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112 Graphic Design Dissertation Topics For Your Perfect Assignment

112 Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Art students write about graphic design dissertation topics to showcase their impressive and creative thinking skills. As a graphic designer, your role is to plan and practice conveying messages with textual content. And this is the most effective and innovative method to connect with consumers in the current world.

Whether complex website page layouts or simple business logos, graphic design takes different forms. Other visual design examples include posters, magazine covers, and business cards. Writing a dissertation using intricate and unique graphic design topics is essential for learners that want to excel in their career in this sector. It’s also vital to research graphic design to impress potential employers.

This article lists 110-plus graphic design topics while describing the parts that a good dissertation in this field comprises.

Parts of a Good Graphic Design Dissertation

An excellent dissertation in this field comprises several parts that students should focus on when writing. Here’s a breakdown of the primary sections of a dissertation on this subject.

Introduction : A good dissertation about a graphic design topic has an opening that creates an excellent impression while encouraging the audience to read the rest of the paper. The intro should be brief to capture the audiences’ attention. Problem statement : This section highlights the research question and its background. It also tells the readers why the dissertation is essential. Objectives and aim of the paper : This section tells the readers why your topic matters. It explains the intent of your research and your desired outcomes for the project. Methodology : Here, you describe the methods you use to research the topic. Also, highlight the available techniques while comparing them to choose a viable option. For instance, you can include print media, software, and other platform media details for completing your dissertation. Literature review : This part comprises details of previous studies and the scholars behind them. It also has a theoretical framework for the dissertation, providing insights into your starting point, ideas, and concepts. Limitation : In this section, you highlight the scope, ideas, and limitations of your study. Also, you specify the objectives you attained from your research.

Writing a thesis about a graphic design topic requires relevant principles’ knowledge, and strong writing skills. If you are not interested in writing and don’t want to waste your time on a boring task from a professor, you can pay someone to do your assignment and enjoy the activities you love.

Top Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Maybe you want to write a thesis paper about a top topic in this academic field. In that case, consider the following ideas.

  • The latest trends in graphic design
  • How to use PowerPoint in graphic design
  • Subliminal messages and advertisement
  • Visual design concepts in the 20th century
  • Digital art’s evolution over the years
  • How graphic design can help online service providers generate more sales
  • How multimedia design affects the world
  • Graphic design and repetition theory- How they affect consumers’ behavior
  • Graphic design and changes in online gaming
  • Color selection, graphic design, and human psychology- What’s the connection?
  • Application and relevance of design theories
  • How consumers perceive web designs
  • How web graphics create trust among visitors
  • Using negative spacing and graphic design to affect the consumers’ subconscious minds
  • Famous graphic designers of the century
  • How does TV influence graphic design
  • How computers affect graphic design
  • Using graphic design in computer game interfaces to draw more consumers
  • Balance as a graphic design basic- How does it create impressive visuals?
  • Online graphical design tools versus conventional designing programs
  • How visual heuristics assist in segmenting the attention of the viewers
  • Graphic design and political satire
  • How graphic design tools have revolutionized the industry

These are some of the top ideas to consider for a thesis topic in this subject. Nevertheless, research your chosen title extensively to write a comprehensive paper.

General Graphic Design Dissertation Ideas

Graphic design is a growing study field with many organizations establishing departments and offices for expert designers. Here are general ideas to explore when writing a thesis paper in graphic design.

  • Understanding graphic design
  • How graphic design influence communications
  • Qualifications of a professional graphic designer
  • Is graphic design a career or a passion?
  • Similarities between conventional photographers and graphic designers’ tools
  • The essence of colors in graphic design
  • Comparison between contemporary graphic design and photographic theory
  • Understanding the visual design principles
  • How graphic designers affect their field
  • Factors influencing graphic design
  • Developmental stages for graphic design
  • The influence of technology on graphic design
  • The graphic design’s role in social media
  • Changes in graphical design tools
  • Computer graphics’ evolution in the 20th century
  • Is traditional graphic design critical in the digital age?
  • The essence of computers in the visual design evolution
  • Media forms in graphic design
  • How print styles and typefaces influence the digital age
  • Graphic design and its role in web design and development

These are general topics to consider when writing a thesis in this field. Pick any idea from this list and investigate it thoroughly before writing.

Best Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

The internet has many ideas to explore when writing a dissertation in graphic design. Here are the best titles to consider for your paper.

  • Using color psychology to trigger emotions in graphic design
  • The impact of graphical design tools on the industry
  • Graphic design and newspaper adverts- How they influence the consumers’ buying behavior
  • Graphic design and its use in promoting movie festivals
  • Graphic design and its use in street art and social commentary
  • How logos and organization branding affect sales
  • Space and its use in design esthetics
  • Color theory and its impact on graphic design
  • Typeset techniques and principles as part of graphic design
  • Creating environmental awareness using graphic design
  • Graphic design software trends
  • Cultural expectations and graphic design
  • How visual imaging improves understanding
  • Media design and new graphics
  • Is desktop publishing dead?
  • Web animation and graphic design- How they have shaped the internet content
  • Newspaper ads evolution in the digital era
  • Personality role in arts
  • How experts use graphic design to create a set in the film industry
  • Restaurants and theme design
  • Graphic design and persuasion elements
  • Commercial design- How to facilitate feedback when dealing with customers
  • How visual hierarchy helps in creating customer e-commerce stores’ perception
  • Art directors as transformational heads
  • How graphic designs help in making directories
  • How graphic design has revolutionized modern cinema
  • Colorful classroom creation

These ideas can be the basis of a fantastic dissertation. Nevertheless, each of them requires adequate time to investigate and gather relevant information.

Exciting Graphic Design Research Topics

Maybe you want to write about an interesting topic in this field. In that case, writing about any of these ideas can be fun.

  • Unique 10-minute graphic design projects
  • How animation helps in creating beautiful postcards
  • How the design language can trigger brand retention in customers’ minds
  • Classic book cover re-interpretation
  • Results and effects of graphic design in the consumer markets
  • How graphic design helps in coloring kids’ books
  • Secondary research and its use in exploring web design features
  • Traits of a successful graphic designer
  • Graphic design and its relationship with the pop culture
  • How graphic design facilitates the creation of business cards
  • Literature review of the graphic novel
  • Graphic design trends over the last decade
  • Theory application in graphic design
  • How people perceive visual communication and design education
  • How artistic sensibility affects the graphic design
  • How banners facilitate message conveyance
  • Average budget analysis in graphic design projects
  • Is graphic design education important?
  • How appealing products affect consumer choices
  • Using graphic design to retarget ads and reach the target market efficiently
  • Graphic design theory application

These are fun topics to consider for a thesis in this field. Nevertheless, perform in-depth research to write a winning paper about these titles.

Senior Thesis Graphic Design Project Ideas

Maybe you need a graphic design title for your senior thesis. In that case, select any of these ideas for your paper.

  • How to use graphic design to boost e-commerce stores’ sales
  • How graphic design can help consumers recall your brand
  • How Apple uses graphic design to influence buying behavior
  • How marketing agencies use graphic design
  • Graphic design and commercial distinctiveness
  • How limited financial plans affect graphics
  • How graphic designers use psychological triggers to boost customer loyalty
  • How video filters boost sales and customer attention in graphic designs
  • How computer graphics evolved in the 20th century
  • Graphic design and its use by clothing brands
  • Why logos and visual design matter to businesses
  • Graphic design and its use in creating a plant identifying application
  • Gradient logo designs versus flat logo designs
  • Advertisement and computer graphics- How they alter consumer behavior
  • How contrast colors affect buying behavior
  • How graphic design and brochures help businesses to attract more sales
  • Developing a graphic design career
  • The impact of graphic design on product packaging
  • Vehicle wraps evolution and graphic design
  • Exploring different techniques that graphic designers use to convey messages
  • Graphical design application in advanced technology

These are some of the best ideas to explore when researching and writing about graphic design. While this may not be a comprehensive list, it has titles college and uni students can choose for their graduate and undergraduate papers.

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120+ Creative Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

Table of Contents

Are you searching for the best graphic design thesis ideas? Here, in this blog post, we have shared some interesting graphic design thesis ideas for academic writing. Continue reading this blog post and get creative topics and ideas for writing your Graphic Design Thesis.

Graphic design is one of the evolving fields of art that focuses on creating visual and textual content to deliver messages. Particularly, in recent times, graphic design has been extensively used by businesses to connect with customers. You can use your graphic designing knowledge to creatively design posters, business cards, logos, brochures, and websites for business.

Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

If you want to shine as a top graphic designer, creativity and design skills are needed the most. Additionally, if you have completed a research paper topic or thesis on graphic design, then your chance to withstand in the designing field will increase. The only way to showcase your designing skills to the outside world is by completing an excellent graphic design thesis. With your excellent graphic design thesis, you can also seek job opportunities in the top designing companies.

Graphic Design Thesis Preparation

Preparing a graphic design thesis is a challenging activity. For completing a graphic design project, you must have a good topic. In general, graphic designing is a broad subject that contains tons of creative thesis topic ideas to show your potential.

According to your grade in school or graduate level in college or university, first, identify an ideal graphic design research topic of your choice. The topic you select should provide space for you to complete your research paper within the deadline, and it should also give you the scope to apply the visual design principles and portray your creativity and design skills.

When writing your graphic design thesis paper on the topic you have selected, make sure to include the following sections

  • Catchy Introduction
  • Strong Problem Statement
  • Aim and Objectives
  • Methods Used
  • Literature Review
  • Scope and Limitation of the Study

It is your graphic design research paper that will help others to evaluate your knowledge of design. Also, you can get top grades for your graphic design project only if you choose an attractive thesis topics on graphic design and write a well-structured, attractive thesis. So, when writing your graphic design thesis, be creative and display the content in an appealing way to grab the attention of your target audience.

Graphic Design Thesis Topic Ideas

List of the Best Graphic Design Thesis Topics and Ideas

In a graphic design thesis, the topic plays a significant role. But, usually, choosing the right topic for research is always a tedious step in the research paper writing process. As graphic design is a wide subject with plenty of research topics, choosing the best graphic design thesis topic from them might consume more time and effort. Hence, to help you find the right topic for your graphic designing research paper, here we have separately grouped and listed the best graphic design thesis topic ideas for you to consider.

Go through the complete list of research topic ideas and pick a creative topic that matches your interest and the instructor’s writing guidelines.

Excellent Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

  • Graphic design trends in the 21st century
  • Human psychological connections and color selection
  • Multimedia design and how it has changed the world around us
  • The evolution of digital art over the years
  • Conventional designing software versus online graphic designing tools.
  • The importance of balance in creating impressive visuals
  • A case study on renowned graphic designers of the time
  • Theories of graphic design.
  • The role of computers in the evolution of graphic design
  • How graphic design is used in in-game interfaces to attract consumers
  • Use of graphic design for political satire
  • Advertisements and subliminal messages
  • How does visual heuristics help in segmenting the viewer’s attention?
  • How brands use negative spacing to affect the subconscious minds of consumers
  • The use of PowerPoint presentations to create amazing designs
  • Impact of the theory of repetition on consumer buying behavior
  • How online gaming trends have changed
  • Defining consumer perceptions of web designs
  • The importance of graphic design to generate sales for online service providers
  • Discuss the role of web graphics in creating visitor’s trust
  • Discuss the concept of digital design and its benefits
  • What is called Typeface/Lettering Design?
  • Discuss the different types of graphic design
  • Current trends related to animation design
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Designing

Outstanding Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

  • Design and culture expectations
  • Theme design for restaurants
  • How has the internet shaped animation content?
  • The fall of desktop publishing
  • The evolution of newspaper ads in the technological era
  • The new graphic and media designs
  • The effect of organizational branding and logos on sales
  • Current and future trends in the commonly used software for graphic designs
  • Elements of persuasion and graphic design
  • Organizational branding and websites.
  • Art directors: transformational heads
  • How does color psychology trigger emotions?
  • The role of visual hierarchy in creating customer perception of e-commerce stores
  • How graphic designs are used in the making of directories
  • Creating a colorful classroom
  • The role of graphic design in the evolution of modern cinema
  • Use of graphic design for movie festival promotion
  • Set creation in the film industry using graphic design
  • How does color theory affect graphic design?
  • How to smartly use space in design esthetics
  • How does Human-centered design get used in graphic design?
  • Environmental sustainability and graphic design
  • Kinetic Typography
  • What is called VFX?
  • Comparison between graphic design and VFX

Attractive Graphic Design Thesis Topics

  • The essentials of business branding
  • How email marketing has changed
  • Redesigning a book cover
  • How graphic design revolutionized product packaging
  • Trade show displays and signage to create attention
  • Exploring how service design impacts visual information
  • A case study on consumer psychology. Identify the difference between warm and cool colors
  • The main stages of development in graphic designing.
  • Evaluate the value of the visual design structure
  • How does the use of warm colors help viewers connect with your Facebook posts?
  • The use of graphic design to create images for blogs
  • Analyze various techniques used by graphic designers.
  • The impact of appealing products on consumer choices
  • Study the application of graphic design in advanced technology.
  • The photo collages and their importance for youngsters
  • The use of graphic design to create Infographics
  • The impact of artistic sensibility on graphic design
  • Analyze the average budget for graphic design projects.
  • How do banners aid in conveying messages?
  • The importance of graphic design education across borders
  • The wonderful world of WIDGETS – Discuss
  • Distinguish between Digital Printing and Letterpress Printing
  • Explain five major motion graphics animation trends

Powerful Graphic Design Research Topics

  • The perspectives of people on visual communication design education
  • Graphic novel-a literature review
  • Analyzing the trends in graphic design during the past decade
  • Relationship between pop culture and graphic design
  • Reinterpretation of a classic book cover
  • Creative coloring books for kids
  • Qualities of a professional graphic designer
  • The use of animation to create beautiful postcards
  • How does the design language trigger brand retention in the minds of customers?
  • Flat logo designs versus gradient logo designs
  • The use of graphic design to create a plant-identifying app
  • How businesses use brochures to attract sales
  • The use of print media and advertisements to change consumer buying behavior
  • Logos for a business image
  • 20 th -century evolution of computer graphics
  • The use of psychological triggers in graphic design to create customer loyalty
  • The effect of contrast colors to drive consumer buying behavior
  • The use of computer graphics and advertisements to change consumer behavior
  • The impact of using filters in videos to gain customer attention and sales
  • The effect of a limited financial plan on graphics
  • Set creation and graphic design in Broadway productions
  • Discuss the concept and use of Web Animation

Innovative Graphic Design Thesis Topics

  • Contemporary photographic theory and graphic design.
  • Graphic design and corporate identity.
  • Discuss the differences in the approaches used by male and female designers.
  • Research and Write about Paul Rand and his design.
  • Graphic design in Great Britain in 1978.
  • Influence of TV on graphic design.
  • The popular American designers of the last decade and their best projects.
  • Challenges in graphic designing.
  • The usage of Art Nouveau style in the creation of popular logos.
  • How to innovatively adjust the websites for small mobile phone users using technology
  • Judging a movie by its poster: Graphic design and print publications
  • Develop a graphic design on strategies to follow for informing people regarding the sustainable use of water
  • Develop a graphic design on actions to take to deal with climate change
  • The most common software used in graphic designing: Current and future trends
  • Commercial Design: Dealing with clients and facilitating proactive feedback

Interesting Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

  • Commercial distinctiveness and graphic design
  • The impact of design to create sales for e-commerce stores
  • How are cave drawings an example of early graphic designs?
  • How does technology affect graphic design?
  • Judging a book by its cover: graphic design and print publications
  • How is graphic design portrayed in reality interior design television shows?
  • What role does graphic design play in changing culture?
  • Which fonts are preferred most online?
  • Graphic design and album cover art
  • What role does graphic design play in government propaganda?
  • How did the development of typography and new print styles contribute to the creation of graphic design as an industry?
  • What techniques need to be used to adjust the graphic design of websites for older mobile phone users?
  • Do female graphic designers have different approaches in comparison to men?
  • The use of business cards for businesses
  • Use of graphic design for social commentary and street art
  • Retargeting ads to reach out to the target market more efficiently
  • Learning how to apply the theory to the graphic design course
  • A case study on computer graphic designers
  • Graphic designing tools and how they have impacted the industry.

Awesome Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

  • How to use PowerPoint in Graphic Design
  • Discuss the application and relevance of design theories.
  • Write about graphic design and changes in online gaming
  • Explain how graphic design influences communications
  • Discuss the popular graphic design tools.
  • Is traditional graphic design critical in the digital age?
  • Explain how print styles and typefaces influence the digital age
  • Write about graphical design applications in advanced technology
  • Explain how clothing brands use graphic design
  • Explain how Apple uses graphic design to influence buying behavior

The Bottom Line

From the list of top creative graphic design thesis ideas suggested in this blog post, you can go with any topic of your choice. If you find it tough to complete the thesis or if you encounter any graphic design issues in the middle of your project, then immediately reach out to us for instant  assignment help . We have professional writers to complete the research paper as per your project plan before the deadline. Just avail of our low-cost, reliable service and receive a high-quality, original graphic design thesis that will help you score top grades.

Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

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Graphic Design Dissertation Topics & Titles

Published by Grace Graffin at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On August 16, 2023

Looking for some exciting graphic design research topics for your dissertation? We’ve got you covered. Get your graphic design dissertation topics from our experts.

Whether you’re a student or an active professional, graphics design needs you to be spontaneous. This implies possessing the power to return with distinctive and original work once functioning on a client’s project or a graphic design thesis for your lecturer. It’s one profession that depends entirely on creativity.

Graphic design is in the spotlight everywhere in the United States of America. From easy ad ways that we might read on the TV to advanced animation styles and interactive deposit exhibitions.

This helps to produce an array of various opportunities for finishing a fascinating and innovative graphic design dissertation, with there being a variety of various topic square measures that are prone to more analyses.

A graphic design dissertation is conducted to check your information and learning capabilities. In graphic designing dissertations, you may complete your study on the impacts and effects of style components in varied business sectors of the globe. This may assist you in building an understanding of how things are operating within the skilled world.

If you’re dawdling pondering a groundbreaking graphic designing dissertation topic, then you should stop pondering this much. Bobbing up with a dissertation topic isn’t a piece of cake.

It needs considerable expertise and business information to search out that one drawback already there; however, no one highlighted it. Ideation is a robust method that comes before generating a subject for your dissertation.

Your graphic design thesis topic is barely nearly as good as your graphic-style dissertation plan. Each square measure is interconnected.

So, you’re a graphic designing student with complete command over all the main subjects of your field. However, you have got no clue about the way to write a dissertation. The bulk of graphic planning students can relate to it. To return with a graphic designing dissertation topic, you need information and knowledge of dissertation writing.

Another thing to be mindful of when selecting a topic is the availability of literature since undergraduate and graduate-level dissertations . Unlike PhD. Dissertations, have a smaller scope and do not aim to change course or invent a new concept, so the available literature can be of great help in determining the goal, content, and methodology .

The supporting evidence can help you to fortify and strengthen the arguments presented in your dissertation. At Research Prospect, we make sure that you choose a topic that is relevant, recent, and interesting. We understand the challenges of being a media student, as with each passing day, something new comes up that takes the world by storm.

Considering the dynamic nature of your subject, our team suggests topics that will help in getting approval you’re your professors instantly. You can also get back to us to either edit the topic or add a few missing elements.

Want to know what essay structure and style will work best for your assignment?

Problem fixed! We can write any type of essay in any referencing style. We ensure every essay written is beyond your expectations.

essay structure

2022 Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: critical interpretation of the effectiveness of using graphic designing in advanced marketing strategies to increase conversion of the target audience by the uk retailers..

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to critically interpret the effectiveness of using graphic design in advanced marketing strategies to increase conversion of the target audience by UK retailers.


  • To identify the suitability of graphic designing for marketing purposes.
  • To demonstrate the relevance of using graphic designing in advanced marketing to increase conversion of the target audience in the UK retail sector.
  • To provide valid recommendations to UK retailers about how they can strategically use graphic designing in advanced marketing practices aiming to increase conversion of the target audience.

Topic 2: Investigating the growing practice of graphic designing to use visual arts in healthcare, an initiative by the NHS.

Research Aim: The aim of this research study is to investigate the growing practice of graphic design to use visual arts in healthcare. For an insightful understanding, the study will focus on the initiative taken by the NHS.

  • To analyse the relevance of using graphic design to create visual arts specifically for healthcare purposes.
  • To describe the initiative taken by the NHS for creating visual arts with the help of graphic design and their purposeful utilisation in healthcare.
  • To recommend strategies to ensure the best level of use of graphic design for creating visual arts in healthcare thereby meeting the goals of the NHS.

Topic 3: A critical study on the current trend of graphic communication by using graphic designs to strengthen brand identity and recognition in the UK online fashion brands.

Research Aim: The present research study aims to describe the current trend of graphic communication by using graphic designs to strengthen brand identity and recognition in UK online fashion brands.

  • To study the ongoing trend of graphic communication by using graphic designs and their effectiveness.
  • To examine how the UK online fashion brands rely on graphic communication to strengthen brand identity and recognition by using the means of graphic designing.
  • To provide a set of recommendations for ensuring the best level utilisation of graphic designs for improved graphic communication.

Topic 4: Examining the benefits of extensive use of graphic designs in branding to ensure cost and time efficiency in UK SMEs.

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to examine the benefits of extensive use of graphic designs in branding that can ensure cost and time efficiency in UK SMEs.

  • To carry out a discussion on the advantageous effects of graphic designing in the area of marketing.
  • To determine how branding can be improved by using graphic designs, which leads towards cost and time efficiency in UK SMEs.
  • To suggest the best possible strategies and ways of using graphic designs to improve time and cost efficiency in UK SMEs.

Topic 5: Critically analyse the relevance of using 3d printing and CAD software by professional graphic designers referring to the practice in the UK construction industry.

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to analyse the relevance of using 3D printing and CAD software by professional graphic designers. The research study will focus on the activities and use of these technologies in the UK construction industry.

  • To make a clear idea about the use of 3D printing and CAD software by graphic designers.
  • To shed light on the use of 3D printing technology and CAD software used by graphic designers in the UK construction industry.
  • To provide valid recommendations to the UK construction companies for helping graphic designers with the use of 3D printing and CAD software.

Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: graphic design and commercial distinctiveness.

Research aim: This dissertation topic can elaborate on how organizations and companies rely on graphics to be distinctive and different brands in the town. You can also emphasize how significant graphic design is to mould your business and increase more sales.

Topic 2: Role of graphic design in web design development

Research Aim: Graphic design plays a vital role in web development. In your dissertation, you can tell how graphic design appeals to the audience and how it can bring traffic to your website. As a graphic designer, you can also tell the history of web development and the role played by a graphic designer.

Topic 3: Visual Hierarchy in Consumers Preception

Research Aim: Visual Hierarchy is one of the most necessary principles behind attractive web design is the distinction between a website that strategically influences user flow  that “looks nice.”  You can add the importance of visual hierarchy in the design.

Topic 4: Psychology and its effects on Designing:

Research Aim: Psychology data helps build the look which can make users perform the actions they’re expected, like creating an acquisition or contacting the team. Designers may see psychological science as an advanced approach to enhance the look.

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Topic 5: Challenges in graphic designing

Research Aim: There are many challenges that graphic design faces in the industry. You can highlight topics such as Visual Branding and Project direction in your dissertation.

Topic 6: Photographic theory and graphic design.

Research Aim: In this dissertation topic, you can explain which tools are used by graphic designers and photographers. For what purpose tools are used, and what are the similarities in them.

Topic 7: Graphic design in Great Britain of 1978.

Research Aim: In this dissertation topic, you can discuss the evolution of graphic design during this period of Great Britain in 1978. Discuss how these movements increased the passion for graphic design and what its impact was on youth.

Topic 8: The evolution of graphic design in the 20th century.

Research Aim: In this research paper, you can elaborate on how graphic designing was introduced in the 20th century. How people took it, and how did graphic designing become popular.

Topic 9: Graphic design and corporate identity

Research Aim: You can discuss how graphic designing helped in the evolution of corporate identity. Discuss how brand logos helped increase companies sales by graphic designing, also add a part to empower people towards graphic designing.

Topic 10: Graphic design and mass communication

Research Aim: In this dissertation topic, you can tell how graphic design helps send messages to others by different means, i-e: images or videos. You can also discuss how graphic design works in marketing and how far it is successful.

Topic 11: Graphic design with a low budget

Research Aim: Discuss in your dissertation paper the possibilities to create a graphic product with a low budget. You can also name some companies or individuals who make graphic design on a low budget.

Topic 12: Influence of TV on Graphic Design

Research Aim: There was a need for visual language at the time of TV birth .  Many individuals worked on this and set the standards that still influence what is shown on TV.

Topic 13: Computer graphic designers

Research Aim: This would be the best topic to discuss how computer graphic designers helped increase the scope of graphic designing. Does this profession still attract people? Does this profession still worth it?

Topic 14: Paul Rand and his graphic design

Research Aim: In this dissertation paper, you may write about this well-known graphic designer who created many memorable logos and made many contributions to graphic designing. You can also quote other designers too who can be an inspiration for others.

Topic 15: Trends in Graphic Designing

Research Aim: Graphic design has so much innovation from the last decade till now. In your dissertation topic, you can discuss some main trends like 3d design and typography, Art deco and Isometric design etc.

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Topic 16: Women and graphic designing

Research Aim: Women have fought for equal chances in every field, like leadership, economic platforms, and politics. You can elaborate on how women are more creative and how they are taking part in graphic designing and making marks.

Topic 17: Development of career path in graphic designing

Research Aim: In your dissertation paper, you can tell that the typical graphic designer career path starts with the junior designer, which leads to senior designers, art directors, motion artists, web developers, and many more careers. You can empower youth to opt for these professions.

Topic 18: Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Graphic Design

Research Aim: AI is one of the most demanding and latest niches in IT. You can elaborate on how AI to help designers to make designs faster, efficiently, and cheaply. Moreover, you can talk about how AI can also take over designing and neglect humanly efforts.

Topic 19: How Graphic Design Revolutionized Product Packaging

Research Aim: Appealing and fanaticizing product packaging can play an essential role in increasing your sales. You can tell how packaging can attract consumers to buy the product. For example, vibrant colours are used in cosmetic packaging

Topic 20: Website Design and Sales

Research Aim: Improving your website’s style will boost its credibility, which will cause multiplied sales for your company. You can add how an appealing website can make your sales double or more increased .

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How to find graphic design dissertation topics.

To find graphic design dissertation topics:

  • Research recent design trends.
  • Analyze design challenges or innovations.
  • Explore cultural or social aspects.
  • Review design history and theory.
  • Consider cross-disciplinary ideas.
  • Select a topic that resonates with your passion and career aspirations.

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Need help with a good and unique dissertation topic on teaching? Feel free to use or get inspired by our list of teaching dissertation topics.

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110 Fantastic Graphic Design Thesis Ideas To Succeed

graphic design thesis ideas

Graphic Design is an art where professionals plan and practice creating visual and textual content to deliver messages. In today’s world, it’s the most innovative and most effective way for businesses to connect with their consumers.

Graphic design has many forms, from a simple business logo to a complex page layout on a website. The magazine covers, posters, logos, business cards, websites, and mobile apps are only a few examples of what graphic design businesses can deliver as their concept to their clients and audience. A good graphic designer should know how to attract people by displaying innovative and appealing content. Hence, it’s crucial to master the ways to express ideas creatively.

Why Is Graphic Design Thesis Important for Students?

Creating an excellent thesis using some unique and intricate graphic design research topics is essential to have a successful career in this field. Also, it’s crucial to do graphic design research to wow potential employers for good prospects. The thesis paper is the gist of what you have learned for your bachelor’s degree in university life; therefore, it’s vital to showcase creative thinking and impressive skills. There are tons of thesis ideas for graphic design that allow the students to be creative and show their full potential. To help you ace your graphic design research paper, we will be discussing every step of creating the thesis in detail.

Creating A Winning Thesis Proposal for Graphic Design

For the best graphic designing thesis project, students should have strong writing skills and complete knowledge of visual design principles. Moreover, students should know the advanced application of the skills they have learned. Furthermore, choosing the topic according to your grade in school, college or university is essential. Senior students can choose a thesis topic from the several graphic design senior thesis topics available online. Sometimes people attend workshops to learn the art of creating an impressive graphic design research paper. We have simplified the thesis writing process for students who are not keen to participate in workshops. People who have some knowledge may also benefit from the blog as it provides simple tips that you can follow to get started. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing and writing you graphic design dissertation:

  • Have a catchy introduction. A perfect intro will create a good impression and would encourage the reader to read on. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a passionate topic as anything written with heart can easily catch the reader’s attention. Unleash your artistic side to express yourself eloquently. It’s better to start with a short introduction. Keep it brief so that you can capture the reader’s attention.
  • Create a strong problem Statement. Knowing the background of the problem or the topic you are dealing with allows you to create a convincing problem statement. In this part of the thesis, you will highlight your research question around the cause of your research. You should write a page-long description of evaluating various options and choose the most suitable one. This part of the graphic design research doesn’t have to be elaborate.
  • Include an Aim and Objectives of the Study section. Use this part of the thesis to provide reasons why the chosen topic is significant. Let the reader know about your intent behind the research. These are the outcomes that you hope to achieve from your project. Also, use this part of the graphic design writing to display the objectives behind your research. The reader should have all the answers to why you want to address the highlighted graphic design issues.
  • Describe the method you use. In this section of your thesis, describe the methodology you will use to attain your goal. You should highlight all the methods available, compare them and select the most viable option. You can add details about the software, print media, or any other media platform you have used to complete your graphic design writing.
  • Prepare a literature review. Creating a literature review is an integral part of the project as it contains details of the type of research you carried out and how you conducted them. Also, it provides a theoretical framework for your dissertation, giving the reader an insight into where you started, the ideas you chose, and where the concepts have brought you.
  • Highlight the key ideas, scope, and limitations of the study. Coming towards the end of your research, you should specify the critical objectives attained from the project. Also, the project’s scope should identify the advanced uses and the limitation of the concept discussed in the thesis. Keep your content original and take as much thesis help you need from the sources available for an outstanding dissertation.

Graphic Design Thesis Topics

According to your interest, there are many topics you can look for on the internet for your graphic design thesis topic. We have researched to compile the 110 most interesting graphic design research paper topics; you are sure to find the best one for your thesis. From environment enthusiast to an art school student, our diverse topics will help you find the best topic for your thesis.

Best Graphic Design Thesis Topics

  • Uses Of Graphic Design To Create Environmental Awareness
  • Current And Future Trends In The Commonly Used Software For Graphic Designs
  • Design And Culture Expectations
  • Enhancing Understanding Through Visual Imaging
  • The New Graphic And Media Designs
  • The Fall Of Desktop Publishing
  • Development Of Web Animation.How The Internet Shaped Animation Content
  • The Evolution Of Newspaper Ads In The Technological Era
  • Role Of Personality In Arts
  • Set Creation In The Film Industry Using Graphic Design
  • Theme Design For Restaurants
  • Elements Of Persuasion And Graphic Design
  • Commercial Design: Dealing With The Clients To Facilitate Feedback
  • Organisationational Branding And Websites.
  • Role Of Visual Hierarchy To Create Customer Perception Of E-Commerce Stores
  • Art Directors: Transformational Heads
  • How Graphic Designs Are Used In The Making Of Directories
  • Role Of Graphic Design In The Evolution Of Modern Cinema
  • Creating A Colorful Classroom
  • Typeset: Principles And Techniques
  • How Color Theory Effects Graphic Design
  • How To Smartly Use Space In Design Esthetics
  • Effect Of Organizational Branding And Logos On Sales
  • Use Of Graphic Design For Social Commentary And Street Art
  • Use Of Graphic Design For Movie Festival Promotion
  • Newspaper Ads And Graphic Design. How They Mold Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Graphic Designing Tools And How The Industry They Have Impacted The Industry
  • How Does Color Psychology Trigger Emotions? A Case Study On Baker-Miller Pink

Top Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

  • A Case Study On Renowned Graphic Designers Of The Time
  • Influence Of Tv On Graphic Design
  • Role Of Computers In The Evolution Of Graphic Design
  • How Graphic Design Is Used In Game Interfaces To Attract Consumers
  • Importance Of Balance In Creating Impressive Visuals. A Graphic Design Basic
  • Conventional Designing Software Vs. Online Graphic Designing Tools. Which Is More Convenient?
  • How Does Visual Heuristics Help In Segmenting The Viewer’s Attention?
  • Use Of Graphic Design For Political Satire
  • How Brands Use Negative Spacing To Affect The Subconscious Minds Of Consumers
  • Role Of Web Graphics In Creating Visitor’s Trust
  • Defining Consumer Perceptions To Web Designs
  • Theories Of Graphic Design. Application And Importance In The Design Industry
  • Human Psychological Connections And Color Selection
  • How Online Gaming Trends Have Changed
  • Impact Of Theory Of Repetition On Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Multimedia Design And How It Has Changed The World Around Us
  • Importance Of Graphic Design To Generate Sales For Online Service Providers
  • Evolution Of Digital Art Over The Years
  • Graphic Design In The 20th Century
  • Advertisement And The Subliminal Messages
  • Use Of Powerpoint Presentations To Create Amazing Designs
  • Graphic Design Trends In The 21st Century

Excellent Thesis Ideas for Graphic Design

  • Propaganda Posters: Political Messages
  • How Email Marketing Has Changed
  • Development Of Career Paths In Graphic Design
  • Essentials Of Business Branding
  • How Graphic Design Revolutionized Product Packaging
  • Redesigning A Book Cover
  • Growth Of Graphic Design Over The Years
  • Evolution Of Vehicle Wraps Using Graphic Design
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Investing In A Graphic Designer
  • Analyzing The Role Of Colors In Graphic Design
  • Trade Show Displays And Signage To Create Attention
  • Analyzing Various Techniques Used By Graphic Designers
  • Use Of Graphic Design To Create Infographics
  • Exploring How Service Design Impacts Visual Information
  • Studying The Application Of Graphic Design In Advanced Technology
  • How Does The Use Of Warm Colors Help Viewers Connect With Your Facebook Posts
  • A Case Study On Consumer Psychology-Difference Between Warm And Cool Colors
  • Use Of Graphic Design To Create Images For Blogs
  • Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Graphic Design
  • Photo Collages And Their Importance For Youngsters
  • Evaluating The Value Of The Visual Design Structure

Interesting Graphic Design Research Topics

  • Impact Of Artistic Sensibility In Graphic Design
  • How Banners To Aid In Conveying Messages
  • Analyzing Average Budget For Graphic Design Projects
  • Importance Of Graphic Design Education Across Borders
  • Impact Of Appealing Products On Consumer Choices
  • Retargeting Ads To Reach Out To The Target Market More Efficiently
  • Perspectives Of People On Visual Communication Design Education
  • Learning How To Apply The Theory To The Graphic Design Course
  • Analyzing The Trends In Graphic Design During The Past Decade
  • Graphic Novel-A Literature Review
  • Business Cards. An Essential For Businesses
  • Relationship Between Pop Culture And Graphic Design
  • Recognizing The Qualities Of A Professional Graphic Designer
  • Using Secondary Research To Explore The Various Features Of Web Design
  • Creative Coloring Books For Kids
  • Outcomes And Impact Of Graphic Design On The Consumer Market For The Top Brands Of The Country
  • Reinterpretation Of A Classic Book Cover
  • How Does The Design Language Trigger Brand Retention In The Minds Of Customers
  • Use Of Animation To Create Beautiful Postcards
  • 10-Minute Projects That Will Amaze You

Graphic Design Senior Thesis Topics

  • Use Of Graphic Design To Create A Plant Identifying App
  • Flat Logo Designs V/S Gradient Logo Designs. A Case Study On The Automobile Industry
  • Use Of Computer Graphics And Advertisement To Change Consumer Behavior
  • Effect Of Contrast Colors To Drive Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Passion Project: Following Your Dream
  • How Businesses Use Brochures To Attract Sales
  • Use Of Print Media And Advertisements To Change Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Logos. Essential For A Business Image
  • How Clothing Brands Use Graphic Design To Create Designs
  • 20th Century Evolution Of Computer Graphics
  • A Case Study On Computer Graphic Designers
  • Impact Of Using Filters In Videos To Gain Customer Attention And Sales
  • Use Of Psychological Triggers In Graphic Design To Create Customer Loyalty
  • Effect Of Limited Financial Plan On Graphics
  • Commercial Distinctiveness And Graphic Design
  • A Case Study On The Top Marketing Agencies Of The Country
  • A Case Study On Apple. How It Molds Consumer Buying Behavior
  • How Does The Consumer Remember Your Brand? A Case Study On Louis Vuitton
  • Impact Of Design To Create Sales For E-Commerce Stores

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graphic design phd topics

Graphic Design Dissertation Topics (28 Examples) For Research

Mark Jun 22, 2020 Jun 20, 2020 Graphic Design No Comments

A good graphic designer knows how to attract people by using appealing and innovative work ideas. When working on the thesis, it is important to choose an attractive dissertation topic. To help you out, we have prepared a list of graphic design dissertation topics, which are interesting and useful. The list of graphic design dissertation […]

graphic design dissertation topics

A good graphic designer knows how to attract people by using appealing and innovative work ideas. When working on the thesis, it is important to choose an attractive dissertation topic. To help you out, we have prepared a list of graphic design dissertation topics, which are interesting and useful.

The following list of graphic design research topics includes some of the most interesting topics to work on. You can select any research topic on graphic design for your project from this list and tweak it a bit to make it yours or you can let us help you in preparing a proposal and brief on the chosen dissertation topic in graphic design.

List of Graphic Design dissertation topics

Studying the evolution of graphic designing during different periods.

A cost-benefit analysis of investing for hiring an experienced graphic designer.

Analysing the main stages of development of the graphic design industry.

An analysis of the role of colours in graphic design: the best and worst choices.

A review of the approaches used by male and female graphic designers.

Exploring the relationship between signage and mobile map for indoor wayfinding.

To study the impact of visual information in service design.

An evaluation of designing career paths in graphic design.

Studying the graphic design theory research and application in advanced technology.

An analysis of the usage of artificial intelligence in today’s graphic design.

Studying the trends in layout design of feature articles in outdoor magazines.

To examine the graphic design as an instrument of identity assertation for indigenous people.

Evaluating the aesthetic values of the two-dimensional visual design structure.

A literature review of the basic graphic designs.

Studying the importance of artistic sensibility in graphic designing.

Analysing the role of brainstorming and mocking up design ideas.

An analysis of the projecting budgets and schedules in graphic designing.

Studying the importance of design education beyond boundaries in the 21st century.

A review of the new perspectives on visual communication design education.

An empirical study of applying narrative theory to graphic design courses.

An investigation of creativity in graphic designing education from psychological perspectives.

Studying the end-users challenge graphic designers intuition through visual-verbal co-design.

An analysis of the trends in graphic design over the past decade.

Exploring the factors that contributed to the evolution of digital art.

A literature review on the graphic novel.

Analysing the relationship between graphic design and pop-culture.

Identification of the qualities that a professional graphical designer must possess.

Exploring the distinctive features of web-design using secondary research.

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An Inventory of Graphic Design Thesis Topic

blog author name

Table of Contents

The field of graphic design has gained popularity and now draws persons with original and creative thinking. Typography and industrial design have been added to the discipline of graphic design. Through their work and ideas, which should be compelling and helpful, the graphic designer must be able to hold their audience’s attention. The capacity to come up with original and innovative ideas for the project you’re working on is encouraged by graphic design.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a multidisciplinary field that systematically applies aesthetic concepts to give visual content structure and purpose. Both idea and a tangible object may be described by it; more precisely, it may refer to a field of study, a profession, an industry, a good or service that can be bought, etc.

The designers create logos, business cards, websites, posters, and brochures for diverse firms using graphic design tools and techniques.

Do you want to become a graphic designer to start out your career? Therefore, you must possess exceptional design, creative talents and technical knowledge to become a top graphic designer. In addition to having all of these talents, you can stand out in the field and earn many more benefits if you write a thesis on a unique graphic design study topic.

How to Write a Graphic Design Thesis?

Writing a thesis in graphic design might be challenging. It would help if you first had a compelling thesis topic for graphic design. Graphic design is such a vast field of study that there are many unique graphic design thesis ideas available for students. However, out of all of them, you should look for and select graphic design thesis topics that are practical for you based on your academic standing or graduate level in college.

Graphic Design Thesis Topics

You can find a variety of subjects for your graphic design thesis projects on the internet, depending on your interests. We have compiled a list of more than 100 intriguing graphic design topics for your thesis .

Best Graphic Design Senior Project Ideas

  • What are the fundamental tenets of graphic design?
  • What are the components of graphic design and persuasion?
  • How does the internet influence the type of animation that is produced?
  • How can graphic design be used to raise environmental awareness?
  • What part does personality play in the arts?
  • Describe the primary phases of graphic design development.
  • Describe the expected developments in the field of graphic design software.
  • Write up a case study on the well-known graphic artists of the day.
  • Describe how graphic design is used in street art and social commentary.
  • Talk about how newspaper ads have changed in the technological age.

Exciting Graphic Design Research Topics

  • How animation facilitates the creation of stunning postcards
  • How the use of design language might encourage buyers to remember a brand
  • Graphic design outcomes and Impacts on consumer markets
  • How colouring children’s books with graphics might aid
  • The use of secondary research to examine aspects of site design
  • Graphic design and its connection to popular culture
  • How the creation of business cards is made easier by graphic design
  • How people view instruction in visual communication and design
  • Making effective use of graphic design to retarget adverts and reach the intended audience.
  • Average budget analysis for projects involving graphic design

General Graphic Design Dissertation Ideas

  • Is graphic design a profession or a hobby?
  • similarities between the equipment used by traditional photographers and graphic designers
  • Colours’ essential qualities in graphic design
  • Contemporary graphic design and photography theory contrasted
  • Knowing the tenets of visual design
  • Effects of graphic designers on their industry
  • Influences on graphic design
  • Stages of development for graphic design
  • Technology’s impact on graphic design
  • The function of visual design in social media

Topics on Graphic Design & Culture

  • An examination of Banksy’s works as a case study to demonstrate the influence of graphic design on culture
  • A critical examination of the ways in which people might express their sentiments and emotions through graphic design.
  • Critical comparative analysis of South-East Asian and North American main design components in graphic design across the world
  • One image can convey a thousand words: How many different aspects of diverse worldwide cultures are communicated through graphic design?
  • Can graphic design offend people? A critical examination of offensive design cues in many world cultures.
  • Supporting blind people: A look at how graphic design might help those with visual impairments communicate more effectively.
  • Graphic design and cultural norms
  • How professionals in the film industry construct set using graphic design
  • Restaurants and concept art
  • How graphic design has transformed contemporary film

Topics on Graphic Design in Business

  • A study of the ways in which graphic design might affect consumer behaviour through corporate advertising campaigns.
  • A critique of the application of graphic design to mass communication tactics
  • Cost-benefit analysis of graphic design: A comparison of hiring graphic designers with and without experience
  • A study of the use of costing and budgeting techniques to determine whether managing graphic design internally or outsourcing it is the most efficient way to get a favourable return on investment
  • How to improve health and safety through creatively produced posters and bulletins: How can graphic design be used to boost internal communication strategies?
  • The modern marketing essential: a thorough examination of graphic design and its potential to help marketing
  • A critique of the application of graphic design to the creation of creative and compelling logos

Gaming & Graphic Design Topics

  • Graphic design in the gaming industry: An analysis of the relevant theories, concepts, and literature.
  • How crucial is a visual appeal to the entire gaming experience: A comparison of visual design and plot.
  • Can visual design help with the creation of a game campaign?
  • A critique of many graphic design components used in the video game business
  • How can game developers use graphic designers to interact with their main target audience?
  • Using graphic design to attract more players to computer game interfaces
  • Graphics and modifications to online gaming
  • How can balance, a fundamental of graphic design, produce eye-catching images?
  • Alternatives to traditional design programmes and online graphical design tools
  • How visual heuristics help divide viewers’ attention into different groups

Graphic Design Topics on Digital Technology

  • How has graphic design been affected by modern technology?
  • How important is graphic design in social media?
  • How have graphic design tools changed?
  • How has graphic design been impacted by the development of computer graphics in the 20th century?
  • What part does graphic design play in the creation of websites?
  • How have print styles and typefaces changed in the digital era?
  • What are the many media types that can be utilised in graphic design?
  • How have computers aided the development of graphic design?
  • In the digital era, does conventional graphic design still have a place?

Topics on Animation & Entertainment

  • Examining how kinematics techniques affect the animation
  • To research facial effects and animation.
  • Does online filmmaking education benefits students?
  • How many emotional impacts be improved when added to animation?
  • The survey on the number of students interested in pursuing careers in animation art
  • To research the idea of 3D animation and how it has altered the animation industry over the past ten years.
  • To evaluate and contrast dynamic animation techniques with more conventional ones.
  • What distinguishes dynamic animation from kinematics?
  • How and when should the history of animation be studied?
  • To incorporate text art into animated video games.

Graphic Design Topics on Marketing

  • How do consumers recall the company?
  • In social media marketing, what part does visual design play?
  • How can graphic design be used in business?
  • How does graph design to build brand loyalty with consumers?
  • How can graphic design effectively use its graphics to carry out an advertising campaign?
  • In the past 50 years, how have various commercials drawn viewers?
  • How does graphic design affect marketing tactics?
  • How significant a part does graphic design play in advertising?
  • Is it possible to use graphic design to convey subliminal messages in marketing?

Graphic Design Topics on Visual Communications

  • How can visual communications be influenced by graphic design?
  • Is graphic design a significant component of government propaganda?
  • How does visual information affect service design?
  • Can the layout of articles in popular publications produce graphic design trends?
  • How important is colour in graphic design?
  • Can the use of imagery improve meaning?
  • Web graphics’ role in fostering visitor trust and defining consumers’ opinions about web designs
  • Graphic design theory: Application And Value Within The Design Sector
  • Connections Between Psychology And Colour Selection In People
  • The World Around Us Has Changed Due To Multimedia Design

Graphic Design & Historical Art

  • An investigation of the oldest and earliest known forms of graphic design, including cave paintings and hieroglyphs
  • A critique of the development of graphic design from 1950 until 2020
  • Taking inspiration from the past: An examination of postmodernist graphic design components and how this may influence current graphic design trends.
  • Did ancient art from the Roman and Greek periods influence elements of contemporary graphic design?
  • The finest aspects of Chinese art during the Feudal Period
  • What unique contribution did Greek theatre make to art history?
  • Identify the qualities and elements of late Gothic art.
  • Examine key characteristics of English late Gothic architecture.
  • Examine how late Gothic art influenced modern buildings.

Most Frequently Asked Question

What topics are related to graphic design.

Ans: Topics related to graphic design are:

  • Art direction
  • Creative art
  • Visual communication
  • Photography
  • Illustration

How do I write a graphic design statement?

Ans: Always start your statement with a thesis statement explaining to your potential client the general purpose of your design and how you plan to accomplish it. Use active verbs and short sentences to convey that the action is taking place now.

What are the 7 things for graphic design?

Ans: There are seven elements of graphic design:

What are the 5 Cs of graphic designing?

Ans: 5C’s of graphic designing are:

  • Consistency

What are 3 things graphic designers do?

  • Consult the customer or the art director to ascertain a project’s scope,
  • Use layout tools, picture editing software, and digital illustration to produce designs.
  • Create visual components to help convey a message, such as logos, unique pictures, and illustrations.

What are the 10 types of graphic design?

Ans: The 10 types of graphic design are:

  • Brand Design
  • Product and Packaging Design
  • Marketing Design
  • Print and Publication Design
  • Typeface Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Motion Design
  • Illustrative Design

How do I pitch myself as a graphic designer?

  • When communicating, you should make use of common idea frameworks, allusions, and other shortcuts.
  • Talk about your favourite designers or podcasts on design. You might share more than you realise.
  • Make sure you understand your customer and their target market.
  • You can discover as much as you can about your customer and their audience by using target audience analysis (TAA). Keep in mind that your pitch is to both the clients and the users.

What is a graphic design essay?

Ans: A graphic essay, also known as a visual essay, combines words and visuals to examine a particular subject. Comic books, graphic novels, magazines, collages, artist books, textbooks, and even the internet can inspire graphic essays.

What is a good design statement?

Ans: An effective design statement is crucial. Consider it to be similar to a business plan for a particular undertaking. It should include all information required for the project in a way that makes it simple to refer to it at any time within the project’s timetable. As soon as you begin the project, make notes on your design briefs.

What is a good mission statement for a graphic designer?

Ans: With the help of digital and physical designs that often employ graphics, photos, art, and other visual elements, graphic designers create visual concepts to capture the attention of clients.


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Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Graphic Design is all around us, from simple advertisement strategies that we may view on the television or in the newspaper, to complex animation designs and or interactive museum exhibitions. This helps to provide an array of different opportunities for completing an engaging and innovative graphic design dissertation, with there being a number of different topic areas that are susceptible to further analysis. Some of the most important topic areas that exist within the field of graphic design include: graphic design and its impact on culture, graphic design in business and marketing, gaming and the influence of graphic design, animation and entertainment, graphic design in historical art, and the mediating role of technology on graphic design.

Graphic Design & Culture

Graphic design in business, gaming & graphic design, animation & entertainment, historical art.

It is evident that graphic design forms a significant role in day-to-day lives, with this instantly highlighting the significance of it on how cultures are created and communicated. From native paintings to bespoke designs to represent specific cultures, it is vital to understand how graphic design is used across the world to represent different cultures.

  • The impact of graphic design on culture: A case study analysis of the works of Banksy.
  • A critical analysis of how people can use graphic design to communicate their feelings and emotions.
  • Graphic design across the globe: A critical comparative analysis of key design elements in North America and South-East Asia.
  • A picture shows a thousand words: How can graphic design be used to communicate different elements of international cultures?
  • Can graphic design be offensive: A critical analysis of offensive design elements throughout global cultures.
  • Supporting the blind: An analysis of how graphic design can be a gateway to further communication for those with visual impairments.

Organisations are investing more and more of their financial resources into graphic design and marketing to help improve the way in which they communicate with customers and promote positive internal messages. This lends itself to many new study areas that aim to explore how graphic design can be managed in the organisational setting, and what the potential return on investment is for these strategies is.

  • An analysis of how graphic design can be used in corporate advertisement strategies to influence purchasing behaviour.
  • A critical analysis of the use of graphic design in mass communication strategies.
  • Cost-benefit analysis in graphic design: A comparative evaluation between using experienced or novice graphic designers.
  • An analysis into the use of costing and budgeting methods to predict if outsourcing graphic design or managing it in-house is the most effective method for acquiring a positive return on investment.
  • The use of graphic design to promote internal communication strategies: How can health and safety be improved through innovatively designed posters and bulletins?
  • The new core component of marketing: A critical analysis into graphic design and how it can support the marketing function.
  • A critical analysis on the use of graphic design to develop innovative and engaging logos.

The gaming industry has grown significantly over the past thirty years, with this resulting in massive advancements in both technology and game development. This includes graphic design, with there being many different ways to graphically represent a game depending on the target audience and genre.

  • Graphic design within the gaming industry: A critical review of key concepts, theories, and literature.
  • How important is graphic design within the overall gaming experience: A review of graphic design against storyline.
  • Can graphic design be used to support game campaign development?
  • A critical review of different graphical design elements within the video game industry.
  • How can gaming developers use graphic design to engage with their primary target audience?

Another key industry in which graphic design is firmly rooted is animation and entertainment, with there being significant developments in this industry that has quickly evolved how graphic design is managed. This ranges from moving to more computer-based systems as opposed to drawn-out storyboards and stop-motion capture, with there being opportunity to review what the strengths and weaknesses are of these alternative animative techniques.

  • A critical comparison between the process of design animation and motion graphics.
  • Is simulated graphic design animations the future of entertainment, or does stop-motion animation still have a future in the entertainment industry?
  • An analysis of the importance of the content of an animation in comparison to how aesthetically pleasing the finished animation appears.
  • How can animations be created to have an influence on human behaviour and emotions: A review of theme, colour, and aesthetics.

The roots of graphic design can be traced back hundreds of years, with many believing cave-man drawings and hieroglyphics represents humanities first attempt at graphic design. This naturally provides numerous avenues for potential study that aims to contextualise where graphic design came from, and what the future may look like.

  • Cave-man drawings and hieroglyphics: An analysis into the most primitive and first discovered methods of graphic design.
  • A critical analysis on the history of graphic design between 1950 and 2020.
  • Learning from the past: A review of postmodernist graphic design elements and how this may shape the future of contemporary graphic design.
  • Graphic design in Roman and Greek periods: Does historical artwork influence modern day graphic design elements?

Finally, it is clear that technology forms an imperative role in both organisational and social lives, with graphic design also being influenced by the many advancements that have occurred throughout technology. Although there are many technological advancements that are relatively new into the field of graphic design, this does provide ample opportunity to conduct a critical review on the mediating role of technology.

  • How has the development of software packages influenced typical typefaces and print styles in graphic design?
  • The evolution role of graph design in the 21st century: What is the mediating role of technological advancements?
  • Is technology a requirement for innovative graphic design concepts: A comparison between computer-based design and hand-drawn design.
  • The use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and the influence they have on the development of graphic design exhibits.
  • Designing for interacting e-books: How can graphic design be used to improve the accessibility of online books and learning tools?

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Graphic Design Essay Topics

free professional help

A list of powerful topic ideas for writing a thesis in graphic design.

A good graphic designer should know how to attract people’s attention through his works. When working on a thesis in graphic design, you should apply the same principle. In order to be good, your paper should be interesting and useful for other people. If you don’t have any ideas for a topic, read this article or hire an online thesis writer . Here is a list of good topics for a thesis in graphic design.

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  • Graphic design and mass communication.

This topic allows you to investigate how graphic design might help in sending certain messages to specific audience. How does graphic design function in marketing?

  • Contemporary photographic theory and graphic design.

If you choose this topic for your thesis, you may compare the tools which are used by graphic designers and conventional photographers. What are the similarities and differences?

  • Graphic design in Great Britain of 1978.

Discuss the evolution of graphic design during this period of the country’s history. Did different youth movements influence graphic design or was it graphic design to have an impact on these movements?

  • The evolution of graphic design in 20th century.

Here you may explore how graphic design was developing in 20th century, especially when web design was introduced. Who was the first to use graphic design in advertising?

  • Graphic design and corporate identity.

Do research and discuss in your thesis how graphic design might help in changing corporate identity. Give examples of companies which corporate images got better due to new graphic design of their logos, for example.

  • Paul Rand and his design.

In this paper you may write about this well-known graphic designer who created many memorable logos. Find other designers inspired by his works.

  • Graphic design and colors.

Discuss the role of certain colors in graphic design. Is it important to use specific colors depending on what you want to say to consumers? Make a list of the best and the worst colors.

  • Computer graphic designers.

This topic allows you to investigate how the role of computer graphic designers has developed through the years. Does this profession attract more people now?

  • Women in graphic design.

Are the roles of men and women equal when it comes to graphic design? Do female designers have different approaches in comparison to men?

  • Graphic design with low budget.

Discuss in your paper whether it’s possible to create a descent graphic design product with a low budget. Make a list of methods that may save you some money.

These examples may inspire you to come up with your own great idea.

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Graphic Design Dissertation Topics and Ideas

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Table of Contents

Graphic Design Dissertation Topics For Perfection

Graphic design is a creative field that requires passion and talent. However, many students in this field do not understand the requirements for graphic designing dissertation topics. This ends up decreasing their grade and, in return damaging their academic performance. With the best research writers from DissertationWritingHelp here to help you! It’s high time you said goodbye to all your worries!

Spectacular Graphic Design Dissertation Idea To Boost Your Creativity

Ideation is the initial step towards topic generation. If you don’t have a robust graphic designing dissertation idea, your creative thoughts will bounce everywhere. Here is a sample graphic designing for your assistance.

  • The significance of visual hierarchy in guiding the perception of a user on the website

Graphic design is a vast field, and a part of it helps web designers. To develop a user interface, graphic designers are hired. The role of visual hierarchy is to guide the user’s eyes to the points web developers want the users to see. It is a straightforward psychological phenomenon. Visual hierarchy uses the power of scaling, bold, and italic functions to control the user’s vision.

  • Scope Of The Study

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Best Graphic Designing Dissertation Topics For Immediate Approval!

Generating a graphic designing dissertation topic is not easy. It requires a tremendous level of on-field experience. This is because many concepts that are taught in educational institutes are not applicable in organizations. Therefore, our graphic designing experts have brainstormed a list of topics that have been tweaked to suit your requirements!

Purchase Custom Graphic Designing Dissertation Topics

A custom graphic designing dissertation topic is based on the exclusive requirements shared by your instructor. Many students in the UK are challenged to achieve un-realistic benchmarks. If they fail to do so, their grades are substantially decreased. That is why more than 1500 students have made the decision to purchase a graphic designing dissertation topic from us. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now and join the classroom of high achievers!

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How do I write a perfect graphic designing dissertation?

When writing a graphic design dissertation, make sure to approach it like an art piece. Instead of decorating your research with designs, your words have to be spectacular. The use of scholarly vocabulary and writing about your passion are some of the crucial factors for writing a perfect graphic design dissertation.

What are the principles of choosing a graphic design dissertation topic?

Choosing a graphic design dissertation topic requires you to highlight a problem. This problem has to be related to your field of research. After this, design a theme of your dissertation. All of this would serve as a base that would guide you in writing your dissertation.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a field of study that focuses on problem-solving through visual cues, iconography, and typography. Basically, graphic designing utilizing visuals and design to assist customers, web users, and app users in navigating and understanding their interface.

graphic design phd topics

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the work we provide is not the final version, it is research based work which you have to incorporate and edit according to your university requirements.

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Graphic Design Dissertation Ideas: Top 20 Examples

You may get used to graphic design assignments that actually involve styling work, but your professor may also ask you to compose a dissertation. This is one of the most complicated tasks that you have to deal with during your academic career, so keep calm and start working as early as you can. Your first vital step to make is choosing a top idea to write your paper about. The following examples will help you get inspired.

Finding an Interesting Dissertation Topic about Graphic Design

  • The investment for hiring an experienced designer: a cost-benefit analysis.
  • The role of graphic design in government propaganda: a case study of China.
  • TV shows’ interior: how the details set the right mood.
  • Choosing an advertisement style for a campaign: the vital nuances to consider.
  • The fonts used online: factors which influence the designer’s decision.
  • Different kinds of advertisements that attracted people over the last 50 years: a story of changes.
  • The history of typefaces and print styles change at the age of the Internet.
  • A famous graphic designer: his or her impact on the field.
  • The role of colors in graphic design: the best and worst choices.
  • The industry of graphic design: the main stages of development.
  • The challenges that typography will face in the next decade.
  • Technologies and innovative solutions: how to adjust the websites for small mobile phone users.
  • The relationship between a graphic design and a book cover: a case study of the American bestsellers in 2015.
  • The popular American designers of the last decade and their best projects.
  • Early graphic designs: the cave drawings in France and their features.
  • The usage of Art Nouveau style in the creation of the popular logos.
  • The ways in which the laptop design inspires an emotional response.
  • Graphic design and the contemporary photographic theory: the main similarities.
  • How graphics can change corporate identity.
  • The approaches used by male and female designers: remarkable differences.

Selecting a Good Topic Idea for Your Dissertation

  • Don’t pick a topic which is complicated and you know it; rather, pick an idea that interests you specifically.
  • Think of something that is connected with the subject that you studied earlier in class.
  • Ask your professor for some assistance and follow his or her guidelines carefully.
  • Avoid topics that seem to become less popular over time.
  • Ensure that you can achieve meaningful results in a reasonable time.
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  • How to cite a Chicago thesis paper
  • Hiring dissertation writers
  • Dissertation in HR management
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  • Writing on the Spanish Civil war
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