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Thesis heat exchanger (1) (1)

by Upendra Khare

2019, IJISRT

heat exchanger

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Ever since human civilization has evolved, it has made continued Improvements to the various instruments used by them. This continued improvements and changes have made this modern era possible where humans enjoy their own inventions which includes energy consuming devices like fan, light, AC, etc. Recently we have observed the shortfall of energy generation in comparison to energy demand, especially in developing countries such as India, Pakistan, etc. In such situations, Improvement of energy efficiency in energy generation side as well as energy consumption side. Such efforts have led to development of LED bulbs and CFL bulbs on energy consumption side and many thermal efficiency improvement methods on the energy generation side. Heat Exchanger is a device which has wide applications ranging from Energy Generation like power plants to Energy consumption like AC Plants and used in Chemical Industries on a Large Scale.

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Dr. Osama M Elmardi

Heat exchangers are devices used to transfer heat between two or more fluid streams at different temperatures. Heat exchangers find widespread use in power generation, chemical processing, electronics cooling, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and automotive applications. In this research paper we will examine the basic theory of heat exchangers and consider many applications. In addition, we will examine various aspects of heat exchanger design and analysis.

Fundamentals of Heat Exchangers

Prakash karthik

Under the guidance of

masarman Sugindi

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Cust: PVEng, H&C Heat Transfer File: PVE-4293 Desc: Heat Exchanger Sample Dwg: PVEdwg-4293-0.0 Heat Exchanger ASMESectionVIII-1Calculations

[email protected]

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What is Thermal Energy? The Energy which is acquired via heat, when there is the alleviation in the temperature thereby causing the tiny atoms as well as the molecules to move at fast speed and to do collision and at that time the energy which is generated is called thermal energy. In simple terms, the thermal energy is obtained when there is a heating effect... Read More


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