implementation and Analysis of Join Algorithms to handle skew for the Hadoop Map/Reduce Framework
  • 3D Buildings Extraction from Aerial Images
  • Design and Evaluation of Different Smoothness Constraints for Scene Flow Estimation
  • Prototyping Power Loading for CSMA-based Wireless Networks
  • Using Background Knowledge in Schema Matching and Ontology Alignment
  • A Global Oneway Control Channel for Opportunistic Networking
  • Emergent Gameplay through a Collaborative and Competitive Location-based Mobile Game
  • Influence Analysis of UbiComp Systems on Large-Scale Emergency Scenarios Using Agent-Based Simulation
  • Signal-based Estimation of the Number of Simultaneous Speakers
  • Residual Prediction in High Efficiency Video Coding
  • Semi-Supervised Online Learning for Low-Level Tracking
  • A Course Mapping Tool for Collaborative Learning
  • Real-time Area Lights with GPU-based Voxelization and Cone Tracing
  • Certificateless Encryption Scheme Using Biometric Identity
  • Extracting Expertise, Interests and Social Networks from User Actions in a Cooperation Platform
  • Robust Expert Ranking in Community-based Fake Multimedia Detection Systems
  • Tag-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation in PLEM (Personal Learning Environment Manager)
  • Sentence Boundary Detection for Broadcast News Recordings
  • Agent-Based Simulation of Effectual and Casual Behaviors of Entrepreneurs
  • Design and Implementation of a Flat SGSN Functionality for 3GPP Release 11 Evolved Packet
  • Improved Visualization of Evolutionary Bridge Design Pattern Library
  • Detecting and Visualizing Overlapping Facebook Communities with Node XL
  • Requirements and Evaluation of an Open Assessment Framework
  • Collaborative Checklist System for Mobile Users in Emergency Response
  • Automatic classification of polarized light microscopic images for high throughput protein crystallization screening
  • Efficient DBSCAN Clustering with MapReduce
  • Collective Activity Recognition Based on Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Objects
  • Discovery of Semantic Relationships in Schema Matching
  • Analyzing Causes of Privacy Mismatches in Service Oriented Architecture
  • Mining Correlation Clusters in Subspaces of High Dimensional Databases
  • Similarity Matching and Summarization for Uncertain Time Series
  • Design and Implementation of a Content Rating and Recommender System for a Collaborative Work Environment
  • The impact of body posture on couchtable accuracy 
  • Individual and Group Interest Mining in Academic Networks
  • Efficient Retrieval of Mobility Patterns on Mobile Devices
  • Developing a Domain-Specific Mashup Tool
  • Natural head-motion synthesis for animated talking faces
  • Fabiji: A tablet kiosk to facilitate creating and sharing documentation at fab labs
  • Interest Mining in Social Networks
  • Application and Gamification in BSCW system to enhance user behavior
  • HeapVision: Debugging by Interactive Heap Navigation
  • Code Mixer: A Visual Approach to Code Comprehension and Information Foraging
  • Learning Analytics tool for Video-Based Learning in L2P
  • Quality of Service Evaluation of IP Multimedia Services based on service differentiation over the mobile networks
  • Realization of Peer Review Assessment in L2P
  • Supporting Users in Creating Customized Trust Queries
  • Network-based Classification of Application Behaviour
  • A Collaborative Evolution Process for an Evolutionary Design Pattern Library
  • Requirements Identification with Open Source Software
  • A Web Dashboard for Community-Regulated Microlearning
  • An Open Assessment Support Tool for L2P
  • Evaluation of the Relevance of the Source IP Address for Collected Malware
  • Monitoring and Analysing the Communication Activity of eProfessionals
  • Non-Local Scene Flow with Soft Segmentation
  • Design and Implementation of a Software Infrastructure for Relevance Feedback Applied to Big Data from Simulations
  • Parallelization of a geological reservoir simulation software package
  • Rapid Prototyping Tool for Mapping Physical Sensors to Domain Models
  • Sniper Pointing: Above the Surface Pointing in Mid-Air
  • A Japanese Sign Language / International Signs Teaching System with Kinect
  • Concept and Evaluation of Semi-Automatic Tagging for Emails
  • Improving Awareness at the Workplace Using Colorful Light
  • TextiPad: Implementation and Evaluation of a Wearable Textile Touchpad
  • Adding Document Management Support to Email Communication
  • Conjunctive Triple Queries Over Unstructured Data
  • An Interactive Platform for Collaborative Stroytelling - The Storybroad System
  • A Framework For Inexpensive And Unobtrusive Tracking Of Everyday Objects And Single-Touch Detection
  • Computing with infinite groups
  • Large-scale Image-based localization using learnt projection for local features
  • Building an appearance based hand gesture recognition system using the Microsoft Kinect
  • Movement analysis of visitors using location-aware guides in museums
  • Establishing invariant parameters for the OBJECT image schema in gestures through motion-capture data analysis
  • Exploring the use of physical surfaces for extension of a digital working environment
  • Resolving Ambiguities in Modulated Phase Shifting for Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction
  • Opposable Thumbs: A Bare-hands Text Input Technique
  • A Business Process for Continuity and Recovery in Virtualized Systems and Mitigating the Risks and Threats of Virtualization
  • Visualizations of Learner Models
  • Syntactic Smoothing of Hierarchical Translation Models
  • Generating a Reputation System for Wireless Mesh Networks by Profiling Expected Node Behaviour
  • Device Proxy Discovery and Ontology-Based Domain Model Middleware
  • Micro-architectural Error Propagation Analysis through Probabilistic Error Masking Matrices in Approximate Computing
  • 2D Visualization of 3D Medical Images within a Distributed System for Cancer Treatment using Hybrid Computation Approach
  • User Decisions about the Security of Mobile Applications
  • TrendNexus: Analysis and Visualization of Twitter Hashtags and their Correlation
  • Redesigning Web Applications for Collaboration: A Widgettizing Methodology
  • Methods for Leaf Segmentation and Feature Analysis
  • Increasing User Awareness for Genomic Privacy
  • Random Forests for 3D Pose Estimation from 2D Images
  • Application-Centric Deployment of Low-Power Wireless Networks
  • BAMBI: Bio Analysis Multi-tracking Based Integration System for BioLab
  • Evaluating Interactive Diagrams for the Analysis of Neuron Activity Data
  • Integrated Banner Visualization to Improve Asynchronous Workspace Awareness Suppport in a Collaborative Application
  • Collaborative and situation dependent management of public screen content
  • A Toolkit for Data Collection, Management and Analytics in Academic Networks
  • Public Display Ahthentication
  • A Study of the possible Scenarios for Rendering on a Tiled Display Wall using a Single PC
  • Movement Patterns in Location-based Multiplayer Games
  • Improvement of 3D Models in Image-Guided Positioning
  • Grippo: Using Grip Gestures to Repurpose Everyday Objects as Controllers
  • VisiStat: Visualization-driven interactive statistical analysis
  • Interest-based Recommendation in Academic Networks using Social Network Analysis
  • User Centered Design Approach to Visualise Opportunities For Collaboration in Large Organisations
  • Modelling of XAx-Process Chains
  • Mobile Shopping Experiences and Purchases on Google Glass
  • Protecting Users from Co-Location Disclosures in Online Social Networks
  • Improving Depth based Poeple Detection for Mobile Robotics
  • Semantic Segmentation using Context Sensitive Decisioin Forest
  • Editing 3D segmentations of pleural thickenings combining image information and user-interaction
  • Adapting Speech Act Theory to Support Organization of Email-based Conversations
  • Implementation and Feasibility Study of a Cooperative Mobile Network Connectiviity System
  • Real-time collaborative IMS Learning Design Authoring Tool
  • Design and Development of a Web Automation Framework for Manual/Automatic Testing of Modern Web Applications
  • Digital Music Instrument: Analyzing Hand Gesture To Understand Hand Movement Towards Music Parameters
  • Exploiting Gamification for Geographical Entity Matching
  • Visual Bookmarking with Mindmap Method
  • Simplifying the Understanding of Trust Management for Non-Security Experts
  • Social Media Filtering based on Linked Open Data
  • Heterogeneous Spreading in Complex Networks with Community Structure
  • GazeTouch: Using Gaze Tracking to Select Indirect Touch Targets
  • Symphony of Modalities for Interaction in Augmented Reality
  • A Semantic Content-based Recommender System using Bayesian Networks
  • Investigating Local Symmetries for Image Ratings Prediction
  • A Gestural Interaction Model to Classify Deformable Everyday Objects
  • WatchRing: Fast and eyes-free scrolling method for smart watches
  • Quantifying Similarity and Predictions in Location-Based Social Networks
  • Development of an Adaptive Indoor Localization Support System for People with Special Needs
  • Nato Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) Sensor Integration for Adaptable Crew Assistance, Alarm and Event Prediction System
  • Design and Evaluation of an Augmented Flute for Beginners
  • Seat occupancy detection using data fusion at car sensors
  • Autoencoder networks for detection of fraudulent financial activities in ERP systems
  • Rotationally Invariant Classification of Symmetric Functions on the Sphere
  • Designing a seamless UI between PRIME apps
  • Designing a Seamless Application Architecture in the Android Platform for the PRIME Apps
  • Contribution of Optical Flow in Stereo Object Detection
  • A RESTful Web-based Expert Recommender Framework
  • Conveying Feedback in Skill Movement Acquisition
  • Data-driven motion synthesis of virtual dance partners
  • Fast Projection to the Birckhoff Polytope
  • User-centered Design of Tools for Dynamic Tagging of Environment to Support Firefighters in Disaster Scenarios
  • Retrieving Indoor Routes using iBeacons
  • Animation of Primitives Sketches: From Gathering Dataset to 2D Animation with Use of Motion Caption Database
  • BundleMAP: Anatomically Localized Classification Regression and Statistical Analysis in Diffusion MRI
  • A Framework for Predictive Analysis of Time Evolving and Overlapping Communities
  • Random Forests for Stroke-Based Design of High-Diminsional Transfer Functions
  • Free decoding parameter optimization for automatic speech recognition
  • Analysis and Detection of Android Malware with a special focus on Droid KungFu
  • Patch-Based Nonrigid Registration of Triangle Meshes and Point Clouds
  • Time Series Prediction using Echo State
  • Holistic History User Interface in HCM Cloud Applications
  • Usability, Modularity and Extensibility Improvement in CourseMapper
  • Visualizing Whole Brain Tractography on a Head Mounted Display
  • Prediction and control of thermal energy demand of commercial buildings using neural networks
  • Hierarchical Archetypal Analysis for Image Recognition
  • Open-world Short-term People Re-identification
  • Crease Enhancement Using Fourth Order Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion Equations
  • Facial Landmark Localisation with Random Forests Under Occlusion
  • Detecting Appliances and Faults in Appliances based on Power Usage Data
  • Usability Evaluation of Ontology Engineering Tools

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  • A great topic is certainly the foundation of a successful research project. If you seek help with, say, a dissertation topic or guidance with developing a relevant & researchable topic , we got you.
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  • Our support desk will guide you and we shall develop sample topics for you, each with some background information, and then you choose the best from the same.

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Research Topics for Masters Students | Latest Topic Ideas

Studying for a Masters degree calls for comprehensive research during the coursework period, and then the need for developing a Master’s thesis sees most students realize the need to understand the research process. This means that the students need to develop research topics for their assignments and later come up with a topic for their final-year thesis. Developing Master's students’ research topics requires guidance most of the time due to the vitality of the research project they are supposed to submit. Depending on the area of study, the students are supposed to understand the guidelines provided by their supervisors or institution on the way they should proceed with their research project or thesis and how to develop the best research topics. Masters students have a wide range of research topics to choose from, depending on their field of study. Here are some of the most popular ideas to develop outstanding  topic suggestions for master’s level research projects ; they are trendy & relevant in various disciplines.

Sample Masters Research Topics & Suitable Ideas for Projects

Indeed, the available research topics are so many for them to exhaust. With expert help, masters students can be able to choose the most suitable ones for their research which is researchable and achievable without much struggle.

Masters Thesis Topics – Relevant Topics for Research

Masters thesis topic suggestions to consider for your research project:.

Selecting a thesis topic can often be a challenging process, yet it provides a great opportunity to contribute to your chosen field. A suitable topic should align with your academic and career interests while being challenging enough to demonstrate your ability to conduct independent, in-depth research. Suggestions for a potential thesis topic could include exploring emerging trends from business & management, computer science, education, engineering to many more depending on your area. Below are some ideas and suggestions for consideration as masters level thesis topics

  • Business and Management: Business and management are broad fields with numerous sub-disciplines, such as finance, human resources, marketing, operations management, and many others. Possible thesis topics in these fields include:  The impact of social media on brand reputation; The effect of workplace diversity on team performance & An analysis of the factors affecting consumer behavior.
  • Computer Science: Computer Science is a rapidly evolving field that is constantly changing and adapting to new technologies. Masters thesis topics in this field can cover a wide range of topics. This includes artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in various industries; The impact of big data on decision-making processes & An analysis of cyber-security threats and defenses.
  • Education: Education is a field that is constantly changing and adapting to new theories, methods, and technologies. Master's degree thesis project topics in this field can include:  An investigation of the effectiveness of online education;   A study of the impact of teacher diversity on student outcomes & The role of technology in the classroom and its effect on student engagement and learning.
  • Engineering: Engineering is a field that deals with the design, construction, and use of machines, structures, and systems.  Sample thesis topics  in this field can include:  The development of new materials and technologies for energy production; An investigation of the effects of climate change on infrastructure & The application of renewable energy sources in various industries.
  • Environmental Science: Environmental Science is a field that deals with the study of the natural environment and the impact of human activity on it. Masters thesis project topic suggestions  in this field can include an investigation of the impact of climate change on biodiversity;  A study of the effects of pollution on human health and the environment & An examination of the role of renewable energy in mitigating climate change.

What Makes a Topic Qualify for a Master's Level Thesis?

A Master's level thesis requires a comprehensive understanding of a specific subject and the ability to conduct independent, rigorous research. Therefore, the topic chosen should fulfill certain criteria:

  • Relevance: The topic should be relevant to your field of study and align with your academic and career goals. This allows you to leverage your existing knowledge and skills during your research.
  • Originality: While the topic doesn't necessarily need to be entirely new or undiscovered, your approach or perspective should offer original insights. This means that the research can fill gaps in existing literature, challenge established theories, or provide new interpretations.
  • Rigor: The topic should be complex enough to require rigorous research, allowing you to showcase your ability to analyze and synthesize information, solve problems, and contribute to your field's body of knowledge.
  • Feasibility: Consider your resources, including time, funding, and accessibility to data or sources. A good topic is one that you can feasibly research within the constraints of your program.
  • Impact: Ideally, your research should have some potential to impact your field of study, whether by influencing policy, informing further research, or otherwise contributing to the academic discourse.

Ultimately, thesis topics for master level s hould be a balance of personal interest, academic rigor, and practical feasibility. Working closely with your academic advisor can help guide you through this important process. As much, we are always very ready to help you by developing sample thesis topic suggestions for your thesis paper so that you choose the best for your consideration.

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Masters Degree Research Topics – Most Recent Project Ideas

There are many masters students research project topic ideas that students can consider. Some of these are:

  • Business and Economics : This field is broad and encompasses many different topics, such as marketing, finance, and management. Students can choose to research topics such as the impact of social media on consumer behavior, the role of financial intermediaries in economic growth, or the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the market.
  • Health Sciences : Health sciences are another broad field that encompasses many different topics, such as psychology, nursing, and medicine. Students can choose to research topics such as the impact of sleep on mental health, the impact of physical activity on mental health, or the impact of mental health on physical health.
  • Technology : Technology is a rapidly evolving field, and students can choose to research topics such as the impact of artificial intelligence on society, the impact of the Internet on privacy, or the impact of social media on society.
  • Humanities : The humanities are a broad field that encompasses many different topics, such as literature, philosophy, and history. Students can choose to research topics such as the impact of globalization on cultural diversity, the impact of technology on cultural identity, or the impact of historical events on cultural identity.

In conclusion, masters degree research topics are a critical factor in determining a student's future success. To choose the right research topic, students should consider their academic interests and the feasibility of the research they are about to conduct.

Best Help with Masters Degree Project Topic Ideas

Master's research project ideas & topics help, how to develop a great topic for a masters level research project.

We have listed some techniques on how to develop a great topic for a Master’s research project .

✔  Be objective- When developing a topic for your research project, always factor in your areas of interest, the aim of your research, and the institutional guidelines (if any) for your study.

✔ Be flexible- When developing a research topic, you do not necessarily have to come up with just one topic, try to come up with as many research ideas as possible which you can then narrow down to say 3 topic selections each with an aim for the research. From here you may seek guidance from your supervisor on the best one to proceed with.

✔ Be specific- Choose a well-defined topic, with a specific focus and scope for the research, from which you can generate clear objectives for the research. Being specific with your areas of research is beneficial when developing the research questions for the study.

✔ Consider your target audience- When choosing a research topic you should put into consideration the individuals or groups that will benefit from your study. The people who your research is intended for. This helps give a clear direction and scope for your research.

✔ Research extensively- Before choosing a suitable topic for your research, you should carry out in-depth research on similar studies done by other researchers in your field of study, their findings, the methodologies they used, and the areas they recommended for further research. This can be very insightful when selecting a topic

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In addtion to the regular courses that will be offered, there is also a set of research topics available for the students undertaking their Master Thesis. These topics allow for both fundamental and applied research, as well as technology transfer, depending on the case. These research directions will be availabe for two purposes:

a) research work to be done during the Master Thesis. b) for those students deciding later to pursue a PhD. within the Doctoral Program "Information Technologies, Communications and Computational Mathematics" of Universitat de València or the Doctoral Program "Information, Communication and Audiovisual Technologies" at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in which case the Master Thesis will be ideally a preliminary work for the subsequent PhD. research.

This is a preliminary list of updated generic research topics that are available for the students:

  • Collaborative signal processing in Networks
  • Decentralized, Self-Organized and Adaptive Communications
  • Communication Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Software Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Testbed Design and Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Modeling Tools and Analysis of Decentralized Large-scale Networks
  • Advanced Iterative Coding Systems
  • Code Design on Graphs for Communication channels
  • Multi-antenna Space-Time Coding for Wireless MIMO Systems
  • Co-operative Diversity Techniques in Communications
  • Advanced array signal processing and Beamforming techniques
  • Statistical Inference and Estimation under communication constraints
  • Advanced Optimization for problems in Communications and Signal Processing
  • Adaptive processing algorithms for Communication Systems
  • Advanced Multidimensional Signal, Image and Video Processing
  • Novel Statistical Processing Algorithms for Wireless Communications
  • Advanced Channel estimation Techniques
  • Cognitive Radios
  • Optimization of Self-Organized networks based on Game Theory
  • Software-Defined Radios
  • Wide-Band and Ultra-Wide-Band Communications
  • Fundamental performance limits in Communications
  • Network Information Theory
  • Robust and Adaptive algorithms for Capacity maximization in Communications
  • Stochastic Modeling and Exact Stochastic Simulation
  • Cross-Layer design for ad-hoc Networks
  • Distributed Algorithms for Detection, Estimation and Control in Networks
  • Heterogeneous Networks, Interconnection and Network Co-operation
  • Decentralized MAC and Synchronization Algorithms
  • Intelligent and Adaptive Routing Algorithms
  • Advanced Network Tomography and Network Traffic Sampling
  • Design and Analysis of novel compact antennas for wireless networks

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The topics have been subdivided into five research themes: 

  • Sensing & measuring
  • Modelling & visualization
  • Integrated Land Monitoring
  • Human - space interaction
  • Empowering & engaging communities

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  13. Possible research topics for Master Thesis

    Possible research topics for Master Thesis · Collaborative signal processing in Networks · Decentralized, Self-Organized and Adaptive Communications

  14. MSc Thesis topics

    MSc Thesis topics · Sensing & measuring · Modelling & visualization · Integrated Land Monitoring · Human - space interaction · Empowering & engaging communities.