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How to Create an Effective Thesis Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a thesis statement can be a daunting task. It’s one of the most important sentences in your paper, and it needs to be done right. But don’t worry — with these five easy steps, you’ll be able to create an effective thesis statement in no time.

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your paper. Think about what you want to say and write down any ideas that come to mind. This will help you narrow down your focus and make it easier to create your thesis statement.

Step 2: Research Your Topic

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to do some research on your topic. Look for sources that support your ideas and provide evidence for the points you want to make. This will help you refine your argument and make it more convincing.

Step 3: Formulate Your Argument

Now that you have done some research, it’s time to formulate your argument. Take the points you want to make and put them into one or two sentences that clearly state what your paper is about. This will be the basis of your thesis statement.

Step 4: Refine Your Thesis Statement

Once you have formulated your argument, it’s time to refine your thesis statement. Make sure that it is clear, concise, and specific. It should also be arguable so that readers can disagree with it if they choose.

Step 5: Test Your Thesis Statement

The last step is to test your thesis statement. Does it accurately reflect the points you want to make? Is it clear and concise? Does it make an arguable point? If not, go back and refine it until it meets all of these criteria.

Creating an effective thesis statement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these five easy steps, you can create a strong thesis statement in no time at all.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


international business dissertation examples

Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Business » International Business » 99 International Business Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

international business dissertation examples

99 International Business Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

By Liam Oct 12, 2023 in Business , International Business | No Comments

Welcome to our comprehensive post on International Business dissertation topics tailored for aspiring scholars at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. Crafting a thesis is a crucial milestone in your academic journey, and selecting the right topic is paramount to its success. International Business, a dynamic and multifaceted field, offers a vast array of research […]

international business dissertation topics

Welcome to our comprehensive post on International Business dissertation topics tailored for aspiring scholars at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. Crafting a thesis is a crucial milestone in your academic journey, and selecting the right topic is paramount to its success. International Business, a dynamic and multifaceted field, offers a vast array of research areas encompassing global markets, cross-cultural management, trade policies, and more.

In this blog post, we will delve into an assortment of compelling dissertation topics that not only align with the burgeoning trends and challenges of the international business landscape but also provide valuable insights for students seeking to make a meaningful contribution to the field. Additionally, we’ll explore synonyms of environmental economics, a vital subfield of International Business, to inspire innovative research ideas. Let’s embark on this academic exploration together.

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List of international business dissertation topics:

Safekeeping and business management of accounting records- an evaluation of policy and practice.

Evaluating the effectiveness of international trade agreements in promoting economic growth: a cross-country analysis.

How does international human resource management reflect the corporate strategy from an international perspective?

International human resource management : best practices for managing a diverse global workforce.

Business sustainability in global corporate environments- a study of current practices and forecast trends for the solo entrepreneur.

Examining the impact of cultural diversity on team performance in international business settings through quantitative psychology .

International business resilience in times of geopolitical uncertainty: strategies for managing risks and uncertainties.

Examining the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth in African nations.

Globalization and income inequality: a review of trends and policy implications.

The role of multinational corporations in promoting sustainable development in emerging economies.

The implications of global economic integration on income mobility and wealth distribution: a review of recent trends.

Internationalization of family businesses: challenges and strategies for sustainable growth in global markets.

The influence of cultural differences on negotiation styles and outcomes in international business transactions.

A review of changes in competitive strategies as businesses go global- data from the literature.

Impact of exchange rate volatility on international trade: a study of the UK and EU markets.

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions: evaluating factors affecting success in the global business landscape.

The changing face of agricultural business management across the world and what it means for the future of the planet.

Trade imbalances and their implications on global economic stability: a review of recent trends.

The role of women in international management- challenges and practices.

How do public disclosure policies impact business operations management in a globalized world?

The changing trends of business activities across Europe- identifying the changes and predicting future trends.

The banking system and security challenges within an internationally mobile system of transactions.

The role of cultural diplomacy in promoting international business relations and partnerships.

Digital transformation in international marketing: adapting strategies for a globalized digital landscape.

Knowledge and power management in international business management- a study.

Evaluating the impact of trade wars on global supply chains and international trade.

Analyzing the implications of Brexit on trade and investment in the UK: a post-EU membership perspective.

Evaluating the impact of environmental regulations on international business sustainability: a cross-industry study.

Assessing the impact of e-commerce globalization on traditional retail businesses: a case study approach.

A study of the issues and difficulties faced in managing a globally diverse workforce.

The role of global economic organizations in shaping international trade policies and regulations.

The impact of political instability on international business operations and investment decisions.

Sustainable business practices and their impact on consumer preferences in international markets.

The implications of climate change on international business operations and strategies.

Global talent management : strategies for attracting and retaining top talent in multinational corporations.

The implications of trade agreements on foreign direct investment flows: a comparative analysis.

Brexit and financial services: a review of challenges and opportunities for the UK banking sector.

Trade liberalization and its impact on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets.

The role of government policies in promoting renewable energy investments in emerging markets.

The role of international business in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The implications of trade liberalization on labor market dynamics: a comparative analysis.

The influence of culture on cross-border mergers and acquisitions: a comparative analysis.

The rise of ethical consumerism and its implications for international marketing strategies.

Social media applications and relevance to international business management- a review.

The role of cross-border e-commerce in promoting international trade and market expansion.

The effect of global supply chain disruptions on firm performance: a post-COVID-19 analysis.

The impact of global economic downturns on foreign direct investment: a review of historical events.

The role of government policies in promoting international competitiveness of the UK automotive industry.

The role of international entrepreneurship in economic development and poverty reduction: a comparative analysis.

The role of international business in achieving the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Technological innovation and its impact on global business models and industry disruption.

The role of strategic alliances in enhancing global competitiveness: a case study analysis.

The influence of global economic integration on corporate strategies: a case study approach.

International market entry strategies for technology-based startups: a comparative study.

Evaluating the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility practices in enhancing firm reputation: a global perspective.

An investigation into the personal qualities of a successful international entrepreneur.

Mobile devices and business management- assessing the requirements of businesses and technological solutions.

The role of international business in addressing global health challenges: a case study approach.

Level of service quality between international entrepreneurs and small partnerships.

Analyzing the effectiveness of cross-cultural advertising strategies in sports marketing for global sports brands.

A systematic review of the impact of culture on international business management.

Globalization and its impact on income distribution: a review of global trends and policy implications.

What are the global challenges that managers of international businesses face? A literature-based review.

The impact of corporate governance on stakeholders’ firm valuation: a comparative review between developed and developing countries.

Business management practices of South Asian and Asia-Pacific Tigers- an international perspective.

Tracing the historical evolution of a multinational and the role of business management in this evolution.

International business ethics in the era of AI and automation: addressing ethical challenges in a technologically advancing world.

The influence of cross-cultural communication on global business negotiations: a comparative analysis.

Research in international business- a review.

Foreign market entry modes: a review of entry strategies and their effectiveness in different global contexts.

Sustainable supply chain management practices and their impact on company profitability: a review of global case studies.

Market entry strategies for emerging economies: a review of challenges and success factors for multinational corporations.

The rise of blockchain technology and its impact on international business transactions and supply chains.

The innovation department in an international business environment- evaluating the degree of competition and competitiveness.

The rise of e-commerce and its impact on traditional retail: a global market perspective.

The impact of trade agreements on export competitiveness: a case study of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The role of ethics and corporate social responsibility in shaping international business strategies: a review.

Global market entry strategies: a comprehensive review of successful and unsuccessful multinational ventures.

The influence of international trade agreements on access to medicines and healthcare in developing countries.

The role of multinational corporations in promoting gender diversity and equality in the workplace.

Intellectual property rights and international trade: implications for innovation and economic development.

Exploring the relationship between foreign aid and economic development in developing countries: a cross-country study.

The influence of global megatrends on future international business strategies: a foresight analysis.

Sustainable business practices and their impact on global supply chain management: a case study analysis.

International joint ventures: a comparative study of success factors in Asian and European markets.

The impact of digitalization on global marketing strategies and consumer behavior.

The role of international financial institutions in promoting economic stability and growth in developing countries.

The influence of organizational culture on international business performance: a comparative study.

The impact of digital transformation on global logistics and supply chain management .

An evaluation of the comprehensive impact of technological innovation on business management practices- case study the UK.

Management of waste from mining operations – a sociological and legal perspective.

The impact of cross-border taxation policies on multinational corporations’ profit repatriation strategies.

Cultural intelligence and its impact on successful cross-cultural business negotiations: a global study.

The impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on global trade and investment patterns: a comprehensive analysis.

The role of multinational corporations in bridging the digital divide: a cross-country analysis.

International entrepreneurship and innovation: a comparative study of entrepreneurial ecosystems in different countries.

The impact of global financial crises on international trade and investment: lessons from the 2008 financial crisis.

A critical analysis of the influence of political risk on foreign direct investment decisions: a cross-country perspective.

Technological advancements and international business strategy: a review of the impact on market penetration and expansion.

There you go. Use the list on international business dissertation topics well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics-related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing , send us an email at [email protected] .

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You will get the topics first as per the given requirements, and then the brief which includes;

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
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International Business Dissertation Topics

Published by Owen Ingram at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023

Most students find it difficult to select the perfect international business dissertation topic for their dissertation project. In fact, many students end up choosing very narrow and specific topics due to the vastness of the field and the growing issues within the field of international business.

We understand that choosing a suitable international business dissertation topic may not be a straightforward task for many students, so we have compiled a list of the perfect international business issues you can explore and address as part of your research.

We aim to empower our students with the knowledge and abilities needed to choose an international business research paper or dissertation topic. At Research Prospect , we help students with their research proposal and the full dissertation paper.

You may want to read about our business writers to see how we can help ease your workload.

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The Best International Business Dissertation Topics

  • MNCs’ use of a standardised approach to business strategy
  • Impact of the coronavirus outbreak on global business operations
  • Management and globalisation governance appendix
  • Factors affecting MNCs’ decision about their corporate political approach in emerging economies
  • effects of corporate globalisation on their foreign business activities
  • MNCs and the consequences of culture
  • Effects of the evolving international legal environment on MNCs
  • MNCs’ methods for entering emerging markets
  • Challenges to the global banking system’s security brought on by Toyota’s Total Quality Management
  • Foreign workers’ challenges and opportunities in a global strategy
  • The value of English as an international business language and the reasons Chinese companies win contracts in Africa
  • A quantitative study of the Canadian Honey Industry
  • the US auto industry’s expansion under the Trump Administration
  • fake honey’s effects on the world’s honey business
  • Management quality in global markets
  • Coronavirus and BREXIT’s effects on the world’s aviation sector
  • Impact of corporate privatisation on worldwide marketplaces
  • Branding’s function in the global tourism sector
  • Information technology management for global businesses
  • Effects of efficient human resource management in global businesses
  • Impact of efficient channels for corporate communication in global companies
  • Acceptableness of government engagement in creating CSR restrictions
  • Result of senior management interference in a company’s plans
  • When accidents are every day, can the economic model for developing driverless cars still be viable?
  • How social media branding gives companies a competitive edge in the age of globalisation
  • Value ramifications of multinationals’ cross-border expansion trends in emerging markets
  • How do public disclosure policies affect corporate operations management in a more globalised society?
  • The elements affecting the success of building firms in the United Arab Emirates
  • Important aspects for Carrefour to succeed in the current global market
  • financial options for developing small and medium-sized businesses
  • The impact of legislation on the marketing and production of tobacco.
  • Is the government gaining revenue from the war?
  • Companies that are successful both nationally and internationally.
  • It is acquiring knowledge of the global IT market and sector.
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce.

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Research Prospect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

Final Words

Choosing the best international business dissertation topic in your graduate programme is a prerequisite to writing a first class dissertation paper.

Are you having trouble deciding what to write about for your dissertation or how to choose a topic? Search no further; we can assist you not only with the topic selection but the full process.

We have 1000s of satisfied customers when it comes to writing a dissertation . It’s your time to put your trust in us to provide you with the best topic and dissertation on international business that you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find international business dissertation topics.

For international business dissertation topics:

  • Study global economic trends.
  • Analyze cross-border challenges.
  • Explore trade and market dynamics.
  • Research cultural influences.
  • Examine multinational strategies.
  • Select a topic aligning with your expertise and career aspirations.

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The goal of marketing is to promote goods and services and increase sales for your business by creating, sharing, and planning. The MBA marketing dissertation ensures 100% profits and excellent customer service.

Go through some of the dissertation topics related to entrepreneurship given below, with their research aim, and get an idea to begin your dissertation.

If you are an avid photographer and wish to spend your life doing something that you love, which is obviously photography, you must be thinking about pursuing it further.

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Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Business » International Business » International Business Dissertation Topics (28 Examples) For Research

international business dissertation examples

International Business Dissertation Topics (28 Examples) For Research

Mark May 31, 2020 Jun 5, 2020 Business , International Business No Comments

With time, the business world has evolved, and globalisation has contributed to bringing revolutionary changes in the field of business. With the increasing internationalisation, the scope and area for research in the field of international business have increased. We have listed down some very interesting and unique international business dissertation topics to help you in […]

international business dissertation topics

With time, the business world has evolved, and globalisation has contributed to bringing revolutionary changes in the field of business. With the increasing internationalisation, the scope and area for research in the field of international business have increased.

We have listed down some very interesting and unique international business dissertation topics to help you in choosing a workable topic. The following list of research topics on international business are developed to help students in finding the best topic for their research project.

You can also check our other business related topics posts to have further options.

  • Business Management Research Topics
  • Research Topics on Business
  • Business Administration Research Topics

List of International business dissertation topics

An analysis of global migrants studying the implications for international business and management.

An overview of the recent trends and future challenges in international business, cities, and competitiveness.

Exploring the international business in the information and digital age.

A systematic review of the issues of international entrepreneurship.

Exploring the competitive advantage strategies based on network analysis.

Studying the internationalisation of African firms based on opportunities, challenges and risks.

An investigation of the changing retail trends: emerging opportunities and challenges in Asian countries.

A review of protectionism, state discrimination, and international studies onset of the global financial crisis.

Examining the evolution of entrepreneurial finance in the last 10 years.

A study of the emergence of impacts of mobile commerce – an exploratory study.

Evaluation of the emergence and evolution of blue ocean strategy through the lens of management fashion theory.

Studying the impact of organisational performance on the emergence of Asian American leaders.

The importance of designing a closed-loop supply chain for improving the sustainability of global business practices.

A literature review of strategies for winning and competing in the global market.

Exploring the concepts of populism and the economics of globalisation.

An analysis of how effective leadership can contribute to facilitating change in the international business context.

Studying the influence of cross-cultural differences on international marketing.

Analysing the implications of domestic reforms and international relations on international businesses.

A review of the effects of globalisation on Asian international retailing taking the case of IKEA.

An analysis of technology trends and their impact on the internationalisation of businesses.

A study of emerging trends in global business and its implications for economies.

Identifying the five major trends that are dramatically changing work and the workplace in this era.

The emergence of corporate social responsibilities and its importance for international businesses.

An analysis of the trade challenges at the world trade organisations .

Analysing the strategic challenges of outsourcing innovation in the global market.

Studying the evolving global strategic trends.

Exploring the policy challenges from closer international trade and financial integration.

Why do businesses internationalise? – a review of factor influencing the decisions to internationalise.

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Along with a topic, you will also get;

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
  • View a sample of topic consultation service

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International Business Management Dissertation Topics and Ideas

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Dissertation Dissertation Topics Dissertation-Abstract Dissertation Proposal Dissertation- Analysis Chapter Dissertation- Conclusion Chapter Dissertation- Introduction Chapter Dissertation- Literature Review Chapter Dissertation- Methodology Chapter Dissertation Editing and Proof Reading Essay Admission Essay Scholarship Essay Case Study Annotated Bibliography Assignment Book Report/Review Case Analysis Course Work Information and Communication/ Computer Technology Reaction Paper Research Paper Research Proposal Statistics Project Term Paper Thesis Thesis Proposal Laboratory Report Movie Review Multiple Choice Questions Power Point Presentation Article Speech Other

  • Business Management Dissertation Topics >
  • International Business Management Dissertation Topics and Ideas >

International Business Management Dissertation Topics by Top Business Management Experts

A lot of students struggle to create interesting International Business dissertation topics 2021 especially. If you are looking for a list of business and international marketing dissertation topics that can help you get the best grades then you don’t have to look anywhere else. We are presenting you with a list of topics for your International Business Management dissertation crafted by miraculously talented dissertation experts.

Captivating International Business Management Dissertation Ideas for Intriguing Dissertation Topics

We are giving you a list of topics shortly but before that, we are going to give some open-ended dissertation topics for international business management. The aim of these ideas is to motivate you to craft your own dissertation topics. That is because brainstorming can be miraculous if done right.

You can craft as many topics as you can using these ideas. Make sure that you are keeping your interests as well as the guidelines and instructions from your teachers in your mind as well while crafting dissertation topics in international business and other subjects too. Being certain about your instructions will help you kick start your research as well.

  • Small and Big International Businesses Management: The objective of this dissertation idea is to study the management strategies of business and then comparing them with other similar but a smaller or bigger business model. For instance, you can select discuss the business management strategies of Gucci or freight forwarding company in comparison with another international fashion business or logistics company in a smaller scale. You can discuss specific strategies and their impacts on the sales, employee retention or turnover rate, relationship between employees and employers, and other similar aspects as well.
  • Scope of Study: The aim of this dissertation idea is to discuss the benefits of studying business management in a certain region. For instance, you can discuss career opportunities studying international business management in the United Kingdom. You can further evaluate your discussion with statistics and proofs to show the success rate of people pursuing a certain career in the respective field.

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List of International Business Management Dissertation Topics by Field Experts for Free!

Moving on from the brilliant ideas from our professionals, the list of custom International Business Management dissertation topics curated by our professional researchers is going to be yours.  Before that, we’d like to give you some tips that will help you choose the perfect dissertation topic.

First of all, grab as many topics as you can from the list below that peak your interest. After you have shortlisted the International Business Management dissertation topics, create multiple drafts for each of the topics and then finalize on the best topic that suits you as well as meets the criteria set by your teachers.

International Business Management Dissertation Topics FAQ’s

How to buy a phd international business management dissertation online, is it legal to buy an mba international business management dissertation online, what to do if i haven’t finished my international business management dissertation on time, can you proofread my international business management dissertation, can i place a customized order, do you provide plagiarism reports with the dissertations.

international business dissertation examples

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the work we provide is not the final version, it is research based work which you have to incorporate and edit according to your university requirements.


International Business Research Paper Topics - For College Papers

How to choose international research paper topics, writing an international business research paper, topic ideas for research papers on international business, the best research paper topics for international business class, good topics for business term papers or essays, international business dissertation topics, list of international business dissertation topics, where to get help with international business essays.

Creative International Business research Topic Ideas

One thing that is surely hard for students is choosing the right international business research paper topics.  Irrefutably, given the depth and breadth of business research papers, most students end up with shallow topics. It is the same thing when writing a business essay, business report, or business dissertation .

We aim to equip you with the knowledge of generating topic ideas for your international business research papers. From international management to international marketing, we have professional writers to help with all your essays. Undeniably, hurriedly choosing a topic can be very tempting.

Some of the focus areas for international business essays include expansion and entry modes of MNCs, international strategic management, tariffs and subsidies, exports and imports, etc.

Some professors will require you to write about the capitalism concepts, which leads to an analysis of Reaganomics in the 80s. Whatever the case, always know that you have a team behind you-Gradecrest.com

Most college students wonder about rocket science behind choosing the best research paper topics. Choosing a research paper topic for your international business term paper, research paper, essay, or proposal maters. Here is how to choose the best topics for your research paper:

  • Even when the professor has assigned you topics, choose among those the ones that you have an interest in. Boring topics lead to poorly written research papers.
  • Do not choose narrow or too general topics for your international business research paper. Sometimes broad topics are very tricky and tedious to handle. But, on the other hand, do not end up with a boring paper.
  • Use current events in the global business environment to guide your choice.
  • You can use Google Search to look up articles such as Top 100 topic ideas for a research paper, How to find the best research paper topics, or International marketing research paper topics.
  • Peruse books, periodicals, reports, annual reports, and news articles to choose the most appropriate topic for your international business research papers.
  • Go for a topic that has much information online.

When assigned international business research paper topics, you should begin by planning your research paper.  Planning helps you choose the topic to adopt for the research paper, report, business proposal, or term paper. Here is how to plan:

  • Determine the credible and scholarly materials to use. Fundamentally, if they are websites, try to avoid Wikipedia. Therefore, only use websites that end with .org, .edu, .gov, among others. If you must use .com websites, ensure they are credible of the companies mentioned in the paper.
  • Seek help from the supervisor after writing a working bibliography. Sometimes, you will write an annotated bibliography to culminate your business research paper. Take that chance to perfect your writing.
  • Collect the data for your research paper, given the topic.
  • Revise your working bibliography to ascertain the quality of the list.
  • The age of your sources should be within 5 or 10 years. Typically, this depends on the lecturer or professor. Thus, consult on the age of the sources to include.
  • Write an outline and structure of your international business research paper.
  • Begin writing a plagiarism-free research paper.
  • Edit and proofread the paper before submitting it.

Before we delve into the hot or recent business topics, if you need help, do not hesitate to click the button below.

Order international Business Paper Help

Apparently, we can only be nothing but mean if we do not give you a sample of research paper topics for international business papers:

  • Apple's Internationalization Strategy for its products.
  • Localization or Adaptation? Which is the best Internationalization Strategy?
  • The impact of Ethics and CSR on MNCs. A Case Study of Proctor and Gamble.
  • The Success Factors of Carrefour in China.
  • The most popular mistakes startups make today.
  • Understanding the Foreign Exchange Markets
  • What factors determine the location of production plants?
  • Analysis of the strategy used by GM and Toyota.
  • The Entry Mode of Coca-Cola in Cuba.
  • The Impact of Terrorism on the Economy of a country.
  • The role of government in international trade.
  • The Impact of Brexit on the Economy of the EU.
  • How Brexit affects the Economy of Dubai.
  • Understanding the strategy used by leading airlines.
  • Which companies should pay for healthcare budgets?
  • The impacts of legislation on Tobacco production and marketing.
  • Do the government profit from war?
  • Companies that have succeeded nationally and failed internationally.
  • Understanding the international IT market and industry.
  • Impacts of artificial intelligence on the workforce.
  • Globalization yesterday and today: what is the difference?
  • The impacts of the US government shutdown on business.
  • Does the country of origin labeling affect sales internationally?
  • Economic consequences of nuclear power in the EU.
  • The impacts of patent cases on Apple's sales.
  • Analysis of Google Inc.
  • Does Digital marketing have a place in the global market?
  • The impacts of technology on supply chain management and logistics.
  • Women in business: Is there a link between feminism and entrepreneurship?
  • The impact of capping lawyers' fees on their income.
  • Employee training and development: The new source of competitive advantage.
  • Corporate Ethics and Profits: A Case Study of General Electric.
  • Understanding the success of global non-profit
  • How has the invention and innovation affected the book publishing industry?
  • Frugal innovation and its impact on business.
  • Discrimination at the workplace: A case study of the construction industry in UAE.
  • The role of Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Big Pharma: Business or Consumer interest First?
  • The glass ceiling: Understanding the impacts of gender bias in the contemporary workplace.
  • Factors affecting the choice of Foreign Direct Investments.

Check out some of the most extensive and comprehensive topics for your research paper .

You will finally face a dissertation or a thesis as you do your MBA or a global business degree.

As someone who has gone through college and had the chance to choose an MBA dissertation topic for my international business dissertation, we can surely affirm that the process is arduous.

You can focus your topics on many issues, including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Workplace diversity
  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership and management
  • Intellectual capital
  • Innovation management
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Business ethics
  • International business laws
  • Outsourcing
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Risk management
  • Workplace safety
  • Strategic planning
  • Training and development
  • Consumer culture

Now, while choosing an international business dissertation or thesis topic depends on you, you should tie it to the course contents.

If you are taking an MBA in Leadership, make sure you choose a leadership topic that addresses international business.

  • The application of Institutional-based view of business strategy by MNCs
  • Impacts of Coronavirus epidemic on international business processes
  • Resource-based interview and international business
  • Factors influencing MNCs choice of corporate political strategy in emerging economies
  • Impacts of globalization of international business operations of MNCs
  • Impacts of culture on MNCs
  • Impacts of the changing global legal landscape on MNCs
  • Modes of entry by MNCs in the emerging markets
  • Total Quality Management by Toyota
  • Security challenges affecting the global banking system
  • Factors affecting the performance of regional businesses
  • The role of regional trade blocs
  • Impacts of social media marketing on Apple
  • Lessons from the businesses that have failed in the international market
  • Impacts of employee motivation on firm performance
  • Impacts of corruption on MNCs
  • Effective business communication channels when internationalizing
  • Impacts of organizational culture on innovation management
  • Causes of employee turnover and how to address them
  • Intercultural differences in consumption patterns: The implication it has for MNCs
  • Forms of financing available for emerging small and medium business enterprises
  • Analysis of American Express Organization
  • Management of International Non-Governmental Organization (Red Cross)
  • The importance of the IMF and the World Bank in the global economy
  • Role of international relations in facilitation international business
  • Toyota's internationalization strategy
  • Business ethics of Coca Cola
  • Market value and Sustainability of Coca-cola
  • Knowledge management at Coca Cola
  • Internationalization strategy of Samsung Company
  • Critical Success Factors for Carrefour in the global market landscape
  • Diversity Audit at Apple
  • Role of technology in an internationalization strategy
  • Ethical crisis at Coca Cola
  • Coca Cola as an international Market Leader
  • Localization strategies used by Coca Cola
  • Corporate Social Responsibility comparison of Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft
  • The annex between corporate governance and globalization strategy
  • Country of Origin and internationalization strategy
  • Analysis of the international furniture market
  • Impacts of organizational structure on business performance : A case of Toyota
  • Leadership and Succession planning at Google
  • Impacts of McDonaldization of the Society
  • Factors to consider when doing business in the UAE
  • The factors influencing the success of construction companies in the UAE
  • Value chain model of Coca Cola
  • International business case study for Zara Company
  • Role of social media marketing for Ford company
  • The entry of Disney into the Chinese market
  • What made Walmart successful globally?
  • Internationalization of IKEA operations
  • Applying the competitive advantage theory to McDonald's
  • The factors that have made KFC successful globally
  • Importance of corporate leadership in international business
  • Role of governments in international trade
  • How foreign exchange rates affect overseas business operations of MNCs
  • Corruption by MNCs operating overseas
  • Analysis of Amazon as a successful Internet global company
  • Acquisition of Jaguar and Landover by TATA company
  • Challenges and promises of expatriate employees in an international strategy
  • Importance of English as an international business language
  • Why Chinese companies win projects in Africa
  • An overview of the Canadian Honey Industry
  • The rise of the Auto Industry in the US during the Trump Administration
  • Impacts of fake honey on the global honey industry
  • Quality management in the international markets
  • Impacts of BREXIT and Coronavirus on the global aviation industry
  • Impacts of privatization of businesses in the international markets
  • Role of branding in the international tourism industry

If you have a topic, you can order a research proposal from our website and we will help you develop it. Hire a professional proposal writer today and increase your chances of completing your dissertation or thesis easily. 

As a college student, you will be assigned different international business research paper topics. Mainly, your choice should be based on your passion, information availability, and interest.

Related: Social issues to consider for essay/research topics.

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international business dissertation examples

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Qualitative & Quantitative data analysis

International Business Topics

Date published January 09 2021 by Ella James

Table of Contents

How “Dissertation Proposal” Can Help You!

Our top dissertation writing experts are waiting 24/7 to assist you with your university project, from critical literature reviews to a complete masters dissertation.

  • Assess the significance of Digital business during the pandemic
  • Identify the impact on country’s economy
  • Determine the future aspects
  • Identify the differences and conflicts between companies
  • Determine how regional differences have affected trade between countries
  • Critically evaluate the impact on overall strategies of multinationals
  • Analyze the effect of international business negotiations on cross border mergers.
  • Identify the level of competition between firms by comparing them.
  • Explore the aspect of global business negotiations in the case of mergers and acquisitions between two different companies of two different countries.
  • Identify and explain globalization and how it has caused strategies to change.
  • Impact of globalization on companies
  • Future strategies for companies to counter problems faced due to globalization
  • Identify the importance of retaining employees.
  • Importance of employee stress measurement.
  • This research will talk about the importance of employee stress measurement in order to implement change successfully.
  • Identify the patterns of business government relationships.
  • Evaluate the changes of policies in upgrading process of industries.
  • Determine the impact it has on emerging economies.
  • Impact of climate that poses challenges for business operations.
  • Evaluate the new strategies adopted by organizations to counter climate change.
  • Evaluate sustainability strategies embraced by these business organizations purposely to counter climate change risks.
  • Evaluate the impact of firm strategies and corporate performance on enterprise software market growth in emerging regions.
  • Identify the growth rates and potential for greater opportunity as infrastructures improve.
  • Identify the relationship between internationalization and performance.
  • Determine the performance measures that lead to profitability, organization growth and competitiveness.
  • Discussion about link between internationalization and longevity or survival of SMEs.
  • Analyze and study competitive advantage through innovation, seeking measurements that provide evidence of cause and effect.
  • Determine the impact of intellectual property rights on innovation.
  • Evaluate how firms can use patents for innovation measures.


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14 Interesting Topics To Explore In An International Business And Management Dissertation

Choosing the right topic is the most critical part of the international business management custom dissertation writing. In fact, once you get it right on this aspect, you will complete the rest of the paper in time and effortlessly. It is, however, not always easy to come up with the right topic. It is particularly true if you are looking for an original and a unique one. This piece offers you suggestions on some of the topics you should explore.

  • The relationship between corporate governance on internalization and globalization. Does such governance have any impact? How should the leaders in an organization prepare for globalization and internalization?
  • The implications of the rising power of NGO on the multinational corporations. Many NGOS have become more powerful and established in different nations to the extent that the multinationals are unable to compete effectively. The NGOS may also come up with campaigns that speak against the multinational activities. What does this mean for the multinationals?
  • How do the multinational activities affect the small-medium enterprises? Here, you may want to focus on the developing countries for a better analysis.
  • How does globalization affect team work in businesses? Are teams able to work together when they come from dissimilar cultures?
  • What strategies should businesses adopt in a globalization era? Focus should be given on some of the strategies that have been successfully adopted by businesses operating in the global scene.
  • The drivers of the Chinese business expansion in developing countries. You may want to focus on what China is doing differently.
  • The relationship between outsourcing of services and poor customer care services. Should companies outsource critical services?
  • Organization cultural change. What is the role of the employees and utilizing feedback from clients?
  • The impact of training employees in the new global economy. Find out the areas in which employees can be trained to help achieve international business goals.
  • Management of information technology for international businesses
  • Social media branding- can it help businesses to gain competitive advantages in the globalization era?
  • The role of innovation in international marketing and business
  • Importance of mergers and acquisitions in conducting international business
  • Case studies of businesses that have failed in international markets

Having considered the topics listed here, you can go through the existing literature and find your own point of view. You may even combine a few aspects or focus on case studies to make your research original. Ultimately, you should submit an award winning business and management dissertation.

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Business Dissertation Topics

2020 was a year of drastic change, with many businesses shut down by the pandemic. However 2021-22 onwards promises rapid economic growth, as business activity sharply expands. So, to help you out we’ve provided a selection of free and original business dissertation topics, suitable for both Master’s and Bachelor’s degree dissertations. These topics cover a large range of subjects within the business discipline, so you are sure to find one suited to your own interests. Each of these topics will allow you to produce an original and ambitious dissertation that will contribute to the existing knowledge of your subject area. So, if you’ve been searching far and wide for a great business dissertation topic, look no further!

Global Politics and Global Business Dissertation Topics

Global strategy for business dissertation topics, technology and innovation management business dissertation topics, corporate social responsibility business dissertation topics, international human resource management dissertation topics, management of international change dissertation topics, leadership and innovation business dissertation topics, globalisation and strategy business dissertation topics.

This is one of the most important aspects of international business as it examines the connection between global politics and global business. It looks at some of the most important factors, institutions, and processes that affect international business and studies the political environment of business, which has been particularly volatile over the last five years.

  • Evaluating the performance of global business teams within multinational corporations: the test of an intervening process model.
  • How does Corporate Governance affect internationalisation, globalisation and the performance of firms?
  • What sorts of themes and images might create trans-cultural resonance and dissonance within an international classroom comprised of diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds?
  • Can production for global markets help business groups to mobilise collectively? Under what conditions does globalisation enable the private sector to develop independent organisational bases and create effective relationships with the state?
  • How different patterns of business-government relations affect processes of industrial upgrading: A case study of emerging economies.
  • How do multinational organisations tackle the growing complexity of managing themselves in light of the rise to significant power of non-governmental organisations?
  • A look at the effect that Brexit is likely to have on British businesses, especially the average small and medium enterprise (SME).
  • How will Brexit impact on the regulatory burden of large business and corporations in the United Kingdom and Europe?
  • Business-Government relations within a contingency theory framework: strategy, structure, fit, and performance.
  • What is the meaning and process of globalisation and how does it impact the way in which business teams work together?
  • In the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis, is globalisation still going to be a key market driver?
  • Global strategy and local implementation: Examining how multinational corporations apply Corporate Governance in China.
  • How will firms investing in China manage the political undercurrents, as talk increases of a new Cold War between the West and China?
  • What factors affect multinational corporations’ choice of corporate political strategy? Examining the influence of perceived regulatory pressure on company’s political strategies.
  • Using a legitimacy perspective to examine how firms entering the Chinese market manage political risk.
  • A critical examination of the potential implications of Brexit for UK firms’ EU-based supply chain.
  • Brexit and foreign direct investment into the UK: An examination of the potential impact on new venture start-ups in the UK.

Global business strategy focuses on understanding the main strategic issues that organisations face when they operate as a global business. Specifically, the issues relate to three areas: understanding global strategic analysis, formulating a global strategy, and developing sources of competitive advantage in a given company.

  • What are the risks and benefits of an International Joint Venture?
  • How should a business strategy be developed to expand a business in an international market?
  • A comparative study of Mergers and Acquisitions within the Aviation sector: Case study of Qatar Airways’ joint venture with the International Airlines Group.
  • A research on the exit strategy of foreign venture capital investment in international private business sector.
  • What are the business strategies and key success factors of Financial Holding Companies in the international environment?
  • How does an organisation benefit from an effective vendor management strategy?
  • Why are some vendor relationships more successful than others?
  • Developing an effective framework for knowledge sharing and utilisation in global project teams.
  • Can entrepreneurship be utilised as an effective management strategy within a business unit?
  • What effects will the consumers’ increasing use of the online channel to fashion shopping have on the strategies used by UK clothing retailers?
  • An assessment of sustainable competitive advantage within the UK DIY multiple market sector.
  • Develop your own definition of logistics, that you think reflects how logistics is evolving and explain why you think it is appropriate for today and the next decade.
  • A study of the problems of managing international collaboration in the military aero-engine business.
  • New possibilities in logistics and supply chain management provided by Big Data: examining the birth and growth of supply chain analytics.
  • Designing a closed-loop supply chain for improving sustainability of global business practices.
  • Developing a strategy for winning in the Indian market: A case study of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

These topics consider the ways in which business firms develop and implement technology as a strategy and integrate technological and innovative capabilities in support of their business operations. These topics mainly investigate how technology has revolutionised the business environment causing disruption, new opportunities and challenges for firms to deal with.

  • A study of how business operations have improved as a result of innovation: Are they converging towards one universal approach?
  • What are the market challenges experienced by new UK mobile telecommunication companies?
  • How will 5G technology impact on the growth of digital consumer markets in the UK?
  • How does online branding provide competitive advantage in the digital era: a study of the consumer electronics industry?
  • A study into how ICT integration has transformed procurement of goods and services.
  • Building virtual dominions – A comparative study of mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances in e-commerce: case studies of Amazon.com and eBay.
  • What are the technological factors surrounding the relationship between organisational growth and performance?
  • A study into the role of online marketing in creating global supply chain networks.
  • A study into how organisations suffer the negative effects of modern day technology.
  • What are the main factors impacting on the success of online branding for corporations?
  • Assessing the role of social media in global branding: cases of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Exploring the impact of technology on CRM operations within call centres in the UK and analyse the factors that affect the well-being of the employee?
  • A study into the opportunities of implementing an e-HR system: Case of British Energy.
  • A study into how companies influence technology and innovation within suppliers: Case of Apple.
  • Assessing technology diffusion models among online shoppers in the UK.
  • Business process reengineering and the challenges facing airlines, a critical study of the factors influencing Saudi Airlines’ BPR initiatives.
  • What are the barriers to successful/profitable e-commerce deployment in government organisations?
  • Comparing and contrasting government e-commerce portals with private ones such as eBay and Amazon: which offers the better user experience and business outcomes?
  • How has integration of technology into HR improved organisational efficiency?
  • What is the impact of technology on FMCG industry towards meeting consumer demands in the UK market?
  • Assessing the role of innovation towards creation of new opportunities for SMEs in the UK.
  • What determinant factors influence integration of technology in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) sector.

Governments, activists and the media have become adept at holding companies to account for the social consequences of their actions. In response, corporate social responsibility has emerged as an inescapable priority for business leaders in every country. The fact is many prevailing approaches to CSR are quite disconnected from strategy. Business should treat CSR as something central to their strategy and hence contribute as a core competence for many organisations. These topics evaluate how business can utilise CSR practices to enhance opportunities for organisational success.

  • How does Corporate Social Responsibility impact on customer loyalty?
  • What is the role of staff training in developing and executing CSR skills?
  • What are the key strategic decisions facing companies in order to improve their performance in Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • Does Corporate Social Responsibility enhance corporate reputation? A case study of Tesco.
  • What are the challenges facing ethical businesses in the UK for moving to the mainstream?
  • How can businesses gain advantage from adopting CSR practices with respect to climate change?
  • A study into the impact of green and lean practices on organisational performance.
  • How have environmental policies transformed CSR practices within organisations: Case of BAT.
  • What are the effects of CSR on sustainability: Case of Coca Cola.
  • How will multinational organisations deal with the growing emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in large markets like Germany and India?
  • To what extent will CSR be sacrificed for greater economic growth in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic?
  • How can firms successfully make Corporate Social Responsibility operable in the modern corporate environment?
  • Is there a relationship between diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility, what is its contribution to organisational performance?
  • What is the impact of CSR on brand equity: Case study of Toyota UK?
  • How does CSR impact on organisational performance?
  • CSR and societal expectations: A case study of Unilever.

International Human Resource Management refers to activities that are designed to support organisations in managing human resources at an international level so that competitive advantage can be maintained at both the national and international level. The subject area includes understanding of culture factors, both in terms of beliefs and attitudes of international employees and in relation to international employment legislation. Studying the area provides insights into the way that corporate HR functions can contribute to international business strategy and build functional knowledge of the main developments in the management of expatriates and other forms of international management. Changing perspectives are crucial as more and more organisations operate on a global basis and have head offices in a home country and operational sites in host nations. Functionally this can involve expatriates but increasingly includes high usage of virtual technology to create links between home and host country operational sites. The following topics are an indication of key areas of current interest in the field.

  • What are the benefits and challenges of inter-cultural team working in virtual environments and how these teams influence competitive advantage.
  • Virtual working environments became something of a norm during the pandemic. Will this apply to home countries of international corporations as well?
  • What are the bases of employee commitment in terms of affective, normative and calculative commitment in a global multi-national?
  • What are the effects of organisational transition on employee commitment in large multinational companies?
  • How do mergers impact on employee motivation and commitment, and how can any fallout be managed?
  • How can cultural differences in international collaborative projects be managed?
  • Can job-swaps between international workers improve inter-cultural working in multi-national organisations?
  • What is the relationship between the three components of commitment to organisational change and the perceived success of an organisational change?
  • What effect will the UK’s decision to leave the EU have on economic migrants, and how can this be managed by IHRM practices and polices?
  • How will Brexit impact on British workers in the EU, and to what extent can this be managed by IHRM practices and policies?
  • How does one manage employee commitment in the not-for-profit sector across different national cultures?
  • Using models of Strategic Human Resource Management assess and appraise how BAE Systems is achieving strategy through effective people management practices.
  • What are the main factors that affect employee retention at international call centres?
  • What are the most effective practices for working a unique Human Resource policy across multiple divisions of large diversified companies?
  • A study of the constantly changing global business environment and how effective human resource planning enables organisations to achieve their strategic objectives.
  • What effect does the Brexit decision and subsequent negotiations have on the management of EU operational sites by UK based companies?
  • What is the role and value of effective IHRM strategic thinking to effective negotiation of joint ventures between the UK and BRIC countries?
  • Can IHRM be effective in delivering culturally appropriate work-life balance and flexible working patterns for multi-national firms?

Change, at the organisational level is vital for continued innovation and retention of competitive advantage. Therefore, understanding the different aspects of this topic is vital in creating awareness of existing views and practices for implementing and managing successful change, particularly at the international level. This topic area is therefore focused on the what, why and how involving managing change in contemporary organisations and social systems in general, and how they may impact on the effectiveness of change. In particular, it examines the issues and dilemmas facing those managing change, as well as the skills required for successful adaptation and evolution, especially in an international context.

  • What internal and external factors have the greatest impact on employees in cross-national mergers and acquisitions?
  • Managing change across multi-cultural teams through technology and virtual project management: The impact of social understanding and use of digital media.
  • What are the biggest changes in home working practises going to be following Coronavirus, and what impact will they have on employee retention?
  • Managing change: Developing a framework that links intended strategies and unanticipated outcomes.
  • Employee adjustment during organisational change: The role of organisational level and occupation.
  • How can employee motivation levels be sustained during organizational restructuring?
  • Success of a Product Lifecycle Management Implementation – an investigation into the electronics manufacturing industry.
  • How power works through managing emotion in organisational change: emotion management as power.
  • How can the measurement of levels of work stress in individuals employed in an organisation undergoing change benefit it?
  • Encouraging gender equality across international firms – what role can change management approaches take in supporting increased female representation in traditionally masculine firms?
  • Managing change in Asian business – A comparison between Chinese-educated and English-educated Chinese entrepreneurs in Singapore.
  • What is the impact of feedback during organisational culture change: a case study of a financial firm?
  • Stakeholder Communication and Transformational Change: A case study in the use of a proprietary change management system.
  • What effect is there on levels of resistance and conflict when organisational change is lead by a servant or spiritual leader?
  • How social media can facilitate acceptance of change in international organisations.
  • Soft skills are not enough: Why change management approaches also need strong project management planning to be successful.
  • What are the key project management skills needed to execute a major change in the working culture of an organization?

Innovation has become a primary force driving the growth, performance, and valuation of companies. However, sometimes there is a wide gap between the aspirations of executives to innovate and their ability to execute. Many companies make the mistake of trying to spur innovation by turning to unreliable best practices, and to organisational structures and processes. Moreover, executives who focus on stimulating and supporting innovation by their employees can promote and sustain it with the current talent and resources more effectively than they could by using other incentives. This area focuses on innovation at the individual level and at the group level within organisations.

  • What are the effects of team innovation and leadership clarity in organisations? A health care case study.
  • Does socio-cultural context moderate the relationship of leadership with top-management influence on innovation?
  • What are the effects of leadership style and team process on performance and innovation in functionally heterogeneous teams?
  • An exploratory study of leadership, organisational culture and organisational innovativeness in a sample of non-profit organisations.
  • Is there a difference in leadership style between profit and non-organisations, and what are the reasons for this?
  • How do business leaders see their role in enabling innovation in large organisations?
  • Transformation or transactional? The role of leadership in supporting individual-level creativity within organisations.
  • How exactly do we put leadership and innovation together? How does a company lead in a way that generates innovation?
  • What are the key factors required for a creative organisation? How are barriers to implementing these factors overcome?
  • Organising for team creativity: Creating an organisational system for harvesting ideas for leadership and innovation.
  • What is the nature and role of leadership in three ideal types of public management innovation: politically-led, organisational turnarounds and bottom-up innovations?
  • How is leadership different in the engineering function? An assessment of Airbus UK?
  • What are the behavioural and personality correlations of transactional and transformational leadership?
  • What is the relationship between leadership style and creativity? Systematically reviewing the literature.
  • From managing to enabling innovation: Leaders’ facilitating innovation through cultural change.
  • The role of leaders in balancing creativity and standardisation in the firm.

Globalisation is a complex trend, encompassing many forces and many effects. Globalisation has revolutionised the global market as Multinational Enterprises renew their strategies to attain competitive edge. These topics evaluate different strategies adopted by business firms to uniquely position themselves in the global market.

  • The analysis of suitability and applicability of Porter’s Generic Strategies in the light of emerging business trends and an unpredictable operating environment post-pandemic.
  • Does globalisation have a future in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic?
  • What is the significance of ICT integration as a business strategy?
  • How globalisation has broken trade barriers and its impact on trade tariffs: the case of BRIC countries.
  • What current strategies are in place for businesses to meet dynamic consumer demands?
  • To what extent is consumer demand shaped by corporate innovation? A comparative study of Apple and Samsung.
  • Assessing the impact of globalisation on UK businesses operating on both international and local levels.
  • Does Brexit signal a rollback in globalisation in the UK and Europe?
  • An examination of empowerment, conflict and corporate vision as factors in developing global business strategies for multinational firms.
  • What are the transformational strategies adopted by companies in the globalisation era?
  • How have countries changed their trade policies in the face of new global market challenges?
  • A study into the FDI strategies used by UK multinational companies: case study of Vodafone.
  • Investigating the role of strategic alliances in creating global supply chain networks.
  • Assessing the impact of internationalisation strategies on multinational corporations: case study Tullow Oil.

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