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Argumentative essay ppt


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Argumentative writing

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how to write an argumentative essay ppt

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Argumentative essay notes for 9th grade English.


how to write an argumentative essay ppt

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how to write an argumentative essay ppt

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how to write an argumentative essay ppt

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how to write an argumentative essay ppt

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how to write an argumentative essay ppt

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how to write an argumentative essay ppt

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Writing an Argumentative Essay

Published by Cordelia Ellis Modified over 7 years ago

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Presentation on theme: "Writing an Argumentative Essay"— Presentation transcript:

Writing an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Writing

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Persuasive Essay Writing The art of persuading someone to think like you!

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Writing an Argumentative Paragraph

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

How to write a THESIS STATEMENT A thesis statement answers the question asked of you. (Is Ms. Harper amazing?) A thesis statement is a claim (has to have.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Argumentative Essay.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Expository Writing.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Paragraphs A good paragraph has the following key elements: A main idea expressed in a topic sentence (your reasons) Details supporting the main idea (your.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Essay Outline Poetry Unit.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

The Three Parts of an Essay

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

The “How and Why” of Writing

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Let’s Review Some Things, Class Days ‘til KPREP: 19.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Writing the 5 Paragraph Essay. Introduction Three Parts  Attention Grabber  Claim/Argument  3 Reasons your argument is true.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

A how-to guide. Introduction: Start with an attention getter. For literary analysis, this should be some background information related to the piece of.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Body Paragraphs Writing body paragraphs is always a T.R.E.A.T. T= Transition R= Reason/point from thesis/claim E= Evidence (quote from the text) A= Answer.

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

The Argumentative Essay. This just won’t cut it...

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Argumentative Essay Standard: ELAGSE6W1

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Invention and Arrangement

how to write an argumentative essay ppt


how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Take out a piece of paper and take notes…

how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Argumentative Essay Standard: ELACC6W1. What is it? An essay that is used to state and support claims written with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

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how to write an argumentative essay ppt

Walaiporn Chaya

Michael Nussbaum

Journal of Educational Psychology

This study examined a new prewriting tool, argumentation vee diagrams (AVDs), which are used to write reflective opinion essays. AVDs are based on the theoretical concept of argument– counterargument integration, which involves evaluating and integrating both sides of an issue before developing a final conclusion on a controversial question. In a test of the effectiveness of AVDs, 45 undergraduates at a large, southwestern university were randomly assigned to an experimental or control group. Both groups wrote 4 opinion essays over a 4-week period. The experimental group also received training on using the AVDs, including instruction on criteria for weighing arguments. Results indicated that AVD training was effective in enhancing argument– counterargument integration. Furthermore, examination of integration strategies used by participants revealed a new strategy, minimization, which was not previously part of E. M. Nussbaum and G. Schraw’s (2007) argument– counterargument integration framework. Minimization involves curtailing the importance or extensiveness of a problem or advantage as a heuristic shortcut for weighing advantages and disadvantages. The role of critical questions and argumentation schemata in argument-counterargument integration is discussed.

Contemporary Educational Psychology

This study examines the effect of goal instructions on students’ reasoning and argumentation in an interactive context (discussing a topic on-line). Goal instructions specify the goal of a discussion. General goals (to persuade or explore) were crossed with speciWc goals (to generate reasons or counterarguments/rebuttals) in a 3x3 randomized design using 224 undergraduates. The design also controlled for need for cognition, which measures dispositions to think. The goal instruction to “generate as many reasons as possible” resulted in deeper, more contingent arguments, closer to Mercer’s (1996) notion of exploratory talk, whereas the persuade goal resulted in arguments that were more adversarial and somewhat better supported. The other goals had less dramatic effects. Need for cognition also predicted total argument claims and depth. These Wndings have important implications for building richer interactive discussions that promote the integration of ideas.

The authors investigated ways of encouraging students to consider more counterarguments when writing argumentative texts. One hundred eighty-four undergraduates wrote essays on TV violence. In Experiment 1, students given specific goals generated more counterarguments and rebuttals than controls. In Experiment 2, some participants were provided with a text outlining arguments/counterarguments; some were also asked to write a persuasive letter. Prior attitudes toward the topic were also measured. Persuasion instructions negatively affected and text (without persuasion instructions) positively affected counterargumentation and the overall quality of arguments. Text was only effective, however, for students with less extreme prior attitudes. The danger of using persuasion goals and the advantages of using more specific goals (with text) are discussed.

Journal of Experimental Education

It is important, when writing opinion essays, for students to consider and integrate both arguments and counterarguments to develop a final conclusion. In this article, the authors explored the effect of criteria instruction and a graphic organizer to promote integration of arguments and counterarguments. The researchers randomly assigned 84 participants from an undergraduate educational psychology course to 1 of 4 conditions: training only, organizer only, combined, and control. The graphic organizer resulted in more refutations of counterarguments. However, criteria instruction resulted in better integration of argument and counterargument (with stronger rebuttals and more balanced reasoning). The authors discussed how the 2 interventions may have activated somewhat different argumentation schema in students.

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Ayesha Kidwai

Assessing Writing

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George Newell , Jen VanDerHeide

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