Skills for Business & Management Students in Dissertation

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In this globalized and digitized business world, management students need to improve many skills to have a successful career. And the best way to develop it is by writing excellent dissertations on many business and management topics. Contact: [email protected] (WA): +91-8754446690 (UK): +44-114352002

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Planning a management dissertation can be overcome only through proper planning and organization of the content. It is undeniable that gathering information or data is a complicated task but a dissertation cannot be planned without performing literature review, designing research questions and hypothesis and performing analysis for the results obtained. Firstly, the dissertation topic you choose should be one you are inclined to. A good dissertation topic is obviously demarcated. A topic that is overly broad, unduly ambitious, or equivocal is a formula for a let-down. You should be able to write a research proposal that makes your intentions clear, putting forth a vivid concept or question that you suggest to ponder on. We at Tutors India make sure the thesis reflects your academic fervor, doing a complete quality check including plagiarism check and correction of the documentation of the research, not splitting focus, making clear progress in detailing the research. Steps To Be Followed For Writing A Dissertation For Business Management: 1. Selection of Topic 2. Structuring the Document 3. Abstract 4. Introduction 5. Body of the Dissertation 6. Conclusion Click the link to Read the Blog: Contact: Website: Email: [email protected] United Kingdom: +44-1143520021 India: +91-4448137070 Whatsapp Number: +91-8754446690

How to Write a Master's Dissertation for Management

Daria Petrenko

Dissertation Research Methods Course Document 2014-15

hansiya rauf


Christo Bisschoff

The primary objective of the research is to measure the current level of skills for managerial competence of MBA students at the North-West University. To achieve the primary objective, the following secondary objections are formulated, namely to: • Identify skills to be measured for managerial competence; • Construct a model to measure skills from the literature; and • Measure the skills of MBA students.


David Schuldberg

Writing the Dissertation: Observations and Tips


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Dissertation in Business

Enric Serradell-Lopez

Dear EURAM members and friends, With our theme Research in Action, we invite you to participate in debate about how we can use and develop our knowledge better so that solving problems and dealing with issues can become more effective. We look forward to receiving your submissions. Companies today are part of more complex and dynamic environments than ever, and this calls for new competencies for managers. Higher education must deal with this challenge, ensuring that students acquire appropriate competencies and that are trained in order to be able to continue learning throughout their lives (lifelong learning). There are certain crucial competencies, skills and abilities: capacity for innovation, leadership, decision-making in uncertain circumstances, teamwork, conflict management and, above all, the ability to acquire and generate knowledge. The purpose of the track is to propose and analyze avenues for the development in higher education of skills related to business management.

Call for papers: Euram 2018. Deadline 10th January 2018: Competency Development in Business Management Corresponding Proponent

enow prisca

UMEÅ SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS Thesis writing in Business Administration

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2001, Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services

An author with a new doctorate shares lessons learned about writing a dissertation. Lessons include (1) there are few sources to guide one on how to write a dissertation; (2) it is easier to critique research than to create research; (3) dissertation writing is an evolutionary communication process; (4) criticism is good; (5) dissertation writing produces a product; (6) hypotheses rule and methods matter most; and (7) less is more. Additionally, the author asserts that (8) writing for dissertation is an apprenticeship experience that prepares one for writing for publication.

Writing a Dissertation: Lessons Learned

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Advances in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development

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Writing a Successful Thesis or Dissertation [Dr.Soc]

Humphry Hung

2012, Journal of College Teaching & Learning (TLC)

Success in preparing business students for professional careers requires these students to develop a set of well-defined personal skills. The present study examined 145 business students to assess the effectiveness of a personal skills development (PSD) program by measuring the impact of the training on the students attitudes in skill development and by evaluating their satisfaction of the learning process. We present the planning and implementation processes of a comprehensive semester-long program in an English-speaking university in Asia that aims to develop the personal skills of business undergraduates. Differences between pre- and post-test perceived ability skill levels were highly significant (p < .01). Respondents also agreed that the program has a positive impact on their skill development and reported satisfaction with the learning experience. This study provides suggestions to business educators on developing and evaluating a range of personal skills amongst students....

Designing And Evaluating A Personal Skills Development Program For Management Education

Elaine Chapman

2009, Online Submission

Business Graduate Skill Sets - Summary Report

Jonathan Winterton

Management Skills. Skills Task Force Research Paper 3

Ahmad M. Nagi

Learner Name Assessor Name Qualification Unit number and title BTEC Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership Unit 2: Professional Development for Strategic Managers Assignment front sheet

Academic Research International

Corporate world is always looking for a trained and better equipped business graduate who could deliver results instantly as well as in the long term. And business graduates are expecting an instant return to their investment made in their business education. Both of the sides can achieve their objectives through better aligned business curriculum and relevant development of skill-set of the business graduates. This study draws on the opinions of the MBA students and business professionals about the MBA core curriculum and required skills in the business and professional world. Study found some similarities as well as some significant differences of opinion in the MBA core curriculum and required skills. Explanations and suggestions are presented to these findings. Underlying factors are also identified within the MBA core curriculum and required skills for a business professional.

Business Education Curriculum and Management Skills: A Viewpoint of Students and Managers

Miranda Rugova

Thesis-writing at the Writing a Thesis at the Bachelor or Master level Department of Business Studies Uppsala University

Mohammad Monirul Islam Monir

Unit 3 25 Academic and Research Skills 06

Chris Winberg

Winberg, C. Christine Winberg, Ntloko, N. & Ncubukezi, T. 2015. ‘Don’t Leave Before You Understand’: Supporting Masters Candidates in Business Studies, Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning, 3 (1): 1-20.

Kevin Landry

Task based Approaches and Learner led decisions.


Aisling Tierney

2019, Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching Blog

Alternatives to traditional dissertations offer students new ways to reflect on their learning. They can invite group work, interdisciplinarity, different writing styles and digital outputs, and engagement with external stakeholders. In these ways, they can offer new methods for assessment, employability skills development, motivating and empowering learners, and novel approaches to applied research (Healey et al. 2013). Alternative dissertations can be divided into two categories: 1. Engaged [with external stakeholders] 2. Capstones and ePortfolios. Engaged Engaged dissertations can include consultancy, education, community, business or charity collaboration. These can take the form of a structured consultancy project, a communication Dissertation Alternatives

Dissertation Alternatives

Helen Higson

Contents Editorial......................................................................................................................................................... 1 Restructuring the Process of Dissertation Supervision Allocation

John Anchor , Denis Feather , M. Benešová

This report analyses the relationship between final year full-time students' overall marks and their dissertation marks. A literature review identifies a number of previous studies of factors influencing undergraduate student achievement in higher education. However there is a paucity of ...

Undergraduate Dissertations and Student Performance in Business Studies and Marketing, 2004-2009: Evidence from an …

Sunil Deshpande

The international mobility of man power resulted in to the development of an " International System of Skills Standards " in education sector also. In order to achieve the competitiveness it is now obligatory of management institutions to design and implement the management curricula integrating skills development approach. The management discipline is dominated by the Interactive skills. Manager or entrepreneurs have to work in a close integration with his subordinates or employees; hence every movement will be a new situation for them as constant interaction with other people is the central to their management activity. This area is an affective domain of learning. The skills like

EFFECTIVE MBA CURRICULUM IMPLEMENTATION " SKILLS DEVELOPMENT APPROACH " Lecturer (Selection Grade) in Mech. Engg. Government Polytechnic Gadchiroli


Professional Master in Strategic Management at Strategic Business School 2005 ♦ Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management at Strategic Business School 2004

Ayhan Nadiri

Dissertation A.Nadiri

Abdul Mukit


Brian Whalley

2008, Journal of Geography in Higher Education

Undertaking a Dissertation from Start to Finish: The Process and Product

Siddharth Khera

Masters in business dissertation proposal

Dissertation proposal 113201 final (2)

Denis Feather , Chris Cowton , John Anchor

2014, The International Journal of Management Education

Supervisors' perceptions of the value of the undergraduate dissertation

Mohammad Rasel (Contact no: 008801625330355)

Here, in this report the writer will first analyse the arguments for and against libraries that was published on BBC News and conclude on the strength of the arguments. In the second part of the report, the first year of higher education of the writer will be narrated as a reflective essay. Here will be recollection, analysis and evaluation of different events. In the last part of the report, trend in profit and revenue of Tesco Plc will be discussed using different tables and graphs created with Microsoft Excel.

Business skills

ebi suleiman

This study relates to the employers ’ assessment of graduates ’ skills as deem required by the industries. The business need for accelerated performance levels induces a responding desire for rapid changes in the skills required by universities ’ graduates. A changing environment with resultant organizational restructuring means graduates now find jobs are more demanding as the needs of business to be more competitive. Whereas in the past, managerial competence went hand in hand with the possession of specific skills and abilities, it now seems to involve more. Empirical evidence from the research suggests that respondents share a basic commitment to the development of common skills within the context of a business and management studies programme. Clearly the employers participating in this study placed greater emphasis on major subjects of management and business (53.5%) and less on elective subjects (18.4%). Interestingly, the Quality Assurance Unit in Ministry of Higher Educatio...

Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development

Management Science is very much crucial in management decision making. The primary purpose of decision-making is for effective and efficient utilization of scarce or the limited resources for which there are both private and public sectors of that economy. The present article helps the USA, the UK, Europe and the Australian students pursuing their master’s degree to identify the best data analysis, which is usually considered to be challenging. Tutors India offers UK dissertation in various Domains. When you Order any reflective report at Tutors India, we promise you the following Plagiarism free Always on Time Outstanding customer support Written to Standard Unlimited Revisions support High-quality Subject Matter Experts. Contact: Website: Email: [email protected] United Kingdom: +44-1143520021 India: +91-4448137070 Whatsapp Number: +91-8754446690 Reference:

Dissertation Data Analysis in Management Science- for my Management Dissertation Help


Across the world, skills development has been addressed with considerable seriousness. Sample this, according to figures of 2008, the percentage of workforce receiving skills training is 96 per cent in Korea, 80 per cent in Japan, 75 per cent in Germany, 68 per cent in UK and 10 per cent in India. Moreover, it is estimated that 75 per cent of the new job opportunities to be created in India will be skill-based. While the skills set has changed and employers look more and more for 21st century skills in the job seekers, it is required to take a close look at the academic nature of our curricula and their mode of transaction. It is not that we do not have enough degree holders in the country; in India has a number of them but the world of business and industry thinks that they are not employable. Surveys and studies are conducted at regular intervals and it is reiterated in the surveys and studies that 80per cent workforce in rural and urban India does not possess any identifiable marketable skills. Skill development is an imperative for our country at this point for several reasons. India is set to grow ‘younger’, with 63% of our population being in the working age group by 2022. This demographic will be actively looking for jobs, and can potentially drive domestic demand if they enjoy good economic status. Ironically, several developed nations are set to expect a manpower shortage simultaneously - forecasted skilled manpower shortages in US and UK are to the tune of 19 Million workers collectively. This creates opportunities for overseas demand for our youth resulting in higher remittances for the economy and improved standards of living.

Skill Development in Business Education


2020, Alochana Chakra Journal( UGC-Care Group-1 Journal)

Tertiary Education System in India has the largest number of Higher Education Institutions in the world (33,723) and the second highest student enrolment in the world (26.7 Million). Since independence the number of Universities in India has increased from 20 Universities in 1947 to 819 Universities in 2017. Apart from these Universities, autonomous institutes like 23 IITs, 31 NITs, 23 IIITs, 20 IIMs and 43 other Institutes of National importance have also been established. In a 30 year period from the year 1950 to1980 the average growth rate of management institutes is 4 per annum. While in a 7 year time frame from 2000 to 2007, 1528 new management institutes have been opened, that is an average of 218 institutions per year. From the year 2007 to 2011, 1300 new management institutes have been added with an average growth rate of 325 colleges per year. According to EY Analysis, it is expected to increase to 42 million in the coming years. However, today management education has crossed its pre-set boundaries and new technologies are acting as catalysts for change and educational mergers are creating large, ingenious competitors. Employability skills and survival skills of the students play an important role in effectively managing complex work situations that are science and technology driven, along with progression in work-life practices. Common challenges faced by Indian Business Schools include rapid increase in competition, decrease in funding from government sources, greater government scrutiny, inability in delivering corporate consultancy assignments, retention of quality faculty members who are the right blend of academics, research and consulting, managing student placement opportunities. There is a need for Business Schools to reposition themselves to manage the present wave of change in the business because management education has entered an era of perceptive transition driven by technology. Therefore, faculty needs to analyze and upgrade their skills and abilities to be able to provide MBA students with the necessary skills and talents to help them accept the challenges and compete in the global scenario. To be a successful performer at the job, the faculty has to be competent in the domains of curriculum and pedagogy; research and consultancy; administration and governance; and knowledge dissemination. There is a need to recognize the competencies of Business School faculty in the domain of knowledge, skills, and abilities. This study attempts to explore the competencies of Business School faculty in the realm of knowledge, skills, and abilities. For the study the roles and responsibilities for HEIs by AICTE and the API developed by UGC has been used as the standard for developing the framework.

Towards a Competency Framework for Business School Faculty Members

Ekene Francis

Masters Degree Dissertation

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ASSIGNMENT -MA HRM MGT – 7130 Year 1 Developing skills for business leadership Learning portfolio For the learning portfolio, consider the content of the following chapters of the CIPD book "Developing Skills for Business Leadership" edited by


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dissertation skills for business and management students

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The importance of having Biostatisticians on every clinical research

Skills for Business & Management Students in Dissertation

In this globalized and digitalized business world, management students need to improve many skills to have a successful career.  And the best way to develop it is by writing excellent dissertations on many business and management topics. It is the reason that management institutions worldwide want their students to write dissertations. But for students, it is a challenging task to write dissertations because of the vast scope of business and management studies or too much academic work and others. However, writing dissertations is mandatory for students to get good grades  to develop skills for business and management for having a fantastic future career.  Only with the right skills, students can excel both in the academic performance and in applying it for the real-time business world to be successful (1).

dissertation skills for business and management students

Skills for business and management dissertations

Until writing the dissertation, students must have experience in writing essays and other small project work. But the dissertation is the first most substantial piece of independent work by students running into many pages, which needs a lot of skills. The dissertation’s sole aim is to write an original research work on any topic in the subject. It will be making it more challenging for the students in business and management but also the most rewarding work.  It could lay a solid foundation for their future career by developing many skills for business and management .

dissertation skills for business and management students

Fig.1. Management Skills (

Fundamental skills for business and management dissertations

Unlike writing essays where students only need to evaluate others’ ideas critically, it is a different ball game for the dissertation.  Although student study a wide range of topics during the course (e.g., Business transformation, digital economy, finance and accounting, marketing and retail management, people and organization and strategy and entrepreneurship) but dissertation would certain your choice. You can choose any topics that you’re strong and linked to your future career.

need a range of planning and research skills.  It is to form a theoretical framework from others’ ideas and by offering opinions and interpretations for their own research. Only then the students can write on the many theories, concepts, definition like Theories X & Y, Systems, beureacratic, Scientific management, among other theories. Concepts like planning, organizing, directing and controlling among others

Hence the students must develop some fundamental skills for business and management dissertations that include.

dissertation skills for business and management students

Planning skills

As per Benjamin Franklin’s words, “by failing to prepare, you prepare to fail,”, planning skills are 56pthe fundamental need for any business and management student. It is the primary cognitive skill that forms part of any executive function.  Planning is the ability to think about the future for mentally expecting the right way to achieve a specific goal.  It is one of the essential skills for business and management dissertations and future career.

The research and dissertation report writing effort can be divided into a number of phases separated by milestone events where products from the previous phase are reviewed and approved before continuing on to the next phase. The Research Milestone Schedule indicated in Figure 1 depicts the recommended phases and how the review milestones (in blue and red) separate them.

The Milestone Deliverables Matrix indicated in Table 1 also indicates the phases and milestones for preparing a dissertation report, but also lists the work products that should be reviewed at each milestone event, and the participants at each event.

Using the Research Breakdown Structure (RBS) to Manage Information

The recommended management approach contained in this paper includes the use of a new concept referred to as a Research Breakdown Structure (RBS). As indicated in Figure 2, the top of the RBS diagram contains business areas the researcher is interested in pursuing.

Research skills

One thing common for business and management dissertation and work is research skills.  Only with in-depth research on the topic and its relevant information, students can write excellent dissertations. The skills include ability to search for and select relevant qualitative and quantitative data, analyze and interpret data, and transform data into useful information to conduct research on business issues. For instance, Gephart and Saylors (2020) reveal that case study research is used and studied in different management areas such as operations management  (Barratt,  Choi  and  Li,  2011),  industrial  marketing  (Piekkari  and  Welch,  2011) information systems (Johnson,Adkins and Chauvin,2020) and finally supply chain management (Flynn, 2008).

Organizing skills

Organizing time and the work to complete achieving the aim applies for writing dissertations in business and management and its working environment. Planning, Communication, Decision making, delegation and problem solving are few organizing skills to tackle a management. Lacking organizing skills will devastate for time and work to complete it to get good grades or have a prosperous career.

Problem-solving skills

Writing dissertations will have challenges that the students need to overcome for completing them successfully in time.  Hence, they need to develop problem-solving skills that will make the students more adaptable and initiative. Cause and effect analysis, Root cause analysis, active listening, dependability, creativity and team-building are the few skills of problem solving.  These skills will also be crucial for their future business and management career wherein they have to deal with real-time issues daily.

Drafting skills

To write dissertations, students must develop drafting skills to structure them properly, as per the specifications to avoid rejections.  From the first paragraph of the introduction until the conclusion, they need to draft each word to be in place to make it easy for the readers to understand.  Also, redrafting the written dissertation draft to polish it without errors is vital for submitting the final dissertation.

Writing skills

Many of the problems faced by students when attempting to communicate complex ideas in a language other than their mother tongue are predictable. Having a limited vocabulary, needing a longer time to write, and being restricted to a simplistic writing style can impair students’ ability to express themselves adequately and may have a negative effect on their self-efficacy. Majority of the students, lacked confidence in their academic writing ability due to limited familiarity with terminology, referencing, and understanding how to organize ideas according to the formalized structure that is typically required by English-language academic journals. Focusing on these issues, Connor (2002) stresses that, while writing requirements for journals typically lean heavily toward English norms in terms of clarity, linearity, and straightforward language

Developing writing skills is to write an excellent dissertation and write letters, reports, and other communications. One should: Clearly state the purpose of dissertation, use concise language, organize the ideas thoughtfully, use active voice and write the content that is free of errors. Hence students have to build the following writing skills.

Keep the readers’ need to write excellent dissertations to reach far from the approving authorities like the journals.

  • Follow the basic rules of good written English to do the dissertation with accurate spelling and correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Write in the active voice to show the expertise on the topic and the field to appreciate the supervisors.
  • Avoid using long sentences and difficult words to understand while writing with the proper sentence and paragraph structure.
  • Write the dissertation critically to demonstrate the ability to confidently refusing to accept the conclusions of other writers without evaluating their arguments and evidence.
  • Write the arguments clearly with evidence to lead to the readers’ finding in conclusion to understand easily.

The process-oriented approach

Although there is no standardized model for the process-oriented approach, four basic stages can generally be identified, namely:

1. Prewriting, in which students conceptualize their topics, take notes and collect data,

2. Drafting, which involves structuring their ideas and creating an initial composition,

3. Revising, or re-working the content and organization based on feedback from peers or instructors, and

4. Editing, or making final corrections concerning the form, layout and mechanics of the writing (Flower & Hayes, 1981; Hyland, 2003).

The above skills for business and management dissertation writing will not only help to get good grades but will also help for future career. And for developing more such skills it is best to seek help from the best dissertation writing services.



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The purpose of a research proposal in dissertation writing.

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Dissertation Skills: For Business and Management Students | 2nd Edition

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Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management

Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management The Reality of Researching and Writing

  • Reva Berman Brown - Oxford Brookes University, UK
  • Description

Readers are given guidelines to help them assess the kind of researcher they are and the all important question of how to chose a research project is answered. The book is easy to read and covers:

  • An explanation of what lies behind the requirements that need to be met by a research proposal
  • What readers should expect from their supervisors and what the researched organisation might expect from readers
  • Support for the confused and anxious student.

This book will guide the student through a challenging time, giving quick and realistic support to enable a stress-free completion of their final dissertation and project write up.

SAGE Study Skills are essential study guides for students of all levels. From how to write great essays and succeeding at university, to writing your undergraduate dissertation and doing postgraduate research, SAGE Study Skills help you get the best from your time at university. Visit the SAGE Study Skills hub  for tips, resources and videos on study success!


Visit the SAGE Study Skills hub  for tips, resources and videos on study success!

Useful pre-reading for Level 6 and Level 7 students about to embark on dissertation. The advice is better tailored for older students, with some experience of independent living and the professional workplace.

The book is full of small, practical exercises, such as asking what type of researcher are you: doctor, detective or explorer? These exercises can be used by dissertation supervisors while a student is refining their research question, and to keep reminding them of their research question during the process.

The book is particularly good at translating between academics and students, particularly when it comes to research terminologies and expectations. Definitely one to recommend for student pre-reading.

The early chapter headings can be rather off-putting e.g. "Before you being to begin", but the writing is clear, to the point of terseness.

New masters students have questions about their work and this book goes a long way to providing useful and practical answers. As such, it can save a supervisor a lot of time. I would have liked to have seen an index included and think links to further reading would have been useful.

A realistic view of the thesis' process that is refreshing and instructive to students

A really good book adopting a different approach to advices to students. A book to read !

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    In this globalized and digitized business world, management students need to improve many skills to have a successful career. And the best way to develop it

  9. Dissertation skills for business and management students

    Access Model Please note that the platform supports only one concurrent user (1U). Find in Library. Please sign in to check if there are any request options

  10. Dissertation skills for business management students

    Skills for business and management dissertations. Until writing the dissertation, students must have experience in writing essays and other

  11. Dissertation skills : for business and management students

    Dissertation skills : for business and management students / Brian White. ; Arusha Campus Library. General Stacks, 001.4 WHI Acc.10232 (Browse shelf), Available

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    Dissertation Skills: For Business and Management Students | 2nd Edition. Brian White/Stephen Rayner. Product cover for Dissertation Skills: For Business and

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    SAGE Study Skills are essential study guides for students of all levels. From how to write great essays and succeeding at university, to writing your

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    What is Business Management Dissertation? A business management dissertation is a long-form research paper that students in master's or PhD