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Explore the Best Medical and Health Research Topics Ideas

Updated Aug 2021 In such a complex and broad field as medicine, writing an original and compelling research paper is a daunting task. From investigating public care concerns to cancer treatment studies, each student decides where his interests lie. Our goal is to help students find new angles to study and focus on relevant topics. With our resources, you can write an engaging and rigorous paper.

How to Choose Medical Research Paper Topics

Choosing good research paper topics is often more challenging than the writing process itself. You need to select a captivating subject matter that will grab the reader’s attention, showcase your knowledge of a specific field, help you progress in your studies, and perhaps even inspire future research.

Research Paper Topics

To accomplish that, you need to start with brainstorming, followed by thorough research. Here are some great tips to follow:

  • Pick an interesting topic - The key is to pick something that you find interesting, and yet make sure it’s not too general or too narrow. It should allow you to delve deep into the subject matter and show that you’re a professional who is ready to take on a challenge when it comes to your chosen field of medicine.
  • Narrow down your focus - Once you have a list of potential topics, sift through recent medical research papers to get up-to-date with the latest trends, developments, and issues in medicine and healthcare. Check out textbooks, news articles, and other relevant sources for more information related to your potential topics. If a particular condition or disease interests you (perhaps something that drew you to a career in medicine), there’s your cue for narrowing down your topic.
  • Pinpoint the “why,” “how,” and “what” - Whether you are looking into nutrition research paper topics , controversial medical topics, nursing research topics , or anything in-between, ask yourself why each of them is important. How could they contribute to the available medical studies, if any? What new information could they bring to improve the future of medicine? Asking these questions will help you pick the right medical research paper topic that suits you and helps you move forward and reach your aspirations.

To help you on that quest, we’ve compiled a list of topics that you could use or that might inspire you to come up with something unique. Let’s dive in.

New Medical Research Paper Topics

Are you interested in the newest and most interesting developments in medicine? We put hours of effort into identifying the current trends in health research so we could provide you with these examples of topics. Whether you hire a research paper writing service for students  or write a paper by yourself, you need an appealing topic to focus on.

  • Epidemics versus pandemics
  • Child health care
  • Medical humanitarian missions in the developing world
  • Homoeopathic medicines – the placebo effect
  • Virus infections – causes and treatment
  • Is medical research on animals ethical
  • Vaccination – dangers versus benefits
  • Artificial tissues and organs
  • Rare genetic diseases
  • Brain injuries

Medical Research Topics for College Students

good research topics healthcare

You don’t know where to start with your medical research paper? There are so many things you could write about that the greatest challenge is to narrow them down. This is why we decided to help.

  • Antibiotics treatments
  • Chronic diseases
  • Palliative treatment
  • Battling Alzheimer’s disease
  • How modern lifestyle affects public health
  • Professional diseases
  • Sleep disorders
  • Changes in physical and mental health due to aging
  • Eating disorders
  • Terminal diseases

Controversial Medical Topics for Research Paper

In healthcare, new discoveries can change people’s lives in the blink of an eye. This is also the reason why there are so many controversial topics in medicine, which involve anything from religion to ethics or social responsibility. Read on to discover our top controversial research topics.

  • Implementing food standards
  • Gluten allergy
  • Assisted suicide for terminal patients
  • Testing vaccines on animals – ethical concerns
  • Moral responsibilities regarding cloning
  • Marijuana legalization for medical purposes
  • Abortion – medical approaches
  • Vegan diets – benefits and dangers
  • Increased life expectancy: a burden on the healthcare system?
  • Circumcision effects

Health Research Topics

Students conducting health research struggle with finding good ideas related to their medical interests. If you want to write interesting college papers, you can select a good topic for our list.

  • How environmental changes affect human health
  • Deafness: communication disorders
  • Household air pollution
  • Diabetes – a public danger
  • Coronaviruses
  • Oral health assessment
  • Tobacco and alcohol control
  • Diseases caused by lack of physical exercise
  • How urban pollution affects respiratory diseases
  • Healthy diets

Medicine Research Topics

Regardless of the requirements in your research assignment, you can write about something that is both engaging and useful in your future career. Choose a topic from below.

  • Causes for the increasing cancer cases
  • Insulin resistance
  • How terrorism affects mental health
  • AIDS/HIV - latest developments
  • Treating pregnant women versus non-pregnant women
  • Latest innovations in medical instruments
  • Genetic engineering
  • Successful treatment of mental diseases
  • Is autism a disease
  • Natural coma versus artificial coma

Healthcare Research Topics

Healthcare research includes political and social aspects, besides medical. For college students who want to explore how medicine is affected by society’s values or principles, we provide examples of topics for papers. Select yours from the list below.

  • Government investment in healthcare services in the EU versus the USA
  • Inequalities in healthcare assistance and services
  • Electronic health records systems – pros and cons
  • Can asylums treat mental issues
  • Health care for prison inmates
  • Equipment for improving treatment of AIDS
  • Correlation between economic development and health care services across countries
  • Impact of smoking on organs
  • Heart attacks – causes and effects
  • Breast cancer – recent developments

Public Health Research Topics

For current examples of public health topics, browse our list. We provide only original, researchable examples for which you can easily find supporting data and evidence.

  • Public versus private hospitals
  • Health care professionals - management principles
  • Surgery failures – who is responsible
  • What legal responsibilities has the hospital administration
  • Patient service quality in public versus private hospitals
  • What benefits national health care systems have
  • Estimated costs of cancer treatments
  • Public health in developing countries
  • Banning tobacco ads – importance for public health
  • Government solutions to the anti-vaccine’s movement

Mental Health Research Paper Topics

Mental health is one of the most complex areas of medicine, where things are never as clear as with other medical issues. This increases the research potential of the field with plenty of topics left for debate.

  • Causes of anxiety disorders
  • Bulimia versus anorexia
  • Childhood trauma
  • Mental health public policies
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Schizophrenia

Anatomy Research Topics

Anatomy covers everything about the human body and how it works. If you find that intriguing and want to pay for medical research paper , start by selecting a topic.

  • Chemotherapy: how it affects the body
  • Thyroid glands – functions in the body
  • Human endocrine system
  • Heart diseases
  • How does the human muscular system develop
  • Lymphatic system – importance
  • Investigating genetic diseases
  • Digestive system

Biomedical Research Topics

Biology and medicine often work together. For the newest changes in the biomedical field, check our topics.

  • Alzheimer’s disease – paths for treatment
  • Vaccines and drug development in the treatment of Ebola
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Biological effects caused by aging
  • Air pollution effects on health
  • Infectious disease past versus present
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Biomedical diagnostics
  • Biomedical technology

Bioethics Research Topics

A controversial area of medicine, bioethics is where you get the chance to add personal input to a research topic and come up with new insights. You could consider these subjects.

  • Organ donation
  • Alternative or complementary medicine
  • Assisted suicide or the right to die
  • Artificial insemination or surrogacy
  • Chemical and biological warfare
  • Contraception
  • Environmental bioethics
  • In Vitro fertilization

Cancer Research Topics

Are you writing a paper related to cancer causes, diagnosis, treatment or effects? Look below for a hot topic that it’s easy to research and important for medical advance.

  • Ability of immune system cells to fight cancer
  • Computational oncology
  • Metastasis affected by drug resistance
  • Stem cells – applications for cancer treatment
  • Tumor microenvironment
  • Obesity and age in cancer occurrence
  • Early cancer detection - benefits
  • Artificial intelligence predicting cancer
  • Hematologic malignancies
  • Pathogen-related cancers

Clinical Research Topics

Learn more about clinical medicine by conducting more in-depth research. We prepared for you a list of relevant issues to touch upon.

  • Ethical concerns regarding research on human subjects
  • Subject recruitment
  • Budget preparation
  • Human subject protection
  • Clinical trials – financial support
  • Clinical practices for health professionals
  • Using vulnerable populations in clinical research
  • Quality assurance in clinical research
  • Academic clinical trials versus clinical trials units
  • Data collection and management

Critical Care Research Topics

Critical care is a key area in medical studies. Explore these topics in your research paper to gain more valuable knowledge in this field. You can also get in contact with nursing research paper writers .

  • Obesity and asthma – clinical manifestations
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Rhythm analysis for cardiac arrest
  • Traumatic brain injury – fluid resuscitation
  • Hydrocortisone for multiple trauma patients
  • Care and nutrition for critically ill adults
  • Diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  • Coma and sedation scales
  • Artificial airways suctioning
  • Arterial puncture and arterial line

Pediatric Research Topics

Any topic that refers to health care for children, pregnant women, mothers, and adolescents goes under pediatric care.

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Congenital heart disease in newborns
  • Adolescent medicine
  • Neonatal medicine
  • Rare diseases in children and teenagers
  • Obesity and weight fluctuations
  • Behavioral sleep problems in children
  • Children with anemia

Dental Research Topics Ideas

Choose a topic on oral health or dental care from this list of the most interesting topics in the field.

  • How smoking affects oral health
  • Children’s risk for dental caries
  • Dental anxiety
  • Types of dental materials – new advances
  • Bad breath bacteria
  • How diabetes affects oral health
  • Oral cancer
  • Dental pain – types, causes
  • Dental implants
  • Oral health-related quality of life

Dermatology Research Topics

Find the best research topic for your dermatology paper among our examples.

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Epidemiology behind uncommon skin disorders
  • Cutaneous aging
  • Risk factors of melanoma skin cancer
  • Acne versus rosacea
  • Genetic testing for skin conditions
  • Effects of cosmetic agents on skin health
  • Improving skin barrier with pharmaceutical agents
  • Skin manifestations of autoimmune disorders

Primary Care Research Topics

Write a primary care paper that can demonstrate your research skills and interest in powerful scientific findings.

  • Primary care for vulnerable/uninsured populations
  • Interpersonal continuity in care treatment
  • How primary care contributes to health systems
  • Primary care delivery models
  • Developments in family medicine
  • Occupational/environmental health
  • Pharmacotherapy approaches
  • Formal allergy testing
  • Oral contraception side effects
  • Dietary or behavioral interventions for obesity management

Pharmaceutical Research Topics

Pharma students who need paper topics can use one from our list. We include all things related to pharmacy life.

  • Drugs that can treat cancer
  • Drug excretion
  • Elimination rate constant
  • Inflammatory stress drug treatment
  • Aspirin poising
  • Ibuprofen – dangers versus benefits
  • Toxicodynamics
  • Opioid use disorder
  • Pharmacotherapy for schizophrenia
  • Ketamine in depression treatment

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Medical anthropology unites different areas of human knowledge. Find powerful ideas for a paper below.

  • Cultural contexts regarding reproductive health
  • Women sexuality
  • Anthropological aspects of health care
  • Contributions of social sciences to public health
  • Euthanasia and medical ethics across cultures
  • Health-related behavior in adults across cultures
  • Transcultural nursing
  • Forensic psychiatry
  • Symptoms of Celiac Disease – a disease with no symptoms
  • Nursing ethics

Paramedic Research Paper Topics

Topics for paramedic research must be based on evidence, data, statistics, or practical experience. Just like ours.

  • Trends and statistics in EMS
  • Disaster medicine
  • Mass casualties
  • Pandemics and epidemics
  • Infection control
  • Basic versus advanced life support
  • Scene safety in EMS
  • Shock management
  • Motor vehicle accidents

Surgery Research Topics

Discover all the intricacies of surgeries that save lives by writing about our topics.

  • Medical malpractice and legal issues
  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  • Pain management
  • Perioperative nursing
  • Wound management
  • Colorectal cancer surgery
  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgeries
  • Vascular disease

Radiology Research Paper Topics

Find a radiology topic related to your academic interests to write a successful paper.

  • Using MRI to diagnose hepatic focal lesions
  • Multidetector computer tomography
  • Ultrasound elastography in breast cancer
  • Assessing traumatic spinal cord injuries with MRI diffusion tensor imaging
  • Sonographic imaging to detect male infertility
  • Role of tomography in diagnosing cancer
  • Brain tumor surgery with magnetic resonance imaging
  • Bacterial meningitis imaging

Anatomy and Physiology Research Paper Topics

Any ideas for a medical research paper? We have included the most important topics for an anatomy and physiology paper.

  • What role has the endocrine system
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Environmental factors that affect development of human muscular system
  • What role has the lymphatic system
  • An investigation of genetic diseases
  • Explaining the aging process
  • The digestive tract
  • Effects of stress on cells and muscles
  • Evolution of the human nervous system
  • What role has the cardiovascular system

Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

There are numerous topics you could write about when it comes to healthcare management. There’s a wide range of options to pick, from infrastructure, staff, and financial management to HR and patient management. Here are some of the top healthcare management research paper options.

  • Medical talent acquisition and retention
  • Best methods for enhancing preventative care measures
  • The role of telemedicine in reinventing healthcare management
  • Patient care and the ability to pay for healthcare
  • Mid-level healthcare providers in the emergency department
  • The opioid crisis: policies and programs
  • Urgent care and walk-in clinics
  • Hospital emergency management plan during an epidemic
  • Hospital records management and patient privacy
  • Financial crises: challenges and opportunities

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

Medical ethics is a field that opens the door to numerous compelling topics for research papers. Here are some of the most appealing ones you could tackle.

  • Clinical research on humans
  • Vaccines and immunization
  • Religious beliefs in healthcare
  • Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide
  • Ethical issues across cultures
  • Amniocentesis or prenatal birth defect testing
  • Medical malpractice and going back to work
  • Racial and ethnic preferences and perceptions in organ donations
  • Racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare
  • Ethical concerns of AI in healthcare

If you need further assistance with your medical research paper, StudyClerk is here for you. Our expert writers can provide you with top-notch research and help you write an impressive paper. Contact us anytime, pick your writer, tell them more about your topic, and get a unique, plagiarism-free research paper with impeccable grammar and formatting.

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good research topics healthcare

Grad Coach

Research Topics & Ideas: Healthcare

100+ Healthcare Research Topic Ideas To Fast-Track Your Project

Healthcare-related research topics and ideas

Finding and choosing a strong research topic is the critical first step when it comes to crafting a high-quality dissertation, thesis or research project. If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re looking for a healthcare-related research topic , but aren’t sure where to start. Here, we’ll explore a variety of healthcare-related research ideas and topic thought-starters across a range of healthcare fields, including allopathic and alternative medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry, pharmacology and public health.

NB – This is just the start…

The topic ideation and evaluation process has multiple steps . In this post, we’ll kickstart the process by sharing some research topic ideas within the healthcare domain. This is the starting point, but to develop a well-defined research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , along with a well-justified plan of action to fill that gap.

If you’re new to the oftentimes perplexing world of research, or if this is your first time undertaking a formal academic research project, be sure to check out our free dissertation mini-course. In it, we cover the process of writing a dissertation or thesis from start to end. Be sure to also sign up for our free webinar that explores how to find a high-quality research topic.

Overview: Healthcare Research Topics

  • Allopathic medicine
  • Alternative /complementary medicine
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Physical therapy/ rehab
  • Optometry and ophthalmology
  • Pharmacy and pharmacology
  • Public health
  • Examples of healthcare-related dissertations

Allopathic (Conventional) Medicine

  • The effectiveness of telemedicine in remote elderly patient care
  • The impact of stress on the immune system of cancer patients
  • The effects of a plant-based diet on chronic diseases such as diabetes
  • The use of AI in early cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • The role of the gut microbiome in mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety
  • The efficacy of mindfulness meditation in reducing chronic pain: A systematic review
  • The benefits and drawbacks of electronic health records in a developing country
  • The effects of environmental pollution on breast milk quality
  • The use of personalized medicine in treating genetic disorders
  • The impact of social determinants of health on chronic diseases in Asia
  • The role of high-intensity interval training in improving cardiovascular health
  • The efficacy of using probiotics for gut health in pregnant women
  • The impact of poor sleep on the treatment of chronic illnesses
  • The role of inflammation in the development of chronic diseases such as lupus
  • The effectiveness of physiotherapy in pain control post-surgery

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

Topics & Ideas: Alternative Medicine

  • The benefits of herbal medicine in treating young asthma patients
  • The use of acupuncture in treating infertility in women over 40 years of age
  • The effectiveness of homoeopathy in treating mental health disorders: A systematic review
  • The role of aromatherapy in reducing stress and anxiety post-surgery
  • The impact of mindfulness meditation on reducing high blood pressure
  • The use of chiropractic therapy in treating back pain of pregnant women
  • The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine such as Shun-Qi-Tong-Xie (SQTX) in treating digestive disorders in China
  • The impact of yoga on physical and mental health in adolescents
  • The benefits of hydrotherapy in treating musculoskeletal disorders such as tendinitis
  • The role of Reiki in promoting healing and relaxation post birth
  • The effectiveness of naturopathy in treating skin conditions such as eczema
  • The use of deep tissue massage therapy in reducing chronic pain in amputees
  • The impact of tai chi on the treatment of anxiety and depression
  • The benefits of reflexology in treating stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue
  • The role of acupuncture in the prophylactic management of headaches and migraines

Research topic evaluator

Topics & Ideas: Dentistry

  • The impact of sugar consumption on the oral health of infants
  • The use of digital dentistry in improving patient care: A systematic review
  • The efficacy of orthodontic treatments in correcting bite problems in adults
  • The role of dental hygiene in preventing gum disease in patients with dental bridges
  • The impact of smoking on oral health and tobacco cessation support from UK dentists
  • The benefits of dental implants in restoring missing teeth in adolescents
  • The use of lasers in dental procedures such as root canals
  • The efficacy of root canal treatment using high-frequency electric pulses in saving infected teeth
  • The role of fluoride in promoting remineralization and slowing down demineralization
  • The impact of stress-induced reflux on oral health
  • The benefits of dental crowns in restoring damaged teeth in elderly patients
  • The use of sedation dentistry in managing dental anxiety in children
  • The efficacy of teeth whitening treatments in improving dental aesthetics in patients with braces
  • The role of orthodontic appliances in improving well-being
  • The impact of periodontal disease on overall health and chronic illnesses

Webinar - How to find a research topic

Tops & Ideas: Veterinary Medicine

  • The impact of nutrition on broiler chicken production
  • The role of vaccines in disease prevention in horses
  • The importance of parasite control in animal health in piggeries
  • The impact of animal behaviour on welfare in the dairy industry
  • The effects of environmental pollution on the health of cattle
  • The role of veterinary technology such as MRI in animal care
  • The importance of pain management in post-surgery health outcomes
  • The impact of genetics on animal health and disease in layer chickens
  • The effectiveness of alternative therapies in veterinary medicine: A systematic review
  • The role of veterinary medicine in public health: A case study of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The impact of climate change on animal health and infectious diseases in animals
  • The importance of animal welfare in veterinary medicine and sustainable agriculture
  • The effects of the human-animal bond on canine health
  • The role of veterinary medicine in conservation efforts: A case study of Rhinoceros poaching in Africa
  • The impact of veterinary research of new vaccines on animal health

Topics & Ideas: Physical Therapy/Rehab

  • The efficacy of aquatic therapy in improving joint mobility and strength in polio patients
  • The impact of telerehabilitation on patient outcomes in Germany
  • The effect of kinesiotaping on reducing knee pain and improving function in individuals with chronic pain
  • A comparison of manual therapy and yoga exercise therapy in the management of low back pain
  • The use of wearable technology in physical rehabilitation and the impact on patient adherence to a rehabilitation plan
  • The impact of mindfulness-based interventions in physical therapy in adolescents
  • The effects of resistance training on individuals with Parkinson’s disease
  • The role of hydrotherapy in the management of fibromyalgia
  • The impact of cognitive-behavioural therapy in physical rehabilitation for individuals with chronic pain
  • The use of virtual reality in physical rehabilitation of sports injuries
  • The effects of electrical stimulation on muscle function and strength in athletes
  • The role of physical therapy in the management of stroke recovery: A systematic review
  • The impact of pilates on mental health in individuals with depression
  • The use of thermal modalities in physical therapy and its effectiveness in reducing pain and inflammation
  • The effect of strength training on balance and gait in elderly patients

Topics & Ideas: Optometry & Opthalmology

  • The impact of screen time on the vision and ocular health of children under the age of 5
  • The effects of blue light exposure from digital devices on ocular health
  • The role of dietary interventions, such as the intake of whole grains, in the management of age-related macular degeneration
  • The use of telemedicine in optometry and ophthalmology in the UK
  • The impact of myopia control interventions on African American children’s vision
  • The use of contact lenses in the management of dry eye syndrome: different treatment options
  • The effects of visual rehabilitation in individuals with traumatic brain injury
  • The role of low vision rehabilitation in individuals with age-related vision loss: challenges and solutions
  • The impact of environmental air pollution on ocular health
  • The effectiveness of orthokeratology in myopia control compared to contact lenses
  • The role of dietary supplements, such as omega-3 fatty acids, in ocular health
  • The effects of ultraviolet radiation exposure from tanning beds on ocular health
  • The impact of computer vision syndrome on long-term visual function
  • The use of novel diagnostic tools in optometry and ophthalmology in developing countries
  • The effects of virtual reality on visual perception and ocular health: an examination of dry eye syndrome and neurologic symptoms

Topics & Ideas: Pharmacy & Pharmacology

  • The impact of medication adherence on patient outcomes in cystic fibrosis
  • The use of personalized medicine in the management of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • The effects of pharmacogenomics on drug response and toxicity in cancer patients
  • The role of pharmacists in the management of chronic pain in primary care
  • The impact of drug-drug interactions on patient mental health outcomes
  • The use of telepharmacy in healthcare: Present status and future potential
  • The effects of herbal and dietary supplements on drug efficacy and toxicity
  • The role of pharmacists in the management of type 1 diabetes
  • The impact of medication errors on patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • The use of technology in medication management in the USA
  • The effects of smoking on drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics: A case study of clozapine
  • Leveraging the role of pharmacists in preventing and managing opioid use disorder
  • The impact of the opioid epidemic on public health in a developing country
  • The use of biosimilars in the management of the skin condition psoriasis
  • The effects of the Affordable Care Act on medication utilization and patient outcomes in African Americans

Topics & Ideas: Public Health

  • The impact of the built environment and urbanisation on physical activity and obesity
  • The effects of food insecurity on health outcomes in Zimbabwe
  • The role of community-based participatory research in addressing health disparities
  • The impact of social determinants of health, such as racism, on population health
  • The effects of heat waves on public health
  • The role of telehealth in addressing healthcare access and equity in South America
  • The impact of gun violence on public health in South Africa
  • The effects of chlorofluorocarbons air pollution on respiratory health
  • The role of public health interventions in reducing health disparities in the USA
  • The impact of the United States Affordable Care Act on access to healthcare and health outcomes
  • The effects of water insecurity on health outcomes in the Middle East
  • The role of community health workers in addressing healthcare access and equity in low-income countries
  • The impact of mass incarceration on public health and behavioural health of a community
  • The effects of floods on public health and healthcare systems
  • The role of social media in public health communication and behaviour change in adolescents

Examples: Healthcare Dissertation & Theses

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a healthcare-related research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual dissertations and theses to see how this all comes together.

Below, we’ve included a selection of research projects from various healthcare-related degree programs to help refine your thinking. These are actual dissertations and theses, written as part of Master’s and PhD-level programs, so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • Improving Follow-Up Care for Homeless Populations in North County San Diego (Sanchez, 2021)
  • On the Incentives of Medicare’s Hospital Reimbursement and an Examination of Exchangeability (Elzinga, 2016)
  • Managing the healthcare crisis: the career narratives of nurses (Krueger, 2021)
  • Methods for preventing central line-associated bloodstream infection in pediatric haematology-oncology patients: A systematic literature review (Balkan, 2020)
  • Farms in Healthcare: Enhancing Knowledge, Sharing, and Collaboration (Garramone, 2019)
  • When machine learning meets healthcare: towards knowledge incorporation in multimodal healthcare analytics (Yuan, 2020)
  • Integrated behavioural healthcare: The future of rural mental health (Fox, 2019)
  • Healthcare service use patterns among autistic adults: A systematic review with narrative synthesis (Gilmore, 2021)
  • Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Combatting Burnout and Compassionate Fatigue among Mental Health Caregivers (Lundquist, 2022)
  • Transgender and gender-diverse people’s perceptions of gender-inclusive healthcare access and associated hope for the future (Wille, 2021)
  • Efficient Neural Network Synthesis and Its Application in Smart Healthcare (Hassantabar, 2022)
  • The Experience of Female Veterans and Health-Seeking Behaviors (Switzer, 2022)
  • Machine learning applications towards risk prediction and cost forecasting in healthcare (Singh, 2022)
  • Does Variation in the Nursing Home Inspection Process Explain Disparity in Regulatory Outcomes? (Fox, 2020)

Looking at these titles, you can probably pick up that the research topics here are quite specific and narrowly-focused , compared to the generic ones presented earlier. This is an important thing to keep in mind as you develop your own research topic. That is to say, to create a top-notch research topic, you must be precise and target a specific context with specific variables of interest . In other words, you need to identify a clear, well-justified research gap.

Need more help?

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure about how to find a research topic for your healthcare dissertation or thesis, check out Topic Kickstarter service below.

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good research topics healthcare

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300+ Best Health Research Topics for Students To Consider

Table of Contents

If you are a medical student, then you will often be asked to prepare numerous health research papers during your course duration. Mainly, for writing a health research paper, a good topic is needed the most. Basically, medicine is a vast field of study and in it you will have plenty of research ideas on health and health issues that exist in the world. So, you will never run short of health research ideas. But when you have many topics, it might be tough for you to pick one right topic. Therefore, to make the topic selection process easier for you, here, we have explained how to choose an ideal medical research topic. In addition to that, we also shared a list of the best 300+ health research topics on various themes related to the subject. Continue reading to know about health research paper writing.

Health Research Topics

Health Research Paper Topic Selection

Besides, selecting good health research topics might appear more challenging as compared to the writing part itself. Moreover, you might have to choose an intriguing subject matter that will drive the reader’s attention to the core. Also, you might need to demonstrate the specific subject knowledge that will help you advance in your study effectively.

Thus, to achieve the above, you might need to follow the guidelines given below

  • Firstly, select an interesting topic as this might allow you to dig deep into the subject obtaining extensive information. Also, you might want to demonstrate your readiness to undertake the challenges as a health professional.
  • Secondly, after you prepare a prospective topic list, you might want to narrow your focus to the latest health research. Besides, you might want to explore the recent trends, issues, and developments in the healthcare and medicine industry.
  • Thirdly, ensure to analyze a paper’s significance if you have selected it for your essay or dissertation. Moreover, you might need to find out if it’s beneficial for recent medical studies and has prospects or not.

Health Research Topic Selection Tips

Perhaps, to make your health research paper exemplary, you might have to follow a few guidelines as given below:

  • Of course, you might want to use reliable sources only due to the availability of false papers on the internet. Also, the higher the use of figures and statistics in your paper, the greater the credibility of your paper.
  • Also, you need to remember that no paper will appear equally interesting for everyone in the scene. For example, vaccination might save people from critical diseases, but it causes problems for people having allergies or immunity disorders.
  • Subsequently, avoid following the latest fashion as advertisement influences us greatly. Instead, you might want to study a concept, as if it was discovered yesterday and you need to fix its release date.

List of Health Research Topics and Ideas

For your convenience, below we have listed outstanding health research paper topic ideas on different themes such as mental health, public health, adult health, etc. Go through the entire list and pick a topic that is interesting for you to discuss.

Simple and Basic Health Research Topics

  • Child abuse and the 21 st -century media.
  • Impact of speech disorder on a child’s development.
  • Is plastic surgery a healthy beauty treatment option?
  • Importance of therapists in treating mental disorders.
  • Mental disorders and mood disorders- A comparative analysis.
  • Impact of sleep deprivation on memory.
  • Fear of Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • Bodybuilding is a healthy option- Review.
  • Alternative medications and their purpose.
  • A major cause of cancer in the United States.
  • Cannabis legalization in the US- Pros and cons.
  • Public and private healthcare facilities in the UK- A comparative analysis.
  • Key causes of post-traumatic disorder in the US.
  • If given the best care service, how long a person might survive?
  • Relevance of ancient health practices in the current time.

Top Health Research Topics

  • Effectiveness of inmate rehabilitation program.
  • How medical cannabis manages various conditions?
  • Exploring the Farm Bill Amendments of 2018- Cannabis legalization in the US.
  • Are Inmate rehabilitation programs in the US effective?
  • Medical research and its relevance in motivating healthcare professionals.
  • Compare the mortality rates of medical professionals in the US and China
  • The threat of medical research on people.
  • Exploring alternative medications and how it functions?
  • Impact of society’s beauty standards on public health.
  • Effects of bullying on the children’s achievements- Early childhood development.
  • Key causes of seizures in young adolescents.
  • Blood transfusion and its side effects.
  • Relevance of physical exercise in managing body posture.
  • Genetics engineering and government permission.
  • The logic behind spiritual care.
  • Stress management for nursing professionals.
  • Mortality rates of a medical professional in China and US- A comparative analysis.
  • How parent’s negligence relates to childhood obesity?
  • A world without social media- Analyze.

Research Topics on Mental Health

  • Exploring the key types of depression.
  • Early-stage autism- Diagnosis and treatment.
  • Is it possible to overcome depression in society?
  • Education programs for autistic patients’ treatment.
  • How can Autism in the early stages be diagnosed and treated?
  • Does violent music have any implications for young children?
  • Analyze how social media has transformed psychological education in college
  • The role of a teacher in students’ depression management.
  • What are the causes of the growing surge in diabetes in the UK?
  • How financial instability leads to depression?
  • Role of a Teacher in Student’s depression management.
  • Impact of violent music on children.
  • Effect of Covid-19 on Homelessness in the US.
  • Pros and cons of autistic patients.
  • Role of women in family health improvement.
  • Baby bonding before birth.
  • How endometriosis relates to genetics?
  • Causes of infertility among women.
  • Gestational weight gain A comprehensive analysis.

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Prospective Health Research Paper Topics

  • Obesity and pregnant women- Analyze the rules.
  • Impact of high-heel shoes on a woman’s health.
  • Application of advanced technology to manage infertility problems among women.
  • Teen pregnancy in New York versus teen pregnancy in California- A comparative analysis.
  • Hospital birth versus home birth.
  • Heart attack symptoms in women.
  • Surrogate pregnancy and ethical issues.
  • Impact of advanced technology on a teenager’s health.
  • Analyzing the possible solutions for HIV/ AIDS.
  • PTSD in women versus men- A comparative analysis.
  • Justify the care needs of a pregnant woman.
  • Effects of poverty on women and children.
  • Normal delivery versus C-Section delivery.
  • Identify five challenges for women after menopause.
  • HIV testing is mandatory for pregnant women- Review.

Comprehensive Health Research Ideas

  • Key causes of puberty.
  • Health risks of pregnancy termination.
  • Autistic kids and pet therapy.
  • Modern neonatal practices.
  • Analyzing the self-instruction kit’s effectiveness.
  • How does a kid’s habit indicate the possibility of autism?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine- A comparative analysis.
  • Breast cancer and psychological issues.
  • Medicines and virtual reality- Explore the key benefits.
  • Is surrogacy ethical?
  • Pros and cons of evidence-based public health informatics.
  • Key causes of antibiotics resistance among children.
  • Is it a good idea to apply GMOs to fight hunger?
  • Best strategies to prevent teenage pregnancy.
  • Impact of human rights issues on public health.

Unique Mental Health Research Ideas

  • Healthy housing principles in the UK.
  • Key challenges among the teenagers of the current time.
  • The opioid crisis and the blame on the doctors.
  • Popular mental disorders in the US.
  • Antibiotics and the people’s dependence on them.
  • Compare and contrast three mental disorders in Manchester and London.
  • Psychological relaxation and its relevance.
  • Causes and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Core strategies of grief management.
  • Teenage pregnancy minimization and women empowerment.
  • Women’s health and modern feminism.
  • Impact of hate crimes on the community.
  • Effect of terrorism on a child’s psychology.
  • Family and community tolerance- Mental health improvement.
  • Influence of dreams on a person’s decision.

A Few More Research Ideas on Mental Health

  • Human beings dream of literature.
  • Key causes of multiple personality disorder.
  • Is dreaming healthy for your body?
  • Analyze the cause and solution for teenage suicides.
  • Impact of phobia on a person’s personality.
  • Postpartum depression and strategies to reduce the problem.
  • Best treatment options for dementia patients.
  • How do dreams relate to souls?
  • Dreams of adolescents and dreams of adults- A comparative analysis.
  • Transforming dreams into reality- What is the possibility?
  • Comparing teenage suicide cases in the 21 st century and 20 th
  • Psychology and law- How is it connected?
  • What is applied behavioral analysis?
  • Why is the military in psychology important?
  • Agoraphobia and its best treatment.

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Fantastic Health Research Topics

  • Controlling panic pain through psychology.
  • Symptoms of ADHD among children.
  • Is ADHD treatable?
  • Key causes of deficit hyperactivity disorders in children.
  • Right behaviors in sports and competition.
  • Sufficient water intake- Advantages.
  • Adequate Ergonomics and muscle strain prevention.
  • Psychological and physical role of a sports coach.
  • Physical fitness and Yoga.
  • Benefits of regular exercises for the nervous system.
  • Tracking physical fitness and its importance.
  • Analyzing the core principles of fitness training.
  • Multi-level fitness test and its functioning.
  • Popular diet mistakes you might avoid in physical and mental health management.
  • Fitness training for diabetes and obesity control.

Miscellaneous Health Research Topics

  • Cognitive development of a child and physical fitness.
  • Alcohol consumption is an effect on bone development.
  • Role of outdoor physical activities in heart disease prevention.
  • Movement patterns and high injury risks.
  • Core activities before a rigorous training session.
  • Aggressive behavior and physical activities in teenagers- Explore their relationship.
  • Is healthcare cost in the US justified?
  • Pros and cons of using animals for research.
  • People’s health and poverty- Relationship analysis.
  • Healthcare services for the uninsured- Role of the government.
  • Reporting organ trafficking cases- Relevance for the doctors.
  • Is marijuana legalization a good idea?
  • How does exercising further degrades a person’s health?
  • Obesity problem as a public health issue.
  • Pill controls for the teenagers- Review.

Informative Health Research Topics

  • Old age homes- Major decision for the kids.
  • Imposing a ban on television channels advertising smoking and drinking.
  • Amazon’s forest community health- Role of the government.
  • Space medicines and their benefits.
  • Impact of atom bombs on public health.
  • Discuss the effects of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing incidents of 1945.
  • Forecasting the next disaster after Covid-19- WHO’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Pandemic management strategies- Reducing the duration and making it more efficient.
  • Legislations regulate social media usage as it impacts the user’s health.
  • Diabetes causes in children.
  • Measles resurgence in the 21 st century developing countries- Comparative analysis.
  • Key causes of the national drug problem.
  • Public health improvement- Role of social media.
  • HIV/AIDs prevention is the best strategy of pandemic control- Review.
  • Bioterrorism- US’s readiness before and after the 9/11 attack.

Lucrative Health Research Topics

  • Covid-19 pandemic response in developing and developed countries- A comparative analysis.
  • Smoking teenagers and its impact on their adulthood life.
  • Comparing the maternal mortality rate in the US and any developing country.
  • Importance of translators in UK hospitals for non-English speakers.
  • The healthcare cost of South Africa and the United States- A comparative analysis.
  • Influence of fast-food chain on obesity- Role of the state in regulating the fast-food chains.
  • Appropriate age for sex education to start in a school.
  • Covid-19 pandemic and the role of quarantines in controlling it.
  • Relevance of global coordination in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Theories and causes of Covid-19- Analyze the mystery.
  • Controlling health pandemic- Role of a nurse.
  • On-demand birth control pills for teenagers.
  • Importance of limiting medical issues of a person to allow treatment for others of their community.
  • Impact of television shows on a person’s diet.
  • Stress and depression management- Role of Tai Chi.

Research Topics on Public Health

  • Is it a good idea to use animal tissues on human beings?
  • Sustainable healthcare system and informatics approach- A comprehensive analysis of Canada.
  • Analyzing the main treatment options for Anorexia Nervosa.
  • Reasons for miscarriages in pregnant women in the first trimester.
  • Maternal practices effectiveness in rural and urban areas- A comparative analysis.
  • Impact of social media on psychological courses in College.
  • Computers will not replace doctors- Review the statement.
  • The most critical illness of the 21 st
  • History of health- A comparative analysis between the past and the current perception.
  • Comparing healthcare in various countries-Identify the minimal.
  • Depression and anxiety- A true threat to health.
  • Excessive weight is the new bane of human civilization.
  • Analyze the true relevance of pills in a person’s life.
  • Emergence and causes of bioethics.
  • Analyze the drawbacks of chemotherapy over its advantages.

Excellent Health Research Topics

  • Organ harvesting over transplantation- Review.
  • Acute pain management and its impact on living standards.
  • List the biggest epidemic in the world, analyze its growth, and control measures.
  • Impact of tobacco and alcohol ban on the overall health condition.
  • Assisted suicide and euthanasia- Discuss its moral aspects.
  • Homeopathic medicines and homeopathy- Suspension causes in some countries.
  • History of surgery and its function in accumulating human health information.
  • Healthcare services an asylums and prisons- Government’s role in quality management.
  • How sex education might prevent the spread of STDs.
  • Relevance of reproductive health in the last ten years.
  • Palliative care and satisfaction for the rest of the life.
  • How to agree on a person for an experimental treatment?
  • Comparing newborn and infant health to that of adults.
  • Health as a fashion- Benefit of health trend for society.
  • How do healthy lifestyles at different ages transform?

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Captivating Health Research Paper Topics

  • Do women need extra attention during pregnancy?
  • Impact of beauty standards on overall health and humanity history of the society.
  • Tobacco and alcohol ban’s impact on the health condition of the people.
  • A new standard of health versus ignoring a body problem- Body positive.
  • How going Vegan will improve your health?
  • Analyze the factors determining healthy food.
  • The significance of managing modern society-Psychological health.
  • Menopause and the health issues encountered during the climax.
  • How does a psychological perspective assist people to conform to a healthy diet in their life?
  • Identify the causes of an increasing rate of diabetes in the UK.
  • Depression and physical illness- A comparative analysis.
  • Analyze causes and solutions for teenagers’ suicides.
  • New team leaders in the organization- Identify their challenges.

Innovative Public Health Research Ideas

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the offender treatment program.
  • Military and psychology- What is the connection?
  • Analyzing ADHD symptoms in children.
  • Womb transplantation or replacement surgery?
  • Children and parental care- Medical care services without parent’s approval.
  • How to Keep Yourself Healthy Free of Food Temptations
  • Why Should You Forgive Yourself for Emotional Eating During a Lockdown?
  • The Complete Guide to Virtual Therapy Appointments
  • How Keeping a Journal Can Help You Deal with the Coronavirus Mentally
  • 7 Strategies for Supporting Friends Fighting Depression During COVID-19
  • Daily Exercises to Boost Immunity in the Home
  • What signs are there in blood cell disorders?
  • What alternatives are there for treating problems with blood cells?
  • How to Understand Substance Use Disorder
  • Chemotherapy or radiology which treatment is more effective? Discuss the case study.

Public Health Research Topics 2023

  • Why weight is the cause of irregular menstrual cycle?
  • Does Hereditary Arthritis Exist?
  • Name and explain the 10 plants that can be used for our physical health
  • How does chemotherapy impact the patient’s phycology?
  • What are the best ways to prevent hernia?
  • What are the reasons for insomnia?
  • Discuss the Principles of Osteosynthesis
  • Skin inspection under difficult circumstances using Dalmatian pyrethrum daisies
  • How does artificial color in food, and fruit affect human health?
  • The efficacy of medicinal cannabis in treating various diseases.
  • The effect of COVID-19 on the people experiencing homelessness in the United States.
  • Discuss how financial insecurity might lead to depression.
  • In the United Kingdom, sophisticated technologies are being used to treat the problem of infertility.
  • Considering the benefits and drawbacks of telemedicine.
  • Is it a good idea to use GMOs to combat hunger?

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Outstanding Health Research Paper Topics  

  • Relevance of the ancient healthcare practices in the current time.  
  • Menopause and health issues at the time of the climax.  
  • Discuss the relationship between puberty and health issues.  
  • Why homeopathy and homeopathic medicines are suspended in different countries.  
  • The impact of chronic pain management on the standard of living.  
  • Discuss the moral impact of Euthanasia and assisted suicide.  
  • Why are people more concerned about reproductive health in the last ten years?  
  • How sexual education does contribute to the prevention of STDs?  
  • The influence of 21st-century media on the promotion of child abuse.  
  • How is bodybuilding healthy?  
  • Discuss the influence of sleep deprivation on memory.
  • The use of genomic technologies in the study of developmental disorders in children
  • Genetic factors in Tourette’s syndrome
  • What genes are linked to allergic diseases?
  • What are the ethical implications of genetic research that involves old people?

Interesting Health Research Questions

  • New developments in autism spectrum disorder genetic research
  • Can predictive examination for a variety of diseases be considered conclusive?
  • The application of brain imaging to the early detection of Parkinson’s disease
  • Genetic Aspects of hereditary angioedema
  • What exactly is molecular genetics in kidney disease?
  • Acute otitis media in children: new treatment options
  • An overview of recent advancements in pediatric dentistry
  • The Genetics of coronary artery disease
  • Genetics and nutrition are linked.
  • What role does genetics play in personalized wellness?
  • What are the possible causes of childhood eating disorders?

Trending Health Research Ideas

  • How does chemotherapy impact the patient’s phycology

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Health Research Topics for College Students

  • The effect of COVID-19 on homelessness in the United States.
  • an in-depth examination of the psychosocial effects of breast cancer.
  • What are the primary advantages of virtual reality in medicine?
  • Should a woman bear another woman’s child in terms of surrogacy ethics?
  • A closer look at Canada’s effort to establish sustainable health systems through informatics.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of evidence-based public health informatics are examined.
  • What does the future hold for informatics in public health?
  • The primary causes of antibiotic resistance in young children: what are they?
  • Why is psychological relaxation so crucial to one’s health?
  • What are the most effective dementia treatment options?

Health Research Topics for University Students

  • What are the primary causes and cures for Alzheimer’s disease?
  • What methods might be employed to lessen the postpartum depression issue?
  • Is cosmetic plastic surgery healthy? Should it be promoted?
  • What function do therapists provide in the management of mental illness?
  • A closer look at the effects of sleep deprivation on memory.
  • Medical professional death rates in the US and China: What could have been done differently?
  • What is the success rate of cancer patients’ stress management programs?
  • What are the most effective treatment options for anorexia nervosa?
  • evaluating the efficacy of maternal practices in urban and rural locations.
  • Should infertility treatments be covered by health insurance?
  • What are the most effective approaches to treating genetic diseases?
  • Should more money be invested in genetic engineering for medical research?
  • Describe how mechanical left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) or mechanical hearts can generate new muscle tissue in failing human hearts
  • Which growth factor protein may counter debilitating inflammatory bowel disease and how?
  • Explain the injectable gel that aids in the recovery of post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) and the pharmacology of this gel

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Awesome Health Research Ideas

  • Discuss the role of nutrition and environment on public health in South African countries
  • Explore the connections between increased saturated fat, sugar and salt consumption, and cardiovascular health
  • Critical analysis of the way household air pollution and ambient air pollution and health impact health
  • Analysis of the improvement in cognitive and mental health during and post-Covid period
  • How to engage the public in understanding innovation in vaccination with mRNA Technology?
  • Public Health and economic consequences of public engagement with non-healthcare Settings for vaccine education
  • Describe the strategies and initiatives aimed at combating vaccine hesitancy among immunocompromised groups and across different employment sectors
  • Describe malaria prevention programs using vector-control strategies
  • What are the key challenges in malaria surveillance and control that are linked to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Determination of the etiology of human neurological diseases using multi-omics data
  • How Gastrointestinal Hormone may Help Treat Heart and Kidney Failure
  • Compare and contrast the two most common chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including their causes, impact, and treatments
  • Analyze the current standard glioblastoma multiforme treatment and its effectiveness
  • Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM): Advancing Treatment for a Dangerous Brain Tumor
  • Discuss the benefits of consuming a high-fiber diet from a digestive system for brain health

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the list of health research topics and ideas suggested in this blog would help you prepare a brilliant academic paper. If you don’t know what topic to choose or in case, you are struggling to write a good health research paper, then contact us for help.  Assignment helpers in our platform will provide cheap and best health research paper help online. Moreover, according to your needs, for all kinds of Research paper topics, without any delay, our experts will prepare and deliver accurate solutions worthy of top grades.

Health Research Topics

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  • 40 Great Healthcare Research Topics
  • 40 Great Healthcare Research Topics for College Students

40 Great Healthcare Research Topics for College Students

Health Research

Medical research topics: how to choose, health research topics.

  • Healthcare Research Topics for College

Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

  • Other Health Research Topics

Final Thoughts

If you are studying Medicine and need worthy healthcare research topics for college, go no further! In this blog post, our proficient writers have compiled a useful list of health research ideas and suggestions on how to choose a decent topic. Select the one that you like most and be ready to nail any assignment related to health.

Healthcare research is a diverse field of study which includes various topics that you may cover. From mental health issues to the use of technology in the medical industry, there are many interesting healthcare research topics to choose from.  Aspects discussed in medical papers are of great importance in modern society. For that reason, a well-crafted health project allows college students to go beyond task completion. It also provides a unique opportunity to catch international reader's attention.

It's essential to start your research by brainstorming different problems related to health. Try to consider as many topics for research papers as possible. At this point, you need to select several relevant issues and conduct independent research . This crucial step allows us to come up with insights and offer new solutions to the existing problems. Do not forget to include valuable takeaways for future studies when analyzing one of the healthcare research topics. To make the process easier, a student should focus on the why , what , and how questions. Make sure to address the following queries:

  • Why is the chosen topic important?
  • How does the subject can contribute to the existing studies?
  • What is the main idea of your research paper?

Having these questions answered is the key to success. Now that you know how to select a good topic let's move on to the medical field's typical categories.  

Health research topics offer a great variety of choices . It's not necessary to describe a specific illness, its symptoms and treatment like most students may do. Instead, you are more than welcome to focus on technological advancements or alternative therapies. Overall, healthcare research issues can be divided into the following main sections :

  • Diseases: The symptoms, causes, risk factors, prevention, treatment, diagnosis, complications
  • Healthcare management and leadership
  • Healthcare education and training
  • Professions related to the healthcare research
  • Legal aspects of health care
  • Scientific innovations and development
  • Technical impact on the improvement of medical services
  • Mental disabilities in patients
  • Nursing and administration

Think about what area of study is of most interest to you and try to come up with a great subject in the respective category. If you run out of ideas, do not hesitate to look through the list of healthcare topics given below. Whether it's a case study, a lab report, a  persuasive essay , or a research paper, you are sure to find the most practical idea for your assignment.

Healthcare Research Topics for College 

  • Below, you can find excellent healthcare research topics for college students that you can cover in the project:
  • How does the US government encourage the development of healthcare services?
  • Investment in the improvement of the healthcare sector in the UK
  • Mandatory overtime of the medical staff
  • Inequalities that exist in Medicine
  • Nursing shortage and its impact on the patient care
  • Controversial issues in the healthcare sector
  • Storage systems preferred by the healthcare administrators
  • Electronic health records system: its advantages and disadvantages
  • A shift from inpatient hospitalization to ambulatory care
  • The use of technology in the treatment
  • The quality of service in modern US asylums
  • Do asylums help people with mental issues?
  • The methods of memory improvement
  • Mental issues in children
  • Factors that influence the Autism development in children

Need to write a research paper in sociology? You are lucky! We have the list of topics for sociology research paper . Look through it and find something interesting.

  • 4 functions of management in a healthcare setting
  • ABC hospital as a privately owned community hospital
  • Ways how a typical registered nurse can become a physician
  • The role of surgeons in the healthcare setting
  • People who are responsible for failures during the surgeries
  • Legal responsibility of the hospital administration
  • The role of human resources management in hospitals
  • Public vs private hospitals
  • Methods used to improve staff relations in the healthcare environment
  • Management principles for healthcare professionals
  • The correlation between the quality of patient service and revenue
  • Third-party payers
  • Accounting and financial reporting in healthcare institutions
  • Coordination and administration of patients plus other nurse's duties
  • The impact of regular staff training on the quality of patient services

Other Health Research Topics 

  • Should the United Kingdom implement national health care?
  • The estimated cost of anorexia nervosa
  • The efficiency of the ongoing breast cancer studies
  • Necessary equipment to improve the treatment of AIDS
  • Health care issues in the third-world countries
  • The impact of smoking on cancer development
  • Causes and effects of heart attacks
  • Risk management in treating diseases
  • The importance of banning tobacco ads
  • COVID 19: Staffing shortage

Our platform is unique for every student. You will find everything you need for your writing task whether you are looking for capstone project ideas  or any other essay topics.

When you're required to write a sociology research paper, be prepared to work on a topic that is connected to people and society. You can choose from a variety of subjects including relationships, social norms, people's behavior, stereotypes, communication between different groups and individuals, a...

Many people underestimate the impact of mental disorders on the quality of life. Statistics prove the importance of this health condition in terms of a person's general well-being.  It is up to medical college students to demonstrate the necessity to study various associated issues in-depth. Writing...

Things go the way we can pick relevant, up-to-date research paper topics these days. Be it an Instagram study or Kendrick Lamar’s influence on music in the last decade study – nowadays it is still a research writing. This piece of text will provide enough information and ideas to choose dazzling res...

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Considerations for building a research question:

  • Ex. clean drinking water
  • Everyone, so I am not too picky here. But maybe later I may want to be more specific, i.e. children
  • Policy changes
  • Last five years
  • Flint Michigan

What policies have been made in response to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan to ensure clean drinking water for the citizens? What future policies should be considered?

WHO: Public health, environmental and social determinants of health TOPICS

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  • A Research Guide
  • Research Paper Topics
  • 40 Health & Healthcare Research Paper Topics

40 Health & Healthcare Research Paper Topics

Read also: Learn how to organize a research paper .

40 Best Medical Research Topic

  • The history of health. What was considered healthy in the ancient times and what is healthy now?
  • The beauty standards and their impact on overall health throughout the history of humanity
  • Going vegan: when, why and how it can improve your health?
  • Bodypositive: the ignorance of the body problem or the new standard of health?
  • Is the excessive weight the new bane of human civilisation?
  • Bodybuilding: when it is healthy?
  • Professional sports: the impact on health. Professional traumas
  • What shall we really consider while choosing healthy food?
  • What is healthy lifestyles in different ages? How should it change?
  • Psychological health. The importance of its maintaining in modern society
  • The health of newborns and infants. How shall their healthcare differ from the adult one?
  • Is health fashionable now? How the trend for health can benefit society?
  • Ancient health practices that are still useful in modern life
  • Depression and anxiety: shall they be treated as a real threat to health?
  • Healthcare in different countries: what is considered a minimal one?
  • Pregnancy and healthcare: do pregnant women need extra attention?
  • Are all the pills we usually take really needed?
  • Vaccination: why people start to be afraid of it again?
  • Experimental treatment: when and why people agree to undergo it?
  • The most dangerous illnesses of 21 century
  • Living with chronic diseases: how can the health of such people be improved?
  • Plastic surgery: is it safe for health?
  • The basics of the healthcare: how to make people aware of them?
  • Palliative care: the decent rest of life
  • Bioethic: what is this and why it emerged?
  • Chemotherapy: when the cure is doing harm
  • Alternative medicine: does it work?
  • Organ harvesting and transplantation. Can it be soon replaced with organ growth?
  • Chronic pain management: the quality of life
  • Puberty and health issues connected with it
  • Menopause and the health issues during the process of climax
  • Reproductive health: why people become so concerned about it in the last decade?
  • The world’s greatest epidemics. The rise of epidemiology. The prevention of spreading diseases
  • Euthanasia and assisted suicide: the moral aspects. Is it still healthcare?
  • Healthcare in prisons and asylums: does the government maintains the same quality of it?
  • The differences between public and private healthcare
  • Can ban of tobacco and alcohol improve the overall health condition?
  • Sexual education as the way of preventing of spreading of STDs
  • Homeopathy and Homeopathic medicine: why is it suspended in some countries?
  • History of surgery and its role in gathering the knowledge about human health

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301 Best Health & Medical Research Topics

The importance of health research can’t be underestimated. It helps move medicine forward and save millions of people. It also promotes various preventive techniques that help us live longer and safer lives.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for 13.00 10.40/page

Health research covers many different areas. The development of new drugs and treatments is only a small part of it. There is also plenty of research on the root causes and mechanisms of diseases so that we can understand them better. Preventive medicine is one of the frontiers of health research. It helps us avoid the risks of dangerous conditions.

Information-based research, personalized medicine, deep learning techniques, and more – all this makes health research exciting as well as valuable.

Stuck choosing your medical research topic? Take a look at the collection that experts have prepared! Find there your perfect idea or just get inspired and formulate your own research question.

🧑‍⚕️ Top 10 Research Topics for Medical Students

🔝 top 10 health research topics.

  • ⚛️ Genetics
  • 🐣 Pediatrics
  • 💉 Biomedicine
  • 🙆 Mental Health
  • 😷 Public Health Topics
  • 🏥 Medical Anthropology Topics
  • ⁉️ Controversial Topics
  • 📑 Types of Study in Medicine
  • What diseases cause hair loss?
  • Can alcohol affect your bone marrow?
  • Do tongue disorders affect speech?
  • How to know if chest pain is serious
  • What eye problems can diabetes cause?
  • Complementary vs. alternative medicine
  • Can diabetic nerve damage be reversed?
  • Ethnic groups at risk for metabolic syndrome
  • Are bleeding disorders a result of thrombocytopenia?
  • Should flu vaccination be mandatory for health workers?
  • The benefits of telehealth
  • The types of eating disorders
  • How to stay healthy in college
  • Ways to spot health fraud
  • Classification of occupational diseases
  • The ways to prevent sports injuries
  • How to use medical devices safely
  • How long can a mental disorder last?
  • How much exercise do older adults need?
  • What diseases can cause a lack of B vitamins?

💡 Medical Research Topics & Ideas

Here’s the list with some topic examples for a medical research paper:

⚛️ Genetics Research Topics

  • Understanding the genetics of epilepsy is an excellent medical research paper topic. The recent discovery of epilepsy genes provided an insight into the mechanisms of seizure disorders. Further studies can revolutionize epilepsy treatment.
  • Or you can choose the topic of malpractice in clinical genetic research: an overview . In recent years, genetic predisposition tests are becoming increasingly popular. Yet, this leaves room for mistakes and other types of malpractice.
  • Another interesting genetics research topic is reverse genetics in vaccine creation . It is essential to produce new vaccines even for such viruses as influenza because of its constant mutation. Reverse genetics allow us to do that.

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  • Possible therapies for GNE myopathy are still mostly under-researched. This genetic disorder leads to progressive muscle atrophy, and it often remains undiagnosed. See what can be used as a possible treatment.
  • Brain imaging in ADHD studies shows impressive results. Discovery of genes responsible for ADHD will pave the way for better understanding and treatment of this disorder.
  • Similarly, you can make your contribution to finding the genes responsible for juvenile idiopathic arthritis . While the causes of the disease remain unknown, they are expected to be both genetic and environmental.
  • The role of screenings in gynecologic cancer prevention cannot be underestimated. It is essential to decreasing the mortality associated with this highly dangerous malignancy. You can study new effective methods of early diagnosis and preventative measures.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to write about the genetics of drug addiction . That includes substance abuse, gambling , and other dangerous activities. The role of genetics in addiction development can tell us a lot about its prevention and treatment.
  • Similarly, the study of genetic similarities between Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease can provide the necessary insight into the mechanisms of these two disorders.
  • HIV: genetic factors is an excellent healthcare research topic for college students. Recent studies show that there’s a genetic difference in susceptibility to HIV infection . Further research can bring us closer to the development of the HIV cure.

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  • What are the ethical aspects of genetic research involving elderly persons?
  • Genetic research in autism spectrum disorder : new trends
  • Can predictive testing for various diseases be considered definitive?
  • The use of brain imaging for early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease
  • Hereditary angioedema: genetic aspects
  • The role of the environment and genes in human development
  • Genetic study of cerebral palsy
  • The concept of social anxiety disorder (SAD)
  • What are the genetics of angle-closure glaucoma ?
  • The use of whole-genome sequencing in epileptology
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder
  • Genomic technologies in research of children’s developmental disorders
  • Tourette’s disorder: genetic factors
  • What are the genes associated with allergic diseases?
  • What is the molecular genetics of kidney disease ?
  • Coronary artery disease and its genetics
  • Correlation between genetics and nutrition
  • What is the role of genetics in personalized wellness?

🐣 Pediatric Research Topics

  • Non-therapeutic use of ADHD medication in children and adolescents is a controversial topic among specialists. Many ADHD patients misuse their prescription drugs for various reasons that you can discuss in your paper.
  • Another cutting-edge pediatric research topic is the effective management of type 1 diabetes in children . Factors such as family history may increase a child’s risk for diabetes. While it cannot be cured, it can be managed with the help of new technology.
  • What are the peculiarities of movement disorders in children? That is an interesting question that you can write about in your paper. Movement disorders in children differ from those in adults. This includes such factors as etiology and clinical manifestations.
  • One of the most critical pediatric research questions is how does secondhand smoking affect children? Secondhand smoke is hazardous for children. It can cause severe asthma attacks, various infections, and even sudden infant death syndrome.
  • A closely connected topic is ways of reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome . Studies show that certain sleep positions and cigarette smoke can increase the risk of SIDS , but there are also many other factors you can research.

Pediatric Research Topics.

  • What conditions put children at increased risk for meningitis ? This pediatric research topic can be an interesting one for an article. Meningitis is still associated with a significant risk of lifelong neurological problems or death. See what the risk factors of meningitis are, and what can be done about it.
  • Or you can choose an autism-related research paper topic, such as autism in children : overcoming language impairment . Pragmatic speech is often challenging for children with an autism spectrum disorder. Still, there are many ways in which we can help them overcome it.
  • What are the effects of prenatal exposure to air pollution?
  • Assessing juveniles for psychopathy or conduct disorder
  • Childhood asthma : new ways of diagnosis and management
  • Breastfeeding: advantages and disadvantages
  • Childhood obesity: prevention strategies
  • Attention deficit disorder and colitis
  • Meningitis in children: risk factors
  • Association between iron deficiency and childhood obesity
  • Measles in children: eye complications
  • Autism spectrum disorders in children
  • What are the possible causes of eating disorders in children ?

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  • How do eating disorders affect development?
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus in children
  • What are the ways of improving the quality of life in children with cerebral palsy ?
  • A personalized approach in childhood cancer treatment
  • Vaccines: should parents avoid vaccinating their children?
  • Acute otitis media in children : new management strategies
  • Recent innovations in pediatric dentistry : an overview
  • What is the role of social workers in the childhood cancer treatment process?
  • What are the prevention strategies of antibiotic resistance in children?

❤️ Anatomy Research Topics

  • The latest discoveries in human microbial ecology are interesting research objects for undergraduates. Microorganisms in human organisms play a significant role in immunity, food digesting, and other processes. Discuss it in your paper!
  • Bone tissue destruction in arthritis : ways of attenuation is another anatomy research topic that you can choose. It has been proven that an arginine-rich diet can influence cellular metabolism in bone. You may also describe other diet-related ways of inflammatory arthritis management.
  • Brain changes in people recovering from a stroke is an important topic that requires a comparison of brain functions in healthy individuals and patients with stroke. The results can be used to improve the treatment of patients in recovery.

Anatomy Research Areas.

  • Or you can choose an oncology-related topic, such as in what ways cancer affects the functions of the bone marrow niche? The bone marrow niche contains stem cells that create bone and blood. Understanding their functions is crucial in finding better ways of treating rheumatic and neoplastic diseases.
  • Endometriosis : efficient ways of diagnosis can be the topic of your research paper. While this diagnosis usually leads to surgery, it is not always necessary. Currently, more patient-based ways of diagnosis and treatment are being developed.
  • Alternatively, you can try to answer the question of how do photoperiodic changes affect brainstem volume? This topic is concerned with the mechanisms of seasonal affective disorder. It may also explain why SAD is more predominant in women than in men.
  • Another exciting health-related topic for a research paper is what the crystal structure of human enamel is . The properties of enamel are still not entirely understood. The study of its crystal structure may provide necessary insight into its unique resilience.
  • Ways of measuring neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function
  • What is the mechanism of the humoral response to HLA antigens?
  • Ventricular septal defect
  • What areas of the brain are associated with communication difficulties caused by stroke ?
  • What are the effects of a stroke on Upper Esophageal Sphincter functions?
  • What is the role of extensor hallucis longus in hallux pathology?
  • HIV/AIDS in children of Nigeria
  • HLA-specific B cells: identification, quantification, and isolation
  • Co-occurrence of ADHD and bipolar disorder
  • What are the relations between obesity and knee osteoarthritis ?
  • What is the role of N-type calcium channels in regulating aldosterone production?
  • What are the mechanisms of β-cell failure in type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus?
  • What is the role of copper irons in kidney fibrosis?
  • Sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes: diagnostic measures to identify hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • The use of machine learning in predicting post-transplantation survival outcome after liver transplantation
  • What is the role of the central lateral thalamus in controlling consciousness ?
  • Polyploidy in cancer and other pathological conditions

💉 Biomedical Research Topics

  • What factors affect outcomes following injury? That is an interesting biomedical research topic. You can come up with ideas on how to improve the quality of life in recovering patients, as well as to reduce disability.
  • Alternatively, you can center your research paper on ways of managing life after limb loss . It’s a significant issue affecting millions of people. New effective methods of recovery are now being developed based on interactivity and participation.
  • Biomedical screening in diagnosing endometriosis is a relatively new idea. Endometriosis usually leads to surgery, which is not always the right solution. Currently, more patient-based ways of diagnosis and treatment are being developed.
  • If you’re interested in computer technology, you can study software for imaging in biomedical research . Currently, a plethora of new computer programs for visualization is being developed. It’s an existing new industry that revolutionizes 21st-century medicine.

Woman pipetting biomedical laboratory.

  • The physiology of swallowing is an under-researched topic of great importance. You can study the changes in swallowing due to aging or stroke.
  • Biomedical research of Alzheimer’s disease: newest discoveries
  • Blood cells disorders: diagnosis and classification
  • Neurodegeneration : the efficacy of the thermal rehabilitation approach
  • What are the adverse effects of hemodialysis in patients with chronic kidney insufficiency?
  • Bacterial meningitis : ways of diagnosing
  • Care of patients with lung cancer : psychological aspects
  • What makes diffuse axonal injury difficult to diagnose?
  • What are the virological aspects of seasonal influenza ?
  • What are the ethical aspects of animal use in biomedical research ?
  • What molecular and cellular changes are associated with aging ?

🙆 Mental Health Research Topics

  • The use of mild electrical stimulation in patients with schizophrenia is different from what is known as EST. For example, mild stimulation of the prefrontal cortex temporarily restores the patient’s ability to recognize emotions.
  • Similarly, you can study the effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) on patients with OCD . It’s a new approach that is currently used for the treatment of depression. It also shows effectiveness in patients with OCD who don’t respond to medication.
  • Compensatory cognitive training (CCT) in patients with mental disorders has been proven effective in boosting patients’ cognitive abilities. Still, it needs further research.
  • The use of computer apps in coping with depression can be an interesting mental health research topic. The idea of creating virtual apps that can help patients cope with unpleasant thoughts is relatively new. You can study its efficacy or help to develop new apps.
  • A pandemic as a public health emergency is a new burning topic. High levels of anxiety and other mental health problems have been noticed in people around the world during epidemics. You can research the effects of panic, isolation, and uncertainty.
  • Analysis of language patterns in psychotic patients via machine learning is an exciting med research paper topic. It can help in predicting early signs of psychosis as well as provide insights into speech mechanisms of the brain.

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  • Efficient ways of diagnosing ADHD in children is another essential healthcare research paper topic. For example, you can write about ways of interpreting questionnaires for parents. Alternatively, you can develop your own questionnaire.
  • You could center your research on risk factors for bipolar disorder development . There exist behavioral patterns that can indicate future BD in children, as well as genetic predisposition.
  • What effect does increased screen time have on children’s development? This is an interesting question you can try to answer in your paper. While it has been proven that too much screen time doesn’t cause ADHD, it can possibly lead to w ADHD symptoms worse. You can make your contribution by studying the effects of electronic media on the brain.
  • What factors influence the efficacy of exposure therapy in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder? This topic is another one concerned with the functions of the brain. You can study brain activity patterns in people responding to stressful situations and imagery.
  • Connections between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder include similar symptoms as well as genetic predisposition. Further studies of genetic factors responsible for similarities and differences between these two conditions can lead to the development of better-personalized treatments.
  • Another closely connected topic is light therapy for patients with bipolar disorder . Daily exposure to light has proven to be effective in the treatment of seasonal depression. You can test its efficacy in the treatment of other depression-related conditions.
  • Mindfulness meditation in the treatment of depression is an excellent topic for students. Cognitive techniques using meditation are proven to be almost as effective as medication. Yet, further research is required.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a research question related to eating disorders , such as what are the physiological mechanisms of eating disorders? For example, it has been proven that there are distinct types of neurons responsible for regulating eating behavior.
  • A broader topic for a research paper is the use of biomarkers in psychiatry . This includes using biological signatures to reveal underlying mechanisms of mental disorders specific to each patient. It can also be used for effective diagnosis.
  • What’s the efficacy of online psychotherapy in comparison to in-person sessions?
  • What is the relation between anxiety sensitivity and PTSD ?
  • The efficacy of hypnosis and its clinical use
  • Mental health, mental illness, risk, & resilience
  • How can early intervention help adolescents with mental health disorders ?
  • What are the gender differences in PTSD?
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • What are the ways of improving mental health care in jails?
  • The multi-dimensional nature of schizophrenia
  • What are the ways of reducing public stigma against seeking mental health treatment?
  • How can immune stress influence mental disorders and drug use?
  • Dementia of the Alzheimer’s type
  • What are the ways of detecting autism at the earliest stages of life?
  • Common mental health problems
  • What genetic factors contribute to autistic spectrum disorder?
  • Depression in the elderly
  • Treatment of alcohol dependence in patients with anxiety
  • Mental disorders and vulnerability to homicidal death
  • The use of animal models in designing new treatments for borderline personality disorder
  • Managing panic attack
  • The effects of early stress on the hippocampus
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy
  • The combined use of behavioral therapy and medication in adolescents with anxiety
  • Mental health policies development
  • What’s the efficacy of lithium as a mood stabilizer in adolescents with bipolar disorder ?
  • The concept of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder therapy
  • What are the brain differences in bipolar adolescents with suicidal behavior ?
  • How does PTSD affect the ability to empathize?
  • Human sexual behavior: sexual disorders
  • Resilience to stress: genetic and behavioral factors
  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies and its treatment
  • The use of brain imaging in depression diagnosis
  • Mental illness history
  • What are the genetic factors associated with neuroticism?
  • Amyloid deposition and Alzheimer’s disease
  • What is the connection between the immune system and mental health?
  • How can vulnerability to hallucinations be detected?
  • Alcoholism: causes and effects
  • What are the brain wave patterns specific to patients with autistic spectrum disorder?
  • What is the role of sleep deprivation in developing bipolar disorder?
  • What are the ways of predicting relapse in patients with depression?

😷 Public Health Research Topics

  • Malnutrition in children is an important issue. It often leads to underweight and mineral deficiency, which can have severe consequences. It’s especially widespread in developing countries.
  • Alternatively, you can study the effects of obesity and physical inactivity on the population . Obesity is a dangerous condition that often leads to complications. This includes high cholesterol and high blood pressure .

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  • Why does the impact of smoking-caused diseases on mortality continue to rise? This issue is mostly associated with developing countries. Even with the success of recent efforts to reduce smoking, the long-term effects of nicotine are still going to affect people’s health.
  • Can moderate alcohol consumption be beneficial for health? is a fascinating public health research topic. Several studies demonstrate alcohol’s protective effects against various diseases. See if there’s enough evidence to prove this.
  • The impact of fine air pollutants on human health can be severe. It is associated with such illnesses as lung cancer and cardiopulmonary disease. See how we can reduce air pollution and its harmful effects.
  • Inappropriate use of antibiotics is another serious threat to public health. It can lead to antibiotic resistance , resulting in deaths from common infections and minor injuries. See what causes the rise in antibiotic consumption and what can be done about it.
  • Or you can choose food fortification: efficacy and controversies . Adding vital microelements to food helps with nutrient deficiency. However, it is essential to control fortified foods intake and not to over fortify.
  • Finding ways to prevent back pain from becoming chronic is an excellent topic for a research paper. Chronic back pain can have a damaging effect on people’s quality of life. New preventive measures are now in development.
  • You can also study herbal medicine and its role in global health . Traditional plant-based medicine was thought to be applicable only in poor regions. Currently, there is a newfound interest in the medicinal properties of plants among scientists.
  • The use of social media for health behavior change is an exciting current topic. The use of social media in the sphere of public health is considered very effective. The widespread use of social media makes it possible to use its benefits in middle and low-income countries.
  • A closely connected topic is video games in chronic illness management and prevention . Video games can incorporate elements that help manage chronic illness. Besides, they provide the necessary distraction from pain.
  • The impact of global travel on public health can be devastating in situations such as a pandemic. You can study the ways of raising awareness about the dangers of global traveling. It is also important to prevent anxiety and stigmatization of certain countries.
  • The influence of racism on public health is an important topic that needs to be studied carefully. Racial prejudice often prevents people of color from receiving high-quality treatment. It is crucial to find ways to eliminate bias from health care systems.
  • Undiagnosed diabetes as a global health problem : that is another burning topic. High levels of obesity around the world increase the risk of diabetes. See why early diagnosis at the prediabetes stage can lead to better outcomes.
  • You can focus your research on the importance of overcoming the mental health stigma . Despite recent success in the treatment of mental disorders, patients are often blamed for their condition. Collective efforts need to be taken against the stigma and its devastating effects.
  • The effects of new technology on life extension is a compelling medical topic for research paper. Learn about tech innovations that can prolong our life and discuss ethical issues connected with them.
  • Or you can try to answer the question of what causes increased vaccine refusal? Anti-vaccine movements exist since the late 18th century. Recently they are on the rise primarily due to social media influence. It’s necessary to find adequate ways to address this issue.
  • How the prolongation of life influences public health? This is an excellent topic that you can research. First and foremost, it covers the increased importance of chronic disease management and prevention.
  • Cancer prevention and control is one of the crucial areas of public health research. Discover how technology helps us with early diagnosis and effective prevention of cancer.
  • The promotion of handwashing may seem insignificant, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Handwashing plays a considerable role in our health. The promotion of frequent handwashing as well as correct techniques and soap usage is especially vital during epidemics.
  • The effects of global warming on public health
  • Inequalities in the Healthcare arena
  • Efficacy of tobacco carve-out for public health protection
  • Future trends in healthcare
  • What infectious diseases are the most threatening for the population?
  • What are the leading global risks for mortality ?
  • What are the most effective ways of healthy lifestyle promotion ?
  • What are the ways of improving health literacy among individuals with multiple sclerosis ?
  • What is the impact of unsafe water on public health?
  • Health literacy and cultural awareness
  • Alcohol misuse in teenagers: new means to address the issue
  • What is the difference between leading health risks in high-, middle-, and low-income countries?
  • What factors lead to high blood pressure among the population?
  • STD among adolescents: prevention strategies
  • Differences in disease management : coronavirus in four countries
  • Impact of a growing elderly population
  • What are the effects of vitamin A deficiency in children?
  • Technological progress as the cause of obesity
  • What are the effects of excess salt on people’s health?
  • Healthcare in the United States: timeline and reforms
  • What’s the connection between age and increased risk of dying from high blood glucose?
  • Promotion of physical activity : new efficient ways
  • Asymptomatic HIV case management
  • What are the consequences of ineffective contraception use?
  • The challenge of healthcare reform in the US
  • What are the developmental and behavioral effects of early lead exposure?
  • HIV and AIDS in the African-American community
  • What are the dangers of excess occupational noise?
  • Health promotion strategies for obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease : new prevention strategies
  • Complication of pregnancy: pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH)
  • Avahan: India AIDS Initiative
  • What are the main changes in patterns of consumption around the world?
  • Food allergies and obesity
  • What are the dangers of low fruit and vegetable intake?
  • Music therapy and pain management
  • Preventive strategies against blindness in developing countries
  • Teenage pregnancy problem
  • Social-cultural factors of eating disorders
  • Seizure disorders awareness: new ways
  • Middle-aged women: healthy lifestyle choices, diet, and activity
  • Dementia in Africa: preventive strategies
  • AIDS and other social viruses
  • Vaccination : a way of controlling infectious diseases
  • Tanning booths and skin cancer relationship
  • What are the most efficient measures in measles control?
  • A research of breast cancer survival
  • What are the important implications Affordable Care Act for public health practice?
  • Is smoking cigarettes just for fun or a death sentence?
  • Ways of maintaining the functioning immune system in patients with HIV
  • The implication of information technology on marketing strategy of healthcare industry
  • How can health systems be prepared for extreme weather events?
  • The impact of electronic medical records
  • The negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions on people’s health
  • The concept of autism
  • How road design influences physical activity levels among the population?
  • Active transportation among adolescents: new ways of promotion
  • Energy-dense foods: pro and contra
  • The use of social media for infectious disease surveillance
  • What’s the importance of chronic disease prevention at the earliest stages in life?
  • Violence prevention strategies in a community at the local level
  • What are the ways of improving access to fresh fruits and vegetables for older adults?
  • Mosquito -borne diseases and their prevention
  • Workplace health promotion: new strategies
  • The role of sociology in public health: methods, concepts, and ways of improvement
  • Mental health promotion in US schools

🏥 Medical Anthropology Research Topics

  • The connection between poverty and disability is an excellent medical research paper topic. Disability can be caused by poverty, and similarly, poverty can be caused by disability. See how else they are interconnected.
  • The medical culture of China is a fascinating topic for presentation. Discover what makes the Chinese medicine unique, and why it remains so influential today.
  • The impact of multigenerational addiction experiences on children can be devastating. See what happens when children grow up watching substance abuse at home.
  • Can subjective experience count as truth in healthcare? This research question is an intriguing one. The personal experience of patients is a very valuable source of knowledge. At the same time, it is often treated as non-factual information.
  • Caffeine use: health hazard is a great under-researched topic for a paper. In our modern world, coffee is an extremely popular drink. Still, there are many dangers to caffeine use, such as psychotic symptoms and sleep disorders .
  • Another interesting question you can research is medical pluralism: is it still relevant? While pluralism often helps to move medicine forward, sometimes it goes too far. See where the line between alternative medicine and superstition is.
  • Or you may study how medical definition of ADHD changed over time . Various descriptions of this condition date back as far as the 18th century. The definition and terminology of ADHD have been continuously changing and still require further research.
  • What impact does incarceration have on people’s health?
  • Strategies for overcoming racial health disparities : an overview
  • Lead causes of premature death in the US
  • What is the impact of chronic illness and disability on individuals in the developed world?
  • Cultural bias in comparative anatomy studies
  • What are the cultural and political aspects of human reproduction ?
  • Speech and hearing loss discrimination: causes and risks
  • Cultural views on the causes of mental illness across the world
  • What are the views on women’s health in Middle Eastern countries?
  • Ancient Greek medical system as the basis of biomedicine
  • Ethnobotany across the world: a cross-cultural comparison
  • What are the cultural views on the healing properties of reptiles ?
  • Evolutionary development of scoliosis : an overview

⁉️ Controversial Medical Topics for a Research Paper

  • Euthanasia is a vast topic for a research paper or discussion. You can choose to talk about its historical aspects, its relation to law , its ethical problems , the attitude towards pediatric euthanasia, and many more.
  • The use of animals in clinical research remains controversial. Animals such as rats play a significant role in medical discoveries. Nevertheless, many people insist that animal tests are unethical and unnecessary.
  • Another topic surrounded by controversies is the one about the reasons for cannabis legalization . While certain chemicals contained in cannabis are proven to be beneficial for health, it’s still not officially recognized as a medicine. You can also discuss the recreational use of marihuana .
  • Or you may write about stem cells: ethical issues . Stem cells are often harvested from embryos, which led to restrictions connected to their medical use. Currently, new types of stem cells are being developed, and the attitude towards this subject is changing.
  • One of the oldest controversial topics in medicine is abortion: pro-choice vs. pro-life . This includes the moral status of the embryo , the definition of personhood, women’s freedom over their bodies, and other interesting aspects.
  • Ethical controversies around vaccines include testing, informed consent, access issues, as well as other aspects. You can also mention the effect of the anti-vaccine movement on society.
  • Another interesting and controversial topic is antidepressants: medicine or placebo ? Numerous scandals around drug companies suggest that popular antidepressants may have no real effect and do more harm than good. See if there’s enough evidence to support this point of view.
  • Gender bias in medical research
  • Affordability of healthcare : policies and optimization strategies
  • Medical conspiracy theories: reasons and impact
  • Embryo harvesting: ethical implications
  • Why is ADHD often considered to be “not real”?
  • Medical malpractice problem in the world
  • What impact does HIV denialism have on society?
  • Is there a connection between abortion and women’s mental health?
  • Plastic surgery : the controversies
  • Should public smoking be banned?
  • Generic drugs : safety, efficacy, and other controversies
  • What are the controversies related to chronic fatigue syndrome recognition?
  • Fast food and junk food-related criticisms
  • The ethics of genetic engineering in humans and non-humans
  • Is homeopathy a pseudoscience?
  • The ethical issue of organ transplantation

📑 Medical Research: Types of Study

Before you write your research, it is necessary to decide on the study design. It is usually determined by the topic of the research. The methods of your research will depend on the chosen type of study.

There are two main types of study: primary and secondary. Primary studies are focused on new research, while secondary ones deal with the analysis of already available data.

Primary Medical Research.

Primary research can be further classified into:

  • Basic experimental research and the development of analytical and biometric procedures. This includes cell and genetic studies, method development in various fields, etc.
  • Clinical research that studies the effects of drugs and medical procedures. It can be experimental (clinical studies) and observational (therapy study, observational data analysis, single case reports, etc.)
  • Epidemiological research centered on distribution, frequency, and changes in diseases. This category includes case-control studies, cross-sectional studies, cohort studies, etc.

Secondary research usually consists of literature reviews and meta-analysis.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, some intervention studies are impossible to carry out for ethical reasons. Observational studies are safer, but also less reliable that interventional studies.

Choose the design that fits you best and write your perfect medical research paper!

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

🤔 Medical Research FAQ

Medical research is a cross-disciplinary investigation of various diseases, including their mechanisms, treatment, and prevention techniques. It can be based on data analysis or clinical trials conducted on animals or volunteers. Medical research is essential in the development of new treatments, as well as raising awareness of various health-related topics.

Research is what moves medicine forward. Medical research helps us learn more about diseases, discover new treatments, and improve our quality of life. It also makes possible prevent and diagnose various diseases at early stages, as well as test the efficacy and adverse effects of new medicines before they become available to a larger population.

Research experience is not mandatory for admission in the majority of med schools. However, it is a very valuable experience that helps you develop essential skills.

If you are interested in medical research, you can go into an MD program. This will enable you to work in a laboratory of a research institute and participate in groundbreaking discoveries.

Most of the federally funded biomedical research is conducted at The National Institutes of Health (NIH). It consists of 27 separate institutes located in different parts of the US.

The NIH is responsible for many important discoveries. This includes the use of lithium for bipolar disorder treatment, numerous vaccines, and gene therapy.

This is a step by step guide:

  • Choose a current hot topic.
  • Formulate your thesis statement.
  • Describe your methodology, instrumentation, and approaches.
  • Write about the results of your research. You can use tables and graphics.
  • Write a conclusion. Say why your research is important.
  • Write a short abstract.
  • Add acknowledgments and references.

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  • The Era of Biomedicine: Science, Medicine, and Public Health in Britain and France after the Second World War: Medical History
  • Public Health Open Access Research: BMC
  • Pediatrics: American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Himan Anatomy: Longdom
  • Translational Research in Anatomy: Elsevier
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300+ Medical Research Topics & Ideas for Students to Choose

Medical Research Paper Topics

Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

Every healthcare research begins with a single step. But in the world of academia, that step often involves hours of pondering over the perfect medical research topic idea. When it comes to medical research paper topics, there's a seemingly limitless array of options that stretches as far as the mind can wander. The potential of this field is exciting but can also be challenging to explore.

To help you narrow down your choices and research effectively, our research paper writer team compiled a list of interesting medical research topics. Whether you want to write about the latest developments in public health or explore the implications of emerging technologies, this blog won't disappoint you.

What Are Medical Research Paper Topics?

Medical research topics are the ideas or concepts related to health and medicine. They often explore new treatments, developments in diagnosis, prevention of illnesses, or even the effects of lifestyle choices. The scope of topics in medicine is vast and can include such aspects:

  • Clinical medicine
  • Biomedical research
  • Public health
  • Mental health research topics
  • Medical technology
  • Health services research.

Your choice should stem from your interests and existing gaps that need to be filled.

Characteristics of Good Medical Research Topics

Choosing the right medical topic for a research paper is like finding a golden ticket to a successful study. Here's what makes a medicine research idea a real showstopper:

  • Engagement Research should be engaging and relevant to the audience.
  • Precision Good ideas are always specific, so that you can focus your research on a particular area without being too vague.
  • Authenticity A good topic needs to address an issue that hasn't been studied before.
  • Feasibility Ensure your topic is realistic. Good research topics in healthcare should fit within your budget, timeframe, and available resources.
  • Relevance Winning medical research project topics should address current and pressing issues in healthcare.

How to Choose a Medical Research Topic?

Selecting the best idea out of multiple medicine research topics can be a daunting task, especially when you have so many fields to explore. Here are a few steps that will help you settle on a theme:

  • Brainstorm and come up with as many ideas as possible.
  • Narrow down your list by considering factors such as your interest and resources.
  • Look for current tendencies in healthcare research.
  • Consult your supervisor or a librarian to verify the pertinence of the topic that you have chosen.
  • Make sure your topic is specific enough to be addressed within the scope of your project.

Once you come up with a fitting medical research topic, consider half the battle won. But in case you have difficulties creating an original title, our online paper writers prepared a list of research ideas for medical students you might like.

List of Top Medical Research Topics

Below we collected various medical topics to research in your study. From groundbreaking technologies to emerging diseases, there are countless avenues to investigate. If you're on the hunt for a compelling topic, here are some of the top medical researches topics capturing attention in 2023:

  • Effective strategies for medical talent acquisition and retention.
  • The best methods for enhancing preventative care measures in contemporary medicine.
  • The role and impact of telemedicine in reinventing healthcare management.
  • Implications of artificial intelligence on diagnostics and treatment plans.
  • The rising threat of antimicrobial resistance and its effects on global health.
  • The link between environmental changes and public health outcomes.
  • Complexities of vaccine development and human immune responses.
  • Health inequities: Causes, consequences, and potential solutions.
  • New treatment approaches for neurodegenerative disorders.
  • A multidisciplinary approach to tackling obesity and metabolic disorders.

Good Medical Research Topics

Navigating countless medical topics for research papers can often feel like a journey through a labyrinth. Here are some intriguing ideas that could ignite your curiosity and fuel your research:

  • How does climate change impact human health?
  • Communication disorders: A closer look at deafness.
  • The hidden dangers of household air pollution.
  • The escalating threat of diabetes in the public sphere.
  • Coronavirus and how it changed the landscape of public health.
  • Assessing oral health: Beyond the basics.
  • Tobacco and alcohol control: A public health perspective.
  • Health implications of a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Urban pollution and its impact on respiratory diseases
  • The role of healthy diets in disease prevention.
  • Exploring the mental health impact of social media.
  • How do cultural factors influence public health initiatives?
  • The role of nutrition in managing chronic diseases.
  • Investigating the genetics of neurodegenerative disorders.
  • What are some ethical considerations in gene editing?

Interesting Medical Research Topics

Exploring the depths of medicine can be an exciting experience. You'll discover that every issue has a plethora of complexities and avenues to investigate. Here are some interesting medical topics for research paper that could pique your curiosity:

  • The influence of lifestyle changes on cardiovascular health.
  • What are some psychological impacts of chronic illness?
  • Connection between gut health and mental well-being.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of telehealth during the pandemic.
  • How do genetic factors influence addiction susceptibility?
  • Autoimmune diseases and their peculiarities.
  • How does stress affect immune function?
  • What are some health impacts of sleep disorders?
  • The link between socioeconomic status and health outcomes.
  • Exploring innovations in pain management.
  • Analyzing implications of artificial intelligence in healthcare.
  • Effect of climate change on infectious disease patterns.
  • A look into advancements in cancer immunotherapy.
  • Exploring the potential of stem cells in treating degenerative diseases.
  • How does diet influence the progression of Alzheimer's disease?

Easy Medical Research Topics

You may be looking for simple research topics in medicine that won't take too much time and effort to complete. Explore these straightforward ideas that could make your paper stand out:

  • Importance of proper sanitation in healthcare settings.
  • Exploring the role of patient support groups in disease management.
  • Analyzing the efficacy of physical therapy interventions.
  • What are the cost-effective interventions for healthcare delivery?
  • What are some effects of new pharmaceuticals?
  • What are some health consequences of air pollution?
  • How does meditation improve outcomes in mental health care?
  • Evaluating the role of nutritionists in weight loss management.
  • An analysis of trends and patterns in emerging diseases.
  • Exploring alternative medicines in contemporary healthcare.
  • Examining the impact of healthcare policies on public health outcomes.
  • Can the use of herbs provide an effective remedy for certain illnesses?
  • How does mental health stigma affect access to treatment?
  • Drug abuse: Causes, consequences and prevention strategies.
  • What are some psychological issues associated with chronic illnesses?

Best Medical Research Topics

When it comes to choosing medical research topics, you need something that's striking and meaningful. Hover over these ideas to spot the fitting idea for your medical research:

  • Exploring new strategies for treating neurological disorders.
  • What is the role of medical ethics in modern healthcare?
  • What are some implications of genetics in personalized healthcare?
  • Exploring innovations in non-invasive diagnosis techniques.
  • Effect of temperature on patient outcomes in critical care.
  • How does air pollution influence healthcare costs?
  • How do changes in lifestyle lead to better health outcomes?
  • Implications of electronic health records for patient privacy.
  • Role of nutritionists in disease prevention.
  • How technology is being used to revolutionize healthcare?
  • What are the most effective treatments for rare diseases?
  • How have medical imaging techniques advanced over the years?
  • Investigating potential treatments for autism spectrum disorder.
  • Exploring innovative approaches to mental healthcare delivery.
  • What are some implications of artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis?

Controversial Medical Topics for a Research Paper

Navigate through the most contentious research topics in health and explore the debate that surrounds them. Consider these thought-provoking ideas and medical controversial topics:

  • Ethical implications of genetic engineering.
  • Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide - where do we draw the line?
  • Are mandatory vaccinations an infringement on personal freedom or a public health necessity?
  • Evaluating medical and legal perspectives on the use of medical marijuana.
  • Ethical concerns around animal testing in medical research.
  • How do we navigate the morality and legality of abortion?
  • Should the criminal justice system focus more on mental health treatment than punishment?
  • Is stem cell research a moral dilemma or a medical breakthrough?
  • Ethical considerations in organ trading and transplantation.
  • Who should shoulder the burden of healthcare costs?
  • Is access to healthcare a privilege or a human right?
  • Ethics of using placebo in clinical trials – is it justified?
  • Assessing the role of Big Pharma in healthcare - is it a necessary evil?
  • Can genetic screening lead to discrimination, despite its benefits?
  • Should modern medicine take precedence over traditional medicine, or is there room for both?

New Medical Research Topics

Discover the latest studies in healthcare and explore the newest topics for a medical research paper. Below we prepared some cutting-edge topics for you to consider:

  • Can gene-editing technologies such as CRISPR transform the treatment of genetic disorders?
  • How does microbiome therapy potentially influence the treatment of autoimmune diseases?
  • Exploring the advent of personalized medicine through genomics and precision diagnostics.
  • How is virtual reality altering the landscape of surgical training and rehabilitation therapies?
  • How can telehealth improve healthcare access, particularly in remote and underserved areas?
  • The role of nanotechnology in developing more efficient drug delivery systems.
  • What are some implications of the rising antimicrobial resistance, and where does the future of antibiotics lie?
  • How are advances in non-invasive treatments changing the face of chronic disease management?
  • Is precision oncology the future of cancer treatment?
  • What are some implications and potential of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering?
  • Can advancements in wearable technology revolutionize personal health monitoring?
  • How are gut microbiota affecting our understanding and treatment of metabolic disorders?
  • What role do nanobots play in medical treatments?
  • Can big data analytics be used to improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis?

Medical Research Topics Ideas for Students

There are multiple medical topics to write about. But as a student, you're probably looking for something more specific. For your convenience, we divided the titles by academic levels. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore these health topics for research that your professor will surely appreciate.

Medical Research Topics for High School

For students who want to investigate different aspect of healthcare, we provided these examples of ideas. Browse through these medical research topics for high school students to spot the most relevant theme:

  • How does the human immune system work?
  • Vaccinations as an essential tool in preventing diseases.
  • A basic overview of genetic disorders.
  • What makes viruses unique?
  • How does the body fight off bacterial infections?
  • The impact of lifestyle factors on heart health.
  • Diabetes: Types, causes, and prevention strategies.
  • The importance of mental health in the medical field.
  • Skin health: Understanding common skin conditions like acne and eczema.
  • Structure and function of the human heart.
  • Role of antibiotics and how do they fight bacteria?
  • Journey of a pill: From ingestion to action.
  • What happens in an allergic reaction?
  • How does physical exercise impact the body and mind?
  • Racial disparities in healthcare and access to treatment.

Medical Research Topics for College Students

At the college level, you may be asked to write a research paper on a complex issue. We prepared these health research topics for college students to help you get started on your assignment:

  • Exploring the implications of health insurance reform.
  • Genomic sequencing in the early detection of genetic disorders.
  • Machine learning in diagnostic imaging: A new era in radiology?
  • The role of diet in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes.
  • Exploring the link between circadian rhythms and health disorders.
  • The role of personalized medicine in cancer treatment.
  • Development and use of prosthetics in physical rehabilitation.
  • Understanding autoimmune diseases: The body fighting itself.
  • Addressing health disparities through community-based interventions.
  • Inflammation in the development of chronic diseases.
  • The rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria: Causes and implications.
  • Innovations in drug delivery systems: From nanoparticles to smart pills.
  • How can we address the opioid crisis in America?
  • Investigating the use of mobile technology for delivering healthcare services.
  • Exploring medical implications of 3D printing technology.

Medical Research Topics by Subjects

We've also provided some research topics for medical students grouped by specific subjects. Check them out and pick the one you find most captivating.

Medical Research Topics in Pediatrics

Pediatrics involves the care and health of children. As such, it is a broad field ripe with interesting medical topics. Given the unique physiology needs of these younger populations, pediatric research is crucial for understanding illnesses. Below you can find captivating research topics in pediatrics:

  • Exploring the impact of nutrition on childhood development.
  • Assessing the effects of screen time on adolescent mental health.
  • Investigating genetic factors in pediatric cancers.
  • The role of vaccinations in preventing common childhood illnesses.
  • Strategies for managing childhood obesity.
  • The impact of prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol on infant health.
  • Development and evaluation of therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Understanding the rise of food allergies in children.
  • Advances in the treatment of congenital heart defects.
  • Exploring the causes and treatment strategies for pediatric asthma.
  • The impact of environmental toxins on child health.
  • Evaluation of therapeutic approaches for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Implications of early life stress on mental health in adolescence.
  • The role of gut microbiota in pediatric diseases.
  • Understanding the genetic basis of rare childhood disorders.

Medical Research Topics on Anatomy

Anatomy is the study of the organization and structure of the body. It encompasses many topics for medical research papers, from bones and organs to cell structures. Consider these ideas when writing your next anatomy paper:

  • The role of genetics in bone fragility disorders.
  • A comparative study of the skeletal systems across different species.
  • The role and function of the lymphatic system in human health.
  • Investigating complexities of the human brain's structure.
  • Development and growth of human muscles.
  • Impact of aging on bone health and structure.
  • Exploring the intricate workings of the human cardiovascular system.
  • Understanding structural changes in lungs in chronic respiratory diseases.
  • The anatomical basis of speech and language development.
  • Neuroanatomy of pain: Understanding pain pathways and mechanisms.
  • Structural adaptations of the human body for athletic performance.
  • Anatomy of the human eye and its role in vision.
  • How does connective tissue support body structures?
  • How does endocrine system impact hormone production?
  • How does female anatomy change during pregnancy?

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Medical anthropology looks at health and illness from a cultural perspective. It draws on expertise from across disciplines such as biology, psychology, and sociology to better understand how medical systems can work within different communities. If you’re interested in this field, use these ideas for med research topics:

  • Investigating cultural beliefs and practices surrounding childbirth.
  • Impact of socioeconomic status on health outcomes in different cultures.
  • Understanding the role of traditional medicine in modern healthcare systems.
  • An exploration of how cultural beliefs influence mental health perceptions.
  • Effect of migration on health outcomes.
  • The role of diet and nutrition in health from a cultural perspective.
  • Cultural competence in healthcare delivery: Challenges and opportunities.
  • Intersection of gender, culture, and health.
  • Impact of societal norms and values on disease prevalence.
  • Health disparities among indigenous populations.
  • Role of social support networks in health and wellness across cultures.
  • The impact of stigma on health outcomes in HIV/AIDS patients.
  • The role of cultural anthropology in global health interventions.
  • Ethnobotany and its implications for drug discovery.
  • Understanding health practices in post-conflict societies.

Medicine Research Topics on Physiology

Physiology studies how living organisms function. This branch covers a range of medicine topics and ideas you might like. Here are some suggestions for your next med paper in physiology:

  • How does nervous system contribute to the perception of pain?
  • What physiological changes are triggered by acute and chronic stress?
  • How does regular exercise influence cardiovascular health and overall well-being?
  • How do hormones influence our metabolic rate and energy utilization?
  • A detailed study on physiological transformations during pregnancy and lactation.
  • How does the process of aging affect the function and resilience of various organs?
  • Exploring the role of homeostasis in maintaining the body's internal balance.
  • What are the key physiological processes involved in the sleep cycle?
  • Unraveling complexities of the human digestive system from ingestion to excretion.
  • How does the renal system contribute to maintaining blood pressure?
  • Physiological adaptations humans undergo when living at high altitudes.
  • How does dehydration disrupt normal bodily functions?
  • Implications of obesity on respiratory function and efficiency.
  • How does the endocrine system orchestrate growth and development?
  • Investigating the neurophysiological underpinnings of memory formation and retrieval.

Medical Research Topics on Dermatology

From understanding skin conditions to exploring new procedures, dermatological research is a crucial part of improving skin health. Look through these medical research ideas centered around dermatology:

  • Investigating the causes and treatments of acne in adolescents.
  • Diet and the development of psoriasis.
  • Understanding genetic factors involved in atopic dermatitis.
  • Skin cancer: Risk factors, prevention, and treatment strategies.
  • How do environmental factors cause skin aging?
  • Exploring new treatments for hair loss.
  • Understanding the correlation between stress and skin conditions.
  • The role of the microbiome in skin health and disease.
  • New approaches in the treatment of vitiligo.
  • The impact of UV radiation on skin health.
  • Exploring the pathophysiology of rosacea.
  • The role of telemedicine in dermatology.
  • Clinical advancements in the treatment of fungal skin infections.
  • The correlation between skin health and mental health.
  • Advances in cosmetic dermatology: Safety and effectiveness of new procedures.

Medical Research Paper Topics on Nursing

Nursing is a versatile profession that covers many areas of health care. It’s also an ever-changing field, with new research and advancements being released all the time. Here are some topics for medical research paper focusing on nursing:

  • The impact of nurse-patient communication on patient outcomes.
  • Exploring the effects of nurse fatigue on job performance.
  • How does nurse practitioner autonomy influence patient care?
  • Importance of bedside manner in nursing.
  • The role of technology in nursing practice.
  • Understanding challenges associated with ethical decision-making in nursing.
  • How does nurse burnout affect patient safety?
  • Analyzing factors contributing to nurse retention and turnover rates.
  • The effects of staffing ratios on nurse and patient satisfaction.
  • Exploring the role of leadership in nursing practice.
  • What are implications of nurse workload on healthcare outcomes?
  • The impact of health policy on nursing education and practice.
  • Ethical dilemmas faced by nurses in end-of-life care.
  • How does culture affect perceptions of healthcare and nursing.
  • What are some effects of managed care on nurse autonomy?

>> Read more: Nursing Research Paper Topics

Medical Research Topics on Primary Care

Primary care is the first point of contact between patients and medical professionals. This branch is often overlooked, but it’s an important area of research that can improve health outcomes in communities around the world. Check out these interesting health topics to discuss in primary care:

  • Exploring the impact of primary care physician shortages on health outcomes.
  • How do socio-economic factors influence health outcomes in primary care?
  • Strategies to improve patient adherence to treatment.
  • What are some challenges and opportunities of providing mental health services?
  • The role of primary care in managing chronic diseases.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of preventive measures in primary care.
  • How does patient education influence health outcomes in primary care?
  • The role of health technology in improving primary care delivery.
  • What are some best practices for managing multimorbidity in primary care?
  • Developing effective communication strategies for diverse patient populations in primary care.
  • The impact of health policy changes on care delivery.
  • How can primary care practices be adapted to meet the needs of an aging population?
  • Assessing the effectiveness of integrated care models.
  • The role of primary care in addressing health disparities.
  • Strategies for improving patient satisfaction in primary care.

Medical Research Topics on Public Health

Public health is an important area of research - understanding how to improve health in communities and prevent illness and injury are crucial skills for medical professionals. Here are some medical related research topics that could kick-start your next project:

  • What are the causes, implications and solutions to food insecurity?
  • The role of public health in the management of infectious diseases.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of smoking cessation programs.
  • The role of public health initiatives in combating the obesity epidemic.
  • What are some policy interventions that can improve public health?
  • The impact of racism and discrimination on public health outcomes.
  • Exploring new models for delivering mental health services in underserved communities.
  • The impact of urbanization on public health outcomes.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of school-based health education programs.
  • Strategies for managing public health crises during natural disasters.
  • The implications of antibiotic resistance for public health.
  • How can community engagement improve public health initiatives?
  • The role of public health in the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases.
  • What are the effects of environmental toxins on human health?
  • How can mutual efforts reduce maternal and infant mortality rates?

>> View more: Public Health Research Topics

Medical Research Topics on Mental Health

Mental health is an important area of research, as it affects so many people around the world. Here are some medical research paper ideas to get you started on your next mental health project:

  • The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating anxiety disorders.
  • How does social media influence adolescents' mental health?
  • Exploring the link between gut health and wellbeing.
  • The role of mindfulness in managing stress and enhancing mental well-being.
  • Understanding the genetic factors in schizophrenia.
  • How can stigma associated with mental illness be reduced in society?
  • How do traumatic events influence mental health?
  • Potential art therapy application in emotional health treatment.
  • The role of mental health in managing chronic diseases.
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global mental health.
  • Understanding the correlation between sleep deprivation and emotional wellbeing.
  • Strategies for improving mental health services in rural areas.
  • How can nutrition benefit mental health?
  • Exploring the effectiveness of peer support in mental health recovery.
  • The benefits and challenges of telepsychiatry.

>> View more: Mental Health Research Paper Topics

Medical Ethics Research Topics

Medical ethics is an important direction in healthcare research. Check these fascinating health topics to research for your next paper:

  • Exploring moral implications of assisted suicide.
  • How do ethical considerations come into play during organ transplantation?
  • The ethical conundrum of maintaining patient confidentiality in the digital age.
  • The integral role of informed consent in the physician-patient relationship.
  • What ethical dilemmas arise from genetic testing and gene editing technologies?
  • Ethical considerations of implementing artificial intelligence in healthcare.
  • Is it ethical to use placebos in clinical trials?
  • Balancing individual rights and public health in the context of a pandemic.
  • Navigating ethical issues surrounding end-of-life care.
  • Ethical challenges involved in the rationing of limited healthcare resources.
  • What ethical considerations are necessary when conducting clinical research in low-resource settings?
  • Ethical debate surrounding the use of animals for medical research.
  • Ethical questions raised by advancements in reproductive technologies and rights.
  • What are ethical implications of mandatory vaccination policies?
  • Understanding ethical dilemmas associated with using health data for research.

Extra Medical Research Papers Topics

Medical research is an important topic for many people. Below you can find more medical research topic ideas that didn't fall in any of categories offered above.

Health Research Topics

Health research paper topics are crucial to understanding the effects of trends and developments in the medical field. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  • How does virtual reality change physical rehabilitation?
  • Investigating the effects of pollution on respiratory health.
  • The effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions in mental health.
  • The role of nutrition in managing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Assessing health impacts of climate change.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of health education programs in schools.
  • Strategies for promoting mental health in the workplace.
  • Investigating the links between diet and cognitive function.
  • How does health literacy influence individual health outcomes?
  • Implications of stress on immune function.
  • Effectiveness of public health campaigns on smoking cessation.
  • Exploring the effectiveness of herbal remedies in treating diseases.
  • The role of sports in promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Strategies to reduce the prevalence of substance abuse.
  • Pros and cons of electronic record systems in healthcare.

Clinical Research Topics

Clinical ideas are essential for approaching healthcare from a scientific point of view. Find some medical research paper topics to cover in your project:

  • Exploring the effectiveness of novel treatments in rare diseases.
  • The role of biomarkers in disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • How do medical interventions influence patient satisfaction?
  • Exploring links between nutrition and cancer prevention.
  • How do lifestyle modifications influence diabetes management?
  • Understanding the implications of drug interactions.
  • How does genetic testing influence medical decision-making?
  • What are some challenges associated with disseminating medical evidence?
  • Predicting disease progression through machine learning.
  • Assessing the accuracy of various diagnostic tools.
  • Implications of medical robotics and automation in healthcare.
  • Evaluating the impact of patient-centered care on quality outcomes.
  • Clinical trials: Challenges and opportunities.
  • How can vulnerable populations access medical care?
  • How can public-private partnerships benefit healthcare delivery?

Bottom Line on Medical Topics to Research

Choosing healthcare research paper topics can be quite overwhelming. We hope our suggestions will help you in developing an engaging medical research topic for your upcoming project or assignment. Remember to always check with your instructor before starting any project, so that you are aware of all specific requirements.


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nursing research topics

Health Research Paper Topics

Table of Contents

Health Research Paper Topics for Original Writing

The medical field is a diverse discipline covering numerous subjects in institutions of higher learning. Professors often assign students health research papers to evaluate their grasp of the course program they are undertaking. Health research papers entail various scientific studies that aim to assess ideas, solve problems, enhance treatment methods, and impact more knowledge about human health conditions.

Health research papers cover aspects such as child care, lifestyle diseases, mental health, nutrition, among many other subjects. Thus, most medical students feel overwhelmed with the numerous assignments and workload in school. But they must complete academic papers to graduate college and start practicing the medical courses.

To write an exceptional paper, you must select relevant and successful research paper topics about health. Due to the diversity, you have a wide array of topics to choose from to compose an excellent paper.

This article provides a compilation of the best health research topic ideas to help you know where to begin your writing process.

How to Select the Best Health Research Paper Topics?

Your health research paper will stand out if you select a topic you are passionate about because you know what it entails. Picking a familiar topic makes your research phase easier since you can build relevant arguments. Conversely, you can also pick an exciting subject and conduct in-depth research to learn more and get significant points.

While many learners think that it is good to choose a broad topic, it is not. Select a topic that has available academic resources for research purposes to avoid wasting time in deep analysis. It is essential to search for supporting evidence that validates your arguments.

Write down all the significant points to help you remember what to write. It acts as a mind map that guides you during the writing process.  Whatever topic you choose, ensure it is interesting to grab the reader’s attention. For instance, you can select a modern-day health problem and turn it into an insightful research paper.

Since many students have writing challenges, they opt to search for academic writing assistance from expert writers. We have a team of competent authors on board, read to help medical students compose original research papers, right from topic selection to the citation section.

Here are reasons why you should choose us:

  • Highly certified medical writers.
  • Top-notch research paper topics about health.
  • Prompt deliveries.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • 100% authentic content.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with health-related assignments, reach out to us immediately, and we will link you with a qualified tutor. Trust us with your academics, and we will tackle each paper with professionalism.

20 Best Health Topics for Research Paper in 2023

  • The impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare decision-making
  • Exploring the potential of gene editing technologies in curing genetic diseases
  • The role of gut microbiota in maintaining overall health
  • Investigating the effectiveness of personalized medicine in cancer treatment
  • The impact of climate change on public health
  • Exploring the potential of telemedicine in improving access to healthcare in rural areas
  • The effects of social media on mental health and well-being
  • Examining the relationship between sleep patterns and chronic diseases
  • The role of exercise in preventing and managing chronic conditions
  • The impact of nutrition and dietary choices on brain health
  • Exploring the potential benefits of mindfulness and meditation in reducing stress and anxiety
  • Investigating the long-term effects of vaping and e-cigarette use on lung health
  • The role of wearable devices in monitoring and managing chronic conditions
  • Examining the impact of air pollution on respiratory health
  • Exploring the potential of immunotherapy in cancer treatment
  • Investigating the relationship between mental health and cardiovascular diseases
  • The effects of prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle on overall health
  • Examining the impact of social determinants on health disparities
  • The role of digital health interventions in managing mental health conditions
  • Investigating the effectiveness of alternative and complementary therapies in pain management.

List of Health Research Paper Topics – 15 BEST Ideas

The following is a compilation of exciting health research topic ideas to help you write an excellent thesis:

  • An analysis of vaccinations in the developing countries
  • The impact of beauty standards on general health
  • The health benefits of a vegetarian diet
  • Why the excessive weight is a health concern globally
  • The adverse effects of professional sporting activities on human health
  • Discuss why psychological health is vital in modern society
  • Is depression a real threat to health today?
  • The long-term effects of plastic surgery
  • Ethical implications of surrogacy
  • Discuss the significance of organ donation
  • Does human experimentation violate medical ethics?
  • Pros and cons of alternative medicine
  • Does weight loss through surgery have harmful effects?
  • How drug abuse enhances mental disorders
  • Influence of technology in improving health

15 Health-Related Topics for Research Paper

  • The impact of ethical leadership in the health care system
  • Reasons why pregnant women need special health care
  • Influence of technology on reproductive health
  • Long-term effects of over-the-counter medication
  • Causes and effects of excessive alcohol consumption
  • Impact of smoking during pregnancy
  • Why eating a balanced diet is essential for children
  • Causes, prevention, and treatment of chronic diseases
  • Pros and cons of the Keto diet
  • Causes, symptoms, and prevention of heart diseases
  • Case study of teenagers and drug abuse
  • Challenges of advanced technology in the health sector
  • Advantages and disadvantages of health insurance
  • Effects of a clean environment for a child’s development
  • The significance of health care workers in a community

10 Mental Health Research Paper Topics

  • Management of the bipolar disorder
  • Effect of stress and anxiety in the human body
  • Does overindulgence in social media result in mental health problems?
  • Long-term effects of using anti-depressants
  • The relationship between trauma and mental disorders
  • Discuss the mental disorders affecting the youth
  • Ways to create mental health awareness in modern society
  • Homeless people are more prone to suffer from mental illnesses
  • Depression is a silent killer: Justify the statement
  • Does regular exercise alleviate mental issues?

10 Health Science Research Paper Topics

  • Why are people becoming more resistant to antibiotics?
  • Discuss the importance of exclusive breastfeeding
  • Causes, symptoms, and treatment of anorexia
  • Effects of modern contraceptives on women’s fertility
  • Prevention of lifestyle diseases
  • The success of stem cell technology in treating cancer
  • Euthanasia: Moral and ethical concerns
  •  Pros and cons of herbal medicine
  • Legalization of abortion
  • Can autism be detected early in pregnancy?

10 Research Paper Topics Health Care

  • Effects of climate change on health
  • Types of infectious diseases
  • Maternal care and child health concerns
  • Reduction of teen pregnancy
  • Pros and cons of chemotherapy
  • Is plastic surgery a safe practice?
  • Is organ harvesting morally acceptable?
  • Assisted suicide and medical ethics
  • Advanced treatment of HIV/AIDS pandemic
  • Causes and effects of insomnia

10 Health Research Paper Ideas for Easy Writing

  • Effective methods of memory improvement
  • Trauma and mental disorders
  • Causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of hypertension
  • Impact of unsafe abortions on health
  • Discuss why basic healthcare should be accessible to all human beings
  • Does sexual education prevent the spread of STDs
  • The significance of reproductive health in modern society
  • How technology impacts surgical procedures today
  • Ways in which the government can improve the healthcare system
  • Should health equity be a mandatory policy?

5 Ways to Enhance Creativity and Motivation

Writing is a skill that few possess, and many students are willing to learn. Academic writing is mandatory in schools since it forms part of the course program. Therefore, you must find ways to enhance your creativity and motivate yourself to write.

Below are tried and tested methods to improve your writing.

As a student, you must commit yourself to attain academic success. One way is to improve your writing skills through practice and study. Commitment towards your academics will motivate you to become a better academic writer because you will jeopardize your future with substandard grades.

Having the best research skills will help you get information more efficiently; thus, saving time to accomplish other assignments. Knowing where to search relevant academic resources online and in the college library is essential in composing well-researched papers.

Most learners underestimate the power of reading books and other resources. Reading helps you to build vocabulary, improve grammar and enhance creativity. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a habit of regularly reading books.

College life is quite hectic, and you must plan your schedule. Prioritizing your schoolwork is essential to help you focus on what is essential. You will get time to study and complete research papers on time.


Make sure you identify a quiet and serene spot to write. Avoid distractions and public places since they will overwhelm your writing. Picking the proper environment is essential in delivering exceptional papers.

BONUS Advice

While research paper writing may prove challenging to many students, it can be pretty easy with practice and a few strategies. Choosing appropriate research paper topics about health will help you in developing concrete arguments. Don’t forget to conduct a thorough edit to eliminate all errors and improper sentence structures. Editing and proofreading is a vital phase that most students often neglect. Thus, proofread your paper thoroughly and make sure every comma is in its place.

If you are still grappling with your health paper, talk to us and get impressive results from our pro essay writers .

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250 Strong Health Research Topics for Students

Table of Contents

What are the best health research topics? If you are searching for an answer to this question, then probably you might be stuck with your health assignment because of the difficulties in finding a great research topic. In general, health is one of the vast disciplines with plenty of research topics to focus on. But when you have numerous topics and ideas, it would be really tough to identify a specific topic from them. So, to help you with the research paper topic selection, here, we have shared a few tips on how to select a good health research paper topic. Also, we have suggested a list of the best health research topics and ideas that will help you earn an A+ grade.

Health Research Topics

What is a Health Research?

Health research is a kind of medical or clinical research that is performed to learn more about human health. The ultimate aim of health research is to find better ways to improve medical care and to prevent and treat the disease. Most importantly, without health research, no new medical treatments and cures would happen.

Often, health research is conducted to gain more knowledge about illness and the working of the human body and health by covering various health research questions. In order to answer the research questions properly according to the best methods or to deal with the health research topics, you should have a detailed research plan and protocol.

Medicine is a wide area of study with endless health research topics to choose from. If you are a medical volunteer or a medical student asked to complete a research paper, then you can choose any health research topic for your academic writing.

Health Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

The first step in the research paper writing process is to identify a good research topic. As health is a broad and complex area to explore, choosing a health research paper topic from them will seem to be challenging because of the effort and time it consumes to generate the research paper topics or ideas.

For gaining more health research topic ideas, you can explore medicine journals, reputed health-related websites, scholarly books in medicine, and credible health-based blogs. But out of them all, to write a brilliant health research paper, one unique and engaging health research topic is what you need the most

So, how to identify a good health research topic? Cool! Here are a few important tips for you to choose an excellent topic.

During the topic selection process, always remember that the health research topic you choose should

  • Match your interest and should be comfortable for you to present the research paper.
  • Meet the expectation of your readers and educate them.
  • Allow you to perform deep research and obtain extensive information.
  • Be related to recent trends, issues, and developments in the healthcare and medicine industry instead of older or frequently discussed topics.
  • Be original, informative, and beneficial for recent medical studies.
  • Have sufficient research scope to prove your expertise in medical science.
  • Be narrow with major points to be discussed within the deadline.
  • Contain reliable sources, facts, practical medical examples, and statistics to explain your topic and set credibility.

If the health research topic you have selected satisfies all the above-mentioned tips and stands in line with your instructor’s guidelines, then without any second thought, finalize your topic and start writing the research paper by structuring the content with essential elements like the introduction, body, and conclusion.

List of Health Research Topics and Ideas

List of Health Research Topics

As said earlier, health is a popular research area with limitless topics to explore. When it comes to writing a health research paper, you can look upon the topics from public health, mental health, child health, or any other categories.

Especially, to help you in making your research paper topic selection process easier, here, we have grouped several categories and have compiled a list of strong health research topics. Check the entire list and pick an ideal health research topic that you feel is perfect for you.

Simple Health Research Paper Topics

  • Should we replace doctors with computers?
  • Should the government pass legislation to allow genetic engineering?
  • The logic behind spiritual care.
  • Compare the impact of COVID-19 on children and adults .
  • Exploring the Farm Bill Amendments of 2018- Cannabis legalization in the US.
  • Are Inmate rehabilitation programs in the US effective?
  • Medical research and its relevance in motivating healthcare professionals.
  • Compare the mortality rates of medical professionals in the US and China
  • The threat of medical research on people.
  • The effect of Covid-19 on homelessness in the US.
  • Medical research: Are we doing enough to motivate medical professionals?
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the homeless in the US.
  • Comparing the impact of COVID-19 on children and adults in the US.
  • Comparing mortality rates of medical professionals in the US and China: What should have been done differently?
  • Importance of therapists in treating mental disorders.
  • Mental disorders and mood disorders- A comparative analysis.
  • Public and private healthcare facilities in the UK- A comparative analysis.
  • Key causes of post-traumatic disorder in the US.
  • If given the best care service, how long a person might survive?

Basic Health Research Topics

  • Stress management for nursing professionals.
  • Financial instability and the depression it causes.
  • Education programs are used for treating autistic people.
  • Is it impossible to solve the depression in society?
  • Analyze the main types of depression.
  • Childhood obesity and parental negligence: Are they related?
  • How can Autism in the early stages be diagnosed and treated?
  • Does violent music have any implications for young children?
  • Analyze how social media has transformed psychological education in college.
  • The role of a teacher in students’ depression management.
  • What are the causes of the growing surge in diabetes in the UK?
  • What is the health risk of terminating a pregnancy?
  • Anorexia Nervosa: What is the effectiveness of the main treatment options?
  • Comparing maternal practices and effectiveness in urban and rural areas.
  • Effects of bullying on the children’s achievements- Early childhood development.
  • Relevance of physical exercise in managing body posture.
  • Mortality rates of a medical professional in China and US- A comparative analysis.
  • How parent’s negligence relates to childhood obesity?

Interesting Health Research Topics

  • Ancient health practices are still important today.
  • When is bodybuilding considered healthy?
  • Discuss the history of health.
  • How do the beauty standards in society impact people’s health?
  • Compare the healthy lifestyles of the 20th century and the 21st century.
  • Do the media in the 21st century encourage child abuse?
  • The difference between mental disorders and mood disorders.
  • How do speech disorders affect the development of a child?
  • Can bullying in school impact a student’s achievements, especially in the early years of development?
  • What is driving the fear in people about COVID-19 vaccination?
  • Evidence-based public health informatics: Exploring the pros and cons.
  • Using animal tissues on human beings: Is it a good idea?
  • What is the future of public health informatics?
  • Antibiotics resistance in small kids: What are the main causes?

Health Research Topics

Great Health Research Paper Topics

  • The impact of sleep deprivation on memory.
  • The most dangerous diseases in the 21st century.
  • Is plastic surgery a healthy beauty treatment option?
  • How does medical cannabis manage various conditions?
  • The programs used to manage stress in cancer patients.
  • The role of therapists in the treatment of mental disorders.
  • Alternative medications and their purpose.
  • The main causes of cancer in the US.
  • Cannabis legalization in the US- Pros and cons.
  • How long can a human being live when provided with the best care?
  • Using physical exercises in maintaining the right body posture.
  • The main causes of post-traumatic stress disorder among adults in the US.
  • The relevance of physical exercises in managing body posture.
  • The main cause of seizures in young adolescents.
  • Compare the public and private health facilities in the UK.

Read more: Good Health Essay Topics and Ideas To Focus On

Women’s Health Research Topics

  • Compare normal delivery to CS delivery.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of Episiotomy.
  • Ethical Issues of Surrogate Pregnancy.
  • The implications of new technology on teens’ health.
  • The main causes of infertility in women.
  • Is endometriosis related to genetics?
  • What are the main causes of gestational weight gain?
  • The impact of using high-heel shoes on women’s health.
  • Analyze the role of women in promoting better family health.
  • The main rules for pregnant women with obesity.
  • Bonding with a baby before birth.
  • Compare home birth with hospital birth.
  • Advanced technologies are used to address the problem of infertility.
  • The causes of miscarriage in pregnant women during the first trimester.
  • The impact of poverty on children and women.
  • The challenges faced by women after menopause.
  • What are the main issues associated with puberty?
  • What are the main symptoms of a heart attack in women?
  • Compare teen pregnancy rates in New York to California.

Mental Health Research Topics

  • Analyze the main causes of ADHD in adults.
  • What is the best strategy to treat agoraphobia?
  • Discuss the symptoms of ADHD in a child.
  • Why psychology in the military is so important?
  • Comparing teenage suicide rates of the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • The best strategies for handling pressure by team members in sports.
  • Analyze the best treatment options for people with dementia.
  • What are the implications of hate crimes on the community?
  • The strategies used to reduce the problem of postpartum depression.
  • How do dreams impact people’s decisions?
  • The importance of psychological relaxation to a person’s health.
  • The main causes and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Analyze the causes and solutions of Teenage suicide.
  • Modern feminism and women’s health.

A Few More Research Ideas on Mental Health

  • The main stages of coping with grief.
  • The impact of phobias on people’s personalities.
  • The main causes of multiple personality disorders.
  • What is applied behavioral analysis?
  • Women empowerment as a method of reducing teenage pregnancies.
  • The implications of terrorism on child’s psychology.
  • Dreaming is a healthy exercise for your body: Discuss.
  • How are physical illness and depression connected?
  • Demonstrate how tolerance in the family and community can help to improve mental health.
  • Law and psychology: Are they related?
  • Is it possible to control panic pain using psychology?
  • Are the offender treatment programs effective?
  • Dreams and soul: How are they connected?
  • Discuss the main challenges faced by new team leaders in organizations.

Research Paper Topics on Fitness

  • Demonstrate why it is so important to drink water.
  • The impact of Yoga on Physical fitness.
  • Explore the main principles of fitness training.
  • Why proper ergonomics is so crucial in preventing muscle strain?
  • Coaches in sports play physical and psychological roles: Discuss.
  • The role of fitness in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Advantages of good behaviors in sports and competition.
  • Movement patterns related to higher risks of injury.
  • Why is it so important to track personal fitness levels?
  • Is Tai Chi a good method of reducing stress and depression?

Public Health Research Ideas

  • What are the main causes of the National drug problem?
  • Public health risks are associated with a lack of clean water and sanitation in developing countries.
  • Using student nurses to help control health pandemics: Is it a good idea?
  • Using social media to enhance public health.
  • Fast-food chains and obesity: Should the State regulate the foods sold in these enterprises?
  • What are the main causes of Diabetes in children?
  • HIV/AIDs prevention is the best strategy of pandemic control- Review.
  • Should teenagers be allowed to access birth control pills on demand?
  • Comparing measles resurgence in developing countries in the 20th century.
  • At what age should sex education be started in a student’s life?
  • A comparative analysis of the healthcare cost of South Africa and the United States.
  • Smoking teenagers and its impact on their adulthood life.
  • Bioterrorism- US’s readiness before and after the 9/11 attack.
  • Oil spills in the sea: Analyzing the possible health implications on public health.
  • The importance of translators in UK hospitals for non-English speakers.

Good Research Paper Topics on Health

  • How do regular exercises impact the nervous system?
  • Analyze how human muscles adapt to different stress levels.
  • Physical activities and aggressive behavior in teenagers: Are they related?
  • Can fitness training be used to control diabetes and obesity?
  • The effectiveness of outdoor physical activities in preventing heart diseases.
  • The health benefits of taking whole-grain diets for preventing heart-related problems.
  • How does physical fitness impact the cognitive development of a child?
  • How does physical fitness impact the performance of an athlete?
  • Alcohol consumption and its impacts on bone development.
  • How does multi-stage fitness test work?
  • At what point should one consider seeking the help of a sports trainer?
  • Common diet mistakes that one should avoid for mental and physical health.
  • Discuss the main activities that take place before and after a rigorous training session.
  • The best strategies for optimizing cardiovascular fitness.
  • How are diet and physical fitness related?

Health Research Project Ideas

  • Self-instruction kits: Are they Effective?
  • The use of pet therapy in kids with autism: Is it effective?
  • What are the best strategies to solve genetic diseases?
  • Compare the pros and cons of telemedicine.
  • Can a kid’s habits be used as a signal for autism?
  • The main benefits of virtual reality application in medicine.
  • The main health challenges faced by teenagers today.
  • Human rights issues and their impact on public health.
  • Common mental disorders in the US.
  • Opioid Crisis: Are the doctors to blame?
  • Using GMO to fight hunger: Is it a good idea?
  • The psychological issues of breast cancer.
  • Health insurance: Should it be used to cover infertility technologies?
  • A closer look at contemporary neonatal practices.
  • Analyzing the main treatment options for Anorexia Nervosa.
  • Ethics and legal aspects in pediatric
  • What are the main causes of antibiotic resistance in small kids?

Unique Health Research Paper Topics

  • History of surgery and its role in gathering knowledge about human health
  • Organ harvesting and transplantation.
  • Palliative care: the decent rest of life
  • Why Homeopathy and Homeopathic medicine are suspended in some countries?
  • Experimental treatment: when and why do people agree to undergo it?
  • The rise of epidemiology and the prevention of spreading diseases.
  • Bodybuilding: when it is healthy?
  • The beauty standards and their impact on overall health throughout the history of humanity
  • Are all the pills we usually take really needed?
  • Can a ban on tobacco and alcohol improve the overall health condition?
  • Womb transplantation: Is it a good alternative for replacing surrogacy?
  • Should all TV shows promoting drinking and smoking be banned?
  • Forest communities in the Amazon: Should the government be concerned about their health?
  • Should we limit the treatment of people with medical issues to facilities in their communities?
  • Should all doctors be mandated to report cases of organ trafficking?
  • Space medicine: Is it a worthy undertaking?
  • Should the government provide healthcare for people who are uninsured?
  • Explore the pros and cons of using animals for research.
  • Health care for the homeless: Should the government provide free services for them?
  • The implications of TV shows on people’s diets.

Top-quality Health Research Topics

  • What is the impact of taking a dose and not completing it?
  • How can health systems be prepared for extreme weather events?
  • The role of the government in ensuring a sustainable healthcare program.
  • The considerations for an effective universal healthcare program.
  • The effectiveness of counseling and psychology before surgery.
  • The impact of organic foods on the health of a person.
  • Discuss drug abuse in the line of health impacts.
  • How does age affect mental health and physical development?
  • The impact of modern lifestyles on people’s health.
  • The effects of cosmetic agents on skin health

Excellent Health Research Questions

  • How diabetes affects oral health
  • What are the effects of excess salt on people’s health?
  • The health hazard of using caffeine.
  • Discuss the new strategies to promote workplace health.
  • Reproductive health and its cultural context.
  • The influence of dietary supplements on a person’s health.
  • What are the dangers of low fruit and vegetable intake?
  • Is increased life expectancy a burden on the healthcare system?
  • Vaccines and immunization
  • Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide
  • How smoking affects oral health
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of syringes versus tablets
  • The impact of global warming on the behavior of disease-causing micro-organisms
  • Discuss why brain surgeries are always a matter between life and death.
  • Evaluate the various causes and treatments of virus infections.

Informative Health Research Topics

  • What distinguishes mood problems from mental diseases?
  • Why are individuals afraid of getting vaccinated against COVID-19?
  • A deeper look at the most severe illnesses of the twenty-first
  • weighing the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis legalization in the US.
  • What are the primary causes of post-traumatic stress disorder among adults in the US?
  • Is cosmetic plastic surgery healthy? Should it be promoted?
  • What function do therapists provide in the management of mental illness?
  • A closer look at the effects of sleep deprivation on memory.
  • What is the success rate of cancer patients’ stress management programs?
  • Medical professional death rates in the US and China: What could have been done differently?
  • Discuss attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and alcohol and other substance use disorders in young adulthood
  • Importance of behavior change interventions to increase physical activity in hospitalized patients
  • Does the use of face masks during COVID-19 elicit risk compensation? if yes, how?
  • Social media influencers can be used to deliver positive information about the flu vaccine: explain
  • Rise and demise: a study of public health nutrition in Queensland (from 1998-2022)
  • Assess the quantifying impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic through life-expectancy losses
  • Rate of reinfections after SARS-CoV-2 primary infection in the population of a rural Italian province
  • Analyze people’s reactions to sales restrictions on flavored vape products among young adults in the USA

Read more topic: Great Nursing Research Topics for Impressive Content

Outstanding Health Research Topics

  • How to care for a diabetic patient at home
  • Why research is necessary for the development of drugs?
  • How to prevent eye strain when using a computer for long hours.
  • Explain the role of stigmatization in derailing one’s mental capability
  • Discuss the health benefits of circumcision at a young age
  • Why should people go for regular check-ups whether or not they are sick?
  • Explain the impact of advertisements on medical products.
  • Why loneliness can lead to depression?
  • Explain the impact of strenuous labor on the health of women
  • Discuss the effects of taking over-the-counter prescribed drugs.

Final Words

From the list of amazing health research ideas suggested in this blog post, choose any topic of your choice and craft a brilliant academic paper. In case, you haven’t identified a perfect health thesis topic, or you are not sure how to write an engaging and informative health research paper, reach out to us for health economics assignment help . We have a team of academic writers who are experts in the field of health and medical science to assist you in identifying a good research topic and completing a high-quality, plagiarism-free health research paper as per your requirements without skipping the deadline. So, quickly place your order and enjoy the benefits of our assignment writing service at a cheaper rate.

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