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Stay Entertained and Inspired with These Addictive Drawing Art Games

Are you a fan of drawing and looking for new ways to stay entertained and inspired? Look no further than drawing art games. These addictive games not only provide hours of fun but also help improve your artistic skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these games offer a wide range of challenges and opportunities to let your creativity flow. In this article, we will explore some of the best drawing art games available today that are sure to keep you captivated.

Sketchful.io: Unleash Your Imagination in Online Multiplayer Fun

If you enjoy playing Pictionary or charades, Sketchful.io is the perfect game for you. This online multiplayer game allows you to compete against players from around the world in a virtual drawing showdown. The objective is simple: guess what other players are drawing while taking turns creating your own masterpieces. With a wide variety of words and themes, Sketchful.io offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

Draw Something: Collaborate and Challenge Friends

Remember playing “Pictionary” with friends? Draw Something brings that experience to your smartphone or tablet. This popular mobile game allows you to challenge friends or random opponents by taking turns guessing each other’s drawings. The more accurate your guesses, the more coins you earn to unlock new colors and tools for even more detailed creations. With its simple interface and addictive gameplay, Draw Something is a must-have for any artist on the go.

Procreate: Elevate Your Digital Artistry Skills

For those looking for a more professional drawing experience, Procreate is the ultimate digital art studio on iPad. This powerful app offers an extensive set of tools, brushes, and features that rival traditional art mediums. With its intuitive interface and advanced layering system, Procreate allows artists to create stunning illustrations, paintings, and sketches with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Procreate is a game-changer in the world of digital art.

Skribbl.io: Test Your Drawing and Guessing Skills

Skribbl.io is another exciting online multiplayer drawing game that puts your creativity and guessing skills to the test. In this fast-paced game, players take turns drawing a given word while others try to guess it within a limited time frame. The quicker you guess correctly, the more points you earn. Skribbl.io features various drawing tools to help you bring your ideas to life and challenge your friends or random opponents in an exhilarating race against time.

In conclusion, drawing art games offer a unique and entertaining way to unleash your creativity while having fun. Whether you prefer online multiplayer challenges or solo digital artistry, these games provide endless opportunities for artistic growth and inspiration. So why not grab your favorite device, download one of these addictive drawing art games, and let your imagination run wild? Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with colors, brushes, and endless possibilities.

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Drawing Tutorials

Christmas drawing tutorials.

Welcome to the website with the most interesting easy drawing tutorials. In this wonderful winter season, the team of Easy Drawing Art is pleased to present you our Christmas drawing ideas!

How to draw Santa Claus

Most Popular Drawing Tutorials

These drawing lessons are the most popular on the pages of Easy Drawing Art, and our team is confident that you will really like them too.

How to draw a dog

Easy Drawing Tutorials

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Hello everyone and welcome to Easydrawingart.com! Now you are probably on the best site about drawing tutorials all over the Internet. The team of our site consists of professional artists who try to explain even the most difficult in the simplest way.

The artists of Easydrawingart.com divide each drawing into many very simple steps, all the new lines in which we paint in red so that the learning process is even easier and more visual. In addition, we add the most understandable and simple explanation to each stage to further simplify the drawing process.

And of course, we try to teach how to draw everything in the world. On Easydrawingforall.net you will find drawing tutorials about people, animals, comics, anime and much more. On the pages of the Easydrawingart.com, you will find drawing tutorials for beginners as well as professional artists.

Select any category above this text, find the drawing tutorial you like in it, and start drawing. Or find your desired drawing guide through the search box.

Also, do not forget to share our drawing lessons, write us comments and suggestions and visit Easydrawingart.com as often as possible to be aware of all new drawing lessons.

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40 Easy Things to Draw When You’re Bored!

October 7, 2021 by Nigel Tsopo in  Art Tips

art easy draw

Drawing is a very convenient way to kill boredom. It keeps your mind occupied and gets you concentrating on something meaningful and creative. Sometimes we all just need to draw something quick and easy, because perhaps you’re taking a work break or you’re just passing the time on a long road trip.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next masterpiece, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 40 cool, easy things to draw when you’re bored. Browse through the list, and get your creative juices flowing.

Feel free to add your own unique spin on these ideas. If you’re still learning how to draw, for a more comprehensive list of cute things to draw with step by step tips be sure to check out our list of Cute Things to draw .

Spiral Waves Drawing

art easy draw

Via Pinterest

It’s amazing how a few swiveled lines can create a beautiful image. Create your own rendition of this pattern with your own colors. This image can go on and on, so if you’re bored for a long time, draw these wave patterns and add to them for months to create something truly breathtaking.

Stormtrooper Helmet

art easy draw

The Stormtrooper helmet, a cool idea for star wars enthusiasts to draw. Who knows? This could be the start of your very own star wars inspired displate store .

The Plane Window

art easy draw

Cool things to draw can be inspired by something as trivial as a flight. Grab your journal and scroll through the camera roll of your phone to find some cool memories to recreate.

Baby Groot Pot Plant

art easy draw

Nothing like a dose of cuteness to brighten your day. Who wouldn’t want to draw a cute little baby Groot. It only takes a few minutes to recreate this cool image. The Marvel cinematic universe is full of awesome inspiration for easy things to draw, and better yet, it’s full of amazing wall art ideas too .

art easy draw

What do alien heads look like?. You can draw a few of your own. They only take a few seconds to complete. Perhaps add some ears and a splash of color to bring your vision of the space beings to life. 

Among Us Ghost

art easy draw

Who killed who? Who’s the traitor among us? The popular game “Among Us” has some cool characters. Here’s a ghost character to draw from the game. 

Rick from Rick & Morty

art easy draw

Rick from Rick and Morty, His star shaped head and incredibly easy facial structure could be a nice doodle when you’re bored. This could be the start of your very own animated show character sketches. 

Tree & Tent

art easy draw

Here’s a cool little tent and tree drawn with easy lines. You could easily draw an entire campsite with this style. If you think this drawing is too easy, perhaps you can add a moon to it. Sketching and doodling can be a freeform practice. This means you have the freedom to draw whatever comes to mind, this makes the process more fun.

Staircase To Heaven Art

art easy draw

This cool picture of a staircase superimposed into a heart is both abstract and easy. A really cool idea to draw.

Ladder Into The Clouds

art easy draw

Is this the staircase to heaven? Or ladder. Either way it’s a cool image to redraw if you’re bored.

Adventure Time Crew

art easy draw

Did anyone say more easy to draw cartoon characters? Well Adventure time has you covered. It could be fun to draw these characters from adventure time. 

art easy draw

Here’s a simple idea of baby Tom cat from the classic cartoon network show “tom and jerry”.  Which cartoons do you enjoy today? You could find other animals to draw from your favourite TV shows.

Paper Plane Art

art easy draw

This paper plane is a quick and easy drawing. You could easily doodle these into a journal when you’re bored.  

Bart Simpson Art

art easy draw

If you like The Simpsons, you could take a few minutes to draw this picture of Bart.

art easy draw

Hand signals, or hands in general. Draw this or any aspect of the human body you might please. You could start with a simple hand gesture and add different parts of the human body when you have time. 

art easy draw

Snowy mountain peaks, a campfire and nice tree lines. It’s amazing how easy drawings can have so many details. 

Alien In Space

art easy draw

Cool alien guy with simple stars and planets in the background. It’s a great idea for easy things to draw. 

Eating A Skateboard

art easy draw

Why not draw easy interesting doodles of a yellow guy eating a skateboard. 

Smiley Face on Skateboard

art easy draw

Surely, every sketchbook needs a smiley face on a skateboard. Or a sad moon on a skateboard could look awesome too. Draw easy shapes and merge them with the activities you love. The smiley face could be on a surfboard too. Simple things make for fun images.

Hand Painting

art easy draw

Draw this image of a hand painting.

Cute Ghost Drawing

art easy draw

Scare away the boredom with this easy ghost drawing.

art easy draw

If we’re talking about drawing easy things, we can’t neglect to suggest you draw cute Baby Yoda.

art easy draw

Draw cute Baby Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Draw the Planet Jupiter

art easy draw

It’s a great idea to learn to draw planets if you’re bored. Their sound and incredibly easy to get done.

Colorful Bird

art easy draw

If you love adding color to your drawings, this bird could be a great drawing in your past time. 

Mosaic Bird

art easy draw

Using simple shapes and bold colours, you can certainly redraw this simple bird created using shapes.

Geometric Owl

art easy draw

For a more seasoned artist, if you’re bored, why not practice drawing this awesome bird. You can get creative with the colours and choose your own. The colours themselves scream “cool easy things to draw”.

Geometric Elephant

art easy draw

It’s amazing how you can use simple lines and basic geometric shapes to construct a cool image of an elephant. The next time you’re bored, why not draw and recreate this simple image.

Lion Arrows

art easy draw

If you’ve got time, perhaps you’re bored on a long journey. This is a great Idea to practice using geometric shapes and shading grey tones. 

art easy draw

Drawing complex images is much easier when done using straight lines. All you need is a ruler and you can definitely reproduce this simple deer image.

Social Icons

art easy draw

Social media icons are etched in all of our minds. You can easily doodle them when you’re bored. Another great idea could be to draw simple social icon concepts of your own.

Vacation Images

art easy draw

Looking for fun stuff to doodle while on vacation. Take inspiration from these simple vacation inspired pictures to draw what you see. Carry your journal and a pencil with you to capture every moment.

Hand Gesture

art easy draw

Why not draw some easy hand gestures. This could be a nice way to improve your drawing skills.

Spirited Away

art easy draw

Any fans of Spirited Away would recognize this face, an easy character to draw when you’re bored.

Falling Cat

art easy draw

Easy things to draw like a Tiny Globe

art easy draw

You can easily stetch small planets. They make for a quick drawing idea.

EKG Heartbeat

art easy draw

This may not be how a heartbeat looks in an electrocardiogram, but it sure is an easy drawing to recreate when you’re bored.

Sun & Waves

art easy draw

Flower Inside Shapes

art easy draw

Flowers make for easy cute drawings. Beginners will find flowers to be one of those easy things to draw that any bored artist can doodle with ease.

Easy things to draw like Superimposed Faces

art easy draw

If you’re on the search for abstract things to paint. This artistic bit by Shantell Martin can prove that with enough imagination, you can have fun if you choose to draw free form doodles.

Pathway into Stars

art easy draw

To prove that cool things can be drawn by a bored beginner too, Take a look at this image you can draw by artist Matthew Zaremba. He uses simple straight lines that lead towards a doorway. Grab your pencil, a ruler and sketchbook to recreate this easy and detailed image.

Some people draw birds and others draw portraits of faces. The exciting thing about drawing is that you can pretty much draw anything your mind can imagine. Making the possibilities of cool things to draw endless. 

Simple drawings and minimal art is often overlooked. There is a whole niche of artists making some awesome minimalistic drawings and garnering fame from them. Notable artists like Shantell Martin and Matthew Zaremba showcased above, have taken their style of simple drawings and built a following from them. Why not turn your boredom into quick, easy artworks that even Jackson Pollock would commend.

art easy draw

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Art Projects for Kids

700+ Easy Drawings for Kids: Step-by-Step How to Draw Lessons

Welcome to a world of easy drawing for kids! This collection of over 700 how to draw projects truly has something for everyone. Now you can use this gallery of thumbnails to quickly and easily find exactly what you need. View by season, holiday, theme, and grade level. No more guessing what a word on a drop down menu means, or what a group might include. Just check out the gallery below to get just the right easy drawing project you need today!

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How to Draw for Kids: Step-by-Step

There are lots of easy drawing sites around the internet, and at first glance they may kind of look the same. The drawings will be pretty, of course, but there IS a difference. In short, it’s about the way those sites show kids how to draw. Young ones really benefit from seeing drawings happen in a simple and logical order of progression. They need to learn that when they start with maybe a familiar shape and add details in a way that makes sense, they have a pretty good chance of getting their drawing to come out the way they want. And it just might be even easier than they thought it was. Many other kids drawing sites often take short cuts with this practice, and mostly likely were not created by an actual art teacher . Especially one who spent years in a classroom, watching they way kids learn how to draw. Some sites focus on just the outline shape of something, and some start off with so many sketchy pencil lines, they are more appropriate for a high schoolers than elementary students. In truth, a little of both is needed. Kids do need to start off with shapes, but it’s best when they are simple, and then the details (like arms and legs) are kind of “built“ on top of them. Learning how to sketch with soft lines is great, but not appropriate for young ones that just need to know whether to start off with something like an oval, rectangle or square. Those familiar sounding shapes make for directions that are digestible, and easy to follow. In the end, drawing for kids is a another skill that gets better with practice. And that practice is more likely to happen when kids start with successful drawing experiences. One fun and easy drawing for kids project is likely lead to another, and another and so on. Pretty soon, drawing won’t be this scary thing that only some kids can do, but in fact something they can do too!


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