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Writing help, paraphrasing tool, history - free essay examples and topic ideas, history: the fall of the roman empire.

Introduction The Roman Empire is said to have crumpled when the German brutes toppled the last Emperor, Romulus Augustus in 476 and presented a more equitable type of government which was fleeting. There exist many reasons regarding the fall of the Roman Empire. Every reason seemed to be intertwined with the other. Some of those who try and explain the fall of this empire blamed the initiation of Christianity. Constantine the Great initiated Christianity in 337 AD. Some people place […]

Importance of Public Speaking in History

The current methods and knowledge on public speaking are drawn from the Western and Ancient Greece methods of public speaking. Public speaking and communication form the foundation of the society since it allows the people to interact with others thereby forming connections, influencing the decisions taken and motivating change in the society. One of the most famed orators was Martin Luther King Jr. who through his public speaking skills and methods of engaging the society managed to revolutionize the American […]

Sam Patch and Industrialization in America

Introduction Sam Patch is known across the United States as one of the risk takers and a showman who was born in the year 1800. He was a jumper who started his life as a worker in a mill hand when he decided to take risk and jump off falls at first in the Blackstone River. For the mill boys across the country, the issue of leaping on falls and many of the bridges was a common act in which […]

History of the Battle for Civil Rights

It is impossible to discuss the history of the battle for civil rights for Hispanics without including Black Americans. Minorites of all backgrounds had to band together in order to fight back against the white man’s system of oppression. The battle for civil rights in the south, particularly in the state of Texas, is often associated with Texas's two largest ethnic minorities: African Americans and Hispanic people, particularly Mexican Americans. Mexican Americans have made efforts to bring about better social […]

History – Black Power

This article tries to keenly examine the race issues that were volatile and deeply running in the bloodstream of the American society. It brings out various ways through the blacks tried to address this issue. In the Krush groove, music is used. The black power mix tape on the other hand brings out the actual actions that were being performed by the black activists to promote black power. This paper is all about the use of music and activism in […]

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Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War Summary

Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War is a documentary aired on history channel on TV. The movie was directed by David Padrusch in the year 2006. The documentary is segmented into various series that describe the history of the time of the civil war in America. During that time, there was a deadly conflict between various races represented in America. The southern part of America was experiencing angry rebellion from the people. The Aftershock documentary is mainly focused on broadcasting the […]

History Civlization i

Athenian Democracy Democracy is a governing system in which supremacy and power is vested in the hands of the people. It is exercised through voting to determine the will of the majority. Athens was an example of a democratic city as described by Pericles who once said that it respected the will of the majority (Thucydides 58). Pericles argued that Athens City was democratic simply by the fact that power was based on majority but not social stratification, favoritism or […]

History of Ancient Greece

Between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas on a peninsula lies the land of Greece. A land sculpted by mountainous terrain with limited farmable land led the Greeks to be avid seafaring peoples. Ancient Greece has a very rich history separated by various periods that denote their success and decline as a civilization. A rather unconventional ancient civilization, early Greeks did not develop like their contemporaries, but grew to be quite isolated from one another due to the mountainous terrain that […]

How Yellow Journalism Resulted to the Spanish-American War

How yellow journalism resulted to the Spanish-American war. The yellow journalism was started by Joseph Pulitzer in 1896 with a carton of yellow kid and sold many paper. It was characterized with emotional words, dramatic sympathy, false information and misleading headlines which had huge print to attract the attention of people. I had a lot of drawing, pictures and images. Now William Hearst the owner of New York stole the writers from Pulitzer to complete the yellow journalism (Wilkerson, 1932). […]

A History of Slavery in the United States

The number of slaves being held in the United States increased significantly during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Up to this point, slavery was primarily an institution limited to white men and few women. However, as whites became more prosperous, they began importing large numbers of free or indentured servants from Africa who were brought over as slaves for economic gain (El Hame). The public developed an increasing dislike for both these newcomers and their descendants - termed “mulattos” […]

United States History to 1877

When slavery was just begun, the United States were known has the colonies of the New World. Then slavery had been stay for a very long time, they were forced to come to the United States around the late 17th century. However, at the beginning, African Americans arrived in the year of 1619 in the New World right off the coast of Jamestown. From then on, any rights or freedoms had given to the slave began to diminish. Slavery - […]

Continuity and Change in China 1950’s to Present

Continuity and Change in China 1950 ?s to 1990's Today, a nation like China is the most influential on the Earth with a diverse economy, a billion population, considerable technical ability and innovation, and the most striking military power in Asia. It is believed that China will overtake the United States as the world's preeminent superpower. China's strength which is seen today is a positive impact of many years of historical hard times.A few centuries ago, beginning from the 1950s, […]

The Holocaust is One of the Worst Events in Human History

The Holocaust is one of the most horrific events to occur in the twentieth century, it lasted from 1933 to 1945. For years the question that still remains is was this final solution an intentional plan created by Hitler, made ahead of time or was it a last minute decision based off of the circumstances surrounding Germany? These two groups have been in disagreement for years attempting to find the answer when the truth is, there is no real answer. […]

The Vietnam War in U.S History

The Vietnam War has been known in U.S history as the longest and most controversial war. The United States became involved in Vietnam to avoid having the country fall to a communist form of government. There were numerous fateful battles that claimed countless lives of those on both sides of the war. This war also resulted in many conflicts for the United States on the home front of the war, when the American people no longer supported the war. North […]

History of Mummification

The ancient Egyptians started mummification over 4500 years ago! The embalmers, scribes, and cutter, who were all part of the process, worked for over two months to mummify the pharaohs and important people. Mummification is a crazy, but interesting idea from the process of mummification to who they decide to mummify. History of Mummification The ancient Egyptians started mummification about 3500 B.C. They believed way back then that there was an afterlife, and that important people need to be mummified […]

The Trail of Tears History

"The Trail of tears was the removal and march of indigenous people off their land to a designated location assigned by the United States government. This was one of the most tragic events that happened to natives on US soil, between the inhuman and unethical treatment as well the overuse of power for the gain of other. Many don’t know about the trail of tears and it is very important to understand how the governmental power was abused, what lead […]

How did Martin Luther Kings Jr Death Affect the Civil Rights Movement

In the early 1950’s and late 60’s down south there was a huge movement dedicated to the fight for rights of African Americans. His main goal was to lead a movement that was non-violent no matter what they were up against. Martin Luther King Jr. Was one of the major leaders of the civil rights movement and he fought for civil rights and political rights to get rid of segregation in the United States. On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther […]

The Vietnam War in History

The Vietnam war was a conflict between the north and south vietnam governments and the time span of this war began from 1954 all the way down to the year of 1975 fighting in the locations or North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. One important fact was the south of vietnam had an ally who were the United States, but also the north had help from China and the Soviet Union. With the two enemies having their own allies […]

An Iconic Female Ruler in History – Cleopatra

One of the most iconic female rulers in history, Cleopatra has made a name for herself by using her charm, wit, and cunning and rose to become the last active leader of the Ptolemaic Kingdom. She became known throughout history as a seductress who captured the hearts of two of the most powerful members of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, and Mark Anthony. Together with her brother, she was named as the successor of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in her teenage […]

The Salem Witch Trials in the United State’s History

The Salem witch trials were the most infamous witchcraft trials in the United State's history. Taking place in colonial Massachusetts, the trials began in late February 1692 and lasted through May of 1693. There were at least twenty-five people who died: nineteen of which were executed by hanging, one person was tortured to their death, and there were at least five people who died in jail because of poor living conditions, including an infant who was bon in jail and […]

Julius Caesar in History

Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 BC. He was a controversial figure of ancient Rome. A military general and a Roman politician, he changed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar greatly changed Rome's economy and significantly enlarged Rome's territories, which made the Roman Empire one of the largest in history. Julius Caesar was a very talented individual who had mastered different areas of knowledge, along with being very popular with the common people of Rome. […]

Civil Rights Martyrs

Are you willing to give your life for your people? These martyrs of the civil rights movement gave everything for their people. Although some may say their deaths did not have an impact on the civil rights movements. They risked their lives just so African Americans could have the rights they have today. The definition of martyr is a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs. They believe that everyone should be equal and have the […]

A History of Costa Rica

Wedged between Panama and Nicaragua, lies a small, culturally-rich country with a compelling history dating back centuries. Costa Rica is believed to be populated by indigenous colonies since 10,000 BC with Mayan and Aztec cultural influences. It was not until 1502, that Christopher Columbus arrived and gave the country the name, Costa Rica, translating to “rich coast.” This name was given with the expectation that precious metals would be filling the land; however, the wealth from precious metals was not […]

World War II as the most Influential Events in History

World War II was one of the most influential events in world history. Not only did it shape the way the modern world works, it influenced the multitude of governments within it and changed the course of history. There was 16 allied nations fighting with 7 axis nations killing 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 people making it the deadliest conflict in human history. Nazi Germany had one of the biggest roles in WW2 because of many reasons. WW2 started on September 1, […]

The Black Death the Importance to World History

The Black Death was a monumental epidemic that took millions of lives and spread its devastation throughout Europe and Afro-Eurasia countries. This devastating event began in the 1330s and didn't end up dying out until the mid-1350s. It was an infectious disease that affected a large part of Afro-Eurasia in the mid-fourteenth century with millions of people dying from the Black Death. This brought about a great change in many ways from culture to the general way of life in […]

History of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence Intro In 1963, one man stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial. He gives a speech about his dreams and in  8 it he stats, "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.' " Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes the Declaration of Independence. He uses it to guide his […]

Ancient Egyptian Foods

Egyptian culture has its origin in the Ancient Egypt which was one of the earliest origins of civilization. Ancient Egypt's leadership of Pharaohs is recorded in history has been one of the administration that was well established thus explaining its stability for about 30 centuries. These leaders have been remembered and praised for the leadership in their era (Kemp., 2006). Besides the remembrance of the rulers, ancient Egyptian culture and religion have been recognized as one of the most developed […]

Fascinating History of the Industrial Revolution

The fascinating history of the Industrial Revolution begins with a brief understanding of what Pre-Industrial Revolution life was like in the early 1700s. Most of the people during this time period lived in rural areas and worked on their family's farm. Their success in farming was very weather dependent and they made everything themselves from the plots of land around them. Not only was the pace of manufacturing slow, but it was done by hand using very basic tools. Products […]

The Greek Genocide History

The genocide I'm revolving my term paper around is the Greek Genocide. The Greek Genocide started during and after World War I from 1914 to 1923. More specifically, the Ottoman Empire were the central antagonists that perpetuated this systematic extermination of millions of innocent Greek lives. Amongst the lofty death toll, other unfortunate consequences of this genocide included but were not limited to: deportation by force, agonizing death marches, rape, and imposing religion on to the Greeks. The Greek Genocide […]

History of the World War 1

The First World War brought along a series of changes compared to the nineteenth century and peoples previous way of living. In America when the war broke out, housework was largely still a woman’s job and men worked to support the household. When America declared war in 1917 and a vast majority of men had to go fight in the war, the power shifted over to the women. “Middle class women often said that the war broke down the restrictions […]

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Essays on History

Queen elizabeth ii: a reign of continuity in times of change, future prospects: the british monarchy post-queen elizabeth ii, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

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An Exploration into The Persistent Existence of Monarchies in The Modern Era

Contemporary relevance and reflections on juneteenth, comparing the china crisis to other crises, the china crisis and the future of global order, let us write you an essay from scratch.

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China's Rising Energy Demand: Challenges and Sustainable Solutions

China population crisis: a comprehensive analysis, china water crisis: causes and consequences, the abolitionist movement: the way for freedom and equality, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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Why Did so Many Colonists Die in Early Jamestown

Were the dark ages really dark, was the united states justified in going to war with mexico, the identity of the hyphenated american, samurai and knights: were the similarities greater than the differences, how the literature of america has changed over time, how lucky i am to be born in this century, compare and contrast the paleolithic and neolithic eras, blood on the river: a tale of courage and survival, topics in this category.

  • Ancient Greece
  • British Empire
  • Colonialism
  • Contemporary History
  • Historical Figures
  • History of Asia
  • History of China
  • History of the United States
  • Medieval Europe
  • Mesoamerica
  • Mesopotamia
  • Nazi Germany
  • Roman Empire
  • Russian Empire

Popular Categories

  • American Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Great Depression
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Pearl Harbor
  • The Progressive Era
  • Westward Expansion
  • Imperialism
  • Frederick Douglass
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Hammurabi's Code
  • Historical Criticism
  • Historiography
  • Hunter Gatherers
  • Oral History
  • Polish History
  • What Is History
  • World History


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example essay history

Home Essay Examples

Essays on History

History essays belong to one of the most complex tasks after legal writing or medical assignments. Although they are usually composed of chronologies and clever synthesis of already existing historical data, these are usually more complex than they may seem. One must provide analysis and structure information clearly to reflect a certain time period or a school of thought.

The main challenge of historiography for modern UK students is coming up with reliable sources and using them where and when necessary. Even when you have a piece of evidence taken from some book, it’s essential to reflect and analyse things first to determine how to use it in your paper. Depending on your course and subject, it may be necessary to use an interdisciplinary method. It means turning to political, cultural, and economic aspects. At the same time, narrow your writing down and always follow a clear outline!

History Essays Structure Rules

Unless you already have a template with a good history essay example, learning how to structure a history essay is one of the most important factors that help to set a period of time to deal with and sort your argumentation properly. Even if your topic belongs to an event that has taken place recently, your introduction paragraph must include historical references with the foundations of the problem. It’s one of the rules to follow as you must set the stage for your exploration. For example, if the economy has played an important role in the British invasion of Scotland, this fact must be provided in your first paragraph before you move on with the thesis statement or an assumption.

Your body paragraphs must not only support your thesis but also provide relevance and talk about why something is important, what factors have been addressed, and how this or that information has been achieved. Now your final history essay paragraph or conclusion must sum up the facts and leave suggestions for further research or talk about what kind of work would help to gain a deeper understanding of the problem. Use reliable bibliography references list by using your in-text quotes appropriately!

8 Tips to Write an Excellent History Essay

Before we continue with a list of helpful history essay examples, follow these simple rules as you plan your historical paper:

  • Explore Your History Problem. If you write about slavery or a military conflict, there is always a story to tell and some aspects to follow. Learn how and where it all has started!
  • Use an Outline. It will help you to structure things and narrow your subject down.
  • Find Reliable Sources. It's essential to have sources that can fully back up your ideas and statements.
  • Use a Chronological Approach. The dates are everything so if you are unsure when an English king has been born, check things twice!
  • Set Your Methodology. It can be qualitative or quantitative as you will learn from our history samples.
  • Justify Your Choices. It's done with the help of analysis and your references.
  • Cite Every Important Fact. We may know for how long a president has been in the office, yet support the facts with citations for credibility!
  • Proofread & Edit Things. Check the dates, personal names, repetitions, and writing mechanics.

Finding Sources For History Essays

There are primary and secondary sources that can be used in a history essay. The primary sources range from historical letters, official documents, personal diaries, reports met in a newspaper to some types of fiction of the historical period. The oral audio transcripts also fit in here along with the paintings, maps, and photographs. Certain films and documentaries can be used as a primary source, too.

Turning to history essay samples, you will discover that sources play the primary role as they are used as the supporting evidence when the facts or assumptions are presented. Speaking of secondary sources, one may use books, newspaper articles, analytical blog posts, edited journal collections, and peer-reviewed academic journal works. Unlike a Sociology essay where secondary sources are acceptable, it's recommended to use primary sources (if possible) as these make your history essay reliable.

Why History Essay Example Helps to Learn Better

It’s always easier to learn when you have at least one history essay sample that already contains the structure and lists the facts on a specific topic. Using it as a template for inspiration helps to overcome writer’s block and boosts learners’ creativity. Here are some history samples that you must check among others:

  • Economic Problems in Ancient Rome . An example of a history essay exploring ancient economics.
  • Rani Lakshmibai and the Importance of the Reforms for Women . This historical sample focuses on gender studies and equality.
  • Mahatma Gandhi is an Inspirational Figure Representing Peace . Historical personalities are often chosen as the subject for historical analysis.
  • The Chronology of the American Revolution: Indian War. Chronological works can sound complex, yet starting with an outline with chronology helps.
  • Significance of Mathematical Concepts to the Ancient Egyptian Society: Great Pyramids of Giza . An engineering approach to history is acceptable as well.

Keeping Your History Essay Unique

One of the hardest challenges is keeping your essay unique as one must use a plethora of in-text quotations, dates, and pieces of historical data that have already been used by other students before. The trick is to implement analysis and add your own voice as you write and follow the structure that has been mentioned in your task’s instructions. Keep your writing clear and use an analytical tone as you provide the facts and paraphrase what you have learned. If you are struggling with the facts or need additional writing assistance, our trained specialists know how to make your writing unique by improving things. Before you start, do some reading, research similar history samples on the topic first, and make it an inspiring journey as it will show in your writing!

Great Depression Research Report: Analysis of Roots And Results

Representation of the salem witch trials in the crucible: argumentative essay, analytical essay on the great depression: economic short-term effects and political long-term effects, value-based learning for an entrepreneur: a gandhian perspective of self-reliance, cleopatra's and elizabeth i's reputation: critical analysis of the image and extract.

We guarantee complete confidentiality, you will receive a plagiarism-free paper!

Significance Of Mathematical Concepts To The Ancient Egyptian Society: Great Pyramids Of Giza

The chronology of the american revolution: indian war, the germ warfare in the seven year war: was jeffrey amherst justified, mahatma gandhi is an inspirational figure representing peace, economic problems in ancient rome, topics in this category.

  • Ancient Greece
  • British Empire
  • Colonialism

Popular Categories

  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Great Depression
  • Julius Caesar
  • French Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Black Death
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Mother Teresa
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Declaration
  • Historiography
  • Oral History
  • What Is History
  • World History

example essay history

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History Essays

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Where to find quality history essay examples?

A writing service called Essaywriter offers templates for any topic. In addition, here, you may find a list of essays closely related to your theme. All the samples are unique and qualitative.

How do you use history essay examples?

Our samples may be a reliable support for the following issues:

  • Credible reference source
  • Broaden mind and inspire writing
  • Learning tool
  • Samples of different essay types (argumentative, persuasive, analytical, etc.)
  • Assist in defining topic and structure
  • Database of credible primary sources
  • Showcase expert levels of writers in case you want to become our clien

Are all of the presented essay examples free to use?

Yes, you have access to each free essay on history. However, we do not recommend submitting our samples as yours. Instead, other learners could previously use them.

But our writers can write original papers of any complexity level.

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Black Death
  • Colonialism
  • French Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Israel and Palestine Conflict
  • Progressive Era
  • Russia and Ukraine War
  • Soviet Union
  • The Holocaust
  • World War 1
  • World War 2

You may get lost when writing about history and choosing an exciting and thought-provoking topic for your historical essay. By browsing our database of professional samples, you may assure that the diversity of research papers we offer on cover well-studied and controversial issues in world history.

History Essay Examples: We Can Cope with Any Challenge

History is a subject that deals with collective memories of the past. Therefore, using only reliable facts and showcasing them in historical context is essential. By writing college history essay examples, students not only investigate past events but also get a lesson from our ancestors of solving different issues and mistakes that are not worth repeating.

A good essay about history requires a profound understanding and knowledge of a broad scope of data. Moreover, if you have to write an argumentative essay, you must do a deep study and analyze credible resources.

Rely on Us Writing Essays About History

Beginners or unskilled writers may feel confused about getting projects on history. But not to fail their assignment, they can use our database of history essay examples.

Rich Repository of Bright Ideas

Our templates may serve as a perfect guideline to follow. However, if you are not eager to write on history or are not sure in ways of topic revealing, you may read some history sample essays to catch inspiration.

Well-Structured Essays to Emulate

Teachers often give general topics on history or let their students choose any to their favor. It may back learners into a corner. You are in the right place if you need help with topic selection or a well-structured text with proper formatting. Each sample in our database is written according to all academic writing requirements. And there are a variety of themes that may be used in essays on any history-related topic.

Credible Resources Are Here

Searching for investigations on a particular theme, you may sometimes spend hours looking through research or encyclopedias. But you may choose an easier way. In each college history essay example, we used only credible information from reliable sources. Moreover, we have attached the list of references that you may refer to. You may use the same resources or rely on our essays when writing.

The Database of Expertise Samples

Our expert team of highly qualified and experienced writers and editors thoroughly picks information, follows writing style, and proofread every line in each history essay sample. As a result, you may improve your skills using our samples as tips for professional writing.

Contact Us if You Need a Historical Essay

If you are still in a search and did not manage to find suitable historical essay examples to follow, or you are not sure how to write a history essay or how to write a history research paper , you may use our writing services. Moreover, on our site, you may find numerous history dissertation ideas or order professional assistance from a custom research paper writing service .

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Essays About History: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

History is the study of past events and is essential to an understanding of life and the future; discover essays about history in our guide.

In the thousands of years, humans have been on earth, our ancestors have left different marks on the world, reminders of the times they lived in. Curiosity is in our nature, and we study our history on this planet by analyzing these marks, whether they be ancient artifacts, documents, or grand monuments. 

History is essential because it tells us about our past. It helps us to understand how we evolved on this planet and, perhaps, how we may develop in the future. It also reminds us of our ancestors’ mistakes so that we do not repeat them. It is an undisputed fact that history is essential to human society, particularly in the world we live in today. 

If you are writing essays about history, start by reading the examples below. 

5 Examples On Essays About History

1. history of malta by suzanne pittman, 2. why study history by jeff west, 3. history a reflection of the past, and a teacher for the future by shahara mcgee, 4. the most successful crusade by michael stein, 5. god, plagues and pestilence – what history can teach us about living through a pandemic by robyn j. whitaker, writing prompts for essays about history, 1. what we can learn from history, 2. analyzing a historical source, 3. reflection on a historical event, 4. your country’s history, 5. your family history, 6. the impact of war on participating nations, 7. the history of your chosen topic.

“The famous biblical figure St. Paul came to Malta due to his ship getting wrecked and he first set foot on Malta at the beautiful location of what it know called St. Paul’s bay. St Paul spread Christianity throughout Malta which at the time has a mostly pagan population and the vast majority of Malta inhabitants have remained Christian since the days that St Paul walked the streets of Malta.”

Short but informative, Pittman’s essay briefly discusses key events in the history of Malta, including its founding, the spread of Christianity, and the Arab invasion of the country. She also references the Knights of Malta and their impact on the country. 

“Every person across the face of this Earth has been molded into what they are today by the past. Have you ever wondered sometime about why humanity is the way it is, or why society works the way it does? In order to find the answer, you must follow back the footprints to pinpoint the history of the society as a whole.”

West’s essay explains history’s importance and why it should be studied. Everything is how it is because of past events, and we can better understand our reality with context from the past. We can also learn more about ourselves and what the future may hold for us. West makes essential points about the importance of history and gives important insight into its relevance.

“While those stories are important, it is vital and a personal moral imperative, to share the breadth and depth of Black History, showing what it is and means to the world. It’s not just about honoring those few known for the 28 days of February. It’s about everyday seizing the opportunities before us to use the vastness of history to inspire, educate and develop our youth into the positive and impactful leaders we want for the future.”

In her essay, McGee explains the importance of history, mainly black history, to the past and the future. She writes about how being connected to your culture, history, and society can give you a sense of purpose. In addition, she reflects on the role black history had in her development as a person; she was able to learn more about black history than just Martin Luther King Jr. She was able to understand and be proud of her heritage, and she wishes to use history to inspire people for the future.  

“Shortly afterwards, Egyptians and Khwarazmians defeated an alliance of Crusaders-States and Syrians near Gaza. After Gaza, the Crusaders States were finished as a political force, although some cities along the coast hung on for more than forty years. The Egyptian Ayyubids occupied Jerusalem itself in 1247. The city now was not much more than a heap of ruins, becoming an unimportant backwater for a long time.”

Stein describes the Sixth Crusade, during which Emperor Frederick II could resolve the conflict through diplomacy, even gaining Christian control of Jerusalem by negotiating with the Sultan. He describes important figures, including the Popes of the time and Frederick himself, and the events leading up to and after the Crusade. Most importantly, his essay explains why this event is noteworthy: it was largely peaceful compared to the other Crusades and most conflicts of the time.

“Jillings describes the arrest of a Scottish preacher in 1603 for refusing to comply with the government’s health measures because he thought they were of no use as it was all up to God. The preacher was imprisoned because he was viewed as dangerous: his individual freedoms and beliefs were deemed less important than the safety of the community as a whole.”

In her essay, Whitaker explains the relevance of history in policymaking and attitudes toward the COVID-19 pandemic. She first discusses the human tendency to blame others for things beyond our control, giving historical examples involving discrimination against particular groups based on race or sexual orientation. She then describes the enforcement of health measures during the black plague, adding that religion and science do not necessarily contradict each other. From a historical perspective, we might just feel better about the situations we are in, as these issues have repeatedly afflicted humanity. 

In your essay, write about the lessons we can learn from studying history. What has history taught us about human nature? What mistakes have we made in the past that we can use to prevent future catastrophes? Explain your position in detail and support it with sufficient evidence.

We have been left with many reminders of our history, including monuments, historical documents, paintings, and sculptures. First, choose a primary historical source, explain what it is,  and discuss what you can infer about the period it is from. Then, provide context by using external sources, such as articles.

What historical event interests you? Choose one, whether it be a devastating war, the establishment of a new country, or a groundbreaking new invention, and write about it. Explain what exactly transpired in the event and explain why you chose it. You can also include possible lessons you could learn from it. You can use documentaries, history books, and online sources to understand the topic better. 

Research the history of a country of your choice and write your essay on it. Include how it was formed, essential people, and important events. The country need not be your home country; choose any country and write clearly. You can also focus on a specific period in your country’s history if you wish to go more in-depth. 

For a personal angle on your essay, you can write about your family’s history if there is anything you feel is noteworthy about it. Do you have any famous ancestors? Did any family members serve in the military? If you have the proper sources, discuss as much as you can about your family history and perhaps explain why it is essential to you. 

Essays About History: The impact of war on participating nations

Throughout history, war has always hurt one or both sides. Choose one crucial historical war and write about its effects. Briefly discuss what occurred in the war and how it ended, and describe its impact on either or both sides. Feel free to focus on one aspect, territory, culture, or the economy.

From the spread of Christianity to the horrible practice of slavery, research any topic you wish and write about its history. How did it start, and what is its state today? You need not go too broad; the scope of your essay is your decision, as long as it is written clearly and adequately supported.

For help with your essay, check our round-up of best essay writing apps .If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our round-up of essay topics about nature .

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Sample Arts History essay

Read through the extracts from a sample history essay below and consider the marker’s comments. As you read, think about how well the student has responded to the question and supported their argument with evidence.

The essay was written in response to the following question about the Seven Years’ War in North America (also known as the French and Indian War):

Choose one particular case study from the Seven Years’ War. What can it tell us about the state of British-Indian relations in the middle of the Eighteenth century?

How to improve your essay

Students commonly receive feedback on their essays that the marker would have preferred:

  • a clearer argument
  • clearer and more accurate topic sentences for the main body paragraphs
  • a more logical and effective paragraph structure

This is the case in the sample essay (in the previous tab). Below are some tips for how you might improve in these areas.

Clarify your argument

The introduction of an essay should clearly summarise the argument. The reader has to know what your argument is at the very beginning so that they are in a position to evaluate your reasoning and evidence. It is therefore extremely important that you:

  • answer all parts of the essay question using clear and direct language
  • state why you have given this answer.

If you merely answer the question without stating your reasons you will have given an answer, but not an argument.

In the example below you will see a revised version of the introduction to the sample essay. It contains a more clearly expressed argument that better reflects the content of the essay.

The example also explains the purpose of each section of the introduction.

Example of an introductory paragraph with a clearly expressed argument

In addition to more clearly articulating the argument, the example also contains the other elements needed in an introduction:

  • introduces the topic
  • shows an understanding of its importance
  • states the main question or goal that the essay will address and
  • states the argument that will be developed in the essay.

Write clear topic sentences

The topic sentence is usually the opening sentence of a paragraph . It states the main point that will be discussed and supported with evidence in that paragraph. This will assist you in determining the content required for individual paragraphs, as it will help you to connect your evidence and examples to the most appropriate key points. It will also assist you with the overall essay structure, as it will help you to work out the most effective order in which to present your key points. So crafting good topic sentences helps you develop your argument in a more focused and logical way.

Once you have written a draft of your essay, go back to each paragraph and see if you have stated the main point in the first sentence. You may need to revise some of your paragraphs.

Develop effective paragraph structure

When writing paragraphs in the body of your essay, remember that each paragraph should develop a single point, idea or argument. An effective paragraph will generally include:

  • clear topic sentence
  • further background and explanation
  • evidence and examples, drawing on both primary and secondary sources
  • analysis of the evidence and examples to draw out their significance
  • explanation of how the examples and evidence support the paragraph’s central claim
  • link the main idea of this paragraph to the main point of the next paragraph or section.

[3] Leonard J. Sadosky, Revolutionary Negotiations: Indians, Empires, and Diplomats in the Founding of America (Charlottesville, Virginia: University of Virginia Press, 2010), 17.

[10] Fred Anderson, 457

[4] John R. Maass, The French and Indian War in North Carolina: The Spreading Flames of War (Charleston, South Carolina: The History Press, 2013), 81.

[9] James Glen in Matthew C. Ward, “Understanding Native American Alliances,” in The Seven Years’ War: Global Views, ed. by Mark Danley and Patrick Speelman (Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, 2012), 55.

[6] ‘Forbes to Pitt May 1 1758’ in Writings of General John Forbes , 77-78. [7] ‘George Washington to Major Francis Halkett 11 May 1758’ Accessed 4th June 2015

[5] ‘Forbes to Abercromby April 22 1758’ in Writings of General John Forbes Relating to his Service in America ed. by Alfred Procter James (Menasha, Wisconsin: The Collegiate press, 1938), 69.

Taking it further

How to write an essay.

Learn how to write and structure an essay, including what to include in the introduction and conclusion, and how to structure body paragraphs clearly and coherently.

Write clearly

Writing clearly involves creating coherent and precise sentences and paragraphs. In academic writing it's important that sentences include accurate and meaningful  vocabulary and signposts; and that paragraphs have defined structural features.

What is critical thinking?

Learn what critical thinking is, what it looks like and how you can demonstrate it.

Your feedback matters

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you found most useful or share your suggestions for improving this resource.

example essay history

  • Written Essays

How to write source-based history essays


The biggest assessment task you will be required to complete is a written research essay which develops an argument and uses a range of sources.

All types of assessment tasks will need you to use essay-writing skills in some form, but their fundamental structure and purpose remains the same.

Therefore, learning how to write essays well is central to achieving high marks in History.

What is an 'essay'?

A History essay is a structured argument that provides historical evidence to substantiate its points. 

To achieve the correct structure for your argument, it is crucial to understand the separate parts that make up a written essay. 

If you understand how each part works and fits into the overall essay, you are well on the way to creating a great assessment piece.

Most essays will require you to write:

  • 1 Introduction Paragraph
  • 3 Body Paragraphs
  • 1 Concluding Paragraph

Explanations for how to structure and write each of these paragraphs can be found below, along with examples of each: 

Essay paragraph writing advice

example essay history

How to write an Introductory Paragraph

This page explains the purpose of an introduction, how to structure one and provides examples for you to read.

example essay history

How to write Body Paragraphs

This page explains the purpose of body paragraphs, how to structure them and provides examples for you to read.

example essay history

How to write a Conclusion

This page explains the purpose of conclusions, how to structure them and provides examples for you to read.

More essay resources

What do you need help with, download ready-to-use digital learning resources.

example essay history

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