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200+ Accounting Dissertation Topic & Ideas

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The world of finance always has something new to say. Be it about international banking advancements, commercial accounting technologies or trading coins, they are all recent initiatives taken for better accounting.

Now, you need total guidance on which areas of accounting have scope for you to present a better paper. Hence, why not check this blog and get a pack of 200+  accounting dissertation topics and make your dissertation out of the box!

What is an Accounting Dissertation?

You might be pursuing a graduation course in commerce, management or an MBA; there will be an assessment in your final year. Most of this assessment will be based on your dissertation accounting paper on topics of your choice.

You must go beyond basic theoretical research to write a paper like an accounting dissertation. And for that, choosing the topic is a significant step.

Such papers will also include detailed data analysis, a graphical representation of accounting history and other comparative studies of your topic.

How to Select Accounting Dissertation Topics Step by Step?

To make an impressive accounting dissertation, topics are the eye-catcher. An examiner will do an overview of your work based on the choice of your topic itself.

Hence, let’s find out how to do that –

Plan based on evidence

Feeling ambitious about working on trending topics or issues with great history is obvious. But you have to be conscious about topics with adequate research resources . So, study two or three topics and measure the evidence with logical importance. 

Review the literature and identify gap

Next, review the key accounting theories associated with your topic. When reviewing all pertinent information, follow reliable sources, such as academic books and journal articles. But the main purpose of the literature review is to fill in the incomplete information. So, analyse and observe published works and assemble the paper with a new case study . This way, you can finally bridge the gap. 

Consult with your advisor or faculty.

The next important thing is to seek feedback from your experts regarding the preference of your topic. Sometimes, you may choose a topic that can be challenging or bring direct negative comments. Topics like –  ‘Should Oil Companies Be Taxed More?’  are debatable issues. But for your academic paper, choose a topic which helps you show your skills and bring positive criticism. Hence, ensure the criteria match what your professor says.

Consider practical relevance

After getting proper feedback on your topic, do a detailed study and check if the topic can bring any development aspects to your paper. This is important because good accounting dissertation topics must have a practical output as well to demonstrate how the topic can contribute to the real industry.

Feasibility of data collection and analysis

To state your argument regarding the topic, you need to have accurate facts, numbers, balance sheet reports and many other accounting data. But, it can be challenging as not all the data are accessible. Hence, ensure you have accessible platforms to gather data for your topic. Use platforms like –  Forbes Business ,  Business News Daily ,  Statista , etc. for approved data. 

Consider future career aspirations

The last thing you must do to choose your topic is to look at the bigger picture, i.e. how the paper can benefit your career. For that, ensure the pattern of your chosen topic is original. 

The topic may have already been worked on. You can show your creativity and alter the style for a unique case. In future, this will impress your recruiters as well when they see you have taken a different angle and provided authentic research.

For example, ‘ The impact of tax management on income production ‘ is a common topic. You can use this case and present a topic like – ‘ How can digital payment system reduce income tax backlog? ‘

List of 200+Accounting Dissertation Topics

Here are lists of accounting dissertation topics that can give ideas on making a unique paper –

Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topics

  • Taking into account digital transactions
  • Municipalities’ ability to perform accounting controls better
  • Using accounting information systems to enhance reporting quality
  • A risk-based approach to control is used in commercial banks to reduce the number of suspicious transactions.
  • Improving accounting procedures for online transactions.
  • Accounting coordination and uniformity in the framework of economic unions
  • Internal control systems’ contribution to encouraging accurate accounting records
  • New accounting practices.
  • First-century double-entry bookkeeping history
  • Accounting data impacts the cost of capital in the context of large businesses.
  • For international cooperatives, the structure of the ideal framework for accounting information systems
  • Data management and cloud computing’s roles in accounting information systems.
  • Important difficulties encountered while integrating finance and management accounting in the service sector.
  • The non-profit accounting financial reporting requirements.
  • The effects of your country’s current tax structure on lower-income groups of people.
  • What are the contrasts between Activity-Based Costing and the Just in Time methodology?
  • Benefits of wise investing: an examination of how it influences a company’s expansion
  • Major factors of valuation for mergers and acquisitions
  • Understanding Financial Statements’ Importance for Corporate Accounting
  • The investigation of how market and public information affect changes in the market share index.

Auditing Dissertation Topics

  • Preparing the analytical and audit procedures
  • The Auditor’s Oversight Bodies’ European Group
  • Marketing Audit of the Dunkin’ Donuts Company
  • The Qualities of a Good Auditor: A Competency-Based Analysis
  • Operational Assessment and Indoor Air Quality Report
  • Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation (FCR) Human Resource Audit
  • Environmental and green management auditing
  • Agile Auditing: Advantages and Negatives
  • Utilising Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Carry Out Audit Tasks
  • Key Auditing Principles: Additional Assurance Services
  • Analysis of the Quality Assurance Council Audit Report
  • Auditor Independence: Is It Really Independent?
  • Hong Kong auditing regulations
  • The Saudi Arabian private corporate sector’s reliance on audit
  • Process of Auditing Gold Airlines Company
  • The Function of Contemporary Technologies in Planning Audits 
  • Internal Risk of Financial Statement Audit for Audit Goals for Segments
  • External Auditors and Corporate Governance: High-Quality Audits
  • Auditing Theory and Practice: A Focus on Professional Responsibility
  • The Approach of Judgment and Decision-Making in Auditing

Environmental Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • The contribution of environmental accounting to the advancement of corporate responsibility and sustainable development.
  • Evaluating the efficiency of carbon reporting and accounting in reducing the hazards associated with climate change.
  • Examining how environmental restrictions affect financial results and disclosure procedures.
  • The contribution of environmental cost accounting to bettering waste and resource management.
  • Investigating how to include financial and environmental performance metrics in sustainability reporting.
  • Evaluating the effects of biodiversity accounting on managing and conserving natural resources.
  • Examining the difficulties and potential benefits of using natural capital accounting in business decision-making.
  • Assessment of the social and economic effects of ecosystem services using environmental accounting.
  • Examining how environmental liabilities affect methods of risk management and financial reporting.
  • Examining how carbon pricing schemes affect financial results and investment choices.
  • Investigating how sustainability accounting might be used to measure and value environmental externalities.
  • Evaluating the effect of corporate reporting practices and comparability on environmental accounting standards.
  • Environmental audit and assurance’s role in guaranteeing the accuracy and dependability of environmental data.
  • Investigating the link between a company’s financial performance and environmental performance.
  • Investigating how environmental footprint might be used to measure and control supply chain environmental consequences.
  • Looking into how to improve corporate resilience through environmental risk assessment and management.
  • Evaluating the use and application of environmental management accounting techniques across various industries
  • A Blueprint of the Product Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework
  • What is the Strategy for Corporate Sustainability?
  • Reasons for and Methods of Investor Use of ESG Data: Results from a Global Survey

Banking and Finance Dissertation Topics

  • An in-depth examination of the economic crisis’ impact on banking and finance
  • An Evaluation of Business Standard Deviation
  • The Political and Economic Risks Associated with Transactions with National Banks
  • An examination of business trends in European nations related to banking and finance
  • Security Measures Adopted in Financial Institutions Around the World 
  • International Banking and Finance Practises
  • An in-depth examination of the WTO’s involvement in banking and finance
  • An investigation of how corporate strategy and capital structures interact
  • contrasting regional enterprises with international, transnational banks
  • Reducing the Risk of Repeated Economic Collapse in National and International Finances
  • The Reasons Why People Become International Expats Around the World
  • Banking and Financial Practises of Other Religious Denominations and Islamic Banking
  • How Can Small-Scale Industries Survive the Demands of International Banking?
  • An examination of the effects of the financial and banking crisis
  • The Effects of Domestic Bank Transactions on the International Stock Exchange
  • A Report on World Trade and Banking Statistics Projected for 2025
  • How Can the Government’s Financial Deficit in Banking Be Addressed?
  • A comparison of modern and traditional business models, as well as the banking and financial practices of companies
  • Which of the following should be the main investment area for the money deposited with the bank?
  • How to reconcile managing depositor trust while investing money in multiple schemes to make a profit?

Fund Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Analysis and enhancement of municipal control accounting organisations’ performance
  • Analysis of the elements that create shareholder value while taking stakeholders’ needs into consideration
  • Control of budgetary settlements based on analytical processes
  • Accounting for multiple dimensions: theory, methods, and instruments
  • Information and methodological support for an economic entity’s strategic accounting development
  • Controlling and monitoring suspicious transactions in commercial banks using a risk-based approach
  • Accounting synchronisation within the framework of economic unions
  • Accounting and internal control procedures for social obligations
  • Corporate treasury operations accounting methodology development in leasing firms
  • Creating and analysing IT company segment reporting
  • the development of audit theory and practise
  • In its first century of usage, double-entry accounting developed
  • Internal review of liabilities and reserve formation risks in commercial organisations
  • Instruments for calculating and recognising intangible asset impairment in reporting
  • Review of the consolidated financial statements of the electric power industry
  • Consolidated financial statements auditing procedures and organisation
  • Organisation and development of accounting procedures for outsourcing costs
  • Organising and procedural backing for the forensic audit

Internet Banking Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Understanding the Sector’s Influencing Factors Through Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia
  • Crisis Management: Online Banking Security Lapse
  • Easy-pay’s mobile banking solution uses a customer-focused marketing strategy.
  • Banking Innovation on Mobile
  • The E-Business Strategy and Capabilities of Citibank
  • Internet-based banking and shopping
  • Internet banking with Ameribank
  • Mobile Banking via Safaricom
  • Internet banking’s Effects on Banks’ Profitability
  • How to Maintain Client Loyalty with Online Banking
  • Operational Risk in Conventional and Online Banking in Kenya, a Global Leader in Mobile Banking
  • Banking Sector Online Activity in the UAE
  • Position of the Chief Information Officer in E-Banking
  • Adoption of Mobile Banking: Problems and Solutions
  • “Data Mining and Customer Relationship Marketing in the Banking Industry” by Chye & Gerry discusses the transition from traditional personal banking to online banking.
  • Effects and outcomes of Internet banking, 
  • Biometric scanners in the banking sector, and 
  • Integration of e-commerce websites with banking systems
  • Issues with Online Banking and Cryptography
  • Online banking’s effects on Dubai International Bank

Management Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Analysis of Managerial Accounting Can Help Managers With Product Costing: Mid-Term Practise Solution
  • The Benefits of Managerial Accounting for Managers
  • Financial and managerial accounting: the role of ethics in accounting; application; and specific managerial accounting issues
  • Analysis of Budget Variance in Managerial Accounting
  • How Managerial Accounting May Be Affected by the Marriage of GAAP and IFRS
  • Administrative Accounting: Cost Accounting and Managerial Accounting Differences
  • Insurance Australia Group Limited Financial and Managerial Accounting Comparison
  • Role Perspective on Managerial Accounting Systems and Organisational Control
  • How Managerial Accounting Is Included in Merger Models Managerial Accounting and Its Methods Analysis
  • Organisational controls and managerial accounting are compared.
  • Managerial Accounting’s Importance in the Business Environment
  • Management Accounting Principles and Concepts
  • Managerial Accounting Performance Measures Illustrated
  • Service Cost Allocations in Management Accounting
  • Effects of Technology Tools on Managerial Accounting
  • Organising the Provision of Public Goods: Managerial Accounting Lessons
  • Student Attitudes Towards Computer-Based Testing in Managerial Accounting
  • Justification of the Need for Managerial Accounting Systems: Financial 
  • The Connection Between Managerial Accounting and Controllership
  • Total Quality Management’s Importance in Managerial Accounting

Financial Economics Dissertation Topics

  • Financial markets’ response to COVID-19
  • How do mutual funds alter their risk-taking tactics in response to various incentives?
  • How did the financial markets respond to Biden’s victory?
  • What impact do Fintech firms have on the financial services industry?
  • The most recent developments in financial engineering
  • What impact does IT have on financial services competition?
  • Corporate Governance practises’ impact on emerging nations’ capital structures
  • How do interest rates impact the FTSE?
  • Does IT development affect businesses’ R&D spending?
  • Decisions about investments are influenced by behavioural finance.
  • An investigation into British investors’ motivations using behavioural finance
  • The factors that determine business debt in the UK
  • The importance of debt markets and private equity in SMEs financing in the UK
  • Do SMEs in the UK have higher profitability rates than big businesses?
  • British companies’ financial structures are compared to those of the EU
  • In the UK, financial markets and financial intermediation
  • components of asset prices that are both transient and permanent in the UK
  • UK companies’ capital and financial setup
  • Corporate governance and investor protection in the EU and US financial markets
  • Influence of politics on asset values

Corporate Finance Dissertation Topics

  • Application of the Continuous-time Model in Various Financial Environments
  • An analysis of a case study on the factors influencing financial policies about banking and non-banking institutions
  • What Effect Does Firm Size Have on Financial Decision-Making?
  • An Examination of the Financial Decision-Making Process at Family-Led Institutions
  • A thorough investigation of the life cycles of several financial products in the banking industry
  • What Aspects Should Be Taken Into Account When Making Corporate Finance Decisions Under Uncertain Market Conditions?
  • Explain the effects of technological advancement on traditional contracting methods and crowdfunding
  • An in-depth analysis of how culture affects the sole proprietor’s business decisions
  • An in-depth analysis of current trends in corporate finance
  • A quick analysis of multinational corporations’ financial management using UK data
  • Bitcoin: A boon or a curse?
  • Brexit’s impact on personal pocket portfolio maximisation: successful or unsuccessful?
  • Investor Sentiment & Stock Volatility Walk hand in hand. Exchange Opinions
  • Within the Next Ten Years, Internet Banking Will Change
  • A Philosophical and Empirical Analysis of Taxation Fairness
  • A Summary of China’s Fiscal System Factors Affecting Public Debt in the Eurozone in the Wake of COVID-19
  • The Impact of Demography on Investments in Public Infrastructure
  • Bringing Attention to Debt Sustainability Issues in Emerging Countries
  • How Has Globalisation Affected Public Finance?
  • The Theory & Implications of Optimal Capital Taxation

Retail and Commercial Banking Dissertation Topics

  • Consumer Search, Electronic Commerce, and Lowering the Cost of Retailing
  • Parking taxes are used to control retailing.
  • Online vs. In-Store Shopping in E-Business & Traditional Retailing
  • Early-modern London’s Consumption, Retailing, and Medical Systems
  • Amazon and its rivals in the world of online book sales
  • Why Is Human Resources a Vital Part of the Retailing Marketing Mix?
  • Retailing Public Goods: The Economics of Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Etiquette and Manners
  • Methods for bringing in new customers to Internet banking
  • Concerns about fraud in online banking services
  • Dual-factor authentication and security for online banking
  • Internet banking services have unstated drawbacks
  • Especially when it comes to bank-to-bank electronic transactions.
  • Internet banking’s effect on a rise in account openings
  • Investors from wealthy nations’ perceptions and attitudes regarding investment prospects in emerging markets

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

  • The international microfinance industry is growing quickly.
  • How crucial are credit availability and other financial services to investment and growth?
  • The role of microfinance in national savings.
  • Does microfinance merely give the appearance of reducing poverty?
  • An investigation into how interest rates affect stock prices.
  • Microfinance for the growth of the national economy.
  • Effects of microfinance in agriculturally developing nations.
  • Factors that affect capital structure in a particular industry.
  • Compared to the interest-based banking industry, microfinance.
  • A comparison of rural support programmes, microfinance banks, and financial institutions.
  • A study looking at the connection between stock market development and economic growth.
  • Gauging the level of societal acceptance of micro-lending organisations.
  • The prevalence of microloans in emerging markets and their effects.
  • Microfinance’s role in fostering sustainable development
  • Microfinance’s effect on income disparity
  • Peer-to-peer microfinance platforms are used.
  • The effect of microfinance on child labour.
  • Microfinance is a component of the national savings.
  • Effect of the world recession on microfinance organisations.
  • Impact of microfinance on disaster preparedness.

Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Accounting: The Forensic Accounting Who Fought White Collar Crime 
  • Forensic Accounting’s Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Commercial Damages Calculation Using Forensic Accounting
  • Procedures for Forensic Accounting and Income Recognition
  • Making the Switch to Forensic Accounting Successfully
  • The Calculation of Personal Injury Damages Using Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting and Corporate Failure
  • Court-related forensic accounting duties of the forensic accountant Syllabus
  • Technology and Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting and Terrorism: A Relationship
  • The Future of Forensic Accounting: Past, Present, and Future
  • Problems with Forensic Accounting
  • Infringement on Intellectual Property and Forensic Accounting
  • Investigation of Fraud and Forensic Accounting Assurance and Forensic Accounting for Students
  • Hidden Philippine Balance of Payments in Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic accounting skill set
  • Forensic Accounting: The Accounting Profession
  • Forensic accounting and fraud auditing
  • Future of Forensic Accounting concerning CFRA and Computer Use
  • The Relevance of Teaching Forensic Accounting and Auditing to Unintentional Blindness

Are You Looking For Help for Accounting Dissertation Topics?

To make an authentic accounting dissertation paper from scratch, your goal must be to choose the right accounting dissertation topic. But, to choose a topic, you must know your goals, objectives and how the topic can help you in a broader way.

However, do not worry, as 5000+ experts are waiting for you at  to guide you!

So, reach the professionals today and explore diverse topics now!

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

Q. can you provide examples of accounting dissertation topics related to auditing.

Yes, you can find various accounting dissertation topics related to auditing curated by our in-house experts.

Q. Are there any accounting dissertation topics related to financial management?

Of course! To get ideas on accounting dissertation topics related to financial management, visit our website and go through our free samples. You can see the most recent work by our experts.

Q. Can you suggest some unique and emerging accounting dissertation topics?

Here are popular accounting dissertations topics you can work on –

  • Effective strategies for planning income.
  • The effect of tax administration on the generation of income.
  • Benefits of stock control in cost management.

Q. What are some trending topics in accounting for a dissertation?

To get a detailed idea of trending topics in accounting, you can check our blog above and explore the list.

Q. How do I choose a suitable accounting dissertation topic?

The steps for choosing a right accounting dissertation topic are

  • Choose a topic you find interest in
  • Research to know if there is enough data available on the topic
  • Choose an issue that isn’t too broad or too narrow.
  • You can also connect to our experts for detailed guidance.

Q. Are there any ethical considerations when selecting an accounting dissertation topic?

Yes, you must choose an accounting dissertation topic that is ethically correct to research. Moreover, the topic must not hurt the sentiments of others. 

Q. Can you provide some examples of research questions for an accounting dissertation?

To learn through examples of research questions on accounting, you can head to our ‘Answers & Samples’ section and unlock free guidance.

Q. What are the challenges in conducting research on accounting topics?

Here are common challenges in conducting research on accounting topics –

  • Inadequacy of data
  • Too many ideas 
  • The outline and topics do not match 

Q. How can I narrow a broad accounting topic into a manageable research question?

You can narrow down a broad accounting topic by deciding which topic has better research scope. 

Q. Are there any specific requirements or guidelines for selecting an accounting dissertation topic?

Yes, there are certain requirements for selecting an accounting dissertation topic. For that, check the guidelines as explained above in the blog.

Q. Can I explore interdisciplinary topics in accounting for my dissertation?

Yes, you can definitely explore interdisciplinary topics in an accounting dissertation. 

Q. What are some potential research areas in forensic accounting for a dissertation?

The areas of litigation support, investigation and dispute resolution include potential research areas in forensic accounting.

Q. How can I incorporate real-world case studies into my accounting dissertation?

You can incorporate real-world case studies in your accounting dissertation by including interviews, surveys on the case, or analysing the pros and cons through hypothesis.

Q. Is it necessary to conduct empirical research for an accounting dissertation?

Yes, it is highly necessary to conduct empirical research to make your accounting dissertation logically right.

Q. Can I explore the role of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in accounting practices for my dissertation?

Yes, you can explore the role of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in accounting practices for your dissertation.

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160 Best Accounting Dissertation Topics

Table of Contents

If you’re pursuing an accounting degree, you know how critical it is to choose a relevant and intriguing topic for your dissertation. With the help of our experts , we have compiled a list of 120 best accounting dissertation topics to help you get started with your research. We understand that selecting the perfect topic can be a daunting task, so we have also included some tips on how to choose an accounting dissertation topic that will capture your interests and impress your professors.

Your accounting dissertation is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills, and creativity in the field of accounting. It is a long and complex project that requires months of research, analysis, and writing. Therefore, selecting the right topic is crucial to your success.

Whether you’re interested in financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, or any other subfield, we have got you covered. Our list of accounting dissertation topics is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics, from the latest trends in accounting to traditional accounting practices.

In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to choose the best accounting dissertation topic for your project. So, let’s get started and explore the world of accounting dissertation topics together.

Tips on How to Select the Best Accounting Dissertation Topic

If you are eager to choose an accounting dissertation topic on your own, you should need a few essential guideline pieces of advice. Writers with vast experience in the field will let you know more about the most effective tips for choosing a topic for a dissertation!

  • Choose a fundamental issue.

A dissertation is not a regular research paper; it is a complex work requiring a specific approach. That’s because the topic for your dissertation should be sophisticated too. Moreover, if the subject is accounting, the matter you raise should be fundamental and not primitive at all.

  • Make a topic thorough.

If making up a topic for a research paper, you should write concisely, be short and to the point; in the case of a dissertation, you can somehow bend the rule. The formulation of your issue should be thorough and sound extremely smart.

  • Choose a topic within your interests.

A dissertation is a paper of large volume. It is time-consuming. That’s because you should spend hours and days writing it. However, you can simplify it somehow. If you choose a topic that is interesting to you, chances to get a dissertation with honors will become much better!

List of Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Analysis and improvement of the performance of control accounting bodies in municipalities
  • Analysis of the factors of formation of shareholder value, taking into account the requirements of stakeholders
  • Control of settlements with the budget based on analytical procedures
  • Multidimensional accounting: theory, methodology, tools
  • Improving the quality of reporting when using accounting information systems
  • Development of information and methodological support for strategic accounting of an economic entity
  • A risk-based approach to control and supervision of suspicious transactions in commercial banks
  • Accounting for digital transactions
  • Harmonization of accounting in the context of economic unions
  • Methodological tools for accounting and internal control of social obligations
  • Development of accounting methodology for corporate treasury operations in leasing companies
  • Formation and analysis of segment reporting of IT companies
  • Evolution of audit theory and methodology
  • The evolution of double-entry bookkeeping in the first century of its use
  • Internal audit of risks of formation of estimated reserves and liabilities in commercial organizations
  • Tools for determining and recognizing in the reporting impairment of intangible assets
  • Analysis of consolidated statements of electric power companies
  • Organization and methodology for auditing consolidated financial statements
  • Development of methods and organization of accounting for outsourcing costs
  • Organizational and methodological support for the forensic audit

20 Good Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Development of the methodology of accounting and control processes in the digital economy
  • Development of audit consulting
  • Management accounting based on a risk-based approach
  • Methodological support for accounting of movement of stocks at enterprises
  • Comprehensive methodological approach to cost accounting in organizations with seasonal nature of the activity
  • Formation and disclosure of information on social obligations in the financial statements of the organization
  • Accounting and estimate work-in-progress
  • Accounting and audit of environmental obligations of coal mining enterprises
  • Development of accounting for innovation costs in commercial organizations
  • The Genesis of public sector accounting
  • Methodological tools for the formation of accounting information in national accounting systems
  • Integrated reporting : theory, methodology, and practice
  • Conceptual approaches to the standardization of the audit of economic subjects of construction in the context of the integration of their activities
  • Organization and methods of accounting for the transaction costs of a corporation
  • Company accounting in the second half of the 19th century
  • Improving the information content of cash flow reporting
  • Accounting and analysis of equity in organizations
  • Formation of a control-oriented accounting system
  • Evolution of accounting methodology and cash flow analysis
  • Harmonization of accounting and analysis of financial results of an agricultural holding

20 Management Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Development of accounting for human resources in the context of managing an economic entity
  • The evaluation function of internal audit in credit institutions
  • Organizational and methodological support for strategic economic analysis of the corporation
  • Management accounting and analysis of entrepreneurial activity
  • Methodological support for corporate accounting and reporting
  • Accounting system of an economic entity for strategic management
  • Methodology for analyzing and assessing the risk of insolvency of small businesses
  • Development of analytical tools for auditing the performance of an organization
  • Convergence of management accounting principles and IFRS
  • Methodological tools for quality control of audit organizations
  • Analysis of the influence of key stakeholders on the assessment of the financial viability of organizations
  • Development of a methodology for auditing the accounting policy of a commercial organization
  • Organization and technology of personnel audit in commercial organizations
  • Management accounting system for the risks of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise
  • Development of management accounting within the Kaizen concept
  • Formation of standards and regulations for management accounting of an economic entity
  • Internal control of business processes in an insurance company
  • Intercompany financial reporting of a branch in the controlling system
  • Operational audit as a management tool
  • Management accounting in public corporations

20 Finance and Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Consolidated financial statements of insurance companies
  • Financial analysis of the competitiveness of a commercial organization
  • Generalized actuarial valuation concept
  • Accounting for financial results in construction organizations
  • Formation of financial statements of educational institutions of higher education under international standards of the public sector
  • Inventory of material assets
  • Financial analysis of organizations implementing applied projects in the digital economy
  • Statistical assessment of the reliability of financial statements
  • Development of methods of economic analysis of detection and prevention of bankruptcy of organizations
  • Audit of receivables of a coordinated group of organizations
  • Accounting reservation system
  • Methodology for detecting distortions in accounting (financial) statements
  • Methods and tools for accounting valuation of investment property in the process of preparing financial statements
  • Tax analysis in organizations
  • Cash flow statement: modalities for the preparation, information, and analytical value
  • Statement of comprehensive income of the company: modalities for the preparation, information, and analytical value
  • General characteristics of financial and internal accounting
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable of the enterprise: the reasons for their occurrence and repayment terms
  • Liquidity: Liquid and illiquid economic assets
  • Accounting for depreciation of fixed assets

20 Environmental Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • The role of environmental accounting in promoting sustainable development and corporate responsibility.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of carbon accounting and reporting in mitigating climate change risks.
  • Investigating the impact of environmental regulations on financial performance and disclosure practices.
  • The role of environmental cost accounting in improving resource efficiency and waste management.
  • Exploring the integration of environmental and financial performance indicators in sustainability reporting.
  • Assessing the implications of biodiversity accounting on natural resource conservation and management.
  • Investigating the challenges and opportunities of incorporating natural capital accounting into corporate decision-making.
  • The role of environmental accounting in evaluating the social and economic impacts of ecosystem services.
  • Examining the effects of environmental liabilities on financial reporting and risk management practices.
  • Assessing the disclosure practices of companies regarding environmental risks and their impact on investor decision-making.
  • The role of environmental management accounting in supporting environmental decision-making and performance improvement.
  • Investigating the effects of carbon pricing mechanisms on financial performance and investment decisions.
  • Exploring the role of sustainability accounting in assessing and valuing environmental externalities.
  • Assessing the impact of environmental accounting standards on corporate reporting practices and comparability.
  • The role of environmental audit and assurance in ensuring the credibility and reliability of environmental information.
  • Investigating the relationship between environmental performance and financial performance in companies.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of environmental performance indicators in monitoring and benchmarking sustainability performance.
  • Exploring the potential of environmental footprinting in assessing and managing supply chain environmental impacts.
  • Investigating the role of environmental risk assessment and management in enhancing corporate resilience.
  • Assessing the adoption and implementation of environmental management accounting practices in different industries.

20 F orensic Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Investigating the role of forensic accounting in fraud prevention and detection.
  • The use of data analytics in forensic accounting: Opportunities and challenges.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of forensic accounting techniques in identifying earnings management.
  • Exploring the impact of forensic accounting on litigation outcomes and dispute resolution.
  • Investigating the role of forensic accounting in uncovering money laundering schemes.
  • The use of forensic accounting in investigating financial misconduct in non-profit organizations.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of forensic accounting in detecting and preventing occupational fraud.
  • Exploring the role of forensic accountants in identifying and quantifying damages in commercial disputes.
  • Investigating the challenges and techniques of forensic accounting in the digital era.
  • The role of forensic accounting in assessing the financial impact of cybercrimes.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of forensic accounting in tracing and recovering assets in cases of financial fraud.
  • Exploring the role of forensic accountants in uncovering financial statement fraud.
  • Investigating the use of forensic accounting in investigating insider trading and market manipulation.
  • The impact of forensic accounting on improving corporate governance and ethics.
  • Assessing the role of forensic accountants in evaluating financial irregularities in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Exploring the challenges and best practices of forensic accounting in cross-border investigations.
  • Investigating the role of forensic accounting in detecting and preventing bribery and corruption.
  • The use of forensic accounting techniques in assessing economic damages in personal injury and wrongful death cases.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of forensic accounting in identifying and investigating Ponzi schemes.
  • Exploring the role of forensic accountants in providing expert witness testimony in legal proceedings.

20 Accounting Dissertation Ideas

  • Organization of accounting on a remote outsourcing basis
  • Development of the balance sheet method in accounting
  • Segmentation of accounting information in the audit of wholesale organizations
  • Improving audit sampling justification methods
  • Development of accounting and reporting in commercial organizations in the context of sustainable economic development
  • Accounting and reporting of lease transactions: international and domestic experience
  • Compatible financial reporting: logic and construction technique
  • IFRS and US GAAP: problems of convergence
  • Consolidation of financial statements according to IFRS
  • The order of disclosure of conditional facts of economic activity in reports
  • Problems of consolidation of complex vertical groups and its exposure in the financial statements
  • Disclosure of information on impairment to assets in the financial statements of the company: issues and solutions
  • Methodology for generating the statement of financial position of the company at the end of the reporting year
  • Necessity, opportunities, and problems of fair value application
  • Issues of valuation of assets and liabilities in IFRS
  • Regulation of the quality of services in audit
  • Ethics regulation mechanism in audit and its implementation
  • Interaction between audit and accounting
  • Interaction of audit and economic analysis
  • Using the methods of the probability theory and other sciences in audit

20 Featured Dissertation Topics About Accounting

  • Interaction between audit and tax accounting
  • Strengthening the role of the economic mechanism for regulation in audit
  • Audit as a tool for measuring (and increasing) the reliability of financial statements
  • Control of audit activity
  • Functions of accounting and their application in legal practice
  • Accounting policy of the organization and its expert assessment
  • Audit users and analysis of their information needs
  • Audit as an infrastructural branch of a market economy
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of audit
  • Accountancy profession and professional ethics of an accountant
  • Competition in the market of audit services
  • Analysis of the audit model and specific features of the audit in developing countries
  • Creation of the audit economy as an industry
  • Analysis of mechanisms, types, channels, and instruments of regulation in audit
  • The systematic and organizational basis for the economic analysis of reports prepared under IFRS
  • Possibilities and feasibility of using management accounting information for reporting under IFRS
  • International accounting standards
  • Problems of disclosing information on inflation in the reports prepared according to IFRS
  • Purpose and the procedure for the preparation of notes to financial statements
  • Accounting in the management system

Still can’t decide what topic to choose for your accounting dissertation? Why not apply to top paper writers and ask them for professional advice? In a few minutes, they will select an incredible idea for your accounting dissertation and double your chances of getting a stellar paper!

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Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Accounting » 99 Accounting Dissertation Topics & Research Titles

dissertation topic for accounting

99 Accounting Dissertation Topics & Research Titles

By Adam Jul 27, 2023 in Accounting | No Comments

Accounting is a vast topic area and encompasses many sub-topics. Choosing appropriate accounting dissertation topics can be difficult and overwhelming. Research topics in accounting typically relate to fundamental topics in accounting as well as statements that can be corroborated or challenged and present scope for research in accounting. Choosing a dissertation topic in accounting is […]

accounting dissertation topics

Accounting is a vast topic area and encompasses many sub-topics. Choosing appropriate accounting dissertation topics can be difficult and overwhelming. Research topics in accounting typically relate to fundamental topics in accounting as well as statements that can be corroborated or challenged and present scope for research in accounting. Choosing a dissertation topic in accounting is also a rewarding activity if you have a broad idea of the scope of research in accounting that you are willing to pursue. Educational organizations generally segregate learning objectives based on the level of study and hence finding dissertation topics in accounting that correspond to your level of study should be the ideal beginning.

List of Accounting Dissertation Topics

The following is a list of some current accounting topics for dissertation that can help you get started on a challenging yet oddly fulfilling journey in your quest to become a true academic. Either, you are pursuing an undergraduate degree and seeking research topics in accounting for undergraduate, or is enrolled in masters to become an accounting graduate and need master thesis accounting topics, you can get some unique dissertation topics for accounting students here.

And here’s your list:

Financial Accounting Research topics:

A systematic review of the financial accounting tools for monitoring liquidity levels.

Capital Structure Determinants of SMEs- the case of the Nigerian SME sector.

A discussion on Asset liability management in the Australian banking sector.

Valuation for mergers and acquisitions- the major determinants

How has the financial crisis affected the health sector in the UK? A qualitative survey.

An investigation into how accounting quality is determined by specialists and non-specialists in the retail sector.

An investigation into the relevance of financial accounting in Islamic trade organisations- a literature review.

How relevant is the accounting environment in a nation for focusing on accounting quality? Perspectives from selected countries.

How does fraud grow in the accounting environment of private organisations in the UK?

How relevant are financial ratios for fraud detection in SMEs in developed countries? A UK-based investigation.

Can financial ratios predict bankruptcy? A quantitative exploration.

An exploration of the strategies employed by senior management to balance accounting discretion and transparency issues in their financial statement.

Check out the compilation of financial accounting dissertation topics here.

Management accounting research topics:

A comparison of the role of management accounting versus financial accounting in a textile factory unit.

An exploration of capital budgeting under restraint in developing economies.

An explorative analysis of the complementary and competing nature of Activity Based Costing and Just in Time methodology.

A comparison of payback, IRR and ROI as effective capital budgeting techniques.

Many accounting students search for a topic in management accounting to write their research work. We know your need and have made a separate management accounting dissertation topics post to fulfil this need.

Accounting and finance research topics:

A survey on the increasing incidence of textual analysis in reading financial statements.

An analytical discussion on the major ethical issues in accounting and finance within the context of the oil and gas sector.

A review of the degree of application of IFRS in the Asia Pacific- the case of Malaysia and Singapore.

A theoretical evaluation of the relationship between stock performance and CEO qualities.

Can Intellectual Capital Reporting be justified as a part of management accounting? An analysis.

An analysis of the financial and management control mechanisms in the banking sector of developed countries to rationalize why the financial crisis was not recognized and anticipated.

How does enterprise risk management contribute to stability in organisations? A case-study approach exploration.

How have management accounting innovations contributed to organisational performance in developing countries? A review.

What are the key challenges faced in incorporating both financial and management accounting in the service sector? Perspectives from the UK.

What form of management accounting practices do family businesses in the UK apply? A qualitative investigation.

What is the concept of safety and security in manufacturing firms with management accounting controls in place? A review.

Management accounting, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance- examining the relationship.

Considering the enormous amount of searches in this field, we have created a completely separate topic post for our visitors on accounting and finance dissertation topics .

Auditing research topics:

A comparative review of the differences between in-house and external auditors.

An analysis of the tradition of auditing consultancy firms providing audit and assurance services in emerging economies.

What are the challenges presented by fair value measurements to external audits? Lessons from the UK.

How is risk-based auditing different from traditional auditing?

Finding the harmonization point between public sector external auditing and internal financial control mechanisms through literature.

How can Big Data impact auditing? A theorization based on factual literature.

Forensic auditing and its relevance to accounting students in professional studies- a survey.

Is auditing of disclosures important? An analysis.

Detection of bribery in internal and external auditing- what are the requirements and what are the challenges.

An exploration of the basis of materiality assessments of auditors- are they universal or based on specific professional and personal characteristics?

Audit report lags in going concerned auditing- evidence from across the globe.

The quality of human resource management in auditing firms- what are the characteristics?

Looking for more topics, check the auditing dissertation topics post contains more than 20 topics for you.

Tax accounting research topics:

A comparative analysis of the traditional versus new taxation policies for dividends in developed countries.

A rationale for tax exemption of non-profit organizations.

How are SMEs impacted by taxation policy in developing countries?

A discussion on the changes in health insurance taxation policies in the US.

An argumentative paper on the statement- Taxation is a human rights policy.

An exploration of the differences between taxation and taxpayers’ perspectives of revenue recognition and measurement in the UK.

How do the accounting systems of SMEs in the UK impact taxation? An overview.

What is the impact of IFRS adoption on non-listed entities in the UK? An exploration.

The concept of taxation in the Islamic approach to trade and business and a comparison with conventional approaches.

An evaluation of the justification of tax assets and tax liabilities through academic literature.

What is the impact of the ‘green drive’/ sustainability on taxation policies in the UK?

Finding evidence for ethics in the taxation of micro and small businesses through literature.

Check out the compilation of tax accounting dissertation topics here.

Bookkeeping research topics:

A literature review on the magical wonder of the double-entry bookkeeping model.

An exploratory paper on the role of the double-entry bookkeeping model and the creation of modern accounting systems.

A comparative analysis of the element of rationality in the Single versus Double entry system of bookkeeping.

How does early bookkeeping education impact the subsequent accounting achievement of students at the college level?

The role of electronic bookkeeping may negate the need for an accountant- a discussion.

The importance of bookkeeping in traditional family-owned businesses in developing countries- an overview.

How do micro and small retailers in the UK maintain their books of accounts? A qualitative investigation.

Do all bookkeepers follow similar laws? Using the case study approach to explore SMEs in the UK?

How has bookkeeping contributed to the organisational development of family businesses in the UK? A survey.

An exploration of the origins of bookkeeping and the changes it has gone through in the past few decades.

Is triple-entry bookkeeping important? Justifying its applications.

Should farms in the UK maintain bookkeeping based on management accounting standards? Insights from literature.

E-Accounting/ Online Accounting topics:

A systematic review of the major limitations of accounting for E-commerce?

Taxation issues in electronic accounting- destination-based or resource-based?

A look at the decision support systems available for the online accounting environment.

Challenges for electronic accounting of internet service provision- an investigative analysis.

What are the factors to be considered in financial disclosures in the electronic accounting environment? An empirical study

How readily is e-accounting being accepted globally? Trend observations from the past two decades.

How is e-accounting impacting the modern business environment?

How is quality assurance in e-accounting regulated? A literature review.

The propensity of fraud in e-accounting and its detection- what does literature reveal?

Ethical considerations and challenges in e-accounting applications- review of the literature.

E-accounting practices of retailers in the UK- a qualitative investigation.

How is the concept of sustainability applied to e-accounting? An overview.

Accounting Information Systems  Topics:

An understanding of the development considerations of accounting information systems in multinationals.

How do large accounting information systems safeguard data privacy? Evidence from the UK?

A research-based discussion on Accounting Information Systems in developing countries.

A comparative analysis of Accounting Information Systems for decision making in medium and large enterprises.

Cloud computing and the crucial role of data management in global accounting information systems.

How is lean accounting facilitated by information systems? Investigations from the UK.

How are accounting information systems being utilized in SMEs in the UK? A survey.

An exploration of the impact of employee competency on outcomes of accounting information systems through academic literature.

Do leadership styles influence outcomes of accounting information systems in the UK? A qualitative survey across different organisations.

Answering questions and challenges regarding ethics in the context of accounting information systems- analysis of literature.

A literature review of the intrinsic and extrinsic challenges encountered in the use of accounting information systems in service-oriented organisations in the UK- a qualitative survey.

An exploration of the implications of using accounting information systems in the UK restaurant sector.

Research topics for Ethics in Accounting:

How relevant is the application of ethical judgment to the quantitative nature of accountancy?

Arguing a case for ethics education in accountancy programs at North American Universities.

A review of the major accounting frauds in the past ten years and how ethical judgment could have altered the course of the events.

How effective has the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) been in addressing unethical accounting conduct at major American banks?

Myopic management and its relationship with firm valuation-a look at selected American firms.

What are the key ethical issues in theoretical financial accounting and practical implications in organisations? Analysis of literature.

How do national policies regulate ethical issues in the financial accounting of large organisations? A review.

What is the role of corporate governance on organisational ethical financial decision making? Insights from literature.

How important is ethics in accounting education in professional accounting institutions? A survey of students and management.

Can ethics be formally taught or is it an attitude? A survey of accounting professionals in the UK.

How do ethical guidelines support management decision making in SMEs in the UK? A survey.

What are the key ethical issues faced by management accountants in the UK? Qualitative research.

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Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Accounting » Dissertation Topics For Accounting Students (28 Examples) For Research

dissertation topic for accounting

Dissertation Topics For Accounting Students (28 Examples) For Research

Mark May 12, 2017 Jun 5, 2020 Accounting No Comments

Business students can find themselves fortunate as compared to the students pursuing their degrees in other disciplines .e.g. medical or engineering when it comes to challenges attached to it. However, if you are pursuing your specialisations in accounting then the things start to get complex. Most students find it difficult to write an accounting dissertation […]

accounting dissertation topics

Business students can find themselves fortunate as compared to the students pursuing their degrees in other disciplines .e.g. medical or engineering when it comes to challenges attached to it. However, if you are pursuing your specialisations in accounting then the things start to get complex. Most students find it difficult to write an accounting dissertation due to insufficient knowledge and improper guidance. The process starts with finding a unique title from available dissertation topics in accounting. For your ease, I am giving you some vast accounting fields which if you dig in further can make good dissertation topics for accounting students. The list includes,

  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • E-accounting/ Online accounting
  • Accounting information system
  • Money measurement concept
  • Project accounting
  • Mortgage loan
  • Diluted earnings per share
  • Accrual basis accounting
  • Accounting ethics
  • Accounting methods
  • Convention of conservatism
  • Fund accounting

We have chosen few accounting dissertation topics ideas from each field and have listed them for you.

List Of 20 Dissertation Topics For Accounting Students

Following list contains accounting topics examples of different categories. If you want any one of them to use, make sure you get this rephrased from us or let us assist you with a dissertation topic similar to what you have chosen.

An accounting study of performance and risk for financial firms during the credit crisis.

The role of modern accounting in economic developing for emerging economies.

Cognitive moral development theory and moral maturity of accounting and finance professionals.

Institutional ownership composition and accounting conservatism.

Accounting conservatism and acquisition decisions: Value-destroying acquisitions and risky acquisitions.

Accounting conservatism, debt contracts and financial institutions.

Accounting education: A comparative study of perception of learning outcomes in traditional and online delivery systems.

Audit risk associated with fraudulent accounting of listed companies - Case study.

Accounting for globalisation: National statistics, international comparisons and the emergence of the global economy.

Should my business unit depart from or continue ~Shared Accounting Services~ of Group?

How Accounting Information affects the Cost of Capital of a firm.

International convergence of accounting standards- and its impact on emerging economies.

Accounting information capital market efficiency. A case study.

Environmental accounting measurement: issues, challenges and prospect.

Auditing and financial reporting relevance to corporate governance.

How accounting information affects the cost of capital of a firm.

Bank audit in COBIT for corporate governance auditing methodology.

Accounting harmonisation in Islamic countries.

Managerial finance management and the significance of management accounting.

Delivering Quality and Compliance Through Audit Management: A Case Study of Financial Companies/Banks in USA.

Critically Assess the Various Costing Methods and the Importance of Overhead Allocation and Explain how Costing Information is Used to Assist Business Organisation in Specific Decision Making, Planning and Control Requirements.

Influence of Family Ownership on the Quality of Accounting and Organizational Performance.

Job Costing System: How Costing Information is Used to Assist Business Organisation in Specific Decision Making, Planning and Control Requirements.

Impact of Changes in the Taxation Policies in Singapore Budget 2016 on the Individual Taxpayers.

An Analysis of Difference Between Double Entry System and Single Entry System.

A Comparative Analysis of Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure.

Significant Factors for Comprehending Ratio Analysis.

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Finance Dissertation Topics & Accounting Dissertation Topics

Published by Jamie Walker at January 10th, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023


When choosing a topic for your finance and accounting dissertation, you might not be confident of which area to explore. You might be caught up between various topics, such as investment finance, MNCs’ financial practices, ethics in finance, and more.

Your finance dissertation topic should enable you to learn a new subject and intrigue your academic supervisor. Our list of finance and accounting dissertation topics is a perfect combination of both. They provide you with an opportunity to learn and secure good grades.

Our team of PhD qualified writers have spent hours to come up with these topics, so you can trust to use these topics for drafting your dissertation.

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Check our  dissertation examples to get an idea of  how to structure your dissertation .

Review the full list of dissertation topics for 2022 here.

2022 Finance and Accounting Research Topics.

Topic 1: an investigation of the reasons for the merger's failure outcomes and acquisition of islamic banks in gulf countries..

Research Aim: It is also evident from various studies that most Islamic banks in the Gulf countries, which put their efforts into Mergers and acquisitions to other know and well-established banking sectors, encountered some severe failures. Therefore, this study aims to develop an understanding of failure outcomes for the Islamic banks while going towards Merger’s decision and acquisition with other well-known banks in the Gulf countries.

Topic 2: How does the Assets Management Fee Affect the Growth of Finance?

Research Aim: The proposed study aims to scrutinize the impact of the assets management fee on the growth of finance. It will study different asset management companies and the role of the assets management fee in their financial expansion or contraction over time. The proposed study will not analyze the impact of assets management fees on the growth of finance, but the model used by the study will try to predict the optimal fee that can help finance to grow. The model will test it for different industries to generalize an optimal fee level.

Topic 3: What is the Impact of Assets Management on the Financial Performance of a Firm? A Panel Data Investigation

Research Aim: The proposed study aims to investigate the impact of asset management on the financial performance of a firm. This study will do a holistic analysis by using the panel data model. It will find the influence of different aspects (variables) of asset management on the financial performance of a firm. And after analyzing the impact of these aspects on financial performance, it will recommend ways to maximize the financial performance.

Topic 4: Assessing the relationship between Stock Performance and CEO Qualities.

Research Aim: This study aims to examine the relationship between CEO qualities and stock performance. We will analyse this study in a different way using different approaches and models for CEO qualities. This study will focus on traits which are related to   CEO. This study will provide useful information to assess the performance to stocks considering CEO succession.

Topic 5: Investigating the impact of 'Green Drive' or Sustainability on Taxation policies- A case study of UK.

Research Aim: The current study will investigate the role of green drive and sustainability on taxation policies in the UK. Furthermore it will also focus son how government have employed green budgeting and tax policies to build massive tax cuts that will assist a green recovery, as well as the interrelated role of taxation polices in decarbonizing environment . This study will examine the relationship between environmental taxes, sustainability, technologies and policies.

Covid-19 Finance and Accounting Research Topics

Topic 1: health finance during covid-19.

Research Aim: World health organisation has provided the guidelines to countries on taking necessary actions and adjustments during COVID-19. This study will address the financial decisions and expenditures made during COVID-19 to combat the health crisis.

Topic 2: The IFC (International Finance Corporation) and COVID-19

Research Aim: This study will review the role of International Finance Corporation during COVID-19

Topic 3: World Bank and Coronavirus

Research Aim: This study will address the response and role of the World bank during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Topic 4: Global Accounting considerations related to Coronavirus pandemic

Research Aim: This study will address the global Accounting considerations made during the Coronavirus pandemic

Topic 5: International Accounting Standard Board and COVID-19

Research Aim: This study will address the response and role of the International Accounting Standard Board during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finance and Accounting Dissertation Topics for 2021

Topic 1: auditor's job with the clients and third party.

Research Aim: This study will examine the effect of employee engagement on the Nigeria Communications Commission results. The research objectives are to analyse the ties entre preparation and increasing abilities for the staff of the Nigerian Communications Commission, to examine the relationships for the staff of the Nigerian Communications Commission between financial benefits and the working activities, and to assess the impact of appreciation on the performance of the job. The study style was used as a standard.

Topic 2: Relationship between the Earning Management and Discretionary Accruals

Research Aim: This research aims to identify a relationship between Earning Management and Discretionary Accruals

Topic 3: Interaction of Corporate Disclosure and Governance

Research Aim: This research aims to focus on the interaction of Corporate Disclosure and Governance

Topic 4: Expected returns in Finance and Accounting

Research Aim: This research aims to measure the expected returns in Finance and Accounting

Topic 5: Impacts of digital currency on Finance and Accounting

Research Aim: This research aims to evaluate the impacts of digital currency on Finance and Accounting

Topic 6: The intensity of interest rates in Finance and Accounting

Research Aim: This research aims to measure the in Finance and Accounting

Topic 7: How public and market information impacts the fluctuation of share price index: Case study FTSE 250

Research Aim: Public market information is of great significance as it tends to impact prices and shape market trends. This research will be carried out for the purpose of specifically undertaking the role of public and market information on the fluctuation of the share price of companies in FTSE 250 which consists of 101 to 350 top market capitalisation companies.

Topic 8: Analysing the impact of corporate credit rating on banks and financial institution’s lending capacity

Research Aim: Credit ratings impact the reputation of financial institutions. They help in evaluating the credit risk of the prospective debtor. This research will be conducted for the purpose of significantly analyzing the impact of a credit rating on the lending capacities of banks and financial institutions.

Topic 9: A critical analysis of the emergence and development of cryptocurrencies and how it impacts the current economic activities

Research Aim: Cryptocurrencies have been in the market for quite some time. This research will shed some light on its emergence and evolution to understand the changes and functionality over the years. This research will also analyse the impact of cryptocurrency on current economic activities in the west.

Topic 10: Analysing the factors affecting FDI in China and how it impacts the economic development of the country

Research Aim: Large population size, fast-growing economy, membership of world trade organization, government incentives, low labour cost, and attractive return are some of the major determinants of FDI in China. Through this research, these factors will be studied in the context of the economic development of the country.

Topic 11: How IAS has helped organisations in presenting quality reports.

Research Aim: In the present times, financial reports are of great significance to the stakeholders. Hence, it is important for organisations formulating and publishing reports to follow a standard approach in order to ensure quality and efficiency. IAS has set out accounting guidelines since 2001. This research will analyze the role of IAS in ensuring the quality of reports.

Topic 12: The role of modern accounting in the economic development of emerging countries.

Research Aim: This research will study the modern accounting methods and how it impacts economies of developing countries. Modern-day accounting methods are different as compared to traditional methods. Thus, this research will talk about the techniques utilised today and how they help uplift economies.

Topic 13: Evaluating the use of accounting software and how they have impacted businesses.

Research Aim: Accounting software is in use in almost all companies. Even large multinational firms now use accounting software. This research will focus on evaluating modern-day accounting software and its performance. Furthermore, the research will discuss their role in the success of companies and whether or not businesses have benefitted from them.

Topic 14: Assessing the impact of international risk exposure on UK banks’ financial performance.

Research Aim: This research will understand the various international risk exposure to the financial performance of UK banks. The study will be based on a mixed research method, thus presenting statistics and figures and the discussion pertaining to the UK banks’ financial performance.

Topic 15: Studying the impact of Brexit on the UK financial industry.

Research Aim: Brexit is the talk of the hour. A lot of businesses and companies and the UK economy are said to be impacted. This research will assess the impact of Brexit on the UK Financial industry and will conclude with its effects and suggest how the UK government can work to overcome these.

Topic 16: Cryptocurrencies: market analysis and perspectives

Research Aim: The rise of cryptocurrencies’ value on the market and the growing popularity around the world open a number of challenges and concerns for business and industrial economics. Using the lenses of both neoclassical and behavioral theories, this research discusses the main trends in academic research related to cryptocurrencies and highlights the contributions of the selected works to the literature.

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

Microfinance is gaining popularity in today’s world. Microfinance looks after the interest of low-income individuals and provides support to their small businesses by providing financial assistance or services. These individuals are allowed to lift themselves out of poverty and move towards a better future.

In recent years, a considerable number of efforts have been made worldwide to gain acknowledgement for microfinance in the eyes of the corporate and banking sector. Studying microfinance provides us with an opportunity to understand the issues and problems related to low-income individuals.

Choosing this sub-area for your final project will help you learn in detail about microfinance. Here are some interesting microfinance dissertation topics:

Topic 1: Discussing the rapid pacing and fast-growing popularity of microfinance on an international platform

Research Aim: This research will first talk about the basics of microfinance, i.e. what it is, to whom it relates and how it helps people and businesses worldwide. Then, it will move forward and discuss its emergence in today’s modern world.

Topic 2: An analysis of the role and trend of microfinance in the UK banking sector

Research Aim: This research will analyse in-depth the role and trend of microfinance in the UK banking sector.

Topic 3: Exploring the constraints faced by the UK in establishing the Microfinance market and how it Impacts businesses

Research Aim: This research will understand the United Kingdom’s issues in setting up the microfinance markets and how it affects businesses.

Topic 4: A UK based discussion and critique on demand for collective investment schemes

Research Aim: This research will talk about the UK’s collective investment schemes and their needs.

Topic 5: Assessing the trend of Microfinance in the developing world and its impacts

Research Aim: This research will assess the Microfinance trend in the developing world and how it affects the general public.

Topic 6: Linking credit accessibility and financial amenities to development and growth: A debate

Research Aim: This research will debate the credit accessibility and financial amenities to growth and development. The study will conclude as to how far it has helped economies.

Topic 7: Analysis of the need for public and private sector partnership for promoting Microfinance

Research Aim: This research will explore how private and public sector partnership can help promote Microfinance and why countries should focus on this partnership.

Topic 8: An eurozone-based study on the accessibility of financial services like Microfinance to low-income individuals.

Research Aim: This research will explore the accessibility of financial services like Microfinance to low-income individuals and what measures have been taken to ensure small businesses and deserving individuals can take advantage of the micro-finance schemes.

Topic 9: This research will study the accessibility of financial services like Microfinance to low-income individuals in the EU.A comparison between Asia and Europe based on financial innovation ideas and capacity

Research Aim: This research will compare and contrast Asia and Europe based on the ideas of financial innovation and capacity.

Topic 10: A financial feasibility study of certain products available in the native market

Research Aim: This research will understand a few products’ financial feasibilities in the native markets.

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Research Prospect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

Retail and Commercial Banking Dissertation Topics

Retail banking offers financial services to individuals instead of companies or organizations. At the same time, commercial banking focuses on providing services to corporations and large businesses. In today’s world, the popularity and significance of retail and commercial banking are declining.

However, it still holds importance for the banking sector as these two types of banking are popular worldwide. Thus, exploring this sub-area of banking will help understand how retail and commercial banking work, their issues, and how they benefit people. Some dissertation topics in this area are given below:

Topic 1: Assessing the role of Commercial Banking in the European banking system and its impact on Retail Banking.

Research Aim: This research will discuss Commercial Banking’s role in the European banking system and study how Commercial Banking impacts Retail Banking.

Topic 2: Exploring the present trends in the management of assets and liabilities? A Case Study of the UK banking sector.

Research Aim: This research will assess asset-liability management trends in the UK banking sector.

Topic 3: A discussion on the approaches for managing assets and liabilities in the world of Commercial Banking.

Research Aim: This research will understand the various approaches that are undertaken for managing asset liability in Commercial Banking.

Topic 4: A critical analysis of the role of Retail Banking in providing financial assistance to rural development in the UK.

Research Aim: This research will discuss the role of retail banking in offering financial assistance to develop rural areas in the UK.

Topic 5: Assessing the growth and progress of Commercial Banking over time and how it has impacted the economies

Research Aim: This research will discuss Commercial Banking’s growth and progress in the past few years and how this growth has impacted economies.

Topic 6: Commercial Banking: Studying how efficient and successful it has been for the economies

Research Aim: This research will study Commercial Banking’s efficacy and success and how it has helped economies grow and emerge.

Topic 7: Analysing the factors impacting the profitability of commercial banks.

Research Aim:  This research will discuss in-depth the factors that impact commercial banks’ revenue generation process.

Topic 8: Studying the role of commercial banks in the growth of economies

Research Aim: This research will investigate how commercial banks have helped economies grow.

Topic 9: Comparative analysis of the top five commercial banks in the UK.

Research Aim: This research will compare five commercial banks operating in the UK. This research topic can be customized to a choice of your five commercial banks.

Topic 10: Commercial or retail banking? An in-depth analysis of the European banking system.

Research Aim: This research will compare and analyse two popular types of banking – retail and commercial. The study will discuss how they have grown and emerged successful in the European system.

Financing in Emerging Market Dissertation Topics

The term ‘emerging market’ is used for countries that have the potential of emerging as a developed market in the future. These countries have certain features and qualities of a developed market and therefore have a full chance of turning into one.

For example, countries like India, Russia, and China are examples of how quickly countries can grow and become developed nations. Considering the growth and market of these emerging markets, different organizations worldwide are trying to establish or expand their business.

Thus, exploring these countries’ financial sectors will help understand how the markets evolve and what emerging nations hold for the financial industry. Here are some interesting dissertation topics in this area:

Topic 1: Do the organisations find emerging markets cheap to establish their business?

Research Aim: This research will discuss whether all the factors make emerging nations a cheap and desirable choice for businesses.

Topic 2: An analysis of the outlook and expectations of UK investors from emerging markets

Research Aim: This research will discuss UK investors’ expectations from the emerging markets.

Topic 3: Analyzing how Investment Banking has evolved and can be applied in emerging markets

Research Aim: This research will analyze how Investment Banking has grown over time and its role in emerging markets.

Topic 4: Critical analysis of banking system in emerging markets: Financial consultancy

Research Aim: This research will present a critical analysis of the emerging markets’ banking sector.

Topic 5: Analysing the trend of Direct Foreign Investment in Asian countries and its effect on their economy

Research Aim: This research will explore FDI trends in the Asian region and study their impact on the economy.

Topic 6: Analysing the factors that Impact FDI in China and how it impacts the economic development of the country

Research Aim: This research will study the factors impacting FDI in China and how it affects the country’s economic development.

Topic 7: Issues in the banking sector – A Case Study of India

Research Aim: This research will assess the Indian banking sector’s issues and how they can be resolved.

Topic 8: The role played by Microfinance in the growth of emerging economies

Research Aim: This research will analyse how microfinance has helped developing nations become developed nations.

Topic 9: Studying the challenges faced by financial institutions in emerging markets

Research Aim: This research will study and analyze the challenges and issues faced by the financial institutions operating in emerging markets.

Topic 10: Factors contributing to financial stability in the banking system: A case study of Russia

Research Aim: This research will study the factors that contribute to the Russian banking system’s success and stability.

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Alternative Investment Dissertation Topics

The financial instability of the markets has forced investors to move towards alternative investments. They now prefer offshore investment funds or mutual funds. These investment methods help investors earn more than traditional investment instruments.

Thus, exploring these instruments and tools will help understand these tools’ various benefits and how they work. Here are some interesting topics to understand alternative investment:

Topic 1: Studying the evolution and growth of hedge funds and their impact on the investment market of the United Kingdom.

Research Aim: This research will aim to explore the growth of hedge funds and how they affect the UK’s investment market.

Topic 2: A Study of the popular trends in mutual and index funds.

Research Aim: This research will explore the popularity and trends of mutual and index funds.

Topic 3: Can regulatory involvement and implementation control alternative investments: An Analysis?

Research Aim: This research will discuss the regulatory involvement and explore the various alternative investments to discuss if they impact the investment instruments.

Topic 4: An analysis of mutual funds benefits: comparison between its investment and returns.

Research Aim:  This research will compare and analyze mutual funds based on their benefits, investment requirements and returns.

Important Notes:

As a finance and accounting student looking to get good grades, it is essential to develop new ideas and experiment with existing finance and accounting theories – i.e., to add value and interest in your research topic.

The finance and accounting field is vast and interrelated to many other academic disciplines like civil engineering ,  construction ,  law , engineering management , healthcare , mental health , artificial intelligence , tourism , physiotherapy , sociology , management , project management , and nursing . That is why it is imperative to create a project management dissertation topic that is articular, sound, and actually solves a practical problem that may be rampant in the field.

We can’t stress how important it is to develop a logical research topic based on your entire research. There are several significant downfalls to getting your topic wrong; your supervisor may not be interested in working on it, the topic has no academic creditability, the research may not make logical sense, and there is a possibility that the study is not viable.

This impacts your time and efforts in  writing your dissertation  as you may end up in the cycle of rejection at the initial stage of the dissertation. That is why we recommend reviewing existing research to develop a topic, taking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for help in this particular stage of your dissertation.

Keeping our advice in mind while developing a research topic will allow you to pick one of the best finance and accounting dissertation topics that fulfil your requirement of writing a research paper and adds to the body of knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that when finalizing your dissertation topic, you read recently published literature to identify gaps in the research that you may help fill.

Remember- dissertation topics need to be unique, solve an identified problem, be logical, and be practically implemented. Please look at some of our sample finance and accounting dissertation topics to get an idea for your own dissertation.

How to Structure your Finance and Accounting Dissertation

A well-structured   dissertation can help students   to achieve a high overall academic grade.

  • A Title Page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Declaration
  • Abstract: A summary of the research completed
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction : This chapter includes the project rationale, research background, key research aims and objectives, and the research problems. An outline of the structure of a dissertation can  also be added to this chapter.
  • Literature Review :  This chapter presents relevant theories and frameworks by analyzing published and unpublished literature on the chosen research topic to address  research questions . The purpose is to highlight and discuss the selected research area’s relative weaknesses and strengths while identifying any research gaps. Break down the topic and key terms that can positively impact your dissertation and your tutor.
  • Methodology: The  data collection  and  analysis  methods and techniques employed by the researcher are presented in the Methodology chapter, which usually includes  research design,  research philosophy, research limitations, code of conduct, ethical consideration, data collection methods and  data analysis strategy .
  • Findings and Analysis: Findings of the research are analyzed in detail under the Findings and Analysis chapter. All key findings/results are outlined in this chapter without interpreting the data or drawing any conclusions. It can be useful to include  graphs ,  charts  and  tables  in this chapter to identify meaningful trends and relationships.
  • Discussion and Conclusion:  The researcher presents his interpretation of the results in this chapter and states whether the research hypothesis has been verified or not. An essential aspect of this section is establishing the link between the results and evidence from the literature. Recommendations with regards to the implications of the findings and directions for the future may also be provided. Finally, a summary of the overall research, along with final judgments, opinions, and comments, must be included in the form of suggestions for improvement.
  • References: Make sure to complete this following your University’s requirements
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices: Any additional information, diagrams, and graphs used to  complete the dissertation  but not part of the dissertation should be included in the Appendices chapter. Essentially, the purpose is to expand the information/data.

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How to find finance dissertation topics.

To discover finance dissertation topics:

  • Follow financial news and trends.
  • Analyze emerging market issues.
  • Explore regulatory changes.
  • Review finance journals.
  • Consider real-world applications.
  • Opt for a topic aligning with your expertise and career aspirations.

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51 Accounting Dissertation Topics Guide 2023 for UK Students!

Accounting Dissertation Topic Selection Guide

Table Of Contents

All you need to know about accounting, 8 simple ways to choose accounting dissertation topics, 51 ideal accounting dissertation topics for college students, stuck in accounting dissertation writing experts are here.

  • Accounting Topics in Which Our Experts Offer Help

Accounting is a tricky subject for many students. And on top of that, it becomes difficult for them to decide on a topic for the paper. If you, too, can't decide on mind-blowing Accounting dissertation topics , Then do not worry! This blog will help you to get some ideas and hacks to choose the best one for your accounting paper.

Accounting is one of the most critical subjects in management. You will be able to know some basic concepts of accounting at an early age. But many students are there who choose this subject for higher studies. They studied the matter intensely in those years and learned more about accounting.

However, when students choose this subject for higher studies, they get dissertation writing. They must write or research different dissertation topics for accounting to complete their work perfectly. But as you know, many need help to write the paper, and on top of that, they cannot choose the best topic.

But, writing a dissertation is crucial for getting high marks on the paper. So, you should look at different aspects of writing the paper. Similarly, while writing the accounting dissertation , exploring ideas from a wide range is necessary. This subject is not only for balance sheets and accounts; you must study many other aspects for writing the paper.

Besides, you all need to know about the hacks that help you choose the best A ccounting dissertation topic s . So, what are you waiting for? Let's learn some practical ways to choose the topic.

Need Help with Dissertation?

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For writing the dissertation, it is necessary to choose the best topic. With a heading, it will be possible for you and the reader to understand the theme of the paper. So, to select the topic, here are some simple ways to be considered:

1. Understand the Requirements

Knowing what the professor wants from your dissertation is essential. You should check the practical guidelines of the education program to create a topic. So, make sure you understand the requirements of the paper.

2. Choose the Best Area of Interest

First, know the issue that interests you while studying the subject. There are many broad areas like accounting cycles, budgeting, and cost allocation. So, choose the Accounting dissertation topics that you are interested in.

3. Look for Issues in Different Areas

After choosing your interest theme, look at the problems in different areas like books, articles, online platforms, and libraries. It will also help you form a better understanding while writing the dissertation.

4. Narrow Down Your Choice

While reading about the topic, you can have specific issues that will excite you and the reader. You should explore as many options as you can. But from that list, narrow down your choice according to the research.

5. Think About the Type of Research

There are two types of research qualitative and quantitative. It would help if you determined which study you want to do while collecting the data. This way, your time will be saved, and you can complete research in one go.

6. Determine the Relevance

The paper writing should be academically, socially, and practically relevant. The easiest way to ensure that the research is appropriate is to know that the dissertation topics for accounting are connected.

7. Be Realistic

While writing the dissertation, it is necessary to include accurate data and facts. The result and discussion section need to be specific and include exact figures. It would help if you searched for a topic that would give accurate information.

8. Seek Advice

The last thing you can do is seek advice from others. You can ask the experts or your peers, who know better with their experience. They will give you the best advice to generate the accounting dissertation topics ideas .

These are the perfect ways to choose an inspiring topic for your dissertation . If you cannot generate ideas with these hacks, here are some ideal dissertation topics in accounting. So, let's get started.

Also Read:  7 Dissertation Writing Mistakes No One Ever Told You About | Find Fixes Too

Here are 51 ideal accounting dissertation topics that will help you in preparing the perfect paper:

Finance Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • The western financial institution practises and accounting standards
  • Issues with financial institutions' accounting and financial reporting
  • Examining the connection between financial accounting and economic growth
  • How did accounting and finance in ancient Mesopotamia affect modern society?
  • Investigating the language's role in the formation of accounting meaning
  • Terms used in accounting and finance today and their historical context
  • Ancient finance and accounting practises' In the use of mathematics
  • The influence of old Roman accounting on modern financial institutions
  • How did society’s publica norm set practice lay the foundation for share markets?
  • The purpose of creating global standards for the accounting industry

Simple Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Why financial ratio analysis is crucial for evaluating small businesses?
  • The significance of financial statements in investment decision-making
  • Methods of efficient inventory management in management firms
  • Accounting information's impact on banks' portfolio management
  • Why do organisations in the public sector depend on accounting information?
  • The effects of tax avoidance and evasion on economic growth
  • Capital management for cost reduction and profit maximisation
  • What dangers do businesses that use accounting software run?
  • Are stringent rules for financial reporting necessary?
  • Howcanbusinesses effectively update their accounting systems?

Management Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Examining management accounting and entrepreneurial activity
  • Management accounting's importance and organisational finance management.
  • Analysing and assessing the small business insolvency risk
  • Analytical tools for evaluating an organisation's performance
  • Accounting software for a company that uses strategic management
  • Accounting for human resources within the context of running a business
  • Techniques for quality assurance in auditing organisations
  • Adapting management accounting to the Kaizen philosophy
  • Support from the organisation for corporate reporting and accounting
  • Accounting procedures used by US family businesses for management

Auditing Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Islamic institutions face compatibility issues in traditional auditing environments
  • An investigation into the globalisation of auditing standards
  • Examining the differences between private and public sector auditing
  • Auditing's effect on senior management's moral conduct
  • Fraud detection in the digital environment: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Opportunities and difficulties in detecting fraud in a digital environment
  • Fair value measurement auditing issues in the UK
  • Effect of ongoing auditing on organisational performance
  • Examining the differences between public and private sector auditing
  • Effects of international legal environments on auditor behaviour

Best Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Howdothe retail industry's non-specialists and specialists impact accounting quality?
  • Examining the application of economic accounting in Islamic trade organisations
  • The significance of a country's accounting environment for accounting quality
  • How fraud develops in the UK's private sector accounting environment?
  • Relevance of financial ratios for SMEs in developed countries in detecting fraud
  • The value of electronic accounting in today's business environment
  • Introduction of adjustable-rate mortgages and the tendency of ARMs to be transmissible
  • The frequency of corporate scandals and how they relate to accounting management
  • Investigate or conduct thorough research to identify some issues and their remedies
  • Journal articles and textbooks can be used for research and analysis
  • Study previous dissertations for research to get fresh inspiration from the suggestions

There are the ideal Accounting dissertation topics that will help you to make your paper extraordinary. So, what are you waiting for? Pick any idea you want and have perfect marks in the dissertation.

Also Read:  How to Write a Dissertation Title? | Tips & Examples Included!

Do you still need help choosing the best topic for your accounting dissertation? Or are you stuck on writing the paper to its potential? If your answer is yes, then you should not worry at all, as the experts are there to help you in any manner. You can also get Finance dissertation help UK from us. Our professional writers will help you write smoothly with Economics dissertation help. They will make it easier for you to concentrate on other activities also.

You can find these writers at the Our dissertation writer are professional and certified, as we give all the services at affordable prices. We provide many offers and discounts to students who need our dissertation help . Also, we offer a referral to a friend scheme, where if you refer our services to your friend, you can get an extra 5% discount for your paper. You need a referral code from which you can get the discount. Other than the discounts and offers, we also offer many freebies like:

  • Free Bibliography
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Accounting Topics in Which Our Experts Offer Help:

These are the areas that the writers of the Assignment Desk can assist you with. So, go and grab help for the Accounting dissertation topic and writing.

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Finance Dissertation Topics & Accounting Dissertation Topics

Choosing a great topic for your finance or accounting dissertation may seem incredibly challenging, especially since the subject can cover such a wide range of different areas. It is important to find a topic that you are passionate about and find genuinely interesting, but is also relevant, manageable, and potentially helpful with regards to your future career path. Plus, you want a topic that will impress your dissertation advisor and fall within their area of expertise. There are clearly a lot of things to consider, so to give you some inspiration and help get you started, we have come up with several lists of potential topics in all sorts of areas within the subject of finance and accounting.

  • Covid-19 and its Impact on Financial Services Dissertation Topics
  • Cryptocurrency Dissertation Topics

Audit in Financial Services Dissertation Topics

  • Risk Management – Capital, Liquidity, ALM, Models Dissertation Topics

Internet Banking & Digital Journey for Banks Dissertation Topics

Ethics in accounting dissertation topics, microfinance dissertation topics, retail and commercial banking dissertation topics, financing in emerging market dissertation topics, alternative investment dissertation topics.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Banking Industry Dissertation Topics

Accounting Standards Dissertation Topics

Education, perception and gender bias in accounting dissertation topics, covid – 19 and its impact on financial services dissertation topics.

Covid 19 has been a global pandemic and it has been seen to have grave impact on the overall world economy. The global and far reached impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic have made it an interesting topic of research. Some of the related topics for accounting and finance domain are:

  • Does Covid-19 open an opportunity for digitization?
  • Impact of covid on ecommerce industry.
  • Covid and the rise in NPAs in Banks.
  • The consequences of the Corona pandemic for future financial statements: A case Study.
  • Are the companies becoming conservative in their forecasts after Covid 19?
  • Digitalization in auditing and modified audit opinions in the post covid world.
  • Do companies need to account for a better insurance policy after Covid 19?
  • Provisioning and impairment by Banks and financial institutions. What impacts will it have on the balance sheet?

Cryptocurrencies Dissertation Topics

Recently in last couple of years, cryptocurrencies have gathered the attention of all investors and they have emerged as a lucrative asset class for investment. However, it is equally important that the topic is well read and well researched. The information on crypto currency is very fragmented and there is little academic research available on the topic. Some of the dissertation titles proposed are:

  • Does crypto market follow the technical analysis?
  • How to measure the risk and returns in cryptofinance market.
  • Are crypto market returns sustainable?
  • Under the supremacy of Bitcoin and Ethereum, what is the investment potential of other alt coins?
  • Are cryptocurrencies a good asset for swing trading?
  • Using a derivative strategy, is it possible to make cryptocurrencies less volatile?
  • Comparison on cryptocurrencies with other asset classes.
  • Asset pricing for cryptocurrencies. Do the regular theories work in this case?
  • What is the scope for derivative products in crypto currencies?
  • Cryptocurrency: Are we ready to demonetize the world?
  • Why banks oppose digital currency so fiercely?

Audits have always been an interesting topic for the regulators and the stakeholders. They are always seen as a cost centre for the companies but invariably end up strengthening the controls for them. Also there have been a lot of new trends and technologies emerging in the field. Some of the topics for audits and their contribution to financial services are:

  • Audits and their contribution to corporate houses.
  • The Effectiveness of Internal Audit and Internal Control Systems in UK financial system.
  • Are the BASEL rules successful to enhance the liquidity and controls for the banks?
  • Role of Automation and RPA in the audit industry.
  • Can auditors play the role of risk managers within a Bank or they are just cost centers?
  • Effect of Internal Audit on financial performance of companies.
  • Role of Auditors in financial reporting. A case study of Enron and WorldCom.
  • Effectiveness of audits in the financial system of UK.
  • The effect of risk-based audit approach on the enterprise risk strategy of the financial institution.
  • The changes brought to Auditor-client relationships in the UK due to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Audit Committees and agency problems with the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Risk Management – Capital, Liquidity, ALM, Models Dissertation Topics

The Federal Reserve System has established a banking risk framework that consists of six risk factors: credit, market, operational, liquidity, legal, and reputation risks. All of the above-mentioned factors are an integral part of any financial institution’s risk management policies and the compliance mechanism which ultimately has a significant impact of the cusses of the institution.

Finance dissertation topics in risk management could include:

  • Liquidity risk management in the UK banking industry in the wake of the financial crisis.
  • An evaluation and analysis of the risk/return profile of selected UK banks.
  • Operational risk & business continuity plans in the UK Banking Industry.
  • Risk management aspects of international banking activities in Europe: nature, scope, and analysis.
  • Foreign exchange risk management within financial institutions in the UK.
  • The liability management of two local leading banks in the UK in the past five years: A comparative analysis.
  • Advantages of using options for the management of risk in the banking industry.
  • A stress testing approach towards evaluating credit risk of a financial institution.
  • Case study on growth, liquidity, turnover, risk and return of a financial institution: Analysis and discussion.
  • The potential impact of the loss of passporting after Brexit on the UK financial services industry.
  • The potential impact of Brexit on the ability of UK banks to attract the most talented individuals.
  • The impact of international risk exposures on the financial performance of UK banks.
  • The effectiveness of the UK’s stress testing regime in preventing future financial crises in banking.
  • Study of credit risk management in Banks.
  • Role of Liquidity Risk Management and the best practices being followed in Banks.
  • Do Capital management rules for financial institutions is a risk management strategy or a loss of opportunity?
  • A study of risk management in the banking industry in the UK. What are the best practices for the other countries to follow?
  • Analysis of Risk Management in Banking Activity – An Enterprise Risk Framework based approach.
  • Asset liability management in commercial banking: Theoretical and practical aspects.
  • Is operational risk management the next big thing in the risk management industry?
  • IFRS9 related provisions provide cushions to financial service industry.
  • Importance of Model risk management in financial industry.
  • Importance and relevance of latest regulatory guidelines – FRTB and BCBS 239.
  • Are banks ready to replace LIBOR?

Internet banking offers personal and business clients the ease of managing banking and financial enquires from the comfort of their home or office. Online banking has become a lifeline for those who cannot leave the house, live in rural areas where access to banks can be limited, or simply have no time to visit their nearest bank. Moreover, the evidence suggests that internet banking services have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, enhance demonetisation of the economy and contribute towards improved flow of funds within the economy.

Your dissertation could be based on the following dissertation topics:

  • Future developments in Internet banking in the UK.
  • Internet banking services across the UK vary widely: A comparative study.
  • Security in electronic banking transactions.
  • The marketing of internet banking services in the UK banking industry: Analysis, discussion, and recommendations.
  • The economic and financial implications of online banking.
  • Digital innovation in the banking industry in Europe and the UK: A comparative study.
  • Use of banking services and internet banking: Is there a relationship?
  • Digitalization and the related changes in the Banking Industry.
  • Is digitalization disruptive in the banking sector?
  • Impact of digitalization in the transaction banking.
  • Will Fintechs survive in the longer term?
  • Financial Inclusion, Digital Payments and Their Impact on Income and Tax Revenue across the globe.
  • Best security practices for online banking and online transactions.
  • How internet and mobile banking have changed the business landscape?
  • Internet banking usage: Youth versus elderly population comparison.

Accounting as a profession has always been seen as a very skill based and respectable. Owing to the nature of the profession, it is highly based on trust and ethical code of conduct which ultimately leads to better financial reporting and decision making by the management. The increasing number of scandals in recent times has raised several questions regarding ethical practices in accounting. The issue not only requires further studies to understand the existing practices and the scope of improvement, but also a culture of adapting the ethical practices within the organisations serving citizens of the nations. Ethics is quite an important subject in modern society and would be a good idea for your finance dissertation topic. Some illustrative topics for your dissertation could be:

  • Role of Managers’ discretion in financial reporting.
  • Ethics or profits – Dilemma for accountants.
  • An Exploration of the State of Ethics in UK Accounting Education.
  • The Perception of the Ethics of Tax Evasion in the United Kingdom.
  • Whistleblowing vs profits in the company. What is the right approach?
  • Reducing tax liabilities by using accounting practices. How ethical is that?
  • Tax evasion and transfer pricing. Effective ways to teach ethics to university accounting students.
  • Ethical guidance: is adequate support available?
  • Audit risk: rhetoric of rationality?
  • Banking on Ethics: An Insight into ethics and the banking profession.
  • The effect of auditor’s liability on the accounting profession and organisations in UK.
  • Does accounting for the brand matter?
  • Engaging contradiction: An expansion of Corporate Social Responsibility discourse.
  • Accounting, ethics, and the links missing between them: a case study in the UK.
  • Sustainability reporting and the public sector in the UK.
  • Is independence of an auditor just a perception or a reality?
  • The teaching of ethics to accounting students: An unnecessary and difficult goal?
  • Accounting ethics, education, and professional legitimacy in the banking industry.
  • To what extent are accounting rules and regulations sufficient to ensure ethical behaviour by accountants?
  • Can accounting control systems ever prevent all cases of fraud and unethical behaviour in businesses?
  • How can auditors maintain their independence whilst also working with managers to ensure effective auditing processes and controls?

Microfinance attracts significant attention from individuals, small to large international development organizations and non-governmental organisations. Efforts have been made to increase growth in microfinance throughout the banking and corporate sector. These topics investigate the ways in which microfinance institutions have revolutionised the financial sector in the United Kingdom.

  • Assessing the rapid development of international micro-finance.
  • The growth of microfinance in the UK banking industry.
  • Assessing the demand for collective investment schemes in the UK; A strategic analysis, discussion, and recommendations.
  • What are the constraints to the development of a fully-fledged microfinance market in the UK?
  • A study on the impact of microfinance in developing economies.
  • How important is access to credit and other financial services to growth and investment?
  • The impact of micro-finance on poverty alleviation and economic growth.
  • How has the partnership between the public and private sectors impacted micro-finance?
  • Access to financial services for the poor, including through microfinance and microcredit: An empirical study in the Eurozone.
  • Assessing the impact of micro-finance on SMEs.
  • Determinant factors that lead to the success of microfinance institutions.
  • Is Microfinance empowering the women across the globe?

Although their relative importance is on the decline, retail and commercial banks are still the most important financial intermediaries in the banking industry. Both the retail and commercial banks have played a crucial role in reaching rural and semi-urban populations and provided much needed financial services to the mass population. These topics seek to understand how the banking sector has changed over time to accommodate the dynamic financial demands and further highlight the impacts of banking on various economic segments.

  • Forces for change in the European Retail Banking Sector: Analysis and implications for local commercial banks.
  • Recent developments in the asset-liability management framework in the banking industry: A comparative study.
  • An investigation into how Information Technology has transformed banking services in the UK.
  • What is the relationship between equity, price, and performance in the UK banking industry?
  • Financial services to the rural population: a study on the challenges of retail banking in the UK.
  • The evolution of retail banking: Changes and preferences occasioned by consumer demands.
  • How have banks impacted the growth of SMEs in the UK?
  • Assessing the impact of financial regulation on modern banking systems.
  • How have commercial banks adapted to the changing demands of corporate entities?
  • A study on inventory management for mobile banking: The case of developing countries.

With stronger fundamentals and better scope for investments, the financial prospects in emerging markets such as Russia, China, India, and Brazil have increased significantly in recent times. All major organisations across the world are trying to develop their footprints in these markets to get a share of the emerging pie and expand their scope of business. These topics evaluate the emerging market environment with respect to the financial investment opportunities it brings forth.

  • A study of UK investors’ attitudes and perceptions towards investing in emerging markets.
  • The evolution and implementation of investment banking in emerging markets.
  • What factors contribute to financial stability in the banking system in emerging countries?
  • FDI strategies in Europe and Asia: A comparative study.
  • What is the relationship between population and economic growth: The case of China.
  • Assessing the impact of trade blocks on financial institutions: The case of BRIC countries.
  • What is the impact of foreign direct investment on emerging economies?
  • The challenges of financial institutions in emerging economies.

Volatility in the financial markets is prompting more and more investors to buy up alternative investments such as mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity and SEIS/EIS funds. Recent studies have confirmed the fact that increasing numbers of investors are opting to buy into the sector due to its huge return and comparatively less volatile nature of market. However, it is equally important to understand that alternative investment options typically do not correlate to the stock market, and thus are more complex than traditional investment vehicles.

  • Hedge Funds: The investing alternative for institutional investors and the advent on the retail market.
  • Private equity market and the various investors in the UK.
  • The growth of hedge funds: The reasons for a sustained progress and its effects on the UK investments market.
  • An evaluation of the role and performance of UK capital markets as an alternative source to banking finance.
  • The growing popularity of index and mutual funds.
  • The power of regulatory intervention and enforcement in alternative investment.
  • Hedge funds: Return enhancers, risk diversifiers or both?
  • Private equity investment: Future scope in the European Union.
  • Investment diversification in alternative investment vehicles: Experimental evidence.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Banking Industry Dissertation Topics

The banking industry throws up an interesting conundrum. Unlike the manufacturing industries, it does not cause detrimental effects such as pollution, however, the financial sector impacts almost everyone in the modern world in terms of financial stability. Given that banks are responsible for managing money of depositors, this has wide socio-economic implications for the society through the way they conduct their financial products and services. Therefore, corporate social responsibility becomes an integral part of corporate management strategy in banking industry. Although the key objective of a banking sector is to earn maximum profits for shareholders or owners, it is expected that they conduct their operations in a manner to fulfil their social obligations towards society.

Topics of Corporate Social Responsibility of the banking industry that may be used for a finance dissertation are:

  • The importance and significance of Corporate Social Responsibility for investment banks in the UK.
  • Recent developments in CSR activities by the banking industry participants in the UK.
  • A case study of socially responsible banking.
  • Bank regimes and practices in CSR.
  • CSR is now less a choice and more of a necessity for businesses to flourish.
  • CSR has become a commercial imperative, a differentiator for the city and analysts to judge the progressive nature of an organisation.
  • Guidance and reporting on a wide range of CSR issues in banking industry.
  • CSR in banking industry during subprime mortgage crisis: What went wrong?

With the growing importance of maintaining a standard approach in accounting practices across EU nations and other countries of the world, the emerging accounting standards have raised a number of questions on existing practices across various organisations. It is interesting to see how these emerging standards get adopted by various organisations across the world. Several ideas for your finance dissertation topics could be:

  • Does the current set of accounting standards live up to its objectives?
  • International accounting standards: What is convergence and whether there is any likelihood of convergence between the EU and the US?
  • An investigation into outsourcing accounting overseas from the US perspective.
  • An investigation into outsourcing accounting overseas from the UK perspective.
  • The balanced scorecard: “The Holy Grail” for legal firms?
  • Reporting on sustainability: what is the standard?
  • The increasing demand for disclosure of social and environmental information: Implications for big organisations.
  • To what extent does social reporting represent a genuine attempt to promote sustainability, versus a cynical marketing ploy?
  • How have amendments to the Companies Act and Corporate Governance Code affected the role and responsibilities of UK accountants over the past decade?
  • An analysis of the potential impacts of Brexit on the accounting standards and regime in the UK.
  • In the wake of the financial crisis, should fair value remain the primary basis of measurement in global accounting standards?

The awareness of accounting practices is an important issue being dealt with in organisations around the world. The perception around the accounting practices and various biases needs to be investigated and controlled to make the practices more dynamic and responsible for society in general. Accounting topics for your finance dissertation are suggested below:

To what extent does contemporary accounting education provide new accountants with the skills and attitudes they require?

  • Accounting education: A comparison of EU and UK organisations.
  • Accounting education: A comparison of Asian and European organisations.
  • Accounting education: Does ethics get enough attention?
  • Investigating the effects of gender on women’s experiences with the accounting profession in the UK.
  • Accounting as art: Representation, truth, and annual reports.
  • Perceptions of risk in the audit industry in the UK.
  • Does securing assets or causing insecurities among employees impact internal control?
  • Do internal controls have an impact on employees? A case study within the banking industry.
  • How can diversity management be used to improve the performance of accounting firms?
  • To what extent does gender bias hinder the recruitment, development, and motivation of female accountants?
  • How can problem-based learning be used to improve the quality of contemporary accounting education?

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MSc Finance Dissertation Topics

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Best Accounting Research Topics For 2023

check Accounting Research Topic

The financial system of any establishment, whether big or small, corporation and country at large, is one of its most essential systems. Hence, the need for topics on accounting. These topics on accounting serve as guides in understanding these financial systems, the patterns, theories, etc.  

Accounting topics for research are how these measures or actions are broken down into understandable knowledge. This knowledge helps to understand financial situations and ensure that the proper steps are taken to provide financial security. This article includes various accounting research topics that will broaden your knowledge of accounting research topics.  

They are educational as they expose you to different aspects of financial accounting and are definitely what your audience would be interested in reading. It also includes an extensive section that would help you choose your own topics, so you want to keep reading. Let’s start with those guidelines.

How to Choose Best Accounting Research Topics

While the job doesn’t only stop at choosing a topic, choosing the right topic is everything. This is an important part of your work, so if you are going to do it yourself or considering the option of outsourcing to a writing service , what is most important is it is done right.

Choosing a topic helps put things into perspective and serves as a guide to a journey. It helps determine the scope of your work, what you would like to talk about, the direction of your research, etc. All of this is important, hence the importance of choosing the right topic. Here are some guidelines that have been proven to help;

  • Have Sufficient Information

When choosing an accounting research topic or any topic, ensure you are making an informed decision. Choosing a topic based on no information can put your entire paper at risk, as you may select a topic that is too broad or out of scope.  

You also need this information to ensure it is a topic you are interested in, as this helps make the process a lot easier if it’s something you’re passionate about. This brings us to our next guide.

  • Choose a Topic you’re Interested in

When you have an interest in what you’re doing, it always makes the job a lot easier. This doesn’t automatically rule out fatigue from rigorous research. Instead, it serves as fuel to keep you going. Accounting research papers tend to be bulky and non-ending somewhere along the line, which may help ease the stress. When it comes to presentation, it is also easy to explain what you understand and are interested in.

  • Determine the Length of your Research Paper

Before you start the hunt for your accounting research paper topic, deciding your paper’s length is also a guide that can help put things in perspective. An estimated length can help ensure that you don’t choose a topic that is too narrow or too broad. Once you know your target, you can actively work towards it.

  • Choose a Topic you can Effectively Cover

Sometimes accounting topics for research papers can go on and on if you don’t choose a boundary. You have to choose a topic you can cover all there is to know while maintaining the stated limit of your paper.  

You shouldn’t start if you cannot effectively cover a topic within the given time and available resources. Choose a section of the desired topic if you must, and deliver on it as effectively as possible.

Best Financial Accounting Research Topics

These financial accounting research topics are some of the best. They will help you get a better understanding of financial accounting, teaching you all you need to know/ here are the topics;

  • What are some risk analyses you can carry out before embarking on a project?
  • Management accounting and how it is approached in the hospitality industry.
  • The implication of health finance due to the Covid – 19.
  • The career path of auditing and all you need to know.
  • Return analysis in finance and accounting.
  • Interest rates and how it varies in various industries.
  • Intensive market analysis, the why and how to go about it for beginners.
  • Management of earning and discretionary accruals.
  • Cryptocurrency and its place in the financial industry.
  • How financial accounting knowledge amongst leaders will lead to an equally healthy economic system.

Simple Accounting Topics

These simple topics are easy to understand and ensure you know the basics of financial accounting. These topics include;

  • Financial chain relationships, how to minimize risks.
  • Practical tips on how to identify and avoid financial fraud.
  • In-depth analysis of bankruptcy, when can you declare it, and what does that mean for your business?
  • The process of cash flow and the determining factors surrounding it.
  • Information systems in accounting and how they affect you as an organization.
  • The banking system and loan acquisition policies.
  • Financial tips to thrive in an unstable economy.
  • Factors to consider when budgeting and putting risks into consideration.
  • Is financial knowledge necessary for leadership positions? Give reasons.
  • Tax evasion techniques amongst start-ups and how they can be curbed.

Managerial Accounting Research Paper Topics

Managerial roles are a necessity and are more often intertwined with financial roles. These topics will help you discuss the various ways they intertwine and how to go about understanding them. They include;  

  • Budgeting for small-scale and large-scale businesses.
  • Risk management strategies for growing businesses.
  • Accounting management practices across various economies.
  • Analysis of taxation for individuals and corporations alike.  
  • Tax legislation and active steps to ensure equal taxation.
  • Business accounting and modern technological methods.
  • Management of assets and liability in the banking sector.
  • Introduction of electronic accounting and how it affects economic systems.
  • Methods of financial bookkeeping, which is best and why.
  • Electronic accounting systems and how it affects the accounting personnel.  

Accounting Project Topics

About to do a project on accounting? Here are some topics that can help you portray your views effectively and quickly.

  • Legal implications associated with financial accounting.
  • Funding of federal agencies and how to go about them.
  • Is financial accounting in the public sector done properly or poorly? Choose a case study.
  • Financial accounting resources available for research, are there adequate information?
  • What challenges are financial accountants facing, and how can they be solved?
  • Electronic data processing in the banking system, is it more effective?
  • What are commonly violated accounting ethics, and how can they be curbed?
  • What are tax regulation bodies, and are they all legal?
  • The increased rate of financial fraud, which is to be blamed, and how it can be curbed.
  • What are traditional accounting methods, and how have they evolved over time?

Interesting Accounting Topics

These categories are exciting accounting conversations about what people want to know. It is informative and piques your curiosity. Your audience would like to keep reading.

  • Implication of tax evasion on a country’s economic growth.
  • Financial accounting theories, basis, and their implications.
  • Applications of accounting theories and how it improves the economy.
  • Discuss the dynamics between positive and normative accounting theories.  
  • Difference between accounting practices and auditing.
  • The auditing process and how it is equivalent to financial growth in big firms.
  • Accounting results from auditing and how to solve disparities arising from them.
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction with the bank and other financial systems.
  • The banking institution then and now, what has changed?
  • Consumer satisfaction across various financial institutions.

Current Accounting Topics

With evolving trends and findings in every industry, accounting topics are also part of them. These current topics should help you understand these changing trends and what it means for your finances.

  • Introduction of fintech to the financial industry.
  • What are the best equities management practices? Use a case study.
  • Are there adverse effects to introducing fintech to the financial industry? Discuss key points.
  • Accounting systems in the technological sector.  
  • 5. Cost controlling and risk management in the business sector.
  • The banking industry and alternative income sources.
  • What is accounting conservatism, and how does it affect the economic systems?
  • What are fund accounting policies, and what is the implication?
  • Available accounting methods and how to go about finding the right fit.
  • Accounting systems in theory and application. What are the expected risks?

Accounting Thesis Topics

Your thesis is essential; hence, you should have equally good topics to portray your point. Here are some cases that will help you do that.

  • Importance of auditing in large corporations and auditing best practices.  
  • What are financial accounting tools, and where do they apply?
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the banking industry. Discuss in detail.
  • Ethics and rationales that surround the taxing system.
  • Comprehensive study of financial knowledge required for managerial positions.  
  • Acquisitions and mergers, when are mergers absolutely necessary?
  • Non-profit organizations and the financial obligations they are responsible for or free of.
  • limitations of evolved accounting systems in underdeveloped or developing systems.
  • Poor financial systems and their direct implications on economic systems.
  • Available risk factors in using electronic accounting systems.

Forensic Accounting Research Paper Topics

Forensic accounting is an integral part of accounting that can not be neglected. Here are some topics that will allow you to discuss important aspects of forensic accounting.  

  • Evaluation of financial statements, when it is issued why.
  • Internal affairs unit amongst financial institutions and when they are required.
  • Common indication of corrupt financial dealings and how to solve them.
  • Dangers of e- accounting and familiar patterns to look out for.
  • The psychology involved in accounting fraud.
  • Forensic accounting tools and how to apply them.
  • Forensic accounting skills are expected of all accountants.
  • Corporate financial misconduct and possible ways to curb them.
  • Forensic accounting education, best practices, and application.
  • Forensic accounting discipline and available career paths.

If you are interested in financial accounting as a discipline, then you should be ready to put in the work. A guaranteed way of doing so is ensuring adequate research; that is how you found this article. All you need to do is ensure you follow the above guidelines in choosing your research topics. We have also provided an extensive topic list organically written for you to choose from. You’re already on the right path.  

You can always choose from the above-listed topics for your next accounting research paper. If you would like a topic under a category we don’t have, you can always use these topics as an inspiration to get yours. Either way, it’s a win-win for us all.

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